M&N Hour 3 - All Shook Up! 4/16/18

Monday, April 16th

In the third hour of the show Stiz tries to teach Mad Max how to blackmail Matty when he makes purchases he shouldn't. Matty and Mad Max then share their thoughts on the HBO documentary that aired about Elvis over the weekend. Matty might just have slightly more things to say about it than Max...


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We talked Indians 37. I can't believe I'm. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. Previously on Matty in niche okay when are we giving way to to get through eventual seven I give them into the call and just. Couple minutes. But that's revenge seventh hole I want pencil however I wanna go see what's this is an eventual goal that's a laundromat in Chelsea. I like curt Schilling's sock they're staying in America. Well below wanted to be sure that Fenway sports group wants this bill and the people would like them go because they're protecting him men didn't kill some over the back. Saying it's OK okay today. Hello Lou war. He moved in and we're for a smooth things. After all that time that he she misses city contrast to other runners today you know brave the elements and got it done. Now for the truly brave she if you can survive this marathon of ridiculous this it's now do you admit on a Marathon Monday John WA AF. The answer boys that in that we have right Cuba. Boys and gals that have their tie it guaranteed lowest price on tires go to town fair tire because nobody beats town fair tire. No body. Looking weird yeah. Messages. It's on our voicemail. Mailbox. Call that right now. 6177795454. I'm sure some of frustration is whether. You've got some. Comments on the marathon. Anything it's on your mind let's hear it get off your chest 6177795454. They some friends in the text line check and then 97107. We do when you guys put on your part as the boots and. That many nice and they want to know how long until the flat Mars accusations began the matter of time national comes out what people dig in on the drowns. And I think this is spot we could definitely help boats young gentleman and shower Beers guys come from the 978. I got a question I'm taken this girl our first date and I wanna go to a really good comedy club in Boston I've never been to a comedy club in Boston before. Could you make any suggestions I think that's a one down right there route one Goldman and a great you have taken there. Did you share I have the path of downgrade offensive glass slipper downtown auto works Joseph. You have to surround. What do you think nick. Lot of balls at Boston fantastic. Be careful you see they'll be carefully brassy first day you don't wanna go see you know. Nicked Apollo it's a greatest kids. You know he might bring up some things that you know and on a mix. You wanna see like a Brian Regan. Right choice and I you know say it was a clean air broader super funny unless you know we're a little bit you think that she likes to bust shops and you go bullpen like edgy stuff then. Brian talent who I believe will be a guest on the show this week yeah is actually there Leo Friday night you can't go wrong if your of the North Shore to rule one. Gay Eagles might Clark's place. I'm great comedy prints pizzeria that rewarding. And you can share is that the place right now and next Calhoun. Comedy room aria Jimmy knows that I expect. I like and studios calendar on pace to go to a place eleven ascetic giggles. And opening giggles medical middle Kowloon. And then sometimes go back to late show giggles and go boom boom boom revenue down route ones that. Some of the best as well neighborhood loved it and they closed the studio and arbitrary. Yes yeah a car yeah and then there was a there was a knicks actually instructed to it will play much of this race times ten. Only a social media guys starter room Donna Brock to do any yet on race called. Brockton. Comedy. Serendipity. Oh there's a wonderful thing about Procter and he was on this perish. Well Matt parziale. I'll. The last Italian new best. ST I'm U called uncle Matt. For Macs now. Gonna hang it out with a local Matta the clarity told I already told my pro protectorate and that's gonna come monopoly here. Music who are user. And he pressed her crack in his knuckles like rolled his neck like. I'd you know it can also about the we just talked to note that news story that happened on Friday oh yeah by the pay. We bomb Syria I get some sound that also 5520. Get those messages didn't please me love to play it's always our favorite part of the show 617779545. Or let's hear from you. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report like the digital sales and stuff. On WI AEA yeah. We are running commercial free until 10 o'clock it's WAS Boston music marathon presented by Mitt global dramatic ultra live ultra. I all right flies. That is how you Boston's strong. The broad go up two games that not then. A blitz Korea blackened gul blitzkrieg. Why men of flawed. Klain in the eyes treating Tehran like a budget. Porno theater mobs like a budget human Zamboni 73 Saturday night. The Celtics come out and got out one of the greatest. Great fantastic gutsy Chanel. Didn't see it come and boy is coming of age. Overtime victory over the Milwaukee Bucks do break free this. Do it and that guy changes have been put one more time what did I mean honest to god. Seriously like it's like I I would just call them like