M&N HOUR 2 - Pizza Showdown Part 1 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th

In the second hour we got down and dirty with some of the best pies in the North End. The hillman Morning show takes over the studio in today's second hour!

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Legal opinions to read seven W fans podcasts are always on. On your schedule at WAA asked. Thirty seconds to Mars. On AM the only station. And now it's time. For the first annual. North and greatest slice of pizza pie. Challenge. Slash. The latest and greatest wine taste test. On the hill man show but the milk and showed the afternoon thank you for welcoming us two years. Studio and neck don't buy everybody is here being analysts here held bees here. I believe that Danielle was last at bat because I'll hear toward Japan or whatever time it is happening. Instruments. A given credit for president correct crushing a liter PDA like Greg. And shoes shoes here and you know that you bet against I've been a lot of instability and my friend showed up actually before. I believe helped me I was as well as I alleys and and that's problem you are aware. And yes yet loud don't get that wouldn't get too confident yeah. It's radio where it where work acquaintances. I'm so let's get great for people that are shaking their alarm clock are looking at there I watch right now and saying. We say all the time is it right now I don't understand ya Greg's on the afternoon today over sleep. Did you set the table and stage for everybody of course and different so. During the fight against Starbucks in the north now and then we were able to meet the man who led the charge his name's Damian and the Pala. Andy's a fantastic north and guy we had him on the show. And we were talking in the course of doctor about it. You know running Starbucks out of town like they did. We started talking about where the best pizza was in the north then of course you know were focused an awful lot on the show in the morning on Google com. We wanted to try to put together and our next line food taste test challenge and we've already done Bart pizza so appropriate to do north and beats right. So. And thank you for the left overs by the way that day the well tempered now Imus I honest to god room temperature bar pizza. May be better than hop. So. We couldn't do it in the morning 'cause none of the pizza people get out early in the morning how do you say that he. Lol he the pizza you'll always nice that the name of the cooking your grandma would always trying to foist on you on December 24 and I grab my tastes like foot and Sam Boca. Although that they they. One of those you know. Though those are not torture device. Yeah you're first OK I just address one thing please how awkward is it in the studio. Yeah yeah and and Danielle out of their failed romance well don't you honestly you honestly need a pizza wheel to cut the tension out around I mean it's so awkward between united and looking at least now I go to act. Although I will say this. Yes I just wanna leave this out there for the audience for counsel discuss it in the morning because it pizza cut as the game yes. But. Stay and it's here now your first time seeing him in the studio arms in the since the breakup now like whenever connection you're about to make an. And you have. You have done here make up to the ninths your hair and you're all dressed up look dude you are thank you are going to court and you. I really view I have never seen you ever looked like this at the radio station and I think I mean nick way. I deserved yeah what I guy I can't. You all have netted forehand I do innocent and waking up at 230 I think you that you basically came in here elicits no never rests and it's. Everybody right hand look at look at LB guy who think that he doesn't wake up looking like the third villain and that maximum. You can line highlights it is 30 in the morning is right yeah that's right get awesome endeavor takes a day out you can't spell legendary without leg day broke. So all on anyway well that's a that is a secondary plot to this whole thing yeah rules and our mom so. I would I would save perhaps the best thing to do is maybe bring Damian and right now like yes and have him. Tell us who's here from from the north that issue and you'll recognize him he's one of the seventeen guys in the hallway. On eight I. There aren't many guys hold and pepperoni in the hallway at the Hewitt 61 and also unlocked. Let me a critters are celebrity judge Kara Cummings is here from naked and afraid. She's having again she is as she always is which comes in here she's afraid she's naked yet but maybe an unprecedented and made. It and Damian how why. I'm doing really well thank you I'm Rick and sir you are a local hero and a chant yes you are what we're kicking stuff that's out absolutely out here in fear you're favorite all in favor of that really not a I don't need a Starbucks in the north and I wanna small bitter coffee. Served him in the hands