M&N Hour 2 - Ice Cream Sandwich 8-10-18

Friday, August 10th

Matty and Nick get into a heated debate about a major world problem.. What is your favorite ice cream flavor and do ice cream sandwiches suck?

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Like to thank our friends for mid state auto group. In Auburn the best most fun place to buy a car for powering at 3 o'clock hour again that's mid state Otto group. You gotta buy car have some fun. On deck mid state on new group OK Matty yeah nick so Stanley can have a drum roll please. All right. As a whole side. With the drum roll please. We asked you we solicited from you the audience. What you would like us to talk about in the 4 o'clock hour our conversations we bistro 13 topics food movies or music. And the winner my arm landslide. Kids. Non music move. Is. Ms. Movies movies about music and food and which is why I'm gonna start off by talking about. I just came across beyond the greatest idea ever I'm gonna try one this weekend all right. The all somebody says there is now the new ultimate dessert do you like I screams and witches. Our loved them okay love them though the disgusting nuts or nut is a diskette oil coated Feller out here at. I'm gonna make coconut seller has been just real hot take them what's better. To Antarctic. Ice cream sandwich and or the neat part with the strawberry Vanilla and how it's not all I I didn't think I spit sandwich please monument now I Neapolitan stinks. What I don't like strawberry chocolate and Vanilla comes in. There are they're never there always artificial and talking about Leo wow nice it really seriously. Neapolitan Italian cookies suck why we called and I yourself sellers to one thing when you could have three delicious things and warned. Since he took off. My favorite ice cream flavor as coaches agree. Add as much as one maxis to it's the best it is really good amazing. But I Neapolitan ice cream is ridiculous because it's never even good strawberry ice cream. And it's lame chocolate sitting in the middle. By the way. I know they said movies Callista have this quick would debate there's some ice creams need to go that are left over so we'll work to all our power is all that quick I'm quite a while ago DD this. This joint in Capetown South Africa has pioneered I don't know what we were all thinking it was staring us in the face the whole time. You make an ice cream sandwich. You taking a fresh course not you cut it down the middle not along the side like this is that you could open up legacy emotionally crow sandwich you know he cut it down the middle. And then in there two scoops of Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate sauce chocolate sprinkles and then whipped cream. They say it will which it will blow your mind and it's a chick yes almost yards and a cream problem yet like that you do an ice cream sandwich. Cream puff with a Vanilla ice cream. Whipped cream chocolate I've dues to rich. It's good that you wanna put your blank you wanna put that in new. Looks too rich to me it looks like it Claire I don't like the players. Why. What's wrong with you later they're two of her brother not a players that he players out there know you loved it when the cream puff guy came in right from the big highly being Carl magic we eight wasn't I wasn't gonna say that is very ready week a front that guy like there were at there was dinner for four and a family of eight and mom rang the bell only one thing worse come out of South Africa and that thing. Apartment. You didn't see that coming a mile away content. I gonna play Sun City. An anchor and EE NA. Declare world borrow one I didn't know put ice cream makes a cookie. Kofi into. Why it. What makes economy cookies and cream I had no idea. I hate you like healthy as well I might like it now some copy drink I always were if you ask me eight months ago I would have I would have railed against copy as you much like a rail against celery or or coconuts. But now that in my coffee drinker I might have to do in viva the copy I scream dean go mocha Vienna Chung solutions. Although I'm gonna try this and tried this. Chris sol especially at my friends relatives come to visit him Cape Cod I'm sure they would just be a whole lot mortified all right let me ask you this guy traditional. Massachusetts good round with the holes and it ice cream sandwich. Or that we were strong couldn't just say deepened to say cookie leg had to say brown with a holes and the pasta and describe the perfect ice from sick now it makes it nice contempt. The greatest ice cream sandwich is employed to chocolate chip cookies and ice cream that'll Jonas a chip which delicious and if you make it home making yourself do like a nice toll house cookie better than the ones that constantly on making yourself I was what are you talking about it's great that's like saying my mom's gonna make me McDonald's she's the cheeseburger at homestead it is a Donald's. It does have you ever tried to make it diner style buries all grown we've never I don't know whatever is wrong because it's because you grill them and you have to cook them out of flat top you make it nice and thin and you got to use now buttery bread. We've we've absolutely Ronald once again opened a pandora's