M&N Hour 3 Voice Voiceterson 7/20/18

Friday, July 20th

In the thrid hour of today's show find out some hot water James Gunn is in! Fitzy then comes in with the Wicked Pissah Sports Report. Finally Nick shows off his professional voiceover voice!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. I wore orange. Color here. Yeah. Jerrold. How's maddening day it's 5 o'clock on Sunday Friday shout out to all you all working here after the dolphins eats. That it Texas 617. Other more leverage over ten hours in this heat walking up three flights of stairs or shower beer's my friend you've earned it that shower and work bureau you beautiful naked body what. That went to rest another. I don't know I just sometimes talk and then things tomorrow that meet your credit. Yeah me too. November 201716. Cash to all the others and one point is being there lingering us more about. I was just on the phone with my close personal friend rich Robinson. Get ready showed tonight and and if any of you are fans of The Black Crowes happened some of the music rich Robinson black crows so they say I salute showed up there's one guy shut up. And give your name is Steve. And if you happen to me in the maybe like mass Rhode Island border. There in the Rhode Island area tonight and you wanna go see. The mag I salute at the Greenwich podium. A beautiful venue and east Greenwich Rhode Island. Then I'll be the seventh caller right now if you go to the show tonight. 617. 9311. AF. East Greenwich Rhode Island the podium theater the mag pies salute. Has appear tickets which they would like to give TU just as your cool six or 79311 player he's have to go to the show tonight. And will say hi I'll come say hi I probably won't be asked him and urged him. Oh did 617 the furniture mover Ari texted back and now. Party started and please never refer to my naked body again shower Beers well. I don't know. I don't know I think it's a good place. I see a lot of close friends at their phones won't hold tight hold tight senate just text and then the 508. James Gunn yeah. The writer direct as of several movies. Most notably of recent today guardians of the galaxy and guardians of the galaxy volume two which not only were incredibly well received. Incredibly popular movies but helped shape the universe and what he did to those characters really helped. The world of infinity war come together right he was just relieved of duties fired for a couple of controversial tweet he made a rape joke I did some days insinuating. I don't know what a guy that now I don't know what the my but Mya my college remain one of my best friends in the world used to work we're James patrolman film's makers of the toxic avenger movies says the nicest guy in the world. I'm there loves him. Their old tweets that have emerged which he joked about those subjects. Tweets are indefensible. And yeah he's gone so. So he said he did it for. The sees several tweets saying he was sorry for trying to in the past get laughs through shock value. There's nothing like account how has nothing we can do is nothing we can edit I hate to say they're not a single one of us. That is above board if you go back and searched a home whether it's mind over whether it's fits he handle you search any thing I'm sure at some point or another you. The grind time over here anyone of us probably. Is not above reproach online or edit show and just think all that you are not. Pitcher not judge for the color of your character now but maybe some. Crude references or even some slight misgivings in the past some people are on the defense Patton Oswald as tweeted apparently. Tweets from. Mike service. He we go pat novels as this is one of the less disgusting tweets from Mike sort of it's the dude who after running a it's a smear campaign just got James gunfire from. Guardian of the galaxy volume three okay have a good weekend numbers he's he's now sending out tweets and this guy that are not so great. So I love it good good good I hope he gets him fired to come out here I mean either industries yet but. A we have some breaking news we're all it is who we are. I mean I know we're dimmed isn't like there's mortality all of our existence is the son will eventually crashed into the air then it's. But. It's. I'm not I'm not validating any inappropriate jokes crude references or dare I say even. Criminal speak from. A movie director and actor X that are about like. Everyone is just getting swept into this red tide of me too absolutely. We have some breaking news is can. Well. Event seven fold if you were planning on going to that show. On July 22. In Mansfield. That show has been. Canceled. Because I'm shadows as some of local court its use. Refunds. Will be available at point of purchase again the events seven fold. 722. Mansfield. Refunds. Available point of purchase show is canceled as he recovers from his is she boot do. After his two after the tour in Europe I came down with a terrible viral infection that rendered me. Voiceless. So vocal rest and medication and doctor visits. Didn't help my voice is only gotten worse. On steroids that's the worst my wife had to do that before too confused it bounces there and it's their dad. Be ashamed of something like that have been through someone's. And I. A I was a penny you know that's not so again our listeners gaffe you're gonna see events have involved in Mansfield. Canceled engage your refunds where you've got the tickets. To it was showing canceled. Med part of I Nikki. It is 520. It's almost time for fits Jamaica's rideau Hollis on down there. But before we do like to remind you that we brought you town fair tire. Looking for the best deal in times there's only one place to go town fair tire the best prices and freezers now are you allowed to. Being in the room when he comes. Judges. Actually don't have the emotional. Integrity here today so we wanted to stay here appears. Mr. I took back goes up. