M&N Hour 1 - It's Gonna Be "Brick", Yo! 6/20/18

Wednesday, June 20th

In the entire first hour, regional slang, Canadian hash, and beach pizza!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. 97 and Tex signs I can think Kerry played some. We'll Microsoft. Those records pardon him so much of is that definitely grows there's this one. When I wrote the wake of the data breaking up there right now. Yeah my band mates. Are not get with the program that there's only one person in charge. The lead singer created a higher raw you know break up before your first out. Program. CNET. So you know each state. Has like their own language on comic page every every part of the country has like little idiosyncrasies in the way they speak. And so what we call those. Regionalism is colonialism at every flag hangs out shore flat. And and Kelly everything impala yelled ride to tell ally great example everything here is quickly it did do right away it hard to. Well as a kid in Florida these tea. L seven. Al Sadr and the gap with that there's no one said that. Manger square man L seventy. Square dunes where seven nasty sixty. Analysts like you've got like you got Steve. It is like I've heard some ease you know mice these would have well you know my deal. I don't know how I document like yeah you can sock on steam nuts are well I'm one of the LLD is that he makes delicious nuts and there's so that you savor them you don't wanna eat them to Wear one of these. Sites put together a slang map of the USA the language of your state. More often than not these regional slang words don't travel well they stick with in their own boundaries. Over 50% of the country believes other people in the country can't understand them when they use slang. So. They have a word. Representing. The language of each state. Corey hemp blow. Alabama. The biggest phrase that they news which I think is nationwide is because I've heard of this one is education hot minute. No I don't have anything you have hard and I'm now okay. But the agreement and hot medicine's we've done hung out Arkansas hot math Arkansas as a roofer. And root for some displays traits of idiocy. So here he's no I mean I'm a mourned and Rey river right. If the now we say it up here though you are regular rule plus Delaware Boggan up when I guess that is Boggan up. Boggan. He was making preparations for a tough trip. It is guesses Boggan not oh I know him a closed up like scamming people on credit cards because you're a financially fraudulent statement. Log up is laughing. I was blog and up when she told me that joke blog upper Boggan also body part blog can you imagine actually using that in a sentence. Men she had made blog and up. So tech tries his swing when it's what. I don't know if that means it's. You get to wanna guess Massachusetts is Joseph all works week. Massachusetts there got to be wicket yeah my neck that's tonight until. I thought too but it's it's it's. I don't know actually remembers this saying this one time early in the round of show. Massachusetts big word. That supposedly is not unique to us and. It's brick. A hall that foolish word it's I never never hurricane. Grown adults. Use that word to me and I atrocity Yang I would put ANC's. I am I ever heard eight. The day out all the best on the children. I've never heard somebody use that. Period not any content that you're the only one I've not I've been saying that in I have heard that my whole life when he's ranked outside what I held as brick outside me it's break it's cold like the weather hits you like a ton of bricks and your had. So wait a second so that a break so like the news stays grammys the producer of your show that's break. Our whole it's cold strictly to do with cold weather could use it it has only temperature yet. It could use that adjective like I'm like of apartments have for example like. Our man wins is go up and left she was beam brick. No home no ask me tomorrow and pastor Brandon probably is crying on the problem is that nobody could see on the closed circuit feeder live stream. Whenever Matty talks like he's one of his friends. He does like the quote unquote hand like a dad in Malibu YE. He he does like the robo hit club movie the wizard for the price and I get dressed in the morning just committed see those I want superstar snuck things not I don't know why not an NH and more fun felt the coda. Caddie want us. All the caddie well this is that what Luke Skywalker. Balls I did his T sixteen means to skew or confused or when something's located indictment direction. No side detectors at the that's a good one Massachusetts thing wicket I know stock thus thus. Not. I know sap is I would thinks west would be like as. Are you ask sweaty kid me me last guesses on main. Ousting an idea hurting. For Maine Maine is idea contact as in I am afraid of human contact. Getter done. We've got to be kidding and it says getter done for main idea. Larry the Cable Guy is actual area. A New England now some analysts note that I have to get it done on the text and what's New Hampshire. New Hampshire uses. Make it this weird one. XYZ. I you know does that XYZ know your flies down you can not examine your zipper that's what we're kids. I'm going nuclear examine your zip it further and your kids are all right aren't aren't aren't doors open but that was your masters I'm advocates and all the time that X rise. Hey. Are you are doors open that you would say bundle is I would say hey you afraid of heights in the right now arguably a fly is. That's the I would I'll I L grassroots pay your zipper yeah. Lenny zipper is down I want Montana now let's see your jock. Montana's the best one edit. Cowboy out. Boy I love that we had cowboy up fourteen years ago there was a Red Sox then finally took a from a movie though. They took of from moving yet he took of from who has almost that you ought to get a catalog catalog you know movies are good from Spartacus. I think he took it from which remember that scene but it was ripped Brokeback Mountain I am Spartacus well you best cowboy up. In America that's seeing that's yet and I actually no it was a start it was 2001 space Odyssey yes open the pod bay doors now. Cowboy and seeing if. Could I you can give us a call on the fretting imports studio line 