M&N Hour 1 - Matty & Nick's Night Out! 6-21-18

Thursday, June 21st

Matty and Nick talk about their night at the Whitesnkae concert last night and what they have coming up on todays show!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. At the new. And everybody. Our goal pals Matty and thick belly up to the bar nick. What a night last night we had this job one of venue. What a show. And do what. Contingent of AF listeners. At lights today. And border. And Jason Bonham Jason Bonham is Led Zeppelin experience what was the name of the night the cougars swept towards when he team adding twelve cougars and cellphones. This as a team sleeve wrinkle tax 28 team. Let's talk about people that cell phone to concerts for a second. We actually posted. I made sure to put up our stories sewer rat hole all of I did I pulled my thought out ours dictator video all of everyone. This is. They don't even need light to concerts anymore now you'll just be illuminated by everyone on their phones some people are on it. Everyone's filming the show I know we've gone off about this before but it within our stories at Matty nick WA AF check it out. Everyone's on their vowed ours as a satire. Where nick who is you know scanning the crowd Iraq's are many because do you believe as many pin down a moment phone. It was satire know the delta and another one before that we you guys were taught you guys were saying the song title will we ever we ever radios don't we have a responsibility that we get a look at tech pelican to educate our audience what did you just say. A little what contact out. Com on ten. Here's the thing I'd and a lot of girls do this notice I notice at least four or five cougars doing this I thought they're shooting the show they do there's considered sensitive. But they were filming themselves. Molding along to the suns M and a but you do what it's it's almost like that's open action abroad like your votes. That all periscope. Hi there and do this song and I'm here right now we're okay and learn bonnet on houses lets you had C handlers tell Disney Internet this year another angle. That's not him and. Yes we are what are the artist sort of enjoying with the artist you know it's funny you or your have been a good time here in the moment. And they do an awful lot of once OK but they're doing it for a whole lot and it's like they're editing the amount to be an edit suite. Because they're deciding which when they like that's a legacy indirect though like you don't seem like they're gonna fall apart in the still of the night this is still there. She's saying and and smile and do the yellow. In no it's. She's looking at written now housing and they go to like Carter cash in like they take like I'm gonna sell these and they decide which one they wanna post. The move girls do you take a little picture and like this Z even girls I know very well like in my family's up you'll you'll take at least pictured on our front. As a whole obviously. Now we got to go again. When Imus and I have seen people in this very studio do that on me. Not me I don't go for editorial control. Know someone did it to him Alia come Jerry's name unit that's ahead right. Felt ever used to take a second one because I knew the lie was bad on the first and I was looking out for them hash tag film school grad. Tell you what last night at the band the Blue Hills bank pavilion which is a phenomenal place to watch as such donors and there's. There's reasonable parking in the area you can go to harpoon brewery. Or any of a number of great restaurants and bars to pregame. You can see the airport you can see the ocean for God's sakes. And it's cool it's clean one is standing around as a great job beer prices are reasonable wish our sponsor of the old drunk. Don't you guys definitely look to who they roars of Narragansett were married for whites XL likes it concert you have less going through our Bible that's why is supposed to do this week I. I dude. Why ever please he'd get me there are more cougars out there last night that there are. UConn right now. And there's not a single wedding in New England that had more swinging triceps back dad's last night's show and it looked great a flabby try was in full effect live and I love it I'd love it I don't eyes what a buttered up and puts himself ushered out every flat each Ryan got a creek I said it many times I like him 1015 no way I don't want Mick Jagger arms I don't want to I don't want to gone arms right. Sorry Kelly rip my yoga arms now. I don't wanna be with someone that is stronger than me. Right because. It makes it easier and it's a bit. He's another does Morgan and Jim and me it's like c'mon right. Yeah but that's the ten mile car and that's through a little cushion bush and let Italian. David Coverdale all of my era I snake. That man is almost. Seventy. While he roused the stage. Like an absolute and that the soul cycle presumed. Or the pull bodies this man must do to be in that outfit in that shape. Try to pull off