M&N Hour 3 - Good Will Hunting Goes Fast Food 8-2-18

Thursday, August 2nd

The guys talk about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's new movie and Fitzy brings you the sports!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. On your schedule and WA AF. Paid us rich sounds and. The Mac I salute you listening to Matty and on W these Barnett can only four. And it's kind of this towel on the dressing room Sherman. Afternoon everybody it. Picture all thousand that in that back together again. It is a throwback Thursday. We are brought to my town fair tire. And remember if. You need tires town fair tire has the largest selection of tires at the guaranteed lowest price everybody. And oh man so much to do so little time to do it we have been if you're just joining us I just went on. One our rent or different topics which will be posted. On FaceBook and everywhere that you listen to us on line if you missed it. Moving forward we got its sports. If you have a ranch or give an opinion based on the ranch that I did with nick earlier you can leave whatever is on your mind get off your chest. It's your own personal red line if you would like it to be 617. 7795454. Tomorrow we'll be at castle island Norwood. Broadcasting live your chance to wit possible meet and greet with rob. And Maryland I'm. We also today in Pakistan. Have a chance to win tickets. See Breaking Benjamin and five finger death watch Saturday August 18 because Evan has come out of the closet. They're deliver. Richest prized guy Evan is about a closet with this unbelievable prize it's great every time he walks into the studio is like prize. Is that I'm here I've got prizes get used to me all right man. Right so be listening. Later this hour perhaps the top of the sixth will play game for these tickets next what nick what you should we play. Never. Z seven it won a code word was cart. Pat. See what games should we play today editing a great question it's five finger death punch maybe things having to do with punching. We can do random made ticket game are feasting our fifth fist I mean this fists. Lists. And punching. More calm. The scheme making that thing is to do with breaking things has Breaking Benjamin. About Davis Benjamin's. Our all we'll call the game all about the Benjamin's done. Enemy of ticket game all about the Benjamin's coming up but later this hour wraps up the sixtieth Emmy like 5:56 o'clock. Which have direct questions on what to do at 65 by ourselves a more. The equity. At WE. All right. Well you sports are ready. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report player of the digital sales jobs. On WI AEA yeah. And yes there's a line delicious wicket at this point to point served the hot off the grill by go Lamo as the market. And if you noticed but it's still summer outside and that means it's grilling season ahead on all gonna go on those and pick up some villages Kjell bossa. Says a lot Swanee plus varieties. Dude Selanne knows 43 male very street in Worcester. Will be nice tomorrow to live broadcast down there at the castle island. Of course I have found out I did I get a little recon mission it. Sipped a couple sides justice the outgoing and I can have a food tracked down and about some of the luster alive subs decides if you live in a letter yes artist if you live in Worcester. And you come and see us at castle island why if you stop and go limos bring us some meat. And what we it. On and give them and hope for if anyone brings me first person to bring us a bag of me who or most of that would be huge to something that we can. Eat that you know just about sop up some of the sound at all meets some nibble Meeks. First person to finger feed me now thinking me first person to give me. Meet some limos. You're gonna get. And oak island key chain. And a refrigerator magnets more. Here's your bed of me. So where's the incentive Don everyone rushed. Went out and a shout out in new shout out live from the event that houses have to do decide to play in the end I'm sorry go ahead. Now nobody really wants him. Hard to follow about to meet its. I could take that's only if it's. And I big boy game series tonight. First let's not necessarily on the line but at the same time you know what's up Sox five and a half games up two months to go. No Chris Sale this weekend but so was there no sale no problem come Monday. Who buddy and in that free. Hot my cat and mouse he tonight that is going to be a rough one out there god watches all. Cannot boy in the NFC and seventy sixes to man defense. CC sabathia cream gone sabathia against AC/DC former frontman Brian Johnson. So off their own lefty vs softer on lefty. In 41 career starts against the Sox sabathia is eighteen at thirteen with a 412 ERA but the last time you faced the Sox he allowed just one run in seven frames. A daylight. Sabathia for some reason is one of those guys that is just had the Sox now on the the last couple is like the sock free throws the Betty gets into stocks I have no idea why. Only a couple of guys in over 300 against them might decide to have gone by GO that averages so. Brian Johnson you gonna have