M&N HOUR 3 - Pizza Showdown pt 2 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th

The Showdon continues in hour 3 of today's show! Find out who has the best pizza in the Norht End with The Hillman Morning Show and Matty and Nick!

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We go Palestinians agreed to seven W dance podcasts are always online and on your schedule Delhi may ask. I'll Matty is there an oak island house of pizza where you can go to our country out on the critics there will signal that the pointing out how in the last ten hours is a granola bar craft services I'm gonna find it looking at all the pictures of Pete's on line about dying out it's really mean there's there's an abundant and overwhelming abundance of pizza and it. Nobody would know LB wearing candidate he ticket pizza. Boston pizza is the national pizza what you want about it. Official pizza chain went ahead and light like America here in Vancouver. When you get downtown you know under the bridge you get. You know they have all the craft Beers they may be great pizza is the you know. It's it's the same terror if Kansas copies America we're just like twenty years later. Yeah well I don't have a warm LB shirt here level at like six displaced. Our heads well I feel bad that you just put on a hundred pounds and if you're getting your ass and yeah its doors. I. Shall we proceeded we got to little song actions dispersed not now. Let's do another government under artists like about it when a winner of the the hosts and you know we're not judges that we didn't what I'm gonna get certain. It hurts. Except maybe. And bring that some pizza and worthless. Yeah. Don't for the effort and a yeah. I would get this worthless or. Yeah I think I'm okay let's get the reviews on flights for pizza smoke where you get what he gets sliced or. Ushers in the heart of prevention don't just stare and it was eight Angeles now. Yeah. And you came at that I regret my straight out of the gate like that was a ten. Minute men. Just how these trees in the oil in the credit in this. Our current account we're going to be smoke. Okay you're gonna donate okay maverick PC and Greg you only get to hang in the count and we've instantly my David. I a gifted. And I don't call that opportunity if you don't have had patriotic and I may have. Okay I have a 99. And what about you Kayla coming. Into this and that's a seven that place or were for flights five are in the let them you know becomes flights five we may have a clubhouse leader halfway prepared and you know I really yesterday and now. You know Greg you mentioned the orange shoes I was drinking earlier I find it strange the only OJ in the building is liked. I don't know airplane that he thought bit of that OJ and this would. Coles fellow. With stitches around you might wanna put an African over your drink. You don't have all the old deal you can't. I'm just kind of pearls and captain makeover. At Disney ruby and I had to be. Theme of this. You know on TV yeah dog yeah I didn't show the road and all the my new team will hit the hall. The whole shuffle yellow I. That. At the road hit the wrong shelf than the opponent. All right iPods but now what do we go edwards' future right now. I tried sized number four it's though this far as I teaser OK yeah nine north and pizza places that are represented in here today. Broad line food pace has challenged in the afternoon which it's great to be here what he got consistent. Miles yeah not too. Lacking a little bit in the savory OK now they've really not sweet enough I don't mind when there's a little fight for dominance between the seat and say okay I've got to six you get to six to be a good six irrespective this vote. I'm not and now. I think Cheney's sauces and. I'm sorry you were born without his guts yeah. I can't let Cummings what you gonna give it. I'm gonna go the six is well you're giving us make all these pizza summit that lacked that there's some kind of hot. Yeah yeah. I don't know what it's. I'm sure we will not ricochet out pretty out Nazis march through a little bit. Sings the landing for that I celebrate your entire catalog and made. But you know you space out long I did my battle and I hope I. I'm Amy Ed and I just got I think the bigger per ride of the fear is that the Chicago. There's nothing we can do now I would go to hell I was a solid six like Nicholas Greg magistrates that kind of first period answer on this one and I do pineapple slice. Room. Then. Yeah it's. Yeah. OK so closely with me about myself and I'd like. A I can't make. And cedar shoe bullet and she got there and I'd sell. It as I. That I. So five or five north analyzes and art north and slices in five north and pizzeria is in and we're trying to figure out where the best slice of pizza in the north and it is it will be back in continuing and get the bottom. AC DC with the money. Knocks off the razors edge one of my favorite out and the soundtrack of my final year in high school here and amp the only state in the really rocks. We are committed to. Oh man show in the afternoon would Matty in nick. Blind taste test challenges of course the north and pizza party. Five slices in yeah approximately five to go Greg Kraft. And I mean this is an age old