M&N Hour 1 - Side Hustle 5-25-18

Friday, May 25th

Matty and Nick were shocked to hear what Stiz will be doing with his weekend! 

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Gathered together from that serve vision of doing them. There on the news group W studios. Are the most outrageous courses and radio ever assembled. I don't yeah I mean and I don't mean pop fly but more. Alert Margot Kidder who dropped like it's hot you know as most lane and hood. They're students is so much wrong so that implies that bad and muscle. Burgers. Yeah I wanted to. Well I drove. Visitors won't be easy so bad as new systems where Goosen. And not yours still live own. Dedicated to nonsense and club for all men sold. Happy Friday friends. Your old wells. That he had neck. Friday long weekend. Let's do this jelly belly out of the bar with your old house. We'll get your home. Or your vacation destination. Whatever you're gonna do this five. Long weekend nick. These are the days that we love. Friday. Workday his dad made me. 'cause we're about to go into. Nice weekend. I'm not even here this is all pre recorded me I thought the whole show out. Based on the prep we had done previously. To everything I'm saying has been prerecorded. I mean are you really got to stay with Matty come on Manny stopped. Rights days. Just like you got. What goes to show there's a lot to get to even though it's a fried day. And nobody's really working certainly this offices closed down I breezed here like it was the post a cup apocalyptic. Future. No one's doing anything really right now. I think you're right nick that study said that it was on the road the busiest travel time was last night that was definitely to traffic was a Bay Area. Leaving late as I did that's right Matty. And so yeah so. What are your plans this weekend nick. Outrageous. Sounds awesome. Still is that what you don't. I'm gonna go see my boy Eminem a Boston calling an element dual side work to a construction makes the money are you. Series and he asked Sunday Monday. We call out hello yeah. And people a whole lot of all on the Stephen simulation 5000 houses are prepared that. Yeah here in the coming down on everyone's. Ballot so he could be attending a memorial. Will be hosting a family gathering. You could just be going to someplace exotic or relaxing. You just told everyone you're doing a construction job to listen I look at you guys I'm inspired I wanna play compound I want like a house on the case. Got to work hard. Got to where current and I reminded me upset hey listen I got the inside or boy you. Make some money Sunday and Monday at the Dino on man on the dual dual while I'm young. Gotta hustle but you know. I struggle to Stanley like I we've built it up like on some mobile I mean you know our Condo on the I mean listen to when you make more money you have you have problems you it brings in a whole new level of problems like that stresses I got money more problem because we wanna keep the lights out you have. You know like I don't wanna poll Max out his nice school that nice town but you got you got to be Smart and make that money and it's I feel the stresses in Obama you know in in that sense we live paycheck to paycheck away. Yeah you know sometimes. Matty goes to the market and they don't have the grass Fred. Free rein stakes and he has to buy standard you know grain Fred beef like the rest of us not easy on apartments emotional. His idea is this Chilean sea bass and. Line costs to watch the I don't care they tell her fish don't you know I. Miss. My point news. Is that I what do you mean you only have local oysters you're having those delays in from the West Coast. And I'm proud east is it's good but I just makes me sad you'd. Now let's listen I enjoyed tomorrow I'm not doing anything how many chill I'm gonna come and enjoy my day. And even Sunday I'm gonna work that day but as soon as I stop organ like three of warms you right over to Boston Colin Angle C my boy Eminem. Gonna feel good after a nice hard day's work. And delight young you know and you know I'm and a nice thing thank them money. Money that isn't what we can get Yeltsin source of income that isn't that is doing used to do that that's and and and let and let me. You know you don't really need because. I am not I mean I carry tools for my body and they hand him on runs I'm not a in my. As far as someone is concerned get every tool front door it is seven our web oh. Props to still is says 352 for working extra jobs teach that for the rest these damn freeloaders and I'm then not to mention it almost single guy living in Massachusetts. It's expensive right between what the body of a come quad. Yeah that you can actually you know if nothing else you do have some construction or maybe picking up some great lines were and my wouldn't be bad for you actually at a little. Exactly muscle to that hostile rest is 603 right on I tip my hat to you actually have to but I still work sixty to seventy