6179311. And A half. We have a big show today. We have comedian how big brown practice Saturday ground but I. He's gonna like bust out and advanced hey guys I'm up here and I'm seeing something massive that epic. Active new audio of a UFO sighting in its local. And. From the FAA just enough. You know what you know the effort that GM as a fly. Enough we just had a meeting about no more UFO talked. There's anybody in ten now listen don't. When this sound come tired Hillman played the tic tac you have votes on his show so weekend he doesn't beat them who audience in his submission over Europe it's you sound we also have my. Michael Bevan from white snake coming then we also have comedian Stephen Wright collings. That we have a little bit of that game that we love to click on the down questions project and we should also note this is the pen ultimate one because unfortunately Allen and is gonna have to move on to greener. Employment past Leo Barrymore game with them its network and ultimate we are going to create a new game though with our intern Colin our summer intern column yeah it's gonna be called I just calling to say I love. I'd that a monster. What I end up rather than his era that much rather hear that's great way to right. It's a great I come up with the dialogue first that it is write the story screenplay around work for McCartney. Penny lane is simple move its Google book for the day you knew I grew up in the sun. And the theme of today's Alan questions project summer blockbusters tomorrow of course first day of summer. Let's be excited about today in the show we'll hold the midsummer block on the today's. Play at Johns is following the anniversary tomorrow or maybe star jaws. Stop. Like to dedicate that song. To the many. Young people today in this very commonwealth. Whose last day of school. Was today and many of you was maybe yesterday many many more view it's today some of you tomorrow like mad max's last days tomorrow. So. That goes that you including my nephew Christopher who just finished his last day of school. And I'd like to encourage you to dream on to dream until your dreams come true you know every day you might look in the mirror. And legalize your face getting clear. But if you dream on. Dream line. Don't want that. Fun on. How did you not even turn mine on it for your return has not yet dip whistle. God not god god and when it's time for the weather. 3 o'clock whether brought to you by your good friends that Massachusetts executive office of public safety and security. Motorcycles are everywhere just drive even quick distractions can end in tragedy look for bikes. Look for life 83 and are effective. Just want adults once just one full day of adults who we ever can we try that. 83 clouds it's not tonight dropping down to sixty possible showers. Tomorrow. Sunny and eighty. Quick shout out. Then the WA AF audience to a less now Janet and on the ninth tomorrow seven WA AF text line you know that's brick you know is that Kelly is it. Okay cool with it as it wicket brick. It would be obese sidewalk. And it's getting cold it's hot. The sidewalk Bihac Norah are all in the Arnold I'm. Sidewalks are saying. She's out although they someone else in the text lines and Pardo would have been a good. That's a good entry foremost Massachusetts lined them anyway we have a listener. Like to send congratulations out today is their last day you're speaking of last day school for kids yeah listener. Teacher and gad and mile overall. 36 years last day teaching today are tired of their gun. Congratulations. Thank you know what he she said I don't mind condition target it was the Dow Karabakh and or use right. What he's just go. Base how about this now that I've got all this extra time that means more time. The listened to Matty and nick in the afternoon yeah so I feel bad for those kids yeah you've shaped mines for years and now you're ruining them. Bingo perfect and can not be distracted by the massive so long to I don't know why it's. We're hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down my clock ready and nick we'll cover it appears your. On WA AF top class but you by Mercedes-Benz get a great operas sweet ride of your own the Mercedes-Benz summer event go to NB USA dot com slash summer event to learn more or. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for a test drive. Today nick what are we got oh well I hate to say at. Might be time to move. Ballmer that that I think it's time to make way to our neighbors in the north. Space worsen. The space or you mean that just direct north Lebanon the real north you have the true north. Might be and not just because we have political discord and disagreements. Not just because people say Toronto is like a more accessible smaller cooler new York and now he weed is legal in Canada nation. I'm glad some. Oh go bomb. Me do really not a Johannes. Guru. Fingers overall. And closed up. Load time. Have you tried. Here offensive Canadian im proud song beautiful thank you. What do you think. I don't because I can go both ways in this you know like I do whenever I go to Oprah scope I've ever smoke it's down to open scope of ever smoked. They've got the scenery. And they are planning is scenery this man right there on the word like and then he via the bait shop in their town people hacking sacking outside the bait shop right is go out of the woods and a right just stared nature right at people commit this very studio and say Vancouver is the most beautiful place you'll ever see. In this life and that's people come from Chelsea yen rarely am yet Chelsea's a province in Canada. In an era now it's moved halfway between it's a halfway between area though and it low loser tag and can day. There's not a finesse than lose an opera. So. Here's the only drawback as. People are gonna go so we crazy up north that. I could see there being a problem not like mass addiction or just like a giant weed cloud hanging over Canada they're already pretty in most by and large produce. Relax people that we can is that yes exits eight to see if that's not be in combat them but that everywhere else decision and they quebecois is the truth altogether French right they are not. They want it they're just people have outside treatment they were content to