M&N Hour 3 - Snowflake Academy 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th

Matty and Nick talk about how a pre-school decided it was wrong for students to have a best friends.. Maybe they should attend Snowflake Academy?


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick tech support for your parents is the best you know the hottest cultural trend so far Tony Tina's answer it most. It her life support my Brothers and sisters in law enforcement you don't if we stand shoulder to shoulder moments like this my Brothers sisters and what's weird is what your badge with them to give you a certificate when you pass the that when you graduate people public criminal justice today. From snow and seeing the word about the matter stuff it's not where you go tell you why it's played bad from child world. Okay we can like different things that we were all races that's Obama this country in that area. Yeah I don't blame it on the rest of the country we all love. Enjoy different things error I didn't see a lot of low ball prices of the black crows show Reynolds that they're older races that'll like Chris Robinson no no got a taste. Elon Musk Richard Branson believes amateur hour is the next two guys who have pushed the boundaries of space and and then cool. And it's just going to be one hole cut out of the center. And the hot dog he does not a couple of times into good and and they slide and slide Weiner right out and he gives. You never like that. As we glory hole francs seen its Matty and nick fund WA AF. 5 o'clock hour 5520. We will then play. A little random made a ticket game for a last minute tickets we're headed the Smashing Pumpkins your chance to win negotiate out. Iconic rock and roll band thanks York comic friends of the iconic rock rolls station W. I took breathing costs. That connects. To. That Nicholas. I've been teasing the story for the better half. You know he had whenever non boy okay. Here's the deal. Now I've already done my way. You know. Is this as this today is we're the worst this that yes you know what let's make this where the worst is I've party don't mind that even if I won't rant on about this I'll allow you nick please we all should everyone needs a wanna hear whatever announces that arises is does this is beyond infuriating. Then now. Just when you had hoped for humanity. Here's Matty mixed with another example why. Not I man we're the worst. Also at the scene for unit. Yeah a lovely little. Playground. And they lovely little preschool in Georgetown. And and all the children are playing in. A little girls playing the little girl loves balls arts and craft is pretty some odd kind of what what childlike music instead of the rap might be better now with a story I mean that's. This little girl loves her also arts and crafts violence comes from a Garry Brody at WDs. She loves her arts and crafts for years old she's playing and she has a best friend. You want to tell our best friend. My best friend and a little girls to and that's when true. To one of the teachers the preschools directed the Ted none and no. You can't use that term in this school. Mean we can't use it to you can't say best friend. Christine heart while the mother of the daughter says she was told by a teacher you can't say the term best friend and school. Because why any line according to preschool. Children need to have a broader group of friends we need to Foster inclusion at this particular age. And the children can feel X it. If you use a term like best friend because at least two clicks and other feelings of being an outsider. Turn off journal. Shut it down were done. This is. We are just gonna grow. One. They want to sex organ where it's all just turn into. Guy girls or lady dude. You have got to be kidding me. That the idea of calling somebody your best friend. Four in genders. Clinics. Exclusionary behaviors. And doesn't Foster a cooperative more open ended friendly environment according to and rocket workshop preschool in Georgetown yet. So moon. And talking gavel there once was a teacher from Kentucky. Kids so I guess that's the stupidest thing I've ever in my life. And you're a lefty Palin's. Era at hippie dude that I've done now so are you know. Please welcome my leg I mean if for example yep league actually had this happened at the home front who. Even though I have two boys you know at least ten months old style craps himself all the time catcher with him on our about that but for years the five year old and I. We say where he liked the name of the Tom Brady bike riding fund raiser challenge for best buddies we always say like oh my dad's an investment says that we're best buddies. And my wife one time set out you should keep his best buddies think gonna. Because you know he's gonna think the year's best friend as opposed to other people on and a M and I's like. You gotta be kidding me. We have a strong father son bond. I'm not gonna be at school with him every day I'm not gonna be his best friend forever. I don't want an always think you can rely on and come to his dad with whatever however. Whenever hell yeah but. It's a fun little thing we like to say we're best buddies and we sit in the always says like right. He gives me something of the like it that's what a best buddy does he shares his songs shares as shifts when his dad. Should not be to not let people think that you can have a best friend is someone that you can trust the most who's always there for you at an early age. You meet a race Baja. Makes me sick we have a generation of kids are sick I raised about this the other day the first generation raised on. Participation trophies and will do everything for you and that generation largely is struggling