M&N Hour 2 - Make Your Bed 9-13-18

Thursday, September 13th

Are you the kind of person who makes their bed in the morning? If not you might want to start once you find out the benefits of making your bed everyday!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule as WA AF. Now Matty and mic. On a Thursday. A free. Full mag I released Thursday. Yet on the judge's calendar yes movement mag pies she shot. Hello nick. What's up this Superman jealous is bigger I'm a big broad and not just Dolan the toilet text or you're just joining us you know what let's and it at all I have DeVon I am Spartacus moment that I am just on right now. I actually I'm surprised you know to it's a UT not a TT. I'm surprised. Most Bolten Josh it's both according to you pigs. Oh like you've never ball text and never are I listen given edit some of the best material I've written for the show's been on the throne and like a rabbit. Mike and I told IP like a geisha I'm very clean them like a rabbit. So vacation you would have to disrobe for five minutes yes I do I Wear all kinds of undergarments and how are you like a rabbit. I of course sizes on. Corsets I were many hours core size do you yet at first instance there are many courses. All types or sizes Arnold like a rabbit. My mind I keep things very clean. Way we did you reaffirmed their rear wouldn't what edged to the appellate. That the goth thing. And it's very clean that's actually the worst thing for you're not supposed point is is not let's not get into the specifics that you're adding that you turn on audio stolen by. He's sitting there texting while he's in the journalists we are moving on all right who. Ramming imports to realize opens 6179311. Half maybe you wanna sound off on. Could texting gate 6177795. Or five or is the generic voicemail and not tax line right now ninety's it was image of Mattie have a large country. Answers yes always. Now now now now. Now known men and no no no you just polished off. A giant cold brew. You do not need another coffee it's more view on that in nick featuring DJ Mehdi play well let's do I ask right. It's time for the fourth thing you should know history rules that I live by. Never get less than twelve hours a week Deborah McCarthy and I've got this thing first name is a city never going your way who's got a. This is four years from Matty in the extradited radio dot com app is the official new home of WA AF download today to listen to us anytime anywhere radio dot com. Nick this is not your mind this is my favorite. Sound that we played on the show in some time. Might mean number one right now if I everything back and all the sound that we've found and played we've found that. From back in the day we found that rare Rolling Stones commercial directors and as any course this is my new favorite. From last night hall of famers local bad boys of Boston Aerosmith. Do that classroom instruments that would Jimmy Fallon I love Jimmy Fallon celebrities doing nick I know you do to we try to put positively in the world just joy and fun like we are. Right and I get it and I love all the name of fun let the haters say where we and we also know several members you know what I'll say I know several members the right stuff. Yeah Ayers and they're all yup and not name drop in the great peep there. There's tremendous Pete Miller awesome. I know many during a boy commend. Senators are again as the warmup yeah yeah guys have been front and I'm Tony years they're great people the whole thing is. Just because he didn't start telling a line. And politics and just because he didn't decide to go one way or the other right and like Hollywood loves to attacking trump right whatever. I'm a fan of his but the same time why don't have to make my show all about that so therefore he suffers he's a bring Arab joy and entertainment and I love and how can you not love. This sound here's Aerosmith I can listen this. All day want to be my new ringtone. It. I don't think. I. What fun so Joseph Perry's got a ukulele. Steven Tyler's got Morocco's that a little harmonica someone had a chance he yup is that there's nothing winning the world food Ehrlichman the scooters and mini heat John get like remember the voters at him a little guys claim that the background. Let's see. Joey Kramer playing a mini child drums that. Balance banging on on a drum TV drama sometimes someone has the xylophone. Children's mouth only official price I phone. What a blast. Just love it love it love it. You can get that battle we will post a link to that on our because people are now asking. Actually eaten stays we have some requests for the entire leg expected Exxon to want battle thing I don't think we can blinked. But it would get in trouble you remember what it was titled do we Elise tell make it look look it up on YouTube avenues that would it was titled. That's fine and India with a Swiss embassy I don't think we could. Well on the economy are not a lick it up we found we are on FaceBook out of my friends wasn't on FaceBook announced we'll try to find out yeah I will will will give you if you remember this other great found money do with the band this is it like. For the AF audience here's another what are your favorites. So yeah. Do you know I have never seen any. Audio and get the roots behind. Good stuff love. Matty and it. Continuing with for you now some people wanted to know where they can find that song that we play. 100 miles 2000 miles remixed by skin bones and you can also look up an object that make you play it sickened. Well yeah. And I yeah. Good night and it's. Can also. Rats are making low income home. Could wind the just glanced back and get a shot. You know it's really truly the song we commuted and in today's society that's. So yes so they go one. Watch that and laugh or cry it's up to you. Nick we played the sound of of course Aerosmith. Fantastic guy moment and Jimmy founds. Series on playing class of instruments and reminisced about. Metallica also doing some degree ones