M&N Hour 3 - Things Get Wilde! 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

In the entire third hour, radio legend Charlie Wilde shows up to share some Matty Blake radio memories. Fitzy on sports, and Stiz lets one slip!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick Jessica. From Brooklyn. Framingham where studios let's talk to Jessica may go to YouTube. Let's see if we'd like her. Just question a little bit signs. Or loyal listener. See us and this. Jessica welcome to the pro. Luke and you do it. Pretty good. So my name and what people. I think they're open to. And now two guys who attacked every day with lots the fervor that have a great and if you get them fervor the only cure is more many unique fun WA AF. I've 5 o'clock hour. 5520. Can hear. Revenue if you would like to cause the frame him for stealing any point 6179311. AF maybe you wanna weigh in on the some iffy thing. If you don't get to us you can weigh in on our. Generic radio voice mail that number 61777954. Five. War. Also YouTube tickets right in my back pocket what was. You did you not he's just here in the birthday boy what it. Do a giant. Brown zipper out there. You're literally trying to go through a rabbi Eli. Our radio show have to tell you how many times. Did radio show. It's I don't want to have a public time that we have to sit in the joke. W bush in 06177795. Or five more credit. There you welcoming a dollars and against his I was literally had a 42 part I was so insane enough. You gotta be kidding me you were there. People to know. Let's try and find that sounded freak I didn't hear it live time but maybe risk a you're you're taught may be edges to tune out whenever you have that. Yours and is and I do you do that and then you Tim most of us learned. That was. You know whether to Munich. Yes. 5 o'clock hour this weather report brought to you by Nissan intelligent mobility. Nissan intelligent mobility is loaded with tech that's changing the way you deal with traffic forever. It's time to upgrade Denise. Oh. I'm a vessel that's dead inside. It's described upgrade it. Nissan intelligent mobility it's available to everyone right now they were out on little. Are currently on June 6 do you mind if it. It. Think the other speaker Seth side they're B six is pretty humid at around 65 tonight tomorrow sunny and seventy. I I told you I had them wide delay any longer text flag. FL AG to 971 awesome and right now and divert seems to have paired tickets he used to it TD garden Thursday June 21. Rod you are revised energy message and it rates may apply text flag. To set 9797. Windows 7 right now that's like FL EAG. The random kids a text and well I don't mess with who you can do that. I guess about six timetable titans it is spelled what sort. At Al AG does it Eric good job people are Iraq. All right you know what time it is 520 that means it's time. Here's your old now they'd see with a wicked this a sports reports. Texas a and WD. My time. There at that time down here it's my time. My time that would be a great name for a store that sells Chinese cocktails and watches and again. This wicket this is what's apart right devalued friends that the code music ball and was that at that more info go to the Coke music call. Dot com near Boston Red Sox silicon. To live life in this week there drafted before it not a plane and fly and 486000. Miles out to Seattle. Give or take 483000. Miles. To take on the man isn't a weekend series they have planned the whole area is down there in Baltimore right now they won last night six bought currently up. Bought not fit. I want nothing Chris Sale of these Whelan these Daylon you know and he throws from the left side. Is that nasty guy. And earlier today. Actually you know what unfortunately we don't have that audio but we do have the most important audio baseball. As far as the deck while we don't. All right okay nobody really needs to hear smoky vets and a home run earlier we had that idea no one cares that video that is Darren up the Internet right now. Is some might doubt it's footage from like two years ago. Somehow it just got out now Terry Collins then manage in New York metropolitan. Had an argument. One of his pitches. Through little brush back national chain music. And the armed with Mike Duff. And he got into an argue with the paycheck. And then the manager ran out and argue with a and the reason why the umpire. Said that he had the first throw out the pitcher. And then ultimately had to throughout the manager was this far. Are at an attack while we don't. I'll tell you what the hell does an RS is in the jackpot. And ruin cannot figure out what ass is in the gym quite means great name for advance. Yet the movie all right well I want to. Right center field Jeffrey. Tennessee for the Sox fan that tide in metres got his eighteenth of the year he's obviously the leading outfield vote getter all star edition. That's nice he's got a signature stroke back after being on the DL getting ready for the big rest of the road trip. But seriously