of somebody who just finished a cigarette is gonna light another wanna I'm a little lemon rind around the edge of it and all woman line that's. He's not Italian. That's like a line in the air quality. That's next don't live in the beer guy guy you can denounce anti finance all the screens and that's. So we have here today. All that content what do you think well regularly connect it to about your refrigerator I protect every woman man. An island wells and one what's up what's our eyes what's ours is yours here and take whatever you want and now. Reward will be set on so who's here today so we have and as those we have identical for an all we have squat to grow we of the college. We have an event though we have been called though we have Ponzi he saw with the status should Lorena on. Green is gonna say Reno that's a I don't like it places and all that we have a lot of great pizza now do you have a favorite or are you not gonna read I tell you depending on what I'm craving. I I go to each and every one of these places besides the more I meant it depends how fast they need pizza yeah one Neapolitan. Two I want like Boston Italian American style. Slowed to one analyst opinion pieces and a and dame on them ending that is when asked like four. For those of us who don't get a chance of making it into the north and too often to get our pride because they've got families to attend to after just get a local thing or maybe go to for Tutsis. What are the hallmarks of great north and peace. I mean. I mean I understand so. When it's ace in the visa he mentioned that chain that customers now. Yeah hey effort to bring that up bachelor father with two machines was criminality from them on that say yes. So you know the status and Davis Square at least had a really small mole on us as a welcome. Q what happened at gratuities I mean once it became Pepsi Cola's company's it's changed. And what was the is that yeah. Yeah it's the ball north and slice. Well he got beat him right out of the of nations audit table so first of all the atmosphere. This is not to echo pizza so did Pete is gonna. Be a little hurt from having the travel and sitting in boxes and steaming. So it's not going to be like crispy and you know like when it comes up but. Personally to Beason and on things you want them on them as the first. Want all the action mean hand mystery every day's Boston and these people up and down and it is like nowhere in the city. Suppliers down you don't mean physically did they had been taken down just mean that walking Zoellick the president once and while I. If they don't call suggest. I hope that's socialism that's the main thing and the other thing too is up. All these pizza places you know again it's like the beats are all that's the other thing so do you have a guide is getting paid. It's. You know just as a job to make pizzas stored in May be I don't. You know whatever you know you're not what did you guys love your job right now so what you have today's you have a bunch of people. It takes pride in what they do and they love their restaurants. These guys have beat so they raid they have a passion for pizza so they make a living to one but they also love it. Let's look at the titles like Somalia AA or make passes Johnson who take pride in their craft has the ingredients this is why we need to keep the north and as it is authentic local and keep the chains out of this is why. Cannot wait to dig into the pizzas are at greater if you've ever heard this before but now we're up against the clock yeah so don't do this will bring. We got it will bring our celebrity and and listener judges and yes sir and then will bring Pete say he'll lay him I think that right OK we'll bring will bring pizza you'll be paid people are those meets annually pizza thoroughly analyze its title a pizza Lola has won one pizza illegally or just lol OK we'll bring all them and yet and we'll start takes some pizza and right now played tuner commercials where we're doing. The bill's real quick please tune in and let's do right back my job. People alive is fighting for your right to pizza party here on AF the only station on that real Iraq's. And this afternoon by Iraq's I mean the only show that gives you. A pizza contests this is like this show in my dreams Greg it's very exciting let me ask you now. You and I are talking about Sicilian. Yeah. And you like edge Hewlett corner piece of the Sicilian style pizza correct I feel like everybody has to have their call slice. And that's mine that's the corners slice of Sicilian and nice cheese slice. Fixes everything. You don't go for the middle sleep wants them all yeah well. What happens it'll throw us out flat irons I can't hear her colleagues are cutting in the quarters because my time little. And you also need a hot dog with Morgan and I've. And oh yeah yeah and elites at the long way you know I. Yeah yeah dogs along the I wanna kinda weird again. And they know Hillary circus are suppose an even playing field yeah I was just