M&N Hour 3 Kerry Byrne 3/16/18

Friday, March 16th

In the third hour of the St. Patrick's Day party, Kerry Byrne of The Boston Globe stops by with some delicious Irish food. We also find out that Nick's mom was a weather woman! He probably should've kept that to himself...


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com. Sabathia nick WA AF FM and a steel analyst robots at WEEI HD two Lawrence WW BX HD sue in Boston. Hang out comedian at a parade and he is seeing him maybe to do this now are that. I gave way money out of sang on one side. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to win your share of 300000. Dollar. All right take the code word dollar. DO LL AR. Day late dollar short to seven to anyone an average at two and 1000 dollars less the data rates apply technical word dollar. The seven do anyone right now you're next code word to be announced Monday. At 6 AM good luck. The thousand dollar dollar a WA half. Hanging out with the great Adam ray Adam you'd teased before we stop for like twenty minutes oh he left time. Let's christened the listed companies to press. Start whiskey blackout villain. I've looked just like I just got confused reasoning like that tomorrow. It will remind everyone is just joining us we have a whole new audience here in the 5 o'clock that Telemar do whiskey. It's available everywhere mail everywhere if it's not Jane then okay I am bill Hogan being governor of Delaware. They have a beautiful Boston Red Sox addition Irish whiskey. Collector's edition 2008 team. Limited now but it will be available wider release filled soon leading up to opening day out correct assume you (%expletive) You should title of flavor called the Wade Boggs addition lol is that guys lose. Probably what are we sexy loser in Sox history yeah I used to drink out what was obvious lightly caseload size is history yet your. Yeah he you know when the first when the first real celebrities have met wolf the first liver and that was Steve pool the local Seattle weatherman when I was ten to filter to the aquarium. And seeing him. And he just like look like Lionel Richie light like justice of real clean black hair cut like thin mustache lot of swagger. And an animal walking into my house like. Steve wasn't a big fan argument that agent knew an elitist like it's the celebrities ads make them feel good like that you know exited the way I was not a big fan like I thought I can look at a picture with some wearing sunglasses and realized oh don't Wear a coat today you know. I really need you pool but so I see him and I'm like. I'm a big man and never he looks at me takes got a head shot signs against me goes I'm a big fan you. And like in the love it oak mobile welcome back Mike. Kind of creepy dude like big fan of me like I am a fan of the way Euro backe didn't get picked classic bond resistant you know. But so that I. Then I. Who's it was a slim restore those about the though will we talk about Wade Boggs played off his game I can chase Wade Boggs on to the team bus. After a mayors in the Kingdome. And on like because he was like follow me he had like he took my ball and was signing it but he just kept walking. News I just a closed Tuesday closely kept falling and they want on the team was no way and then he sits down and also on the stand on the bus on his players looking me on my. On the giveaway about it. Yes my ball and there out of that way and his. The halls of the ball and he's like drinking a beer. And then he like he hates me his beard too while he's X and the ball. And and I'm look and usually Gannett as it sounds like I'm twelve man. You have to hear about it enough of it and blogs is such an alcoholic so called and like you know I'm missed opportunity because like. You can you know to Dreamweaver Boggs you know the well gone on the road. Team and we thought about actually doing the Wade Boggs challenge we're going what is what we're gonna do is we're gonna erect position a 747. We're gonna live from Boston to LAM we're a stop in Kansas City. Just like he did in the famous story in the late eighties. Where he drank sixty Miller Light. Sixty Miller Lite the only man to ever come close. To ever drinking like Andre the Giant I was sick. I would like giants that was housed more than five minutes. He drank how many. 20708. Under the Johnny Miller Lite is this photo evidence in the social media it's like if it's not pose an accident that I have on his body what blizzard didn't happen yet Newark who didn't want to zoom in find out I'm out lied yes and I also would like to interview Boggs like. OJ style and be like what really happened political thing I'll be a hit and if you're talking about before the break. Before we stop like twenty minutes you're talking that you hung with I think this is a great story you hung with Dave Grohl. Yet man and look like I know it's like a super name dropping story but it's like. Gee you know big fan of trek there's extra layers of being tied to like you know Nevada growing up in Seattle it during that time and and so yes or heat we're out there almost there was chosen that divide and and we are a couple days off from Melbourne and we saw that there are going to be there would Weezer is Oracle's go to the show. And Adam knew the stage manager 'cause are out there to a manager is supposed to measure for public donate to an avid music video for them. And so he got a backstage and when watching the show from side stage in the we go back after winning an hour and then we're like you'll