M&N Hour 2 Some Baron Humor? 7/16/18

Monday, July 16th

In the second hour of today's show Matty & NIck offset We're The Worst with We're The Best, where Matty & Nick announce they'll be trying to put on a comedy show in tribute to Michael Chesna, the officer shot in Weymouth. Then in Four You, Sasha Baron Cohen is getting some controversy over his new show! 

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We can't union's 37 W. Our families online and on your schedule led WA AF. O'clock hour with your. How's the I'm not relate to my left nick Stephens. Behind the boards it is driving and Friday. Out of Ithaca College interns Colin. Who's back there Williams is will now. All they're sick and Willie Anderson is in the hill and his being able to establish themselves you'll be doing that Netflix will this week. Today will be doing a Little Rock opt. Oh yeah. It's going to be fun this wanted to one ministry. Now the Sonics progressively more difficult well here's the thing the songs are so ubiquitous that there's such famous songs we. Today I was eve I forgot what song was that I center I'm like oh my god I could it took me a second. It's and when you hear the interconnect all my god of course I can't believe I the that her daddy and that that's appropriate. Yeah eyes and I knew that will augment this team that I can't believe that did you know it before we get into where the best after that horrible where the worst. I wanted to get one quick shout out nick I mean if you indulge me the way it wanted to share that news. A special group of people. Men. Boy you showed to the mall road diamond caps. The Monroe diamond cats are a softball team. Of which my knees grace. Is a stud little puppy. Grace. She's half we have resilient my brother's wife resilient and she's a terror at that play. He's now Secretary General and this team is I went to this game and I am expecting. If I may without offending. I was expecting you know our young girls softball like key. And I this is taking solo mountain known and and and and show for the Dallas problems in what I did and. I don't know nine and im right. I don't touch it before and well. Announcer. These girls ate it is like a it's as exciting as any ball game you can go to these girls unbelievably well coached they hurled at softball. Entered junior high aged girls and the coaches of the staff of this team an airplane Natick. I mean it moved and and the skill level. The excitement. These girls are getting it done man. And I'm proud of all of them so well hello to your knees. I. Eight points and however Heidi new ballpark. Between four and seventeen probably okay. I'll tell. It's maybe the Ferrell and six war in order of between four and eighteen years old Sox it was 64. But weirdly enough still drinks from a bottle yeah me. No I agree she's exactly max's age he's at an airport two weeks apart she's. Thirteen. But compared to max's ability take care arms of she's like 25 and he's. But there it's so guides which is my blood diamond caps. On. Anything more frustrating by the way when your parenting a child yet. Then the reaction you get him. When one little something is or like I ally for some reason like I expect my kid like mow the lawn or make his own rhetoric at this point like who go online and balance the checkbook yes. But like when one little detail is wrong. Is there an overreaction in your adult life that matches up when a kid approximately eight like four to seven. You make them like a sandwich you prepare their breakfast or you get them an ice cream cone. And like let's see find their favorite flavor. And they don't wanna a cup cup like a Cape Town where they want a waffle come and you get the waffled on and you find the favorite flavor and it's made chocolate chip but it's not the green package that could be to hear that can be too Minty. Think the actual fresh real. Mint chocolate chip. And for some Mikey let's say they want to rainbow sprinkles but you forget it you get chocolate sprinkles. Hole yes. Yeah lose. Mines are lost like oh you're at a maple syrup Steve put honey on their pain which actually I think taste better than maple yeah putting butter and the ice I want it. And they throw this fit in the Greek like this morning I Danes. I thought I did and to bring the prince Max. An exam is that I made on my camera targeted for I dame and to put. Some cream cheese on the bag of his exam yes you did all of us so good he almost spit in my face. What are you doing what are you thinking I'm according mean it's guys like I don't this is an example it's wiser cream cheese on this series. Why would you be announced he's on my outlook by my uncle lives and my father who lives in Arlington makes the single when I opened my restaurant the first input on the menu and I'm I'm calling the uncle Bob. English muffin. Perfect nice over easy egg in American cheese bacon and grape jelly. Now why yes Austria now now have grown so no I'll try ultra I don't Kurt cereal all I would pursue a strong suit. Now any time in months for sure we bullets do you you recruiting him you graded Max. Engage in the cream cheese on the exam which it is such a great baseless it's also awesome recovery to like. They can increase she's on anything if you've had a couple to many that I bureau does it add some. Moisture to what might otherwise be a dry sand action. A little bit I said molester Rama and snacks like Citi Field catching on the exam which can't catch right now he used to he doesn't like anymore. Really angry Internet dip and everything and barbecues. Let's do the best as we're never gonna get a James River bar is thoughts. Go don't know what that I just don't know James River