M&N Hour 3 - Twerking & Producer Terence Wrong 3-8-18

Thursday, March 8th

The guys debate twerking and also talk to the man who is the producer of the new show, "OJ Simpson: Lost Confession?".


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and you schedule Kelly. Previously on Matty and nick were like the pot farm league system that's like the looters to the strip club. You bend well I it's funny I usually say that don't don't mean it but how do you Ben I know you had a little health scare. I don't look at what would feed transformers transformers is correct. Yeah boomers who will mourn you were promoted over weird movie. Thirteen reasons why on Netflix that controversial. On Netflix how we think we'll have Saban can't prominent us. What are your run and now Mike McCartney and Jackson once saying these two are gonna live together in perfect harmony. Ford said race relations back decades in the next hour. Let's find out here is Matty and guest co host comedian club contracts on WAJ. Yeah yeah. If things don't work zone here. We only get yours guys. I have a word freak everybody here I'm more defensible. On my side of the best. What should use Jarrett had to be just joining us our earlier I did a little rant what I thought I. He admitted that I think working is unattractive I think it's too in your face. Itself leaves nothing the imagination I think it's obnoxious and desperate whenever I see a girl working I just feel bad I don't feel too unknown at all. Arnold I think upon our broad in its bizarre right fair and it does it I can't even express myself because. I shouldn't have to because what you're saying you're putting words together that now don't were never meant to be put to death. I don't like books in my attorneys now shed here. I do I I just on the tour that's. Maybe they it is like kind of like a belly dances alluring to me sexy. The two working just over the top. And it's it's not leaving great alarm regarding. Over its own mother load that I love that movie that aren't they doing making it bigger clothes on what the time I mean they they've got dental floss and you know going out there. Did you do anything we made over the exactly right I think I brought you better know Rambo he was trolling us it was like he was like yeah you know let's see if do. Well they will they back and the movie about our Breslin. Is flat a bit below once there's a bit well. You will do put the job. The weights in my truck may have traded places bit about whether or not. We are and then little Matty 97 go to buys. Five tickets to it and the acting moody it's not like five times its every move is still in my playlist to this day. Made me have for today. There and across this guy like that movie are coming up at 525 we're talking OJ there's going to be. An incredible special. Hosted by award winning journalist Soledad O'Brien. This Sunday march 11 on fox called OJ Simpson the lost confession and we agreed to be talking to the producer Terence wrong. About this. Groundbreaking and shocking. New development in the OJ case Lamar were you when when the OJ thing went down. But the Broncos tasteless thing I was in high school a while I am. And as human. We. I remember I do remember it. And I was watching like a lot of people's. We'll watch in the NBA finals but I yeah that's right yes and AM Rhode India and I hit that thing to ice to go to bed. Listen to my headphones. Like walkman style with a radio and I remember I woke up 1 morning and they will oh breaking news. OJ is estranged wife found dead and I would BOJ Agnew was on the TV to Omaha everyone I'm owed it. I didn't know you know this whole generation of kids. Who'll never know that OJ. Was the most safe black due to white people that's right. Yes they're trying to. I don't even know that Dan realized it was a pitch Manny is in comedies in the naked gun movies yeah I love my every rose the most beloved black do in America vehicle in the way. Probably was yeah well there's Benson beloved parents have you ever dealt Branson. Robbins yeah I would have some words feel. Set out of the late great revenue disasters in The Who has a lot of husbands and good OJ it was a real puzzle of LaMont from San god may yours ago and greedy. Grady was great fish Jeff role. Bet that you should have some of the best insults some good old time. So yeah will be talking OJ also I just found out. We have. Tickets to Weezer just handed to me so Lamar usually happens when I get tickets last minute against. Is we do something called the random made up last minute ticket game and nick and I write six questions based on the tickets have been given. He writes three. When we get them in and it sometimes disaster sometimes what but we have and have a game and our back pocket of that. We happen to because it's Thursday but Josh Dolan is here taking your calls so he has a battle brewing game ready already so we're gonna play. Battle brewing. Either at the end of this 5 o'clock