questions so we talked earlier in we've talked on the show about gold in the North End the rocket round. Beautiful summer night beautiful afternoon Saturday whatever. This is an age old question of where you with buying the very bad slice of pizza in the north and then we started talking about this. On our show without our friend Damian the Pollack he is the official and ambassador Hill Man Morning Show and so he's got ten of the very best. From the north standing here today. And everybody is five slices deep. Daily Al what are you reading right now I'll announce they don't and period but he like the fashion refreshments and now Ali and I like president I don't see some people like kids you know we've all got kids so like they get activity ended up. I'm real nice there. She's right over there might well on the outside in the right toilet prom babies don't bounce. Yeah. Well well well hello Oklahoma hello I'm Bonnie yeah on the last days. I. That Stevens has Saxony. There always is like forty babies about it violent attitude of the. It almost charged with child endangerment. That what he does the world a service he throws 101000 does is into an update every night and I Celeste and again. Portly guys what a classy radio show I I could got a couple slices to go. We're gonna continue to adjust we hear one more okay let's also remind everybody that this portion. Of the hill man in Matty and nick north and pizza challenges brought to you by our good friends at the cold music all. In Worcester if you wanna go see a great show if you want the goats lies in the North End. Rock concert equivalent make your way down to the cold music on western that the cold music call. Dot com and now please resume gentleman with the slices. That's like six was like a regular theater reviews here aunts like it's like that respects it a case like the respect from pizza smoke what do got pizza smoke our listeners judge saying. Seven and one why us. I mean Alex it's a good slice it really is but it. Definitely in Moscow. One place properly. At. Its proportion OK I need Ortiz when he got fish I'm a sucker for that nasal and you had mozzarella quality on solid. That joke. You fix it get pizza. It made eight. I'm we'll other I don't know. I'm gonna give his pizza I ten and I think that now let's that if you're if you know now pizza joke is a standup comedian who only does jokes about these. You have pizza smoke our show I speak to you guys camped out. I usually I don't. Hi Utley. And nine and it I didn't need any additives you know sought temporary chasing guys who went on smoothly and the full of the press you know they cut small. It was great and Kayla coming from the given afraid I'd iron for me now out. 77 yen it's. All right so have to slice number seven okay. And being alleys outside of that let's over there one spot so that of arsenic can pocket time and again Boris won the beat has been limited mental problem now with its. Remained on in and you know. Similar theme that means the news in the home. Apple to not on the coaching and game feel that in the kitchen by the yeah well it again with the apple and then a school and when there's. Rubles about its we'll translate them he can translate that young Mattie and I haven't we have yet you each. She just said check out oak island Kerr spoke on Tuesday night's as I channel sky. They haven't found Jack and Italian. I think. That they outs you what number one rated cable she'll go and we act he slices like seven. You know one more before the break site now book Ari I'm I'm seeing right there I'm seeing Greg now. Lot little mix of the season with a tomatoes and tomatoes are picking up a little bit of that orange color they get a physics and nice like nasal good for the ability to. Nice all the ability in the boys seem to be into that. Let's make way pizza smoke would you please give us your score slice seven I'd say it probably about me. Yeah probably about an eight. Yes excellent that's forfeits the way to tent like I say I'll do it again I'm a sucker for the days login to consolidate again in my face these days off and I also likely to taste the smoke days yeah. I want haven't chart exactly summer made with calls some distant convection. Some with the that would fire which is nice to pizza joke. I rent a pizza jokes from Kabul what's my assembly of my favorite fish. Swedish. I give us I get this that and I hit it unlike my radio show he'll be here Ali. Another ten wow unbelievable. I had an -- shooting his thank goodness he's he's pretty good. Number when give it a seven. I don't know how. And gala gala Jim reminding you. Totally. On DSM and right yeah it got three left OK and then we'll determine once and for all or. About slice of pizza in the north that it is absolutely and if you guys want to leave a generic radio voice mail talk about the pizza party may be put in your own pizza suggestions. Give position out 61777954541. To come back. More pizza party fits you later on sports and so much more Getty. Joseph what you saw what that's slicing chance. That would be making a segue coming out of the rocks on I'd be talking about the fact that the Hill Man Morning Show is joined Matt in nick. Here on WA half for the first ever north and pizza challenge. Greg