some of those notes I mean he ballparks in which is fine his supporting band which is made up of a couple of new moves and some sort. Some older members appointment Devlin as outrageous our boy Mike Devlin is awesome on the base like DeVon is great name dude it was sent drummer for white snake. Who literally looks like I don't know his name he's out there in shorts like bicycle sneakers and an under armour white like. Mesh we king sweat top glove getting after like animal. Literally I don't like him like he'd been a bike messengers elected as it was like with you got to apply drums or Bordeaux I. Good arm. That they show images Afro. Ever you look like I said the US had Martin Short is doing new character yeah aging metal drummer yes yes. God that I wanted to get to know that guy leads to lowered to go backstage bow only Mike was there we we had split but. Man what a show what a great time. Awesome awesome met a lot of great listeners. And that he had and the IG people like I had no idea guys were there right people not know what we look like I think that's true. Ask cluttered O'Reilly you can do pickles you see the longer I go hey they have to Wear walking out somewhat on this blonde woman next to me and I go way they sound great toughness. Don't listen this is not this whole like a haven. I stalking her for at least no good accordingly and I know how he did Sharon and an yeah yeah check out the portal I know Paris is notable not I don't know. Tegra home and I wonder if she comes with Fries socket that like to eat as we arrived. Go in line to get a bad and the confessions girls like. Oh hey like you know you want Fries riser that is any looks always liked who's totally wants me. Totally wants me and it is ethically I think we should probably. I think. When we come back I think we should talk about what I was texting you about last night yeah that the little Korea I think we should. Yet you. We'll do that. Oh here's this other that's. We'll PH Kabul they go to group shows from now. Optimism tonight he's got I've got to stop talking like this was a bad guy. I don't want. Yeah what's this thing your Matty. As Texans this last night. I'm an empty I went from I have an area around. We'll bathroom break what state started detects militant them back you look at the running yeah and shout out to run in the blank for not only. It you know get Mike Devin hook you up with the song for your pod but it. You know bringing him in yesterday hooking us up with the seats and just being an awesome guy what is he all family and his friends these every single one of them so freaking cool. My love for lyme answer. I proclaimed from this day forward Mary not only a bad word will be said nothing but love for lemons there. There's a lot to Lobo lemons and came up with that exactly even let him be the motto yeah. 8119 elevenths he's OK it's not sour and Landon stair gates well anyway set up so. IA was to I was out there as recognized Abramowitz is now you know we had a lot of pleasant encounters without random people you saw a couple people like fruits. Like a lot of stuff C yep. I'm sure every now audience like as one walked to the bathroom get a beer we have to do like a high five and talk Brady. Wragge yeah but I had a couple encounters with some listeners. On my round and round. You know there a couple of them are like 9 AM there was it was a boy was of oh man he's done it on this. The show. A couple of them were like you know. Sometimes that. Is the craziest things like. He's is he really is racist says he sounds I think there. Experience this he'd like his he would like it convicted sex offender or something because. As Texas is like dude I think people think that that he is like. Somebody that like. Is on a couple of watch lists or has like signs in his front yard and we're gonna do about this. We doubled down the double down and go harder I can't be kidding me. But doubled down to route. And judge laid down the highway AM radio a lot he does ironic black laying out the window. Lived in new coffee drinker because he needed that I am the least racist person you know trust me. You hear 45 also by the way pronounced himself what was it the is he the most elite. I from the elderly it was excellent it is trying to like you know like they liked what they think they're the elites are the most Julie liked. I have a nice that's not what you okay this is nice nice department did yeah. Yeah exactly which may be true actually the clintons are loaded yet and I am sure they are about Brady's place in New York don't get that nice is apartments in New York move. And listen I have that not a bad word to say about anybody studio two wars space force that's all of us to now almost pee in midtown. All the apartments in New York City because we were talking about nonstop on the way to show last night seaport district. Is about Omnicom at about to become and Brian had needs and it's like Dubai by the sea yeah it's incredible the developments going on down