M&N Hour 2 Adam Ray & Nirvana 3/16/18

Friday, March 16th

Comedian/actor Adam Ray stops by the studio and cracks the gang up with an awesome Nirvana story and sings Hanson's "MMMbop!" Matty & Nick might've peer pressured him to have some whiskey, too...


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only. Line and I knew schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick. I don't know like Carter from Framingham mass flow light welterweight champion the WBZ. So our champ in fact a lot of love these boxing legend gentlemen didn't know Colin. It could have a career I write well Casey Affleck stands around for an hour and a half with a sheet over. We'll just say we ran that we did triple triple triple Lindy. No thank him. And Pepsi completely treatable that's good but I blame. What rednecks well. He missed his chance to get vaccinated. Several several. Medications Mike Hsu verio my show loves the meat there so. You get the nickname you make enough and didn't you know how some people go hard on saint patty's day could have some brave stick a bunch of Beers decent shots and then we got the next day covered in bars next to a stranger with no memory of the prior day whatsoever. Yeah we've totally never experienced that I'd be specific scenario either so here's Madden on WA. How bad today. You guys. Great American company. Unlike great Americans town fair tire looking for the best deal on tires is only one place to go town fair attack the best prices and great. Three services we welcome to the studio puts earlier. Chris from Telemar do whiskey he came in to celebrate their limited edition Red Sox a bottle and joining us now this hour is the great. And hilarious catamaran understood exactly and the spokesman Andy thinks of the war. So more do whiskey. Thanks for at least we know we are putting any of those mornings say dude I love from the mid thigh and the cavs I would love the cavs to be on the the bottle of Vietnam we remember you can tell me what you said. Allies with a head legislate that yeah. When right you are guy guys were short sweet but the message was clear Alison what do you think you know roll and it's outages headline at a place like laughed boss without coming into and some Myers was he's trying Heredia I know is gonna try not to but let's do it against several what's this flavor. Local and I didn't and Vladimir Putin just. Oppression managerial. Writers here well actually what happened bit about what Evelyn succumb to peer pressure it's lose like. You know you can try to have this when as an adult there's always a reason to anonymous on the fun and I was like I'm not doing it you guys like Bolivia did not a good point. Our. You know I don't auditors Bible reading and GMC canyon at a rate to himself in and beat you himself into Dunkin' Donuts. I put on an apron and so senator copied almost in its tonight on channel five news comedian Adam ran a dozen oddly specific rendition of Michael richards' famous comedy. I got yeah for sure who think I the I don't know if I've ever been that I mean. That was a special. Night for Sonnenfeld fans but I think. America and America I mean it was so crazy about that is that like the hold that was really the start of like. You know people's sets getting taped ants and their being like this extra level like we got to pay attention elect. As you know that would really wasn't an awesome team he had really become a thing yet and so that kind of put them on the map was like. It kind of gave comedians. An extra inside him like oh yeah like not that people were saying that stuff anyway mimicked a game in his own Spellman us you know but. Yeah that that definitely made me on high alert for little bit in a lot of ways I think you're right actually that may be like if the OJ chase is the first time really that we started just. Watching live horror like terrific news and and personal meltdown yeah and we you know watched you know ambulance and police chases. And I guess the Michael Richards thing even though it was shot and I'm in your flu shot itself on but that your idea and I want to get it sounds like the first time. That we all became aware of like be careful what you say in public or watch a you're sets the Berkshire speak and oh did you watch that interview. Yeah we we did when we had the producer I mean on this show talk about it he's just like so specific and then like the day I blacked out. You know exam I can do is great and abroad hold the knife. And then like units that have you done like taking the body that he's that why you doing this in Malaysia a bit you know and then I put in the ground and the like but after that I got don't remember anything. Lots my Carolina always pale and yeah. And I'm talking to Charlie our rental rate and Nicole Smith now I think it's important now. Also how many more takes a we gonna get about this it's appointed by exposing things keep coming out years later. And it was Bosnia another alleged. Lochte in the end it began like how many more like at the they need to excellently in June the glove in the knife at this point did you see like what really went down. Earlier today he said that out Colin peppard made a