M&N Hour 3 Gettin' Twisted 7/16/18

Monday, July 16th

In the third hour of today's show it appears Bruce Willis has confirmed if Die Hard is Christmas Movie or not. Do you agree with him? Fitzy then comes in with the Wicked Pissah Sports Report. Finally, a caller asks Matty & Nick to help him find a place he can drink where he won't get kicked out.

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We lost Indians 37 WAM. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule as WA AF. Yeah good business. Yeah. Those during the top top of the hour down yeah. Greetings earthlings. It is it and life trustee. Faithful companion nick Stephens. I am bringing you a merry men mirth discussion. Very little clock but every once in awhile some. To your afternoon ride home you worked hard you play hard. So why not listen hollered. These gunmen on the board about the death or listen heard. I think listen hard was the movie about that deaf guy who's trapped in office. And energetic kills wife for a Christmas drive times I'll listen hard boat did you see what Bruce Willis said last night by the way at the rose to restore I am. Tiger pride that I do know it's not a Christmas though it's not what people think he. That is no video yet obviously Comedy Central hasn't released you've just heard a lot of the jokes some of the best burns but I won't go over those later but. I feel vindicated I feel justified I will sleep tonight because the man who was John McClain said. Last line of his roast die hard is not a Christmas movie one thank you Bruce Willis thank you he's right did you Deborah. Stream movies taking place during christmastime coincidentally and a Christmas. Right button. It's a wonderful life Christmas. Die hard action Maria Tuesday placed Christmas. And also put lethal weapon in the same category. Now Chris is it's a movie that takes place at Christmas and gives me some Christmas feels but it's an action but he sure. Yes when same pay 8000 there's some park yes populace in unison blocks lockstep and and you better lockstep tango and can lock step it up. Hard castle in McCormick. Most how hard it is only aisles yeah. We wanted to really cool. When some of them did. What was the with the name yeah. C'mon that you're lesbian cups where yes yeah the original has been cut out our castle partners of that with the names oh come on. Excellent the ladies. Burnett in the agreement here yeah I just getting their lovely and beautiful tied digs ordered him Notre Dame Leo. Hi I'm ideally. I solicited the show how neo con. Hurt your critics. Aren't excited now you've Turkey tips. Art is not a Christmas movie gremlins is not a Christmas movie. Grant is definitely at Christmas holes odds. By the way you'd probably only sympathize with the idea because that's not your dad died in a chimney. China ring someone else is now the whole story about how like. He became too scared to gremlins talked about the fact yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I declined and the Judea stuck there and rotted. On. Now it was not Laverne originally. Not to. Thank you have bailed us out by the way tech side are you interested in hosting a radio and should seriously please take this. I'll take what's gonna happen now. At five twenty age 55 when he is you know and then at 530 announced that winners have viewed as an. Struck. Struck by. And here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what pick of the kids of today announced. On WGM. And out lie again. A report. Today is variety by our good friends that. And as always just double check in snakes. Like all music call it must go out that Tom Brady have musical malls. Go check him out CHO today at home music vol dot com. The Red Sox. White hot. Skids grimy rapid on the streets of hot. All the electronics. And Spain's grammys house. Pot. Eleven of their last well I mean like coffee on that famous ladies crotch from McDonald's hot. Residents of the south show off. Part. Matty says his daughter's friend's niece's softball team pot. Now because they're good. Talent. Excuse me. Excuse me. Those girls crush it the Red Sox Russian. They took three of book from Dorado which means they won eleven of their last twelve. Head into the all star game the most wins of any team ever before the all star break 68 and thirty what politely. Bought a half game lead all of you all New York's yanks really having goals are and yet they got to get to throw the pitch for the 69 when. Bronx. Damn right they do that would mean that would become Austin. Wise grunt out the first pitch at the next on yeah well actually you know the problem is they open up Friday night Detroit right I would drop the like right before training camp opens up and then that the now you can. Which I'm not about now enter the cannot I'd be totally. Totally totally totally into. I'm so they go fought half game lead Chris delegates is that tomorrow night in the ass he Diaz Jeanne what are stagnant. Which is. And I nation's capital. And it's far from the biggest joke about nation's capital the home run derby of course on smoking is gonna be playing. Think he's playing center field ice planes at a deal right they'll rise in the outfield he's badly enough. Jumbo dog might he adds that clean up Sox have represented. Looking super good back in action Friday against Detroit. In the motor city. Out scores have been as significant damage in this so called think it's gonna have to carry the load step up to the streets and pitch. Like he's worth maybe a quarter what he actually gets paid very toxic force that pitches through four. Would double digit victories. And of course. You right now while you're gone. Jacqui you putts when you've gone. Jeff the new balls right did you hear like some