M&N Hour 2 - Leominster Party with Michael Devin! 6/20/18

Wednesday, June 20th

In the entire second hour, Whitesnake bassist Michael Devin joins us to talk about his new album, upcoming shows, and even weighs in on Four You!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. We have rock star on deck were all very excited. Michael DeVon has just at the studio will will have him on and testament he gets settled. Yeah exactly and heat here yeah we have just got hot what's Gaza we have it we talk so much about complacent much music it's awesome ever rock star. Right in not often. How many times over the course of the eighteen months of this show. Have we had somebody who actually plays on one of the songs that is in heavy rotation on the station in the studio that's a great question. I only ask only a couple times. Yeah yeah. I mean we had. How many how many stories you should know this could be the first time actually went our show specifically you could say it feels like. The first no. Corner tonight. Hey if Phil Liggett. So yeah just a regular juke box zero. I. Couldn't help but listen via this is the wrong band you guys have mentioned some notes are well are now you've got to say you know in the still of the night last. I'd ally make a bad joke here I go again. Today announced. Michael while it was too many in neck. Thank you it's a pleasure to be here recite them very much and now white snake plays tonight yam and take it over Boston asks how do it again have you guys played possible new leaders yet what we usually go up to Hampton beach to the casino. Campaign you. Right yeah. Back HTT means jeeps so I met before I meant between. And beat speech through some of fried when all of you do the Fred don't. In my younger years yet. I'm Michael before we get into white snake I wanted to mention that you have a new solo record out the game and running of the block your buddy my buddy your body was telling me that and this is one of those things that happens music sometimes is this true. You actually kinda were were. Not hiding what you were reticent with your news your locals and and and writing songs and stuff you just got it in Leipzig like. And then you finally did it. Yet that's that's true it's it's pretty accurate and I'm a perfectionist. And so I spent a lot of time you know writing a lot of songs in and throwing them on the floor you know and I mean rat race then I got to a point where I said okay this is. I can I can stand behind this you know well man let me play a little bit about it we we have ready still is this is from here. New record from the earth listen how kick ass this is this is Michael Bevan. Basis for whites make his solo effort. This is so good man really is. I'm sorry about. If someone has little throat problem tonight you can just step right up in there 'cause I got that killed locals are incredible man in the bonds incredible. Thank you. Thank you very much. I I think it it's also we're living in very strange times tonight and I have to kind of get that. Have to purge that tune yak about McCain is that as Adam is there any politics in the elements yet there is CNN it wrapped in kind of a poetic. Base and music's like one of the great original forms of artistic and creative protest I mean. You can either you can write a book if you want to leave it you know but everyone runs to their blog now or like something with 280 characters or yeah you can actually rock out in what's cool about that. Is that sounds like something. It's freshly released there but that sounds like you could have told me like that was nineteen that was 1987 or 1994 I would have bought into that as well too so slow rate retro styling is with a new sound yes and thank you very much yeah idea I have always I guess I've always had a hard time rating about. Cars and guitars and in London Brent and chicks at the beach. So I guess I got to a point mark Simone and put my might put myself on the line here. And you have put your ass on the talk and put my ass on the line and if we can't tell happened shouted down. Tell you what I think they would some you've been a little deeper than. A little Beijing it's very add a little bit tonight I don't wanna get into the whole idea of like being in something popular and just riding that wave of light. Popularity and not something superficial but then always having that voice and when you think it's time to act on well and we'll get into that and we'll get into. I don't know if you know listening but he has a wife who is as famous. My beautiful girl yet we'll talk of that. We'll talk about the bay handle to cool your new record assignment you gave to run an idea. Well I'll talk about have we do have you heard. The new version of Guns 'N Roses like this new tour and should have actually our our out scores and and personnel kind of cross pollinate their we've got there was weight sneaking and Jean Cunningham and you dig at you dig and they sound now. I sure do Leann and I mean yes yes what I loved the original cats of course we all you know Leo like Ashley. I also would like a time machine go back to 1988 in seed Dinara. Well this is maybe the next best thing. Is gone the roses shadow of the eleven by the way if you have questions. For Michael you can text them WA AF text 997107. Any comments or questions about white's making college defaming him for studio line is open for him in fort metro west commercial headquarters. 