M&N Hour 1 - Ranking The Seasons, Alan Has Left, and Free Slurpees 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

In the opening hour of today's show, Nick recounts a Tweet about ranking the seasons that we should all find offensive. We also cover the fact that Stiz had FOUR slurpees before the start of the show.

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Legal opinions 37. Our families and I'm your schedule and WA AF die. Afternoon everybody. We have a plot to comedian. And place them crappy jeopardy or does. We got tale to tell stories to break. Laughs to be happy. And calls that you can make. That's a lot of clocked up what. We're at a lot of clock goblet today. I wish that that conversation didn't stay with me all night last night. And well into the morning while the man my word by salmon and gobble some clock I will gobble. I've. Thought about ten euphemisms are ten other ways. Things is certainly concern entity from the clock we're conversation yesterday. Welcome friends hope you're well on this beautiful day beautiful there was humidity out of the year. Is another one of those days that we're at it sucks to lock into a build. One of my favorite things to do is leave. And it's not just because I got they got out here and I say it's either one of the bid to iams whatever lockout. I love actually feeling the natural warmth of Earth's temperature on my skin. As opposed to. Research you know like re circulated synthesized environment absolute I don't like I'm the I know like. Good old verse that says this is fake hair right the original fake news is air conditioning air or like airplay you know. Airplane environment that the air on that atmosphere is garbage that's why people get sick all the time I love. I'm one of the few people that maybe this speaks to the Mediterranean blood that I haven't me most people like it cold you can warmup. I can honor not like pot. I thought it should I thought this car into an argument with a buddy of mine. I may even reach we'd his tweet from our count. They got into it on with him on my personal account quite so this yeah what ails our god trying to hang this season's especially the draw right now my buddy choice from paver that says a lot now Erica throws a great guy he sucks. You might newest android you're listening Javier you suck it up. So he's started this whole thing ranking the season's. Do it but still and nick what do I say. He listened this heartache. He said I will idol and I will gladly hear any arguments. To go back and forth. Between spring at two. And winter at three or winter two in spring at three but fall in arguably is the greatest season. And summer is a clear definite fourth and how he or no are all that's on the that's of them in Troy Troy you ignorant slut and he's ready. Here's a notorious just a little bit up. Troy might be the biggest Red Sox fan and loves his Celtics losses Bruins. Let me yes but he yes ready. What's the other sport left the football he's like Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys close near to act. Out right people that crazy I wanna I've set up for this very show I will not have a sports conversation you. If you have if your from an area. And like teams in different areas as we won't talk sports side I to Kyle the associates and who is now taking over on Wednesdays for Alan questions art. This is my policy and by the way Kyle take no offense we are. We're not mourning the passing if you will or the high the possibly temporary hiatus of the questions project were trying to figure out what team to play on Wednesdays that we can best suit or Taylor. To your skills cut about Benedict Arnold. He's a traitor to my own people by beaten yankees will play game about every cross of about traders turncoat turncoat backs that gap yellow yes I'd yet what's it like go to Burlington Coat Factory shop in the turn coats ex spies. So. I rate that's ten pounds hello. Alice saw and summer fall. Winter in the waste diseases that change. I think spring. No spring gives me hope. Summer fall spring winter yet winter is clearly the pits no season causes me more in the especially minorities more duress more hardship. More pain. And more frustration and anguish. Springing. Is no longer exist that the problems that might be fourth now is at least in the winter I can ski summit switch it up ominous day who agree do you accept that last two ominous say. Summer is my number one. Balls my number two. Then I'm gonna go winter because I can ski at least and then spring springs gone strings debt used to love springer Lemmon golf it just rains and sleeps now and spring it's right on site because of whom you know global warming. Usually I'm Sarfate news because it'll take Xperia. Someone called me a place that we're all you can nothing that they've. Blank waffle promising to play a song and talking like had a parent any shutdown because he got. Wit time. I played the son of the 5 o'clock Sar did I play the song in the 5 o'clock that brought it rhymes with squat lawful. But how in the world can anyone say summer is number four of the forces they're just trolling us. Troy is strongly draw the stroller