quote made a mistake when he took it means like album you made a mistake when you murdered waiter in front of your life colleges try to chime in on the capital side that's great. Susan good yen and we got to do some about aids and wander and stuff and then to stated in which you do to kill people. At a array. Tonight at lap Boston tomorrow to show's eight and 1015 oh mr. Graff a few moments thing a little bit Douglas notes notes Q it's. You know. Yes I guess is though is entitled thought at all how do you read and our second bought. And so Boston alone it's. W a piece of media face of you really should risky Howell what is your favorite of these of these choices they leave him to bring one home mom which went to a now with the original. Give mom just got like divorced in text what you wish you two bottles of the original. Nokia do I love that you had an answer veteran and look at Zagat and a very bad the Chris has been through this and it looked like you hook it you saw the guy until your ice cube gone after soccer practice 48 hours ago. His name was barely had a big coat more that a race. Good credit bad credit no credit I don't think Charlie's approving all credit obligations crap. Hors David rebound. You see I don't think Hartley dot com and it's great. A dozen here and we've got an incredible match up. Don who's taken on the way like that's definitely MetroPCS. And their star player the iPhone SE for zero dollars I mean this team cannot be beat. You're right on the coverage is impressive. MetroPCS is the network that covered. 99% of people in the US you know it gives an edge the iPhone SE from zero dollars on truly amazing network what a team that's. It's. Best switch to MetroPCS and an unlimited LT. 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Please nobody tell wanna see them play would have either perform that signals from her jacket and a shadows is shot dead and you never you have seen can have another shot let's get Jennifer Darren now but I have had tickets for it for a while at the Marlins and another show yeah it was a four hour channel on the economic ripple. At a re the great at a Arabia laugh Boston tonight 8 PM lets you get out here if you miss our show tonight do you have. Yeah it's it's in awhile so I you know my plans who has evening. You know try to find a bar to care about it for tomorrow you know trying to get some advice on where to go alone see. A solid traditional Boston. Chick fight. But but I'll hold it where I see a couple Boston gals. Jeanne and you know staff. Or Corinne and Brees you don't sing at the Boston remains far and Diane barker Diane yeah I mean in real rosy real good shot of that in our producers is grammys hometown of Chelsea tall guy real I shot yeah I'm like I'm Chelsea arsenal and Chelsea now with a hole and that the issue that now the irony would be out electoral and it. Now are you a fan of the hole and we start just with a basic airport and now an open slot well I don't want like what happened below ground routes like nobody wants to see that lives and until you see alive in the united. Love it how we get in there you know acting but. You know I got away I would like to see let us do it I used to live across from the some Mexican nightclub. In Hollywood and Lily my buddies and I would sit and our patio because people park on our street to go to this club. And every Saturday again shows and my two to four weeks at their little do with popcorn sometimes watching street fights at one time. I mean it was like we says it was pulling it won't grow with pulling schooled by the hair and swing around. Like by her head and then threw it in this car. And then you came out of nowhere and jumped in their cars they drove off. And I don't gonna storm but I wanna see something like that and Jensen directed by Clinton Diaz disarmament Donna. Let us and we're a little I go what bothers LT you know what I'll I'll tell anybody. I don't wanna be or any potential you know danger and allows SE changed all none of them gone like Tom English as its I like a nice dive bar and in my dad's blown what do I noticed that bar up and downs. Of Cindy and designer unless you have got dealt a themed bar that like a one of those hang out that the blazes that are named after the like slightly kind of gives like foreboding like a war like you know clubs in Vegas when they do they could be solid reasons to not go to the club like crowded or racism and way it is a you know sticky Boehner you know it's like oh yeah like you wanna go to a place called like delirious voters at Mandalay was O'Leary victim or just like house of regret yeah yeah ups and downs sounds good was that out places it was underneath as our member site. When answer questions underneath the expressway. Nice it was over wasn't around known note Wilbur I that's crazy proud distinction of of getting kicked out throwing up the parking lot. Lie deserved what are my. One of my life it's I feel like that yet but if you haven't. Putin publicly given truly lived his crew got I think I actually had or greatest. Vomit public vomit distinction. I went to a party you guys for this story before about. What ballots recent patties I went