hour or top of the six somewhere in there we're gonna play battle brewing for your chance to go see Wii's. That's a great shot scene I saw that the old great ones I accidentally let us now. Kennedy's then is that is that it is asylum there years ago their big picture caller great woods by the way it's still be great I've added sponsors book. I agree yeah so a lot of showed come LaMont or quick it wonderful weather and give you something to do focus on just. I've been well probably don't allow Ivan hit the post you have been there but let's not forget the most I've been hit on anti defending working but aren't yet Matty and LaMont weathered rock you've by cold music hall. Today's temperature it is. Hope. I'll note the number of valuing it is I just know that with a cold and it's march 8 this is ridiculous. We'll be right back with Mehdi Lamotte has the best whether it happens progress. WD AS it on the street. Tonight Eric Johnson has kept oil banner and Michael he knows it laughter Boston. Tomorrow tickets go on sale to see Evan has since it Lindsey's or Kennedy space center on July 18. 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There is this is well my point is this I'm always on the lookout for great television specials great events and there's an event coming up. Sunday march 11 this Sunday on fox. The special is called OJ Simpson the lost confession. And the producer of the special is named Terence wrong in Terence wrong as an award winning documentary producer director. And he's worked on two homes of incredible. Investigative journalist you know documentaries. And mr. Wong fiction mr. wrong is on the Framingham Ford studio line with us now. Terrence welcome to. Matty and LaMont. Didn't. Do it it's great to have you. So let's. Let's talk about what. Back next let's talk about all this special coming up Sunday march 11 on fox. It's called OJ Simpson the last confession is there a loss confession. Well. I think they'll let us discuss the use domestic when he was first. They were. I put aside and works rediscovered. And armed and states. Is that OJ since then. Giving a political thing hypothetical hypothetical case out of them here and what he didn't where he went. End. It's really didn't have to be viewers to decide if it's confession or not. That's quite the show has a question mark after after the last convention. Terrence. Lamar here personally just say you have an awesome name. But secondly I deuces deuces but he hasn't heard about it. Hulu. Lost the current president right now why. Does he recorded this way in along voted to record. How does it go how does he I don't know fassel would ever give us some kind of reasoning. Withdraw our own conclusions in the eight goals loss for twelve years was just that hot story. Well is. Pretty well that it was controversial. That Judith Regan the publisher deeply interviews. And at the times. At the time in the Stanley is word not in favor of this has not favored being broadcast. Today they are. And yet this woman's round. So but today they are and so when the decision to not broadcast them was made days where. With seats in the place that tapes went at a place where. We're just kind of conditions. Wait firm and people should be and it's really pretty things sunrise today in. You know I how important television for well we've secured destructive. And it digital revolution and it's just that put aside lots of different types of stories that put aside. Fact a career resonate today. Better yet but it pretty useful today is that on tape. Yeah right yeah saw that the goldmans or the browns call you directly or call somebody involved with it say now. Let's give it now is it because he's got a jail he was. Those Israeli attitude because you that you. And there's so much interest then that. And in the drama and that we realize we potentially have this original. Contribution to date which is looking at cited his mind. Which is different than rehashing these evidence at trial or any other thing people out there were tuning. This is you know the one interview he gave leader took the witness stand. They were there other interviews about the state. An injury is giving hypothetical so. I understand exactly who watched. The question was you know to make a two hour show that. And there's symptoms and looked mr. verdict looser and. Now have you heard I imagine OJS camp. Ain't too happy about though we were talking to producer. Terence wrong I imagine. OJ's camp isn't too happy that this is coming out have you heard from anyone. In his camp saying hey cease and desist. Now he has nothing to do with this projects. You know my accent the senate what I know is just what you just that. You know one can imagine. It could do it all you have to behave I think it's gonna hurt my image. Yeah. You know when I heard that image emerged in suffer. Yet terrorists are you mentioned like this shows different than say sifting through the evidence but. Does