M&N Hour 1 Matty & You 7/20/18

Friday, July 20th

Due to being stick in traffic, Nick is nowhere to be seen at the beginning of today's show. This leads Matty to have you listeners to call in to help host the show! Let's see what you came up with. At the end of the hour in a Hot Flash we find out Rosanne Barr is in the news again...

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. I'm living here this sounds. About five hours. And an island. A close personal friend rich Robinson is not your clothes takes office. Days. Turn this up a little look we'll replace Friday on the scene the night side. What did they say the match. They'll play it. What would you do if you stop the show with blue. Closed the bridge adult and he said lifting you know what I wanna bring out a special guest tonight. It's been a long time in the naked. Ladies and gentlemen make them know if my brother Chris Robinson back onstage together. I think if they brought me up stage without. I would ask my peace. Let's why new game show it's bad in it by the way it's Friday at three. Sixteen core past three thereabouts. Let's play. A new game called co host the show that. Nick is stuck in cape traffic making his way here he's been here any minute really but. And it cost they get here so comforting import studio line six or 79311. And apple to coast to segment with me. Julie gets here here's the rules you have to use radio voice. And how to say Matty have you heard loud and then and then tell me about story and we'll lot. Exchange stuff she cohost the show six or 79311. Amp ramming import studio is open. Matty did a lot about. And then I get to listen and see who wins you know. Who works out and out. Into the shot out about that the best cohosts you can get she. You can give us a call for having imports studio line is open six or 79311. Area kosice. Texas. Tech's in 971. You can also leave us generic radio voice which we would greatly freeze played those six point to hear from you. That number is 617. 779545. Ford and elements one numbers you guys this you can do a lot like phones lit up let's go to Zach who wants to cohost the show with Matty and our new segment. Was. Shout yeah yeah my hello and welcome thank you for me to much. Putting up. Well I'm actually driving down here I hit it that ticket you guys as obsolete and he had a couple of weeks ago some of what would you Wear anybody. I got the war tortured. He's gonna be tasks and anything that you batted in may be you know it seems finally show up. Glad that you. Well 900 jobs feels tonight there. I don't wanna make any eye contact Mel just getting older pictures actually get here via if you want to. And the guys we can happen that's been you know about. And that is it wow. Take their shirts off. He assumed. They did here's I'm so let's go because of that you remember the format is your best radio voice. And the as a Matty. Have you heard one about the gonna talk about a year. Ago husband Ozzie paw on well. Glad I think. This afternoon won't do much good afternoon thanks this. That is you know that the can't put us out of its way it was a terrible that this does not live as well. He wanted to be pleased doesn't. And I read the rat. Where are you certain that. I've found my coast. Disputing. Payback for me you know and that's right he did. Love you Asomugha won't bite socialist itself sure tendency. To bring good story in George. George. What's up. I imagine it is is that yards from the that if your. To be about the air about the final match that was back into. Tell me about it new partner it you know I was really good about the clock. Georgia. Would bring treatment. Act. And don't stress. Don't stress it I don't I don't know if you've heard we've had unbelievable Collins Collins is kill. It. With. Yeah it's time will be yours in college is taking you want her. There aren't in the room. At least you got a good radiance and listen to who. The job. Sorry George insults her. It will be here recently you'll be used. The Green Day AF Boston the only stays there really Iraq's I'll tell you we'll have a they we won't spend much green. If you go to town fair tire. We are brought you by town fair retire if you need tires town fair tire has a large slots and tires at the guaranteed lowest price still trying to find. A cohost. On the scene this way you know play coast oh Mattie this is. What are. Political and humble it lets up. And listen you know I've been I've been listening Mitchell co op them. How is my favorite YouTube video border are. Some current issued and you guys that are very edge ink that an it seemed that the target and as arbiters. But hasn't the fact that it's a sign all my all of them on this. Ryan and bathroom bottom rips through the Maloney Els and I like that thank you Pete. Yours connection is all about those go to a Matty is as Mattie Mattie Mo what do you got all of format now. Nomadic. And I swear shallow are you saying little fellow mr. Lowell. I'm not to be done huge good Manny hit a squares show that. Ignorance go with him why. You. To know you have ever reliable water and about let's say this and the message here on the and that would. Wolf why am I this and it and the magnitude there was any midnight EB you know loan to get out there. All of them and this and it's. Please. Mention are not suggest. And yes. I mean not. And several hundred jug because I don't what. I don't know Hansen's iron that's why you're on this and let's go to the great bud Bundy blood of echoes Joba Cambodia. Well here on the board and we are torture and if we cannot be our company won't creep show on TV series from the movies. While I love creeps is they're good. Yeah noted that Turkey shelled out. Yes all of them now this network. I think that's what. On win. But see now that's topical story. Of interest to the audience well delivered except you. Soar six times we added about six so yours is it. Yeah that they can run. He's. Over at 530 I roll call out your name and if you call back with in. Thirty minutes. You're going to the luxury suite. To watch the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park with nick and myself. Fantastic right now well that's cause and imports deal lines of people vying to be McElhose while nick navigates his way from the capes in horrible traffic. Remember. Best radio voices please. Matty heavier hurt the one about. Let them. Thank you body it's great to have you. Shall there would be hurt our. And metal and hard I don't know about that and why. It. Is awesome