that. You know by the way out worm town brewery. Is having an event. On Saturday October 13 there noon called. Norman day. Now one may sue not that that is based off of your favorite moment which you stitch to our show Longo. Calling out norm on cheers. I asked. When I was there picking up some beer last year yet. Turns out. They EL norm. Or rather they make this incredible. Have from what I've heard. It's about as good as stout as you'll get him as good an oatmeal stout as you will get. For Al brew master by name and or. Who was inquire it is. Girth so amazed shall we say is your George went but. Seed but you know eakins the association is clear obvious and on our essayist certainly they're they're using that they've managed to it playing off the I don't know I was gonna hold your feet to the Arnold's gonna call used his grimy for breaking that. I don't mind the fact that it overwhelms my mouth a little bit. As a citizen I was honest Shipp take a Amazon nick Eaton. Upstart company written form yeah I hope they can do well and so that b.s those guys is it a dreamer the bucket. Missed. Amazon is now. Selling live Christmas trees and just now there's no need to leave the house anymore now I can do done everything from Amazon now nick. What do my favorite things in my life. Is the annual trek to fight. And corral Yoko and Max in in my car. To go get Christmas tree. And back in the new year holiday it is arguing began that the exactly art. How much money do we have you tackle them now that he said it was six dollars item if I if I don't fifty may be willing to 55 it's five bucks they'll cut gas. No doubt that's where he makes it. Sign up the trees an argument which treat it picked my Wii doing this Douglas fir let's get a fake tree. You're fake tree right mysteries are almost as wide as you you know I have yet. That is being robbed of us now to consumers can order their tree and ams on and by the way reference lethal weapon. The opening scene buying the Christmas tree. It's a real bad there's a real I think I'm I'm a real hot real god that's real bad this is a real I wouldn't happen if there was Amazon order he would get that great moment. You you worked really hard to see that time in reference and but. My take on this. Forget about the fact that you're ever have to leave the house again. Believe the holidays alone yet there's there is a there is a reason right. One of the reasons why retail has survived mall's stores people's lives their livelihood. We tree farms will be just fine. But this is one get out you don't need this money. Prices that as a side from the joy of selecting a tree yes a lot of people need that money so unbelievably well let it be. What do you do start by and wedding dresses online like these certain things are just fun to go out and shot. And an end you know like I remember going to Harlem. Now we go to a little farm in Rhode Island is a great day I always Saturdays and we go get the treats the start of Christmas season its attrition it's a very gray is while like thing to do get in the car right of family and pick got a treehouse IL it feel they yell at him for cut Iran right put up on the trade I got it gets mad about the tip right hasn't tied to the top of the car right a sort of Stew Leonard's in Connecticut that's right they had a drive through three station you'd go pick UT get your car you given the number you there's alignment take out and get in the line of cars but you're three matches the number they put on top four in every you have to get out your car. Give one down in Connecticut. Rapid four years they got a little gift shop that smells like paradise because they do little cinnamon cider doughnuts freshman you have one of those after you drop a hundred dollars on a Christmas tree pool. But now let's just by and on Amazon and have something we've never seen smelled touched tasted felt. It delivered to our house in this him motionless consumer experiment. It's awful. All right coming up when it tell you some breaking news about hurricane Florence and we have a correspondent. Lives. Carolina's. Who's gonna report in a friend of show a shower head. Reporting what's going on that storm. Finishing up for you just got a nice text nick I love these 50 I'm a teacher who had parents night yesterday. And was so depressed upon getting in my car at 7 PM having missed your entire show love you clowns who we love you too specially appear female. Teachers. Know we love all teachers we do yes we do okay we support both titles I'm told we love all teacher doesn't matter how the the views about firmer which story you walk through we love you want if you are a teacher who Texan about them that we do not enough. Let's also as 978 points out Matty yeah about the Christmas tree shopping experience and yes I know. 774. Points out Home Depot number one seller Christmas trees in America okay. Find. But there's still something about you still have to go out and hit the tree yes nights at eight points out guys. If we lose the Christmas tree shopping experience. Will lose having the copious amounts of their rich not huge consuming your wife yelling at you for brandishing the tree saw the wrong way height. It's so fleeting everything so fleeting in the Christmas season happened so fast is gone you got to take every little mommy can to make it magical and that's one of the tradition right. You've been doing it would your son for forever I've a five year old do you have any idea how much she loves. Taking part every part of the season if Feyerick tell him so I we're up by a tree I just bought on Amazon here's the box here's the tree. Today unaudited audited. Giant air force in his. Tea what's not an air fart. But it's pack in some serious air guys right it is it is. Hurricane Florence. Greats anyway because it's thank you. Among enticing purse right. Florence is bearing down on the southeast we all know hurricane force winds covering more than 151000. Square miles nick that is larger than this commonwealth