M&N Hour 2 - Unlucky 13 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

In the entire second hour, things get political as Michele McPhee calls in to talk about her new book, and Matty discusses his definitions of terrorism and racism. Scary.

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and you schedule it WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick Holmes man hits no home most of the and I was yards of McCain's pick it literally I couldn't be done better your ego quantities of Huff I didn't move the best thing that everybody in my life being not that amazing matting. That all liquid. Streak of the summer during the summer room that day I don't mind blowing things will. The Golden State Warriors reportedly spent half a million dollars on alcohol during their parade celebration. Danny Ainge please give us a reason to help break this record until then crack ones with Matty ended on WA AF. All in a minute but an epidemic tell you. You get into this week brought to you. Tang ban. Looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to towns and tired of the best prices and very. Trees services. Coming up this hour we'll see an improvement well okay. Fourth thing you should know him 4 o'clock hour. And 5520. Lot of sports to get to Red Sox are and Fuego if you consider beating the worst team in the league pre times. And flag and I think we'll take it well maybe not returned as Chris elbow and today is that we Amos. The Red Sox. I'll actually and that's what I don't know at fifty and enter your politics again and I'm John Snow yeah. Grew in six when he your generic greater voicemails at 6 o'clock. The Allen questions project your chance to win tickets he is the eye in the sky. Looking at you who to end on the Shawmut these going to be calling don't you ever and ever. In a report in my tease them and who's coming Michelle and what did you say so I don't. Gonna be Colin she got to cover story coming out. That's the second time is meant Michelle McPhee has had a Newsweek cover story and we've been the first people to talk to her about her. On the day it's released not not released today. Know that we're talking tomorrow right now popular today most candidates don't that I all let us tomorrow and it doesn't even drop. The online edition comes out tomorrow are you know it's not even drop until he's been on the raft and we gutter before it comes out Yahoo! I don't know why you do now in your hand. Auto pact. Nick any clue. It. The sort of virtual net first. Virtual nick thoughts. On Michelle McPhee. Calling today. And I thought it was tomorrow unbelievable. I'm nick question do you plan now Michelle Brittany. Cover piece for Newsweek national publication about gang problem right here in New England right here East Boston she's blown the lid off that. Any questions you might NASCAR. You have bloody nibbles Roth knives. If that counts. As a probing question on. By what you bring us to breakneck because Robert it's not getting it going to make time for Michelle any any final thoughts eleven has a Wiener. 4 o'clock hour hearing geez I'm sorry about four stories. You should know. It's time for the fourth things you should know. Street rules and never got us twelve hours a week. I've got the same first name is a city never clearly has got actual fact. This is for use. From daddy in the flexibility radio dot com after the official new home of WAM download today to listen to us any time anywhere on the planet you may be radio dot com nick. Now did you know story number one. That Boston. Particularly East Boston. Has a he had a problem when I hear something I don't do I don't ever talk about this but when I was a when I was arms as cruel just wanna be cop. And one of the first jobs I had when a school was. I work for the state agency. And one of the major groups we funded tried to fight Asian international organized crime right here in Boston tells cause that updated on Asian. Boris crime and Boston had a serious. Organized crime problem with Asian gangs and youth gangs in particular the Asian persuasion. And we currently. That a wrestlers and anymore. Have had a terrible problem with MS thirteen. Am I guess that's been going on for a couple of years now and our friend Michelle McPhee. Has written a no other. Piece that has gone on the front cover. Of Newsweek magazine. And she joins us on the Framingham Ford studio line framing import route two west commercial truck headquarters Michelle McPhee welcome back to Matt. Ian. Our c'mon now America loved being an hour many neck breaking and everybody play so thank Sammy. Congratulations on another stunning article Newsweek comes out tomorrow yes. So it hit the web not on anti nit and next week next week web tomorrow so tell us. About what is going on in East Boston with this with this unbelievably deadly gang MS thirteen. Eat you know it did craziest story me I live any. And East Boston and everybody knows I know. I don't make any bad not shy about Sharon that act. The heat up high school is literally ground zero for homicide. In homicidal. Teenagers. So for example right now I've been writing that he has about eight miss it keep it. The biggest thing out of an act thirteen in the entire country I'll try to be a degree. Law enforcement in an election again apple that connects the eighties and you know local ever written and spot and healthy and eat out is something that is unheard of they actually found that while the warrant. Two people treat MS thirteen. And he brought out the budget gap in the most impacted neighborhoods and yeah camera was hidden in the car he had all on their record now accommodations. And all the years he got he averages you can