M&N Hour 3 - Sports N' Sorts! 3-14-18

Wednesday, March 14th

In the entire third hour, we play your GRVs, talk sports with Fitzy, and are forced back to Oak Island.

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously unmet the niche sector over the public find out he carried a recent vandalism right now. Well and plug. Not talk about creating quite that way but hold on Jerry and this is why I wanted to use to college later did you save my role Don and you could win it. 500 phones yeah. We'll oh as part of this big dump of information we're getting. A UFO. Resurgent it has five through two as part of this big dump my 812 wings by the way like here. Heads at a political bone in front of me was like bingo and now this no may be over. Here comes the worst part of the storm. More Matty ended the day fund WA AF. Good afternoon everybody it. The wind today 507. My tour card is Matty and net what's belly on the borrow enough and your ride home we'll try to make it a little lifting a little more fun that's all we're trying to do here. Literally our only goal. Is to make you smile a little bit on the way home or make your commute a little bit better or give you some information might not have liked what we commit like. Can we make people laugh a little bit. If you're angry about that. Mount wanna look inside. Dana us you know Thompson hit a lot of text at 97107. About people. Wishing hex is upon us if we don't give them the thousand dollar hook me up. You have wonder should be the code word in my wasting my time people with money every time every hour for twelve hours a day five days a week. Orphans and five straight weeks 300000 dollars total regular people win this thing out and don't let these national things that he's not just Massachusetts well let it be said that when people do that. It it's a computer we have nothing to do it we were we announced code word. And then it goes into a computer system minute randomly pick someone and we have nothing to do it the other nations. Technical words well. They do time and one. That works. Actually hold on you know what I I discordant exclusive with the computer you're from the thousand dollar ha great let's let's go cut this interview. Looks. And that's. We are brought to buy tout its hi there looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to go town fair retired the best prices and great. Three. Services. Yes Stan I got the I got some sound of you last night of drilling down well you listen listen. When you really divvied up I don't talk about law are you modest now you're gonna get Monica or less. It's kind of a cool thing. And it was a thrill last night to. Seated that a lot of people work very hard nick you know you've done television you're doing in new show now you can now be you'll be able to talk what does soon mean when you work on a show like that especially when in the field. Like mine that is based on historical research and Israel things going on. It takes a huge team working a lot of hours to put even a one hour special to guys in and accept and golden wheel well and our guys clam up would you. It's gratified alas that was exciting I was thrilled for the team we put together great when our special than not they reserve and anybody in there and so as well as a candidate History Channel your body and been joined NASA yeah. Greatest generals around the DVR even though I don't watch Ellen time almond eyed mullah what I college DVR but he. So if I have friends and shows. At least a DVR it that way right the mattress for their ratings now I mean I have time to watch him on that I got so much on ozone alert that you just DVR that the rating yeah grant county yeah they count they can see every single time it's recording getting all the info from that I think is if you are seen actually watched it bios. And I get this play for 510 seconds. But the recording itself counts. And by the way if you missed the last thing and you are curious you August in my gonna launch and you know I mean you out there. You can learn how to get season six that makes contact Michelle thank you. You can radio show I can't watch that she Johnson did it on demand. Drilling down. From us politically that there was one cool moment. In the war room. Where I kinda laid out for the Brothers I said here's what I think this serves as we all the findings of season five BA. On the table I'll vote Medina Brothers yes OK another idea. So it all the season five findings on the table and I said. Here's what I think this is I think all this stuff down on the surface here in this part of the table. Where people searching for these two items what these two people left in you pointed right in June. Back and I actually got some. You know kudos second they had and they're so entrenched in making the show sometimes you don't see things from 30000 feet Dix a wreck our perspective to go like wait a second has to be a big time line. That's like when you're putting something to it's like when you're putting something together. It's always great to have an extra set of eyes can take a look at whether you're an editing or even its studio recording something or you put any of you putting on a play its way fresh eyes always help. So here's the I think you have the script you have titles to this is me at the war room table kind pointing