M&N Hour 1 - Winter Storm 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

The guys open the show with some bad news about Danny Amendola!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and niche if it was Mistress Carrie you have to take those for boots should have three. But it should come out total recall recall rock nailed it. Our students spent the weekend building a Freddy Krueger popsicle stick houses are you okay I'll go pops through. I have all my phone I have never wanted to see if tiny popsicle stick fire more in my life Sears it's like adding an ET your favorite thing to PG yeah. It's a bit like a great like an Irish poet laureate. Commander Friday yes and get us off here's two guys who were adamant that all nonessential workers should have the day off for their own safety. Unless you happen to be a pizza delivery person in the general vicinity of then getting your car you'll be fine it's your two meat lovers Matty and nick fund WI AEA yeah. News. Oh. This. It's fine it's fine. It's her own. He's fine. Right it must have been the two touchdowns and caught in the AFC championship game including back at the end zone toe tapper was less than ten minutes to go. We squirrel it's not a right smiles left. Now over a hundred yards in the Super Bowl the eleven catches and over a hundred yards in the divisional round the two touchdowns he cod one and each and Super Bowl 49 and 51. I don't know out. Just had to all of us it's time Brady you can stick outs is out there and still has to be captain. Now downtown. True now this is what we say all the time. That eEye yeah well it's Elian now Brady he'll make it means fine. Now think of the lives about how look like yeah yeah I know of me now dirty that mediocre mediocrity is my mediocre. In this dump its. Time now he's gonna open mediocrity mediocre. Slot receivers that Brady has made all well Jerry or that how could you say that about Danny and see depart I just the areas you are every bit higher than me he's got his hot girlfriend who obviously would rather be. There that in the middle of this I think about all this. Function behind the scenes in New England over the past six months. They know bunches super balls Belichick keeps. Taken money away from you on Blair with Tom here's less money on a player that's one as the borders less money. His neighbors bitch and moan about and build it up carport in Rhode Island you know at this point. It's a sunshine filled tax free AFC's haven. Offers you more money I'd get it may be I would take it too but at the same time if you're the pats. Don't let him go all not Danny boy first game he'd taken a hit to the handsome likeness. Do not despaired Simone for building outrageous. Facilities their home in Rhode Island. But it number two so called it probably find Eddie probably. Some analysts on right now and why I don't know. Do not talk about Danny boy that way you do not to diminish that all of their bodies. What does he ever I'll tell you I've met him I couldn't I spoke with him I hugged him I couldn't take my eyes off of them he's. You very town magnetic he doesn't catch balls they. They're drawn to his hands and his good looks bring catches his clutch is only second did. But Brady. She's sorry he was the man. I'm surprised they socks I've surprised you. I am surprised this day suck I feel like roles are reversed right now. Welcome was flying to Denver at that point where all kind of out even though he was are well cast but this blow this goes beyond Danny Amendola you know I am sensing. See I feel very confident this this is just typical. How the patriots. This is how they roll they built their empire based on doesn't matter who you are horrible bosses don't know if if we always this is he's right candy always overreact. Did first the track record speaks for itself. The patriots like to get out a year early as opposed to a year right no one player and bigger than the system and well and sees me welcome space so many like first it was Branson and it was Welker and then it's always Brady's favorite targets I'm sure. Belichick was like trying to not gonna match the offer on brazen New York promote the documentary. Was that way it'll take three hours and come back here wanna remind us chugging a beer originally a guy can do it now. But. This this one this one's gonna staying he's got to make it not only is he gonna make a catch because he had to play it stays in division to you what are you stay in division you can't let him stay. In the division you can't let him help make the other team better even if Miami threw it out rages amount of money. We still have Lex Wexler. And we have Malcolm Mitchell. Right and his broken knee could even get on the field last year animus coming off at all and it cl yes QB ever run love's brain and coaxed just go look at Twitter once totally hi Bonnie and let's just pick up another cheap slot receiver from division three radio make him look like a hall of Famer will be back this of course Brady can't make anybody look like a pro bowler in six weeks or less but at the same time. They had like put white talk about a step back into the studio yesterday getting right back to our tractor ridiculous some people just have jazz. They make jazz together. And Brady and dole always stuck in and only got better and take him away now would Brady getting older. Brady being frustrated. And everything weird off season. I don't know man. I don't like. And justice and he commits and so horrible crime and. All right here's royal blood I only live. When I have