M&N Hour 2 - Donny from Nautical Gin 5-25-18

Friday, May 25th

OUr old buddy Donny stopped by the studio to talk about Nautical Gin and he also shared a few old stories with the guys!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Previously on Matty and nick breaking news are Weinstein himself didn't want you can actually. Here's an. Here you Jimmie gets an updated Harvey Weinstein is expected. To turn himself in today and like maybe sexual misconduct and misconduct charges just two minutes ago. We sure as early as ride from what you from commercial point for. So he hasn't yet but he's expected to as a it would have been confirmed the plan. It's Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer which means this this. Then this. What more do you need. I tell you what you need you need Matty and nick on WA AF. I'll tell you what you don't need Boston. That in this week not a sit on the air. It's gonna go back back pats although it's all. That I would not die in me. That it make it's Friday for a long we get we get Donny from an article in the best option in town or anywhere. We're anyway Red Sox tickets coming up little game within nick has some drinks he's invented we'll get through all that. Also 55 Tony generic your voicemails at 620. A quick question from the text line and please put on your participants and join its ever on 97107 Donnie. Someone wants to know where can I find this locally and what am I looking at for a bottle. During a lot of stores around he has some of them tap these total lying around my niece Julian it's your we're analyst 600 stores in Massachusetts. Oh I saw were in. 400 stores in Massachusetts and climate right now storms optimist is assess what they have with price model matches anywhere from 299930. To 99%. To. So this isn't the docket aboard the hangover trade economic chief gen express on non on August it's enough. The mast pike of headaches and not only the best out Ron is on the framing him for studio with a question for Donnie. And it. Was. Used to run. At. We ask my question I just want to say what. British radio days and it never woody didn't oh but try not yet. I could still get big enough run you know we build brands and we kind of look at best approaches on how we're gonna do it get though to match it. Then the AF family has been nothing but wonderful to additional arguments opportunities like this in the morning show and Matty and nick so it's been. It's been a real treat to have them as a part of our not a whole family to get not be with us. Let me let out last night to have. The party here this weekend. And they normally do it yet I really it would be air man. It does like the orange and it and I like the life out there fighting. Not a built in. Just what this traditional OG and he's like get all labor board on the rocks so what do you suggest that I'm fine. I would honestly try it first time on the rocks because you're really gonna taste the difference in you know and in and and Alia. All the the tentacles that irony you know whenever I do what pasting. In liquor stores and stuff like that I always had people try first. You know when you look at the juniper in in in in G and people that they're afraid of you know from the old school drinks and but you know on the wallet alone I'm managing in person but try on the rocks on talent and then you'll see and then I personally like it with. But tennis lime juice or solicit ginger Daryn I called out or not you'll. Donnie a couple of other requests on the tax line if you well 50 wait tell Donnie elvis' he's the best. We get several requests Donnie you know a lot of move morning show immigration mad idea can you say Chinese on that thing. My voice is a little out Potts but I'll do it right. He's just yeah. Yeah my books is a little match but it's it's is a last round there called in the cell. Iran and the nice product lay out that hey this is Monroe Larry Ewing on how high securities reworking right now and I whenever more at Donny what it was Red Sox tickets and more from. This moment just to do. Many nick out of Friday. With Donny from nautical jammed the one the only the smooth this June around you've got to go to. Not a legend dot com check out all of their. Beautiful products that beautiful site beautiful bottle thanks for being here now so much thank you and these samples it to list we have someone on the is that the that are now. And you know have the baton. Some of them on the seek super secret. Hotline neck bow for real someone who it is let's say hello here ago hello mister kollar. Yeah. Booty. Aggies did. I've got it right Danielle I actually really was not the one recent anti it was funny I didn't I know but. I have talent he had the last government Evan Chinese I think we were up at all will be remember we got that their pleas by the young mayor the the Ferris wheel. When you remember I think that somebody out if I'd never been. Do you want one way you guys slide into each other's VM's. But they note it you are. Telecommuting come up at one time and I got the license to a picture of the debts remember I bought trailer up there in the hot dog guy. And our man and then and then recently and the