we have or shall Melbourne tomorrow if you guys and they often they did before that with New Zealand so. Iraq will come and we have to they would they did and we hung out before the show and after and and just talked like. Comedy music can you tell these about a stories I want a particular. That I try to re hash is like he says Kirk Cobain or one show. Liked you know maybe like a year and them be together and just a crowd a little thing you downtown Seattle and somebody throws like a timing issue of the current command at one point during the show he stops mid song. And takes issue and and will says thing out and start in this year. And then and moan kind of goes nuts and anything else that's another choice words wherever he goes back into the song. And then and then at the end of the show. They count people kind of so clear about this this kind of the old girl while at the data was that the gave few in my if you. Hello I am much spin on somebody threw it on his days oh. Lewd you. Though he did trickle down but he again accurate. I think you know all of us in this life wanna get to that it's located paean issue phase of our. That's what I wanna get on the Bosnia you medium and yet you the right doses there is this guy the reverend Horton heat. This musician he's playing his place in Boston Allentown I was there and it's in a to do this one of the coolest thing I've ever seen the gods this room is packed. Analysts and Danson and these guys constant trouble they start the fight in court you sing and he's looking at that unity can seasonal Watson's got a custom and also the guy takes is likely to concede yet he rose up on stage the bounces are going to look afar and he court heats. In the middle thing Nazis. It takes a big drag the cigarette. Because it's that cat right there he likes it but we'll go flying across and hit the it's that cat right there need milk with a blood like drop and they and all about it when grounder and brought miles. Cause yeah sound that's grounds the bounce here and and when I was at. 1944. Yeah BS. He's not only its policy in the Highlander a ultimate you have you can only kill Matty by the hating. I excel you're the Seattle fan your from the Pacific northwest I favored at least favorite thing sorry obviously enjoy everything apologies for a couple of years ago have been groups are you glad to see what mattered what movies I amount. Nothing just an analyst Obama parents' divorce next and Jesus Christ. When it is more salt than a pound rotunda yet that was a terrible day. Also as well as you've heard of Mars the outlay here I don't play. Yeah. What about your mom walking in on you for the first time when your you know. Mass he's. Taking care and I yourself all of them yeah I'm being careful right as you don't one. I wasn't doing that. No I'm not doing this was originally oh yeah another question I was are all right that's why I know markets are what about what's. Good whiskey for like when you've got to like your you viewfinder eighth grade go from a FaceBook who dumped you for your best friend. But then you find out him later years later you find on FaceBook and now she's. Real fat with a good and you wanna celebrate because you're like that's what you get that's karma when what to do. When it was either like swallow. So. Yeah celebrating not. You still that solid job sheet dodging yeah that she would do that she got. It's actually part of an outgrowth almost due to got us on what about if your bagging groceries at Albertson's in 1998 and you see decayed wood Down syndrome dropped three drug jars of pickles consecutively. You don't need to help him clean it up and and that you guys celebrate because you like young men at one has a bad day. You know. I gaining anything get hands on apple yeah for sure I remember watching that ABC special measures to tackle you have this is after schools back from just alone and come Minnesota that of the other stories about seven minutes long but it is amplified those days welcome that ran into indicated twenty years later. Oh really I was against your FedEx or a front hilarious. I'll say your name I don't care if at a ring EU are phenomenal makes me and tonight at 8 o'clock. Saturday eight and 1015 I laughed Boston laughed boston.com we call 61772. Laps to go see this guy thank you so much rather pleasantly and yeah its 515 you're gonna you have shows ready at 8 AM it's all right so. Thank you rock and roll of the Israeli media success and your Mac and doesn't come back anytime and we'll do the whole thing I'd love to I'd rather have her tank correct. I. Whose dad. Lou. Moving up. I don't know if deducting mortgage the house of blues boss you know the deal. Sunday march 18 it's WAS drop kick that is b.s have a caller right now 6179311. AAF seven collar 6179311. A have good luck. Should WAS. On the street. 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Doing the MVP. There's more reliant medical group Dunbar. Now back to more from radios equivalent to the island of misfit toys it's in the biggest bag over the head. Punch in the face ever got. Spoiler alert our noses are red from the goal. It's Mehdi admits on WAF. Makes a noise debonair. Okay. OK okay. Got seven people. At the met in knicks saint patty's day party that it's become man. Well party yes I worked my tin whistle. And how we do we do keynesian 520. We do your GR v.s GF wives at 620. To get those then now 617779. 