to a party in Cancun on spring break once. It was one of those foam parties you know what I assembly candidate do you Carson Daley yes yeah like his sad brother. A better version of what I'm Wilson daily Karstens unsuccessful. Daley will Daley yeah I was a big fan his FaceBook you've seen me in the hope room which is next to our German today show. So I went to a party can't conclude and it was a foam party and they're of course is handing out free long honesty is that long so I had so many long out niceties. I made out with a deaf girl and I swallowed so much foam I want outside. And I threw up on the front line and all the came out was long honesty and bubbles so those guys are literally vomiting out of his nose in his mouth just bubbles everywhere. You know what I debt grows and. Come on do led to the crash is I did not get a much you have to adjust that idea podcast again. Podcast is a look at success podcasts do well it's Meehan comedian Brad Williams who is a great comic and best buy also dwarf if you don't have a little person best friend the quote for the holiday season this year. Befriend one if -- to Trier cookie factory Brad is a good dude there's also a lot that I learned about having an LP best friend I didn't know because it's a silly question you have. And tell you around one you don't get fulfillment and on the to drive. I did and you know we don't know much about some you create your own limitations to avoid feeling like a dumb and so literally an atomic public a month and hang out easily ago. That image you did you need arrived nozzle on your dragon but what do you and it's not a cause you're going to be an emotion around and any judge or Mini Cooper actually in itself and for the jar version leverage yeah he's a we have like it not being flippant Downey does the public Extenders on the Wii quick question of cadets so we got in the car the first time in house like so how is it's gonna work you know and I always gonna pray and he just goes out. Not that he's extended panels and it looked down and there's like these like force gun issues attached dance. Well it would blocks and I'm looking down music scene and I'm like well. What I'm looking at Islamic you more comfortable in what looks like some sort of holes there's some nuance involved and yeah I'm the had a much how comfortable yeah I don't know but he makes it work and down but the bug eyes is great we've. I don't and most McCarthy and and Dana Carvey in it's nationalist uncle Bob Saget and Kevin Newman and the goo dolls and Susan Sarandon and that's what about last night yeah him I think and actionable it's going up and Jim what are people what do people love on you for when they meet you verses like they hold you for an you know hold you accountable for you that you get people that it's like MMI cellular ghostbusters c'mon a little bit yes it was get some some slammer stuff from the ghost busters in the heat and Inca alive and Graham yeah yeah you Narnia a level of USA at this moment do some new show he's got components and existence of a -- a gun a little bit of that disclosed open hearted overdrive yet her day right now right. And corolla we're just talk about the growing Adam he must have got cola tells fans yeah he has got crazy fans also it's like I opened for my buddy Joey MacIntyre from the New Kids On The Block I was on his show. Goes on pops once he's last year but have opened for them on their cruises a couple times and their fans are great. Great and I they gave them up because Jimmy done. Oh yeah best friend and ice was on that Joseph McCarthy's yes yes so I know whenever Jimmy would like tweet something I'd deposit on a source of everybody medically. All that Joey Mac failed watch at a lock heads or their follow me I'll do that had these girls must travel to states to see and sometimes it gets a little creepy and party in your life and ended don't you know amid economic to have some phone for a ladies in the forties you know but but no they that are just like you know avid fans and legislative so committed so it's like the new kid on the block put their stamp on something in the kind of just jump on jump online but. Yemen and yeah I mean it's just always try to expect the chips in and hope that they'll keep building toward some cooling off haven't you gotta love the idea of hanging out with a bunch of blockage especially after hers because. No better way to Saturday night in the smell Vanilla shard nay on this here's what I'll do the first twenty minutes on the first needless four girls hand in hand were singing. Some some Katy Perry's song all use in. And just all trio is the on the crucial bit of their on this their cases and they all just tripped and vote on the stairs together and you two of them held their hands. And Alec lose twenty minutes in the crews on the phone this is going to be wild weekend and one who's on the bottom and she's just like you chastising your friends that she's like they're younger to ministers to draw on like usual reason they found that. It did then me Diaz is being that Baghdad is is madly weekend to have the math. Trevor guys that magic kids and I'm big Disney let let me just gadget let