thing doesn't those fun night out that was due to tequila days. Yeah. Now again this. Yeah. Is it the good days. Were put together they were put together a vicious circle Danielle we join us and get tight this afternoon. Well I liked it he opt. What are your plans for the long weekend. Gardening and very exciting now. I doubt that your guard. And Stanley is going to be doing construction. Maybe you guys can I get together and build the perfect house may be so showed HDTV. I'm only on that end up it was he. Yes day Delco I don't like it I guess you can't help brainstorm without rain storm which is what she brings up. Yeah. I already got that sort of battery with a play and that and I and I do all the supporting the weekend who died. Cuba. Writes I doubt many during the commercial break out perusing. The nautical Gian website OK and obviously this is a big weekend for people to attend out. You know memorials parades get togethers. And it is the unofficial kickoff to summer. Right summer summer unofficially begins summer movie season begins in February right but summer unofficially begins or over the weekend it's time have a beverage relax with the ones you care about most apps have some grass thread B. Well that's that's my new that's my new ghost is sausages in the six charities Jack shell I'm Bruce your website and I see you've got all these cocktail suggestions I got up I gotta give it up to Aaron Henning she's actually yet for Dolly was sponsor for Dolly this weekend and the elements dominant ace solar sponsor of the doubt this weekend and Aaron handing him his. Was the creator of all those cocktails along with Christian churches are American. Yeah but she's on the there's a lot of people little behind the spring and that really helped me. Where it is today you know John Egan we all know Johnny John hey hey honey he's. You know he's. Behind every good Helmand there's a monkey promote that but he is he is Aaron and him whether or via ferry they supported and many other many other people a lot to name and I know we are up against the clock and takes their right. And I that's all radio speak out check and the web site. You get this great little cocktails heading and on here you've got what I can see about about four dozen suggestions for drink she could make. Would not Michael Jin ma and I love it because AM I wanna have most of these I want them to be in me now. And be the names are super clever very funny which I'm given to so. This thing was perfectly into. I've brought a couple of suggestions for maybe some new nautical Gian drinks and if parents listening army rule we will get the tape. There Leo I scenario. About two ounces nautical -- half a Candace been drift cucumbers seltzer was a fresh lime slice a cucumber or college in draft polo. Work right. Okay how about I get the tape of this the rights with an area aren't exactly okay now how about three ounces of chilled nautical gin. Cal model all of locale mount olive juice fresh dill. Sure server shaken in an upper class who call this answering he teeny. It's it's a Greeks. Twist on a dirty martini. I Q how would you mind working like this right now. I mean it's in my case go to the gym does it to me man stands head and all like oh wait there's more art classic gin and tonic. But we're gonna put blue food coloring in our ice cubes were gonna crush them up at the bottom of the glass and then for the Jintao ought to cover we're gonna call that Heisenberg topic we. Yeah. Not in the eyes ST I met that works arterial. Two outs is not a good gin two ounces Coca-Cola two ounces aren't soda will call that a flip water. A piece. Okay two outs as knuckle gin it splash of Coca-Cola three ounces Mountain Dew or call that a Charles River. And here's my personal that you need to hypodermic needle me I over this that the four ounces nautical G and chill no rocks. Bucket of rocks and then two bottles of nautical Jin reserve behind the C you're sitting in. I call that game seven days or David prices pitcher that it practices it and no matter right. We need him on the web subtle yet Aaron behind me and here we go you can trademark all of those you Joni on the street promote a right to do it would have let model flat water out get the job done right. Donnie it's the Memorial Day weekend right so willing to thank all of our veterans ally of course the veteran myself. So we have some mom. Well first I wanna know and got two rookies to travel more break and upon it okay we as a Red Sox to get to give way when play a little game Indian doctors trap actually get done yeah right where we go. But I just there's been some tax and a couple calls questioning you. You cooking out nine and that guy said what do I have for the first time to have it on the rock but if you're gonna make a drink with nautical Jan. The what's your ultimate go to your cooking out you got to stop on the grill some meat on the grill your on the deck families around what do you make it. Disease that two army units and as a mule yeah. I instead of use and biker I used to G India or right duel with lemonade on a duel with sparkling lemonade. You know very nice little refreshing it's nice to Janelle tool. Do