barbecues I know I don't don't miss your old and we. Know we can't do with that don't. And ever and quick while real quick hits and it has got to dig two seconds. You don't have to look very hard to feel bad about the state of the world so this would rock bottom so. Which is why we do a segment called weird the worst wow. Your the worst welcome aboard it's easy to focus on the negatives so how about a little positive. And it feels so good to. Politics ought to start taking things seriously don't tax them like. Who's inspired foods whenever it's time for it we're the best. Well I imagine there was an old quote that. From. Fred Rogers mister Rogers and he talked about his mother telling him that when there was a tragedy on TV was scared and crying and something bad happened weather's Bobby Kennedy getting shot or. His mother Cindy it's awful that look at the helpers. But the other helpers around the tragedy and that's are gonna do right now we are the worst. Because of that says no murder. We lost jobs are but we are the best when something like this happens an outpouring of love is for watching video after video. Of people offering to help the parade they did not parade at the procession they just did excuse me right you know all the police officers in Weymouth. People are tweeting now. The vigil tonight in win this Julia you're looking to attend and share some thoughts prayers and good offer condolences. Robert Kraft stop by the day out police department yesterday offered his condolences and we heard drop off a check. Greg did an amazing job on the radio this morning I feel I'm at the park with a great deal foundation over 21000 dollars. The you can still give ya the great health foundation dot org and even eunick you're on an a to exchange this morning right that I hours. On reading you guys are putting you in buck and Ann and Jerry Jerry yet you would tell there if you weren't away shooting next week to oak island filming us as an excuse me so. Will tell you get a better term the final details yet but hopefully we will announce it by and if show or tomorrow we're looking to put together a comedy show in Weymouth. We're all local comedians hope we'll get a couple headliners to donate a little time. And all of the proceeds when we get the show finalized. Will benefit not only. The Weymouth police department perhaps that says the family. Nobody wants to get too close to that scene right now because my god give these poor people some time to breathe and recuperate and also. Lost in the equation. Do something nice for this poor woman. Issue is she just gonna be in the middle of her breakfast or just having a morning Reid be lost and that's the end of it. It who's doing image a lot of damage to do some lever to memorialize. Or learn more about her I don't know how to help that soon as details are finalized OK here and obviously. Try and spread the word that the outpouring of support generosity Matty has been. Awesome again you can go to. The Greg Hill foundation dot org and nick we'll have more information about their event and dumped all you out there who helped with your support and prayers. We are the best when something like this happens and again as mrs. Rogers set all those years ago when something bad happens. Look for the helpers. Finishing out a four EU. An extra mystery. And we are excited. You and I both and people of art ilk. Or the third sees. Of stranger things. Well. They just jump to video. And it's a serious bid in the stalls for people like you and I. Who grew up. Mainly. In the eighties. Idea you remembers much of the seventies as I didn't come a little. But I consider myself a child of the Morse says no I do remember a lot said. But. Check of the civil build. Stadium they dropped as hot gym yet this is actually. Walker. Is the clip. That would be the worst episode. Of strange things ever. Earth America. Indiana. Politics. Brewing patriotic community and a shining example of the American dream. Today Hawkins is taking another step into the future with a brand new sparkle with malls. I just. Think that she's. Friends. And of course. To shock. You images like RadioShack snails sand goodies jazz or size of bricks and sticks all the great eighties. Stores across. Spin if the courts rule. At all. So I think it's really it is definitely telling you that it's going to be a serious scene on the styles are there and I tried to move on like hey. Life is as normal and then I wonder if we're gonna spend Worrell spent more time if the upside down we'll come here are they're gonna getting sucked over to this side. Might only take away from season to them the only negative take away at season to a stranger things is that. Season one showed me something new that I never seen and the problem is a lot of times with the second go round. If they just try to serve you like another helping that's delicious mess never going to be as good as the first by Iraq. You know you're going to be finding dory to Finding Nemo you're gonna be Incredibles 22 Incredibles not only speaking cartoons to the dollar watch to a five year old. But. I didn't feel like Dayton they took me somewhere else it just. I wonder if it should be an anthology not the same story. Completely agree with you okay and however when they did do in my opinion just my opinion. Just one man to Scott made me. Is that they deal you you to win. It wasn't as exciting. It wasn't as dangerous feeling it and had no moment like the get out on the Christmas lights moment there because we'd like you said you'd we've been there what they did do. Was they brought me deeper emotionally. And in the first season I never welled up and I loved it and as exciting but