M&N Hour 1 Matty & Nick's St. Patrick's Day Party! 3/16/18

Friday, March 16th

It's that time of year again! Matty & Nick give you their second annual St. Patrick's Day party! The guys kick it off the only way they know how...with an offensive Irish impression and making fun of Stiz's family. The fun really begins when Chris Rose of Tullamore Dew Whiskey stops by with a sample of a special edition whiskey! This can't end well...


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick quiet part of the right Carter from Framingham mass light welterweight champion the WBZ. So our champ in fact I don't know copies boxing makes a gentleman did you O'Connor. Probably gonna her career back up ring rust is we have flex stands around for an hour and a half with a sheet over. Or we'll just say we ran the fact we did the triple triple triple Lindy know second on how. Move Pepsi completely treatable that's good but I think now what rednecks well he missed his chance to get vaccinated. Several several oral medications Mike Hsu rule of verio my show. Loves the meat there don't you get the nickname media make for an open. Didn't drive and snakes out of Ireland probably just that's easy these two single handedly drove the haters out of doting. Here's your two lane leopard giants Matty and thick fund WA AF. How could have been done the job. Welcome dogmatic and mic next why me stereotypical mildly offensive terribly enjoyable wickedness as they patty's day party. We're ready to drink. Talk and well. Drink. This studios Mark Green and lesbian run environmental rally in Vermont. It's gotten more Irish and it's as it's gotten our wires in a sense this is sister backstage at this weekend's epic records today. And it's hosted by two men with two massive potatoes. Big around in true. Potatoes that my dad need appearance. That haven't been here but it's. What I digress. Betty I'll let us put Guinness book like a golden shower from a drunken coed squatting in a federal Lowney. What in the act alone here our look back is good and so was the conversation because make no mistake we're going to vote until crack. I was gonna say they now after the golden shower I lead and I use that as well let us with comedian Adam ray. We have whisky from to Nomar do we have food and tires still doesn't carry bird. And good eating real iris meals from the Blake household like bangers they matched cigarette embryos that Friday that look on balls and so any indictments. We'll celebrate all the projects like the volatility. What a big Kelly an indirect. Applauding your potato and the salmon Iraq. I know Nick's pick. I don't know whether clapper board can play age aren't. Who was that. Some guy in a leopard cut up it is ram in there and did that. Is really aggressive. Just raised. Well. Everyone listening in home if you had golden shower on your tickets before 330 guide cast that. Proceed to that when navigate your way things go. I used join us in studio just for the party. I can see him but I'll present thing Hanssen was that running of like what's up Terry is character our party and knows I'm coming. It's good to hear if things are gonna get we are probably people are gonna see some things planned around gaffe. My guess announcement citing in the studio for. That somebody might get sideways and at that there could actually be a central plant dictators are often watch around you might think they're seeing it called they called me the Greeks are squads. And I do have a big foot you know that means big thoughts yes I have to buy stocks that are perfectly sized and large is absolutely. What they show we've got time to stop to give away too often today as we do here. I'm Marion. We've got a thousand Holler. We've got up. Tickets to what positives as a bunch of stuff we got world the whales tickets to giveaway later we cannot play a game a little irony in the way. Another 3000 dollars or 2000 dollars on five and two more thousand dollars. And we just put it together and do like that 2000 dollars dollars this is places knives and we doubled the price. And it. Some people think we're going to that the ship him away from us tax. When did we actually ever have control of it before. Lecturing a big hitting me this cigar vote has been out of control on lake WA AF for about fourteen straight months. Nick at that we have Robert they said. From our own producers describe yes no I just wanna shout out my little brother Joseph Joseph who is in the. Are listening right now he turned 25. Today I am the oldest of three he turned 25 he's talked to right in the middle. And I love you and I'm very very how do you judge oh you're doing great. And is he a Matty and tanker. Yeah we talk about. You really want to make a sports of that apartment talk about being born with a they'll do count him. And it kids like I hit let's let the worst outcome of the game thrown. This is his grimy houses there how some good as glass house I mean even residents are millionaires that's okay counsel present. Not a lot of insiders were. But triple Decker the are let her. If there let's be fair to be fair didn't turn out like me and that gaze on the president today is generally apparently incarcerated not a city these are there yeah he's Andre Jones dome. We love Hewitt has the athletes not what we do damage in the family we need everybody is it that everyone that's as he thought of it on he got all of static. The system line to. I'm glad I'll tell daddy that got out. I don't just jokes at the end of guns and there's smaller community everybody associated with the user form is an issue it is. To understand. That we're never actually making fun of you it's the idea that your. Friends with it is snuck is an awesome guy he showed you talented guy hamburger Harry yeah. I'm staying Charlie agreements that you could. Yeah everyone's pick up the Charlie and I realized that he used to. How hollow. Ever I didn't think I quota expected Grammy in the level. I started throwing and it's 32 money let's go. Its value that we are having a saint patty's day praising patty's day warmup Hulu about. Celebration. We are but you might town fair retire. Or someone has brought to you. Town fair tire. Who needs tires. I'll arrive down their tire has the largest selection of tires at the guarantee heat. Lowest price need tires. You go to town fair tire and learned that's me I'm sure will be sent them that Jack yeah. Stolen pepperoni coming up about it that in our friends at tellem lord do. Irish whiskey will be announcing their special. Limited edition. Beautiful. Whiskey celebrating your local team we'll tell you all about it and he might be able to get your hands on receipt Tuesday. Just. It's this isn't for madness honey do mobile madness and this is the perfect combination of chocolate and coffee for a score that didn't do. Also validates what the complete. 