M&N Hour 3 - Starbucks & Fitzy 5/21/18

Monday, May 21st

In light of recent incidents at their cafes, Starbucks has rolled out a new policy when it comes to how you use them. Would you care if someone was there not buying anything? Matty & Nick debate! Fitzy then comes in with the sports report. 

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Previously unmet Ian nick yeah I'd say things moral one what is popcorn. Popcorn the amount I've done I. And Johnson and I don't talk on popcorn now it's popcorn love going hot blowing horns back notebook. I don't know if I'm going I'm going to get some. More faith I thought popcorn smell aboard the much. It's graduation season and so in that spirit let's commence with that none cents unbelievable. It's Mehdi admit on WA AF. It's all proud Betty and nick belly on up to the bar that's we'll get your home. Conversation. Little more action. So they could be years by the way. Wonderful way to and the week Friday with a beer sampling. Printed here advocate we went up and down the flight of Belgian Beers. Taking dignified slipped six and are likely just us we actually had a beer tasting in here. We took sips swish them around spit them out for the most part and it entered into some big sloppy. Well you left pretty well after we did after we did during the show we were very respectful of the process. And now like to grown adult I'm just proud of us that's you can colonists banning imports to be on 6179311. A half. Like to remind you. That we love our good friends at town fair tire you're looking for the best deal on tires there's nowhere else to go town fair. Hi there. Nick. It's still a little bit at this has been brewing you have a story all like that although I did this story's been brewing you'll see me. Then now. Just when you had hoped for humanity. Here's Matty mixed with another example why. Not I. We're the worst lucky but Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned vehicles is that the certified pre owned sales event. Now through May 31 that's a Mercedes bad. News. This might be this could legitimately be. The most 21 century the most post. It's not even you know how to describe it okay. Right you worked in New York for a long time them you had your places where you'd candlelight. You know get some Wi-Fi. Are like hang out like he would kill time between auditions between gays right Russian massage parlors. Absolutely. And you have to buy something movement it's weird to go into the cafe portion of a Russian massage parlor as bill liked. I'll have the marshmallow Krispy treat in the now a car and that water yeah I know sixty extra bucks for the happening right. Cast rubles well. I copier here oh yeah by something right 100% well following those unfortunate incidence. At Starbucks the racial profiling that took place in the greater Philadelphia area or they had to shut down at wanted to go through sensitivity training it's all these thousands of Starbucks right. In the latest chapter of why this country sucks and where the worst generation snowflake brings you this. Starbucks says. Anyone can now sit in its cafes. Even without buying anything. You see. Starbucks has announced a new policy in exclusivity. They may. But wired. Didn't include any entrance right. That will permit anyone to sit its cafes. Users stores restaurants regardless of whether or not they've bought anything the move comes weeks after wanted to copy chain store the philadelphians that outrage for calling the police on two black men. Would not made a purchase while they waited. For a friend to arrive. Good god do we snuck. Just as the year comes anyone's it's gonna hang he'd stick in there and you can do it and I want whenever you want I would totally agree with people and John. Just act. It's completely reactionary and wrong to call the police on a couple black kids sitting in Starbucks. It's also completely reactionary and wrong to gold this part of try to make up for. Now people are gonna wanna work there it's gonna cause terrible back up it's gonna cost all kinds situation guarantee Libya stabbing or something wanna be stored at recant. Know what yeah okay. I guess so that's fine as long as nobody is you know offending the offended as long as no one Zito racially profile during the stabbing her as long as you know. Build the bomb fight that took place didn't involve anyone's. Feelings being triggered her hurt can you imagine the poor manager. The middle manager robbery step who wants just get to their shift on an. Have to let a person stand there or sit there for. Were you can you can literally now can do you can literally not ask someone to leave now or does the policy on being as they don't work at a Starbucks please call us ticks on 7911 day after he manages Starbucks you'd assistant manager. Because if so they want to know if you got a pay raise and beat your life is going to be ugly as well. Yeah I mean. There's reap what you sell and sometimes we get the world we deserve and then there's just gone way too