in my opinion. They're struggling and this type of thing is gonna make it worse you know we the people that tipping point of when we've gone too far this is wanna. We've gone too far one on the other side I saw tweet last night from. Scuttle the so and he wrote I think it was something adding it was as simple as Bruins goalie former Bruins go yep injure resident. Scott as those more you know he wrote just like. He wrote Jesus. We can't you can't have a best friend anymore what are we even doing right now makes all the senses I mean like. You can't tell somebody that they have a bit. This is the most post millennial snowflake. Inclusion like it's batted memorably where that audio while ago Justin Trudeau. Matt minister can ask. And he was giving a speech in an auditorium. And someone asked him a question about. Man kept saying its use somebody used the phrase mankind and he stopped them sent out. I actually we use with a distinct people kind. And I wanted to throw myself in front of a train. I think it's kind of the fought by the way to wreck that they even laughed at them I think lifetime yeah we've gone too far you don't need to do we need to find two minutes and asked is there a minute. Somewhere in the show not now targets o'clock your thirty seconds left. We need to play snowflake academy for old time's sake we need to dedicate it to have been to rocket workshop preschool if you are new listener to Marion next. You're one nick and I did a lot of pre produced debts we've got to backed off those little bit recently but lazy and shut up busy. On this is oh classic will play a few little bit later snowflake academy will take us. I can I c'mon. At its radio and if they wanna I you know I don't hear from. I mean out minding your from people that are like he had this is the worst I can't believe how far we've gone wanna hear from somebody. Who thinks this is a good idea may be one that teacher someone involved with that. Ala 679311. May have framing import Studio One a play and on the other side and it's not let's play on the other side stops at unity and animal please stay tuned coming out of this without us and weekend. At WAS. On the street the Afghan whigs or the house of blues tonight the newly. Your son or daughter and more fuel some dish yeah. And deserves a nonjudgmental learning environment with they can discovery education designed specifically for their evolving needs. Why risks sending them to institutions. And may hurt their fragile lead now. Com where preciousness is celebrated with a minimum carbon footprint. Welcome. Has snowflake academy snowflake academy is now accepting applications. I don't wanna like she'll let us form. That's so capitalists. Know reforms necessary. Life doesn't require an application and neither do we don't test well. Tests are inherently racist at snowflake we don't believe in testing either the only thing you'll have to pass it is through our reclaimed wood front door. Here students make themselves in our free range learning co op. The terms student is categorizing me and I find it inflammatory there are no students at snowflake academy. Just learning stroke nine person stars. There are some nondenominational beings of an undetermined gender or denying cultural origins enjoying a snack and our cafeteria and better we organic at. At our organic cafeteria. Begin at our organic begin cafe I have a number of allergies and intolerance is at our organic eating peanut free safe each case we get. Do you come close was certainly slows people. Did you just say god of course not. At snowflake thanks to generous funding from our tuition paying parents we now feature the snowflakes center for napping. The feminist studies library with sixteen bathroom categories. And in our social media lap students can experienced cutting edge curriculum of our new graduate program titled. I'm offended by that post all presented in a natural farm to table biodegradable sustainably sourced to a this sounds like so boring yeah well why not come watch are undefeated debate team. We don't lose because there are no right or wrong answers just our own personal trips our mascot. The snowflake academy of social justice warrior. Leading to cheer you on whatever I just wanna do my own. Of course you do a child the first world anti. Over seven billion people on the we realize you cant spell us without you. Come to where the only structure is our solar powered knowledge absorption hunt. Come to snowflake academy where learning is on your terms. Here's your old pal did see with the weakened this a sports report what I expected today. And WD yeah. He radio dot com map. Is the official new home of WA AF download today. To listen to this gored station anytime anywhere in the world radioed dot com the new home a W area. Nobody. Move who. Hours before it was scheduled to that. We have. Achieved. Release. All. Ruiz who fly released Alia body all the replies be celebrating in that TT have that tonight. Because the 2018. New England Patriots schedule. Is out and about as a matter of fact it's even posted right up there at WA AF dot com. NFL's vote to be real. However packed schedule leaked early there we go out we quiet at all against the taxes are as it is tough when I got to win this week to. At the jags. Rematch of the AFC championship I like about week three at the lions were prime time 8:20 PM lol. We'll visit to Mattie peace out yeah will it be that person's breath hope Brian Hoyer is a good game. We talked about it's going to be a starting quarterback Brian McNeill oh bigger dog food lock it up. Time quarterback for the Tony Tino in the pages going to be Johnny football Johnny man's I'm in giant box throw. Look at. God bonuses