5454. And leave your message. You can be part of the party if you call 617779545. More. But now here's bears went from Boston. With got a lot out of nine. Here's your old pal did see with the wicked this a sports record like it completely. And stuff. On WD. Yeah definitely. I know Barbara I'm doing our table I gotta we got a roomful of dudes. Yeah severe food violin that was the worst eighties rock rock band I have used to listen to people who do roomful Laguna. That legacy of life they Rhode bullet dudes why you've really reached the top BA career. You've got. Nine guys that he had zero chicks who planned this. The mass that is literally a ton of dudes in the third practice a few thousand guys cars they've that is their party. Men I was sorry isn't doesn't it's all right. Hey Chris Rose tell what do guy yes when you realize you're surrounded by literally a ton of dudes with the perfect was needed to write a column won't do. I. Would. How much do you for one of those red runs task. Yeah exactly you become rob Kass. What I look at this room look at it if this isn't that mount Rushmore of famous busted drugs we got many Blake. Ronnie loved blank at a course called rod football facts themselves Kerry Byrne in the house Larry Bird just arrived not only that the food fight guys we're. People at home don't realize every minute here has it spins him around I think that's a lot of chocolate or burn out there writer for the Harold. And I he's gonna regale us for the Irish facts after it is over the sports just quit breaking news fifty. And Chris I think you wanna know this on the WA AF text line 9717. Just when one you guys know in the 978. Just went out bottle bottle of Telemar duke thanks to year end. Yeah I come back Monday. If you keep give me that thousand yard stare over the last an era as it. Ged or you can they pull my pants up actually if you give me a favor. There we go for broke back it's the Irish there. I've diver a lot of Croats all week long we've been talking about who's coming who's gone from the Foxborough was it. Now finally. We out of deceit. Dion Lewis yesterday do his little press conference where it is testing outfit from 1987 that blossomed like you got your money rather start talking about the hall like I'll finally someone to believe in me. Well so Ari Dion Lewis that Bill Belichick not believe they knew when he pulled job the scrappy from Cleveland when you basically I'm the league for two years so I knew that a deal. What you've blown your ACL like you know lowering on the shuttle's seven games into the season and sign it to another two year deal. And basically make you famous enough as good as you were last season. To get that huge deal from the titans. So I don't disrespect you do the way that we all rooted for anybody I'm not angry but it's just a little weird when people get let be like that out of box for them then of course you know. Malcolm Butler said of course he was sick and he probably could have done a better job yes you know they did they went and found DeVon according to win rather. But nine million dollars less the seasons that's fine but I'm a little put off but that's all they sold their routine. Who said his little press job Marines now quote the money was somewhat equal between three teams. It drifted. And I know his wife is from Weston Connecticut did not wait used to live. Yeah Connecticut in my house and eastern Connecticut on his father sold its oil I got around he said it was a tough decision there with three really good teams. The money was all somewhat equal to just came down to where my Fam it was going to be the most comfortable. How sorry we are not comfortable way you want to three out of four super balls and six breaking consecutive AFC championship anything else you do Victoria. Some of these. Sorry about that. Sorry about that sorry we're awesome every year now so are you had a chance to be remembered every year. Sorry you don't get to be they human turnstile that lets Eli Manning get. Reagan Saturday morning. Bread buttered corn cake muffin flattened viewed. Jazz map. Right. Sunshine on your soul their seal later. Doesn't make me happy without socks she's right with seven. Well then why not make it destroyed in the streets and if so let the door in the way obviously I gotta I gotta mug full of widow maker. Donut shop puppies doubt in my hand shot out to Braintree they can make there on the social addict can I tell you what two big other guys that left the patriots in the so obviously sold it took his money diva took his money. Butler took his money. I still think every time you say it that way know it sounds a little weird right. Like giving him to lose their departure for the patriots well like Aaron Hernandez did. It's in the holy Christ with a side of Fries Q what is wrong with him. Am you know actually kind of took a trip with interest pretty tough. He told everyone that they hung around for that jokes that. So what are my whiskey hole that's all news to me. We report what is the widest. Malcolm but actually was gracious finalized Dion Lewis was of course all that was too. We dissolve it will solve because that's what we do and link them however if you think for 12 that Danny Amendola. Did not take. An offer that was triple whatever the patriots could have handed out. Just listen to this. We'll call it today and awkward patriots audio. Yesterday had played you Robert Crabtree and Danny shelter in the giant Samoan man on the general. So Simone Wilfork is gonna anchor the at Miami Dolphins sponsored pump up video. Introducing his signing. What's up golf advance