M&N Hour 2 - The Ultimate Sin 4/16/18

Monday, April 16th

In the second hour of the show we find out that Nick has a new ghost hunter neighbor on the Cape. Will we see him accepting the paranormal? Time will tell! We also learn of a terriible remake that Nick unfortunately had to have his son watch. Can you guess which one it was? Finally, Matty & Nick pay their respects to actor R. Lee Erney, who passed away last night. 


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We talked Indians 37. I can't believe I'm. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. Previously unmet he had nick in its intent to violate their resumes in fact that I didn't see on the study but it may in fact the truth. Spending an extra day on average searching for the Treasure Island will shorten your life so screwed it up. Never went to Moscow but I'm Jason like Jason does and I. Jason Knight and the Cold War fighting thirteen parred fourteen Jason's retirement river Cruz through here. I have exceeded one night head I eat more greens like back almost two things right. Yeah I'm not jet city woman. C'mon you guys tonight and I'm in my mind yeah I thought so this. Just win an eventful 75 no no no. I'm going to see eventual seven game you don't. Today we honor all those who help continue to make Boston's strong. And now the ones who continue to make Boston wrong. Here's a Matty and nick on Marathon Monday fund WA AF. Afternoon everybody. Matty and if you're old pals. Still punching the clock on this dreary and rainy. Which should be more of a celebratory feeling however it's. Part of wanna party on the streets of Boston when the weather's like this cozy on up to your nearest bar or belly on up. Without us. Here's a half of the season it really rocks we brought to my town fair tire you're looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to go town fair tire the best prices and great. Free services are we are on a Marathon Monday music marathon here but we will do some things that we normally do fifty at 520. We can also plays semi your voicemail so leave them now at 620. 6177795454. Let's get your messages in meteor out their party and America on Monday let's hear from you 617779545. This is a top five. Those are consumption there bingo patriots day a 100% today you could make an argument is number one American and I'm wondering if there was. Because well why would say that nick is because every other holiday virtually you could name everybody else shares this uniquely. Massachusetts New England wrecked it you know. I think so I think we doubled down today it was 65 or seventy and sunny. I might not be here. I have a hard time not drinking a lot of beer when I'm around you right cancer and each of it while it's not true for me now means now that of course. They don't and I resent any concerns. Are that that's. I would how many times a day it is like. So that's what I was doing. And his whole weird thing about waking up and being able lightly ran out of bed to go for long runs at 7 in the morning and an elf beating myself clarity of thought gross I know I needed. I absolutely despises. That gave me the atmosphere of city in an Alley drinking at greatest got fired now. That will probably happen sooner than later. I think this has got to be top five blustery day just like yes this is a proprietary early Boston days this is deem like the most quintessentially. Mass hold day yeah patriots day that's why the bomber it's rated guarantee though in fact. That instead of all the outdoor festivities and people toss these other Beers Italy's depicted the guide. Crashed in a Bud Light on the beer Randy Canada consulates and he just just the most Canadians think a person could ever do Abbas was like Greg. Isn't that guy on the news all the wheels can you imagine how packed capitol grill as are every far gone along the route today. I bitch at bars. Are reaping the benefits of more than anyone else today because nobody wants to be outside no one's doing the outdoor cafe no one's doing the front lawn party everyone's like. Blanket do get inside yeah discretion pints downtown we got a few text of people there saying where you guys. You guys had fun at the capitol grill locally would be bulletin. During two of Albion Ninkovich my god how how how could one try to even keep up with that dynamic duo name go please Ninkovich what he's an old ghost. Dylan my lines and radio. Like I want one year and about it and add to that one year almighty god and do it again. What's that all you and I don't you know go full year I did before and now I can do it again that was the unlike the reading. Three years. If you too strict. Have you early on I wanted to assassinate. So what we have when your address is why the BF five laying down to go Massachusetts. A. I join in the fun we'll try and take your calls when we can -- import studio line is over but let's take a moment in the middle of this music marathon to check in with some people out there in the commonwealth and beyond like Mike in New Hampshire. Mike what's happening today welcomed the show. That I should certain that there are some pretty nasty out. Sent to turn off new important could and couldn't personally welcome to find out there. Net I know you would think in this snowflakes decided they would have can't let them know they ran on Mike. And maverick we had eight American war woman. Win for the first time in. Decades and decades so. Well some I wouldn't know how I wish you Mike and gradually that's well said exactly right that their little crazy but also really. Helping a lot of good causes them like that so more power to. I think if you can run 26 miles are you condition your body to do so the last thing you're gonna feel. Is some way on your head cold and you just know I mean yeah area