M&N Hour 2 - Respect My Port Authority! 4/25/18

Wednesday, April 25th

In the entire second hour, we talk Four You, Simpsons, environmentalism, and Super Troopers 2!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously unmet do you niche they go beyond lame though. Let's go away until I had an. We'll try to get. Certain on lap while ironically. People playing the label will never see them maybe they called. I've thought about that I think. That's note that could give yourself. Your own it says that since I hope you keep it company. Mood of this game when you. Obviously he knows his history and always I know are my hand every guys who may not be a good graces that film. Is definitely agreed. It's our job today to help you pass the time until the puck drops tonight in the garden. Now how we choose to pass that time as a whole different discussion it's Matty ended on WA AF. When a quick review of nick bud Bundy side super troopers to. Early sneak peek its super troopers to do with bud Bundy blood what did you think of it. This absolute whole Larry yes blu acute care front there. Were you how high blood is the F saw it both are what you thought you guys ever go. True I mean were you high at the time he saw the film. Yes they are different all right so how many gloves would you give it the Jim and drove off fight card qualifier god first and but Monday. Fantastic review of super troopers to are coming up. We've got fifty at 520 year GR vis its sixth when he leave those messages starting now that number 6177795454. And for you coming up you won't believe. This audio I have of this woman I wanted to do shoot in reduced her to you. It's one of those pieces of audio that'll drive increasingly be so glad you heard it because we're expose this person. 4 o'clock hour what's going on while we're gonna tell. You stood for the fourth things you should know. Street rules and I would. Never get less than twelve hours a week. But I've got this thing first minister said he never going your way has got to pass. Yeah this is for you from daddy and hit every 4 o'clock hour we've peruse the news. Social media and all that come up before little gem we think you might wanna know Madeleine Peru's means to study carefully as mean to gloss over she's wrong all the time. Right people. Star one nick I'm like to introduce you to someone. Name's Kerry Angie turner. Now Karen. Mes the big shot commissioner of the port authority. Of new York New Jersey to have to title. And her daughter. Got pulled over and routine traffic stop. Turns out cops have the tow the car. And she then decides to pull the old Kennedy trek. You know I am here's my dad's screw you guys and all that luckily. And thank god. It was caught on. Yeah. We'll be back with a bit. Weak and it will be the mayors of work. Cops in the situation we're here to watch the whole thing there were so com there as to when these teenagers cars what was the twenty cars and they're towing them again because. Bad license plate. I think a bad registration. Tinted windows they couldn't see the license plate as the car thing whatever. They couldn't produce insurance cards so routine traffic stop hate kids are gonna take cards mother comes screeching in and daughter calls. Pulls utter bad says one. Here's how it's gonna good out. I'm the commissioner. Screw you guys and they listed there and they said ma'am it's has nothing to do these these are all of aged kids if you don't have it past your daughter asked the driver. And she just kept that kept them don't know why am. Well she industries. Oops this port authority of new York and editors. That's a lot of this stuff that is a massive gate that is a huge job. People around here don't know much about the Port Authority basically the Port Authority almost operates as an autonomous entity in and around your cities of basically all your airports or your bus terminals all year. Very ways seaports X that are are kind of the city decided. That they would be kind of they would sort of police themselves and they created this authority or authorities tomorrow. They created this police force this act. Which is basically like it has half the population of like a big city. I can't make a big town or small city yet. And they're like their own police bridges and tunnels -- huge New York City huge billions and billions and billions of dollars and some of the most important. Police work in the country is done by the Port Authority police she go too big for her britches as a screw up of epic proportions she got high. On her position. Amen I love when people like Nick Jonas too she said she set a three or four times a video to site. My kids Iraq registered MIT and employee sticky it's great thoughts of what. And the cops shame on them for doing their job she should be praising them for doing their jobs and she should be turning around. And saying. MIT and Ph.D. lingo paid dip stick lingo you should have produced your registration OK you should net you know what the late my brother got pulled over having tinted windows and a used car you bought. Read. You can pull the I don't you know I am nick Stephens amendment. And it was when. Lately typically applied to fit ticker yet. But I Georgia seventy that it just got to talking like they're in seventh heaven forces bad and badge number 54 road boss that is so true these guys were so com. They kept their hands and issues in their face at one point he actually starts saying he couldn't holy arrested her neck. She's like arrested a a New York City cop arresting a Port Authority commissioner would have been out out of this world and he starts back obvious man. Stepped back. 