of the awesome calls that came from those games last week that you have on. Yeah out scripts that you pull up. Everyone's favorite actively. The two that the act is lead back to back at first that awesome noisy made when Chris they'll drop that puck on that dude. I would try to figure out was that act like having like an act as a was given a boost chasm. Always that is like a lot disgusting that was built the gap a guy who bit of both right here I see I think it was on the farm and a lot of myself. And then of course. Please call when looking at that ethnic legendary season unifying Wilkie love fest generating grand salami. It. Hey who's and I love days. Act that's been dancing don't stepped and the man what is now because they said earlier today the biggest embarrassment. In Washington DC today a second Vegas will be of course now run their right. Yea I got home run derby I mean they got to just get rid of this thing please means is anyone have any interest tonight at those people are cases Agha a lot rice Hoskins. Freddie Freeman next month seeing what these people I would never had a lot of them. They could all be Veba that worked a lot of edges infinity war fraud now. They could beat them a basket deplorable they can work at the local marina you have no idea they're chugging steroids shakes right now well. The home run derby you'd see why you've seen him all he parred one you've part of law. Less than loving guidance BA at the two and a half hours of god which programming tonight. It is basically every home run derby at. A. You know you're welcome I remember the great populist art. All star game. Incidence of 99 making those parts are so probably check it for steroids during a home every. When when Seles and that pot grows fared in the how is unbelievable in Eritrea the rest is. What's in there is that it's a last Tom Brady is Stanley posted amazing photo to the social needs to have all the laws back in Montana never wanted to be a cause that's what my life's. The Celtics I've got Walt lemon Julia. Do a deal he's gonna play in the developmental league. So obviously the damage that will be having eleven patty. Right. And it is Google that to make sure that they got him apart. Limb and park. Led down bell likely last visited Pittsburgh as you can come to a long term contractual type agreement with the team. Don't you dare cry for me I did do you know why the NFL team while the other ratings are so bad every team was only paid. 255. Million dollars apiece when they did their revenue split. Yeah. Football's her plans. And filing yes France yesterday. Defeated our friend who in his home nation. Grooves a land of Croatia was defeated. Sported here which means for the last time you will not happy anymore this for four years I guru. My that there's a that this celebration in the street today then yeah. Branch what would their famous counterattack. Guaranteed yesterday there was so many Graham buys jog in this Sunday brunch he has in VFW's gone. Well. Who knows his cutter type motivated at 79 years ago you bust his. And they go novel opportunity care about socket a voice is no law Red Sox games of four days. And no more watching that bullish on run down every vague I'll taking analog yet nine out. But you selves sticky wicket as a sports thanks in second look I don't go to them. All right so let's do. You. Here is our winner. For today's edition. The foo fighter and reports we give. Matt wolf from Londonderry New Hampshire. It was a call back to 6179311. Day app within the next thirty minutes to claim your tickets Z Foo Fighters at Fenway Park Sunday July 22. In the AA have sweet Matt stay woke I was just gonna say you better stay even as they will do. Dollars. Hey listen yeah it's is that is that ticket and it was out of I'll I'll run next door to the executives and I got to hook up some of the bartender Melvin wanted Pedro that. I think it's eleven pardons notion that we have tickets yeah he's great on the wall like it's been coming up I'm gonna Wear yellow you'll love it we'll say they are able periscope. Into the job. It's a tale story what you do is. You go on the AF female you sign up. And entered to win this Foo Fighters. At Fenway pack. And then what happened was. Matt Walsh was one of those people. And then I read his name. And then he called. Him for a studio. Well. All Matt. Yeah from Londonderry New Hampshire. Correct you my friend. As you follow the instructions. Properly and called when you were beckons. You are gonna see the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park Sunday July 22 year old Els Matty nick in the AF sweet deal like them up its debt is within our impact. You love the food as many. I do yet there aren't they rocking tonight we have to see the floor. I have been a long time before yeah advantage of it happened. I must have Elizabeth my band the Blake throws are working on the cover of some foods and I just give me your opinion your whose main game and I didn't tell me everything. That's just it's just rehearsal to run rehearsal dismembered and gotten. It's. Dogs himself in the back room. Yeah. I'm going in there right. That was the food. That none of this is you leave you to all you guys yeah yeah Matt what do you do there Londonderry. Well I'd literally have worked a little hole G oh lucky you there's a lot to like about lol. Absolutely. Don't listen on that he's he listens to lose a lot of it's it's a beautiful area have been down there no typical rap but it doesn't slate let's give them by the river there. We. Are. It's better wait till Mel. The man who is. Until. It yes. Eventually the great what. What so and so that well those console fighting Al I was is gonna Dave Grohl said. We'll this favorites yes very. That if you're a real fan to know that I've. Dude you're gutless Lunar New Year c'mon we can't wait to meet you brother anyway thank you so much appreciated I remember no eye contact and soon. I well yeah. I thank him. Stables. If we have John on Belmont on the Framingham fort studio line which is 6179311. Effort talked him but before we do it's wanna remind you if you don't get through to us. During the show. It would music and we talked a lot we have a lot of things we wanna get too we don't always get to get all the calls that are lined up. I've something's in your mind get it off your chest we have away you can reach us and we will address your concerns your rages fewer events whatever it is you wanna share with us. Just call this number 617. 