travelocity by the end of the game yesterday because that do you. That you can move in the lane that wraps a so called I know like how jot outlines the actor I was crying complains celebrate the good don't (%expletive) him on about the bat. First of all hello welcome Boston second of all. You still get the idea that the NBA's like. If the route to be in the interest of the eve superstar we've beaten name made it to a second around that Brohm is. Indiana is beat the cavaliers we should like those secret he couldn't move on. Because who's gonna wanna see like Terry hero here Jason Tatum and now hi Fred gone on to the net there's nothing sexy about that. And know what needs sexy we need lodge pails wind chill it time. Well below Boston's strong ethnic yesterday. That was amazing and we all thought it was over when. Your boy. He were Ozzie. Terry are OG AM with a little step back. T get in agent Eric not true Eric Bledsoe. Pool with knowledge of the game winner with point five seconds left. That was nail that was not that was money. That was mad that was huge that was awesome. This point five seconds left Celtics got it in the bag everyone's got to go home smiled golf happy right now. Where's that. At that Brad Stevens does this quite often. Who's gonna get this job here yet today and then. And how deflated we would you like now there's no way he got that off as an panicked when I was a little nervous and how there's no it is so they should've won that game because. When you get that when you grab your role meant to be there. Would Terry Rosie shot. You're thinking like we got this that's it for them to just suck all the air out of the guy like that like whoa whole lot of secondary guy. Ayatollah Dunlop he was gonna win me over time the next thing you know. They just they top that one out now. How hot would do this guy can play that's the guy I want to seek out fact a lot of by his last name. By his Providence we start playing more like that rebounds this says point three points right. Otherwise should come up to Hartford. Right once when the Axelsson. I was a solid win and of course the Red Sox had just unstoppable in the Red Sox are fellow activists. Yeah that feasted off all the terrible teams the leagues how life that's not their fault. You at a Saturday you know witness today dominance we did Meehan mad Max had mad Max great game right. Ladies and yelled in the future host of afternoons here on WA AF. Take it to the Max was big Macs lake is good name for right Max it out. Macs and snack the Mac sports for the minimum right. Honey smacks handymax. It was awesome just that's the way is supposed to weekend and now. Game three tonight from the candidate senator Ronald got to put up valve and effort don't be surprised if we're talking about 21 tomorrow we'll see about that. Sell this game two tomorrow night parity can't wait I'm way more into that than I thought I would become a lot Brad Stevens is the terror legit carries this died. Jalen brown. I set I think in the pre season. Terry with the opportunity to do one of the best point God's legal body I'll look to me like I was crazy probably just the fact the sixth San Diego's do you rate the top but no big deal but I. Will sit out the relative amount give way for the Celtics. Red Sox that travel and that plan the angels tomorrow today got postponed no Marathon Monday no patriots day matinee tomorrow night they take on. The Japanese Babe Ruth validation O Neill with hot yeah that's right. So high and oh files shell shell island town that guy's gotta on and some. NN of patriots news whenever it's nobody else knowledge today's Bill Belichick birthday. Felt like today is the anniversary of Tom Brady being drafted by the patriots eighteen years ago and I'm. Oh yeah. Yeah Danny Amendola did an interview from the back to work aren't called Belichick and able. You know. You know OTAs began today in it's have a man operating grounds that they and so it was a pig out right. Balloon. Happy birthdays coach Belichick I'll feel like an endless stream of questions about whether you quarterback in stat tied and well I catch the last flight data Cadillac. And Jerry Norton say there is precedent for them not showing up these very very early yet. I think if you guys can hear how much is in town. You get you there that. Well like the great Jack Buck said we'll see you tomorrow so please. They go out yourself happy America on Monday to make up one payroll now that's what you. Let's check out what's going on in the world what's trending this hour as you were working. Time for a hot. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down in my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF. Like to remind you that the radio dot com app is the official new home of WA AF you can download that app. Listen to us anywhere in the world anytime radio dot. Com nick as I mentioned we. Fired some missiles at Syria. Because of their chemical attacks is about trump stuff going on I wanna talk about something you know it says I don't wanna play the missile sound are at the economy out not let and I think he's killing it and. Not that's all I've met so I had my have a scare eight. Let's talk about inaudible war stuff let's talk about something that inspired me. Greatly it was something I didn't expect. To be as affected by it as I was when your kicked us as we have well besides that. I'm mad Max and I watched it together most