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report wanted to get digital they just. Signed on WEA yeah. I PL RIA our way kid this this blood report tonight. Right deal once again and you too far forever more as I make my way through the dark yeah that's right. That's right modern family that's right Kennedy walked away. He won again okay and is union Mel Gibson did get beat you Haanpaa. I'll weigh in analogue drive from the gate. Well bat it's gonna take me a couple hours to get back to my vacation house or laugh. Docket this jacket zipped it equated. No days off dates. The club music brief you tonight we can do as a sports report. Find out what us and Josep land in the warm down. Check out the go music vol dot com and right. Second have of the Red Sox season begins. Tonight. In the motor city which is perfect because that's where you wanna gig though it. And I hate it. Yeah hopefully they'll Red Sox will get their engines. Revved up. And make I drive. For the panic. I'm hump pompous and with sports. You know we'll see exactly if that engine. Is tuned. The success. And tonight. David Price we'll try to steer them. In the right direction. I know he's been dry and we'll hide move even though it mostly such stealth like that half. David Price is actually if I may sub par thick guy. To pitch game one of the second half of the season. Second half of the season post AST all star break AS being whenever. Six and one half a dozen about it. Perfect guy is about 40% of the season left. And this is what you want a veil because it does anyone who can set the pace who can set the tone who can dictate the tempo. We're gonna learn a lot about how things they got to go tonight. When Freddy fourth night. When captain called think it takes the mound. In Detroit the big one do JD Martinez against his former team though everyone had a couple days off. Rest up refreshed rich guy and now yet after all and I saw AL central week. Couple against the old weak die is. Then you get the points at home back in the Fenway this week via Getty Don bought half game lead over this yanks. Do not relinquished the lead you must protect this house. 51 days till patriots football two days until rookies report for the training camp five days until the veterans my guy. I'm just like if the weather's so good free movies a plane. Beaches have fall. Well to hang in tan lines it just now finally development and is that nothing sexist good. Ten lines are in prime the last thing I'm thinking now. It's football but at the same time. You tell me. Then I'm on the doorstep of football. Three seasons just a couple weeks away. Bob Sochi in it's God's elect of the pages radio call taken over the pre season television golf wealth than the others that you because your opponents they should be. So I'm ready for that but I also need to be in my now you know what I'm saying I do but I prefer mine half he women pasty white. Almost blinding pale. A fish belly white if you well yeah out spas Grammy I know for a fact you date on the tan. Ryan Moore and give me a pale angry heavy loads on the angry woman. With puritan values have you actually ever had yet edible complex diagnosed. I refused therapy. There's some good news yeah I can have big pasty white things yeah now that he's leaving for two weeks now that's great news. This is good news. Gordon Hayward. Has dumped off his left foot the same left foot tall. All I laugh but I've had this could mean that my left foot that has a happy ending is the only way to avoid this legal supply. I love put my left foot putt do I pay Lloyds revenge. Not. OK okay and I'm not. Yeah. Gordon Hayward has jumped off his left Lou which is incredible. That is in a statement released era valeo all over the in a box the inner webs and everything else. Gordon Hayward to quote a dunk the basketball for the first time off my left foot without pain last week felt awesome. Went into a very soft and gingerly and after I did I was like OK that didn't hurt at all I did it again and it felt good. Again. It's summer and they can bomb pops. And beach beer bonfires. But at the same time as them sniff then that tip. Of the football. And here comes the basketball through. We've got a lot to live for this so much to be excited about. Right so it's it's like Halloween displays in CBS's too early data on at that thing you know I don't Bob bought like my my social sorority fill up what like gadget bag matching your pencils like ninja play. Backed that up Ninkovich are right and I knew little time to continue enjoying my me mine now my sunshine in my sight indeed. And myself. But at the same time. You freeway. All right have a good weekend everybody Drake up god bless. Eli Manning is a jerk. DF why there's a what it is sports I it's 530 it's time to. Announced the winner of our fu fighters. Prize to see. Them at Fenway Park with a us and the answer to have the name here. Went to announce it now you have thirty minutes to. Call oh man if Connolly and soon. Colleen Joey that's. TU OH EY from Boston Colleen you have thirty minister Carlos calling two week mean to me. 6179311. A day after thirty minutes to claim your tickets Foo Fighters loyal pals matinee at Fenway Park this Sunday and so it's something I rarely do personal shout out to my boy rob Martin. Who works does one's country club he has an event coming September and take about an amazing fundraising did it last year to have tickets to give weight of that. They do a fundraiser they they bring food to people who need it in a truck for free all around us southeastern Massachusetts. And a tale about that so much on to Robin those good folks but let's go to I wanna do more good. Now we got this we rarely do this racks are not allowed to