to the to the giving them my perspective on what happened here in season five good. I was there I think this is all right I think it's been a time line what the hell that all of these kind of business we're kind. When these people put. Let's not let you know why you that's what the sound is that drew again that is doing if you're gonna put it sped up a little bit. A little bit I have to because it's time it would be copyright infringement like if I've waited. Right all right LA yeah I try to like YouTube a much different cartoons from my kid. And the only way they can get them on there and evade all the blots that kinda stuff or the confines so nutty algorithm finds it. So it is really voice sound from my show but then you grab dispel that. This is way better founding anyway don't play anymore you don't have what I think business all right I think it's a minute timeline. Stop them at all ridiculous I could totally watch that show. Scene inside of the personal battle it was awesome. And it added that British actor yet you were 200 year old shutout innings dog on just how close and Rick Martin gene comes just I don't know. You're feeling okay I was ultimate secrets. Find out. This is really down. Better this life that you will still much better this way I finally the robot. Anybody like that like drawing down the time public supporting you oh Allegheny hell of a Miami hello my ragtime. Supporting your coworker who actually. Eight the show host pled not right hey look at all these shots easily found it print shop a consignment center in Cape Cod and we just throw into the ocean here at. Prince Edward Island and we dug up that has what I've mountaineers would antidote you know at the prison. The real the reveal last night was how much money you guys still for mr. agent. All right well hey. Coming up. Sports fit just sports in like just minutes and then your chance to win the Allen questions project the three of us will play for you the audience all you have to do. His column play along you know of your chance to win and are subject to great event coming up spending. At W. 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Good ones bad Bruins ugly ones know will pay more if you trade inventory sales team always has the right trucks are fining each team can get trucked deals done we have a service to pub and that's the best service team in New England. We have fleet customers who travel thirty miles to about. Guys working their trucks premium Ford grew nine framing him know we're also you afford full us. They've been threatened by both arrests alert and a boxer would you pull away from what I'm mark when lateral water will they ever learn because some members so you can't. And I read your review that he had nick on WC a gaffe. Every day you get experience fifth he had 520. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report quite a bit of a day. Most of it signed on WAM. Hour five point four. Well. After yesterday's suicide watch when the votes are now me off the AFC championship practice began. You know what Butler making his way to titans yes. Play out Danny Danny playoff. Handsome Dolan that bonus out being taken is down down there. We went home last night we all crack down recovery beings with not our right well. That was enough for a day in the low balled. I can't even enjoy my evening programs in my nighttime sides when Dion Lewis do. Deep patted. It also made his way to Tennessee on avoided the effort point three million books. Then you wake up this morning and you're like all parties are not from the shop one plus some wicked hangover for all those farewell Beers like shots of the divided patriots. And guess what. They showed that a shoulder to cry out no law. Forty is 62. Ten dollars to be the highest bid offensive lineman. Idea 55 I've I five to be quite frankly offensive. The left tackle for the New York football guy named giants. Right and apparently iron out the pats tried to keep some of the many of them apparently made the deal move but he wanted to Belichick wanted to that is Brian's. You know them and all of the cancer program. I. Sold it that is ridiculous money you'd have a lot of city quarterback yet agent superstar greatest of all. Time quarterback coming into the season like yeah. You know what they're democracy. That no starting running back O announced. Where no effect. So obviously if Belichick is. The general manager genius the jagr Armas mad man if that's what the GM stands for that we all. Praise him and believe in debate. That is gonna have to prove it once again this offseason now they'll need a new tackle they did draft some kid named Cassie you last year who. Maybe he's the new guy former tied in turn left tackle that's what's all the was out of Colorado. You know maybe someone also turn into the new Dolan the new model that after the not big black hawk Hannah guys that likes now. Athletes in July this may do it adds dial rather you do and so when you don't have to prove that. The longer I mean we find what you want and yet they're gonna get it yourself. When you're on the other side you deaf in the back nine alive so the Mike Russell accelerate now that you're the seller and that's on I didn't and now I'm driving. Please. If people actually put up with a scrap around the committee a couple of times. People