somebody at some point. Take what he says. And kinda timeline it. If you follow him saying so it matches what we know about that makes sense. Well it is not. Comprehensive as a time line and as a case. Confession doesn't. You know. Go to some of the Mike thirteen until evidence that there is enough so that. So that we do that panel that includes the full prosecutor Christopher darden's. Judith Regan who did the original interview. Less Fontana Nicole Brown since then. A retired FBI profiler. Get a bad people there who watch this. And give us insight into that end. Some of what he says corresponds to the evidence. That was presented the criminal case in is you know. I think it. An actual hit the senate what he says has never been hurt before it. You know there's no evidence that that what he says it is there could be true. The show the special OJ Simpson the las confession I'll let you go. The guess is Terence wrong opponent what their parents are bred without giving anything away that I know you know the action Sunday. And will record this believe me. At any point. In this confession. Does he look directly at the camera go back to the third. And so he does that say those sorts. In the cameras there's a bunch of other things that are all very interesting and you can read between the lines leaders says that at. Well that's that's an LaMont asks a great question. You said it's up to the audience in the end but in your estimation. Does this change the narrative is this is this kind of like a bombshell thing when we when we watch this. When we come out of the special going oh my god he sewed it. I think some people well. So I think there's some people. Who well because. You know facts don't believe matter when people. Has strong. Opinions and emotions about a subject and we see that. A lot. Yeah that's surely got working for example we're living working was there. Picking up again I think working is unattractive men and LaMont loves its men fighting about it also feels like pork. Yeah actually Graham for example would be what did you learn. You. Well you go into that is saying here would just let me power. Yeah vandalism. I'm Italian. We need to figure this out we're gonna ask everybody does it do you or do you nag you match like lieutenant. Maybe don't give us an answer but give us enough information so we can read between the last rights. This is the Los confession well it's extra paragraph parents are pilots are due to our stake in your time the special day since in the Los confession Sunday night. March 11 on fox thank you and look forward to your next special. Thank you so much they're out there. You madam miss some stuff going on in the world why you are working so oh. Tough. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only down upon us ready and it will cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF. Raja about the film the greatest of all. Markets. Dilemma that was their fresh cold cuts kill bossa and much more preservative and gluten free 43 Mildred street Worcester that's 43 Mildred street Worcester. Dilemma laws go Davis and that is all about that killed by us stare at that guy. I was just wondering if you're just joining us. Comedian mark price and Stanley had on day. Tape of black China we have it on you. Oh yeah well at SMU. And Ogunleye. It I had almost no cookies Hayes to perverts oh yeah it's it's brought up the black China via great. And how law interesting it was so I just doing show researched. We were talking about it begin as we were talking how terrible. Right and I wanted to see what let's have a by the way terrible to awful pitching the whole time awful. And then he goes to complete the thing. Had she couldn't hold the way I would take it says she said I don't look for its. Yeah we like wow. Don't you do that would you do the news and move on would notes and so you but anyway as you so I don't know what. It's I was trying to suss out who she was and then that you you guys put on this disgusting. Video and I just innocently asked will who's the guy. And him and it's funny when I want warranties and announced but the data didn't know he was at road America. I just wanted to abuse famous. Is now. Do you have any Smart speaker LaMont. Loading elect but I got to elect since I don't but I heard about was evident. You have yeah so it is creepy I have one I use it every day several times a day apparently these. Alexis. Owners are reporting a creepy laugh coming from the device. On the divisive the last I have not I have I looked online and I thought people posting I think we have some sound of it. So basically what it is people are using their Smart speaker there. Amazon. Alexa telling it to do stuff. And it's not doing what they want and then they're hearing a what's described as an evil laugh. Which if that happened to me dude oh. I would I'm gonna freak out am I mean yeah when I the president earlier about already GA member in now poltergeist. When they