'cause I can't go back any further and year your encroaching MySpace step back please he was wholly professional she was so boxes and wanted to like glass kids in this country are acts on titled oh my god you linking my mom would just get me out of it dude don't worry about it bro my mom's. My mom's Port Authority image we got this we're good here's I would go out of my father. My mother. You be mean wooten. And you caught I'll be my mother. You actually saw you blow. Those notes. They are twice in the area. You call my mom. And town to town that even pulled them. Hello. Hey mom what's up with me whack. Hey. I got pulled over collect. And having exactly. Exactly. Story number two. Now you're aware I know you are of this whole court awful of Hank Azaria. Voicing up who on the Simpsons. And it's become a controversy. And he has stated he's gonna take his time he was caught by teams he had an airport few weeks I think we played the sound on the show in fact a few months ago I actually. Any senate take my time think about this issue and decide how I want to proceed. Now there were should he still be as an American actor portraying them approve voice. The Indian. You know convenience store owner voice that's causing controversy well he was on cold there last night. And he finally addressed and here's recent comments aft. It is what what do you think should happen with a capital forward. Yeah I've given this a lot of thought really a lot of thought. And as I say in my eyes have been opened. And I think the most important things we have to listen to South Asian people indeed people in this country. I really wanna see in the in South Asian writer or writers in the room not a total can wave it. Genuinely informing whatever new direction this character may take including. How would his voice or not voiced you know I I'm perfectly willing and happy to step aside or help transition into something new. I really hope that's what the Simpsons does and it just it not only makes sense but it just feels like the right thing to do me. What do you think nick what things comments on the little I think Islam. I don't think it's wrong for him to speak to the sensitivity he's not an. He's not a South Asian man he's no he's not an Indian descent so it's not for him it's not for a successful Caucasian. White Hollywood man to decide the way this is portrayed. At the same time. In none of the Simpsons episodes I watched. Grant that I watched a long time ago and it's actually funny so we're talking twenty years ago. When I watched I never thought like man those Indians here are funny are while that's. That's the way I feel about them and I fear NN and I think about them and it degrading capacity. I asked this. If something is. A reasonably accurate sometimes mildly stereotypical public immediately enhance. But still to the point. Reasonably accurate portrayal of somebody wide as ever wider we have to call the PC police what are we have to change things why do we have to feel bad about ourselves I feel like we're being told. That we need to feel bad about ourselves. I totally and completely agree with you and here's how I feel about. To your point. I don't think he should stop voicing because that's a super slippery slope if I was doing story if you right now about the Nazis and as a do you have your papers. And I can't do that anymore because. A German person be offended by that that's a series if we can't imitate each other in reality they wrote they're ticket. True I know it's not about it is not a bus deliberate slogan not a right if we stop. Imitating each other in a comedic setting we're in danger what I'm all for. Is bringing in actual Indian people to the writers' room is saying hey what's another. What's another angle of this committee quickly that we're not thinking of them were white tell us what your life is like. Right and they could add and he says that they could add a whole new dynamic this character were all four but to have shouldn't subways like to have out who also own convenience store. Sorry but. To a politic just a got go to a hundred of them and tell me how many. Right way and if I say to you right now hey we're gonna USA except party and drink trying to fight fight fight. Or whatever. Like we gonna stop at all. C'mon it's dangerous neither of us is saying exactly what the problem death of com you can make that you can make fun of the there she can make fun of the attack absolutely you can make fun of the French because the collar rescue capsule at the second there's attempted this in no doubt. You all being offensive. You god coming to commit fighting Irish in the francs in the yeah and even some other you can you can. Southern. So it was address last summer over this documentary that came out by comedian Ari kind of bolo. Called the problem with a plume. And because of