of course on the show has a blind taste test from now every now and then got them out of the bar pizza challenge the great restaurant bread bowl challenge yes. And now of course would do well north and I don't really did lobster roll on block one who won a lot straw about is the by the out Bart down on the rob arcade we young ladies dance yeah it's yeah now lobster rolls though the cut also factor into our sort of equation here where. Pizza. Good Chinese food Tom Brady games execs that are lobster rolls to no matter how bad you may think they are they're still pretty great there's no action and facts. I mean you saying now say they're that's right and I think how is open is right there. Mary she's got a second dad yeah I'm not I'm married I get pizza a lot more than everything else. Yeah I love you honey yeah at least twice. Yeah actually they're both tested me and says you can't prove it has definitely China net yeah. I'll carry on. So we are seven slices in great yeah we are seven pies in we've got three to go out. And then our judges of course we've got this we've got packaged app we get pizza opened the smoke now now he's let who's doing a free and answer grand video by making his pizza actually tock like it's not a series play out. Wow that maturity level you should listen to many nick in the afternoon and I asked. Back the beverages a flow in the temperatures at least forty degrees hotter in here and you know I'll ask it again incidents I get that extra artists yet it literally the mayflower with pizza yeah I don't wanna I do before we introduce the next wise guys wanna thank everybody from the north and came up. Crown cars. So on all of these guys they take so much pride and they put so much passion and their pizza. And their places and so get there before heard before winter arrives demonstrate the winds do but it's it's a great place to be in the summer pretty can't spell pride without pie that's concerning the north and what I got I say. Like say it was a table art yeah table eating slice it as we speak we're gonna look at some numbers and let's get from pizzas well firstly. It. You're giving it what made me aren't they that's what you've got so. All of football pizza that you would want to watch have while watch them a given day you get that and say okay rights of man this pizza and him all the other EU official my pizza jokes can't beat. Yeah just the number please don't comedy. The number XX IA and gaelic means what you got an eight on holiday I'm consolidate from Kayla on ice are now this is like in the interim I just took a bite of an auxiliary specialties like in the hallway. You know like I just went down it goes pepper oil. Oh those but yeah. Not that it just isn't real problem is hot it's hot guy I don't drop like any time ever spoken and they throw in practically and then. See why you've got to be salons. Yeah you guys want. I sliced them in nine and McKay coming through naked and raiders celebrity judge you have to come. We're gonna come back on all eyes with it's it's. He. That's an X yeah. When there goes the first review Greg and actually almost had to Steen and now she is Jessica. These people won't be able the pizza for another five or six weeks ahead. And the funny thing is she sickening it's cut to half way around the world someone in Syria is seeing the exact same thing right now. And I and somewhere there's someone as sick of having sex and finally got a cast yeah yeah right. I have never bought it and if I out. I got bash. I give this a solid five. I Gonzales thing. And it's six pizza smoked I can't believe I broke up a deal. I know about this one them yet to write on vacation I'd ultimately. Now. Reliance on. You have a blog regularly drive night. And I guess people. But he you know letting the clock. So I give this is seven out Saturday night. I seven Q. That. Is. Mark I think I metals like this is bittersweet I don't. I don't. Meant little. It's. Welcoming welcoming again and again I'm just gonna have to be you know. How can I. Now I suggest an excellent Greg is the final slices passed out yes that great. Boston staked it challenge all and I. This guy stairs and I both know that flow Ramos would tour of the new bridge I don't know their yes. I I hope. I mean I think that's the great thing too that's a great thing everyone and I'm so glad dean in the two came in today and helped engineer is because when it comes to a slice in the north then everyone's got a favorite. There's no losers though really now what staked its US in New England where is your favorite place to sit down. Have a doesn't know there's a new bridge seven gonna say from -- this week we could view it would have wanted to go to the boards either opposite the gardener down and Quincy yeah tips yeah and Maria either forests or it there will do that I. We got to get flight number ten in here. And let's go to pizza smoke is inhaling her final slice of the yeah. Final size the progress probably about the final legitimately looks like she ran from marathon to spark ethnic yeah. I'm what you got. And seven I'm not only did Arnie varieties that I remembered tan. Little sweet with the diesel. And does this loss last week I love it department and I attacked I. That's available like