of it he had to go to bed and I showed him the winner throw in the close out the window dressing that many many times next to. It's up. I hang up bottom. Next do you're gonna fight a lot at home. Know that we keep the nation's civil book. Why are you heading in the trial of all the way about it to repeat that shot back to what it got down by over the weekend. I doubt. Oh yeah it and. What happens in the sale is good to get stitches Mac asset yeah opens may be out fort night little excursion later on tonight I gonna happen. Max you need to learn how to blackmail and say let's and I have this secret you want me to show yeah I bought a new pair basketball shoes yes. They daddy may be maybe some fresh under armor on kicks in some outfits are gonna find a way in my bedroom known or thought ma. You didn't do the double cover me we. Know this year being new republic would fear it is I want. We went to the golf superstar. And that was struck golf Smith. In this particular case is awfully warehouse. And I was. So they try hard time instructed by Yoko because that's format now instructed by everyone will get me instructions now here home. You know over certain red line a little bit. You boys here you're eating pizza and instruction house happy about the instruction doing just fine. But many do I understand so much of these stories about your childhood so much then. I go to the office warehouse. And out about a couple hats. And I bots Ausmus DoubleTree standardized units and nick Piaf and was that they'll like one of those little I. We'll ball GPS things a laser that's been the bundle of more. Boom got a golf cart now little is little putter in my town you got like seven putters I know I like rotating. But anyway I told Max is we got a car. And this is in the news on talk about what. I told maxis and listen. What happens in the fields in the government and you know nothing you know Sydney and they're building reduced donated report on the money. Let's keep this between the boys and then you Saturdays of the boys and then your burn yourself outside your pockets like dad what we have two phones so we walked in the house. And I went directly upstairs to hide. The putter now. This is not healthy our highest and you can't be hiding new perch. So privately with a day of like how come you're dignity whatever you wore on. And pick yourself up. Dude pizza right now he's having every thirteen year old two Marines aren't you tough ride home. But anyway I went and put the put his the other coaches and icicles from earlier had told we about how you wouldn't let me say right away. Is that it despite hats. Little ditty that's a new partner and I live he's good that. How would you say did you fat yeah what did you well I just stayed quiet I was like. Yeah we it's. It. I'm you can't do the old sheep is. You gotta double down. At that point in our own no way an honor part of my putter to putter you bought a part of yeah right and then you. I've made you look at what and then next thing you know. Right across the jobs yeah realm. That you should you look at putters true. Maybe two undercuts. You lied lied so you lied denying counter accused Max. Now it's here in new in known nothing she definitely. And we'll be right back with more of how to ruin your thirteen year old. Right after this I get that sound and confetti and nick girl pals get into this rainy Marathon Monday congratulations to the marathon winners. Japanese guy an American woman. You can Collison the framing him for studio line if you'd like to lose 6179311. AA have. We're all guys right now I did. Kind of oil industry. This in the 26 point two miles it's about defending women's. Open all 30 victory. The most exceptional chapter in this women's running life. And and they're. Did you stop Bonnie. At least a year they really did I think yes she did she was so far ahead in the race that think that you actually stopped. To take a whiz bang here and there was able to finish my miles that is someone else I listened to all the enthusiasm and local bar for dazzling all people weren't let. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I was actually out of our coach he want to don't like the it said but they haven't lobbied for the woman whose blue and Matt Inergy the American people on economics. Sexual. The running and thought okay. Did you allow our own little edged back and having threes at an actor Reynolds then yeah and. Speaking of which four or five 541 since taking bets now on which club that he's going to get murdered by nine iron and and one ounce. We got new shocked shocked. Your goal right. It is coaching Max we got sidetracked the story that I wanted to talk about we decided not to place under the missiles we've had not talked about front drama. I won't talk or something positive. And that is out mad Max and watch this documentary. Call Elvis Presley the searcher. On HBO. And it is one of the greatest musical doc it's I've ever seen in my life the searcher the searcher echoes do Elvis Presley's career in life. It's true partner. Tom Petty right before he died. Gave a long ranging interview he's one of the now operators of it. Believe that's accurate Bruce Springsteen Jon Landau it's it's. Phenomenal but. You take a guy like Max here. Who I mean. Elvis is out of our time it got some fifties and this document does a great job of making you understand. How much she changed the landscape how much he's