that last episode of season two I I'd out now cried. So you know an airplane and eighty sing and dance in the coming evaded because it was a set of my. So I think big powerful explosive that's when Matty started as hormone treatment and I am happy if I had heavy flow. What. Heavy flow of Beers what did you. Medical res much different ideas related to share. But so I think they did do a good job I agree with you make it's it's never quite as exciting is that quite as good the second time but I think they'd because of the news that. They dug a little deeper emotionally. So for season three maybe they can. In the middle there me you're never gonna get you'll never you'll never him. The emotion of the flash the flash back season one. When we see with the name about David harbors care to the chief but yeah if I remember in season one they flashback to his walker. Strangely enough. They flashback to when his daughter was done all that was about how big that now they want that's big that's way out. That's when I was like you know what this show has me because yeah that is such a that's a brave. That's an awful. Awful thing but explains why it was so important to save these kids. Because he is haunted by his own purse that was lost definitely agree that it remains why he is the way he is with a Levin in season two. Maybe not this out maybe this one's going to be incredible season too. That final dance of the house spoiler alert there's a dancer at the end. I was just so moved by that because every you know every shot was perfect it was like I was back in my junior high dance team in that moment and I just think they nailed that it was so alone well again that's so sad. It was pretty great. Gosh it's the annihilation I think if you guys like that I really liked it now with the reality Portman yes on yeah now why do you like it for nostalgia. Purposes known on an underdog just like the concept of their being like me another reality kind of on top of this or another dimension nation today. Kind of on top of them that we don't see that that it's constantly hair and sounds like something that's so they sell that on them moon rapper would like. Boy oh boy okay. Pop per share potter I guess in walker however I became. Talk about how many people became stars from the show obviously the adorable kid that does the commercials and not me. But I can tell restaurants are dead. Bobby Brown Millie Bobby Brown eleven has a waiter where the second Bobby Brown's moments ago merely Bobby Brown the girl. David Harbour Winona the comeback of Winona Ryder I simply get the most influential. I think it's the most influential hour long show season two's ratings were off the charts. You know it doesn't really cool name another more influential. Man scripted now. Right now currently on the air or is still in production. Say that that that unlike Joseph you have really well I can joke out of it once this is kind of not based on the more influential as the clock in his Ike candies to pop culturally. This is where I can't episode two what's the one that. No but the one before this with with. With orange girls are gonna will now on Allen could be argued. But but. Oh on HBO the girls in the murder in the come alive dad legalized legalized yet I was okay Syria and second season that is coming out couldn't remember them analysts don't know it's fun. Without that little line yeah we had a mind my friend out. Completed play the husband of Nicole Kidman's character depth well known no BS he played a guy that they thought might have. REP he'd Dieter. See if you spell it. Well we'll get your own hardware and O all right all the kids listening that's your offense. Was good ross' on the fan art studio line for putting cover us. Eight wanna do bring up something good seat and cute and stranger things please I'll agree with you guys are talking about us one thing they did peek into a little bit which is. Little I expected that they'd crude would bet there are other people. Like eleven there are other numbers out there and you know no solid one. Yeah and Ross nobody likes that standalone episode and I do well I really haven't that was the one that took the most critique and on my head off. That they're delusional fan boys thanks Ross. What with that buddy. On that they went like that ought to. But it is like that it opened it soared into the. A possible other wells are Russian broke a runner saying he's opening the door to possibly another old. World that we can explore new world to your point right so he was saying you're saying one of the critiques you autism Joba something new. And his argument is. Well maybe we're getting a peek at something new and a whole new world of other elevenths which rights is a good thought they experiments that a more aren't an area I know were quite brought up against is declining get away however Tex line thank you number one. David Harbour is the new cowboy replacing Ron Perlman which is pretty rad. So obviously stranger things did tell the good things for his career and number two. Yes stranger things you could say is probably the second or third it's maybe metal platform in terms of intellectual shows but the most influential show right now. Entering its final season. Not now what it gave up recital and waited too long. What it's anti climactic now are you kidding yup you give on ecstatic they happened and downs and they had it down there. Loans stand now concerned liquid the throne by waiting too long I don't care anymore you can't wait two years to make up another season. Three years under him. Yeah fare well. Early years of ups like. Characters sitting on year I've grown at home hanging it's now important Nemo.