that. That's after about how are you ready you ready air might make it then we'll go to a whole new level thank god it's Johnny Foxboro I should take interest. Maybe nothing. Then palm against the dolphins a Thursday nighter against the colts. You're still gonna pay for the flaky here. All the rubble was Brooke relative to adjustments did have turned this down please you actually have to win the game or two before the rivalry. All against the chiefs at the ban is that a Monday Night Football amid. That data had who at the bills by the way that it is to have you got that broadcasting the other who's gonna call the game you. I would love cinema demo we should Peyton Manning turned down Brett five audition this that is much likes and sending of what phone do you pick went marveling. That they've led the pack is that going to be good when he won at the sniffer right there at the titans on 1111. To tea but his hands. And you know what with all the majors they imported that it patriots midsouth that's going to be a bind Bernard and a half offs as quiet week at the jets. Then we get to December you know it's all they always say like you know even a football team now playing real football till after Thanksgiving I got the jets. All against the vikings full article fourth when he finds in the top one. Then of course the free in December at the dolphins. I hate those in my truck that's a loss. At this dealers. Same weekend pre Christmas rematch would at the Steelers kid that can be. Two game think the Steelers again I think the Steelers are going to be found that one community after last year what happened I get a win and beat the crap. Bombing if the bill that they finish up with to halt the big hit that same where's the creativity into this schedule. Palm against the bills at 1 o'clock in the army at the jets exactly like last season now what they do cut and paste the last month. So did they literally played the dolphins the Steelers. The bills in the jets it's like cut and paste and Tony seventeenth season I barely remember so. You're not supposed to advocate for that broadcasted. When weather behaviors that I can remember his time as well enough to do that I was just your raging alcoholism yet. Diana alleges schedule stuff and half dot com tell the truth is I gotta put the active TGF lie and much more tonight the brilliant game fought. Seven in the play in Canada set at the Toronto maple leaf rag got to win this one. Nine they could say I do fits it will be a best of three afterwards and they got two home games you don't wanna go seven. Not when you went up to now than not when you put an absolute hockey Cameron to stop cock pounded on in the first two games. You miss the net is. Pasternak could've easily won that ball hot ball plastic I don't want an on ice in the third period a lot of last game duke ahead his signature you can game. They're goalie and it's in stood on his head his side up down. AB AB selects that. That in half and again a bit tough one tonight Rosie to win this one I'm at a college. Tour a lot. Make it out then come on Saturday let that guide and just let let that gold flow. From the tap line that'll open for breakfast Saturday and go straight through the night I want to see them wrap this one happened five to go get a tonight these. They could do this from I think so wireline good my buzz from the Red Sox being an absolute. Steamroller. Unbelievable do. Dude the opponents of the Sox so file like that single guys stand in front of the tank in Tiananmen square sorry. Protest all you want you just get rolled over that's probably a good reference to make there. For the for the Internet the idea it's gonna right now definite time. Topical reference to right from them and give their life to protest unfair practices and as an anti humanitarian nation and I just. Had the right thing can you hold your phone ping Yahoo! all of the follow what I'm trying to do important. Politically incorrect jokes is. Maybe you need time to fifteen until you know I wanna be in my best midnight magenta out of via my best mood possible tomorrow Sox tonight. Playing the angels of Anaheim and out there on the West Coast five from the best coast. This fifteen into got a one last night I can go to bed like the fifth fitted for these West Coast games now because they just. Destroy these teams went on both based legal 500 the rest of the season and they had to be a playoff team like Westmoreland looks like Babe Ruth. Who was Westmoreland I don't know its maiden name on not even a person okay Mitch Moreland up. Mitch police. The other knows first name that's out. Credible now right now I drove it right brands like okay. No he did that was Rafael that was last night no that was wrapped little Mitch Moreland did not hit a home two grizzly devers. Is it live tonight. He needed some about your boy his growth. Now signed them and I was confused by the lights she AFC with burns wouldn't be doing there. I want the Bruins went tonight so I know they can lock it up and five I can continue and join the Red Sox steamrolled the league. And then get myself set for tomorrow night's 930. Celtics at the box game 3 yeah Eastern Conference quarterfinals NBA style and right now sitting on the can drink it social studies. If pomp and crime so it. Right yup that was good doesn't it you probably like you have but I need Bill Belichick and John Brady began along everything. Don't care if it's. That five. I don't need you guys to share recipes right did you guys to have Tupperware parties who I don't need the two of them you know what. I don't need them to be trigger words best friends. Now. Win football. All wanted to win the football. And finally. Pago is a