to take on the line item tonight body not going to be easy is going to be a tough series because the Sox you know. Data that played is that that you take. He takes sail away from them it's like it's not the wind and now I'm not gonna do it now with that it wouldn't. The agony when I can't watch CC sabathia gains because I'm still overwhelmed distracted by his hat. I just went straight in the hat off and curb the rental that it wears an all flat brimmed to the side taught me crazy. Chelsea's dial. All about the that correctly I don't want people to see the problem. Themselves. Patriots most are written there receiving corps after the Jordan met these man was cut yesterday with a as badly injured hamstring. Reagan and Eric Decker yeah that's right. DEC KE EI costs. Jacare. Can not wait you know add Eric Decker does a lot of things to the patriots have won. Mcdaniels drafted him in Denver. So mcdaniels knows and he's played through Josh you Mickey reform to this familiarity right there too he knows the patriots played against them at some of his biggest and best games against him. He's actually the launch of former patriots cornerback Malcolm but less so now cited him they'll always gave them that always owned volleys like the one receivable always own Butler which means. On November 11. That the titans in Nashville. Bet you we know whose speed. He's got to get Brady's veteran trust he immediately. Adds back the handsome that we lost would dole going to Miami so once again the patriots had the handsome as receiving corps and into the team in football. Plus his wife is this not even just not she's a super smoke. Will Jesse James decade have you ever seen a picture of going to operate what it take time Burress who looked to links between the and yeah. I thought word again then Jesse James decorative icing. Shouldn't look right. There that it no jokes on. That and I know joked that a smoke look at I mean she's gorgeous. Oh and by the way you know which he talks about what she brags on snap Chad about what a giant Don Decker has. Really I'm not kidding Google right now first Google links that do Jesse James deck there. Now what can you get a chick like that this is the dream right just like a party drugs is like countries die or something so behind. She eats a real person food she love the fact that her husband plays football and has a huge wind. Eight no seriously he says don't say it like that will look at that read this if they go sprints right there touchdown big Don Decker he gets a wife that. She writes well crafted tweets about the size of his dog I get a chick who write it leaves me angry voice mails about not. Doing finger on the house making lives via kid she used gaming and it's really no way yeah. I'm sick and your local public to Dong tweets from you. Don't say that brought me. Please. I'll pay you. Double use wrong for us to the screens is very an oak island that you know to me it. Think about that too against several now several excited yeah Eric Decker thinks I've had several excited throbbing members of the page it's been. Did you want to know what a dude I don't want to receiver would like get. I got it you know cocktail waiter company I want a big dog had to cut it out show that kind of confidence earned Brady did the circle of trust and she evident all about the deal this week and submit a report in that this treatment. Is the perfect site is the perfect signing for the patriots is exactly what they needed that is a 64 freight train without its heavy stick. That's exactly. What they say when. Decker breaks react to great look he's he's not over the hill yet yet been signed yet is the perfect night she tweeted out like the hands up she's psyched about it. He crossed the goal line of five you caught behind the plate he can catch a ball that that minority be at the goal line cost. What can have a white a tweet about your Dong. Why these guys he's good looking athletically talented yup it Brady's gonna white who whose gorgeous and sing the songs and basically. It's my watch on the earth for him right this guy's got a wife texting about his dog I don't. Man I can't hit normal underwear much one student and we're gonna put this yeah that's what Eric Decker said earlier today about one of his underpants endorsements go. Take out tax angry take out tax it hit that little did I did that make dinner. US beef up and I don't care. Touchdown big Don Decker. Now that new Tom Brady book that's coming out. Is that twelve. The story of raised redemption to placate whenever. A passage was released today. That said. Brady. Was told by Goodell he would have been let off with only a million dollar fine. The condition. He had to throw the Rosen Cranston guild and stern. Deflate gate McNally industry and ski under the bus. And according to the book Brady said taking conditions. And shot them commissioner love that that's right. Or is the quote from the book. There's no way am I gonna ruin these guys for something I believe they didn't do Brady is said to have told to Mars Smith executive director of the NFL PA. And the entire time. That. Big dog have a commissioner. Ginger