M&N Hour 2 - Comedian Chris Roach 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd

The guys talk about where you can go to see some free movies outside this summer! Then comedian Chris Roach calls in to talk to Matty and Nick! 

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Laura. Were you for the help of 4 o'clock hour. Some breaking news that then it just happened on. For that job trial in. Boston and Rhode Island gangster pic we add the correspondents from around Colin. Couple weeks ago. We have a verdict francs on trial. 5520. Your GRBs at 620. All that and more right here you're old pals that the uniqueness. Though they have these last summer outdoor movie. Things. In the city neck. And this there's one called underground flicks series. And it's free. It's tonight. 730 to ten underground and ink block it's kind of by the convention center. Guess what the movie they're showing that for the first of outdoor Friday night summer movie series will be tonight. It's the Jurassic Park creek yes. Almost famous which was one of our. Does it hold up they almost aiming man. There are a ton of free movies going on around town tonight Boston Harbor hotel movies by moonlight. At rose more seat grill Harbaugh walked terrace tonight he conceit for free. It happened one night if you wanna go. Though little we'll throw battle flashback Friday for some been Taj said about free Friday flicks of the hatch shell that sounds like fun ride one of my favorites right there at the five year old love this one last summer. Despicable me three. Freebie at the hatch shell maybe those of us that children who just. Stand it I. Trey Parker was the bill. Well as a public yet he's very honest it's a fund are I mean c'mon the mania movies and other. Has only. Even when it's a kids movie it's easier outside for an hour and a half against what they're not causing trouble they're not like. I think adding it's been awhile since you're there but like. Anytime you can never liked art so that means for the next eighty minutes to a 110 minutes. Nobody can get hurt nobody can break any thing people are just staying in one spot. I can breathe are in need to have like a beer or eat anything significantly delicious I can just I just. You know I. The one year old now is just not everywhere and it's just gonna it's gonna be that way for the next year so you're constantly in hot pursuit C. I brought this up before or early in the run of the show don't have kids are well ha. There was a restaurant in. It was Westport it was in Fairfield Connecticut the local nice to go to all the time when Max was toddler age and you paid ten bucks cash. And they took the key in the it would take your kid upstairs. And have little player in the had a players of the adults could have dinner. It was like a little restaurant daycare I'd pay twice that right. Why don't more I guess is liability why don't. Or places to did not know I mean I go to the YMCA. And meals fitness senators the YMCA. They've got a phenomenal. Place three can bring the kids aged like zero to eight with a Disco and you can just like even if you like you know what. I probably should start working out but I'm just gonna lean against the wall and hold my phone and they may not even look at it for a few minutes and I'm just gonna leave here. I'm just gonna Spain T. If I open a restaurant. The first thing I would do is build a separate bedroom a 1000% right sound proofed and say that's the kids area. I would you have every adult couple with a kid in the metro west Boston or come and your place and I hired certifies CPR specialist. Lifeguards whatever I've had the plays out has sprayed with hero every half an hour. There's a joint down in Dennis port where we have little summer shack. It's called. Jacobs it's not the greatest place in the world you know what they're called they're lobster rolls. Why do we go their beverage giant lawn or all the are proceeding as she can watch you can play kick ball on frisbee as in just eat. And drink you're not come RM. What name at the Tom separation room. It could just be in the other room and protect them honestly. If there was if there were children like to use in cages script I'd be fine godspeed only hundred points behind after the kid. No way it's laughter. She's done for the sport things you should know history rules and never get less than twelve hours a week. Like I think I've got this thing first Kansas City never going your way who's got a tattoo back. This is for you. From Matty ended his Friday edition of for you brought you by stone import now hiring a full time certified automotive technician 7500 dollar signing bonus residents. No room for tomorrow. With 700 dollars for a well you have to get I'm not dale Lloyd first YouTube Rollins I mean. Be in the you know how to be a certified automotive technician no idea continuing get an assertive underdog thing. They got the thing he's doing it no goal. Hussein is still on board dot com for details or stop by to apply fantastic wonderful stone. Ford upper story and I just got busted Tex but I didn't thought I was being sly. But especially after my earlier rant about not wanting to watch you. I'd just got this both looked sick cow yep buff buff buff chick gotten. From we're from sizzle. Lob off. Mr. Kerry look at the size this Cal's zone now I am just thinking you know Pete's house counsel it is literally the size of a flying saucer I can't stop eating it. And so I. Was expecting that and I took a little by. It's just where we thought end up like minute. He said one minute news. The bodies of one measly one seconds. And so's Texas wings when he finished eating before you. You just try to pick me up with a lion look at the size of this Cal's own. I'm gonna YouTube and I didn't gave the tickets I know. You know shoot I don't care how big tells owners and luckily you tell I don't. Tenets of. Even sing like tambourine. Hole. How is it. Don't know what we've had no I just did when I was eating I did the tees