fun one NEU fans out there the minor league baseball's. The plot Sox will be holding evil empire night. On May fifth that may sixth. Mossad to be holding evil empire weekend McCoy stadium in the attack. Any fans named Joseph Kelly will be admitted for free to that weekend's games. Why any fans who self identify as a silo or Austin. Will be banned from the premises. That's how you get it that's how you do it. We're trending in the right direction right now sports wise in New England you know the rest of the free country and the rest of everyone else. Well that stupid little snowflake academy down there is that you can't college other bedspread that preschool. If only that getting out misty get it together I'm telling you this place to be unstoppable and don't talk about the free and weather again Blake. Maybe snowing outside but it is cold refreshing and sexy in my hat. Kobe's those seeds go Sox neglect yourself that you wickedness is sports. Full release. Actually student ends today and sterling us but depressing that. Someone tweeted welcome to march. Fiftieth almighty god yet haven't and that all day marks there yeah I'll do that alike that we adapt how to and I think OK we month doesn't matter isn't it expanded NHL you have to do is just say say self a number of times and they can just be around you have any idea how many non call that the Jimmy dime of pac man I don't know when we can't get them. I'll let the whole idea of like it's Alan I had people understand him. What is the oh by the way Google likes a lot of don't do that. That they don't let it out by just downloaded Google to wage don't have it you don't have Google play so you found out. A lot of people are texting on the WAF text line which is ninety cent bonus. How can they get their hands on snowflake that. So most people that have been tweeting I've been sending them the link to it but while you gotta do is just Google many innate WA AF. Snowflake academy Italy's worst thing it's an act comes out it's on the WA AF website is now no way to put it like a sweet sweet videos of one of those things the only thing that's thing is that to put an in between video you're only allowed two minutes in snowflake academy's two and a half everywhere we have answer role in this dump it dump material without a lot of thunderbirds in front of congress because. You know. On the two minute Twitter videos to its. Me off I didn't I wasn't aware that you are you regiment and Aaron on the way. I don't know that outlet and it's an overhead on the right now it's time for a while and I giant Dong. I didn't actually come up with a smile actually research and after he tweeted about it speaking of the comedian will noon in front of show who guest cohost of for nick nick was that was me. Now will move in tweed who is apps. Who always this old guy. When the marathon has come across a line knows grabs them and watch them off like ever so I started searching. He does every year he doesn't all the leading runners like this old guy and he grabs on the way tonight one they're trying to wave to be able is right is they don't vote whole war. I'm I'm probably should countenance a photo hall about problems in what was he like Mehmet never like in the playoffs last year. And fox were a member. The pats had like this nine year old dead head who like blocked them out into the field in the kind of like dancing and had a beard down losing enthusiasm and that guy I don't like American equivalent of that dude yeah he is he's jobs obviously to wrangle them to where they need to be be like over does so the second person on July I was taught to them like move the title wave their image from Ethiopia. Like all of didn't get into the. Actually any with John Cook why does every lie about it. You know what. I did an accident. My air neighbors I don't really close. We're gonna get you tickets to see Smashing Pumpkins if you earn. Coming up and we'll read that made him take it game. You're GR means at 620. Get the then president so that states of America. It. It's the winter. That won't end. Or will all. Hey we gotta do weather so what are we play before nick spawned a weather person himself that he is. Nick's mother was a weathermen. Weather person. And there has been a video. Of a weatherman. When the person. And we're checking given most tech support. Ended this weathermen. Went off on his fellow workers for being down on him for reporting the bad news at the weather continues to suck and it's gone viral. Not his fault so as a tribute to you know necked long suffering weather person here on WA mountain we shall play this audio now. Well because he doesn't drag me down you and I love every time I get done with the seven day you guys are like okay. It's in the kids that need to be chipper for five straight hours of this is all. I want you guys SA while that's great news it's going to be sixty on Friday. Well I'm really only do lining up with so many. Every day next time yeah. There's some winners and temperature twenties. Feels like nineteen or feels like. Seven DI don't know here's a sixty I don't know if that's good enough for you guys get excited maybe I'll disappoint you with the seven day here a few minutes. Wow you'll. Look back there dad he was you know spice it was too too much you go ahead and just. Tamp down that SaaS mr. moon here at the weather's Bobby backhand. 5 o'clock hour we all adore forecast especially when they erected by our good friends at Subaru of New England. What a beautiful day outside cold and rainy currently 44 degrees outside. Tonight though the drop down to 38 batting great tomorrow 53 partly sunny with a little bit of in five minutes we're gonna play game and you quizzed tickets.