far yet just overreacting. Once again it's it's it's what are now. That's where or Afghanistan to go so far that side and come back immensely in saner heads will prevail at some point. When something bad happens on sports right. Usually guys. Like all those years in the scenic you mentioned like not just them all the shop of people within all of that policies yeah they all have policy were taking got to be customer sorry guys like why do you think that is. Because it's a disaster if you don't have a policy it's a no. Because it's a place forget the policy. We'd pay ranked. We read this face that we are a business and we are in the business of trying to make money we make money by people buying things so therefore we are not in the business of charitably loaning out our space that we pay for. For anyone at any time just because a couple of guys hung around and somebody jumped the gun and pulled the proverbial alarm a little too soon. Doesn't mean you literally have to let anyone committed any time for any amount of time. We have a 71 taxing I'm a manager at that place and I'm putting in my notice at the end of the month or get out let's go to show on in Beverly. Hello Shawn and Beverly welcome mat. Dollar beer everybody I think from making the that you're welcome. Felt my body works at Starbucks and he's kept a Catholic homeless people not to hang out in front of stored in the store if it other customers. So now what can happen folks within the cost about. And then you go hey you got 25 cents not even outside authorities to be inside the start asking everybody and do nothing about it. Are we sure panhandling is it caused urge action. But there and do what anybody used to and so I think panhandling is this some panic out the other role that says they know how these troubled by drug fueled by drugs as without distribution thing on the offense. Thank you John had it opens up a pandora's box manner really dozens of people who are you to say that I can't be here you said that I can. Not be here I don't buy and I'm sitting here and is not for homeless in the and the four drug addicted forget that. Just the the people who are just gonna loiter in your store for hours a binding as a business owner that's think about how many Stanley Bruno some eastern right they're just gonna linger in your Starbucks now thinking of which I will be selling drugs. For me. Not that. You know I'm gone down oh no no no not now no now. True. All man. There is a big game. That this city is very concerned with. And we knew need to break it down. You go to the go because there's that go missing and fox are right now but there ain't no go missing here. Here's your old pal they'd see with a weakened this a sports report quite like it did today. Stuff. On WI AEA yeah. As wicked business sports reporters brought to you by the code used to call and was there for more information. Go to the Coke music hall dot com that's the cold music hall. Dot com. Rolling in active lyme albeit the getting a Brazilian wax. Attending this to his grimy Rancho. Plating your roof and a hail stopped. Losing a sour milk chugging contest. No McCain free Arnold surgery. Being a manager at a Starbucks. Taking your ghost pepper and Emma. Driving to the store in a Prius full of bees. Shopping for decorative pillows with a a mother in law listening to The Black Crowes. Finding out my wife is banging my brother. Watching my wife bang my brother. Finding out my wife is also banging my father. Watching my life then my brother and my father. I you catching on to get the at a general media all things I'm planning to mark my anniversary at Yucca. Close those are all things that would have been more fun to do Saturday night and watch that after the Celtics in game it's actually true. No what I do Friday. I have no idea because I got asked how strong it I listened to you guys were you little Friday Night Lights you. UBS advocate paying yet and I went out and bought all those he has. No one told me. That they act alcohol beverage volume or whatever day DV stands for would be higher than an hour. Appoints Sheila brown would score on Saturday night. So I got crushed Friday. But I think someone told me that I talked Friday about not getting too excited about Saturday night's game because we're all expectant. An absolute tub thumping. And that if they did it shock coming go up three nothing and then get excited then go out and celebrate then like the front porch on fire and see what's up. Okay so what we expected to happen happens Celtics didn't show up LeBron dictated all the files in the calls blah blah blah right yes. Okay now again not a must win. It's not even showed when it's a like to win because the Celtics that completely different team at home. And is there a different team at home and I know lay Jain has done held a job that let dad and before in the playoffs. But this Celtics team has away get it done in the building that matters most by the causeway that said. I'm I'm a little concern tonight because I think