7795454. It is the voice mailbox system. Of Matty Nicol played those messages a 61 let's go to John Nolan Belmont has been holding hello John not how we help anybody. Well true I didn't get what. Good bar to party get twisted. And not get it and not get not give her masters are asked to leave something like that. Area. Agree that we do we we take him and boobs and we drive and we walk in the very friendly and responsible buddy to take you there Johnny. There are. Only eight that's true. And lord don't know what Barton. Oh. It is very series one don't think it's. Well don't go blind or watch it in got. Lucky at all. And all right better well. What you ordered to argue there is one ought. Over said that quote the crack crack all. My lining up my act yes. Lack anyone with a John I was led I was it was a little weight. You know a guy who is unfortunately impair the viewers iPods it's like whack Samoa that way came them. While it has been in our own work it towards the water. As I have started it all. Oh. John isn't there a sports forgot Condoleezza Belmont. Yeah. Well. I have yet you wanna go and on the book. I want is somewhere John Lewis did you Bosnia with the amid all my places like old now all my old. Pounce hunts are either gone or there they've been center five C can't go there cause scene anymore. Right it's not like John strikes me is the kind of guy that needs like BMW. Yeah no seriously like just needs to be able to. He twisted someplace where Beers the only option for breakfast and the food is like year old bags of like tipsy doodles. Up Pringles salted peanuts implant is behind the bar. And there's a woman who has definitely fought someone off with a frying pan before serving you drinks but the old pot belly. Right well that's weary days ago that's a bit of a trip from it for him from Belmont Belmont that. Live somebody gives somebody give John a nice that tax on green line is sort of metro west he's in Belmont and I salty dog. Yeah bacon belly eligible won't bother forgotten night listed as he's a rock solid like turns on and maybe just doesn't drink anymore. And it. Boo boos. I L yeah. Heidi the headline act Lyle Oates news. Why are gonna tell you LA am we buzz kill radio the humorous way and now seven iron. Make do we ever check on the weather is possibility or requirement we have to do at this time. Earned you have a man once they do that that's three for everybody okay and thousand dollars and again where Iran after that. Okay well everyone's excited to get that code words so low Jones go do. Who would news we're whose. They're throwing. Day. 5 o'clock whether rush to buy Nissan intelligent mobility it's loaded with tech that's changed the way you deal with the worst weather conditions. Would lane changing sensors an early warning collision alerts. These are just some of the Nissan intelligent mobility features that are available to everyone right now visit Nissan USA dot com. To learn more 86 clouds and sun. Tonight possible thunderstorms in the fair commonwealth on the overnight. But I seventy tomorrow Upton I did agrees with some potentially damaging thunderstorms in the dramatic impact they're okay. What. Pretty good right. Now at WR. Here's that code words you need to text dim for your chance to. 603. In the tax Simon has the answer next. John from Belmont is against of the double deuce. Well. For sure whether men or men no women there were 97 its is basically there's nowhere good left. I saw a two week verse and a post from someone anymore so when this weekend it said basically it was something along lines of like. F corporate Barr's support your local watering I completely agree. A lot like some of the big. However he dubs of them mad Max today hit me 99 with a point five ounce dude the years I have no plan a course like that they're gone swimming. It was that cold winter fresh delicious. The law bring it is things that B doves is like gore gore met. Yet you Fred is gone it's not in our effort jacket I had to be done. What was that I think I'm now admit that honey when I was young they have street tacos or to die for. The cheese Kurds are defined and I had a new summer only menu every dubs him and I yet there is the steak and cheese case idea there is this one particular guy who the guy as we head out read our 80000 dollar Harley okay extremely happy and didn't help me here tonight do it I just think a lot of I. There and so I love angry code word guy as one of the time favored tool techsters on the station are now that thousand dollars Diego angry text guy. Takes the code how things go over him. Check the code word virtual V I art TU a L you'll. Jules is seven here if you dateline. And diverts it to win 1000 dollars mess and later it's applied takes the code word virtual. As in now. Do dad is beta of bird to world ends and the team now hallway is the. And danced into them like sliding all over the room seven to anyone right now virtually your next code word will be announced Tom Mari. At 7 am.