M&N Hour 2 - All Rocked Out 4/23/18

Monday, April 23rd

In the second hour of the show, we find out that Matty & Nick are getting tired of The Rock. This somehow leads to Matty talking about yet another commercial that he starred in. Then in Four You we let Nick nerd out on the fact that Infinity War is almost upon us! Matty's not as impressed...


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We Lofton is the latest seven W fans podcasts are always online and you schedule WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick access and update on the story quoting do I have contacted my good friend Greg Hill and he is game he is down. With us going on the show when DT MF because he's the king of taste test them fund he has to rule that he has to judge. Has your show he has agreed in principle. We do have more children Pollack read donned red diamonds on. Red dawn is on like donkey I know that. Why the walking Brett. This spring's finally here well one thing's for sure here's two guys who are big gets run. There's no way either of them know would that mean. Mean it's it's Matty and thick on WA AF. We go on here on Monday licking our wounds from. Weekend of unlike in you know what the Red Sox go drop one or two and Oakland no big deal along seizing a drop a few. The fact that winning ways Bruins. Wrap up that series. You are doing it again. But try to be optimist Huntington one. He was optimistic. You know as an optimist in people with them very tired because they know he died in the best tires around the whoever enough that you could be an optimist. Yeah standings and you know the most positive transformer was true optimist prime. Now. Ditzy at 520. That was one and and again we. One of those like did you ever get caught in your like you use just Lotus silent air biscuit in like there's no one around you don't. And known comes over in the and you dissident. Following Iowa alone you and I will own that one. I've only 5520. Rock opera for Red Sox tickets 620. You're generically voicemails get those in please 617. 7795454. You know it makes you feel like an optimist. Is this weather. Sun shining. Burns bringing real. The weather so and he did do well in act aka. This hour. Well adore forecast especially when they're brought two of our good friends at climate zone climate zones are running special call today to save up to 1700. Dollars in Lenox rebates. Or get up to 72 months interest free financing call 8668917203. Or visit climate zone dot bids. Current temperatures in the hub of the universe 62 degrees Fahrenheit Sony and eyes. Beatty should I read it twice. The level job down to 42 tomorrow. Things get they get that. Sunny and 66. At five stories for you you tell me which one goes your neck okay. Rocks prom proposal. Knicks nerd gas some that's there's sharks and snakes and bears oh my and extra schism. Oxygen flight. Goes nothing wrong. Barack Broncos yeah rocked out when I'm down kind of rocked out and also those cab those perfectly calculated PR moves like. They said yes to this one person on instead face and he doesn't doesn't have is they annoy me. Buy in they told the cameras and. Ever hit it got to work real Hub Group worked real hard but it could check out my new movie all right now look it there's the rock and the real good look at large are rock out. Cost you weren't here and be of his life and career are. Just. Painful awful spot on rock impression the okay. Jumbo Joseph and are not go to but it given our given large voting we're putting together like a modern day Martin Louis the Geneva resident commuted while the body out about rock god out. Admitted it's okay. You've you've got to like why you're gonna be like the rock is very very attractive says. Like those biceps super successful his last movie didn't do as well the other movies are made only mean one billion. But bullets clamoring you know highlight the. That game we used to play a bit a to Salisbury beach and other wildlife like the I just saw whatever like that guerrilla climbed to build and compassionate. Yet they should make a movie but the Iraqi unit that's only thirty years old. And current concept I'll tell you this if I were there in the rocks camp our powers manager I would say. Take its execs. Let's just execs. May not easy and Seagram's. Just take this go away for six months the same time you guys are in a payment you strike while the iron is hot but he'll Chelsea hot right you're right he has CN Rodney struck with the iron is hot O'Malley on the factory exploded and others smoldering I made a movie out of gas and MMI and celery you know like as a hot hot iron and when he was a year to six months. Not even that just how about. Not a movie ever like when Schwarzenegger right Stallone were in their prime right. Once a year you can expect a Stallone movie and a Schwarzenegger room. And some of those movies like. Raw deal ready heat action movies that were huge thirty years ago still is that we're like the meat of our movie viewing prime. Pays some of them were amazing some of them kind of sucked. But we love them because we had a whole year to look forward to adapt Jumanji came out in December just crashed and now at the beginning of April. And already. There's a Rampage now there's another book coming out a few months caused skyscraper. And then I'm sure after that there's a one based off the iron factory and then there's probably laser doughnuts and then there's got to be fast and super