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Inspire in his and it's it's Matty and nick on W a gaffe. Coming up with a program. We got more drop kick where every tickets every hour 34 and five plus you're gonna play a little higher steam game four wheel world the wheels tickets and how that Elmore do. Do anybody don't worry about it it's now holds like. It's too narrow down we're gonna get that dissects also comedian Adam ray will be in in the 4 o'clock hour some time is now also fits the at 520. Your generic radio voice of UG a wise at six. Let's check on what's trending right now on this pre Saint Patrick's Day party. Time for a hot flashes. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my club ready and nick we'll cover it pierce your. Action on WA AF downgrade could go. Go and hoses that go with the greatest of all markets this hot flash sponsored by go limos and was there fresh cold cuts killed us and much. Are preservative in gluten free 43 Mildred street Worcester go see dilemmas. Nick breaking news and Telemar do you Irish whiskey. As we this story came across our trends and and we grabbed. We sure did they have released at about there was room. The official Irish whiskey the Boston Red Sox much. They have released a brand new collector's edition Red Sox bottle to mark their two year anniversary partnering with the Red Sox Boehner well. And so we decided we need to do this so we got Chris. From Telemar do Irish whiskey and a I mean that his name is Chris Rose is your middle name Irish because he delivered nothing but beauty and happiness migrant. Take it yeah hey Greg can get if I was going to cast. An irishman represented a level whiskey company. Central casting I would catch you when you walked in the door I was like yep that's exact the whiskey got got us college get a. Xerox I don't like bowler and Paul Newman. First name first name to follow last name are and I on what you do. I meant I feel like it might not be making enough money actually eight product description whatever you make tell them to Dublin you deserve a raise I'm like I Felix and people listening that I work with so this is perfectly. Tell us about this bottle and why so special. While. I think the packaging is seeing is. Pretty impressive pretty well done classic. You know as the Red Sox are arm. And that it has to do with our relationship with the team as far as being official Irish whiskey in the Red Sox com. Having Ali tavern in right field. Now. Old very fancy we so that's a when he 500 square foot. Basic lead. Are you know I've been kicked out there too I think I. I deserved it I was gonna say if you want a liquid Willy Wonka land that's the town tavern in right field right there's also food served there this year yeah it's even. Listen you have an option to keep food as well. But it's a pretty impressive spot and it's nice to be able to have a cocktail the game knows it or to mean he's an art indirectly responsible he's gonna actually put. It's it's it's like a piece of art you know like I see this I almost don't wanna drink a bottle so Beatles got the iconic Red Sox logo on it says you know legendary. And can people get this can just everyday people out there get this tax impact. Now. So where where special special we got kind of first easier about that now exists it's available limited qualities. There's plenty aid is declining bee week we need to wait or this weekend to deal with so little seals. Pushed through and then we come in with this. Nine leading up to the Red Sox season witches okay. So that's what's important is that people can get their hands on oh yeah before so this is. Little sneak peak right now so people can see this through here at WA AF and on Ernster grams stories of what not they're gonna say when Sox season starts. And it looks like Campbell's having a meltdown and I knew little something to calm my nerves in the bottom of the eighth with two outs you reach for my limited edition Red Sox Telemar Duvall guy. Yes now Chris what makes for us neo fights. And I'm not one unfortunately animal Aaron was he bought. For those who are listening what makes a great whiskey like. You know how would you describe. Why this is so delicious what should he will be looking for and a great wit while. I think most. Of the better Irish whiskey is a distilled. Three times triple distilled you'll see that water bottles. From. The blunt here is something that special food is it is grain. But malt and Barley and not pot still whiskey which against its competitors. One in three. They're missing one of those who knew that instance so. I'm a little difference there but I think it what you tasting is so let's move on will you get a little spice from the Potts there was it's. It's very nice to ship on. There's going to be some that either in the grains or and what whatever happens in the distillation process like you know wines from a certain part of the country days to certain way in the Irish whiskey has such a distinct taste. Urban from someplace to as a certain way with skis from another part of the country it is this way. And there's that extra little spice that comes from Ireland I always like to just think it's the attitude that. It is and the possibilities. With Africa. But this was Asia ex Bergen barrel as well so you're you