yeah. And you. I. Yet Matty nick brought you by town fair tire for the guaranteed lowest price on tires go to town fair tire because nobody beats town fair tire nobody in a day like today you need good tires and yea you do. Member yesterday we talked about how excited we were for Friday. Are wildly stereotypical partially offensive totally drunken. Saint patty's day party coming up Friday yes member we're super excited about it yes we're just layering. We just layering all the Irish elements are gonna have a speaker hopefully the live music now we've got confirmation we've got whiskey people coming in the sample and hopefully we're gonna have some Beers some nice local craft these eminent. I needed to be Friday. Now more than I did yesterday as it is. I I pretty much always have the shakes and today for two reasons because it's freezing and had to walk here and of course I'm me. It needs to be Friday it needs to be saint patty's day for everybody right now the storm. The Della. Wolf we're gonna skate. 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It just moments away from having a chance to win drop kick Murphy tickets. It's drop kick madness. With in this very stops that I'm going to prompt you wait yeah. Don't go yet. As you'll be qualified. Guys. We are a real big storm if you wanna know me know this about Matty B. Time for a hot flash disk. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF I have a really bad. Rod you by the Goldman the greatest of all markets. Go limos in Worcester fresh cold cuts killed bossa and much more. Preservative and gluten free 43 mill every street in Worcester that's 43 Mildred street. In Worcester Academy flattered that they Serbia. Day like this where you're super miserable stolen pepperoni. That's at the start where. Spent some couple cola. When you lose money your favorite players will economy goes best without emotion. Salami. See you later M Abdullah. Politics in kappa colas and Amendola. Nick bucolic chapel cardinal double goal get out of here it's all done it here what is I thought it did daily. Yeah. No it isn't it is an arsenal and then I don't got the wrong yeah. A little RI CO2 PGA regatta that was kept its first month's tropical. Doubled on trolling you're now getting word that G. Odd is how people in all did you go over true go to them. Well in case you missed it guys while you're working we're having a storm. And whose picture I saw our CBS open on my walk three miles one store. Down the cricket. These clowns in the studio right now working mr. carried working mr. carrier's my hotel we met together for a drink last night. And let's just say let's just say we bought them back toward Tel rooms and nothing happened. Amusement and it was wrong. Yet it she she those stolen pepperoni Clinton's got a little. Now deep throat to back our own room. Foley did have a lovely day. And Paul from all left down the hall ATI sister station the producer of that show that we had a lovely drink we talked shop. I just listened to pretended I understood what they're saying a PPMs and radio stuff doesn't yet we as I totally agree but at a point now their doctor about ranked and is like. You know the public. When it gets more boss pubs were about to bust pub breaking news. Has anyone ever told you this that this radio show is it just like. An audio diary for you. This is it a blog that you talked to do the biggest. I hey guys like craziest thing I can thank bill earlier today oh my god in the worst thing that happened in the parking lot of the Walgreens also do you like yeah. If you like captured and the seven but until you wanna yeah. John that's all you guys plowing we. We see you. Because what OC plowing but we see your texts and calls and messages we know you're out there working and lot of a lot of people working for the power companies out there today shad that's ever on market for the ever source. Get that done I see in this in the five away every wegmans is open that's excellent. Wegmans is a fine fine markets CVS never closes waiting to go. Let's go to Mike what was not flashy and storm a storm pocket get a lips now here's the question storm is no joke but I drive home tonight. Let's give it about me escape general okay yeah all I care about. Music and I drive home to around tonight it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere in our hotel room when you drive home tonight you know is not gonna be there. Danny Amendola. That's true seal later Danny I think good riddance you say it's a tragedy on now not only do they have to either find or sign or draft another wide receiver. You take away I like how many times in the course of his career are you just gonna keep saying like I'll be like this Tom. Oh oops all you complain amber look look look look who just pulled guarding duty. Oh my fingers hurt. Belichick keeps just taking whenever. Whatever works are ready I know they have to get younger in the wide receiving corps. I know Miami often ridiculous like two years twelve million with eight point 25 guaranteed that's more than he made the last two years here just the guaranteed money alone and it's tax free. And his. Grade a 100% smoke show girlfriend. Is gonna love life there is opposed to in the middle of superstar Mojave air super storm sipowicz or whatever this is just relying on and vote. At the oaks rooms and race gonna make some. Regular receiver great again would be fine obituary and by the way if you wanted to live that life do the whole Miami thing that beats thing and be soft go ahead. You'll finish 500 