beat. Murder armed brutal brutal murder. Eight lucky people you can back the bad the homicide victim edit among them the young woman living in domestic sheltered child he. She looked out the window shared Atmos Energy get shot was an errant bullet I buy an annex thirteen memorably that healthy high school student. Don't eat up my little kids. Add more than thirty kind beach. One victim who killed our constitution DH in Boston in September 15. There without money he wouldn't isolate and rocket pad and it did. Another it was important that I am the man shot. The brutality is unmatched anything you know I am and I'm proud. Where things are awful and overall pick in the high school. Where these kids doing the killings were where they all. Attending school over they'd just partly attending school and then they brought in gang members do not mean. Well and a third he's gotten to that you have to realize that this influx that we've had a what they pop unaccompanied Indian children I accompany you. On the eve of the Turkey and Britain are I have to turn pro am thinking about it yesterday. Into the country alone that monarchy 9500 dollar cash to a coyote. To get him in his email content to buck. Almighty god every enrolled in ER wolf. You are rifle and out when he got there they wanna charge him rent this body in the library. Again that's. All now you guys did yes. Uga can't beat up every day in possibly killed there just aren't again. All mighty wind from the home like that and he would want and that's what people that surrounded welcome Martina going to be agent to turn. Hacking at him with a machete and go on and did not somebody who has supported by about thirteen 48 and two putted for a year these are right. What's so Michel were you how how did this happen how did something as savage and brutal. And now internationally renowned. And infamous as MS thirteen which I think a lot of people. Maybe for my unformed perspective. I'd think he's just a far off problem but actually is really kind of in our backyard how the hell did this happen underneath our noses and behind their backs. Well I think the whole political. It really at the ineffectiveness that I'm working on both sides can't come together and the solutions on any issue. And the wind nobody wants not at thirteen to get to do so would acknowledge illegal immigration. And that's something that everybody wants the right direction to a lot allow a lot. I would never if that's on the peaking at the people I'm looking at pretty high packed neat I haven't yet and I and I. Charting yucky and walk in the park dads are being hard working other immigrant. Right or extortion and that all there to bring their goals and I don't know well applauded and gave it. Attacking MS thirteen gang match from the quick thinking about protecting the community at all. As a matter of fact the operation means he ate out. Yeah you're right I mean I like that means. You know the illegal immigrant undocumented immigrants who lined the street to meet button and a applauded the cot and they dragged these kids out of what they called the story about one the tenth power and that there are you operate. As bay that he I'd like street directly across the street from the high school. And I outnumbering retreat out and tell you straight and all of the whole point and click lived in the being out. And as you can imagine the word the burn of that proposal. Dipped a little I have a lot at least it provided a template for every Ryan made it fit it actually treat you spot in any year. It was at. But the legal limit. 57 white street don't hundred exported at either. End so they are applauding. The fact in the lead who made these arrests. In early January it like to eat. Where that fits the narrative they too like we always say with the whole the controversy with trump and and immigration. One of the arguments is like looked most immigrants are hard working good decent people on boys that illustrate of of that you've got these. Bad apples sixty whatever causing all this mayhem and any other illegal immigrants are just wanna work at a restaurant or something out there are plotting that. The cops to an amazing scene. We don't put people away it would be and I'm right they think they didn't seeking out like are you wanna walk down the street play well on thirteen and that. You wanna continue to drag cabinet neighborhood you are thirty about the week. And those are the people who would you are working hard and go and I think generate a camera into the one to a victimized. And and then carry an arrogant one you know the big argument about Sanctuary City did we want to make sure that immigrants guilty cooperating with the plea. I'm speaking deal. If you go to the hop and they look. 55 white streak you've met at their harassing my children have ever threatening that they want them to join a gang and then two days later. The yanks did you get. The need to wrap our relief because they couldn't call I did he give it to my thinking dad never had it I need application are here are a warrant out. Why is that we cannot get it from cooperating why is that because people are afraid of being touted as racist or they don't wanna be the whistle blowers because and they feel like. Maybe somebody's gonna follow them home from school or from work or knock on their back door. I think did he even had people who have written to be whistleblowers feed it if not actual because the pop don't have that they can't hold them and so let's say you are off. Thirteen one of the things that they do it collect used on the numbers right noted that he thought the dude it's a big pot of money now Ottawa. I hope that more that don't get imported what did