M&N Hour 2 - Slurpee Delivery With Intern Colin and World Cup With Kuhner

Wednesday, July 11th

In another hour long edition of Four You, the guys get their slurpees, talk to Jeff Kuhner about Croatia v England, and touch on the trapped Thai soccer team.

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. 4 o'clock hour. Jeopardy champion. Lynn. Continues his jeopardy run tonight we will unveil our new game password jeopardy with him. Also it is 4 o'clock hours it's four stories but you should know. You brought to my town fair tire the guarantee those players sometimes go to town fair tire because nobody these town fair tire nobody. Leave us your messages at this generic radio voice mail lines and voice mail system. That unit that number 617779. 5454. We waiters to appease all well and I got Andy pick up. Colin hard hitting news man. Died violently get them. There is Tom Brokaw you're right now. Yet. Look at this. Come on. Davies I pay it's what you got Larry it's god to Captain Crunch is nice they're blue book god deadly wild cherry. Coca-Cola you. Literally like white mold on top of the Captain Crunch. That's here that's what you're about putting your body guard. I'm on good old fashion. Wilde share a real man. It's and explore all the mix of all of them all the suicide at least not a suicide with the high. Yet back in out of a Little League if you got a soda with every time episode I it. Erica weights we. A good news in Canada and don't need to. Thank you Colin most of where you while we while we try this and that's all the homeless obviously at a openings that Colin thank you so much you're scholar and a gentleman. It's time for the fort things you should know the street rules and I would never get less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first name is a city. Never going nearly who's got a tattoo back. This is for you from Matty in the here's my problem the solar. This looks disgusting. Or run out now look honestly it looks like some sort of like. Strange. Fungus. But you don't have looked on what this. It's just that I've got it in half like now. Me you know how they scratch at peak ages from Petri dish for bacteria I. Ya got area where that Syria and it looks like Lech watch Michael like this on terms. Her culinary Nacchio line. Well god. Oh my god literally takes a Captain Crunch done yet guys. Now it's started out I thought it was just gonna be completely benign and flavored judiciary and then at the bottom of this weird Chris nice try collared. Sea foam fungal nonsense. This potable at Georgia Gulf that is how the Walking Dead starts I swear to god. Yeah I had no one told me great. How and does. This I pulled this out of my one year old diaper every day and I will risk beings on the side we've finished now for you refuse to discuss. Listen listen on my got a taste just like Captain Crunch night it takes I kept encouraging L. Here's the problem with. Favorite childhood cereals. Not drinking something that would come from the ice cream man no you're crazy this is like if Captain Crunch had an affair with a elf. And we should had a sexual byproduct is disgusting yeah Kyle. Nick we have your father Colin you know you and then put on Saturday morning cartoons dislike child after my dad it's the she teach these kids got dark room if would you want me to hook him up like Al audiences. He could speak at its heart and actually he DeWitt reports like that would be amazing. What's that one over their stints with that yellow with that aren't you at the medicine without. Now the coach all flavors look at us with some with yeah give me this I don't know I can't do this I clean this up the floor at the cinema so many times when as a sick you're going to see like teenage mutant is eternal but they're under prior suicide scenario at all the flavors. It's a little too much Pina colada bots fantastic light. That's crime rate. All of a sudden I'm on vacation and spending all that money that it broke off people in the Ponzi scheme. The only problem with the us where he's in my estimation is the carbonation. Let's see that's what makes them great no because you have like a slushy. Sloshing that grape or cherry slushy it's just the flavoring in ice and and the like. As a as a process notary kick to I don't appreciate. Like that but that's what separates the I am praying very honest or slushy. The home. No I drink that exit. I'm hurts coming out a remind you that for you. At this point that the re cool calm and cool in the official new home of WA AF download today to listeners any time. Any where oh all that is truly one of the where why would god put that nerves behind their nose here's a great optimism for just tuned in. What's going on all I heard was something at being something and you get this nasty stuff Ciba to dead man. That beautiful if solar p.s didn't have that light little carbonation that little that little air whatever they whipped into it