that's when a call now. Troy controller it's ridiculous summer is. We canceled plans because of the weather for like the fifth time in the winter like we did this year like my life's hard enough on trying to get ready for work try to do the show with you try to write material about our commute and it's like oh at the packet back for two days because it up on the all. Like it's coming costs socks or how about when your pipes freeze or how about a yard it's. Massacred. Or not she when you are massacred by three or boosters that are in two weeks that day I retire whenever that is. I'm gone on went furniture or you'll pay on its way down you'll. I was that look like you know I was taking a sip of my eyes copy from the incredible part wonder stone cup and mountaineers. Now whether you're never given to cosmic. Am taking as of right now. On its. He's one of them was a matter like where these hiding. The fact that I'm drinking from a remote. Adds. I'm Bert get from my true love. Did you wanna keep this one news account. Yeah it was my believe is credible Borough what did he get these held on over you know he'd he came into the operas all my bird they handed me promotional items that are forgiven if I am not on and that's really the areas that have now I gotta apps they love this is my new official drinking cap now and we have to drink out of cups that have the worst Steve Crowe the word. This movie was so bad. I was so excited about it we can in this conversation with the tax from the 6033. Down you see it readout on Fordham six that I was getting a T shirt in I'm sending it to Troy my guys first get a golf right here you got it we should get Troy on the phone. And if you may add force my friend to defend his take 603. You don't have to shovel shown signs. I'd done and I don't go outside the well it's up at 5 AM add my kids I have been through slave. Sorry you don't have to shovel. Something of that sun all of this until. This is it shown number 487. Of the Matty and Nick's show. It's for really has made yet but I'm not making that that wasn't there I fight against I would actually say it's probably about 387. Campaign. Your half yeah how has not paid five days a week and we took some time off last year -- has an opportunity here we. To about 240. Shows a year. And it's lower half places private show through seventy. Well we're not sure but what we are sure of is it's always brought to buy town fair tire Rahal. Looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to go town fair tire the best prices and great free services it's also. 7-Eleven. Pass now there's a reason why you're so hyping your clapping like a kid who just had his third cotton candy. All are I am on number of more sleepy today hold OK we're on site so if anyone doesn't know this not that. This has to be publicized and I'm sure that party taken a massive hit today. Reseller news at 7-Eleven years since there is no reason a man. Who sat in this very studio over the last few weeks and has talked to us about. The you know feeling and urged by its compelled to change his last name back to his father's birth name. I was cried about his musical career. Who's talked about how weird it is getting older and that's one of knowledge the fact that he's near his mid thirties. Would be in here tap dance and like you just get your first meal on a month as you've had four children's drinks. Children aged right all right quotas are not supposed to absorb p.'s now today is celebration. Today is that day of great great happiness. How did you have forced their b.s in gore not even ordered not. They asked if you've got up and had to be served breakfast. At the receive stomach. Oh my god that is getting worse but oh my god how did you know that you are hairless there's not really gave bra I. He stories. What is. OK Maggie five year old give a thirteen year yeah. They both love. It there lot of things they have the base the president is shared common. Both of them love slippers. Thirteen year old like kids in high school. Who doesn't well to a five year old it's a massive sugar rush is a rare treat this little companies yes chills owned. Saw my loves loves loves them and I only feel it halfway because I don't want and have like a sugar like god what a lien debt at. Play the role that he's Lil he's Lenovo promises island easily in the easily small and he's already on max's eyes you and and have a lot of parents. You know now I'm docket no I'm we are now not just in this home we are not a smarmy and to table free range organic like we are a little bit but I. Within three I don't give him hot I don't even like hot dogs is need nitrates is the worst. Horrible smell actually listened to whistle we come leader ballot call leaders of H I three Tony seventh they're arguing that it they're called waiters and rile us. They're called reader I'll rounds days. Even Oscar Meyer took nitrates that cancer causing. And I certainly I know what doesn't try not right out of my grandfather smoked not felt lucky strikes since eighth grade and eight. For hot dogs and Johnny long a week. And lived to eighty something that's right. I mean he died horrible bit