this is this this is the show. All day that I honest to god you for campers of his name not turn on his own microphone. Just walks right up to it enough. You try to have six of people with their clothes on. Even try anymore deal do you chatted drink closed Beers to you dom dom. I stopped him in that. This is the reason why she's done and you love my movies and advice that you should step again. Well anyway I had to start drinking again because breaking news is good news finally on the patriots front my guy. Sexy Rex is back that's right Rex Burkhead. Retained by the patriots on a 38 DL lot of money up front now tell you why. They know they're gonna get the best at Dion Lewis last year. They use Rex Berkett part time Jerry get dinged up a little bit that's always been the knock on him that he gets knocked in falls down is that a little bit here and there and everywhere. Let's say what he's gonna be the featured back this year. It's Berkett time now up PA it's sexy red tee time give me park had a lot part dead I am super site. For Rex Burkhead. To be back on the path you know that voodoo TB twelve stuff them no injuries yeah well. Now listen there was a reporter earlier that maybe the patriots have made enough it's. Former Cincinnati backup AJ McCarron that is since then this proven discredit all the other. Can you imagine though McCarron came here with that unbelievable life of me is Catherine what's her name them Catherine Webb. All that's why the Brit must Bergen told hi my job life and I was red blooded American about them. Now that dead out and I tell my boy to be a quarterback because I just zero wow. You do realize that it's 2008 to. I'm saying that promotes murder allegedly how many more of that and the more sense than that markets it fits into president. At Lipton I guess those don't in his life it's like used discover and English yesterday I. So yeah. That would have been incredible goddess she's. Fifteen it's cheap Nicole Powell has not been on there. So what are we gonna do ovaries and good nose of the back of his they'll draft somebody this year they'll groom him for three is now tackle wanna dump Brady. It will be the year 2050. Space force will have defeated all about those days are things are things are radio's still be play. And that's probably near highland. You basically lived to see all of your friends grow up hit their prime go away and die. Since Tom Brady's never gonna age I mean obviously he's just gonna keep. Playing forever and he's gonna be awesome right I mean we want that we can be guarantee. One thing we ash are. Is that rate he'll be back he's gonna be just as awesome as ever of the losses super ball and he knows where to find his focus right. EE is there is there any doubt in your mind that he plays in 2018. Now I I think you know I don't I've seen columns process. Last year at this past year is very unsatisfying the way it ended and side I would very. I just don't envision them at every meeting that the last case. That's the best we can do got the job hurts filmmaker behind Tom vs time. May be kind of sort of I want definitely I mean he did say that Brady will never retire would defeat as the last bite of NFL. He does not want that taste in his mouth namely you know one seller in Yemen Yemen. So basically lose the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Was up big about the salary from rating going out like that that think they watch bush strawberries and late night PH out but if you listen that entire clip a little bit that. He kind of says knowledge he had not yet and that he's at a one point. Some will find that thing that motivates him for next year I might wait a second. Rats a little frightening well look we have an all we haven't seen like the post from him like he is the watch like there's the clock in my gym. While like he is like this pool of sweat on the floor for me train like instead. We've seen him promote commerce is time we son Jack Indian late night TV. He's probably so freaking busy saying farewell to all of his buddies on it to Graham because. Half the Reagan offense just made their way to the AFC and the NFC union there and everywhere in all over. Well I got this guy's friend to them now he knows him well it's alarming that he would say something like he'll find something demoted him if that's what I'm pays it's gonna go back in his sports betting. Find something that'll motivate him and come back in the studio that's not great yes well that's that's pretty much the truth that's how it goes every day. Mean every day's a gift and every day's not say I mean. So they go wrecked market signs couple other people's their interest in that signed elsewhere a couple of the guys that we hear they. Have interest in. Good come around my head maybe to be Jodie Nelson it was a relief that it's like that maybe Libyan conflict in stool. Then Dan McDonald. Reich has got relief from he had dolphins' season jerky is. He is a big muscular effect you are. And I would love for him to play for the patriots now honey magistrate I bet you don't care I don't about it hiding bad you know given us. Now tell you what people like I like you know what honey badger wants to win and people like yeah ID badge also wants money because there is known as a dig that cat is that now. Socket Nellie guy ID badges