not make the playoffs but I let the door in the way out. And accuracy is play we're not gonna see the clutch come out because he usually comes in the playoffs and that's on the Miami doesn't seem very exactly and there's and did I under center is named TB twelve. Let's go to Mike. I'm Mike they had thought out or are being. Out ahead. I won't talk about now people. The job market is opened the boat entered this you know look at my girlfriend my manager. Felt. He blocked that it has some red. Well. Nice thanks Mike's not careful out there okay drives say but I'm. One at a board now there's a picture on the is and you said this is a market basket in Chelsea Chelsea came on put up big down stories. Good lord that's the market bracket but my main goal that is that them out as an analyst a mole is it. Market basket in Chelsea is that so yeah of The Herald what is that looks dude that looks like airport check it in Tel Aviv like that every day and every day I'm not in real violence as a non now it is limited. The opening my scar face. Wow zoo they have about this we got 50 at home depots open true spread thirty generators then go pay 617 I'm. While about borrowing tonight he would go ale one night at seven and eight commonwealth voted plow teams going distraught by the way all the crowds crowds group while on all day. Deal. This into the Hill Man Morning Show joining us now mr. Goldberg good morning how Mario. But the funny side of the month that it doesn't believe this that murder and at. Yeah everybody. I argue about OJ Simpson. I evolved in his dissent he was acquitted have you ever met him go okay. Now oh I would not feel comfortable being reg guide he's out of the bars in Vegas and you know like everybody loves them. I think what horse up is split vote. Oh what they expect. 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No matter where you're from these guys a year perhaps my radio show though it's yet safe they'd need big. Delegates does denim matter we are proud between your way do you use. Here's Matty ended on WAA. Yeah. I told you I had dropped kick Murphy tickets and I was lying be to seventh Cutler right now to 6179311. AA app for your chance to an apparent tickets to see them. At the house of blues. Boston on Friday march 16. Thanks to WAS drop kick madness since. Coming up a little later in the program I believe in the 5 o'clock hour Nicholas we have tickets to giveaway. To the NCAA men's hockey tournament. So will play a little. Whose tree is it anyway. On this cold snowy day your chance to win some ice hockey yeah. I'd be pretty sweet. Speaking of march sports in collegiate athletics. Played WA AF racquetball present about himself actual light and you could win 500 bones yeah. One oh submit your college basketball bracket. At W amp dot com slash bracket. And make your picks before the tournament starts not after not during before wow. Also. Also Brad do you buy revives energy. Yeah. That is while racquetball. Racket ball but I am not Virginia you can. Now you get more fun than playing racquetball and uncle Robert de no you kids quit all that bracket in there now. So we will continue to monitor in fact there at 430. Exactly almost half hour from now exactly almost half hour from tough talk taught to do this or there are. From bars schools sports have been calling to help us make sense of this standing image dole of breaking news Danny Amendola can just joining us. To Miami and now the decision was made because of this storm. Maybe it stated extended the offer any other day he still I agree it's it was a second spot if it was spring right now on now. Now I don't know you know now there's no chance because the patriots I mean they hate him like after all the money they signed him. Four and 2013 and prime minister as Welker left on his two year twelve million dollar deal Denver despite Belichick. Neighboring handle on five years thirty million he gets paid a bunch. Reduce salary to stick around and now he's figure in can catch him one more time. And that's like an extra house that's why am I mean yeah yeah I get it. But this does show you though. It's been proven a million different times and this is just the latest example. In the well we root basically for an address and laundry threatened. That the players. Don't care as much as he said he loves playing for the patriots as much as he loves the organization as much as he loves catching passes from Tom Brady and go to the playoffs and those more. Tournament. Or even just like ten. Whatever I'd like to see that money in this lifetime he followed the money. He doesn't care that he has to actually play against his fan base or what was his fan base like a year now. There are gonna go hug a glut is Morton's steakhouse afterwards anyway and blow lines. Well you're probably better and more I mean mourns the funds they era thanks it's going to be a one lockers and what you've ever signaled months mean. Tough call I mean both veteran out aid locally. Even Lou no no no color of anywhere yeah. In those I. Offers because it in New York City and its sibling comes on sizzling. Fifth on that join on third avenue and fifty cent not sparks utters yet. Than that at this. And I'll think of this I mean at Peter loses dynamite sparks as you talk about are of keen to one of the pipes in the I love that place great steak or even low pitches. Mays again. That's actual audio of Danny Amendola arriving in Miami I'll prevail against Danny Amendola getting off the plane. Private plane in Miami or even low pitches. Oh congratulations.