yikes. Text line check it and 93 north. Closed. In. Was that to the pin where is that. Tilton. New Hampshire and the week. Yet this that somebody who's tied it in the car so please pull over text responsibly. Up wind blew three trucks off the road. You know the we're Hydro planing how would a guy on the way here from a room mountains it was it was quite dangerous. So oh. You know be careful the water's really pulling up and flooding on this side roads and stuff so. Nice yeah yeah. The the streams stop and well the good news it's only entering through the next four days so I believe demon Hilton. I'll tell them is they're too Nokia Nokia. And closed. That's going to be fun. Like I said we will play that GRVs. Jia wise at six when he 55 when he will keep show as normal as possible in this. Music Marathon Monday. I'm nick. What was up with you this past weekend because I know you went to cape Dan just dedicate get in the house ready for the summit. I'm. And defense dollar on the house felt that which is awesome thanks mother nature yeah and didn't you say you ran in all my god again not the only guys that I it and yet cord accident you don't care about the fact that I had to come to some sort of tacit agreement now. With my neighbors as to who's paying for the fence when it falls down when you share a little pars. Land of vacation country. I guess is the scene Nokia have to seems face in within an hour. I guess that's the idea on X anyway so came to the agreement with the neighbors he's got to buy all the fans I'm gonna go down next Saturday helping put an end. You're only interested in the angle of me. Trying to either get him for your new monster land podcast for the running of the blank or bring him in on the show because still is believe this or not. My neighbor. To the south in Cape Cod next door neighbor who I am doing defense work where there's only a businessman affect all of mad he's yet but what kind of business would Matty B interest in what's your automatically. Must be some to do with golf. I'd say it no the other G where that is it says with no knock ghosts. My name is Don our coats. Told me straight out no joke. Retired naval officer. Goes out there. Yeah dad. Professional. And a ghost hunter. Retired. Naval officer now there is a sourced you can't trust. Now how about this he told me there's a ship docked in I believe Quincy. The USS Salem made it's in Georgia and somebody somebody who can somebody. Who definitely has better by the way. I can watch this move this week how good so I think. I've I've bad news no regular ghost busters wasn't available library. Let them watch the all female. Why would you do that happened that he would have have that be its first experience of that fantastic film. The whole regime. She came CA. CA. I deserve all of that oh my god so obsessed with seeing ghost busters that he was not take no for an answer. And there was only one substitute or alternative and the life was like oh that's fine news once it goes public will not. I know this yet but it this offends my comedic sensibilities. Oh my car he son we are too busy to get you baptized here here's Scientology's. I know I told you. When your front teeth fell out you grew your adult teeth with what you have a rabbi here. Here's the bag circus you know yeah it's. There you I don't hit one terrible parent out of anyone that I committed the ultimate sin I am shocked. Wish you. Does that help that I refuse to watch it. Yes it was out that those acts as a percentage of viewers as you know he could I made my wife watches what he could forget. The unions he this don't have time right and you could make the argument that the you'll appreciate it that much more having seen the hideous FEMA dollars. Yeah I mean. Those girls are grown threatened right Max Panamax and I was just got to be go to school here and c'mon these shoes no girl your school you wanna through your particle accelerator at. I don't. Hi I that they're not so anyway as an odd story short my neighbor McCain. Who lives in Pembroke. Is a professional ghost on grass and he tells me he's got audio on his phone. The USS Salem when he goes aboard there. He can hear the dog bark. And he said to someone what the first time he's on there's like without that and somehow help. You know about that yet at the that there's just dog yet. They let there's no doubt now those are opposing a ghost dog was called EVPs and OpenId that ghost a place I'd come so far better. A police dvds to download. Electronic voice and place a little blow your mind and one from. I've got an EVP from Gettysburg that'll blow your mind for you. Nick I'm excited you know tomorrow is. It is today sides now. Sides of Moody Blues song Tuesday afternoon. It is MC's. Twentieth anniversary here what. Never. Mr. scary. Twenty years it's amazing because you're only thirty years old I can't believe he started doing has started in nearly an egg amazing you know wow. You look great that's my favorite response always like. Tell me how long have you known you wanted to be an actor developer broadcaster writer well basically since I came out of alone. Huh. Come on did you actually when did you know that you wanted to be. A DJ when you know you want to work and aren't. I I never wanted to be DJ I thought I was gonna be a producer I have lied to be obedient annie's producer. And tomorrow I am going to play the demo that I made a flying for that job. Com and so abysmal. Wage here we are defining cassette player that would play it again we found one it's so bad I can't believe I got a job. Actually figured I've dug up some really hilarious audio wait until you hear some of the stuff from and play tomorrow I loved and we got in studio gas cumin and he surprised calls in. I also and again I wrote you a poem. Why I wrote