it make me whistle down there at 345 pock gab with his fancy little main house. Roger good Hal. Kept complaining about all we have to restore the integrity of the game on trying to work on the address the integrity widows the integrity throughout to placate. Right there inside that big successful hands of the guy whose emails revealed. He wanted to white ball cover the body could play longer than Peyton Manning and he loves his family. Tom Athens Brady you don't know a thing about integrity and we don't. Kirk trust yourself on putting protected this wasn't a taste of had a meeting LeBron Larry the other day. And he asked me. To report. You bitsy and it is. Annual I said to him I looked him right the guy message you want a hand written tonight tonight. One accident need you to Expedia 100 I'm Alan. And finally. She back. Was caught up. Do by a rather DMZ caught up which Jack the other night. Asked him if he was considered a comeback. With all the other NBA players talking about join in super teams all over the league trying to challenge golden the Golden State challenge who obviously are the clear front run as an excuse NBA championship. I mean we almost of the Celtics lakers Celtics Telus boards but hours so Jack it's spoken to by the teams these people. And man made out of your spoiler alert huge comeback this season that what you got come out of yeah. Kobe Bryant might be considered a comeback for you to play with the late show all wrong and I'll tea life I'd dude he's in good shape is still in good shape behavior Dave you have fresh legs man that you hear in two off he's been training with they don't pay and contract with the you into evidence yet did you now it knows that that awesome so much that there's that hyper real well like you can see that Tatum has had an all in Mir and all of his moves up. Off of Kobe. Mutated it's going to be you wanna you keep saying the Jalen brown you thought I was gonna be immediately say Jason data could honestly be MVP of the league with a cup we have pops months almost looking through them when that. Did would be the first time you government's focus Coke too early. Thing for touched down big Don dec. And I say go go Sox. Go bats. And go at your selves. Volume hot dates I gotta write that point yet that the idea why coming up in just minutes we have a hot flash okay. Where this very show. This very show. As may that. Something's come to fruition in Hollywood. From Matty and next to Hollywood next. I teased this a while ago. Right from your old pals Matty and neck. Directly. To Hollywood I'm gonna prove right now. Time for a high. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you all the way down my mom Betty and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WAM. Saw a flash but you let it stayed out of group located on route twenty Oliver miles of smiles mid state auto. The best most fun place to buy a car mid state. Auto group all right nick yes so while I was in oak island. This past week you guys to the story here. With me. Broadcasting live from there you guys told me about how. Aim man named. Uncle Gerri. Yes nicknamed uncle Jerry Jerry Jacobs and he. Used his job as a security officer at the firm that printed the game pieces for McDonald's monopoly to defraud the fast foods annual promotion of 24 million dollars in prize money over several years and we. Broke down the scheme we talked about it and then nick you said this which led to discussion. About this becoming. A movie should be a Hollywood film we said here's the actual clip of us talking about the citizen. Well let's make a movie that this has to be mean anything can be removed for God's sakes so. I came up with a title. But he. Crack team. Working title would you like lies would that. OK and we jammed on movie title names. Listeners came in a bunch of great ones our favor one from the listeners was. Scam burger and lies love them. I think guided Hamburg gold starring Meredith Baxter Burney. Okay. Point is you said this should be a movie we toss around movie right did I could just can't catch me if you can types Spielberg movie this broke four hours ago. Ben Affleck Matt Damon. Shell team up for a McDonald's monopoly fraud movie at fox. They are partnering for a movie about how a former cop rigged the McDonald's monopoly game to steal millions. The movie will follow the FBI operation uncover the underground criminal ring run by uncle Gerri. Writers behind fox is dead pool series will adapt the story for the screen so you're welcome Matt Damon and Ben Affleck ticket I can credit all bells Matty and neck. Albeit first time Affleck stole from me right. They're probably in town listening to this show and of course that's what happened. I'm an athlete of steel and make you mean the insurance what are your taxes baseless and actually I'm not but I am not surprised like I listen. You can just tell Yee used C a story. EA EE here that the details behind something and given what makes it to the big screen these days for God's sakes and there's no good ideas left and Hollywood everything's Reid voted Nikki oh by the way today and recall news. Guess