it's going to be second verse similar to if not worse in the first and get ready for this mean the referee tonight. Scott Foster. Our friend our body that what it calls every single game for the home team Tim Donahue left him god he's buddy Scott Foster is already before the tip off. The cavs have a six on five advantage over under LeBron free throws tonight sixty and then when a I'd consider the Elbe. Yeah we got a phone call I do mother if you liked. Call fifteen anytime you go for having imports studio line 61793121. Amp why he will take your questions let's go to George who's in Watertown you got fifty George. And that's one bill that is George I love this segment like this I looked at what Geithner or China we all know that but he still great. You really think the Celtics to hate the fact that the Republicans are concerned I think tonight and good luck when it. I do think they can take your best three. From the cavaliers at any point consider the way the cavs have played in the gotten in the way that the intensity. And the energy and they you George Allison wanted to outdo last name Peterson. It's not quite. You're real wild bill how it's yes and I'm not gonna go players you'll. Because iron oddly enough early and had met a guy named April and now he was not the sizes in Chicago. Nevertheless yes they can do it because of the huge knowledge that is in from wherever the free you are not that I yet thanks for call everybody thank you are just go buy lottery ticket and it definitely got mama you do you that you go have a call one on year old outfits and not paying what they go blank yourself think college RG. Yes she can't yes they can't I don't I believe in miracles. I do not believe it's not swatches I believe that chocolate chip cookies in the small loans back. And I also believe the Celtics can win any game and any time against any opponent. When powered by the great renewable green energy that is the love this way he is NBA's abuse Celtics fans. Just get ready for another one of those scenes that you fasten your dad used to fast forward past when you watch a movie you shouldn't have been as a kid tonight you know aunts and uncles. 830 in the but Brad Stevens did say this earlier quote. I never doubt our guys they're very resilient and they always respond. And this will be another challenge to respond to do it's scary Terry said we got our asses kicked and we needed to. Maybe. They just thought they were gonna do it in four days' rest would get it done well they get served. They've they've brought a very fresh faced red jacket when Daniel Russo to the body and thought they could maybe poured some water over top of the Covert guy where they'll let alive. Shalit uniform and they got their ass whipped well let's see if they can also be there on me ID tonight I just confused myself I just hope. That it's not you know. Home home home. Home like these NBA series tend to be. You know what you got it got Ryan one on the road may consider in the wake Golden State they're up to one that owns again pulls out just it gets boring zig you know the home team's gonna win by. Thirties you have the same thing powers the league that powers the guys are so we're gonna try and stretch this one out as far and why they can't speaking out. Stretch him out inspires you can do my god. There's things that worked in the valley in the eighties that have been stretched his fires the ball that JD. Martinez hit yesterday man that guy you know leading the American League now on home runs tied with smokey bats. They got the best 12 punch with all due actually with a all complete lack of respect. To Aaron judge engine callow standing out the best 12 punch in baseball. Resides at four used to be known as yucky way now are tied Jay-Z street that netted a goal it won't. What's that. Is that if you literally just. You broke the flow C could play the sound of wooden baseball bat hitting baseball sound effect. Why did you go ahead and dial up the sound of all the baseball bats beating Joseph Pesci to death in the cotton fields. From casino because that's what you gotta get if you have a break me up again within YouTube's sound effects quiz. Stocks got off tonight back in action a mile from slanted roof stadium in Saint Petersburg. Just down the road from tampax day. Now know top. Radiate the OTA is no crime no Tom Brady. You upset you concern across it is still restricted we know he wants to stay out. Find this and go you know go shake your booty would be girlfriend. Wherever she's posted their 150 IDs story today that's fine get grind get healthy and get ready. Brady's playing games now. I thought for a while it was like all right I'm Tom Brady I deserve to spend time with my family. NA I saw the pictures yesterday there were all over it to tweets in your world wide web at dudes. Brady hang out with a Stanley in NYC I would love to spend a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. In the park with the goat. Sounds great to me yeah but he's supposed to be happier