hours a week because I have an absolute top notch work ethic. Like that. Now does anyone actually have a top notch work ethic if they tell you they have like do you have do you really have anything if you tell people we have it I would say I tell people that I work I mean I've never called out here I've never. I I say I have a pretty good work ethic he went what I did before trust me. I know you get that nick I think when your W it's at like I have a really tremendous work ethic you know your Taiwan people get really defenseman like. To question might work. Questioned my integrity tonight as Cooper's. Metres government Ole and another timely reference my integrity. But I'll hold of me and this Grammy you're getting made fun of nick for saying grow grass Fred I did express I did they grass for a bit. I I I rushed to the joke. I do apologize for rushing to tell my wife and I work. For jobs in the two of us this from the five away and have a five month old Massachusetts is brutal home where we hit a nerve here on this. Weekend that we're supposed to relax and enjoy and and you know it's Memorial Day weekend people having to work I might start Albert yeah. People 20 yeah. No oh my god you know what. Tonight. Those seven reported person throwing themselves from an over on the mast pike. Has plagued our state once again. Might not be crank this up in my. Or you have the met while button lock people when you're over it Americans. Don't know what caused where thought I applaud your work at the Stanley yeah I didn't think you can kick back and relaxing. Employees because. It during those down time. Peter H no I'm not sure that's at Siena. We are Red Sox tickets to giveaway. Life pitches 55 when he they're really of what's up. The client batting. We are brought to you by town fair tire. If you need to be on tires there's no place else to go gate. And great free services nobody beach town fair tire nobody. And nobody. Beats WA AF and meteorologist. Nick Stephens. Powered entirely by grass Fred B. When it comes to giving you the weather the weather is key this weekend EU a grinder and bumper to bumper likes his Grammy or many of you out there. And WA AF Lander. One or senators like Mattie you're just gonna coast home and open up a nice 1953. Shot tune of the pop one out with your wife. I've got gone home stresses in bill's been like everybody else. Like what. OK I just booked a national network commercial I realize all union dues I do's our current. And the pace several anti bucks people what it actually felt better. About you saying. You know my country club membership has biannual so I have to pay you know there's that's built as a quarter earlier yesterday towards year end. It's any concern they haven't filled the pool water for the memorial that week it's the bringing in a big jumble slide for the kids that it no pool. Him. Thank you for your second. Probable won't end everybody's got problems. You know really nose out of work at the good people at UPS because they bring you the weather this hour UPS jobs dot com hey they're seeking part time warehouse workers in jobs that kid. After otter box and weekly bonuses and 25 grand tuition assistance offered. Apply today it UPS jobs dot com Stanley. But don't imagine UPS I don't carry a UPS drivers might be the one listeners. How this is a winner by UPS driver right like. Always you know with Matt in mic right. I UPS is powered by WA 800 Doug have friends out there listening to us no one knows who doesn't have organisms and he played in Queens you. If you buy that package delivery I do apologize ID to a united sunny tomorrow 89 and setting advantage area. It's an export cynical Wilbur comedian and actor known for his work. Iced coffee. Soft serve ice cream. Lobster rolls. Fried clams. Teriyaki steak tips on picking up what I'm laying down. Oh Massachusetts necessities a Memorial Day taste of summer in Massachusetts and thanks to our friend Donny. From nautical Jane you'll and I think naughty naughty I got a nod dawning on shoddy Donnie. Let's say what I just had my first. Taste of the summit the most necessary taste to me. GMT and is the sublime drink it as the greatest strength I think it is universally agreed upon as the greatest summer cocktail. It is Zeev and we grade so many different kinds of cocktails now because every religion jeans tee so I I brought a few of them. So the one UG strike was a gene TE we did it with an article gin and swords on one Alina Mobil one here. Begin with we did it would buy ten is the money accent but and his mixture of just a lime juice and then. At a Mobil one here with not by area. Ginger beer so I call that the non meal and a. Cause schori. Straight which I also just in you can check out our stories that matter nick WA AF on the AIG. I just burn to whatever was ailing me on the inside I'm clean right now I believe this I mean. Because I just enjoy that straight. It's such. A pleasant taste. There's no woozy after days