box are Christians on the ramming imports studio line Kristen go ahead. Yeah I like and keeping green I like to create much error has. Could the greens that may eat eat a little. Eighties in the eighties ice cream pioneered Kirk using cream. Yeah at least make payment that an in line anyway and all that app and Atlantic registrars or not. Oh they do first here is a guy who goes straight TDs that might go to. Flavor whenever I look on to the breyer's MI and a good is okay by a straight Turkey hill thank you to straight to east member and Kate and generals on the company on the cover of these box. Now. All right listen. I digress. All you do. Now I'm as hungry. She's right look at that what what the first okay. The first cookies and cream here on a flashback Friday was made in what year first took in cream ominous say. 1827. Close. I mean fifty 1979. Does not even though as well. Well Larry I don't see it grows old it took people that long to figure out here should put an Oreo on my Vanilla ice cream. And yachts best now. The dairy queen blizzard you just get the or has thrown right in there that 10-Q that was such a great. Have great yeah can you pistons can you funds and we get some boards I'm Scott most I don't know where there are deet use I've never seen one in my life what the hell he's talking on you know what the hell are you know their numbers here. All of the after seeing all over the last never see what I would know is how you and you say they are not I don't see any Derek Raivio monotony in North Shore maybe not resort that's true there may be that come I assure you that and do you get to know like movie review goes out the door just you've never been my Mary Lou I've never you never really ever seen in a near nothing but eighteen year old tonight's hot home girl neighbors and cigarette butts what the hell are we fighting about. In the press the button. 4 o'clock. Hour. About four things you should know that. Yeah. It's time for the fourth things you should know history rules that I live. Never get less than twelve hours a week Deborah McCarthy and I've got this thing first name is this city never going nearly as got to pass. This is for you from Matty ended. Roger by mid stayed out of group and Auburn the best most fun place to buy a car mid state auto group and Auburn tell your old pals Matty and nick. Ten Jeff. Story number one nick. Bill Murray has been accused of assaulting a photographer during a dispute at a restaurant and this happened locally. And Martha's Vineyard restaurant called Lola is now here's the funny thing. The report was filed by Peter Simon who happens we younger brother of singer Carly Simon. Ultimate so. The person who says they were accosted by Bill Murray yes is Carly Simon's younger brother yes I don't know is younger. Yes younger brother. Now so he was taken photographs now here's a thing but Bill Murray I love them you love them but I've I've seen him. I've been his presence and I've also seen at the Pebble Beach one year the celebrity golf tournament I saw him. I DVR it actually re watched it too when I got home he he had a thing with a cameraman. And it was actually kind of frightening he he like he felt like the camera it was annoying him or something he's like. And so Gary McCord the on course got trying to be funny with Murray Emery just has his death looking to what's your name and Iran talk any U. Talking EU and the cameramen like you wanna fight so merry definitely has this. Crazy thing about getting its pix he's a little unhinged. And I mean I'm so. The way he's lived as the sort of eclectic JD Salinger but not sitting at home as the famous recluse kind of bond Mikey. Gets out goes to games sings along where he eats what he won't have to get a male movie scripts he shows up wearing crazy clothes goes to the golfing. You know goes to golf events I I told you I would buddy's birthday he crashed three years ago right karaoke joint in New York City and could have been more gracious all night long and most dangerous is sing along whatever. Most of the stories about him are like that but. There's two types of brilliance guys like that in my experience. You know one is just. Mike Will Ferrell and gentle character brilliance keeps to himself and just like is brilliant and and others comes boomer thing we like needs to be around people. Annie's out they are doing everything but it comes with a double. That the point can flip. In a second and I just see that in him as a switch that flicks and gas and and it's part of what makes him brilliant and amazing but I also feel like I could totally see him doing so apparently. Simon. EP pushed him up against the wall. And he says he was assaulted but now the route the owner of the Martha's Vineyard place called Simon generally know playing. And said he wasn't allowed to photograph people is not a Lola Simon's that I was even taken pics of Ballmer just take pictures of the band. And and so until loan. Quality but he's got to think about cameramen clearly why. Do people feel they need to take pictures of celebrity on. On and by what is so literally I. You do for the Graham. Honestly and I'm like I'm shallow and I know I think this is why I literally. Last two weeks on in Rhode Island started sketching