argument Damian for everybody that's listening it's never been to the north standard barely goes there. You know we're dissent. When you view you'd find out. What pizza wins whatever it is not a bad Pete cheered just say that yeah but when you go to a place in north and just a first first time at its first time just sort of especially pizza just the laughter especially with the. I mean it is we we got that we got about and almost ten and north and definitely delays here in on 98 or nine here OK and let's. Let's bring wanna start with you wanna start marches and and yeah let's meet everybody now Matty the way this has got to work also is we're gonna meet the pits say oh okay so the the these genius pizza proprietors these Somalia is of the pie in the sauce. There actually got to commend talk about why there isn't so great why there's his go right now it's a blind taste tests okay. And so where I'm gonna take two bites I'm not gonna go Portnoy on here are not gonna I don't I don't I'm not everybody knows the rules you know we tried to get united Compaq told me wanted to use them the other national would have been right he goes he knows that on us completely completed is on our market is the beautiful people on please I'm right so many undertake to bite them and have won by 31 by for me is supposed to help figure out. Matty it literally looks like everyone in the Paul Sorvino spam they just made yeah. Rabbit Harvey you know family and a what are they are the name the gentleman's name who'd do this Starbucks thing they need damion dating game has damion how many times he's called the person in a phone Booth and said so. Form of this nothing we could do that side. Public somebody and I and the phone Booth and that does not that we did you know you have bad bad thing I have got that thing. He actually watching the only delivers thing and I'm in I'm mark suitcase and I and is the north and gobble us up. All right let's get the way I'm so she was a microphone let's meet who's up 1 August the Augustine and where you representing he's baker okay the key to you with a for its pizzeria or in Boston and the best beats are reimbursed me. What are they different that we hear about what what year. 19071907. Great grand parents Joseph and Hannity open the first pizzeria on corporate freedom and not then and we've been more stronger sense that was three great molasses flood if there was right there with the effort that if you added that they set arrived and that the police arrived and was earlier that day I started my morning show the next year's night nineteen LA and go against. All right so do you what's the key to to a slice. That's the sauce of loss and Animal Planet and adult they tell me is secret about the suns Carter and the idea is that they are available at that might IE I don't know. Nobody credit they have to go about it that I thought. I've been told him in a debate don't eat. Yeah dogs. And I have my nice passes as good as ours is routine comes a boutique at. And you aren't. In cars forgot that guy and that's what. We would love may compete I think the breaking ball may compete divisional put a lot into that anybody can put thought that he would go but really a lot like you want to eat easily a mega like you Juanita and that's that you guys still under okay how we applaud our eye OK good I who we are all glad. John Guccione Lorena pizzeria and you'd rather. The cookie you know we get the coaches here again if there is these fans for signals a new bride or your brother and your brother I had volume the you know. What did you bring with you here. We just got voted best pizza at the Boston piece of vessel 2018. Nice and I sat a cap and T you know what is the key to a great slice in the north then. You know it is he it is this loss in ago. In the out into the outing the other out of Canada the Evan makes a big difference okay does do you like it when it's an old Evan that's been used a lot it's still a guess Appleby you know season brightened. You know. The right way to come from the stone. Greg like as a place I used to like to go do in Brooklyn. Where they actually had the stones because it eats up to 950 degrees takes three days to call them an event to clean it once a year brought all the stones in from Sicily he said I swear. This particular rock cooks at the best way when I mix it when that water. He can't it's on by that on the present does but it's like a terror wide make in the line of France I hate myself trees that are but need. They are athletic but New York's socks so that I don't exactly what I said yes yes yes of course all right I'm who got over here. They avail. But but her husband okay quad toe in the north and yet not being Barbara. Okay and TU what's the Q greats combine evicting Saddam dole with a remote amendment to do all of them. And in gold in the mix of everything you know. Now he doesn't need any more can you talk a little beaten and. Keep it. Simple and like there's a there's a model undated yeah. And look