Danny Amendola. Really happy to be here very happy to get to work in into. You know play hard for you guys so. Really happy and let's go. Wow. This is my money. Where I get these guys need a weird thing was actors vote to blink twice if the area hostage if I always had quite a bit about it I can get that kind of been through via I've really sounded like hey guys -- this video I've. Weird thing he was plowing down in front of a lagging the patriots. We shot on VHS in at like twelve flashing in the corner I just makes sense off and again. I noticed the whole weird thing the struggle the power struggle back and forth like. The Brady the ballot jacket and how does everyone else is he making them feel this way and why is everyone runaways just so they can make money that's all night we root for geography. We wrote the laundry. They root for the vengeance and I am completely fund that. And that's why am also totally fun of the fact that Johnson data mostly. Who is prick face breaking gave him where to review the history as a team audio. Left town and went and signed the six point 25 million dollars with the Houston Texans so we can. Where I bet pretty sure exactly what else the net a lot. In the third quarter that you asked cloud right. Do you really feel about it that's out. Also pharmacy arts and Eagles offensive tackle Matt Tobin has visited the patriots today per source. Delmon broke on the back from the saints is also visited town how awesome would it needed to have a guy's last name is Breaux plan the saints perfect. Right telling us. Yet complain for the patsy could possibly can follow solidify awesome fortify the secondary for a pilots say the Red Sox that planned the twins tonight. I don't think definitely not a planes like I don't think yeah well if it maybe it throughout their Google between Cynthia at. Good afternoon with isn't it that the team the Minnesota play and I don't think though but he sure Google my ever I don't should cooler motor builder and I. Good old boy. Not that pat actor nod to that bitter. The Bruins lost last night created up into the Florida can't as the Celtics will be playing the magic tonight. It Aaland oh and a budget team's data but other teams and March Madness basketball today. That's how I got. There's a wicket this is sports gist of the Telemar dude the widow maker of Beers. And everyone who decided to come partake in today's festivities. Slot JU hump faces NG FY. Coming up again it's 61 a year GF lies get those in now may be able saint patty's day message for us 6177795454. And now we will play a little gamble Irish themed game. The World Cup finals tickets volume cash balance. Back here next we're. Joined by her. W. Maybe. We've only station that really you rocks. Sears inflammation and another W. That's nothing. Insider presents smackdown. He stunning news yeah. Missions can. So she US champion. Box office and Ticketmaster. Scary marches here and you know what that means time to get lucky in love. It's where else can you go to get payments lower than your cellphone bill and spin the prize wheel to wind up to a new flat screen TV but only much I don't want to not ever though experience the difference like I did when I got my view there if you have any type of encounter in your approved. Yeah did you watch it. 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After this fund WA eight yes you heard me talk about my friends ever buys energy but have you Paul let me ask. Please tell me you've set up here no cost mass save home energy assessment why are you still waiting. Homeowners in Massachusetts may be eligible to save money and energy I receiving LEV light bulbs energy saving power strips and 75% off insulation. Don't sit on that anymore Paul revise that 88858. Or sign up or revise energy dot com on the restrictions apply and officers have to change or cancellation. Visit message dot com slash PGA for full details. And now the radio show that makes Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea seed. Normal that gave me the atmosphere of sitting in an Alley drinking after I just got fire that he had mixed under WBA yes. Matty and nick there's segment. Is sponsored by a Boston. This town fair tire world of we'll show it's back. This march 23 the 25. At the seaport World Trade Center. See original movie casts. When I say it that's a clip from the new movie Chappaquiddick. I can't wait yeah. Didn't. Yes I don't. While you really. Bridged the gap. See original movie cars in the field of view this. And Ottawa hunt where embassy where the she does it say like please mention its political alcoholic at the death. Awesome how drugs such a motorcycle SeaWorld the wheels dot com for more information. Like to welcome the studio Kerry Byrne. And I'm not carry her daddy's fast food writer of the Boston Herald. Began his career reading one of the nation's first newspaper beer columns so of course we love him also writes for Sports Illustrated dot com. Cold hard football facts dot com. He is a knowledgeable of sports beer food and Boston and everything and hard core I felt sure of Irish guy. Yeah like with the Stevens over that's right so Kerry like you Euro one of the guys it really fits into like the profile not only just being here in the early you know warmer yet it's. A of they are not only be in a part of the show but also listened to Asia does. You do a little bit everything you you write your bond Levon. You do PR he represented different towns like you you'd we just talked doubly so you'd