M&N Hour 3 - Fitzy and After School Special George

Wednesday, July 11th

The third hour of Matty and Nick feature a few friends of the show. Of course, I'm talking about Fitzy and his Wicked Pissah Sports Report and After School Special George. Find out how George will be spending his birthday this weekend!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Started out. It's a Friday for me stand them up today and tomorrow the next day. I think today your phone. I did a good clock. That was why I was very gratified. Just trying to get. Lord gives straight. Think it certainly something from that show. From the movie be in that. I'm I'm now you're forcing me to dig up 35 year old references. Like I think we've been neighbor might be an alien. I need to be seen by a doctor. What it okay. Follow up question what kind of died as. Hey listen we just play the Foo Fighters and I like to remind you. You can join Nicklaus. The wildly talented sexy. It's here soon. Nick Stephens and guy. In a luxury suite of family don't we here super long that lady's coming in here rip your. Yeah with the update on that you good to go next is that now target was an element has. I'm an advocate and permanent scars no cause I just I want now I think we have to probably. Some and a convenient. Cason was the that's what I did that rule. Old. All over the boys and I've played on on news it on it's like an SOB. And I'll be a convenient. Anyway joined mechanized. In luxury suite at Fenway to see the Foo Fighters who in turn now WA AF dot com slash. Lose FOO test site name the band. And if you start listening Monday. Every night at 530. We will call a name. And if you call us within thirty minutes after hearing your name. You can claim your sweet. Seats and I mean there sweet. SW EET and also they are SU I TE seats ILI double in ten Dre and give. So watch the Foo Fighters from Fenway sweetly boys Matty and it brought to buy stock market and WAF Boston only station that really rocks. There's an asterisk here it says no direct eye contact or speaking to Mattie at any time for any winner OK great that's going to be offs. Unsolicited you're really developed immune system itself. They had. Years. Hello my time. You on Google very few blue boy in the plastic bubble. It's. Yeah I got. That suit on the beach running at the most ridiculous shot at a movie history he looks like one of the what what what was that show. Dirty hippie is here in studio that is on Nickelodeon. There's like before like. Creatures that around don't Abbott Abbott yes he looks like hit the orange guy that's like derby or is yes there is derby. Yeah yeah I have thank you while you got that because that was threatened max's will be de Lance was named ones. DJ Lance Bass. Then the legal member of you go now yup I remember when he went on tour with. Rusty Timberlake in the rest of the game as TJ is named in I don't know. He served. Yeah. By the way in that trailer with this issue resident is that the rock station gathered target yet again and again. Boy in the plastic bubble with John Travolta. John Travolta's father in that movie. A young. Engage. Here's a story. And a man named Brady. Who later on when reveal that he had aids. Let's closeted. But came out later. And then have Lee is immune system game without god. DJ Lance rock dad. By the way after school special Georgia's here afterschool special George of any thoughts for us just humanity hynix how's it going guys good man how high school gone up every spouse everybody's great. Guess what my mom so that their friends over for perky party the Saturday night only to guess why invited you and nick. What time she has bee their at. What's the mother and saying I'm sorry after schools that's cool it's OK ma'am I have things sometimes do put in their. You know I've been new news talked to well guess why it's obvious during the spurt that alone again. They sought to us it's time now to all its mind. That's fine I'm on radio I'm fine on my grandma will be there a way that George used you know. This is. OK but they're happy birthday George insinuate your head what's your dad delegates that she's heard my but my dad save and three bites of the guard as he died in 2000 Clorox. Any lessons in that that you learned at the schools towards my dad died at the end there that you can have friends who have Hebert to try to make you feel but rather about yourself. Yes our watch where a placebo go brother. The second anyone can just let me know where I am no different. It. Show the World Cup final has been set France vs Croatia nobody cares. And nobody cares now right where does real football start here's Matty and nick on WA AF. Hey you know what I care about the World Cup final on Sunday because that's like you know two hours a sports to help fill in the sad sports GAAP. The excuse decision psychiatry way the winds and a perfect Aaron. Now I'm here I will talk jocks weld capped. Pacman Jones the NFL continue to have an amazing offseason. And so much more coming up that you waited this is part of what. Let's just a few minutes away Aaron Meola says that really Iraq's 107 point 31. Hello al-Qaeda VoIP. Do you have any sports. Gap that's about it sticks and they both lawyer here. And do you use your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report why pick of the day today. How's the sign on WGM. And recognizes not to run is brought you about my good friends at the coat music column was that showed. Mean this is a monster music get the to the Tom Brady of rock and roll halls that play music and how it's awesome bands in the west area visit that go music call. Dot com poll mom. Just another day in the life of the Sox fan. When is eight in a row eight fall last night against the Texas barrage aids. That's a year doing that right now I