serious ninety and then there's got to be another for again. Again okay. You can call us at any point for him imports studio about a way our friend rich and Lin is on hold delegates are real quick but nick you mentioned. One of my favorite sports anymore is under rated rod deal. I pulled this clip from that will be a lifetime of saving as a drop out and breeding to use it at that we used once. Here's this is a raw deal should that change and stakes. That's a Lucy goes but she's she writes on the cake like I wanna divorce is something yes it was an out of you know what. Here's a weird thing out of commercial. Her I can't say about and another type of way you could listen to things. And it was in the mood. Yeah like things of space and beam it down he can listen to over people are not serious. Am I am indeed. I did a spot for that it was news to probably takes an extra modulation to make that happen stern it was us they're pushing stir when he first came out on that. And in the commercial art loss is going to be stern I'm with this woman at a rest mountain. And she goes out and a few minutes when sentiments millions from giving this where it's been to dinner is completely Communist and give the steel. She has its present. Open up it's one of those things that give you that me product. Right that you're putting content you listen to open up of settlement and then as I look over shoulder and the waiter comes in these huge Kate and it's as. I want a divorce sonic they can I give Miller and by accident Islamic quest and a favorite spot ever did I can find online but I. That whole day on the set I held the cake and I was like. Some of the link and bake and known. In that movie she writes I want a divorce in the cake and throws. Drunk really so on the set of that commercial much like right now nobody understood a reference. Cool. Nick we found that out commercial I was just talking about an actor's son in width. I'm Susan Meissner button she's been my lover technique. Yes she probably Stephanie actually originated. But she's been in so many things. It's funny answers on the Americans actually. Bunch of other things Nashville Chicago. Beautiful actress. Shall socially. That funny why some people choose not dislike. Friday's guest the razor injury current. Go to not a social media yes I wish that I'd actually have free time. Actually have time to the I do things like I'll walk or read books or talk to people inflict a thing now like people are deep. He connecting from their missiles hit me more disconnecting disk. Tells the half that nothing but yeah like fifty who told you a week ago that the big thing that surging trend this year first of all. Vinyl now outsells any other form of audio. Now that's not just because of the nostalgia but rather like honest that's gone away but people are going back to what was what's old is always know again flip phones are making a comeback is people are tired of such a giant vigil interface in the addiction. People are disconnecting from social media so they can reconnect with social. Beings. Good this the way should be. By my golf now what's your social influence what's your footprint. While it. Actual link up blonde. I was out running down the stairs of our parking complex checking my phone so that all of it is broken shipment of five flights of checking if I was I was doing it. And when I got to bottom of disease. Are we checking your phone code on the stairs looking down you know and you're going around the Slater who Jeter whose victories you need to light. Susan how many DMZ needs a slide into you don't just Texas or your life. Her and I connected. Fifteen years ago I will be back with more on W lion DD after this. She's done for the fourth things you should know. You'll love lives. Never get less than twelve hours a week. I caught the guys got the same first name as the city never going your way he's got a tattoo back. This is for you from Matty ended this this this gal that you did that commercial where it is aging. Fine I told you she's hard copies and she isn't listed as a dancer before even actors like that the answer no. Paid you throw out your latest this weekend. In a platonic way I write joke or had a salad and our country club and I I'll stop I get older I'll let us they told it's fine. Now and so and so. If everyone isn't over talking about. Our team that you had this in the four year but I was curious if you guys made a point of it because. Bad news bears. All that yeah. According to the CDC as of Friday night because of an outbreak in E. Coli in sixteen states from a farm. In Arizona who the hell grows lettuce and there's no you wouldn't think well you what would wilt skull wilting farms. Going back to talking about the not for a ticket to be there as Olympia. He call in sixteen states and the CDC said flat out. Don't even open that led us if you've got in the fridge the roto way. I was sick qualified Friday night now it said if it's chopped bagged lettuce. But first daylight out you got Romaine lettuce in your fruit thrown away. She is seasonally as the ice cream sundae on a two seconds. What does that have to do was choose hungrier she likes his salad is now that I have to do and I don't know if saying you imagine how how much white outrage was there this week. A excuse me excuse me I quoted as saying there. And then of course of course on the police. You know the free range vegetarian police that whole foods are probably all