participate in the OTA is not down there do an OTAs outdoor town like activities. Does he need to be that nobody he's also the one who says that the pre season and the OTAs in the many camp so we've set the tone and the pace in the Tampa. Right now he's let everyone know. He's like the rest of us that do. This is like Tom Brady. Is I'm gonna give you something I think you could relate to hear me out audience. This is like when Tom Brady was like you know what I'm gonna surrender my palace for a little while Lois Lane I'm gonna let that guy kick my ass in the Diana is Superman to. We all know that it'd Superman became a giant posting rights. Not good no all you gotta be the one to clean the countertop with that guy's face and dump amid the pinball machine right. It's symbolic. The unhealthy relationship that ever has been talking about you can say all they along and it's a bit of a social media how good your marriages. But when you don't do anything for your anniversary eerie don't show up for something. You know there's trouble in paradise so you can say all day long things are fine if you're Tom Brady but not shown up by like it. I listened as long as the two of them can find a way. To once and when they reconvene. Just hate sex all over. The field the stadium yeah I know this I hope they vengeance after their way through the entire league and they jets. It's my all over me everyone have has Tom ever done this before. Never he's never missed the OT go I rest my case you know I mean I he's never taken I am now that. Man that last season. Every little whisper at every little something around the herd like you now. Not for nothing but maybe have grown with almost little thumbs down right. They can make avocados you know here's ineligible swirl ice seemed to get those trucks even with Terry covering hard showed that may avocado version of that for how for sure I you know what the most popular one as well there's that truck that parked right down there like we. When the union square area yeah that's called began ice cream while. This but in other. All right well like you don't spend seven dollars and get a salty and every time you went right now. Finally Roger Goodell outlined the four principles he wants to see for legalized gambling should actually take effect across I United States of America number one. Amy number two I sock number three I railroaded Brady now before RC one through three. Now there's a ginger prick nobody likes. I was well I was company that. And that means nothing what he's done about it unaudited just doesn't offend me at all. If and person who. Suffer from that affliction but I am not a ginger. Right today gawker dot Celtics. We all have the faith which is c'mon make it can't just make my Monday night watchable all right that's for not much else. That maybe for cap money. I gotta go follow me on your social that it's easier why ginger in nick. About T hit the final hour. Here in the program at 6 o'clock power hour your generic radio voice mails we played at 620. 6177795454. Medalists sneak one in when it does stop when your favorites. Doolittle do I qualify for Red Sox tickets if you think you call they can text us 97107. Defending him for studio line 6179311. And a half but nick how about a check of the weather before we get into all that nonsense forecast calls for a 100% chance of us giving away in exports and tickets tonight as opposed to Red Sox tickets already a lot of guys on that item or somebody did that person has been summarily dismissed good. They have been executed CO later get them out. It was actually me now the latest. Up up and went up to him I took I took him. I ate the sort of time what. That later what I say 319 earlier that's the continent to world. Well and it I was carrying the load up my I'm Sharon. They needed they didn't even cross my mind for a second here in the room. We we can't win the state we rubbing the load. Art I was here on time voted no matter how about that yeah women I'll take some provides a good partners do we can boast all the sword. And the 5 o'clock hour one thing you know wanna do if you wanna lose weight it's all sorts. So that's why we're gonna check the weather here would nick Stephens media crowd just. Brought to you by our good friends at New England fat loss currently in the fair Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Checking account then. You right now with seventy degrees rolled the windows down gets an air fresco and crank up many in their candidate tag shallower Beers tomorrow. Not quite as warm possibly rainy with a high of seventy. I'd if you think you qualified I took that sort. You just have to convince us it's all you have to do we have two inch uncle Matty. You can text us has said that he said one has ever cause trimming imports studio and 6179311. AF newbie wanna see Nick's words and at the Wilbur. Yeah top. And again still time to get an edgy army if you hurry 6177795454. Man want to do lot to give away. And just an hour to do Mattie it's nick it's.