I can't stop I've listened to ask is it just. The jackpot something some sort of internal like rep for me like you know is that not speak ref I'm gonna be up for a review. A car accident back while we don't. Have you and have that you and the guy over here from Family Guy whatever his name is. Haven't you guys here hasn't been in the jackpot for about a year and a half right public yet massive jackpot. I was on. I don't know man passes in the jackpot let that be great if this show. As is in the jackpot. It's like a morning drive show acid the jackpot he actually pitched that. Well Pelé socks up bought nothing couple minutes to go hopefully Chris sells on to evict why they sweep the Orioles planets at state of affairs for Baltimore. I mean first of all you live in Baltimore. And in the orioles' only they only have to when he wins on the season. And you turn back around you would never been able to move I've many times actually yes it's fine. Well like eight blocks Camden yards area's great and then you step couple a lot of thought that you don't we'll. I'd I honestly I'd rather be a high schooler an average. I'd much rather I'd tag I'd much rather tackle. And that's thirteen with my band that I would live in Baltimore I actually knew how to get around mile marks I watched half the wire. Good enough actually had a nexus seriously that's all they get opens the first season yeah that's one by a guy that okay. And now. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you. We played the funniest audio we've played the coolest Adio. Now we're gonna play the U the most sensitive audio. Coming up this time day a very special sit down between your favorite doing an athlete ever. And possibly the next president. Taking unique divided the country what was happening in your own locker room program a few Tom Brady fatherhood just down. Have you thought about what happens after football super soft Sunday 11 AM 10 central. Do you believe Tom Brady sat down with Oprah can't make it today OTAs but he can make it to the low. He our age it makes sense it was his natural next progression. No way he's been trending. Where might that I love Gisele shared with the pink hot pants the other day. Does that do any sight at this point now why is that actually him or is there like is he trolling all of us now did he lose his mind when he fumbled. When Brandon Graham slipped by Shaq Mason in Brady thought I'm gonna scored this touchdown we're gonna win Super Bowl 52. And then after what I'm gonna say to Belichick don't you ever after and bench. A quarterback who can make two plays and make me have to score another last minute touchdown his super ball and score forty points on the supposedly number one defense in the NFC. Just to show you how great I am. Did he lose his mind after all that you know you can tell now I've got the absolute tell when he sits down the Oprah if at any point. He gets up and jumps on the couch and excitedly right then you know he's lost. I loved it though. We have no idea how much love is now. Then you know. Feel like that's not. And you know I knew. That if he doesn't. Possess will be in the jackpot. He. I know broaden their interest it didn't Ilya Kovalchuk. Speaking of did you he played I don't know somewhere in the K tell us something like that that Armenia it is that is the jackpot. They signed him we'll have a lot and the Bruins also sad that first round draft pick. Yeah did not want to. Bruins have signed first round draft pick. Were low. Not had an area. Or low via Canada and gain. All right you tell me you are HL. VA. JAMA. IN TN. Or oh. Canadian. Nineteen year old management. Finish tomorrow you win a world where a fluke where we do both sides person that I may say first round draft pick for the would you do Google search there that ties that Heidi is that led Zell once again the Bruins have signed their first round draft day. Win a world where it's where world where you really do both sides under the theme speaking of asking the jackpot. I had no idea the World Cup begins tomorrow. Nine no idea whatsoever in light of the elements that names Portugal. I mean is what are you gonna talk about it these are loved the World Cup it's a great gee it's a great excuse. To date drink. If you go to a bog you go day drink and watch in the World Cup and some of that day. Back to work. What do you deal and you say why you hate our freedom why you hate America because you know I believe that we will weigh in value added there was just name them watch in America. Where I know I'm so that's the problem. They screwed it up. So now I can't mail ought to work now I can't do my you know beautiful game once every four year pretend pseudo soccer fan. Fan of the beautiful game day drinking ice thanks a lot America. And here last night and act like you have dual citizenship somewhere. All right picket picket nation Ireland. Plus what the American watch the game might put to good. Countryman. But could driven countryman right what I said countryman. So did they Jack moderate