what's getting reboot Alf. I saw that too Alf and well Frazier is coming back but it will be original cast yes but I I could watch Frazier ten years later right now minus the dad was Sox but this is a read do. We'll make he's dead he can't very well report to separate deal holograms. Soledad would be fine in the chair when you become a draft you're so demanding. I don't hear. Towards them. It was but there's no there's semen at this in there's no good what is designs sexuality have to do with anything just reporting you decide. There's no good ideas anymore they're all but they've all been taken right there's maximizing and read. Routine during with the old properties. So whatever easiest or like that you think oh now that's a movie I could see that I will say this though. We're just kidding about of course it coming from us although we did we did. That is the story broke out but at least our sense of story our story telling sensibilities. We aren't lining when we set I this would be a movie we are tapping into the zeitgeist. However. If Meredith Baxter is that like craft beer did you try. But they're tapping into our castle on the secret document and I. If Meredith Baxter Burney Jeff Bridges or apology your money's in this film I'm suing. Not much I can promise. Because you may have to bad they were an epic movie trailer for this idea. I just think mattered that Meredith Baxter brings me in every. Does and it's peanuts and your marriage and may thirty Beck's do you being neat and she likes ladies now. What mutiny and she does and when he. Way to second. MTV place to the other team. That's not yet. Oh we adage a long time ago yeah she's under rated TV mom and Michael Gross the father was an under rated TV dad. Family ties. Are as you hear about Michael Gross no alien why it's been. Yeah and I'm Pete wants to weigh in on the framing him for studio line nick about this McDonald's film good Pete what do you got buddy. Without borders and in. So I just in my name here and I can't help but think about mix sloppily. And make monopoly. You know as as the likely you guys I don't love it. Although I think it would mean. When was the last time that we saw some would strike it like they late strike McDonald's and as a awareness as this big collecting all these roadside you know these are these little pieces and and winning anything have you received them receive a winning winning. Can carry it out and have I have it's about general and in what do we see anywhere can't come. From the crippled of their life and that has claimed the lives millionaires are there are successful people to treat the fact. Wait a second is this Matt Damon. No it's not it is and what to do what they would say it is you got to get it somewhat accurate an analyst great to be conspiracy leveled it. Ever wants to be yet I feel like it need to be approached by the while mine and my suggestion would be. Mr. Eddie Bravo. California. And himself. Yet he bobbled jujitsu master and the bad guy would have a lot about this if you're an actor. All right he loves conspiracies. Thanks buddy Eddie Bravo involvement and also keep in mind that this ended. And he's the USC and I knew that. He's he's goes on the tow rope and on the line. I'm hitters where this. This ended though in 2011. Sales since then everything's been on the enough. With McDonald's monopoly yet. I wouldn't know Steve because a busy working earning a living not depending on some corporate scam to try to win money. Oh you are hey everybody out there that actually tries to you know when money and play games in his as the converts instead. Break out of the doldrums of here every day new users all the oak island minced there. Private property and well hey can't relate oh yeah you're right I just stumbled upon a TV hosting job by playing Keno. Worked my ass off. Somebody from Adams and killed the next minute. And now at W all have here is that code words you need to text in for your chance to. All right next time 1000 dollar haul you know what you love Texas code word and action to do this from on time because relate. Series. THE ORY theory this seven to eight it wanted to purchase two and 1000 dollars that's theory as any I've hypothesis that. We came up with the idea for the new. Monopoly McDonald's movie and it's Ben Affleck and Matt Damon tell me they get the idea from us than it will go from hypothesis or theory. I was along the clock. Mrs. hypotheses that are prove it drives that. Got it got it done you can happen Mets and data rates apply text the code word theory to 7281. Right now. As in. I investigated a theory on and not to hypothesis. Theories are unproven hypothesis. Of. Was it next simpler wasn't pirates. Now he's decentralized outlets and ports are and one night they were on Owens the game for the we're. Next week threats questions super quick doesn't regret. We're good yeah com now I text now seven to 81 theory and then come out you wanna play for your chance to win tickets. To Breaking Benjamin and five finger death punch the number 617931. One AF the Framingham Ford studio line Framingham Ford metro west commercial truck headquarters.