that. Gives them an effervescent. That it would just be useless that is slushy it is European that's the proprietary magic well I'm almost unanimous loss in the goodness slushy I'm gonna. They goddess she don't go to dairy queen and (%expletive) and moan about the fact that it doesn't have the right kind of consistency because it's ice milk I thought I forgot they carbonated. Austin and Houston eleven. Curse you ninth inning and just getting laughs and there's a bad accident on 95 by age 26 as the next. Year. Oh good lord. That mr. Story number one was it is national slower B day and Captain Crunch liberties not great. Stirring amber to Croatia just took the lead over England to the one afternoon that type thing. And stirring a total no idea why. Since joining thirteen minutes left in. They're going to be quite sad. And England although know he's in school balloons. All right speaking of naughty schoolboy swept. West hazard is a Boston based comedian local boy fronts don't and I believe. Stand up comic. Random shows of friendly it will Noonan and Ahman price. And he is killing it nationally on little show called jeopardy and he's on the Framingham fort studio line right now hello Wes Welker Marion. I don't make sure every dude we're psyched to have you now how did this all happened how does one get on jeopardy. Yeah every year just Greece says when I have an online test in about 300000 people get the chance to take that task. Of those. Been without an about 70000. It just actually picked us. And then it by 2500 people per year to audition by and then about 400 people a year to actually be on jeopardy Sox took the the pats back in on May 2017. You know Pontiac that it audition in October audition in November and but the columns in Iraq. Incredible now is Alex to back. The other days and be a Dick but is he nice reunion in person. Yes he has straight professional I'd been doing this show for 34 years are key it's all business. Yeah that that you live feeds to this is a lot of time that you look at on two GB I don't. That's code for his Benedict the strictly professional aka just kids adrift but think about it though like how many people as he talks I had to conduct the interviews and it has the asked questions you know are rather given category names too like he's got to be eased its gotta be a turnstile at this point because he takes the time. They get to know our review the there's so many thousands of west is now west how much of your own. Previously acquired knowledge would you say you're using verses how much stuff. You felt like you had to study or download or offering him between when you took the test and when you tape the show. That they probably about 70% I knew but that's because the march 20 jeopardy as. People out that you know how do you have with. But in doing now to say watch the show that's the single best thing you can do not be doing after twenty years so obvious which just. In the butt out yeah exactly and I need my weaknesses you know that study upon. Opera Broadway food that is thought that was into Somalia where are definitely a month. And how's the sin of pre ago homebody. Yup there work and doing good. Yeah I think we get him into comic insert aside bookstores this age sudden chill on national public television. If you don't like these and that whenever wherever I cannot just off there and beyond so things get. Let alone the doors but yeah just a ticket and show that in chemical. That this is that was a very Belichick in answer nice jump and hit the it did this may open doors for you like you said but now everyone's got to expect you to be like. Someone who does Smart comedy. Yeah a little bit of that but you know black is the fact about me in my life and how it felt currently working on a one man show up just expensive than. Workshop and what I can so far obviously can't talk about it. Completely and totally actually aren't so sure I want to talk wrapped up we'll be able to actually get the whole thing and I'm pretty senator up. And you've won two is that correct in your on again tonight is that correct. Direct of one to about 43000. Dollars a thousand dollars so far. But that's what yet tonight on tonight. Well we wanna use this opportunity to get you ready for tonight okay so we've invented a new game which we're gonna play from now on here and there when it debut with you. It's not as were jeopardy here we go. And now we've done at the jeopardy. And Eddie and that isn't. It categories. There doesn't it. Unless. West hazard. And your categories last. This can't really be a show candidate. World Cup spelled WH IR LD. Your audio daily single seat as were Japanese. And heroic app to suit spelled ATP. Let's show the wrote did. Barack aptitude. Okay the top selling comic book of the 1940s. If you use his name you can discover your powers. Or a random song. I know would issue Sam. At a bull I you've got Adio daily single World Cup this can't