that was when I was teasing us that we have a local out they met on the cube which is Dade's. How did I just blow this secret that Tom Brady center on Amsterdam yeah. I'm sorry I mean I'm not that big seeker at all. People that are working that couldn't hear your mid day show. Because they're they're equipment is two outs and aggressive and they don't know 'cause we think they know that like what are you talking about like Kerry talked about it like here. Ari. He's loaded I I'm not listening cows on public by the Montrose. And that's more reports it's a very small. Very small lapel. You know I love you currency. It. Nicki got in over there. Well a high. EU. So a low where do you look again. And I'll. York. However lots of different people that let a law that different split another sure about the volley. I wanna be on the look out or maybe do. A little extra cautious are low more watchful eye on the old roadway. Because. The Cambridge company and believe Newt economy has received approval to test self driving cars in the following Massachusetts cities and towns Stanley where you have. Were there. They they also tells the I don't know why I I live in Rivera an album on child. You look revered now. And and I thought about it he's Boston in the mammals just in and out all my god I'm afraid to throw me enjoy the idea anyhow Alvin Catholic Chelsea's stinky Revere and the truth. It Leo let's just a way out you know take a hard act like it and I'd like a Nintendo yet to put the pain in Lincoln reset making and risk that it yet guys are paper does that set and the whole show. Okay well Chelsea revered boom are here in the testing zone Matty really announcing your time bring troops are used to live news when I'm 150 that's right. Self driving cars will now be tested and Arlington Boston Braintree Brookline Cambridge Chelsea mauled admit it. Melrose news in Revere saw bill Winthrop. Weymouth was down to basically pretty much everywhere every bit within the sound yet the whole every big city every major town. Metro north North Shore South Shore. Metro west downtown Boston they're gonna be all over. Likeness at all. They're gonna be ever or you can tell because it's got that little it's got the three say the easiest way to tell. Eyes if it's on fire there's somebody scream exactly someone shooting at it like it might it's had a Grand Theft Auto game. They've got the spinning cameras on top that are always going around that are constantly. Basically laying at a grid. Where the cars going talk and satellites so this is happening this is not just are like oh. Be aware alert there'll be two to three cars in the area self driving that will be test out he's going to be self driving cars all over. I want it to. The idea being able to like today when traffic was awful. Everywhere I went. Which is one of those Friday's like ways to me through most of my house went Fall River trying to avoid traffic and nine Honda take you to get here oh my god it's only take an hour and five minutes like tops every day this took me. An hour in forty minutes there was also almost an. Almost an hour X serve forty minutes yes like he just tell me the right to keep from which is supposed to be about thirty from here. Ways is got her to Tony right now and still is had a crappy commute into I mean is this is one of those Fridays I guess to him that a school now or I don't this splits the week what first on our first weekend of summer plan. So it was a nightmare and on days like that I would like Tbilisi in the backseat. And do my work and just chill out ready to off some I don't know what the point will be right trusted. Mentioned getting a back seat you know our soon uranium that's super wind we have some audio and super awesome let's when we can't trust it tech. How long would have right away running. It's either got a worker they're not gonna do that much more like it's either got a worker it's not gonna work. A flying car I would be much less apt to trust but a self driving car. Dude Tesla have self driving mode we've played I don't know how our eighth cousin with eight I know a lot of people well instead I it's gonna happen or is that there's been. Accidents what those things that did number of accidents that have happened with self driving cars to the number of self driving car tests that have been performed. Is. Super super super low look out of the migrant. Turnaround if you throw something and I won't punch in the net. But. Look at these at every other car seat. If everyone of those cars was self driving. You and be little wary about getting yours and join the fray I just I just don't know how long had wanted to be operational flight trust. We got some audio of our governor at all governor Tim they important person in the stable getting out of high strength and the other day I. How'd that go. There is pulling up. It was it was hello is someone in the back room there is someone in the front driver's seat but that person is not driving. How we got to be required if things to like sit in the driver's they're not gonna ask her idea. If something goes wrong you gotta be an area is getting there's two people in the front. And of itself driving our. Take those small actually that wasn't audio of governor baker in his self driving car actually hears the audio. It and duplicate prostitutes. Actually pulled. The ball hard not to think that could've gotten him a better self driving cars like got. I Yaris. Good lord this side of the thing. Benedict finishing up for you we are talking a boat on Friday for use we often do things to do in the city neck and we are doing those free movie festivals. I'm free Friday at the hatch shell free Friday flicks hatch shell there's the Belgian beer fest. Day of inspired Ailes Boston center of the arts and now if you wanna see some comedy. We got a guy on the line out now on the frame him for studio line Chris Roche. Who's gonna be doing a little comedy. Tonight. 