feel like you're doing that just because you think you're supposed to he told you but like. I again. I've what is that something what am I missed an hour we spoil we that in title I know its title town all Boston that it title down. I feel like we are all residents of entitled town you know I mean that's entitled EM TA TL ED don't think it's entitled. Like you like the HN IC you know it means it's. It's he had no we're suffering from what's that just like many first time mothers. We're suffering from post poppy depression. Or attic like thank you. Well. Hi Adam me but that was awful. Thank you. So lets kids. What are your deal like Edward singing. There. Everything. It you know I like the Blake over here is like Tom Brady when he loses the image jackets are like ping pong in the locker and let's not. The game in the first place why you smiled at. Yeah. Bitsy you know my parents Scorsese movie is what's that the the par them. You did you let it. You know who's got the best moves in our country music to the dollar did not. Afterschool special George from downtown. Have found their vessel was Joseph leave you to do you know when you don't have gone out and got him you know it's the all. It's got a dollar and yeah I really do final laid on the sex line 97 models have their act too many games then. Yeah that's what to do what would you how baseball goes down like honey game in some Y 260. All could hook lol it's always bit. Let you want to change the number of games they've played mr. FitzGerald because the that would affect the record books. At that place in the town in New York State where people go and wonder why there isn't there he bonds are seeing these Newser. OK cite poll gives a flying to Italy do about rackets and the hall of fame in Cooperstown. Seriously. Make it fun for everyone at the moats flames Ninja's I don't care of this pitch clock a bits clock. I don't care like the option to like the option to show via I like it like if you disagree with the out you know what I'll introduce this to excite baseball. You disagree with a call me up you can check out you know fight if you lose your out of the game in Europe. Not only. In my pro steroids then you know how he first base coach will take the equipment off the guy like when he doesn't have an elbow think he should injected with steroids or anything and everything up right on the first baseline. You know what. I got a lot faster after I took some performance enhancing drugs like in one of the best ways his side I do a lot of vertical trained in night I took steroids. And you fly up and down. And I come buildings that. What are the schools that's at George do I'll stop your yacht did yeah it. It's so that you know educate them I think you have a problem. You know they say you lose some you install. All right the Red Sox who have these second best record at this point this season their 93 games of any baseball team. Ever thought why not not getting in the history of no doing I'm Assyrian satellite radio all day and all whatever you do you have hash tag me too yes. Swap then that good at the same time it's like and tonight Chris sales on the mound to book it might get out. Unbelievable listening. I'm actually more into the celtics'. And then I implant for months speak it awaits. You boy Jason Tatum some people haven't bad off seasons Jason Tatum is live that it this off season. So there's ready. As Jason Tatum played well being from Philly and one I'm. I'm rocky given creed the fight he wanted to after he helped train him and guess what Tatum does. Wouldn't. Yeah it seat with the smackdown on Ambien and you see you heard him verbally poster rise of early and he totally talked smack in his he had. He stomped all over his stance when he said would you do you in the playoffs. All I'm telling you what we saw Tatum chest bump LeBron after he posed drives some of that dunk and the Celtics missed 903 pointers in a row at the end of the game seven. That's what we saw the birth of the next great something in the NBA now now now fifty did you see the video of c'mon Hayward Gordon Hayward getting the announcement of his. Child and some people said he was less than enthused when it came out as a girl if you see that controversy now I'd I saw that there was an announcement video of yes and so he's got two daughters and then so they opened the box and pink balloons come on he works he Canas like. Now current. The other girls and RJR is a gam. Those sites so people are saying thank oh my god until we don't want the boy right it's like every time that like I do like an announcement video fro like a pregnancy test. And then it comes out. Negative and people like you should be more happy and just like I was so he had a gimme a minute and I was so nervous I was gonna have to pay for this one policy you are not the father. Very. I don't know I don't know IEA you know audio embarrass them but the potential almost baby mommy and dancing and totally honest totally cool I wrapping up the rest of sports let's say. Roger Federer blew a huge lead ousted by some dude named Anderson. But. Rod Roger Federer blew and he usually. He now a huge huge lead was not the name. Of the opponent no huge lead done with it now what did you think of the name of the south African tennis players play now is Kevin Anderson. I huge lead. He's from Kenya. They're the better of totally blew I usually go away years months ago as long as they were trying hard to tell the Mathers. Five sets that are Wimbledon. There is upsetting Pacman Jones audio which you know what we don't have time to plants want to give that to you guys to play a little bit later on it's only relevant to show. And you World Cup final is sick. Ladies and general friends this is the sound of the Chinese nation. But even the biggest victory in the states and Todd play this hurtles down out of the air your beer out. Vs France. And the big shock advance on Sunday I just pick this up but the tweet box Croatia population just over four million. Smallest country to get to the World Cup final since Iraq July. But he says your line. It don't well I give more it's not. We've won Florida guy my own out Cameroon thank you. Population that point. 