right all right let's all remain calm. No that is no peace. Let us all just get our way at that matters. To a degree that it is W. Story number one. The rock god Robert golf club just getting him not. Mix. Nerd Gazprom gas hit me everyone is all tickner. Because apparently. This Friday. A decade of marvel movies shall come to fruition. As the avengers infinity war opens. Bringing together 42 of your favorite comic books bond characters as the inventors together to take down. A super villain. Panos. Thanks to maxim here are things you need to know about the movie as you head in to see it vendors expect infinity war. Panos wants to destroy the universe. That's right he needs six Infiniti stones that's right I mean one Infiniti EX and slain in a minute infinity. I wonder clarity at their movie without even seeing frame one owner Susan mind and an active Sami in my infinity should be impressed. While these usually I don't know man she's doing big things that showed up on the subways in. I really wish on house would show up here in kill all of us. He'll have to kill vision. You know that means hasn't division yes. He's a hero. He has an infinity stone his forehead he can fly he's actually not even like a real person tactic already sounds like a seven year old wrote this film room. He'll need some help from the black order now I don't know why we have to make it racist all of a sudden. The evangelist band together to stop him her and not in actually I don't get together and it's part of let us farmed and there's a yes that's right they're gonna combat the wrote the E. Coli outbreak in Romaine lettuce. Not gonna be complicated because there are some tensions left over between the apparently the of actors after the avengers are rather captain America's civil war which is a great movie. There is that there are warring factions within the avengers are now they're gonna have to come together. Of the common bond of I don't know. Saving mankind that's itching to answer you as we're on the radio but do you ever see the movie anchorman Romberg and have the mass of direction that Clinton talking about this one. I'm like this aren't also shirtless in doing curls this is all this like right that does anybody and Captain America black I have to all of them black yeah. Scarlet witch Spiderman. Guardians of the galaxy. Laser destroy the wiggles big John's Burke a the French fry gay group. Everybody really whistle. I think people saying that they're literally not going on social media for the next week because you know all the man out Boylan a slam. Men that's too bad I wonder with they're gonna watch and they T-Mobile find out how you gonna fill up Friday when you scroll through Twitter and then there's not gonna avengers. I know what I am I know what happens. If it was at comic book long before this spoiler alert. Went to nerds it's gonna happen. Now hey everyone don't go see avengers Infiniti where this week. Stay home and watch a ghost story and then you'd hit and you'll notice like to have real culture god knows. Yeah. And finally they might leave out Hough I know what is mass have to do this. I mean I like Allen all that but I don't see I think he's a little dated for this means controlling next 4 o'clock hour cannot be over there and our story. Him. Sharks. And this big this is infinity ward story just sneak off picked up well so arts and snake what is this movie coming out Friday. These advertisers I don't know the average yours as at that no family that's moving into the neighborhood and what have they seen my commercials. Where about a cup side and now into the lavender is it's this Friday I don't know the average is. Yes look I followed it up 250. Million dollar movie that they've been advertising for a year. All year it is probably going to be the biggest opening weekend and the highest grossing film of all time literally. Every superheroes and all of them I don't deuce CGI villains. All right. I mean we've all got superhero fatigue were all pretty much over it at this point now technically and maybe this'll help a sort of like get pastor Tim what about the rock's manager to take a break if as the marble manager doesn't it rate and a close Star Wars managements it's. As a Star Wars is like a personified entity just like you know it went up. I was announced hours of the there you were trending about a year ago but I think we're kind of over doing where have where we have a little galactic saturation well this has yet to get the X. Confusing yet talk someone like you. When these movies conduct the latest. This takes place before the second civil war before the ex Iowa goes out of being born in his mother's will that is everyone. Within the sound of our boys find that he's nerd voice to be just as triggering as I do. Do all golf Pete what is good golf way what gulf voice and I uses a low. If you wanna hear a golf cart you out here I thought let's hear it like if that's the dollar. They avengers fans Star Wars nerd like past attendee okay here's a golfer this weekend winning a tournament on television and the post interview. We'd just yeah straight title at. Looks Fareed I have that is I wanna talk about golf at the movies and hold on. That's fine geared our right we got this just happened this weekend. This person wins a tournament. And then gives a quick interview and you tell me this descent on some better than an avengers purse. Fifty foot putt. And. With the VH one cent average CNET