M&N Hour 3 - More Bruins Talk! 4-26-18

Thursday, April 26th

The guys talk a little more about the Bruins and Celtics as they continue with their playoff runs!


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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Previously unmet do you mix but Bob came back last night with signature defense and big blocks and a play at the end of the game that was at spring get all oh. He just say hit the lead it would never mind the story about what is your story about it. I'll I don't know about that game I want to acknowledge that but that's how they say it when you found the homeland from the mother country when you hit the deck got it. Okay wow him. If you have missed that. So once again gave several enlisted the reason why Marcus Smart brought that extra stuff that last night the extra deep wells came from. I know I heard his then eleven no picture frame of us telling you that. And now the only two avengers not invited to the infinity war hero. AKA Matty and nick fund WA AF. You've got to be confident you've got these. The Luke warm I spent shell spew forth from my mall that has a right a viable. So basically all I'm saying is unplugging your starfish and let's go beats. We gotta be decisive and got to be confident. And move forward great faith. Ooh that's how you do it you're welcome New England Matty and nick your home of every goal scorer. In this series appeared at one time or another on our battle brewing. Game right here on the show Matty and neck and that pregame speech we gave. In short the game seven victory. You are welcome still get in the garden tingles listened to that I was there really is off all kidding sigh what a great victory for the city for that team. I mean just imagine if they had if they had blown. It would have been miserable. Okay just put yourself in this position and let's say the Celtics. Because did you connect yet how can you gonna be going to jail for anywhere between three and six years and there. While we're gonna feel like or in jail bill Cosby's ballot if the bees get swept up by the light and the Celtics can't lock this up within the Celtics went. Semifinals of the Celtics semifinals. With the Bruins Red Sox are playing well pats draft is tonight. Senator shining. Beers called. And you tee time. Is around the corner. Fitch C. Who's coming in at 520 people to do the sports tweeted something yesterday I thought was very accurate. We tend to forget in this city. Just town not long ago I threw that on Sar of out of your cohort for its new we tend to forget is also luster and not yet mr. Just town not long ago it was that to be Abbas and sports fans was to be carrying across its. It was hard as it was we lost we were the eternal. Optimists and pessimists never winning and now it's like. We get mad if we if we lose. A playoff series that mean we had no business being in the first place we yet we're spoilt. So enjoy it. Enjoy those AFC championship games enjoy this first round if they lose the sec so what it's all gravy right right it's fun. Service they go via alternative. We have Roger about town fair tires for the guaranteed lowest price on tires go to town fair tire because. As we love to say nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Nick it was raining pox last night on the Toronto goal keeper but would be raining. Reigning. In the next. There in two. Who who. It's been raining man and I doubt that this area area. We all your forecast in the 5 o'clock hour special in the brought to you by our good friends at cardinal logistics. Fine man cardinal logistics yet he was well he got involved that'll scandal menacing name that's where. Here's came out the first cup you're stroking away cat we did nothing wrong and then took him capita economic. Out of an altar boy in the Archdiocese of Boston in the seventy's we really think I qualify for veterans benefits of thank you your service you're welcome 66 degree. Is right now from Framingham to Boston ain't that pretty tonight 47 tomorrow possible afternoon showers series do well. Many nick I know that fifty is off out about the Bruins we are saying earlier for just joining us that Josh stolen art Bruins insider. Not Josh Dolan. Informed us that every Bruins who scored. Has been on the show on our feature battle brewing so we take credit for the victory one thing I'm confused by nick though someone texted in. While we're talking about that fact five when Ford said. Fake martian on his radio gold what does he mean by fake martian normal Brad marshals on the show why losing went out when bad Brad Marchand comes and placing eight mean we have we have on the show right. Rule he is look guest on the program. Maybe he'll be coming on soon maybe. Before this week's over plea now please you know what actually out there. No I didn't actually I got two emails from all. From his primary account did you really have which is at which is for at Bruins and then from his personal account and what is it what it ever super busy and earnings. He's. Is strays got a lot stretching. The lot of massages melanoma that. I'm gonna work on them and effort getting American student and with he's yell all the last email ended with the request. Just please leave me alone I have a lot of work to do and a big series coming up there. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this sports report like that repeatedly. That's the sign on WGM. The wicked this escort seaport at 520 every day is brought to you today. By looks auto plots. Route twenty in Auburn. If your credit Sox go to locks locks on applause dot com that's locks auto plus dot com. Marriage day at Boston sports dad's. Celtics they're day bosses what dads. Sox they're they have Boston sports and has the draft and it also tonight. And the validate Saturday positive thoughts dad's. I Dave bought my dad as. This does this then there. That Afghans both sides universe can set it. Up. Somebody get me a bag out ice. A fifth they GA and I smoke my celebrities. She's hits. And a background. Not to mention the I have a new. Detail of Al Gore. And a floor panel from the millennium falcon a lot and well because I feel like I deserve it. Everything. Bring it all to make. That's how you feel. When ya hockey team comes from out of nowhere. And it come from behind much deserved time fly well iron Paul win. Granted it was the first round they should report to but you know what that was like great. Way to do it deeply you don't expect to score off the home crowd just gone after and bananas. The into drag out last night reacted as if they found out they were at the data on Mari. That was something. That's how you respond that's how you represent black and gold. And I don't know if that god has ever been louder. Then last night. Wang fought for acted joking gave up a couple of mr. softy is a couple of totaled the accuse it of you that warrants filed a so I keep reading so I'm not gonna pass judgment right now. Kazuo in my but enunciated hobo with a sports addiction and Tom Brady correction about to have everywhere around town right. Right fought for. They tied up on that wicket slapper from the crew got. You should if there is does Peru and it's all halfway there you know. And that the rookie who know it's not good not than who I heard they took a lot of a lot of guff and Kraft Kraft GAAP whatever you wanna call it the picket. The depressed kid was. Don't awesome. It's. Educated Jack Edwards haven't a school orgasm. You literally had a goal may be right there in the Booth. Are you fed by the way do you like it is again because has dot camera the voice of the NBC sports network is the greatest play by play voice. Period but sometimes I wanna go with the home plate and sometimes like the national call in arming. Edwards is trending towards what happened in Jim Nantz. These sort of like a supplement he ended the game with leaves fall. Gap that was that was a little much so it's contrived. This time. Well aids. All in in. Network that's that's like. Jim Nantz one time Justin Rose one term considering lyrics in the rose. Bette Midler I swear to god and CBS took it down off the Internet there's a Marist and try to make and you try to act like he was just off the off the tough but god. He should have been merited but some say love though they're Missouri and hardly ever is on there were fair but it's a red one I don't act. Do you know. It. I have instinct of speaking of untimely F bombs yeah I wondered I David's waited out last night I was like whatever speech Bruce Cassidy gave the bees between periods two and three. Bottle that up it's David related because that must have been awesome turns out it wasn't coach Cassidy and the Sundance kid who delivered the speech it was big Z. The giant defense and from the looks like he belongs in a Tim Burton film Zdeno. Who gave the speech show. And then one of the Bruins told nested about it afterwards and even included a little bit the they say colorful metaphors. I love it when people on the local cable networks just hang them high and let fly the DF why. Good for them. It's a big moment so they swear what do you David Ortiz was great. The mayor of Los Angeles years ago after the kings won the cup they had a party needs like late autumn to finish at 10 in the morning during the Bud Light and that was a big F and wears like. That's why today. That's my mania a garage and Asian Bruins doozies. Being Ali's. Do you think. The David Ortiz. He's friends with Brad much right. Their bodies right there's. How about those Celtics tonight they can. Bruins ads and we won the first round club. All of us weekly place that would be but I Marty got to be on pins and needles. Saturday when the Bruins take on the lightning in the Eastern Conference Emmys who's there in the caves needle. Right reverend you have enough they were the cookie monster did there it is right. I don't wanna see discuss that and get it done tonight in Milwaukee 8 o'clock. Game six the cellist and wrap it up and I'll tell you what. I need another one of those efforts from Marcus mine and you know this might bomb he's gonna have to show up at like this for. That's right. The one thing they need to do tonight. To make sure he gets in the way of the great streak and all the bucks. Leisure and I. Reason to listen play by play offs is tough all right I listen I'm with a contradict my earlier thing about the positive but I just feel like. I'm scared watch in this section sixers team. Nick fifteen who are just now relax how they gonna run into a buzz let's there's got to represent the Eastern Conference they asked their that is. Is wanna watch a little more basketball left. And then the Bruins might get clobbered by the light in the Celtics might go seven that it. Just annihilated by. Philadelphia as long as it Philadelphia's and when the NBA title that can not handle Philadelphia winning two titles and is now I sense it now Eagles now ideally they're inspired I'm will roll around in that dudes Guidant bottle and then I'll fly to Philadelphia needless crap off the street. If they make it to the finals market down about it. I the majors tonight 2018 FL draft. With a funny they're pick in the NFL draft the New England Patriots will take somebody on defense and then the 31 pick they'll trade out of the first round. And probably the first round next year and then a second round this year. And now have 31 32 round pick tomorrow put it in the books that's how it's gonna shake out. Lot to draft rumors. They can mayfield could he go number one overall is going to be Sam done all probably not Josh Rosen no and a groan