me let my life. And like I was seven at the saying you know but they're also just as drunks questioning Ike and all the validity of what she said today that will lead to elect elect is that the intention you know. Seniority and cancer better and I can but yeah they are talking to the great. That's that's fine go for we'll get fired soon enough. Comedienne. He he's huge on social media sketches of over thirty million views on YouTube Funny or Die the great Adam race he'll be left Boston. To news night at 8 PM and tomorrow in an area and 1015. Now come your story. About my Wolverine daisy Universal Studios might bagging groceries days and Albertson's being an uncle travel and who just went Australian fed kangaroos. Almost died recently sized up by one yeah do you almost got killed by can only get side Jolie is gonna make him who owns accurate yeah way Kodak came at me. Yeah you can watch video guy and you only have muddled Jo that I always would have been one of the video of guy who you know like punch yeah I read I am so like I'm definitely jacked elderly. Don't deal could have been doing dips from nine to say yeah. Laying grass that to that that there's no revenge him obviously in their way to be fed I'm like quite use it like seeing because like Omar command. I don't they see concedes that they see juice in Seattle I don't want them there. And they just like when they stand up to like that's the thing that one of them just like slowly turned a mile one of those Chucky cheese and electronics they were just nationally tonight you know another of snapped as the hey this guys chicken it what are his intentions. It always is look at the tournament again be specific like what kind of food people who seeds and then he just stands up and they push to feed liberal quick and then they're. That they're Chester swells up and there's like thirty Jackson in the shall we go to fight formation from exude a 68 like like a Freddie roll off the couch looking for him to his pizza just like you know. And then they're just not my hands up 1001 might do you like because I you know you just reflexes. And doesn't do these input decline in the fifth grade DiMarco like stop any sort of root death. And I'm thinking like that's gonna be like getting killed a kangaroo nobody feels bad but that's not like that's a sad funeral ambulances there you know him and Atlanta to make tons light duties of that home I was nobody's gonna bounce Baghdad. And but it was you know you gotta go to those things to do like learn about yourself now and I can have kids rule because it's like if I can't like feel like I can defend myself against a kangaroo like Thomas was so my kid lose. You know math homework when I'm in Ohio has balls I don't know. I will be you know at the best way because it's like dude that just goes to tell you you if you want my help like you got to figure out for yourself you know how many of these down you know. You play record. The great and Andre. On who there was a point that is some good come see the show don't make one here. Last relationship makes the only positives wanna yeah but it's all us guys. All right got these tickets job kick Murphy's have to give away. And many giveaway listened to them because nick and nick is nick has drunk the failed nickel now. I hash technical now nick has dropped so everything is off schedule. So I'm gonna give away tickets right now dropped it and give it right away again Tom Fazio sources early in the form at a rate came in and I started laughing in the nick drunk. Everything fell apart hash tag me too so be the seventh collar right now. To 617 how much. Okay I'm happy I. There's a studio full list he and we got free get as soon as far Cameron and you. Knew you did cocaine. Seven cost. Choate a another right now to 6179311. AF. You're gonna go see the job gamers that house of those bother Sunday march 18 is W labs dropped kick madness seven dollar right now good luck. When dawn breaks it reminds us once a day of the sun's power once today really that's that's. You get melodramatic over something that happens once a day to listen here you listen. What could possibly do more important than you wanna know what's more important. Yeah. Your chance to win this year we. That does sound awfully important pieces he 80000. Dollar how there. Thousand dollars given away at the top of every hour between 6 AM and six feet. Like it's its share of 300 grand recently. It did for your teeth OW. 80000. Dollar dollar and you choose titles and. They're shoes can. Some US champion. Show. It's been just fifteen. Hey everyone and won again blue. 