6179311. AFG are ready. They're all pounds Matty and nick belly up to the car and it isn't far right now friends. Gathered round old friends new friends. How to fearless launch although virtual won't be for long because we're gonna dusty white snake. And Michael DeVon is in studio now Michael I wanna do a little bit of radio theater review for a second. Shore points to close your eyes. All rights and imagine being a young man and limits to Massachusetts couple boy you see if you can recognize whose voice from your past. Who is in the studio. Yeah this will be a tough one. Moody who could possibly being loaded could think severely beat here at WAA. Half from eleventh to the lemons. Indy multiple choice. Among them have back when you're nine and eight and stuff did you say that's the word on the street now I know I'm I don't inherited that from my Cuba and I. That's a good one that's good that's a word on the superior mysterious yeah yes Mistress Carrie is in that. So viewers can act well I won't say who knows. I'm not even that I can say yeah you eleven star party William Giuliani blood much better than eleven Marty. That that search that I do know that. I could not go search liven party he's not Google eyes wrestling on our computer and a oh. Maybe want to ask it anyway and appeared that. You're kind of might shoot everything you might wanna assert that. So let me just explain what's going. For those you. Michael Devlin is friends with Ron global who's friends with Blake. So Michael donate it's a song from his new album to our colonel podcast. You also grew up Carrey in minister via these guys parting a monster land TSA yeah so it's this huge. Reunion go you. The one that's not from one answer all well. OK I don't know. But I've been in months away and now let me ask you Michael have you ever seen meetings who your experience and spooky in there spooky no but I've had I've had them multiple experiences there. But I wouldn't say that they were necessarily spooky. And I like that one time like this chick came on the health hero after he disappeared. It and. As we all grew up with our parents telling us the stories about monster land. Ray show rather than be afraid of that plays we used to have bonfires and go party out there and drink Beers we are high absolutely I think we kind of just accepted the fact that anything was possible at any time because monster land was one setting but we also ahead of the places like blood Forrest yeah. And and these other places closer row yes and yes at that girl that had a lower to them so we we're always kind of anticipating to see something real growth but he's in new England and we ran its all around the witch trials right days testing in any way altering plastic in the water yes that'll get like our brands early dad pesticides on the apples and. And the I wonder if the electric towers. Having you do it right that you guys have those power lines that run through your your town. There's a lot of reasons why yes. And I don't know I cannot live on the way out yeah we understand it and that's right we could have been bend Harris County Houston lessen your chances are again. And instead this is all an expression of our broken yeah. I'm not welcome an accent at all now advance as many of my new album an expression of my throat yeah. I pray Hancock. 617 says she's what is it six degrees of monster yeah. Ventura on my the let's just give a taste of the songs we played usually a Michael's song from his new record from the earth but I wanna play a little bit about. That's a wild buffalo wild buffalo that's right. A little bit of the song that you gave to muscle in which again is called months when you wrote for this record man. Gave to us but it was a strange synchronicity because I was that song was written. When I found out Ronnie had written a book called monster land. And I was having a really hard time finally here in a couple of spots ahead and send me the book as media would you know plagiarized some is sure but just kind of holding the book and reading through and on the ground my you know. So it was all the synchronicity as mr. young would say. There's a lot of those going on right now yeah but the the most. Access to. It will be honest our tax but that's I mean these are big songs man your writing and doing community. Marion playing what are you playing. Base obviously really comes to stuff on the no. I am not playing tunes and songs a young man by the name Russell Holtzman is the plane from New York here. It's funny 978 texting goes I thought it was Chris Cornell like your locals are are legit man they really are. Well thanks man you know. Being on the road and doing it a lot and be in employed by David Coverdale kind of helps. And it high hard operate in that area and that's the top vocal to keep up with the so I imagine that it only sharpened your vocal life if you will on a regular basis where you know he does have he has an ability to kind of polo. The best view him as he doesn't. Relent on that if he knows it. If you're sitting on something he's gonna make sure that you get your ass and do you know did you say he's difficult. In a real winners and a no no he's not because then the goal of any artist or musician whatever to get better right and sometimes you you'd you find your little comfort zone and somebody comes along and knocks you out of it and says. Now you can saying save it starts saying you know. And you also don't get you also don't go on a fourth decade. Of rocket in torrent by accident like dad's dad's a lot of hard work to stay relevant and competitive like that'd still be rock and he's a rock star to the Korman he just charmed the pants off hi Nina. And really. Series couldn't say honestly if there was a spot recruit the dirt for white snake I would not be surprised that actually happened yeah that's do is get out your comfort zone and perform at says all right I Yankee Matty and honored David Coverdale do we now have mounted now. He gets a manhood to please don't let him and I'm hot. The leather pad there's no there is no way there's not an awkward out and I are not more Michael Demi can stick now we do for you and just China after renting our actual war. Hot little tidbit about fu fighters and take in the second first of detail about this little hot nugget. See the Foo Fighters have been way and party with the Red Sox foundation on this and dec. This is for AF email subscribers only sign up for