you ID do you subscribe to the whole idea of bringing in the the herbs section of the art historian like. I like nasal I'd like Rosemary. I like time. Named to all those things I think we gin because you get so many different things going on that we had on that. Bloody what when I am kind of a parody in my house we make cuts you just want it to the bottom of my house is upon the White House my last names like so. By the time waited five minutes into it is just a big party and I got a pool in the there's like. Probably well people like pool right now rip and monopoly and you know there's north Koreans running around and honest to god. People thrown fireworks there's a sister Christians planned I. On of that song. All right more done anyway not a Cogent and I tried that nodding mule one of those left. Doing. Zones sampled our number you can't swallow that. Okay where Josh are you working in the background for 33 stage is set to paddy. Now remember you can't swallow Matty not that's. Buyer region should be what's gonna spice and all Mike got his act. That's literally battle. I hope. Honestly I tried I tried that ginger beer on its own that is the devils Jim's way it is so. Yeah he goes on this now she puts he's got the copper mugs and the ginger beer should make those drinks you know such as makers of Margaret and get rid of copper poisoning you can collect on the insurance money obviously your own life. I. We'll coming out soon we're gonna have what you call a value added package to get tackle coming next few months and you'll see nautical Jan. You'll see bottles of La Celeste speier ginger beer in Tennessee to died as a pack that'll be. The same prices so look for in only and you'll see in the stool of products. You want I want more break without Donnie we need to be some Red Sox tickets went to recall waits a week. I outplayed out they wanna call it a little gave resort cigarettes on the other side. Matty and nick got away from not a codes in what a great time we've had thank you for the delicious drinks. A hustler won a great way to beat gene in the weekend. Without. It was good going gonna be stage energy intervention here. Why not call right now if you wanna try and win Red Sox tickets from your old pals here at WA half. Call the printing of arts studio line 6079311. AF right now we're gonna play the game conspired. Donnie by you being here thank you. It's going to be. Nautical terms how all of you know turn nautical terms call right now if you wanna go to the Red Sox 6177795454. Remind you that. We cannot operate with a great Greta van fleet oh. The rock general for Memorial Day weekend great new and I mean that you know speaking to my speak Donny from southern New Hampshire compliment when elements of national town you live in southern suburbs are natural. There having a nick loves this times our own running the blog yet slide to a podcast with now called most I had no idea which is items. He's speaking tomorrow in new Hampshire at the fourth annual saucer symposium at 130. I really. Now these are fanatics yet knows that the one that's the one the Carville puts on about the flying saucers it's. No it's very serious minded people men who have experiences are. You know interest in be it involving and it. We learn when New Hampshire. It is me do when he threw 637. There runny speaks at 130 it is at the core eggs that are. Exit and an answer on how to run speaks at 130 at 215. A guy who was breakdance and make it outside of its pesky flu shot it's. I hate you nutty the ghosts that comes my car so good about it. The government itself released video and unlike any it may have played again 3 o'clock Teddy tin foil when you're losing your very. Own idea. I had I had nothing nothing fake that Manny doesn't believe I've had colonel experiences that nozzle so I believe because I've seen full operation. I've had nothing happens among the best ways that are completely unexplainable and also thanks the year that's why well I'm just opened. Lot I can say here it is a planet ability to see the curvature of Europe hey Donnie black eye on it. Applying tape there in Indian at this lineup he conceded curvature earlier than a good day it does is it an errant on these aren't so it's as flat as too much gin. I don't Hamachi and do I need to consume. To enjoyed the so ask what seminar tomorrow the earth. Is University of Phoenix online monster talk political public speaker the earth is as flat as the back and articles and all right let's go let's play let's start nautical themed game for Red Sox tickets here we go let's start with. Nautical music's it is what we have is going to be interest lulls and give us this. Let's yeah. And see everything was good until you. Until he said it like you would say to look at potential victim. Demi it's yet if you could just been like oh yeah all right. The Irish OK I wish you could be in the studio to see how this whole feel opera house like and when the mikes are. It is better than you feel when it really yeah you guys horrible body on. I'd let's go to. MacKenzie MacKenzie would you like to step on the yacht and try to wins residency gets girl. I would love yeah all right how