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Life is like a box of chocolates that's a lot of chocolate flake we get this bucks back Mattie had Vick on WA AF. We have paranormal expert running in the blank we have Chris some Telemar do we have the great Adam moraine and we are having a blast and after. Little bit of a song here senate district down in the put away. Well. Blood Brooks. Yeah is it comes causing it yeah Pakistan in particular that out of everyone. And they had to do the the moon in mind and again and don't want them on again do abandoned abound abandoned bone to plan is that you pujols hit children have a lesser god version that into a van as. But yeah I shouldn't wraps yeah. Who's got the moves yeah yeah yeah. Who's got the blues adding that last it's literally Letterman you do it I mean look the and I've been to an addition to be the wars could signal a long time and they won't return my MySpace. And science I only lie I got into better and I. The naming your show that it's it's better when you do it that's like from the people that brought you listing battle that raises better reducing quality would agree. Joey Fatone almost. That's actually this job I bet that once he was I don't backtracked. Well he's already got about I want it is tax you know he did he did in the conversation that I had with them it's ocean June 9 show he was very. Forwarding discussing. The activities. Of this actually should that happen. Column below the belt on the backside you know conference he is and her role. And and it was like in these corals and who's who's talking about with were very like. They were all about two announced on Cuba Sousa yeah it's I love it to wait let's put a dot. And I met at a time and with it. Let me guess you during an at a party teacher who once in a Backstreet Boys. Homely life when I love you royal blood get it right guys. Hanging out with the great Adam ray Adam you'd teased before we stopped for like twenty minutes well he left it. Let's christened the whiskey company. Chris. Start whiskey and I have to fill in. I've looked just like I just got confused Chris and I no like that tomorrow. It will remind it goes just joining us we have a whole new audience here in the 5 o'clock that Telemar do whiskey. It's available everywhere mail everywhere if it's not Jane them okay I'm bill Hogan being governor of Delaware. They have a beautiful Boston Red Sox addition Irish whiskey. Collector's edition 2008 team. Limited now but it will be available wider release filled soon meeting up to opening day out of Iraq. Soon appreciate you should title of flavor called the Wade Boggs addition oh Zack I lose. Probably what are we sexy loser in Sox history yeah I used to drink out what was obvious lightly caseload size is history yet Europe now. He you know when the first we're the first real celebrities have met wolf the first liver and that was Steve pool the local Seattle weatherman when I was ten to filter to the aquarium. And seeing him and he just like look like Lional Richie lightly justice of real clean black hair cut like thin mustache lot of swagger. And an animal walking into my house like. Steep laws and I'm a big fan argument that agent knew and daily just like it's the slip resentment and feel good like that you know exited the way I was not a big fan like I can look at a picture with some wearing sunglasses and realized oh don't work on today you know really need you pool but so I see him and I'm like. I'm a big man and never he looks to me takes got a head shot signs against me goes I'm a big fan you. And like in the public oak mobile look at Mac I'm like kind of creepy dude like big fan mile. I am a fan of the way Euro back in give take classic bond resistant you know. But so that I. Then I. Holmes was a slim restore those about the though will we talking about Wade Boggs played by his game I can chase Wade Boggs on to the team bus. After a mayors in the Kingdome. And on like because he was like follow me he had like he took my ball and was signing it but he just kept walking. It is just a closed Tuesday closely kept falling and they want on the team was no way and then he sits down and also on the stand on the bus on his players look mean on my. On the giveaway about it. Yes my ball and their out of that way and his. The halls of the ball and he's like drinking a beer. And then he like he Hanes he's beard too while he's excellent ball. And and download and use that you get that is differently on twelve man. You have to hear about it enough of it and blogs is such an alcoholic. And like you know I'm missed opportunity because like. You can you know 200 Boggs you know yeah well gone on the road. Team and we thought about actually doing the Wade Boggs challenge we're going what is well we're gonna do is we're gonna erect position a 747. We're gonna fly from Boston to LAM we're a stop in Kansas City. Just like he did in the famous story in the late eighties. Where he drank sixty Miller Lite. Sixty Miller Lite the only man to ever come close. To ever drinking like Andre the Giant was six dollars. Giants that was housed more than five minutes. He drank how many. 20708. Under the Johnny Miller Lite is this photo evidence in the social media area that's like if it's not pose an accident that is my opponents by what blizzard didn't happen yet you want it to do want to zoom in find out I'm out lied yes and I also would like to interview Boggs like. OJ style ambulance what really happened political fat I'll be a hit and if it. You're talking about before the break before we stop like twenty minutes you're talking that you hung with I think this is. A great story you hung with Dave Grohl. Yemen and look like I know it's like a super name dropping story