like yes could be the best you can now for a moment and and a promising growth. Yeah it's edged knife is he's got a fresh can you say fresh nice busily in just a little sooner or you know my parents they've got out that again make eye contact and that's it. Yeah I mean think. Busy yeah. I actually got over here now Bobby ever you know and I'm represent an equal formal OK and TU que me. First and foremost you have that passion to make a good pizza. Second of all India to equal formal we have the only would fight were brick oven in the north and a Boston. Me and I have to say this 25 years ago we had another world animation camera from Naples. And he built our of them brick by brick recently that makes a big big difference or not pizza. Anybody like in there again the anybody who can we can't have that we get ready. Yeah. He's our yield was one is from Naples and the other guys from Rome recently here so that's why that's really key index turn. Yeah Nathan and thanks you you can you can make. Everyone pretty much as users to see him our journal tomato okay but you have to have passion. And that's that's pretty much. The key to making a good a good now we'll therapies. Now I I think Greg was actually asking him any of your rivals ended up in your yeah. At 9 o'clock am disgusted on the way over here but right they have colonel Lee was in the market and William Wright speech freedom and moderate pace from Maria's it's a ball turn now we have pizza one. Yeah does. Yeah defense Jack that Phillip island blocked the immaculate I would the only Allen Pete does give us a notice when it's gonna start it's ultimately you get married we each got a record sales. Yeah tradition and the best place the company were especially now sometimes the masses outside and walking around. I can we do wells who Bosnia. In my tummy for a green is okay telling the north dentistry get ya got on the group's first into the pizzeria I'm obviously not the eight. This is an Alley and I believe that services a lot has a lot that he wouldn't buy. Since do we have an easily from Naples as well yeah he won the first news you need the first Boston need to pass. And six analyst at best being the best product that we have I'm just gonna let them acting have a good time. Awesome. And a credit to remind everyone in case here in the car listening of course this is ailments latest blind taste test this is the great north and Pete to challenge. Many nick with the ailment show and of course you'd like to and and please go to FaceBook dot com slash. WA AF rocks. We're live right now that's all your devices were alive on FaceBook and need and instead grams and the others see pictures of all the pizza which it's amazing board and again that's. Part we have done more to me as Joseph Bono I have not an event those. And Bangkok on you know history in the very cabinet about a little love from Davis. 62 NATO and everybody else at him Leo love interest pizza. Great size great deal and great love in the nominee asked if you weren't gonna get pizza in the north. Low is there a type of pizza that you would go to like the like are pizza for instance you know like my kids like creepy that who's so it gets negative week. All of that plus. They have they got it right critical of the Greek write edit page needs to happen and it's a great. Town pizza in the classic crass than the daughter looks like the mother who looked like out. I grandpa I there's so much so much. That's great and we are saner edema were talking like you know when it comes to like pizza it's like. It's like your favorite egg roll it's like sex it's like Tom Brady games when it's at their worst they're still the capsule. That is not bad. Number I game and as though bad pizza we come up Pete is a really good and I bail appease with these different hunting and had a different have different laden we wanted to find out don't wanna taste every single one yeah. I just have one question how does want repeats. What is it do you do you just use the tap water dogs in the restaurant do you. You know nobody. Springs right. Let's. Let's. I I thought it's so you guys talk because you know LB goes to Flint, Michigan. The that. Right so we have time to meet fired judges they're okay if she cuts so we have a panel listener judges and we have. Our celebrity Jack thank you gentlemen gaelic Cummings is here. Naked and afraid and you're here or there you gotta. Fix that might exist and us very little note about the heart beats Italy passed or their the last gentleman you spoke to. Mind see he's my dark horse you wanna line why every other guy wore a T shirt representing their brain and yes he came in in and under armour shirt it takes a lot of complex and I can't. Not my brand I'll rock someone else's. Now Kayla you did lobster you'd lobster roll out the camera out amazing on and are you I assume have you been in the north and for pizza before I actually haven't OK and not science and get an unbiased opinion the outlook unbiased opinion is that