mr. Armisen. But the charcoal sketch pad Nagin now it would. Take we take a quick calls during number two. Story number two yes our native is that it went well yeah I think so okay it's Mike Brooks who hosted the classroom I say. In Weymouth. Champion of the session or smacked her. I'm doing fantastic I would have called earlier it literally just woke up I got an extra 4012 o'clock post. I'm means and I'm. I'm reason I'm less than eight AI I did this will be quick but I I want it to Chile and on behalf of the capital and the never thank you that's coming down last night. The one thing or denials in my simple to view Jerry sort of break murky Tony feet. On the you know a lot of time nobody did come down there we had a blast it is amazing queries to tie the money so thank you very much. Well like every dumb I talk but as I get this huge huge lump in my throat and I have to fight back tears but I it was. One of the honors of my career and I've been doing this stuff for a long time now to do stand up to that event the love in the room the support in the room was her breast. I was locked at ten times gladly assist in developing nations in congress if you know. So thank you Mike can you did a great job posting that's a tough day hit you know between guy is that raffles yet that giveaways you've got people. That wanna get some states time you've got people to acknowledge you've got all of us big mouth comedian Zito each went at least five minutes over art I'm not mean. I'm. And I am. And you know what this just in damage was done there is no beer left in Weymouth side sorry I brought every terrorist armed. Mike thanks a hell of a time and god bless you got less data Weymouth and god bless the Weymouth PD. Our party should not just somebody by. Was a great. A great night off and you've got men. And now it's not it's my it's the literally the least we can do now by no some credit. I guess of you know I must bring to blog that doesn't mean I'm not gonna take care of my neighbors I got I got nothing but love for. Weymouth Quincy Braintree. You know Randolph and homework and screw I didn't know where the show wasn't so much time is way left. And an economist with Randall Milton and that's I mean I mean I knew it was for Weymouth fund raiser. Bert sarge. For sergeant Justin but I didn't know exactly said the Braintree is I think that we would bring Israel is yet to bring to him without that radicals like me notes in Weymouth right as a navy to Braintree and there's four win I didn't know. We got like the sons of Italy in the Knights of Columbus I think there may be the VFW. At that we don't need one and everything that's out there it's a big one means from the picture you've got posted it look like pac rate this time around I. I got these and here's a thing or two term. Not a great room for standard in terms of its a beautiful place in terms of lake that was set up well hey Wright is a stage early but the audience and that's to have audience you can lose real fast it was a it was a good time and drink and there's a lot of comedians is a lot of comedy in a short time candidate. But they were such a great audience that they were allowed into it but then when a new comic would start and I'll get quite. You never allow us the room you know I mean so just everyone knew why we were there. And everybody was awesome and I'm moving to Weymouth. Just kidding. Storing earth three and four when we return. By the way Medigap. People on here saying I worked at low lives and dealt with both the Simon is the real thing. All right that's these people are again. And other 860 Simon. The problems at all Martha vineyard days ago. I feel very. Finishing up for you. Story is number 345678. Right here we're gonna give you double before you. 'cause there's a bunch of stuff to do embossed this weekend nick Massa live dot com. Laser tag and a post apocalyptic Boston. Multi level go casts. And a bunch of other things to do indoor entertainment space in New England. Is a cool little articles let's start with luck this place yet laser tag in a post apocalyptic Boston back pay eight bucks per fifteen minute session. It's the laser tag corset apex entertainment. Designed as a post apocalyptic back bay in Boston the credential there's some MBTA cars arriving this fictional apocalypse you get to play all around it all glow in the dark which really cool. Did this place looks insane yet this is this is called. Apex entertainment out Marlboro on what I'd love to know if any listeners have actually been there my brother to get a chance my brother and his my lovely niece grace who talked about the softball league yet she won that they go there'll they live right near and they said it's. Awesome. Apex entertainment mark grow wealth and even did my brother. I'm oil into. So they go there all the time they do. And they have a I think they have like Arnold's valuable player and are ready to yeah Viet yet laser tag and yeah post apocalyptic Boston back today yup. At all bawling my it was pretty let. We've got. Rope climbing we've got and I can aid group. It's awful multi level go Kart. Twenty bucks a race now is it's like seven bucks a race on the cape that the couple little Ding Dong cards write little Ding Dong tracks that