Danielle every inch of these Pete all day had been perfect from the hot Obama. I think it's gonna throw a lot of tough critic yeah. I had a call from my thought they should. A list girl's bat and that's just beat it but you can get a chance at. If I admit that I get there apparently there's no protest march and I'm I'm I'm a student. Why does everyone not get home tonight guys I'm assuming that if necessary can produce that doctors would be one matter I of course. Dutch Amish guys saved my life and she's at that at. A care. He walked out and play. This urgent good. Let get get this in and I I Kayla. Consolidate a solid. Night and ate itself. The closest big thing is has been consumed. And meantime the mathematically. Could it determine the winner and you about a minute as we get. Like and we entitlement thought yeah. Army were to its business this can give you a minute like he did after the whether it's time. Good. Anyways this is way too comfortable the back we can't replicate the back of the Hyundai Elantra and they're just gonna go ahead and and we rolled them elected. Now that you would did you wash. In l.'s footprints of the ugly joke but if you did know I look at it and roll is bigger aircraft on the Sicilian by the steam on you which I loved it there and I smell it every day and I I don't know I don't know I'll. I finally lets players on in the welcome back with the winner OK the players aren't welcome back again. The great north then pizza challenge here I'm Matt in neck with the entirety of the Hill Man Morning Show crow and. I'm about to go live on the Matty and neck in degree impede of course we're live also on W FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. We got everyone here got LB Mike Hsu the hill man himself. Danielle still is grimy. And of course the finest pit CEO Lee and all the north and gentlemen thank you so much yeah. Thank you. Want to thank all of these guys from the north and we're given up an afternoon coming over here Brighton and bringing amazing pizza and it was all bad apple their ominous. Yeah we're all winners and we're off that. I don't know how many five case from the pocket and don't want Friday night Mario my time's going to be twelve minutes live longer than it was going to be an internal loaded I don't know. And did exactly as well as the carbo load the 84 quarter I. And at. So you don't have the results. And I have a quick results yeah yeah I looked at that sort of give a couple quick thanks will be brief just three quick things first what Greg. Thank you for showing us how it's done. Not hosting a mean how to get your producer. It into the Danielle. You know I'd like to thank you were were speaking Italian with him awful. And finally Damien I don't wanna trouble. Yeah yeah. You know trouble. Comment I wanna make sure that all of these guys now that Daniel's the one who's making them yeah. Any issues I don't think they announce it today there we are there's three cars running outside all their crowds why don't so. All right so you took all the scores tabulating all the scores and based on the average. We can go 321 yeah. And again. There is it's it's really knows the golf for the judges offered gala at the poker bracelets it's it was really close by it was very. Very pistol to the sound. So third place that I. Okay eagle Ford and announcements are. See your nation's flag about. And I'm yeah. Larry got now this is getting dramatic what's number 22 place is one of them. All right one eyes itself. This is an. When it comes through our winner. We have the kind we have at our and I kind of earth we think we have a hyper he was kind of birds play okay. Don't know how playing. They've been in in the. It's great support for just. Well I don't know you know we're and it's 22 guys enter one I've leaves we're gonna have to go to it's like don't have a yeah. Wow I thought it's obvious that I got an app that left they're here is how to lead that we follow and Matty plays golf yeah. But yeah I mean unbelievable a man very very possibly very very close yeah you guys thank you so much for being here they're really Gregg did the point totals between. The tie for third and first place. This like honestly as thin as the presumed on this beautiful slice of the I can now is go to the north David you wanna have a great deeds yes go to north then we'll launch out out I. Well. So I wasn't about it but I am. Butler north then Boston from the door that's it will be a group beetle to play. Lifelong resident and then cost little to no good Boston food tour at the nose bleed if via that's Hanover street yeah. You'll be there if you know what's good for him. I strongly suggest you be there absent suggest I think a good thing. We go yet to show Greg. Thank you so much for coming in Dallas on clause that and today the listener response from FaceBook on the tax line we got to do more combinations like this natural cross overs and maybe it'll either be a wing contest to the state to challenge we can do that next let's slot one and for late 2090. He went on to Williams MS episodes offered apparently gonna game back outings thank you for sale at least a little. I place guys. Not it's up well all up at our ports. Well OK here are just tuning in irrigation