Connecticut and Rhode Island comply. The area covered by hurricane force winds has now doubled. Meaning far more people are gonna get blasted with winds topping 73 miles per hour it's like working in the studio after you have lunch. Is that dangerous. And now we have someone on the line who's actually in the path of this storm. A Matty and nick exclusive our correspondent Chris. Is on the framing him forge studio line. Good afternoon pop and Chris thank you Christine thank you for being on the show now where are you exactly. Well we are in Charlotte which is the you know three hours in one boat. I think I'm right now and I think tennis that morning at first that the loudly happening today here salad that's really the really wouldn't really happen anything going on I'll. If that work our you know the fact that certain things aren't completely happy anniversary toilet and fine and what you're queuing to go and things like that. Poland to say wind is in short supply. Now do you view you have coastal property to do you not in my wrong and that. We bailing out the rental down there that we are. Yeah definitely very careful of those guys. So what is the mood there's like it has everyone on the coast got now like you must have friends you must have befriended two of the decided to stick it out and how worried about them are you. There. That would yup he got back repetitive part. And I mean there to bring the evacuations that are very very few people down there but you know that I was going to be. Those he would want to check it out but if they haven't called and called it. I think the first thing that we do have warnings so people think all the public they get a get out of there because that's when it happened. True. And Christine. You know are you guys gonna stay there I mean where you gonna weather a storm are you going to be in your home what are you gonna do. Charlotte will be OK I think we're looked like we're gonna get. But on when and then and claim that you don't merely like it's going to be because I thought that you know back and I think that what was that eating dinosaurs once you that came through here. There are people who did not a lot of people that opportunity. Something about it here is bundled up. What part of North Carolina are are people expecting too may be I mean we hope not bid adieu to what's gonna hit it. You hit hardest like Nags Head are. That's all I mean they're even things like you know it's gonna start in Georgia I think it bit down the without. Outlook that though certainly South Carolina and the whole account like that Eric. I'm not not district. Oh man oh man well Christine we are thinking about you we hope you're safe junior Stanley hope you're. Oceanfront property makes it through okay thank you for listening we love you. And now we. They love you come up target daily at least you know never known under carried out. Thank you to radio dot com up Youkilis goes anywhere in the world you are pristine. While you're awesome let us call us when it's over okay there are we hope we don't do it thank you Christine that's our. North Carolina correspondent Christine field correspondent yes. One man. I just hope everything hopis are as big as they say it's going to be you know they're saying wow Josh or 38. I hope it's not as big as they say it's going to be pleased graft. The best part of coming out of that entire her kids that went well our I find this whole hurricane. Disturbing and I hope your already. After the war and saved it keeps it at the he. I'm. I got nothing now. I was planning on something else I just lost. Matty and nick. We are just finishing up for you. I had good news story of golf. Strategies to five year old. Get in the habit of doing chores around the house but not heavy chores heavy lifting as it is the art like doing things like. Run in the vacuum cleaner I can do not he likes helping clean up these. And active participant in the book the mess making and the cleaning around the house. So. One of the things I've heard that. Making your bed was good for you in that. People that start the day by making their bed has more productive days there's a weird correlation between making your bed. And having a productive day right correct exercising early in the morning yup. That one is exercise and the others are making your vet and there was like article about a navy seal. Member that there was I sound now that's saying that you should make you better every day it's the first task of the day yup completing a task consent to operate yes. Exactly reads as it's practiced in the Blake stay. Is there really oh yes several makes the bed well. I gonna make demands that they don't. And asinine you're enabling. We'll get straight days now doesn't that Israel is I think why can't he make it doesn't a lot of mornings he does but I don't want anymore I'm not going to be and I give me the bomber uncle neck but like c'mon Max. I make a bid. Not that bad. Not that are well. About this. A new study reveals. People who make their bed every day. I have more friends. And Boris cynics. As I said its new hazard alert. Practice in the lake status at this we have to I've. Nick going to be like painting the corners and tucking it in and doing a dime off it. People who make the bed. Sex three times a week on average compared to twice or less for people who don't make their bed every day now what's the Corley that I there's got to be something of fun like something enticing about looking at a freshly made it an act. Psychological. Yet. We look at a messy bed knowing is. Sorry we're not together legally on Obama met Mick Mick comes festive delight all messed my sheet up on what bill not one now Marty don't get now. Bad makers also have more friends. Nick unlikely to say they have three or more close friends on the ticket and make your bed nick but human its main. And it depends like time today. With a drink in my check for a temperature. A lot of different things that go into it yeah. And also bad