win at the end of the film spoiler alerts thirty years old you have to behave they. The TV the ghost comes to the TV yeah and so at the end of the movie legal coda. They go to a hotel room. And of and and as a pause and then Craig T. Nelson coach throws the TV out of the hotel room door shuts the door yeah that's what would happen a mile actually deceive. Lying about it would have a different story of coach was coach of that movie hit he did Lutheran governor what do you get to be giggles totally different. We have sound of the evil Alexis of this what it sounds like. Apparently people. Owners are reporting that there are Smart speaker is doing this. Alexa played the last. Oh my god I told you I haven't Alexa and at random times that night everything will be shut off all being embed the Alexa then I'll hold another round and I'll just here elect I didn't know where ago. I'm sorry I can't do that right now. So who do you elections ought to let you got to move now that happens a lot. Another person described on read it they were attempting to get the device to shut off. Some Alexa and able lights in their home when the device just suddenly refused to listen and then out of nowhere produced that evil laugh. My god yeah I think of LaMont. Is the old Eddie Murphy bit holding talks about why people like Bill White people like. I gotta investigate the as a black person like me because none of them out about it gives you get credit. I like it stayed in bed when he heard it like how do you stay in bed well because I can get some you know that's been put on the boards out a lawsuit amicably but on the boards in about Craig's list to morrow. 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On W a death we were just talking off the air. About some horror flicks yeah momentum you know some earlier its international law woman's days we are talking about what. Stable and a half international women's day. Senior horror picture. And we are talking what are you know guys horrible things went back. National women's day that's absolutely true. We are to what underrated. Hot chicks on television yeah throughout the years and you and I had a list going which led so allowed to discussion of under rated horror films. Which you got a couple suggestions so let's run through the list real quick. Underrated gimme gimme one or two under rated hot chicks in television I'll give you one you give me one. So was somehow slide from the underrated tactics and into the horror movie you know apparently it's in the near the road Mattel we do it. You know the pro I think okay. Here's one I think that might be able to relate to. There's a mediocre show that just ended a few years ago Kolb holiday month yeah I remember the redhead in that thousand handing him. Who was also American. The they'd try to tell you she's not. Play it. I think he is. She's cute. But Britney we remember it's underrated. Sky looks like should be like the hostess and Applebee's are no. You would ever all yeah opposite investor you know you don't go to Applebee's can and let the rest of such as he's cute. A day it. But that's underhanded that's underrated. I don't worry I'm. Emote a Mobley audience's minds this is a woman who's been beautiful forty years. No one ever talks about. Thelma from good times poll well hold on. Thelma from good times it was the first woman I ever saw that made me wake up in that way. I was. The kid. And I didn't understand what was she was like probably twenty times she was so hot she was amazed that every scene she's really yes. I remember seeing her and elect with little black don't crack baby. Black refuses to crash on students act alone you listen. You know it was hot who. Marquis post. Paul might go to court yet and they try to hide her looks and those businesses. But now they do and it is ten year old Mattie is not the case they did what was going on there. You don't have a crush on and I think I don't think she's regarded as. In Hollywood standards that BC's though as the best friend. He had innings. I have a crush on can't damning to men who broke girls all yeah yeah yeah yeah I have been yeah it's crush yes she's she's she's pretty. She's pretty she's voluptuous. Yet. Right yeah did you stock cyber stuck to kinda I didn't while Akron. While I looked up and a threat but was not here. On your social I didn't that's those those what I did was. I believe that and it Daniel official. Awesome person by the way. And I just was like you know as brutal and Boy Meets World what I have a Staten been a buddy of mine knew her and he kind of connected us onto it and getting game. What are buddies for a little more than your yeah it was suspended my account with a yeah make himself out yeah. I don't know was what was look at Matt Bourne about a hour and a half ago. Wasn't me I don't know time will play. Battle brewing in just minutes your chance to win a great. Night to go see Weezer. So just hang on I'll tell you wanna call.