putt. The greatest thing ever the bone in your face. Whoever plays golf it. And that is Kid Rock ladies and. That was Kid Rock isn't right but. That is they'll celebrity grass brass pro shops tournament every year and he hits a fifty foot putt they were determined evidently and that is why a company Q. We are pleased on yeah. Hey. It's. Is who you playing well. It right nick why you're there if you're like wait Kid Rock played with Jack Nicklaus or didn't call them back and they out technical officer. That's like. I think Tony Bennett did do it. Like us. The middle and texting in wanting to see that actress the old commercials that came out today that I was in. With her. If you like Sears is has posted it on our ins to Graham. Matty naked WA half and you can check out a sonnets of am WA AF when it sir Graham we post pictures of the videos just like this commercial little things of interest that we talked about. Anything you need no. Follow us at WAF Boston on its again now or many nick WA AF. And it's meant to see that done little video. Nick are finishing up for you but I wanted to do a quick check of the weather report finish up these last so a story here all my pleasure Iraq. This hour reality or forecasts were there when the sponsored by our good friends at AW Hastings 61 degrees and sunny outside right now low 42 tonight tomorrow. Even dedicated sunny and 66 so that's in this neck when you're on a flight yet you know both Lula. And me. Stewardess or. Flight attendant excuse me starts giving those instructions. What do you do that you take copious notes day. Being. Paid great attention. Because in the case and receive one and know exactly what to do or C do you just did there yon and not totally tuna and not pay attention and England vs. Where were Buddhist right CC I right when you have literally flown over a hundred times yet don't. Really need to hear about. When the masks drop where the flotation device tonight or how to click your seatbelt ship well do you remember that horrible accident that happened. Last week. Felt northeast Southwest Airlines so worked with the engine blew up and then broke the window and made that. Type of sound I was out here contemporary broadcast microphone totally just banged into modern it. And unfortunately. Young woman the there's enough destined here right now. Please discuss the young woman lost her life I'm but people took southeast. During the emergency and well no it will that's the story. Because no one knew anyone had died at that point there's like holy crap. And oxygen masks had deployed well what's going and it hasn't gone viral because everyone has their oxygen masks on wrong. Halftime nobody wore their oxygen masks with the direction if you Bebo correctly. So the people who work in the industry is it hate. Listen we tell you pay attention or giving those announcement this is why you all of died when everyone is too busy. Sending that last tags and sending us now live like look route 23 bits. All that nonsense before the tie for the last time. Our one stop playing words with friends supplant or night Bobby Lori his former flight attendant who now hosts say TV show. Tweeted this out listened to your flight attendants people. Almost everyone in this photo from that flight is wearing their mass wrong and had aired I think you know had it gone down differently. Had not lost you know air pressure to different ways people could of could of died. So everyone still has their earbuds and how good it was all of your free satellite TV what was everyone will ballad sorry guys guess what in fixer upper they fix that house up in the famous happy with a all right. You can both cheeses and start before and it. Tom I'd like to introduce you to Dylan Mick Williams he's only twenty years old here is talking about. A recent shark attack he just suffered day he was just attacked by sharks let's listen in to force why it's so. Nowhere was this Gary Hart was coming back so it made it two yards short. So he got attacked at a swim back with this gaping disgusting Holmes like where it was a lot of surfboard was just swimming. Sure. I'm not sure but he had to swim back to shore some fifty yards but what makes the story interest. And needs and at only twenty years old. Just before that tiger shark jump on his leg in Hawaii. He had been attacked by a bear. And bitten by Iran us. Ollie is atmosphere so holy trinity it's a very rare club to be bitten by shark attacked by a bear. And bitten by a rattlesnake. That's. That's like the he's got a he's got the got worst wild animal attacks worst award ever. While amazingly. Hit the whole thing less painful than the actual Oscar speeches. Yeah. I think in matter of fact I think roster still giving a speech about it but it was attacked by the search since. You know the only thing that's left is. Getting struck by lightning right and it would be. If I were anyone I would not I was friends this guy. Every time he's like well grow what you wanna do this weekend like and not be with a Tony are you that brings up the argument though. Is he good is he the person absolutely wanna be because now pay he knows how to handle rattlesnakes fight a bear attack in a shark attacks that. Or he darted and done what else could possibly come after this guy statistical anomaly. Well all right are coming up you're just went Red Sox tickets 5520. And get your generic radio voice bills and right now call 6177795454. Let's hear from you.