there. It makes me wanna make ridiculous money so I can have like a get out to air down there are just a little crash pad because there's so much fun stuff to do it on their now and it's gorgeous. But what it's all like sultans who buy their kids and oil magnate who buy their kids these. Four through penthouse is in midtown that had views of Central Park downtown. Apartments worth sixty million dollars. Insane I know 45 as a lot of money but. Sixty million dollars with a wraparound views of New York City that's in San Juan would spend that come publish you have to have to have a sixty million dollar apartment and that's. If you can't even as I did a. Pitch and that's as they go probably would though like in America just visiting there occupied like may be among the right. But that story that Mike told speaking of nice apartments this kind of got glossed over but I loved it I'm Mike Devin was tell about. He tells us on the air I think he did about Coverdale. You did any made him sing and Mike yeah sung like that before I don't think I was done all right so real quick. He's he's with David Coverdale he's auditioning for whites they can make some plays play on the space stuff right and then he says Micah what you do some singing now. And and Michael is while mom caucusing with you just won't go singers I have sung before but I wasn't like a singer Rosen billing by some as a singer. Title in his studio and they sit down and David comes and has now mate when you're Dan is day basically I taught him how to do it basically in a few seconds. And he started saying it was like this voice inside him that he never knew was there. Came out. Yeah and he said he got wicked mostly left the studio audience which Hamas is in the studio overlooks I think he should tunnel isn't about how awful and I'm at what a great story like an artist. With years of experience. Seeing something and another artist single Mike here open this up inside yourself you know I mean right now is I love that sent. It's great and I'll tell you this. One. All the shows basically all the rock shows it seems that like. Those bank pavilion and around town are all these retro. You know reunion. Tour shows steaks. And wise snake and foreigner or what's left a foreigner. And there also damn fun and you replace a much of that music here it just nation think for secular come on guys don't that rocked guy c'mon let's go bands let's go to new yeah. A rock and roll go on because we can't have that I would keep these guys can only play for so long that's right the hits of the late seventies up to the early nineties will only survive as long as possible I don't wanna see. Generations of other bands covering this music let's get some new. S gone rock. Stars and do it totally made up those comments from the listeners. Time yup when you're right though. I am the okay when they. Shaw's block and rocky. This morning neck and a little kid comes up to me. And he just starts talking with dad yeah the real small gardens there. Six upside the dog kid back opt proportional oh that your husband usually the. They pushed me. Assuming I have going to have to touch it ended just a small version. He's accused kings got a walkie talkie on its on this path in my hometown the Grossman on companies like. I got lucky Todd yeah I talked dad back deck once asleep I got it's got three cards like a helicopter Dominic keep in my pocket like I see. About one here during the lingering items like. What happens to us because I wanna do that I wanna do that you're. Radio show got us into a podcast don't wanna talk about the ice let's be friends. But we were tipped down yeah well I talk in my everyone else because that's every day from resentment. Well but exactly how the road and everyone can't get go out generators are in and the father and I don't blame the other outed in the same thing of Max was. Over talking an adult he goes out come on Johnny know leave the man alone I'm like that's what happens to starts there we we because of social cues is up we were taught to like not oversee are not over tock but. It was so nice to just have that level of excitement honesty in my wish we could be. You've seen the five year old when he comes into the studio or when he's met as a sense he goes why he's got a million different stories he tells you about all these random things he's doing as something that. Maybe happened to him a week ago or where he's gonna be this coming weekend what he thinks about the weather and exactly why. X wings shoot lasers and went dark craters afternoon with a pop patrol rescued and you're like oh my god huh. While and I that's the thing is your all your constantly caught trying to like. Not tamper down the years trying to like Rangel it but encourage. Right folk you you wanted to trick of parenting to the isn't never. Turning the talent and turn the energy off its focusing rye it's redirecting and focusing. I Saturday night do you totally do that. On the news try to refrain common symptoms.