are tasting some bird who. Who does have some crossover seeing my wife met my wife doesn't let me drink whiskey and I are going to be so why. Everytime I have lasted all of which are crying now I feel like I will try to grab the door the court reporters got a I feel like when he stood in unforgiven when he has his first of whiskey that those questions the bills estimated scared Edmonton game. At this. Time. I let him go shoots. Great hope and note and I know that it had nothing to reach for a couple of more taxes down than a bottle of Irish whiskey quite like. A movie that ended in a giant yeah. Chris and get into the which game. Years of training actually. And years of training not the only one last question I. I have more questions for secret that I wanna ask when we get to the other side of this little bit on. Wake up with the Hill Man Morning Show. Good morning god it's good morning guys I've noted that promoted to seventh. OP is completely coherent. And make total sense. I think it's the other way around that program I'm going wasn't a big guys you're doing your best. First thing in the morning called waking up next obese a little do I get seven minute monologue. That Doug Weight or not. About that's the only one story by no way he told one half of the story it would be a seven minute monologue or seven I consistently incoherent. This is the podcasted WA AF dot com. Commission on another. There's. 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Watch legendary guitar builder she feels she. That way more than that can't show Friday beat them. Saturday NASCAR kid. Yeah this. Overlap into the World Trade Center is done for the town's entire. That's awesome buddy what are your fears like you. Is this for a million dollars and I can fly tons of destinations on frontier for way less than that where Denver Austin Atlanta North Carolina even Florida upset a million dollars. I don't know kiddo and TF green airport I can flat out all those destinations plus Myrtle Beach starting at 49 dollars. And cat well the best place to be a plane as it TF green for great fares from 49 dollars music like frontier dot com there's one way including tax season and it Matty and nick are back in sixty seconds or less. It's an elegant with ray Butler homered Schmidt stayed out of group rate I've been told by your customers you find in the car that fits their needs even if that is knowing a lot honey do that. Danielle wins it will lose away just tell me what you're looking for I have many resources to search for just the right vehicle at just the right price anything from Steve customer. Find out why car shoppers from all over New England have their best buying experience. Mixing it auto group route twenty in convert or online at nick stay out of dot com and Danielle don't forget the deals are always great mid state. Questions. Concerns you like where we've got a guy doesn't go far. Call the studio line it's 6179311. AAF give us a piece of your mind thinking that's our fears borrowed soda did. You said the only legal thing actual journal L that he had nick on WOK okay yeah fat. Got a neck. We haven't Syria Chris some Telemar do Irish whiskey celebrating their commemorative Boston Red Sox limited edition Irish whiskey triple distilled. It is. Douglas'. Matty. He will say to me a lot of times. You know it's who have another on sale or gun battle I checked the AF stories if you wanna see exactly how did the idea of our citizen. So. Lot of women around town are very comfortable that phrase do so. You know I don't have the same Boston accidentally by obviously I grow with a super thick Boston accent right and then and one way to New York for so long it just dissipated yeah. But if I have a couple. It starts creeping back into the picture. Guilty so by the end of the show they'll be no discernible difference between me and that's it's awesome what happens Q did anyone else have like a teller tick do you slip into something as them. Area theater right now is in. Court mandated come up. Processor either relaxed a 500 yards or buildings I oddly enough Chris Matty completely immune to pepper spray. Yeah practice so we will see what they're critical mass he takes so many of the pace this has no effect. Good to know right. The president that we taste in the whiskey same thing if that is valued it at their last Chris what's best way I've always wondered this and you're an expert. Oh what's the best way to drink a finalist. This. I would say people rocks coal Coke had a stupid. Stuff. Like that password was that close to slip and I wasn't it just like nick and I am. Are enjoying it now neat it's neat you addition to Gatorade. If you wait doesn't approve it and you press. And correct. That G two was a little bit of the fate choice but that's why to a certain calories I'd greatly from it hey here's that here's the million dollar question. It's called tell more do and it's deep period eat period W appeared I had no idea up until now what is the do you stand for stands for a deal. I don't know the complete story but it seems like he might have been the finance. If an anti tank unit I'm glad I waited till. 343. Yeah. Friday before us and pat. Readily. And this can affect your social tag is that Bo Sox whiskey guy you're not gonna earn an awesome handle that without actually being able to tote around there watching this reunion today for the facts figures and Wikipedia okay but it clearly it's named because of wind distillery was originally written. All the more. And and the UE Williams is seems like he's the guy that got things going as far as the finances go. The electricity. The vehicles ex senator thus. I says Daniel Lee Williams is the creator of Telemar do with self made man who worked his way out from a stable. By of the distillery to become the owner and you know what instinct thing he once met the most interesting man in the world knocked him out on much of a home. Just a stable by. I think it's stable analyst Tim. Eighteen how yeah you only get supposedly stable buys that it was a stable boy because they have a lot.