came in a few minutes ago on your wonder what the hell's going on our. What would the not too many inaccurate may have the only station that really rocks. Our thanks again to everyone that participated from the North End and of course Damien. And I am Greg and Danielle and LB and humanity ever on the came in from the morning show. For the crossover event of the year. The line taste test that north and pizza challenge LB is out making his way through the studio for one last go around. Grabbing key is maybe a slice for the road LB have a good time. Yeah he had borrowed. But what I just save your life. It's an honor that you allow us to invade your space. Our faces never been better there now and and by the way your group is really tight yeah. I don't know. Felonies and what to what we experience in here today Matty can't be replicated. But I actually like to hear. I'd love to hear your take on things why don't we get a recap from outside the studio sort of listener perspective because he had the laid back during that. Let's bring that is a little bit it is what we my only hot flash Matty is revered here student. For a hot flash. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only data flow it's ready and nick will cover it appears you're. On WA AF. This not less attractive arrived at ten mile fun run. Everybody who eats ten slices of pizza on the air and calls it contents. Goes on at ten mile fun run enjoy airs tomorrow morning and you may just see me or the Hillman. Jog in those pounds off today. So many. I'd love to hear what you had the thing that we you know which which your thoughts were about. The pizza party that we had here how how chaotic was that how delicious did it make you wanna get pizza did it make you wanna. Go crazy when we were taken. Well I mean it. 71 of all blast and I don't wanna take umbrage with LB renegade but LB have a reverse the honor is hours everyone knows Hill Man Morning Show as the goat so you guys gracing us in your presence. Saves us and we thank you. It was thanks cared the most is gone. Casey Morris. The most Italian thing I've ever heard it was like. You know if you took goodfellas mixed in some Bronx tale through in dom de Louisiana and Italian buffet it's still somehow. Less Italian than that I just heard there are a little to move a little moonstruck. And and and I I also say pizza joke. Sounds awful familiar to me I noticed I know who Pete is joke is don't on out of it from everywhere but I know it's LaMont price yup. And help kids in the house yeah its a joke speaking of giant. And what are the one and only which had given that we should give him his due yes this is our pal of course married Avery so that is how okay. Court advantage knowing when mr. Abbas himself. Matty we thought because Hillman had. There single core tricky here there was a day should the Cyprus which you know is like a full Hillman listener party. We needed to have somebody represent for us so Russa has been great to us and now we can over the idea of in plain pizza joke. No doubt that analysts that we've told them we nix them producing ability that now exists and I wanted cheesy. Dated jokes that he used to my first joked yeah cheesy thing if it was well I think we have brain that we had to bring out the big punts yeah exactly so. So are so we're gonna be wary going to be an expert will begin at pizza I'm going to be late black and salvage tool is restaurant they pizzeria in the road and opens Friday night and of course Colombian man today if in that Saturday night at the Hilton but next we gotta be invaded and luckily the values and at the last affected dropped for a week I don't know I Hornaday and calling a Colin at if from a yeah doubted that will call and Steve we have an exit and the good sports probably. Dynamite can't give gimme some of that suites were took action Maggie you know we've had a chance to cross over with the snowman before but. Judging by the feedback on FaceBook and there was ownership in the tech's linemen is that one of seven. People were into it and I think that's sort of the sweet spot where you bring. The best of both shows. You know I that we get the food knowledge we got the local expertise Greg's got all the connections. Danielle brings the right amount of sweetened soured sassy. And of course whatever does getting you can dispute LB will look at it was it was fantastic schooled my only critique would be you know that just. I've amend that except for food reveals Yoko promise to create three scenes from nine and a half weeks. And to have end up as a high seems somehow unsatisfying to me is there a way we can take those two pizzas and do something that can we come up with a winner is just gonna be time for a truth be told it will tough man that was it was tough match that was a no loser everybody was a winner kind of deal I'm just super excited that. You said UN for the nine and a half weeks reference and just say. Yoko has made you look differently at sticks of butter ever since you guys played last thing on pairs together some other. You know another tasteful and timely rappers here that in this show and as part of our as part of our tasteless goes back Rick exactly what made the joke. The I didn't get it up made that joke.