which is nice. And I get a few of those technicals that come across outs not heavy on like the rose water it's not too cucumber. What are my pick it up that you land that says this fifteen different but it. Locals in this Chiat and I asked Cigna to botanical garden as the Pacific competent so there's a cease alternate so when you try and I'm telling you we do tasting if you've never tried medical gin and he's seen me do a taste guy fly all over the country I'll fly to Florida one day do a tasting come back. And I'll sell 1213 models and people say I don't drink yet I've had a bad experience again on the try. Usually 7% of the people end up trying initiate but there's rose hips and that is Leander that is that is Cecil exit threat com. Maturity handle lemon grass these are these the names of like elements of huge energy as the women Matty dated some space that the lord. Now what what would you say chin was involved that it did I listen idealized one years old my whole life god I don't you know you've got such legacy hearing after you and Hillman go way back Q and Danielle are best easier Mattie had known each other half a lifetime. If there wasn't if it wasn't for Ron bleary who's a program director of the station in rob hold you and I wouldn't be your house but it opened method and Everett also project did math and are just looking at a billboard the other day our guys meted out. I went I was I was dumb dumb at the get a damn look at the billboard normally. He's delivered those projects right there and I got a billboard in the same time lived and I try to get up there and do it the ocean would let me do take a picture of all the but all I thought I'd makes me happy that matrix. And also truck travels. And then I called in tomorrow morning chill and that's not 937. And then I became a street team and then next thing you know. I I was I can attain our work is a promotion manager and then went on my own on the on the air up in New Hampshire. Weis and one of the voice Shia if you keep Thomas a whole life on her she's a kid that got featured below reconcile talked about everything off so that I saw one in the Mac inning and then I went to work the three dollars and then created. Not cool jeans with a couple of the. People can't guarantee tomorrow like at gender garden teachers. Right now won't you say all right let's let's put together emergency three it's a little game with a explainer Michelle. The three live cores a few well. That people say they've had a bad experience that a good version can take them away from like tee I would say Tokyo to commit number three. Jeanne committee member to. And what's another one with another something people drink that they have a bad experience on the and it's just because they drink cheap majesty will depend a decision on what do you hits ET yea you know. Like yours running toward gold slot and I likable or fireball was nothing we can do about number one but two and three we can fix because a good tequila is to be enjoyed. And a great gym like this as a text to just said. On the 9717. Deadly attacks like Matty 50 wait yeah yo be careful of that blanket smooth could finish the whole bottle over one Celtics game. And hit. Just as deadly to mind about that we're just sample tasting these only quarter hoaxes sometimes I was urged. Out of there if front there's losing or switching and says. Put it into much of him a student is missing in your ability. Solutions that no no it's. Eight it's it's it's been a great rates even the bottle made the bomb on a flat backs shall give a seed in the school. Got a flat backs when yearn to see Ferran bell so you don't have to worry about her role in around that would explore yeah that's really what I buddy's place in the bottle it wouldn't take it. Gas is Daria that's always been the volume mean I had an early on because every drink in seven minutes and haven't for me. But these dots and dashes that actually was cold spells on not that's. Why it's a beautiful. That little thing on that's the thing Hewitt you actually make a spirit that the bottle is sound nice amateur. I could see people. Like root reusing it there's a reconstitution to a legacy put flowers editor like we're all living on an international trade Macon Atlanta when that. It's very interest for and the accounts and all right now we're gonna play a little game we viewed Donny coming up donny's in from nautical aging go to nautical ginned dot com a little game. Chance to win Red Sox tickets oh. I I should all right the stimulus money first list a thousand dollar how there is on W yeah. Time now that thousand dollar Holler takes the code word pets PET. Pat is 72881. To enter for a chance when 1000 dollars act as in the window may eighth grade that. Well make grade that. That sounds. Message and data rates applied takes the car toward pets. 78 woo yeah know me man units code word of in cuts they get good. Mexico where an attempt at 5 PM right here on this very program.