2.2 million in 1950 what a huge win so congratulations to all those gorgeous women all those illegal. Organ harvesters and all the villains from the taken movies so you'll take on that she's Mogg is on Sunday. May you live long and prosper that's for that's the national motto right and Cameron Newton perfect all right. So try not to blow I huge lead ever hook it. They sure. Never. Stories have emerged about the amazing international leopard in rescuing the trapped boys in Thailand with help from specialists in Australia. Front or have a problem Cold War. It's important like to know how to how they Anderson what they were saying. It's Matty and nick on WA AF. Something and this post. You just said now that's saying something into the something into this post now all like to include radio I'm just doing my job that I was told the development producer. I was assisting Greece said many say something into this post it tomorrow in nick say something and this post. They guys coming up the 6 o'clock hour there won't be easy Allen questions project because our associate producer tallies. I sat on formulating his new game however he is. He passed away if he did he's lucky. From Iraq. Tire fire going down. Yeah who say you could call 617 cents a when I see you tomorrow. Underscored that. Nice of NATO need WA AF Tex signed nick which incidentally is 97107. Says you guys have bring him back do I qualify always heard some great stories and got some big last match. Yeah okay. That's art was we will we'll do it we'll do it measures gonna get Evan to come out of the closet. And prize closet right I was forget that part. And now give a surprise Richie I think he does have what what is the actual term for your selective forgetfulness. Trolling. Trolling right Roland Roland. Kendrick apart V trolling yeah we're all drizzle images. Now was trolling. Was that your original servant before paying thing. Yes. I fired trolling because I believed him to be a vampire. He's in Pennsylvania. Totally. In the world in a quick quiz question from the audience. How many other radio shows in Boston have mentioned Pennsylvania at least twice a part of that. With David I say Cancun. That's quite a message as it turns out it's Cameroon. A coup. I don't know I'm varies you know for America I don't know if it it's not on the map in my office I don't know it doesn't exist to me you know you just get it is going to be used at trial by did their view of America who's gotta god and preventing them like that has pushed pins it's like a map of Boston there's push pins at different places and as you Monday turns out those all the bars that your best from. I understand how people expect you know the whole world who might Jason Bourne. What meeting people in Prague right you know I that was here rig that was it that was the original mission. What do we know what's going on in Europe and Jason border is there was a cart Todd refer and then of course he turned into one of the world's greatest assassins he and and that their courses they've Bartok referees as mapping out world of bars or that he's been kicked out of state turn afraid threat there and alt dollars on circle. Oh by the way we're just in the events seven Fuld give away. And you were saying to the ball Marilyn Manson. And T shirt. What does he made a and then take off an event. Seven pulled shirt on now need 603 tax than nick Marilyn Manson might make of and seven full take out shirts and I said this is what does that mean. And then we stumbled upon the story. Now do you have the audio is it's costing as it costs and and believe if I feel that new Yankee and we have to be careful do my widget that he's twice your size. Oh with him now among big bros you know you come back right not even a chance. But I I don't despair bag of snacks back here for. If and when not even if for when sometimes communicate your hazardous that are watched I trained in martial arts most of my adult life if states are attacked him literally run him. Why would you run modern game you make your Matty doing karate. Asa is summary and I keep lit enough. That's now see that's not a right now the next. And all over guys fighting Nogueira cut out today. Here I'm sorry I hit would you please do pay their respects. Is that the car and I think Marilyn Manson. We'll. Dick that's a wicked and I seized. But he's with those guys and he's not an open now I don't think he's kidding so we you're required to Wear the old yet. Have him I made it is we are you wearing Van Halen shirt and Def Leppard concert I don't I think I don't think so I think it says I'm a rock fan according to a. Post on read it from a user who claims to have been at the show meant to with that up with the crowd booing him for thirty minutes because according to disband. Almost everyone was there just because of then seven fold where next. Maybe if Marilyn Manson. Again it may be MAV spend a little less time. Shy younger audience and elderly slurring his shows as we reported Reid added yeah jutting out against you as someone like that someone like some puzzles too much I'll. Do duo. Where things. On this. They still. August issue moves he's handled. The man alone. Semi Stuart T shirt with rehab number on it. I'd be more appropriate we'll move while we're talking for the judgment and we can't tell Marilyn Manson Battier. AF is the only thing is there really are obviously.