from some easy is the eating bugs yet I. I. So you let's meet of course are legendary listener gets the smoke is here and north that you're here last time your pizza pizza is your favorite you know but between that nieces and re telling me that happens ball is not ago. I note that it does Gary have had a autos. Guys ago well European north then Pete's or had you ever I've never had. He. North and pizza I well I like I'm Barry a fad and that was really like on the public's on Arab I favorite tree I know I am very excited. Ambitious here this what about you how to feel about that pizza I got one place in mind that I'm very biased you won't reveal it. One on one that's already in yeah we'll see you might even the food passable if you even if you look at may start with an essay in May and with any. Look I I. Am not now this is one of our special. Listener judges right here you guys have of course your celebrity judge pizza smoke. In the afternoons we have pizza joke. Pizza yeah. I Lesnar fan of the show. I.'s local comedian any only does beat the jokes what does that when he's a local comedian who not only does only does pizza get people have described not a cheesy. Hello and. Slice to me you. Okay. Okay. They because that was an organ grinder on the gondola. No matter how the only means the only play it's a place where is that where you're gigs are declining and it it's this is I got out funny and yeah. I do I do before him at two pizza restaurants but they are not in the running. It'll only be doing but there are relied Italians led by a mile from one another. And Emmett Till I don't wanna keep the same way but I know the Italians and if I do it Alina I light could be threatened so I have mixed martial arts. Kimbo Slice as my bodyguard. Britney's really needs her now. Any really isn't a puppet you answered the I don't get most places that I make this the yeah I and then finally we. Food I don't. I. It some are high pitched ran. And Jeff are you ready I'd like. It's. And I you know I'm a slave necessary in life. He sighed again hydrogen today. So we got judges we got pizza. We got everybody from the north bend it's crammed into the whole entire radio station nearly acting out you know we got we get every week Damian elements out. We will do two in the welcome back to thirty and pizza that go right spots in the welcome back iron and got a dollar arts or take a break and and when we come back. Anybody who has lactose intolerance to turn on the radio yeah. It is hotter then at north and pizza parlor right now in the studios here at W laugh. That's because the Hill Man Morning Show has joined us in studio. But their latest blind taste test the first annual north and pizza challenged. Are we ready yet. Judges yeah we've got the entire crew here LB is having a blast he's awake at five which is huge. I want to thank Damian the bolivars. Yeah. Our job is they Hill Man Morning Show ambassador to the north than those confirmed injuries in senate hearings results that. How you apply for the job it is only one guy he's got a real careful I've yet to act carefully carefully. I'm Lou what a question from. OK can get Jeff a microphone because she thinks it's only half. Afternoons I'd suggest. Yet now. Suggest that that is that is. Eight to smile a little things we gotta get rolling on here with us have a lot of north and pizza in the studio that asked the Eden look excel. Let's bring over sliced number one. And giving to the judges and I get a few thoughts from them on that and then right on the heels of that we will bring sliced. From cell. Slight number one now being consumed. And I would say that this is what you call that Sicilian style classic. Sicilian hand pie it's got the nice thick crust ya buttery edge crispy exterior. Very cheesy yeah. Very very satisfying but that that's a Friday night pizza bite to me right it's not something that you don't you know I don't wanna eat a lot of it and and I and then go to him now I mean I get your radio show with portfolios that are system. I think Claudia did you what's your favorite kind of slows. Great Britain the most money on. Yeah. Not. All flexible like pilots of recurrence you know to mode it seems that you're more interested in consuming alcoholic cider that meeting dates. It's orange juice I'll put. Beneficiary in the nation for a while you were able to balance that cup on your middle fingers so tell us I did working on it for thirteen years. Lovers so much annoy you fell Thursday as I put ice on it thoughts on flights one from pizzas Milpitas LaGuardia. And then me and I don't want I don't remember knowledgeable islanders. That's solid seven units at a united visually a lot of guys I don't know that this argument about six point hundred six no apparent is the and they should do not hold the counter against these fine gentlemen and their crap all right well here I'll help Joseph you know like pizza. You must be weird deal. Okay. But really good joke I get hesitant at and so we can't handle