a poem read it tomorrow world when we Laura and I just can't make any rash that look at you can't make it makes date for anyone anymore poetry. I really honestly do ODs I don't know mr. Kerry I understand Stockholm syndrome now. That's going to be start but hey if if MC wasn't I have MC yeah you would be doing what. I'd probably would have taken over my family's bakery. I game that I might go to broadcasting school that's amazing as I did not know that but. I do know this generation Sicilian baker since we share that you know horticultural love that you garden I've had your plans. And I know tentatively set up around holidays that dozens of crimes moon. I go on its perfect as we do spend a lot of time looking bones. And I don't think I Cyrus I was so yeah. I just a kid yeah my son. Under IMAX. IMAX. Bigger question is going to be a bigger. Yeah herb funds. Mixed on bonds say at least she doesn't like your dad little forum. So congratulations MC we're excited to thank you us yeah tomorrow's going to be an awesome shows he got arsenal bank has its. Big surprise is gonna love it let's check what's going on the world besides that still is. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down and plus it's an idea nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF reminded the radio dot com map is the official new home WAF you can download it today to listen to us anywhere any time. WA AF is on radio dot com download it now nick we lost a great one. Our early army. Ex marine and now of course in full metal jacket fame dead at 74. He was an actual drill instructor. Men who as you may remember transform those magnate recruits he called them into finally tune instruments of war as gunnery sergeant Hartman and full metal jacket. He is manager confirmed he passed away from complications of pneumonia. A semi forced young that's way too soon especially for a tough guy like that yeah irony and I cut like. He's the kind of pillar of salt then again the cat that we don't have many more of the men's men left and you're exactly right Nicky was one of those. Old tiny man's man where you know the old cliche like the Marines made a man out of him right he actually. Was arrested twice by age seventeen and he says that he was given a choice. Jail time or military and he said sending in Marines and he says it changed his life his attitude. And now he eventually sent to Vietnam and served fourteen months in Vietnam. I he was later staff sergeant. And he was medically discharged and 72 because of injuries is he sustained during his service oh. You know great man great actor. Super funny actually. And we have a little bit of member when you discovered him liquid the first time you saw a full metal jacket and the use like who is that you have and his guys to add to it like it's one of those blank it's one of those performances where you know something's going on like. DNA yes this is an actor was in Atlanta part had to write an and I think we have. I don't know that yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Also are at. By the time she. Just in Oregon. A private lives. 900 laps and these are big dogs you are just ask hey sorry brother I know. Amazing amazing amazing actually cattle show on the History Channel two yeah so. So RDC go sarge Manny was a part owner over brewery called bravery brewing what. I told he was a hero man has way too soon rest him rest in peace in the I music marathon continues here at zero thousand Matty and thick. Nickel less. All I. I got a story for you. Oh really I enjoy it could still learning you know Iowa. Got an engine NASA put up mania drone achieving NASA put up ads apparently NASA put up rover on Mars sooner. Well a team of Japanese and American scientists engineers. I've created something calls called Mars bees. Now this is that you're gonna think I'm making this from the martyrs of the Mars beasts they are based on b.'s. And what they are is be inspired drones. They are robotic flapping winged flyers of bumble bees size with some Acadia sized wings. They will take off from a roll over and swarm we. Above Mars. Sending video and information back. To earth while I'm they they sent cicadas sized bug drones to Mars yet we're gonna get our pictures yes from. Just think that variably invariably could be like the hottest new toys yes. They will give us a new vantage point on Mars surface. It's in the concept stage that they say are the winning design is being worked on now and they think they're gonna launch prototypes. In the near future. What is it about kids and germs. Like that every kid wants to Germany I want all I want I turn around anyone I flew I apple hired cameraman tissue damage noted show outside the Rose Bowl a couple of years ago he broke like a big one look like an HD camera on it. We did have a permit he flew it over the Rose Bowl and some cock and I didn't even think of that what's the big deal cops came over like. Pay. Ever like I don't know terrorism and everything can you please land your giant flying camera that you don't have a license for. But my five year old. Is it since two of them maxed do you have a drone do you get why people love drones or would wanna have a drone. I know. You don't have one now if I got good enough yeah amid like but like prodigy he's a radio prodigy right but I do your friends have drones. I get schooled for saying hey is that I think both. Good now as we get it all go through your reply to hold on the to bring them on an Angel tomorrow so you can line it's mark I've tried to it. As you and interchanges. Bumpy road but it sure doesn't look good guy droves anymore the took the girl drones let us something we're gonna. But you've got a hair all of a sudden might want to talk to our girl's room. Before you really care about an hour mudge.