M&N Hour 1 - Let It Be 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. Come on let's go to do this now let's do this day. Nick this morning. Who is mad max's first day. Texas first thing home from school in the first Davis summer as a where yes it was a blast is school. So we kind of had a great morning together. And one of the things that we found together this morning. Please it's it's not like. An alien pod. No Max is Max does not revive him and the of that nonsense. He thinks it's ridiculous. How does that exist not that is the question I have. When you have a household. Where no one else. Believes in something where it's like a house where like everyone's a liberal but dads. Drive a hard core conservative. How does that exist like. How seems built on harmony to me. Where you would think so. To those commercials where it's like. She went to Ohio State he's from Michigan but together they make a beautiful big dent this probably speaks to rebellion little bit yeah I think the whole flattering thing. Speaking of which is is just rebellion it's just like. The lack of acceptance of like well yeah you should you show me this I don't I yep show me you know scam rebellious spirit I wonder fathers and sons that norm. He is going to be like your. I'd just joy is he's very he's an independent thinker definitely. You boys and invent that Macs are good thing well this morning we stumbled upon this and I had tears. Rolling down my cheeks I've minute it was. The received from your wife's hotel there weren't. Actually helped us from my receipts from here to. Who's Dolly hander. James Gordon let cool guys and come on over a lot. I. Almost. We times only got to come ever moblog. This week at a darn about that at all and a pool now we have an electrical problem like I know its first aids. James court needs to retire the colors of Barrington depths tonight on swimming down. James Gordon he's retired Kara will karaoke because he will never do better in the when he just dead. Call all carry out okay Milwaukee through. The twenty minute Paul McCartney. Carpal karaoke and just real 32 bites. McCartney gets in first of all and talks about how he came up with the idea for let it be. They start singing and corn starts bawling. And it's just one of the greatest moments in television I've ever seen. I have a dream in the sixties well a move who donated came to me in the dream I was reassuring. Saying. It's going to be okay. Just let me. The way it's yeah I always said. I couldn't fill out this you know coming around Kona now Australia day doesn't buy our music is who is does it how much can do that Syria. It Barbara and I was here and I can actually kick out of this. It is. And I. Paul McCartney just gave James coordinates all hug and then they arrive to Paul's child at home where you live from zero. 220 he was eighteen or twenty The Beatles were huge. In Liverpool. In England while he still lived in his childhood home for a time least put on disguises and subsidy show up what's now a museum and he knocks on the door ago. Is Ballmer got home and lays it also gives tours you can believe it. A crowd gathers. Waste try to leave people grab and unlike the Pope summons like. We play your music let's focus funeral what my son's named after you pull and his. And he's in the huddle is a closet again living god for consumers through mitnick aunt but here's what's amazing. He showed in the in this part this next clip he's taken james' do these small little rooms and this entire worldwide phenomenon that changed the world changed music. Started and happened and was created in these tiny little rooms and here's Paul telling. James the first time him and John Lennon ran a song into Paul's father and Paul's father's reaction so. Then you go here usually only do recite it doesn't change the song listen New Orleans sound now appraisal rules require. So you know kind of assumption. Okay yeah. Do you listen to roll song in recent story and chase it its own. Citizen from these mechanisms around commission should know you yes yes yes. Once we you know we did not heed his advice I give the site where you don't kudos also go to Jim yes yeah. I mean this thing is just interesting. Charming heartfelt funny. It gets funny cordon starts dressing up and all the gimmicks and in the final a playoff ready for the final hours who aren't final thing they go to the pub where The Beatles used to play. And that no one of the pub knows it. But McCartney has banded behind the curtain. On the stage they don't know they just think James Gordon is there to he's playing celebrity bartenders like up up and play a solid jukebox and when the person does the curtains open up and this. We'll gonna get it on a lemonade we we can do it emanates. I'm sad it's not a speech he. 1116. Coming Majid moves well he won't just take your pick on those songs quality constant. Streak to become the concert it's just the best he can never top this I don't care how many carpal karaoke he does. You'll never top this now. And you know what for anyone. And I'm sure I haven't checked the tax line. I don't need to read Paul McCartney Sox. Carpal karaoke socks I'm sure some authority rated if not all of them are we are stuck on you and care enough and that's that they don't you can't even ruinous. Well I mean this gets fifteen Tony million views on average to begin with a I can only imagine how viral this is gone and how many people. This will bring together because it's funny it's accessible family friendly so you can show it to Max I mean I know he's well indoctrinated in The Beatles and great music. But this will jet this will bridge a lot of generational gaps and once again. Proves what I've felt all along your late nights don't have to be satirical political arguments there's still room for fun. Hopefully there's room for fun. Right here. Well nick we got struck a nerve that Paul McCartney audio yes a lot of people just love and that thing and people on the text line love and I and all over Twitter it's trending it's just gone up by a million views and our. It's incredible I mean but like I said how many different fields how many did hit people in the fields how many different sweet spot is something like that. Touching. I think you also realized that despite we think of the beetle he might like them at all doesn't matter. It's the fact that in this world wide phenomenon. That changed music. In arguably changed music chain if there was no bandit did with The Beatles did there was no really band. Before The Beatles there were groups got together and did songs for a year or two and mostly cover songs. And record than the studio and then when when is crazy names but The Beatles and