I don't watch that's. Why doesn't do not want to I didn't watch until next. Thursday and finally. Just for you. I never do anything and service I never give you any gifts I don't bring you flowers anymore. But today. Just today. I give you this. Now the most people that audio. Is there early in the site verbal meaningless and ten seconds of their life they can never have back. Demanding Blake. Who is slowly. Stroking his seven iron. That's Tiger Woods hit balls in the rain and now pension account. You know where he's staying for this tournament. I couldn't give mission car. Two quick facts I've been very good about being quiet about your own bed touching issue and a cock and I have no idea where he stated that what does this have long out in the Hamptons gorgeous course this item got exit the back you out of Howard Stern's a pretty much. Ivan said a word about US open this week's on the agency's two quick things. Tiger staying on his yacht when I say clot too for outstanding talents are ever on which means tiger's back to be intact and I think I can impose on the law. Boats and host. I wish you I wish you would just to embrace. He ran for his chance to be a villain that he tried to be America's coming back he's been smitten with the media lately he's he's coming back could be a day. The issue that got. Number two. 8 AM tee time tomorrow. Talk about my. Nirvana. Mickelson. McIlroy speak in one force and when our. Do not want to watch your boys and then you can root file an income shall appear completely in the in the yeah. All right everyone here ask the jackpot when you that's a good girl outfit did wicket that the sports. Coming up ballot questions project your chance to win. Still have time to get in a voice mail. That in their count upon the final hour of the power hour. Of the Matthew Nichols forensics when you're generically you voicemails and quick check of the weather with. Nick but before we do that I've brought in some radio royalty. Into the studio. For those who remember you life long hours year there was a station in Boston. Called star 937. Iron it was right down the hallway and the morning show host was named Charlie wild. With Heather Gerson Karen Blake was called the wild thing morning so Charlie wild. And could've killed Charlie. He's talking and hello Michael Latin loses thing it was that low pressure out there got a bit awhile rusty and Charlie howry I'm talking. A good and you just serious stuff now yeah some serious stuff some funny stuff and you know I mean. And maltreatment and it's yours. That oh yeah yeah yeah that's the round yes and it's could see these holidays again and you too man I. I just. Will the memories I remember us run and on the whole here demon. This athletes and around Larry got mad and declare frankly a bit and actually I just think the year before. You yes several times. Cellular Robert UPD back sensitive yes you us that area and then when it's funny. Real quick and it who have been out I was work exploded outward in return you're right I'm proud to approve New England. In it. Them. I was working for Charlie neck and what happens. I was doing all these hats and stuff. You know writing the morning show them every day at a guard district and this then called mr. Clinton whoever we had me doing right yeah and every once a while I would do a bit and charges go. Midway. Like because it was like we're we were our target is at the soccer moms. Like here's is really funny bit about bullet Bill Clinton backer of the enters a new note. My heart just like when I was little I will well know. Only when I would just having wildly inappropriate for audience 000. Like all the time yes right yeah so. I knew when that happen I would run them down the hall Kevin Barbara who is here on race morning similar I don't know if you want this but it. And he would play a straight right and actually get to it so we have and you allow for mailman so Craig's boss heard all those. And that time of year and because then Rocco yeah afternoon guy god rest his soul lost his partner and the boss walked on the ball goes way. Average stuff which they welcomed them do that the new and Hillman is the one that told me to talk to you that. That's right and I we would have certainly had launcher and whatever it out of little bit yeah just a little recently made a tongue news this wonderfully yes. Second day. Is that we're I. It happens. It's delegates seated humans. And I as a unit. Of its usual through some weird things all right 6 o'clock hour upon us like as a generic radio voice mails will wrap up shop we have Alan questions projects we solicit now Orton now cause now I call now the Framingham for studio line is open 6179311. AF. If you would like to win. A great prize a four pack of tickets is that what this is is that we're plant four deaths okay the four pack of tickets to New England nationals. 6179311. Area the Framingham for studio line metro west commercial truck headquarters is open call malice kill our questions project. They're all out.