M&N Hour 2 - More with Alonzo Bodden 6-15-18

Friday, June 15th

The guys wrap things up with Alonzo by playing a quick game with him to give away tickets to his show and also talk about the latest Hollywood star to be accused of abuse! 

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. 4 o'clock hour of their old pals Matty and nick belly on up to the bar had a virtual beer it's Friday after all why would she. Median Alonso bones in the studio he's at left Boston this weekend. Tonight one show at eight tomorrow two shows 81015 get your tickets now laugh boston.com. We get a chance to win tickets right now when a play the game with him. Now Alonso we have our version of this game complaint for quite some time. It would freeze the that I had no ownership and Childress who feel car from the best long as long as you mentioned my name so here's what we call it. There's news and then there is snake is can you tell the difference it's time for fake news with Matty and nick gap. All right somehow I don't think you stole that frequently. And so some other guy you could that frees. Them all right we're gonna randomly us electric collar here. We're going to go to. See here let's go to Chris. Who is in true Hampshire hello Chris. Chris you there are New Hampshire. Going once going twice RE Christian news let's go to dean and in beautiful scenic Worcester Massachusetts hello Dan. Goods are Beers but he what do you do there was to what you line. All right well Dave and listen carefully because a lot of gonna play on your behalf way to get him three stories. To our fake news one is an actual news story Alonzo can correctly identify. The core the real story than you're going to show for he had a death. Nancy you're like yeah I'll win tickets to a show when I got to work at the bar. So can you go tonight an article you wrote a letter to Garnett to the show bloody. I'm sorry okay area highlighted here we don't pay attention who starts by targeting up. Its music there's. And I mean that not very long ago at a neighborhood not far away. A Star Wars fan and first time entrepreneur or combine his two greatest loves hot dogs and body art in one outrageous earthly location. Welcome. To tattoo Wheaties. The first hot dog stand and tattoo parlor based in Detroit Michigan. Is the brainchild of ray ran low a former IT specialist from just outside the motor city and Highland Park Michigan. Ramos says he fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a business all about puns. And bonds where customers can enjoy assaulting me based proton torpedoes. While getting permanent ink is colors the cat as colorful as the characters of the most Eisley cantina. It's out of this world it's a filling from going from farm boy to inter galactic hero instead Remo. Managing food service and body art. Both incredibly hygienic frozen seas is more difficult than imagined but the labor of love is worth it in Star Wars there's the light side and the dark sides that ran low. Here the Texas side is the right side. And the hot dogs side is the bark side. There's a tremendous intersection of deep culture and food cultures that ran low and one way to merge them is body art. Where where the establishment has long seen in lines for food and has been booked up for weeks in advance for tattoo cities as well. As for the idea of the popular Detroit business expanding our franchising. It would be awesome to build an empire but we have to make sure we focus on quality so customers. Also don't form a rebellion. Clever it's all right. Story number two stints. RA it seems like once every few months news breaks in the semi truck overturning and spilling out enough alcohol to fulfill and Andre the Giant pregame. Recently a truck overturned in Florida spilling 60000. Pounds that's 41512. Packs. Onto the highway just weeks later a tractor trailer plunged from an overpass in Pennsylvania. And sent hundreds of kegs rolling down I 95. Just before noon on Thursday 218 wheelers were involved in the collision on interstate forty in Arkansas. Spending hundreds of bottles of fire ball whiskey and man. Thankfully the dangerous collision caused no life threatening injuries. The Arkansas Department of Transportation we did that it is now working to clean up the mess that that it looks like will be working on this for a while. Frat bros nationwide are still. In morning how right so we've got that tattoo and dogs. We've got fireball on the streets and now story number three. Alonso really loved watching constitute he's done some focus contractors right now we're all familiar with the snow globe. Shake it up and watched the tiny landscaper miniature building become a beautiful wintry scene in your hands. But while you must shake up a snow globe a new invention called the know globe is sure to shake things up all by itself. You see the no globe is a flat earth model a flat representation of our planet read about Little Rock, Arkansas flat earth they're Harold panic. It's been no globe is designed to accommodate those who believe in flatter. Harold is targeting schools and yes he's made since Ailes says Harold. We talked a lot about respecting other people's beliefs in this country. Well works both ways their Crennel experts are making compelling argument that the earth is flatter curve plane as time those boys are her. Schools can order the globes or excuse me curved planes directly from herald's website know globe dot net forced teacher groups are fighting. The company's existence. All right. So we tattooed Wheaties in Detroit tattoo we needs fill in whiskey in Arkansas. Or flattered the globes in where was that are on the rock artists and coach this Detroit. Hey I happen. That's the only Coney Island hot dog and a half men not if I'd been to Detroit they may have been a eliminate that one. The beef flat earth globe sound great but you'd only so one to curry you're you're. Yeah no I'll. Had no idea we get our own host raiser and close look at all it's done used to live on though so I'm going with Tom glow with this bill in which skewed Arkansas. That's. The hang in there and you're gonna steal odds of voting that laugh Boston okay my friend. All. You've got to birdies tomorrow nicely hello after the show. All right that's a winning is a good job Alonso will wrap up with you let you go you know if we showed tonight but it was a good body properties to grab one day at my on the ground. Echostar technologies provides data center solutions to companies throughout New England megastores become a leader in the industry. Let's see what's been trending while you've been busy at work on this Friday hoping to get out soon. For a hot glass. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down upon us ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF like to remind you that he radio dot com map is the new home of WAF. Download the radio dot com map. Listen to us anywhere on the planet you may be rating. Oh. Alonso voting is with us in studio showed in my shoes to shows tomorrow left Boston Alonso. I don't know if you heard about this what's going on well this is bad news and the another beloved Hollywood figure to the list of guys behaving badly. Last night actress and model Chloe dykstra. Publish an essay on medium. In which she accused a former boyfriend of emotional and sexual abuse during a three year three year relationship. And apparently that boyfriend. Is Chris hard. Let's look good. Good talking dead talking did train yeah that's me. And an artist and this truly in this age of necessary self promotional ism and personal brand building somebody who. Up until when his name was removed from his website a couple hours ago had done an amazing job of establishing himself. As a massive fixture and it particular culture geek culture. Write to congress are star Q yeah superstar well. Look he's so comic cons could be a little different this summer he did have. Yeah I might be an empty table atomic yes are you wanna get your picture taken with me too deep to overhear yes exactly. They jet. You don't have beaten thing is real beauty you everybody's nervous I I wish I could get a scandal going. I got nothing. I got about what he wants you to show me that's a cannot even accused as a matter of fact there's one woman wrote a story about the that I had forgotten. But she was like you're than not meet to god and and correct some party in Beverly Hills in this head to be a long time ago as I just don't Google's parties of that intimacy but she sued her and her girlfriend it was like literally they were the two girls. From some small town and they had moved to Hollywood. And this guy brought on to this party and they were about to get pulled in to this whole thing and I offered an arrival. And she sued you saved me and I was like I had no idea but you know but apparently. It's like combat that my agent is like really. That's why you go to Pakistan act. I guess you can generate any and he via the nice guy just too close to think sonic and how well that's funny. You know it's funny because when you when you get like this today and who knows if it's true or not apartment biblical lot of guys complain. About getting accused but I think it's like the pendulum has just want. So unfortunately there are going to be some people who may not be guilty or guilty of the lesser offense we're gonna get hit by a citation too bad cause women to be hit. Prolonged conflict pendulum swings both ways collateral damage but it's amazing. How emissions light you know when Hollywood windy city love you would like we love you as long as you're making money for a unit like. The same day oh you've been accused of sexual harassment. White while the pace of year everything could to that is is immediate immediately eliminate so now we won't be talking period. Yeah well it's funny. The nerd is just also funny assist it's amazing the nerd it's his party taken down all mention of him anything on the web and you mentioned talking to guys or we can think of a host of a spin off show. That could take his place to host talking which we did that if someone who wish we could think of someone that could do it this. I mean I'm not listen I am I right. And I assume that role and take a problem and I'm you know yeah well you've gone so you do you have. No it checkered dress me all of them that is until that I hope Chris doesn't feel singled out. Now you Diaz I did. Why not blow you know untroubled. What else oh man everyone a lot of the football player oh yeah how we idea boy the patriots can share picked tight ends. You about Hillary wins you have gymnasts. So if you had the greatest tight end that may have five top five tight end like a staple of all of our football childhoods. And here was the thing about that particular story right so last week. When he was in a trailer park and he called the cops on him. You know I said this is another one of those stories right where black guys walking around. And they call cops for no reason and any city was looking for a hole for his mother in laws that I don't say much for his mother in law. But my thing is and I get this right dude this is this be consistent two new races this in my. If you assumed that every large black man is a pro athlete. Which I give every day back on unity NFL yes of gold Coast Guard and in fact it's a bit so we can afford a trailer. You don't have it like an old old old old old question beef would be limited at a trailer park if you assume. But but. Now it comes about a week later that he actually was up to something and I'm like you just ruined my whole Meredith yeah you just ruined my whole merited no I got to find another innocent. There but tell Winslow junior had his share of troubles. Yeah and who knows if he's good discipline serious though right now he's pretty good news good news this is an area caddie or Obama and added rape and all live stumble back in lucky you know and yet you can't. You can't be locked and women in trailers. Now. I'm told that's frowned upon why I have been in just in four HR let us know yes I'm glad I wanna get that straight my racism don't assume large blind and. And okay no this is it this is the one okay elected Milwaukee