and have a job here anymore. So I say this he's a millennial right you know to do for a guy like honey badge of these young kids of all that money. You come up with a new fake crypto currency you called zoo will this little box right in Utah on the can have like a billion. Yeah. That's all you do right on now. Moves us right there yeah and legendary left tackle for the Cleveland Browns Joseph Thomas has retired so I don't think about. Maybe trade for him and giving him his quote shot in the ring itself as a planning game tonight should be a fun one. And home against the wizards tonight at the building formally announce the Fleetcenter formally known the plates of these to win games policy no Jalen brown. I know Al Hayat pretty sick. Apparently he's got. He's got lady guidance excuse them. Diaries not plan. You know like when you go see a Broadway Show me a theatrical feel like yourself yeah half right yet anytime you like I fear that musical here to open wheel you can see I'm in line already. It a picket sisterhood of the traveling pants I'm tomatoes on Broadway Mo Maggie lake is right there front and center on a Broadway Show. Is up and they got like a superstar editor something. Like would you like Dolly Todd is not going to be in nine to five the musical tonight you can horror refund right money back. I mean when no one plays for the Celtics. Can you bachelor re funky music like you out now take a plastic that everybody should get access to the sports deck. No matter where you're sitting yeah is it pretzels for everybody exactly I. Souvenir T in Kansas stale plot gone forever yes right and maybe like some of those monkey bones do we would pairs. Part of Al Horford that replay by former selves state power forward medical that duke at Deutsche has to be starting tonight will be played I react yeah. And finally you know at last night's out because all the patriots departures the Bruins then and whatnot that. March it took grizzly deposit. I do say it is still cool. It's. Good and it's six minutes and maybe six games. Well I didn't see it to believe it Jack because I don't doubt watching hockey till April but listen the Bruins did out. Blog all three gold whatever law they can't based on that 16 more over the Carolina Hurricanes I'd however on used to say. Hey listen we all have a 28 to three moments and lively you know what now. When you lose you is that running back a Staten cornerback. And yet collect slot receiver you know what you're down 41 against Carolina US Bob five goals in the fifth people you. People marsh and write your your type would marsh we need to the F would soon give 110 it's a buzzer but that's fine we wrote in the American. That's right they got you rock a Mike arcane black and gold style spoke. Yah right. What you'll get back flip so fast the post game press conference that motion pretty. We're there we go all right hopefully no one else leaves the patriots and tomorrow that signing up people lately I've already booked my tickets for Atlanta I'll see at the super ball. Does the process and bill we trust Edith that is sports fantastic. News your chance to win coming right up. Well Alan questions project also. Kip towards kittens come in the studio that means postal tips everyone. We try to play your generic radio voicemails arrive at the 6 o'clock hour we're actually on schedule even ahead of schedule right now so we'll do that here and then right after that your chance to win tickets to a wonderful hockey event so don't go anywhere. The studio every now. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever's on your mind and please after the deep be anything but generic. Implemented now you can let UG applies fly thanks to stone Ford still import your F 150 headquarters. Went over 200 F series in stock b.'s it 2018 Ford F 150 super crew STX New England addition. For one nanny nine a month ms. stone import dot com that's don't Ford dot com who. 19 PM. And even talking that men who know him want all the cool and this message. He's right Steven Hocking way ahead of the curve on speaking about it. Only 24 PM. My. I bet on them now and nothing I. I'm a little message to back to Stephen Hawking now as. My case. Goodbye to ditches I don't really care it was going to blow up. We'll noon and comedian will mean yes tweet it out as fantastic a screen grabs. Of Donald Trump. When he mocked the disabled reporter yet so pictured ultimately doom who was hand in a monument that was really cool and Europe are hot tickets to been knocking. If you're looking for trouble. You can't do it. Honest to god. Yeah he's truly one of the greatest minds that I think we in western civilization and twentieth century. Have known I watched that movie about him with Yoko. Be what was already Redman yeah felicity Jones dance called I have every I'm having trouble on the stairs inside Chad. Musical insights was that the theory of everything. Artist or didn't Eddie Redmond win the Oscar for that. Don't know why you coupon and then name on the in the rough and it's already read Maine that's as the as the actor who portrayed Stephen Hawking I was calmer about governor now Benedict comer match. Was to restrain you is also in the one about my terrain project. Now that they the turing machine he did he didn't filmed the he's been hated I I want World War II