changed everything and that there was no model he was the model and he did it as he went and also. The most important thing for me was the voice. The power of his voice. And say what you want you this that music kind of goes in one ear out the other you know hound dogs about this. Documentary has those rare moments captured him really singing and belting out not the right not the pre produced tracks you heard on the albums all those years that sounds so distant and dated now. We courted in the 1950s. Hard connect with. But there are some records of exactly here. This is a great X 20 great to hear that just sounds so old Hillary. You know you hear hound your area it's those you don't really understand how we're he had anything gospels. But wasn't there and it was there truly no more transformative figure and popular American music then Elvis Presley he's the one he's the king denied his liking you can create the list like top five. Bands artists singers Excedrin who changed music like Michael Jackson yes The Beatles yes. But I think they finish like distant second and third yeah to Elvis Presley and I think it the other two that you probably lump of them might be. I don't like the no but like it will another be somebody who would you attribute for hip you have to use somebody for blues because blues began at rock and roll right and you have to do somebody to have. It's you know and all the artists ground and all the articles on the and he wasn't wearing Purdue here here's a thing all the artists that would. Compete with him. Started music because of him. UN meat eating the whole British invasion every single one of them saw Elvis it was changed little rights. So rock and roll and type rock including the title answer including John Lennon Paul McCartney who watched Elvis on television so. The powered his voice that was what I wanted to silly talk about at one point the 69 combat especially did which was supposed to be this huge glossy event. Signifying his comeback and a music scene after not having performed live in a long time and they wanted him to sing to tracks and do this big glossy production. And he was like none well versed you don't wanna want to so nervous 'cause you know The Beatles and happen all this rock was happening he was scared to go out the whole world is watching. Elvis' back alive. He did to strip it down we see the circle the guys you grew up with his musicians that he came up with. And the drummers literally playing drums on a guitar case can you imagine right now in this present day a guy doing a huge special on national TV. And say which this circle of chairs that we do backstage just jam and that's we get and he relaxed. And he became Elvis again and that guy whose voice over says you can just hear. He just comes down attack on my god that's Elvis Elvis not from the films. Not the cheesy films not the overly produced stuff. Here is Elvis holding court listened to the power of this man's voice filling up the studio this is incredible listeners. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. That's the king all of leather. He can't explain electric guitar by the by what year was that 69 combat that. That was consistent comebacks or how well voice. Yeah I mean again it's just. I realized he could help an hour and that I don't get a real woods always just like it wasn't just the look at the moves are incredible that's in this document are brings out his his voice it's accurate saint he'd like the voice the voice the voice it's. It's what's kind of almost lost to history in a way because you just talk about him as a as an entity as a as an American icon it's like all starts with the voice and the interpretation of the music he took that black rhythm and blues R&B music. Twins with country put into pop environment known and ever done anything like that who. And then a million people did after him. He was so influenced by that black music spiritual music on let's go to Jared in winning heals. Heard arguing whales they gave us while we're where are you. All good edge or a Massachusetts. They like win posits ankles from last. We have only when he gets here. You are about. Elvis you sorry. Internet giant jet crashed just get rid eloquently it would you. Yeah he was tell the guys that you did launch well this. Oh no doubt I mean look how we dress die he admitted he was a man in black out Amanda blackouts. Thanks for the call Gerri yeah no doubt everyone was you know like my dad tell the story real quick. Well being and he was a jock my dad's great athlete in Natick high in like 1959. You know whatever. Each and everyone back then was super segment. Both racially and socially he goes with the jocks never messed with. Did you know the grease suitors the academics didn't mess of them and and they were all little click she's in one day one K because I remember it like it's a movie scene that music bio seen. A kid came down to the schoolyard and he had a record portable record and play hound dog. He said that what's happened. Everyone came together the grease yours. The jam the jocks. Straight a students everyone who normally wouldn't talk to each other was together. And he goes the next day we all start dressing like Ellis everybody came together into one because he said we are Elvis people it's an incredible thing happen overnight it story. A moment. I'm never sure. Back do you like the special right. It just but Elvis's voice I.