and terrible to him and I chat here. Out that. Our things out there in the hot seat. Bet it hit some bad. Habit out and I could go bad like I have a quick travel reports him. Help books the east all it took two. I'm a pretty good. Quote I don't have problem yeah just. Great job at half I'm always a rise of good of his people are never doubted whether it is start doing the thing. Really he's. Ed you are going. What do you got ahead. Hello I'm gonna let it go. At your heart failure information. It's that easy. But just. Massages central. Would actually I do strips designed. If your product here and listen I don't know him the note this sheltered. And I'll probably vote. Solicited. You know apps movies you know the aptly. Let's go to our Brian Bryant would gut. Well reporting live from or 95. In this small window air show. Oh we've got to catch phrase is. Oh hole I think that giving graphic rape fake laugh if that's again. And oh yeah. Well Brian you have from Edmond Santa. Yeah yeah I don't know that that's a positive you don't run and hide. God I value does as he that you people crowded him an equal opportunity employers. If you do happen to. Be going to the beautiful podium tonight. Rhode Island EC the night past the picture you us. And tools send in your regards them. I'm literally and in my movement. In the air literally within Heidi you know that Heidi you know that at the sleep and their stupid tour bus. And they might wanna sleep any actual bed at like six beds mentally compound if you couches. Basement playroom the take ago. And now we can jammed together on the line we asked rich Robinson himself it's just ill bomb at a time you sign an uncomfortable. Am. Does that but not standards just thing is that the. We're hot flashes. The same time we can do something if it's hot and flashing and if you only doubt in my clothes. Ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF. Don't you forget. That no matter where you are in the world. You can listen to W. AF. Take AF with you. Just get the radio dot com app downloaded today and listen to us any time. Any where in the war. Radio dot com so I teased this sound earlier. Kind of a bizarre video says you know what happened rose and we covered it right here on the show. In half. She lost her show because of her. Horrible comments. About a politician who happened to be African American. And she. Used a derogatory slur. So Roseanne says you're gonna do an interview and say. You know her defense basically and she backtracked and some knock into an interview but she released this video instead. And so what about here's Roseanne sitting in the chair. Away. She looks better analogy ever looked in her entire life. Yeah oh yeah she's at an all she's earnings rose and she's not it's not just a bunch yeah I know but I remembered in a little heavier dose she steers you still heavy but yeah books she'd also be able. Also men aged better she is deadly aids better you'd like to hand she's at work on probably. The hair looks good that she just looks pretty good so you do. You know these collect and moving on I'm like move. Lou you know personable and well idea of Europe to get graphic. I was gonna sound like a little while or mom bubbles. Like a little weak global. It's by far. I'm girl's dream actually. Because here's why. All out at the soundness and it. All I wanna do his golf somebody cheat on you Machida annual golf you don't highlighting local about golf will not anymore but. I've got her old ladies thought he. Want to around the house spending time let them welcoming the nation needs to do they do lightbulbs they do they never around they want you around what they want more than that. It's no secret. Yes and they want peace of mind ladies in my right they want peace of mind they just wanna know if you're dirty stale whatever. They know are right. Matty gonna be here but I know he's going to be off and I know he's gonna spending all his secret money and golf stuff he's not going to be a secret money you know exposed that secret money you know marriage going I have had separate bank accounts for years. And that's why we're still really big reason never again I am I urged by the joint on the right you must have a joint one as well now. No now. Only jointly we have as max's college bound fund account you yeah. It's a secret one might it's one of Matty secret I hug my secrets to marriage next rate it's one of my top three tips but. So yeah. I don't I won't cheating you'll be off. And on number two is you have to be skinny. I like it again. I'm a man I'm a woman's dream. All right so here's Roseanne. Commenting. On her this is her excuse as to. The derogatory. Term she used which was and I'm just quoting a second quarter right I'm not saying she's she's she's the force you to turn eight. And and the woman she was referring to was African American so she deservedly lost her show yet none of them here is Roseanne's. Excuse so what you're seeing as her sitting on a set someone's asking her questions as you just kind of loses at the end and here's a success. I. To all of you I. And that's why I. Now they're laughing but she looks. Broke into a she has you can see that she's just been torn apart by this. You know I mean like she's not really joking I think she's probably trying to be funny in away but I think she maybe. May be actually even telling the truth all 1000% right a lot of truth the setting just because she sell anchors yet. So let the book I thought it was what I don't use that term about you know and we only play that only ten seconds of the interview I have a minute of it. She. Does a lot of weird thing in and that whole thing right like is just kind of wreaking I think she's losing marble maybe maybe some drugs I don't know. Yet while you're there hit there's history there let's just idea assistants as Willy Nilly to say yeah. You report. Said opal like this game personal symbolism for agree with you many separate bank accounts only way to go. 786. You guys should play in new game called where is nick have listeners find them and take a picture iso a few scenic out of a highway. Take pictures cellphones send it to us he stuck in traffic on my god someone on has away hook you up an adult per we'll hook up with something we've we need a picture of nick work and what we're gonna post can't text to a school we will seek out to tag that's on in the grand tigers under this program. Adding that WA AF. And we'll give you something right now you can get something viewed as.