right I forget the players named who was admitted jewelry store. Like he was NBA player and AM writes them down yet it's a thing if you see a 68 brother in the jewelry store. Go ahead and assume he's a ball player with jewelry store Tony you know what I mean or at least give him dope dealer. I have a brother dope dealer that he can I beat like. Like you wouldn't you know if you're 68. And black in unit jewelry store if someone comes up missing you kind of know you gotta be at the top of that you know I learned so much easier period NBA or be dumbest criminal does have a list exactly my thing is if you gonna make the assumption that world ball players. And assume we can afford to spend some money be consistent. You've got well Alonso you are consistently hilarious thank you gentlemen and you will be out tonight tomorrow night go see him support live Connie supporter and Alonso and we just loved having him back so much not only don't wanna thank you that merely show. You guys are friends of comedy and you let us just beat beg god don't that you don't say. Hey what do you want me ask you about. Have you painted a mall lately did you do you'd bald joke you know what I mean like they base that ships a thank you for not doing that could be in real anyone listening. Support these guys because really they can't do anything else they need this job. Yeah this doesn't work out a forum I don't know what's gonna happen their kids are gonna be hungry and you know will fly. Crawl around trailer parks I don't know so. Let you guys. I just want to make sure we get to that voice over work one more time agents if you listen now. Alonzo you're in good hands with all big we are making this say Father's Day themed episode a little bit with our. Red Sox tickets to giveaway for Father's Day also you two tickets to giveaway that could be a wonderful gift for dad. Also were opening up the generically a voicemail line for Father's Day messages. And I know you have a special message here five you gonna do a little later in the program. But I'm wondering what you have planned for this weekend. I'm because you are dead twice. Double that action will be making way. Right after the show down to the cape. Parade relaxing night sleep and by the Shaw tomorrow its beach. Peru's. Fried clams. Games. Haggan ass all day tomorrow. I am happy I news I am gonna be because times tag and go ahead on CNN. Are hiding. You well is everybody okay you ought to go to the beach comer in Wellfleet Seattle that is going to be go to the fuzz go. And the old they'll Tuesday Evans on the brow. Is gone out to dinner my favorite seafood shack and then CN. Incredible to the drive and a market that's right people avoid reading only incredible to do good for I'm telling you the first one is out the for I holed a fairy. Small amount and a small woman had when pressure I holed a very small amount of movies to be very few to be perfect movies. And the Incredibles might near well be a perfect movie every wants to have my kid. Or five times in the past year it's amazed because it's probably the best superhero movie it's a great action movie and it might be the best Pixar movie. That's a helmet trifecta right there in this one's supposed to be just as good. I wonder if you'll be watching the Oprah Winfrey network you mono it Sunday at 11 AM it's that early in which Tom Brady. Will be sitting down with the Oprah I'm talking about subjects ranging from his relation to president Donald Trump. To deflate gate neck it was quite. An informative week from both perspectives. From both sides of the Brady house because. Gisele. Part took in the vote. YouTube series 73 questions right. It's a lot of questions is seven minutes it's kind of mentioning watch it but the fact that Brady did like this a fur like. His first post Tom vs times that down as with the Oprah. Now here's the question who's the bigger star at this point now why I think still Oprah worldwide thing but I Cabrera. Probably still yet I mean she's one of them has built. One of them has built you know a mall and fox throw the other schools in Kenya exactly well here's the house wondering. I I think what you hear this audio have a little audio and custom I was back there with Kaiser our production guy. Correction directory does a lot of the imaging your year here and it seems like extraneous set up but god well I was within. And he was pulling promo is and one of the problems he pulled these all you know what the funny thing is I walk in that room. He's always pollen is Brahma and for all the way he is his caddies do and around with a promo that's his fate stick. He's pulling a promo and loading it into our system. For the own network Oprah's network your regular promo sexual and when I heard the promo I realize people. Hi Smart of owned because I think they're trying to capitalize on the fact that. Men because of the Tom Brady interview actually be watching the only network this weekend probably many for the first time ever could bring a large male audience to a predominantly female network. Getting an interview like Tom Brady mean what guy doesn't wanna beat Tom Brady. We'll tell me which they tell me if they're trying to if you think we need is from that trying to capitalize in the fact that men will be watching the network this week. And now on. The opening fits with Tom Brady anti. 98 center and our new investigative series why your way he's always ring. Don't miss the world premiere of the two murder mystery do I look that in this don't answer. Followed by a very special. Those dishes don't go into the dishwasher about themselves. And everyone's favorite company I'm not your name but don't miss Tom Brady and all of our new series we just listed. No we've been listening. To everything around here it all starts tonight on. I think yeah. It's. Subtle tool and it's so you think so. I I you know that you know what I find to be the draw it's obviously refreshing. Yeah yeah there's a lot of honesty in that I am dying to see them to crime drama. On this don't answer yeah man emirates are just some of stamped all.