the first like personnel advantage do they caught it on how to do it and it's and it's over. And also when you see Paul McCartney returning to his home it. Highlights the fact that. These guys are going to be around forever. You know they're not. And Estes is from Michael that's cool I shout out to James scored in the battle it out learn Nauru or what what a cool concept. To have brilliant right to have really hit to have. An artist. Just going a car ride with you when Mike sing their own songs and brought it songs I mean obviously Campbell that's super cool. I'm the one who always takes like the oh way you what is your husband have for breakfast comments and I'm happy to admit it's all the pop culture trash that I like. I'm I'm watch scurbel karaoke for years I've watched one individual was kind of fun and the really dope on was that it yes that's right you are at their. Mechanics shop. You with a jetBlue just heard others Jack hammer you driving a tractor right now. Did tootsie jurisprudence knew what I thought yeah I did I watch the carpal karaoke OJ lo that they did to and I like any detailed. Foo Fighters on really good the last one rape and they filmed one right before Chester Bennington had passed right that's right. And then that came out like a week later that was awesome. It's such a cool car remedy it may be reduced as general quick manner meant anything. But Judy you know I'm like so much you know what I did Friday that the on off Friday don't want you to bats away why don't you do you're very very good. You know actually it's after I admit to something like watching. Do carpal karaoke. And I hear that and I might not outside the biggest A hole and here it's like what's what's that thing about you. And ended date tomorrow I don't know I don't know I don't know what that means. You know you don't know I haven't set any thing is Nevada and then. So I don't know that miles to the power couple of yes the same that the same number you get a jays this weekend I may or may not. Yeah it is and Giselle that we have Terry here it'd turn year apartment appealed stabbing Canelo. And have him. If you may yeah I think I might have Danielle my podcast and I don't know that the peppers and knocked in about a lot and in my head and I know what I had no idea Daniel's career has fallen apart. How desperate is he thought I'm now. My name's Paula politely and as I noticed two things at today's uncertainties about her own. Yeah it is. Bush is coming on your show James go. You don't wanna have sloppy second Danielle after shooting on stuck on stuff c'mon. Oh they're saying but it was roasting. Roasting you because you're going to stay as I say yeah. All so she's an Italian. Market doesn't stay out insane thing is you have communal in my house rain generally frowned and we're going. Nice. Hey there you go 50 wait what's not tax line 9717. I'm driving a tractor trailer are saying JO well all day. Craziness. I'm just Jenny from the block used to have led a crowd got a lot. Did a good. Lovely woman but I don't think we need to go through her music lights awful. Cattle update on a sad story. And that I guess I don't know. You can't really call it good news. But the Anthony board Dane toxicology report is back. Yeah and he did not. Have any narcotics in his body when he died. This month. So a lot of people assumed I assumed because he took his own life. That guy he might have been back in this you know she had drug problems in the past apparently. But he did not have any of those type of narcotic traces in his mop and his body he did have a Trace of a non narcotic medicine that therapeutic. Dose sick Christian down beer all the odds in now the local prosecutor charged the investigation. So Diego's six when you know in the morning no. Drugs. He skipped dinner that evening before his body was discovered he's not arrive for breakfast the next morning and that we know the rest. Sounds weird though. What how did they say that I'm a medicinal drug and that therapeutic dose. In other words are uttered in her anonymity that have been added van could have been. Anything like some sort of like anti anxiety convince an X and it felt like in the prescription dose that you hadn't given it was like to. And the and the decision he made. The ultimate the final decision he made was. Done while still within. Proscribed confines a or prescribed limits when he's cremated in France sets and distinct. So. Yeah he loved it there apparently. But no drugs. They asked Friday of its Marty. Us is I had red in housing is going to be as good news was like good news is not good news value you don't want and as it currently is being given out his own terms he was sure clear mind when he well. Odds that's awful he wasn't of mind of my own I was actually I hate to say it it almost actually wish he'd did. Like loses mind temporarily because you could say I don't know what a tragedy but then we could point to my kids this is why you don't do that is opposed to like. Now we're left saying like hey. When you're there please tell somebody about it when you're there please ask for help when you're there may be. Don't skip dinner the night before just say like I think I'm Michael let someone else step in its Europe likes you you'd still have to you right. I mean that's that's a great voice we lost and there are people that lost today. I don't know if he was a brother and me I don't know if his parents is survived an enemy and act like I don't have Acadia noah's mom had socks. Yeah I never I never I. I should go back in like check amount on soccer always assumed duties very kind of blew enough food thing was about insisting it's too short of people hitting too many foods like an army does like. Hello I'm and is a New Delhi outside street Yemeni either Siegel embryo is that I don't wanna watch that I don't care what weird foods at this is an any visible people eating on TV has grossed like this don't usually watch but it's not a lot of shows like. The guy from my kiss he's always on there always like doing bands are gourmet or whatever and I was like okay now Ann and even the day's show weighted by its dining playbook and could go any way I like ligaments and home. That's it there's ingredients and then there's the morning shows like. Cappy vetoed a type shows the the daytime there is cooking the exits little White House collect artist right now. Whom Brooklyn will win a tournament. Lot of that is disgusting. Aren't let's watch aliens in big for the Q let's is nothing all right all alien who has all supernatural. Better quality of duty to not. But you know a guy with them. Really in the end yeah doesn't you don't have now they know if you I swear I got a.