of that but that's the ball right but he lived his insides look like the Titanic now. I'm not so nobody does that include not fit my mother. Should actually give like get a little chill zone. I wouldn't wouldn't patients and Colin helpers for beef and no worry about me they know they're not yet they give me a headache I'll I'll concert under wins in. You want the Jim Nicholson engine with two engine we tentatively out two year old Greg Chicago could that we engine it's pretty. It's English help you win in. And it's wine speaking of England. They nominal schoolboy. And England it's tied with crow. Croatia Croatia telling us the play. Lol oh it went up there and excited wow an exciting Lee went off the Croatia just had opposed I mean so exciting soccer's a Matty. Croatia adjusted which you have a hard time Dylan in the post. Ham radio man. It's. So reports say Dustin Pedroia isn't coming back anytime soon but the real tragedy is these two are back right now. One minute told you know we're playing the song or playing the song warplanes on volume how do you yeah we have item here's Mehdi Amir Khan WA AF. Another alternate title for the matinee show who are you yelling yet. How many have somebody let me know when we reach fifty alternate titles to the show it's like when you get the million shopper at this at the grocery store. And the banners drop and someone walks in with a a check from grand prize bank or UN. Outside bar would that be great place if there was a bank that only paid in. Giant checks except instead of that and when we hit many of the Ron players can come in the staple it's. That'll be it. It was two Americans into may be due to recent move on. And it's a federal commission instantly check I Bruno police have. Ron Valeri was without a doubt the they have of the funds triangle. I called our boss. The they have of the floods turn. Other vets like three days out that's desire along the out music you'll lose they have again. Coming from Chelsea's squeak away right. All right. That's a lot of handy references to panic when you show up and do the weather. This particular to were we got whether spots about climate zone. Call climate zone today save up to 15100 dollars in Lenox rebates on a home comfort system or get to sixteen months equal payments no interest or funny its. No it just fine. I have no interest in re doing that so it's no interest I have got a lot of chocolate it is. And I'll let chuck and out of there by calling 8668917203. Or visit climate zone. Dot is currently right now I'm not even sure if you would need to turn on the climate control in your house or your moving vehicle it's 78 partly cloudy in the fair commonwealth tonight. All you want to about good weather officially been cleared 56. And see tomorrow so glad both. Sunshine. No reason in the world to be saved summer season number of Gloria Hobbs and nick admitted they don't want it may just when he got his post. Once you step back and watch. They got before. Toward morning. On jeopardy. He's going again won twice. Paul F word jeopardy with him. Can if you don't favor. If your fan of the show. Fan of the show or have been here for awhile first of all spread the word spread the infection spread the virus that is Matty and tell the difference. And it helps this ground campaign we've been here a year and a half to use up and get. Secondly today I could use a little favorites my last day and out tomorrow and Friday. Now is send me out with some great voicemails. Send me off with some nice. GFY is ever. Whatever you want. Leave me a message now. As I take off Thursday and Friday 617779545. Fours how you do that. Six or 77795454. To Iowa. I'll repay you did you say that your out tomorrow and Friday yeah wild man one yeah that is partly about that. Yeah and then there is a Smart guy. Her hair. This studio it is going to be wind still play away like did you party. What I doubt it though is guys can materially. Is what you wanted nothing odd man. I can't wait don't don't not talk about handling and I'm wicket while. I told disturb all my family has the imovie that without me on the phone with a six over all what are you yes so don't do this to them freaking out right now. Stolen from their hard. Oh. I'll leave I'll come back here I hear on the radio canceled and I'll cancel my event that I go to and come here out of guys. I tomorrow at three of the dictionary for the encyclopedia. It's five pottery and six shame that's better. Listen to me Ayman repay you for your voice mails we knew it was him now six or 77795454. And in just moments. I'm going to give way tickets. To a great show them to tell you when the call the first leave a message 61777954. Or five where's that message strong message to heart word Nazi drunk. Masses on the ones that show on time that's a good point. Arab birth marriage next time this microphone is open I'm gonna tell you how to win tickets and you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Are we can be go to commercial a lot of good scratch Obama. Was less than we've had back hard currency. One leans a bit left hippy dude bag industries we seek to local resorts all of our greeting