really be a show can it. I would sure World Cup. Okay this effervescent beverage is being given away free today because it's July 11. What do it. Slipping. Yeah I can. This is talking of course to communion with hazards don't look at Boston man. Killing and on jeopardy and he's keenly on passwords two so you've got this can't really be shown a candidate or audio daily single. Let's try and understand Rhodesia now can. Okay. These hard protective coverings on our bodies are made of dead skin tissue and or older just is driving like apartment is small. There's going to. Well instant answers. On these hard protective coverings on our bodies are made of dead skin tissue. This is going to be pups when as well. She's. Yeah. It's tone or else the answers to who nails. I was looking for a ask that other thing you know that's my bet on no that's okay. He says that's where jeopardy because it rhymes with V. All right outside that. It's I can't say when it's gone it's assumed that there are OK and let's do your audio daily single CD and come out on top pick I would go there. Our co host nick sometimes. As yelled out the name of this dictator bush and Clinton say I was quite controversial. Now he had his own musical comedy in the producers. Okay you want an Internet companies. Would it bring it. And tells it there goes. I understand now why you are the ratings yeah champion and let's open we're looking at a threes that may be more about it. Aren't appreciated what Frederick good luck by then kill on the night all right take your pick it. You guys breaking news. In the World Cup I think to Pennsylvania just be Cancun. That right to have a whole lot this is too. Or from down the hall. And I. Hold on now is very beautiful RY don't know what's going out I don't know soccer. Croatia. Just pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports. History. They beat England in the semifinal. Tool one they are going to play France in the World Cup. It's David vs Goliath I. It now are you correlation ID my parents are from the old country. Oh. I am I thought my sister she's out in California. She's crying. I called my god. He's crying. If you're the only country I can't get anybody. Because Darryl crying you looked very the most all right is incredible I don't know it. Wait you can't get anyone on the phone in the old country because they're all busy running Ponzi schemes are. And Marjorie Hill and then yeah. I look up. Yeah always is made out every now and thought I'd make all these cheap jokes about it but. No seriously I. Beautiful visit Croatia might encourage have like the. Because honestly they don't they don't want anybody you know about it. Because the last tourists. Foreigners right the better. Also they can enjoy the beaches for themselves gotcha I guess I could do that is it is what's what's gonna happen tonight. The party is centered on there there it's it's it's they're they're they're gonna I mean saw Greg is the capital through. They are gonna rock czar grab all night my friend. I describe how god is a key Tobler. I did not even drank on my wedding night. I am telling you. If Croatia beats France on Sunday while it's on I am getting drunk yeah. Putts go. Oh holy model series right here on record couple people who are champagne big mother bottle of champagne on. False plural and I thought I Nadal initially made the band does skiing Debbie I'm sure and I'm calling management. I come home and it's all right I don't work on Monday. Would it be home hung over oh my gosh I don't mr. and mrs. scooter is very real news and got our wedding was not big enough for me to attack. I wanna go. Our children are not important now to another game get what you are well and if you thought you gave me. Rooting interest. You know Ali I just hustle on Medicare I've got relatives and friends you know what yeah. Taylor I'm really can't. Let's send Neville Chamberlain there. Thank you could call my pleasure pleasure out and he got back goal Croatia go insert Croatian burg Brooklyn. Many nick. Hump day let's do this Shelley coming up in the 5 o'clock hour which I'm told is just three minutes or so away. We will have tickets to events seven fold with profits or raise your chance to meet the band will do at some point. In the 5 o'clock hour bitsy at 520. You're generic radio voice mails at 620 that number. Is 6177795454. But now let's peruse the group's. Time for a hot glass. The same time we should do something if it's hot and slashing and if you only doubt in my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF. It's back starting Monday you get twelve chances every week data 1000 dollars the thousand dollar Holler on WAF is back. A thousand bucks. You know every hour from 78 to seven in the PP listen for code words at the top of every hour won't you yes I will Matty. And you get more unsettling I think I'm having you on for keeping them honest. I'm hungry. There's a breaking news so you