makers. Now this should come as no surprise here we are getting into the hole early task productivity. Positive person. Bed makers are far more likely they say according to the study to say that they are morning people. Now there's a difference also between. Being a morning person and saying you're a morning person correct you and I were both night als for forever yeah we talk a lot. As we go burn midnight oil and bemoan the IPA consumption. That when we way when we arrive at Jack as shag and yet she have a better day always. Stay as is the exact opposite. And look who's struggling and hustle unlike. I make my bed every morning to you do okay first thing you guys you always say it like all man I swear I can't understand because you like typed in Mike. You know I've been medically I woke up mad let go. Bore the earth. I mean nobody it's it's like it's like it's like. Pyramid chicken birds yet CA FL seven Mike so I guess WK means woke. It's likes him is Samaria and or cement or whatever they call it that's one trade I've you do that I got from my mom. I am old he. Just like I coding go to bed and if there was dishes in the think I'm god you can't do it you good for you now bought him what. What do I like an up or down man I hate stupid I hate waking up to a sink full addition warrants a big deal the most the most annoying thing you have did you start the next day. Your own good Iraq. Instead of porn copy sit down channel watching a cart to the kids are doing some work just relaxing. You know just having a Folgers couple copy type of annoying fake it life commercial. Now I gotta go scrub dishes I don't I have to get Cheerios out the side of a serial ball. Or you know like meat ball streaks off the side of the plate give me a break. People streets. I don't know I do what I want in my room Maastricht. There live. When I like him are room and I see the made bet it does feel good it's it's it's awesome yet. I'm a it just is they say kick starts a chain of other good decisions throughout the day gives you a sense of taking charge. These keystone habits your loyalty is killing the league lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and stronger skills that sticking. With a plan yet. It go and you can also say this. There are a lot of that you know I'm I'm penny wise not pound foolish. Thrift in parts of the extravagant and others. There are aware there are ways in places in the house I think you can deathly cut corners on tea. Two places it is worth spending the extra money especially seeking coming to that made that it Knight who initiates. Policy and not get good towels. Even a good scratchy talent no Danielle. I share but based on a regular basis was someone else who has a good scratchy tell so fraud no we've gotta exfoliate it but skin that we've swapped. But yes. A good good housing good sheet it is worth it actually ethnic exploited but. As it is opening for meatball streaks. Now nick here's a story can you pull the theme song to three's company please as I tell the story related to your bed making story. Okay theme song to three's company place. You'll never guess what's making a comeback as it's not called there's companies culprits. Now there's company was the show that failed out before things got. You'll never have to make a comeback on this throwback Thursday. Oh. It's better not be the show no. Speaking of making bad. The water bed is making a huge comeback among. Young people. Really there is the guy who invented the waterbed. He has come up with a new kind of way to make it I guess that's better than the old seventies way back when we. Larry climb in there I'm ladies back to his waterbed of these companies there is. Baghdad. And they and people are digging them again. So they're saying that they died out because of the memory foam and all this just now we want the water but again because that. They've one of the problems within it was it was just obscenely heavy and they would break. Right but the new water and veterans like only one kind of bad. Could actually cause drowning right. But now a must have good studio mode load user. I'm an independent. According to this the new water beds have a better weight distribution and they are less likely to break in the old their old diagram parents right 'cause they're not a native whatever was left in the construction of a jiffy pop do you remember being a waterbed I definitely I I knew I'd are all you want to sleep on one. And I did once and I had the worst night of sleep ever I've slipped on many water beds. And I always was disturbed by the noise about the motion in the ocean in the I had Hayes we see no way right eyed relatives of all the relatives that had them in spare rooms and always in the super over drunks for some reason in my twenties on the hot water beds. Wake up hung over and cease not a good comics and awesome combination. And and trying to get out get out of it right and your you can. Senior partner flying when you not press down bagel pastime and they're out on matters for America that is got to fight they say they give you a bad back I guess the new ones now work. With mattress technology and waterbed technology I think it's like I read well it's. If that makes sense I was like well we're almost like before it was just a rubber. Blocks. In that. And got my day handler. House. I was just over a water now I think it's it might be encased in some sort of mattress selection we have so it's like in there. General that our president. Our eye. On the back. The would still have a waterbed. And still digs it putts that I wanted to do besides Larry Klein time ago LeRoy you keep that entry pass it to debuted at a time. Go about that motion in the ocean through there so make your bed. And if you have a waterbed make sure you make that two. To be more productive and you'll be more doing more strong sound effects I don't know if your. I don't know if you're a key in on that whole idea of his ill water birth hello my little water pregnancy. Do you.