I mean and then the decline and then gave he'd get supported. And I thirteen. And wait so it's basically like. Somebody getting thrown out of a baseball game. And then someone pays that it is someone pays like that ticket taker on the slide he just gets societal right back up to his old seat in the grandstand. And I got up and not all they gotta be Qaeda and it hit me I'm looking at me. Opt outs are again I mean I know on that than on the new back to Boston on the South Shore kid in the worst thing was maybe somebody beat somebody up for lunch money making fun of them that this quality. Easy I've been like I'm looking at a picture of weapons seized from two kids. From MS thirteen. And it's like Mattie it's like when Conor O'Brien said about them they get shooter like I'm sorry I watched the video of this the system's sound like America. I'm so I'm sorry like this does it seem like Tony first this is it to my twenty team Boston. They're guys that have machetes the length of their legs that there are carrying around their guys with four strapped with foreign five. Firearms at a time where the hell are they getting this where where is this taking place and why the hell was nobody doing something significant enough about it because. Boston has seemed so safe so progressive. You know what I'm having your outrage about why I you know talking to print magnet like he had in any other group. You know backing away and only had the and the rule. Bad it was murder. I think all kids can any rifle at Concord Carlisle Iowa and I walked into. Who were murdered. The murdered by half and little if all of our about it one. And the word went out let me. It could be at national story you think one they will have bought and he bought high and I can point to what. And that didn't Ian parted and I can point to a how would that not writing the level of the national action. Well Michelle you're helping it become that the author. You can fighter on Twitter and social media at Michelle McPhee investigative journalist ABC news Newsweek. Author of the book maximum harm and now the cover story. Newsweek murder ink Michelle thank you so much that was two illuminating but we really appreciate your work. Wow amazing stuff. While thank you know I have yet let something happen they have because I'm now fifty. There's gonna have now Matt Matty went to Salem state of the sector. Yeah OK yeah I think we're already thank you Christiane. Out of line. Am Boston the only cities there really rocks while nick we have kick started the hearts. A many people on the WA AF text line 97 when those. A lot of response to that Saddam the interview my god. People are outraged people are angry people didn't know this is going on right under our noses as you said nick. Quite adroitly a lot of compliments to us too which is nice sevens and for awhile just while by far hands down the best most eye opening informative interview I've heard so long. From two guys who grew up pot roast. Fart jokes pretty impressive. Him. So it is it is shocking. Awful awful man on the toppled and don't anyone start pointing the finger right now this is a matter of who cares who left the door open. And let the bug into the house why they left the door open. Or how they think they're gonna get it out there just get the bug out of the house and enlist and just kills a mosquito just kills a mosquito that's alternate to a Jospin and and with an MS thirteen obviously horrible in that have to do with immigrants but this isn't just an immigrant immigrant thing like. You know our bloods and crips. You know gang not a generally goes it's not just in illegals issue it's not just a dreamers issue it's not just a general immigrant issue. There's you know and it however he read for three minutes there's thirty some odd thousand MS thirteen that's our lives that's the thing that's again that's a that's. The nation now I start with I'd say this is to this is terrorism this is the idea of terrorism. Is to scare intimidate and terrorize people and to not going about their daily business how is it. How is making me not wanna walk out my front door cross apart cross a street or go to school not acting terrorism that is the very definition of it. So maybe if Katie ask central would label them a terrorist organization that we can treat them differently but until then. Just a couple miles away from all your precious little metro west areas with DR hall foods that your come boots she is. Your delicious everything's where your kids named after Broadway shows glib. You've got kids being mart. Outside their class she had a great point if this is happening in Concord you talk about Corey Wright says here's or racism is racism isn't a tweet. It isn't something you'd think necessarily. True racism that really affect. Was something like this where. It just because kids are live in a certain neighborhood. And they are murdered by classmates and no one talks about that this happened in Concord she's exactly right it's. All we would be talking about eight this. It's a shame what's going on their depth it really is Davis. Is he passed and salmon please. That's what's going on yes that's less going on yes and houses in the Newton in places around here there's people sitting at their fabulous little dinner. You know wagging fingers holding up copies the New York Times list in their open concept kitchen talking about what a shame it is instead of putting. Actual boots or metaphorical boots on the ground in doing something do you have any salmon now hunger. I would give you food. I've 5 o'clock hour you know that means it's in 520. You're generic radio voicemails at 628. And have got some UT tickets to giveaway. Im just old let.