will you know you're nautical terms. I know you out all right our first term. We give him multiple choice. Is all hands is all hands and a all of the sales on the ship. The the entire ship's company both officers enlisted personnel. Or see how female intercom and please describe PD bundle there is management styles. I'm would be. You're correct. And you have I'd hang on the line MacKenzie Donny did we mention this is our last day and communal lives I'd love run like a father. We reported and I'd totally be report you decide it's. So I'm we have another column we did nick and you have another question let's go to a hawing eat today. Eight tenure on now nick has a question. I. Hey memorial they shower Beers do you friend Eric really go Kart reared its hide the term anchors away. What does that mean. Is anchors away a set of an anchor would just clear of the bottom. Be set of an anchor when it's being we're attracted back into the sailing vessel. Foresee. Is that what I say every time I hang he'd stick in the porcelain ball. It. Or a have quote cookbook guy is. A good job buddy Ethan and MacKenzie call but let's go to. Actually we would have accepted ANC yeah let's go to key and he ready to trust nautical terms about it for Red Sox tickets. So it Yankee. The term. Is. Baggy wrinkle. Bagging wrinkle I'll take you know I'll take this goes nowhere good for 600 Alex and the men have an incident. Is it hey I cover for the steering wheel of a ship. Being a soft covering for cables that prevents sailed chafing. Or seek the current state of stay as long balls. And at. India's envoy. You have qualified my friend. We are full of qualifiers. Stereo now we've got three qualifiers for a chance to see the new Hanley Ramirez three Red Sox. Aren't Moscow to one for him that Tony nick Tony you have another question there an expert on I had one I've. Tony there. Let let it. How well do you know economical terms. I don't know okay the term is cocktails. Cocktails he. Is that. Some turn it and that what you pay for that fighting ring your part of and Chelsey yeah. Let's have a B this series and because that's better than wanna know when I have got to get this month. That rate side is de cock bills a a term for the ship's logs and notebooks. The term for anchors and hang vertically with a loops turned the switch sides or C host is it the stripper. All I know what they are out. That is a hard one and you know what it was so hard it's actually be able to qualify you know. It turns out it's a term for ships' anchors in the hang vertically the flu turns. I was gonna say you're still hyper specific about that that there's no way you could have made a pity that article doesn't amount to zero chance. There are kill or eighth and keep Tony MacKenzie. All qualified it stays let's get up our selection music here. And what we have Johnny picked the winner of that sounds yeah. Whelan handle yeah you know on the have you received envelopes. Obama. The problem. This is is. And I really don't recently downloaded the look in him going up one. Hillary does he want it okay who I'm. All of ends. Yeah and the winner is Tony to. Hey Toto I've how's that feel Memorial Day budding. Right it's my anniversary of its. How long you've been married. Eleven years. But field so you're married the same week as Yoko and I we were married nineteen years ago this week. Yeah I still sentence I. That's one yet we do actually we don't Huddleston a semi licensed Nazr nationally Fred Flintstones like I'm I'm right. In its slide out. You out to you Kim yeah young. Nods grace please act alone I got a king size bed down there of upstairs and do gag a huge Tom Brady whose firm and it vibrates I don't want or another 5 in the morning Hewlett nine. Congratulations Tony you're going to see the Red Sox were Seattle on Friday June 22 and a limited edition pennant designed by Pearl Jam you've also qualified Tony for the grand prize. A pair of tickets to see Pearl Jam at Fenway Park Friday June 22 we celebrate the upcoming return of rock and roll hall of Famer Pearl Jam to Fenway Park. As the Sox host Seattle ticket holders who purchased via the special offer talks dot com slash PG night receive a limited and and it. Designed by pearl Jack. That sounds lovely you know what else does winning a thousand. At W all. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance. For the monetary equivalents. Delicious if that's fine articles you have time now for the thousand dollars please everybody text the code word dragon. To 72881. To enter for a chance to win 1000 dollar will. Message and data rates apply takes the code word dragon as then Matty believes in a drag and you would dragons yeah. I. Can imagine the conversations with that sudden you're gonna listen to my new podcast monster under. I listen a lot of things I wished ISIS' chasing the dragon and a yeah. I'm. All right after the outrun and I am not for the three and I'm going to be the boy with the dragon that. Thanks recovered dragon has seven to anyone right now you're next code word your final code word of the day. Will be announced today at six in the PM right here on this show given much as I really know that means.