so I'd justice and others were so anything that your mind thinks he just turns right into words no homes are now gone you know really we would have been bonuses. This filtered view well. What I do is the idea Jess states. And then I just let it go but there are some things when it when I call the emergency file there's there's actually a little British got a red coat in my head. And he stops at the border it's just a little trump it's a little trumpet my head any stop certain things of the border and because of I said some things are coming in my mind and we would both be imprisoned right now. When. I assuredly. Yes he's gonna play for hours to multi group and parent for items Kennedy's. Rogers duties of these speaker was brought him. Well I have followed this week. On the use soccer team dynamics and no not at all I find this I'm full of in the hell do you think about that and vinegar which regular readers are TO. The board down the hall just related if you are a guy really boxers or. Write what you want to Augusta. For influence for you it's four logo Jeanne. Matty I say hi I've forgotten the slow metabolism I have a chatty Cathy and a high motor Henry. I can't I am a Yugo compared to a year high output Italian sports car a whole yes word a make a metaphor. Oh good oh good what would you rather have. For Christmas morning when you wake up would you like to have every present wrapped so you know exactly what it is just put up this account access. All are have all like Sousa a golf club rattle it off of a bowling ball like oh are a big bunch of boxes you opening you don't know what's gonna come out. He never lost a lot of noise inside one of those boxes scorpions. Hat paths scorpions of Mike time what. While the man my word by salmon a double some clock I will gobble indeed with I can't. OK so well to be used soccer team Tyler and we have mentioned. That they had been invited nick to the World Cup final on Sunday pastor and that was a beautiful story were thinking oh my god at all rescued well. Non-GAAP. They will not be able to attend. Was it Cancun verses. He had risen as a way to say yeah hello. Are the boys going to be. It. That was that was to slow the pace after. The rapid fire assault that you just cares nobody knew everybody. You know what everybody needed to play outlines exactly that would sorbet course that's unique status seltzer water between tastings just bingo I just sniffed the company that snippet. Sniff. I needed you most think you do this because you know unique opportunities you like and give them five days of me in three. This is every. Listen since I was here. These boys on the wild Boris football club movie pending. Given our stereo. Have to remain hospitalized for at least seven days under medical super is like that's overkill. Kate while seven days they were on an alien craft. You know we monster land. It's. Some drops as to studio. There's nothing. Gangster or hood about it so why was there yell at the end because once the noise dudes yelling in the fields of for UFO's yellow and par canticle car. Fifa soccer's international governing body headed by the boys to Moscow to catch a game between France and the winner of Wednesday's semifinal match in Croatia Croatia and England who we know to be. Croatian. Excellent you need to give Matty a tying my. Good job. Of that war that's offensive. Them. Like I get it at the bit he's like that's what long have signed what is it honestly it is but if there's something. That they've picked up something it's just stating and you. What you you basically have to keep him in a giant bubble or zip lock early cage won a Big Apple John Travolta put him in bubbles there EO timely reference point of federal policy that movie that was on ABC in 1979. Still is is this week a boiler last night I'll go honestly there's John Travolta music seventeen. And he played a kid with that see us that he had to live inside a bubble. Plastic bubble like Utley did adult incubator that comedy or drama that was common. Rick Carlisle area. Actually. I think they see how I felt like I was proud to have you on together how the scene where he Dutch ovens themselves by accident parts of the bubble there does. Along. Cooler than a bar and space suit it actually does sound like the plot to Jerry Lewis movie level at the plaza about my. Are administering a glorious clocks does do is knowing wind up things stupid let's let's let's let's not and then come what OK they go. 50 wait the kids were exposed to spores in the cave. They can be extremely detonated their lungs and was there under medical supervision actually. Exports to plan all the car what a bummer if you rescue these kids but then you know I you know a lot. Let us it is sucking and then they'll die on the way home because they didn't get their. Sport treatment five the yeah they would you be happy if world wars he breaks out at the World Cup final in Russia content. Determined.