of the jets Josh Allen he puts out a couple. Crazy tweets when he's like twelve and now everyone's that is gonna fall out of the first round but god sakes that's why don't you kids tool around on Twitter when they're on our team. Exactly. Man. Going to be awhile draft tonight although it is a shame now what bill Crosby. Beating get a chance to put his mock draft out. I that's the tragedy in this and is truly the tragedy muscles and situations which are not all the victims but rather that he's not giving it chances that your thoughts and prayers are. Speaking of Bill Cosby. The Red Sox did their part to be built because the entry Toronto like ago he invited over for a copy. Of last night. At the ride you said this guide on what have you colonized those golf this guy down tonight the Sox will be back in action against Toronto a city in morning. Damn shame that it tonight for the Red Sox will be somebody. And Toronto of course we'll have somebody else on the mound. So they go NFL draft tonight at 8 o'clock let's go Celtics. V.s back attic on Saturday. And markets might hit today. Thank you fits in now. How that now there's an audio and wouldn't you know and I grunt says he's fine. You wanna hear it yeah I would like OK I. Rocket one of those uninterrupted. We like it used healthy style video you like give you for it's like it's like speaking to the plays Tribune actually people putting words on today's talks relate well yeah we're he sets is an iPhone on like the national congress like gives his first person update. On what he's been up to and his little splash or you know. There's been some real news but I would save way more frayed nerves but. The last two months has been a grind just seeing where I'd been asked you know after the season. After Iran might that playoff run all that type stuff Super Bowl run you Douglas. See where your body's you feel it playing the game zone. So basically just went on he's like you know what I didn't feel great. He's tough loss. He can't acted a little immature about. But he is back and he looks good he got all that stupid dance and out of this is just a little less working in media. Little less torque and a little more action yeah right that's what Elvis and threatening I. Robust and I let yourself what if this is. Oh thank you fifty tomorrow if it see his exclusive twenty minute sit down interview with cookie Ortiz. It's going to be groundbreaking. Men. That of course nick quiet riot you may remember the lead singer Kevin to brow. Course he died in 2007. He was that lead singer every idea ammerman a video like. Curly black perm very eighties term. Michelle Mello a little bit the day. Yoko watches this show called. Hollywood medium. And it's this young kid in me you know if you're under such things she's she's incredible medium. If it's real he's incredible it's fake he doesn't know of making. Whatever you believe but he is really an amazing at it and he reads like swell. Some C and and some of our guide your partner program moderately well but he did a reading Alice as is passing by in your I was watching it in this kid's doing the reading. Any Africa which celebrity he was talking to somebody. And guess who comes through in the reading. But Kevin to brow the deceased lead singer of quiet right how in the blank and the kid goes did you have someone who's in and team owner singer. And the guy starts you don't get emotional music yeah is that my whatever was to him I can't remember a brother in law our cousin. Was the lead singer in the and rock band he was what he can build annoyance. I would work about eight dollars a piece of mockery Matty. All right but it's your target job well I'd like Hitler like you're learning Austin oddly though you know. Understandable because on mental health will now that my dad. I can do that's going to be respectful. As tragic. A now where was everyone so surprised. That he made spiritual contact with him that there was a quiet her. None had moved to another Hollywood media. You believe that's a what are his girlfriend thinks that I thought Hollywood medium is an East Coast small. You actually sound like. Andrea for real now he's a young chipped coffee from a cachaca populists of the day. Paranormal state chair now that comes at odds in this room oh yea yeah that guy he's a young version of by the entity mean for months ago we talked about that yeah. I thought I believe it or not chick obviously agree I am chipped county. I've watched Long Island median before yes she's literally made the company that I did the discovery show yes they made that show and made them. She's saying she's super good. It was his brother he has. Playing with a ouija board. Probably. That's a different topic he looks totally let one of the guys like one of the like the unique clerics from like game and thrown. You know I'm DeVon like advises. We needed negligence characters' heads out of the sent yours comes is lighten from them that happen and hear a lot of room. 061. Seven says it was his brother. This this quiet right here Kevin to brow was the brother of the doctor on the TV show botched that's right it writer's brother. And he came through so we still rocket up and haven't. Any sent him love and everything in peace and flowers are they do that I met he while. A Mehdi. Yeah negative text by. Showed up all we have got to native Texan while it's still it's been awhile actually who in the 781. Writes that they wanted to share sent them with a to wrap up this wonderful 5 o'clock hour on a sunny Thursday here in Boston. You guys a tyrant. Parable of Templeton proved that sold during your. Waited seven well has never able I don't know don't 171 there Chicago for but it. I was on the 6 o'clock our. Sales naked GR me. 617779545. Full. Are going to see these guys the better way real soon.