it that's definitely good in the afternoon in the morning late and and some of the bad. And guard at 5 o'clock. Somebody give exact score daddy gotta do you know I haven't been longing and all I'm sorry I'm how can I. And I don't I never forget about it. Kayla Cummings from naked and afraid what what are you giving it and images I sat seven a guy scores and modern drives their number one from the north that. Let's bring flight number two hair right it and afraid to place number two now grab most of our listeners this is a completely different. This is like real thin. And it looks that the these are really really really good now Greg this this has the looks okay this as the nice blotches of the fresh mozzarella right you've got the actual pieces of like a fresh bays and result Bay's so when you think like that classic like Neapolitan pizza. You think. Gore may got a small. 22 and a half minutes idea beautiful yeah. That's looking pretty let's get some scores from our panel of listener and celebrity judges and pizza smoke or do you giving sliced number till. Made an. And eight so that the that you have that better than sliced number one okay visually I got consolidate that I'm Soledad what what does what does it what does it of the diesel amongst different audience uncle sucker for days okay I pizza joke once again this pizza is great there's not much room. And got took the lead. Think I'm I'd give it and. So generously Jamey Karr on this bombshell. Nobody got high pitched voice Jeff. I'll look Noah doesn't regards to thirty here come sliced number what are Kayla. Yeah. Timed hey I'm standing. Yeah I think back and he knew that I couldn't stand begging apologized. Please tell us what you have given me an aids and NY. The last seven okay. The other night scores pretty good for sliced number two art gallery place. Number three nights this looks to me like traditional. Old school and north and you know body that audience close your eyes. And imagine what does a cheese slice of pizza look like. There's a good chance this the closest thing to actually liken him OG almost it's Oprah yeah yeah that's absolutely absolutely. Yet I would start it. Kayla Cummings from Nagin. And I mean Dana and I and I and I and I haven't even though by mine today. It would assert bigger than six now 6%. To OK what about McCain right now competes. It. Canon a seven well I mean anything about it stand out or not then now. But like mark I like the bays on. That's one gotten old old old white if you I envoy. Not the worst magazines that are. Had forever back there it's. Pizzas. It's cool when it's it's it's he's a guy I'm obviously got this is a pizza that you bring home to the boys and apartment I give insults them a solid South Africa in our area broke I am so glad that helmet and started with Kayla affairs because affairs matter of finding out that you native rage he. Shall Pisa mein hi. Carry out our image and because I loved. More Americans like these are more like puns and they are jokes are probably maybe should repeat that pot and as opposed the pizza jell the peak international. It can carry. Every and it and we two ways heart disease climax that was easy but yeah. Yeah I'll roughly 700 and cattle and other. Todd your cholesterol or nursing duties. My of the law 7 and as I am likely Islam and how much higher than at. Isn't. I'd Pete you know at that humans are pretty good it ends in another time and when he got Jeff. Nine and an. All. The aren't. I you know you have all bitten anyway you know you want oil to not be like uh oh I don't like it you know listen I know there was that study in the Atlantic this week they came out and said. No more worried about. Ball fat milk cheese whatever else that's OK it's not gonna affect the quality of life so no more drain in the oil no more worried about the cheese on the pizza. You now after all law and is wanna mention one thing which is that a lot because these guys agreed to do this in the middle of everything that they're doing over in the north and this pizza was made two and a half hours ago right yeah yeah yeah right. So just as you as you're watching on FaceBook alive you looking to random and well dressed. Just understand that these guys made it in the north and and it takes more time gadget around. States. Partially take more time to get from the north and to brighten that it does it again have made it to Mandela and rock Brunei Canada. Business apps are right go ahead. And we're gonna have to hold off on the next slice momentarily because we got to give away a little bit of money. Listen to. Thousand dollar how there is on WEE. So yeah. I started to read your pizza party led by four figured that Evelyn but it is time for the thousand dollar Holler. Takes a code word to all. 0272881. To enter for a chance to win 1000 dollars message and data rate studio like Texaco where Donald Gregg as in. I can I volunteer sentence our news dog has something issue I had. Yeah Dana it was very awkward when I found out