that I dislike this whole serious I love the Simpsons. Because your papers. So that was our icon vote talking with cal and Kumar from Harold and you are a man who. Now subsidized or to a character he betrayed but it bothers them right. I would love to hear I wish I don't know if there's anyone listening who speak to a but I'd love to here how people actually feel about it does it bother people be on the idea of like. Hey I need to speak up for people I feel and better being disenfranchised people are offended people on my doubt on. I I'm I'm gonna be their voice right hey I'd. Sit really that offensive. Afraid it might be in the stick to enough people who how many people need to be offended. Now to be able to route to it just Rocco just one just want to go take it on. It's one present what do they get three tweeted a few thousand times and you controversy quote unquote I we got tons of calls on this and even the Port Authority girl. Let's go to Tim real quick on six at ten of the welcome to the show what he got. Not much that I. Could not. I was in the wind does doing his job and does. But it happened now and solid object ever hit that. Damn and I know Tim thanks a call that's when you watch it you you feel like that you like god these guys doing a great job that's what a professional that professional policing right there. And I speak out to members of blues. It let's go to Josh. Who's on the line nick from Arlington go ahead Josh what do you think about this who thing. Below you know them and letting them know that in the theater mode and didn't former grad period when you conduct indicates that. It becomes problematic. And you can bet click this frequent physical care what you tweet. That would mean that it is not a part of being. Can get caught up boom and that he and all of that's not even know we like it does. We are fed we are also look at tomorrow. I just think it's funny. Beautiful just that it may be its native boils down to this is on Josh from Arlington after Josh from our Josh you. I made it boils down to this man who may be too shouldn't be paid to say it may be to shouldn't be Hank Azaria anymore. May be if somebody else can and maybe if I Calvin Ari kind of Boller whoever. May be somebody else just they just have to be authentic how would you feel and I'll leave it that's how would you feel. If there wore an African American character in a sitcom and animated sitcom and you found that is being voiced by. Analysts say it's John Benjamin who does archer would not be weird. It would be weird bit of it was funny and original and different I mean. But I'm not an African Americans. I did not have the outside there's bigger problems facing our community and other. We're about to stop worrying about what comedian is doing and voice over for God's sakes let's focus on what's really wrong. How does this show. Nick buddy the Framingham Ford studio line maiming and Ford nobody so you Ford for less is lit up with our approved. Comments and discussion that we just had you're just joining us we're talking Hank as areas comments. That he is going to analyze with the Simpsons and whether he should continue to do. Because people were offended that it say. Non Indian. Doing that voice. Let's go to Indian Manchester. Hello Andy what say you about a true. I'm. And different. I don't didn't go to court I want to know what people are really concerned about a problem that you felt like these people out there that. You know then you'll see you're gonna help them benefit from the country. I didn't do it served notice position. Thank you Eddie really good point and that's kind of housing and it is recorded that song like let's whereabouts of its recently. Not to say that we want them to lower you know people feel bad we wanted to weekend. The outrage should be directed at things that really cost people. Like he's right hunger and poverty in the caste system in India where if you're born a Popper you have no chance to do anything else but stay in that cast. You know I mean like things like that. Not a comedian who's voicing of can comedic character show scope to. Was at Indy this go to him. To him Tim who's in for 95 traffic sorry about that Tim what do you have. Still good so I think it's pretty sad that I can look at that character because if you dare. In Europe or. Secret and there are some tax. A lot of our patients. To. Please. Don't. Eat and eat some sort of person that. Got a wouldn't T. Be by that especially even now. I mean. I had. So. It. So outright but. I. Mean you can get slightly. Really well said Tim and you haven't seen the promised him your say you know happy probably productive members society. Who does spend his time. Policing us all on social media. I guess o'clock I see you all hold Chad Rick Dave soon. Use those skills. That your mother gave Q. We're to the weather. W who HD teach public others don't in two weeks. Two weeks ago or weeks twenty papers. Two dollars. Cash. In this hour we all adore forecast when they're brought to you by our good friends that AW Hastings. AW all weather 57 degrees and raining outside right now but you probably know that if you have windows. Tonight it's going to be cool and rainy in the upper forties tomorrow sunny and 67.