just recently in your PR business took on my hometown. As part of your what you know you know what you are talking about it I actually thought the mirror Braintree today and it the kind of an Irish dinner in Quincy but. Five I you know I've worked with different chef school shelves and restaurants. Community right now frequent when my client talking to break 200 some cool stuff we're actually talking about doing a six feet. Beer for the town of Braintree below. Well money I make a hurry they actually had I don't know yeah. What do you think may have his own beer guy at the 28 team football season a wicked pissed of pills that it's opening act could be it could be that they are now works. But let's look you know I do a lot of cool stuff that I've been lucky that you know I grew up working life getting Quincy got somehow like market with a plumber. Jerry if somehow I and a travel the world right about food drink and do this to do that covered simple ball from the NFL for that event. Pretty lucky possibly a brilliant and a nice and true that it Matty is that the whole goal like obviously like we comfort you know might my mom now and it was a well as secretary and whether the weather ruined my dad was a salesman at dinner theater producer and you know I've got a chance to travel the country do this stuff. Your parents both were contract killers the back. Back up for sale agreement as a whether. You never know. Yeah I would have to I don't know what I Ferrari don't believe you know being happy in my yeah. I am archives are hell she. Buried in the Stephen Stanley archives. I had. I have eight millimeter footage when my mom needs 26. Was smooth. That she really historic. It though you're Montana. Sorry I'm. She was the fill in weather. Weather person she was your big blue's key long before there was no way does that weigh on second. Schlegel and you years later all these centuries later. You are forced into doing well there are average out all my. I'm gonna happen all the time yeah I know I. The singularity. Seed and isn't the statement. About it robot up. Rising I says there's not enough of ten guys in here. Total thought that might happen champions dinner on their ankles and nick could talk about how part of mommy and this is a real bad for the worst radio episode yet exactly about have you Jacque we're kind of monetary not yeah. By the way. Hey Chris Rose from Telemar do what's best whiskey to drink when you have an ample episode about your mom being a weather person county in the sixties. Let me think about this. Follow law don't Harvick it's not about to run my Amundson acts of us like they get back Chris. Chris we received the text earlier that people are actually going out and buying Telemar do because of your appearance here today so congratulations and you say you have a text to a from somebody actually got a text Marie. Careless so this is really worked dolphin meat. He's made a commitment he has forced or Aziz. Made a commitment to 100 cases 25 each door cool. Yes that's how quickly did this just kept breaking news this of of the program at the OK so let me just let me explain his neck so he's come in. Mostly to promote this Boston Red Sox edition limited edition. Beautiful bottle. Two dozen making collected just in Red Sox tell more do you. Triple distilled Irish whiskey. And you're saying and it was hard to get because it's the special promotions that it's an alligator item where and disguised by how many 100. And so there's a hundred of these things float around whereabouts right people can you say well yeah where the guys. It's Yankee spirits. Location blind spot. Locations in addled borrow seek com. I feel like dad comedian. Hot by the Pawtucket line goal and I I feel like the comedian was mocking the Boston accent. Indy that's all Boston. Will be Meachem hobbled and anyway I have no idea it's gonna add. Yeah I set I'm not a profound Seth Meyers yes. Bill right there. I didn't anyway. Okay you spared he's mega actor great activist subject Kerry love it. How fun has it been to see that like twenty years like 25 years ago they'd like we you know we grow from this area yeah. Boston didn't have a reputation as being like a culinary hot spot like Boston was not a dining destination we didn't have. Marreese nobody made the around here this wasn't a fancy pants on and now. Boston you know I don't Portland in Portland Maine is what is causing him to all the way for his actions I like the whole South Shore. There's like 25 breweries within a ten minute thirteen minute drive and it's a dining destination we write a whole work Chadwick kids with deleting at least my age still leading wonder why rated TV dinners and kids don't eat that stuff anymore. Did property IP it's stout Finn. Object and right now that's you know Tony Irish ill from barrel both the you're taken wagered that did that it dumped I don't have this Dunkin' Donuts flavored stout from widow maker you know the late. Don't hold worlds different do this so much food but that's what's cool stuff and by the way the slow shore. If he center a virus culture in America but it's done Boston and the political stuff going on all around that region right now so that sounds like something we should tees many. Absolutely I'm gonna talk about some of those awesome things here in the pre same battered state party with Kerry Byrne also. I'm an acute you'd Colin just a few minutes don't go anywhere you every chance to win tickets to a great event and a little Irish themed game next.