are in my neighborhood. They're fine with this this looks like F one this looks legit yet. Seventy games in the arcade Bob Buckeyes and you're gonna love this many zombie dodge ball it's a sport simulator thirty minutes 25 bucks. And games it there interactive games. That you play it's like a golf simulator which can play different games do. So occasional on either beat the rain or beat the heat depended on where you live and how you Phelan. That place looks. That was great you know see movies we know god no not like it's its own tents I'm not gonna spend my vacation a movie theater do you leave tonight or Dili tomorrow morning. I leave tomorrow morning to them on a plane my. My little believe golf league in the morning and then head out to the cottage after that. And then that then the vacation then advocates love began it began actually by the chasing an artist last night when I walked off stage last after my ten minute farmers the second a lot of states I was on vacation in my mind the last thing had to do that was kind of you know put. You work being done. Behind a you know what's really cool too you've got to shut up or anyone's job and that's up not a Salem willows. It's super cool what are some of Salem willows elmo's you have you want to assumes they should know about that it's a great time you should take Mac to Salem willows we arrows are always a guy that are those all go don't I don't that after 8 PM retirement divorce before that like the fans. Phil Moses super cool broke right on the water ocean and they haven't arcades are Thomas wood to defy all I'm going he would love it yeah I can do that our job not gonna wait till Halloween or something to do it too in the when there's like Tennessee we like. Dad's grandchild was just all around them to stop trying to get us on the North Shore. And hard because many years detector. Yeah five away says I go to apex all the time it's got everything you need to drive through friendly you can't beat it the go Kart racetrack whatever. Little slow little overpriced but. How is awesome hiking in the semi Gator through and throw axes that'd dart board yeah here's which happened eight paction. Sponsor this show. And then we will go and I play games and apex because it was made for me in neck where it where men children. We're big in mall bro. I'm a family a mob roads hook it up apex now it is openly. Sales lobbying pale hair the pants he added everybody it is legal people think this place I guess we're kind of odd as that chick filet right around toxic. Yeah. On a look if we're going after the dedication that ship full way why is it yours why can't we all enjoy our beloved chick filet about your against. I'm not gone I let us and for chicken neck had to let you like hash tag on this hash tag I'm that. Yeah yeah yeah. We're tournament being flashback Friday and stay as you stumbled upon something from the show about a year ago. Which you just stuff put out social media rank on the ball too but all my lord the when we did these name that sausage. It was called. It was called. Me. Some talking what does that mean. Okay sorry it was called apologist as there's that was a it was a media Blake sausage hunter. Asthmatic it was a meet member and as you said like all I can I can tell whatever kind of size of their meetings that we blindfolded you name that's hostage and we did many media Blake sausage party we may even have anything for two vet checked 66 imaging for. Put in meaty or sausage some bad guerrillas. I'll be able to tell you associates is in my mouth that was. Absolutely so this Smart idea when you'll that. Yes. Legend has that he can identify any sauce and a single by doing it from. Throw it and it broke the sausage king at Chicago. Yeah that's me and he never backed down from a jar group challenged how I don't follow the substance we can you meaty. And Matty blade. Sausage king of Boston. So we proceeded to land fall into tackle meets. And from a mile. And out popped up a half million. A bit of fishing or literally out of fishing pole and watching the sausage smack off your face like yeah I mean it's just go one of the might talk about laughing so hard it feels like I did an Ab work at polls hey we just have first installment text of the day contested 978 hash tag meat to. You are in the lead weight. Dude. That should be the new sure we make and sell meat to the ash tag meat to allow. So still is is going to re post the video. A gaffe Solomon RI GL uploaded directly to Manny and energy man in the W also that it's great jam can portraits. That's the only thing I do either mean errors or sausage or an increase. It could be the only thing of the three things I've never understood that. L well I mean that's that's the only play that again it doesn't make any sense at that's the only thing I do either mean errors or sausage or an increase. I only do one thing at these five and as that one thing I do is these three things. I think we met in the whole cacophony of mosques right but they're not the same at all well they're to compete. And like you don't do killed closet c'mon known as the local almost killed bossy and I will destroy this sort things. I think he's no data to both. I and all of her elbows necks. It's classic Hendrix.