the AF email by Tuesday night. And watch the AF email on Wednesday. June 27 that's a week from today told. Find out how to enter visit WA AF dot com slash email here already signed up don't worry about it all set so Michael what you since the Foo Fighters in this wonderful new record. By you from earth some of the tracks were cut that 606. Which is. You know the Foo Fighters. Studio in car you know you know now so danced their little band out so now and he took if I remember the documentary. Correctly sound city yes sounds sitting here took some of that equipment from that iconic studio yes it is so you recorded on some on the on the console on the desk here what are the business credible infamous death ski out. Oh yeah a man and lot of a lot of camps. You know. Not a great chance that place is is Candy Land for musician I'm sure it sure a lot of great here and so and in it sounds beautiful blue. Yeah and their rusty great. Feeling and I mean a lot of great music Sperry cardiac mean like the first track on the on from the year at this some call how to Louis blues and Stephen Perkins of Jane's addiction and is on drums on that one so. He's on a few but the the other repeal come out of the end of the year has some of the tracks he did with me it 606 but. Yeah we cut that around you know 10 AM 11 AM you know and and just rocked it. And as soon as we got to the life you know put up the life. My X-Men the energy came and we can creatively. Are you more of like a night guy or you just had you know 10 AM 11 AM would you like get that damn busy in the morning. And that we need to bring my. Yeah he's got a lovely wife I don't think we need to she's she's excuse she would say I prefer to get busy in the morning and I do. And but no no. Gnome and Abreu is nice writer coffee breakfast is fair coffee starts or how noon. Ha now I'm Triad stadium trying these days you know I had little ones in my life with certain you know I'm trying to make an efforts to get up and be present earlier in the days but. Yeah normally yes when I get into the recording mode yet I'm not too. I don't know far he sings again and we sat rock and into. Warren reichert. Who is a renown. Producer heeded the Fuji's and he's done you can look at my warm markers he's great and from New Jersey. New York area. And and he produced songs with mean like. Creature feature in monster land and on some of the tunes that'll be on the second to EP that's we get a New Jersey. That's. Was great but we were working. 2234. And that's when non that's on creature feature that we actually got to take as we got to live on the floor with. Russell on drums and and this young guitar player. Nick Nico low wind cents. Very very creative dude and I think we got to take around and two and three man. While those of the real rockers ours yet the witching hour. My if you've got kids. I have stepped kids you stack it yeah. I do yes and your wife is that the don't know you give a famous wife. And beautiful yes that goes cute yeah drag trade them it's an area that's my girl right there had he has our back up. How how did you go from you know kind of let mr. to Hollywood and yelling like that when that can hold. I have no idea man I just started walking the path and it and that's kind of where let me but it. I went to college out here Emerson. I got instant. A master's degree in awhile. And yeah I did my last am in my last semester was done at a new I interned at this hour studio and Hollywood. Called Cherokee. The Cherokee recorders very historical building and made a lot of great records there you know steely Dan's Asia. The list is sole woman I think Sammy Davis cut Candy Land in the bathroom of bill so an archer ready used to so I I landed there. Got the intern ship started getting coffee for people at George Clinton involved Snoop Dogg and John Carpenter. As I recall it's too and man these kinds of people it was it was very exciting and you know one thing led to another long story short and you know it's been nineteen years will be nineteen years in August Los Angeles. Yeah and in other story when he injury is very typical Shwe met at a concert I was playing on the stage she said are like that guy and IRS. There's this seriously kids I say this all the time to my son I'm like don't make no mistake I made. We think the girls like jocks they don't. Kids you listings elastic at school today many view young teenage boys let's New York Matty ripper and put AG BA governors and don't let it. I did as my own words quit. Quit the sports. Learn an instrument and play in a band yet to win a better with a six and an error and scored twenty points in the game they don't care about the jockey and get with the row yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yes and yes. Because you can be both. You know social Leo awkward and you know get some attention at the same time that tech site is political questions and comments is when my favorites are 978 Michael. No this duties not only the man and a serious rocker. But the fact that he's with Adriana from The Sopranos breaks my half job path ha ha ha ha I. Well thank you fall. How nice that a long time that Texas 774. How that symbol bitchy owes me twenty bucks for how how how. On this is so funny man that the record is great the vote accusing your great. You've got to get to show those 431. You wanna stick around you get out here to to you Alina target as I can stick around a little one additional or are not too little for you with us we'll do for you we get back we do think before you talk stories don't work like are you could just chime in comment sure. I'd love and download that yeah and again if you have any questions from Michael DeVon by the way you can get a copy of his album from earth. It's available on Amazon iTunes. I heard radioed geezer titles Spotify the whole deal to search from the earth. Michael Bevan it's a really great record and gradually take you very much man.