card make sure that it's Smart to table one leans a bit right I Iraq and yeah nice. And sometimes when sober they can actually stand straight to its Matty and it funds WA AF. Snake again now we're charged with making sure what has a good time of the ride home but sometimes. There's a news event that we just have to do. I don't wanna bring it down and be serious senior political all that we just have to sometimes an intern Colin. Wants to be a journalist. And he's a summer interns so he is on to this story we have sent him out into the field. We don't know lines to Colin. Colin. First of all thank you for being our field reporter on this story. No problem no problem. They deserved isn't it doctors there GH radicalized on the way. Not urges people. Describe where you are Colin and you saw earlier court you're by the way let me just say if we get into where you are. You're like Michelle McPhee of the area youth I you found out this story was happening and you just that guys. I'm not here describe where you are right now. Let local shuttle I think ash all shocks hurt yeah. I'm just looking for a solid guy yeah nationals what sort of take. Well Pete area okay we'll Nestle slots every day is different it's on next Tuesday. Yet quote pretty hectic in here pretty it. Adoration I get. It's got to be a it's gonna be like the it's got to be like that last scene and Argo right just people going crazy trying to get out before they closed the border in their threes where he's. Yeah great well we asked or your local your like brighten or something. Idea where there's a settlement that extra already think I was part of what I buy sodas for Rome where he. Edgy and large doctor Pepper's main gorge doctor pepper. I so anyway odd Colin. My gourds to peppers can you ask the throng of people there anyone's a Matty and nick fan. And it there. Well. Not in the courtroom yeah. Well. Perfect all this great. I saw funny that you had to thank you for your sacrifice and service call and they that you're in and then go out. Unprotected like this is really. Yeah. He does love about the things. Well off great. Many are they say it here no well Wolf Blitzer you're listening. Colin is available. I think this is the new Jake Tapper ray it's Colin what flavors are available legislator yeah. Well he got wild cherry. And peanut caught. Are you get to you got some say peanut colossal. Is it slot here are a lot of yeah I don't need a lot of idea area she's and TV these. And we got moved on to grow decrease your flavors. Made it may clothing tropical. And our orange reddish colored. So we got Captain Crunch crunch. I thought well and how great these are brilliant and the only honestly I that's my order I. Are you got him on now Christ very that the men. Yeah are very a and then allowed currently we are Coca-Cola or written on the old code and they. I electrical Captain Crunch absolutely come and go wild cherry I'm gonna go capital crunch. Do credits to graduate Jerry what you get the Coke ones that we can report back. On what flavors yeah why don't you difficult when you're the Coke you have but I had a Coke today so I want while Jerry gets is a weird one. Term debt or miss Costas you know what makes this one with all of that it no don't do that call and can't quite why do that are right. These same young one is safe are. Colin phenomenal phenomenal piece that was again our correspondent Colin. Breaking news probably post by NPR by 5 o'clock. No chance hang on to him. After that point. Hey we report you decide. It is national service day. People what to what in the streets on and on and ask what have come with support of the street the best way he could advance his journal career journalistically about the way. Just make up of what's the book America. He's just a news at the maravent fantasize you're there and just right about that kind of like right now. It's not rocket atop the book hasn't hurt anyone's career goes down. They have plus we'll see if there really arrives there's an accident. AC. I'm surprised that. Those are the only flavors available that now maybe that this is smaller 7-Eleven and our neighborhood corsets. Betting that we're talking about. Nationals 7-Eleven day because it's of course July 11. And there's a free solar if you wanna swing guy if you wanna enjoy life. Fifteen frozen seconds earlier. But I am I'm legitimacy right where's the one that looks like the goat like. Some then from ghost busters like I mean like the act of pleasant flavored I had one I can do wears one that's flavored like sour patch kids where is one that's flavored like. Some other like completely like. But puck carrying nonsensical. He would like sour warheads or any I resent this I resent tennis flavored. It it's 7-Eleven it's not some boutique bohemian doughnut shop SH OP PE. That he needed you know come up with. With Captain Crunch their strawberry. There's there's there's great there's there's there's orange and there's banana and things like that and I don't see why were out doing ourselves. Cereals crossing my god disgusting wells and 0617 on the united Somalis haven't excellence as crunch berries taste excellent I'm.