8 o'clock at nine Wallace apology on the North Shore they're still tickets available now Chris. Was on the show rock heaven can wait. Oh he played thought Kevin's first wife no not quite let's let him tell us what he played hello Chris approach. All. The okay they're urged the popular little traffic over here and the massive. Use that term quite match I. Yeah we were talking about it earlier we we couldn't get in I could barely get to work. This is had a terrible rout of the mass place is one of those it's Friday first brought this summer I guess. Is like. But the law showed us where I'm from. Yeah that's right your New York icu how did you look at the Kevin James out of that happened. I was local floating. Battle will almost always and they denied the telescope Bohemia. And he would come in to see Colin Quinn who was working got a special. And yet that guy. And so to open a colleague and I would do permanently Kevin brought them back and saw me. Long story short shell. Fantastic now I love when stuff like that happens because it it happens rarely but it's so cool and like how. You know your life changes so fast just like that happens you're in your New York guys stand up comedian now senior in LA you're on a show how fast it happened. I'm pretty bad but they're actually they've filmed the show Long Island in. Steiner's. And it helped or not restarted but how Old Bethpage. To make it's made a woman warplanes in this building. So although a lot of like where you're the hero on the ground there tell us about that was. Chipotle west. All the all the harmless radioactive material on the ground trick. Yeah I think the first electric the water and she died bull. Well I what. Gadget that's. All should she had a little well a lot of exciting you know what I'm saying. Wait Mehdi nodes or have they aged man knows our debt pages that's where they get the US open golf please where is dead. I played that course all times. Or yes sir. Yes they're very short course it's it's very hard what's most heart about is they make you tee off. And people come there and the patio and just like have drinks a year teeing off. And there's all these people as a hundred people having drinks red above human and they make you walk on the team by yourself you can't walk fortunate to walk all the way out the tee box. Take your ball they say no practicing to the tee box please it's just talking that's horrible let's. I would you know I don't play golf for all while a few years and there are now some blood I would suspect my at all up and won't. Yeah. Chris I don't know if you're allowed to talk about this but I'm. We were to I was talking Erin Hayes I did I do a little movie Erin Hayes who played Kevin's wife on the show and then. There was a big controversy about she's awesome so sweet there's a big controversy about how she got. Basically and kicked off the show and they replaced with Leo remedy what we you kind of privy to all that and I'm Oliver scooper thing but like what were your thoughts on that whole thing when it happens it was. Extra toilet. It was after meeker and I have become close friends are basically they are and there's many 46. She called me happy birthday it and then seven days later shoot off the shelf and it was just about big shocker for everybody. A group that was really there was and what you delays are you doing it hurt beat pretty that you thought that was special yeah. Called a major sports or. Yeah and. She's she's fantastic beautiful funny super funny too until there's always answers grade on Children's Hospital but let's what your show enough about. Kevin James talked about Chris Roche yeah the neck at the next big catch. North Shore comedy contest. Tonight at nine Wallace this is you know zero headlining optimists like. We're trying to discover new talent here's at this that was going on. Yeah that's pretty cold there Brazilian actor Tom. You know I remember that I started. And early yard Doug Stone contest trying to get noticed and you know could be very nerve racking for a a fairly new got to get up and a lot of times you know. You know what will also do a party people would come up to see their friends and it won't let the other people. And I eats all. Yeah because that's me yeah. The only difference. Good. Each other it's Syria and some of them is voted comedy goes I don't really bad public speaking here. And I think you know articulate Barrett reports. Then and I thought getting you look at my presentations. And they just reported a little bit but are you. Well man served you well headlining tonight's nine Wallace there are still tickets available the next big catch nor short comic contest goes he Chris Roche Mott. On Kevin QA Chris thanks so much in next time hopefully you'll be able to actually get in the studio we can now have some fun person. Although I think alternate and earlier ferry over to the other side of the very over their Bridgeport yeah that's a beautiful triple. Yeah that's. All right that you have a great show and I okay. Are they looked like. All right talk to you they go go to that driven nor sure thereof by. Beverly nine Wallace a big and good medical guys I have the worst news or later one. And parts town Kentucky today. A building collapsed. 9000 barrels of aging suburban fell out and broke. It's being billed as the worst happy hour on a Friday at. I'm not know who is literally read a headline worst happy hour right 9000 barrels suburban took a tumble of the building collapsed and broken their eyes. What's going on today this there's something in the air today yes why are bad things happen everyone's second traffic nothing technicals working now the buttons are firing. Backed up and I. Yeah it was backed up and traffic's. Terrible I'm Italian. These people put to blow some dust and that Nintendo get old paper clip was his restart both try again. Monday Friday let's restart this right you know we're halfway done let's start over with the Scooby Doo ending. Will now yes. I tell you pull the match up well got a well that it wasn't real dad dads.