do this quite frankly about. The program rector of the station. Off for the day so it do it because I saw the name of the band that he wants Shawn what you. Deal what's gonna do today. I'm not a bad bill are all good now as sort of right sure I'll go out about it. Did you say eight tool one of my favorite bands. I needed to hear you got to show on the hope this makes your day a little bit better body turn it up okay thank you look I think your body shop on New Year's. Okay. Yeah. All my god that is a rocker also on my friends and this is the voice. A winner. Bowl call me. Mean yeah. Yeah. Well are you dear. I'm doing a wonder I don't even now you are because you call this back. You entered to win and you done did we girl. I guess I didn't. So here's how it's gonna go. You're gonna go see the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park this Sunday and AF sweet I'll be there and nick will be there and you don't have to worry about this is won't be. OK. In my line. I know you probably Al that is true. I mean are we all know we're taking on this the other people really. You you it's a shame on those of she cares more about eight literally literally a wounded squirrel that secures bodies. No she cares about shaming us for leaving streaky frosting windows I'll do the honors story almost gone. On see she couldn't she couldn't handle it anymore this has nothing to do with the airtime at the Foo Fighters and a colleague wire we argue Barack Obama calling telephone. That I am actually good at what do you do for a living which are line on an. All right guys you wicked nice you probably don't belong in the suite with these animals on how well right now I ran out of the building the bright eyed after all get back to saving lives and I think we'll have some bones and let all right. I thank you addict yeah well thank you thanks. Greetings once again ever line. Professional voice artist vote is voices and here with your check of the weather in the 5 o'clock hour put a lot of time hazard Matt welcome back to the show voice how's your wife. Throw deep to him to our right. Great talking to you once again I'm going to ignore that obnoxious comment and just present the people what they want which is of course my golden tones him. I had no other. In this 5 o'clock hour my wife is fine thank you it. Her she really likes that bush years. Golden throat. You golden throated. So I heard you've been getting the pipes. And iron. In the zone. I think it was the great. Who doesn't love a good run dog and who doesn't love the weather when it's brought to you by your friends at Nissan intelligent mobility of all was boy Susan. I sound good in any god especially ones made on shall. It's a great day don't enjoy a ride ask your goes nick Stephens he was in his car for almost four hours to kill me share allies visors that almost killed. Nissan can't control the weather but days not intelligent mobility is technology that is change in the way you drive forever. You know else would change the way you drive forever no arms boys' voices that. Time to enjoy the ride and upgrades at Nissan intelligent mobility. Technology that moves people. Noted Nissan USA dot com to learn more boys visors. Any vote degrees and sunny in the beautiful state of Massachusetts as well as using. 55 on the overnight tomorrow partly sunny and JD that's made boys boys Susan didn't stop the government Def Leppard. Known still drives car no arms right. That's incorrect titles he's got X super titles that's wrong. You sir yes. Portion of them iPod I'd do not you can induce the band. I can induce the bad are they expecting they have flavor. The lady verbally putting when he employs voices you ever think about some. And the main announcing you know if that ball for guys out of there he's boxes. He does not do well actually it's his brother who does the mixed martial arts right. I've thought about Brothers yes buffer Brothers the it well I don't know if you people who could take care of them. And by daycare than I mean commit murder. Are alive professional benefit voters sponsors all right actually would you do this for me because you have a professional voice you'd action day all right. Actually Mae and delivered to see that thing. Read write your boss can I do for you Oman. No seven color right now 26179311. Off. Although I'm sorry that's one AA have wins a copy of super troopers do on Laura day. Oh that's Blu-ray they didn't spell it we are older so you don't know you say I say we also a Blu-ray for a free prizes have. And a fifty dollar flat bread company gift dollar write that'll give you some pizza. Everyone loves pizza except terrorists boys oysters and everyone's favorite law enforcement team I had no idea ponds and John were in this one. They still patrolling the streets damn right there who doesn't love shows named after your favorites next (%expletive) Box. Everyone's favorite look. That's an if there were a show called tacos and it was about the police that would be ironic. I've watched videos. That taco time. Everything. Everyone's favorite law enforcement team has back by popular demand I was not here for the groundswell but that interest in me. That's the follow up to the cult comedy classic super troopers. You know as a super to avert your life. When an international border dispute arises between the US and cannot. Mac bought a Foster rabbit and fire about are called in a set up a new Highway Patrol station. In the disputed area unconventional police work follows hilarity ensues and the result is super troopers do. Available of me now. On Blu-ray dvd and digital broad view of cars. Well off. And bush what Susan generic greater voicemails six when he still wanna hit when it. Get one in now 617. 7795454. That's my dream. Tacos dog. Concussion but not general. That's no way to go.