sort of also game. Well yeah that was an immigrant imitate I don't get the imitation game I don't call Oscar bait movies by the actual title. That Hollywood tries to neatly packaged it up right imitation in the theory of everything. I'm a genius now I'm having trouble on the stairs I do the same thing I called the figured out your war also on day that's so I called this. Film this year that won best picture which I call by the way shape of water right aka that we get a unique front. Right that's basically what you pizza. No no you don't I would four out of five you won right. I got that you know we have paper somewhere we win the Oscar you won by one yet. We went 221 whatever was when I got this picture of you got supporting actress and and arrogantly acting yeah yeah. So I know you pizza and on pizza Monday and it the year. A nice. 209. PM. But man what do you think there's no thought ever that they're not saying that combat you know I look forward. Now again we had reports Manning and the text line that actually. It did indeed starts no more its aftermath sorority and they're gonna get some tonight there is yet army. Well you know what now see it very etched in little. Miss little that there area where it's like if you see this collar it's note you see this one it's a sleep at once said goalies. Italy's. Love to please. Blue bikini blew him. I think what this is not important to have the we put this was pulled out of what they can let you know I looked at with that username and click send them to Brooke. Well we did and we're sad to hear radio voice mail ever the nerd rage in that message was palpable. There's still a 100000 people statewide without power come on. National source and ever grid and you think Harvey Leonard's lately he's back in the day do you think there's of Jay Bruce slightly used to have cannot ones. Dickie out episode name for re a indicate c'mon over to the oh have lows should foolish Wegman. For we for cool yeah. Keep the water. We're really. Gonna have to look they have no idea. Now get a small as if stage dad had a boy I wouldn't be equal to about. We space wars that it is going to be. Banks to me. DJT. We're gonna totally have space where they can't wait for root for him. Yeah I appear yeah. Look you know. I have to believe that there are international treaty and it didn't 82 before he can. To deploy military. At this. Take it international water. He's a country. Hold my. Be here. Attitudes bases in international waters. But their daughters Trace but it's still considered at that lined the martian when that you gain in net in both and we don't know if you based parent. They're on good terms together ankle and that is generally refers. And becomes you guys made up for tips that forum Moses of eco advantage of this visuals you'll see 4:9. PM. Well I had a very act almost. Good of all island and that little. Unbelievable. In the war yeah they'll let you are at Oakland didn't care whether. Wounded men who. Double there you got ginger fighting double there hey George I'm glad they have about the same hair color. I'm really glad people saw people say here redhead. Growing updated now what about now is there's much lighter of them after they don't think your I thought it better tackling well. Why would these executives. From go. They say that they always say they use your strawberry blonde. I'm glad people saw the show us that they can see how ridiculous it. Is just literally god is that they are on the guys that cater. I have my blue moon to him. That is although a lot of talk about what you took all. But our our little island. I'm very. And the pipe to beat the. It yet I think that maybe they're not well between the ball out there that you but not pick up some of the island notified about. I. The message we mock that we don't understand. And thank you coming on generic radio voice yeah. Oh yeah. I would explain to the significance of the call but you wouldn't understand it. How's our that are involved migrants would mr. Stan go to Chris on the cell sure I know we have the ghost is gonna take this call. Chris on the South Shore on the Framingham port studio I go ahead. Without Buddy Bell South Shore shallow bays. Our air. And other projects ever goes. Up you know whenever squad is I I am indeed I do and Obama this map goes their own time with my gym. Kimbo and most. Why is not yet that the club inside Timberlake UBS so she now there are. Now there's a joy comes squire take anybody there's a joint it and over called squires were Jerry Norton goes have a great 895 chicken part that that's not exactly can the squire our living room it's a little different. Nolasco to Laura enormous and with a dance at the tables and people thrown Nichols that the media hello Laura from North Brookfield what's up man. I. Love about. Eighteen. I mean if they don't you for letting me on. Any time are you wanna call this program any time we'll put you on. Yeah. Right in the outfield also may be in the future the call screener did what he would I'm gonna talk about people did tonight. We'll report ha yeah. Read. Our college seven right now 6179311. May appear to have two and a pair tickets either drop kick barbie's house of blues Boston. W and drop kick madness goes live. They have Boston the only safe and that really Roger. Announced that it.