but it's like. Gee you know big fan of Jack there's extra layers of being tied to like you know Nevada growing up in Seattle it during that time and and so yes or heat we're out there almost don't chosen that divide and and we are a couple days off from Melbourne and we saw that there are going to be there would Weezer is Oracle's go to the show. And Adam knew the stage manager 'cause are out there to a manager is supposed to measure for Brittany to an avid music video for them. And so he got a backstage and watching the show from side stage in the we go back after winning and now and then we're like you'll we have shown Melbourne tomorrow if you guys and they often they did before that with New Zealand so. There are more calm and we have to they would they did and we hung out before the show and after and and just talked like comedy music and used on these Nevada stories I want a particular. That I try to re hash is like he says Eric Maynor one show. Like you know maybe like a year and them being together and just a crowd a little venue downtown Seattle and somebody throws like a timing issue of the current command at one point in the show he stops mid song. And takes issue and and will says they just a pain in the issue. And then and moan kind of goes nuts and NEC assess whether it was words or whatever goes back into the song. And then and then at the end of the show. Account will kind of circle and and this this time and the old girl luck of the data was that the gave few in my if you. Hello I am much spin on somebody threw it on his days oh. Lose you. Than they did trickle down but he again accurate. I think you know all of us in this life wanna get to that it's located paean issue phase of our. That's what Allenby under the laws in a year medium and yet you that recognizes. There is this guy the reverend Horton heat. This musician he's playing his place in Boston one town I was there and it's enough to do this one of the coolest thing I've ever seen it causes room as. Analysts and Hansen and these guys constant trouble. They start the fight in court you sing and he's looking at the duty concedes Watson's got a custom and also the guy takes is likely to concede yet he rose up on stage the bounces are going to look afar and he court heats. In the middle sing let's see. It takes a big drag the cigarette. Because it's that cat right there he likes it but we'll go flying across and hit the it's that cat right there need milk with a by Mike throughout and they and all about it when grounder and brought miles. Oh yeah so that's grounds the bounce here and or when I was at. 1944 yeah. I'm really happy yes. He's not only its policy I think the Highlander ultimate you have to you can only kill Matty about the heading. I excel you're the Seattle Pena from the civic northwest I favored at least favorite thing sorry obviously enjoy everything apologies for a couple of years ago and groups are you glad to see what now well he's an amount. Nothing just analysts Obama parents' divorce next and Jesus Christ. When it is put salt on the ground sometime and yet that was a terrible day. Also as well as you've heard of Mars the Iowa hey I don't play. Yeah yeah. What about your mom walking in on you for the first time when your you know mess he's in taking care you and I yourself all of them yeah. I'm being careful right it is you don't one. I wasn't doing that. No I'm not doing this was originally oh yeah another question I was are right that's why I know markets are what about what's. Good whiskey for like when you've got to like your you viewfinder eighth grade grow from a FaceBook who dumped you for your best friend. But then you find out later years later you find on FaceBook and now she's. Real fat with a good and you wanna celebrate because you're like that's what you get that's karma when what to do with it was either like swallow. So. Yeah celebrating not. You celebrate that solid job sheet dodging yeah that she would do that she got. It's actually hard economic growth outlook due to got us on what about if you're buying grocers Albertson's in 1998 and you see decayed wood Down syndrome dropped three drug jars of pickles consecutively. You don't need to help him clean it up and then that you guys celebrate because you like young men at one has a bad day. You know. I gaining anything get hands on apple yeah for sure I remember watching that ABC's special. These are typical you have this is afterschool special do I don't allow me to Minnesota that of the other stories about seven minutes long but it is by analysts say welcome that ran into the cute twenty years later. Oh really wasn't daddy your FedEx or a front haulers. I'll say your name I don't care if at a ring EU are phenomenal makes me and tonight at 8 o'clock. Saturday eight and 1015 laughed Boston laughed boston.com we call 6177. To laugh go see this guy thank you so much rather pleasantly and yeah its 515 you're gonna you have shows ready at 8 AM it's all right so. Thank you rob and irrelevant again a success and your Mac and doesn't come back any time it will do the whole thing I'd love to I'd rather have her tank right. I. Yeah. Dad. Lou. Moving up.