Detroit exit with a bad acts. Mostly. I think about this that it's gonna be too easy because everyone goes about like. There there we conception Alec and edible form you know law it pops candy and relayed to our stores like that. What is it like the wrong stuff gets in kids' hands now because it's just I'll ever are ready to high. Hi and dad are against Denver I don't mess. Hundreds and this seems never know that's not true have you ever watched it was a dog the bounty hunter and he goes home to Colorado. Now that is the total non dye her hair that is not true he nightmare it. They weren't feather earrings out of control I just did a big part like thirty miles outside it out only hot people can adopt that they are on the pot. I was Israeli Astoria that the rate of addiction now between other drugs in places like Denver plays that they made we illegal eavesdropping isn't dropping like our list their ship when you Oakley throw you talk to them. But our own friend Ronnie LeBlanc bright he's sometimes is on the pot and he sees flying awards season. That explains everything. Not right. We have rock star on deck are very excited. Michael DeVon has just at the studio will will have in mind testament he gets settled. Yeah exactly and heat here yeah we have just got hot spots gosh we have it we talk so much about complacent much music it's awesome ever rock stars. Right in not often. How many times over the course of the eighteen months of this show. Have we had somebody who actually plays on one of the songs that is in heavy rotation on the station in the studio that's a great question. I only ask only a couple times. Yeah yeah. I mean we had. How many how many stories you should know this could be the first time actually went our show specifically you could say it feels like. The first no. Varner tonight. If Phil Liggett. So yeah just a regular juke box zero. Couldn't help but listen via this is the wrong band you guys have mentioned some notes aren't well now you've got to say you know in the still of the night last. I know I make a bad joke here I go again. Today announced. Michael while it was too many in neck. Thank you it's a pleasure to be here recite them very much and now white snake plays tonight yen and take it over Boston asks how do it again have you guys played possible new leaders yet what we usually go up to Hampton beach to the casino. Today Hampton actually Pampanga you. That's right don't ask and I had my PH TT means cheap six I know I'm happy I meant between. Laguna Beach beach through a similar fried dough when all of you do the Fred down. In my younger years yet. I'm Michael before we get into white snake I wanted to mention that you have a new solo record out the game and running of the block your buddy my buddy your body. Was telling me that and this is one of those things that happens music sometimes is this true. You actually kind of were were not hiding what you were reticent with your news Euro locals and and and writing songs and stuff you just got it in Leipzig like. And then you finally did it. Yet that's that's true it's it's pretty accurate and I'm a perfectionist. And so I spent a lot of time you know writing a lot of songs in and throwing them on the floor in an inning rally then I got to a point where I said okay this is. I can I can stand behind this you know well man let me play a little bit about it we we have released is this is from here. New record from the earth yes listen how kick ass this is this is Michael DeVon. Basis for white snake his solo effort. This is so good man really is. I'm sorry about. If someone has little throat probably tonight you can just step right up in there 'cause I got that killed locals are incredible man in the bonds incredible. Thank you. Thank you very much. I I think it's also we Livan and very strange times and I and I have to kind of get that. Have to purge that tune yak about McCain is that as Adam is there any politics in the elements yet there is CNN it wrapped in kind of the poetic. Base and music's like one of the great original forms of artistic and creative protest I mean. You can either you can write a book if you want to you can you know but everyone runs to their blog now or like something with 280 characters or yeah you can actually rock out in what's cool about that. Is that sounds like something. It's freshly released yet but that sounds like you could have told me like that was nineteen that was 1987 or 1994 I would have bought into that as well too so slow rate retro styling is with a new sound yes and thank you very much yeah idea I have over it I guess I've always had a hard time rating about. Cars and guitars and in them Bryant and chicks at the beach. So I guess I got to a point mark Simone gone. My my put myself on the line here. And you put your ass on the talk and put my ass on the line and if we can't tell happened shouted down. Tell you what I think they would some you've been a little deeper than. A little Beijing it's very add a little bit tonight I don't wanna get into the whole idea of like being in something popular and just riding that wave of light. Popularity and not something superficial but then always having that voice and when you think it's time to act on well and we'll get into that and we'll get into. I don't know if you know listening but he has a wife who is as famous now my beautiful girl yet we'll talk of that. We'll talk about the ban to to cool your new record a song you gave to run an idea. Well I talked about have we do have you heard. The new version of Guns 'N Roses like this new tour and should have actually our our out scores and and personnel kind of cross pollinate their we've got yet which wait sneaking and Jean Cunningham and you dig at you dig and they sound now. I sure do Leann and I mean yes yes what I loved the original cats of course we all you know Leo like Ashley. I also would like a time machine go back to 1988 in C and harassment. Well this is maybe the next best thing. Is gonna roses shadow of the eleven by the way if you have questions. For Michael you can text them WA AF text 997107. Any comments or questions about white snake in college defaming imports studio line is open for him in fort metro west commercial headquarters. 6179311. AFG are ready.