that stand ordered a replica sex doll that looks like I mean. Would like to say that the parts are all in atomic weak men. The apparently. Apparently used big bodied brown yeah. So I don't candidate race. I have never I I've never wanted to join you in the search for Jesus is underwear more violent. Once again technical Edward doll to seven to anyone right now you're next code word will be announced probably by the time we get this slice number seven. I'll Matty is there an oak island house of pizza where you can go to our country. On the critics well see that the pointing out how the last ten hours is a granola bar craft services I'm gonna find it looking at all the pictures of pizza online about dying out so really I mean there's there's an abundant and overwhelming abundance of pizza union he would know LB wearing candidate he can't compete. Boston pizza is the national pizza what you want about it. Official pizza chain went ahead and light like America here in Vancouver. When you get downtown you know under the bridge you get. You know they have all the craft Beers they may be great pizza is the you know. A it's it's the same character yeah just copies America we're just like twenty years later. Yeah well I don't have a warm LB shirt here level at like six displaced. And our heads. Well I feel bad that you just put on a hundred pounds and you're getting your ass and yeah its doors. I. Shall we proceeded we got a little song actions dispersed not now. Let's do another government I don't dislike about it when a winner of the the hosts and you know we're not judges that we didn't what I'm gonna get certain. Of course. Except maybe. And bring Nixon beat in. You don't for the effort and a yeah. I would get this worthless or. Yeah I think a guy OK let's get some reviews of flights for pizza smoke where you get what he gets sliced or. Our shares in the art of Tibet don't just stare and it was eight Angeles now. Yeah. And you came at that aggressively straight out of the gate like that was a ten. Minute men. Just how these trees in the oil in the red and evidence does it. All right account we're going to be smoke. Okay you're gonna donate okay maverick PC and Greg healing and it's mainly account tweeted instantly my David. He I get it out. And I'll call it an opportunity if you don't have had patriotic and I may have. Okay I haven't 99. And what about you Kayla coming. Into this and that's a seven that slice or we got room for flights five are in the let them but you know there comes flights five we may have a clubhouse leader halfway prepared and you know I really yesterday now. You know Greg you mentioned the orange shoes I was drinking earlier I find it strange the only OJ in the building is like. I got an airplane path. Bit of that OJ and this would. I failed. With spins around and I wanna put an African over your drinking. You don't have all the old deal you can't. I'm not surprised quarrels and captain Leo yeah. At his ruby an idea of the. It may seem a little bit. No not at all. Who wrote it taught me yeah I didn't show the road and all the and I knew tuned we'll hit the hall. The whole shuffle yellow I'm. That. At the road hit the wrong shelf than the opponent. I iPods vibrant now what do we go edwards' future right now. I tried sized number four it's though this far as I teaser OK yeah nine north and pizza places that are represented in here today. Broad line food pace past challenge in the afternoon which it's great to be here what he got consistent. Miles yeah not too. Lacking a little bit in the savory OK now they've really not sweet enough I don't mind when there's a little fight for dominance between the seat and say okay I've got to six you get to six to be a good six where athletes vote. I'm not enough. And she sobs. And I. I'm sorry you were born without to his guns yeah. I can't let Cummings what you gonna give it. I'm gonna have to go the six is well you're giving us that was make all these pizza summit that plaque that there's some time now I'll. Yeah yeah. I don't know what I'm out of the. I'm sure we will not ricocheted out pretty out Nazis march through a little bit. Single funding for that I celebrate your entire catalog and made a look at the unions may now long I did my battles and I hope yeah. I had to me to have my friends got. I think the bigger per ride of the fear is that the hotel group. There's nothing we can do now I would go to LI has a solid six like Nicholas Greg mantra it's great that's kind of where the media answer on this one and I do pineapple slice. Room. Then. I don't know hand path. Don't think so closely with me about my dog yeah right to bed at night in a and tell me. I guess he or she bow and arrows and she got there and I'd still hungry. As I. And that our. So five or five north analyzes and Brevard north then slices in five north and pizzeria is in and we're trying to figure out where the best slice of pizza in the North End is it will be back in continuing and get to the bottom.