M&N HOUR 1 - Countdown to Pizza 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th

The Hillman Morning Show joined Matty and Nick today for the North End Pizza Showdown. We have everyhting you need to prepare for the fun in the first hour of Matty and Nick!

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Week off Indians defeated seven W fans podcasts are always online and on your schedule at WAA asked. Art got it let's kick off. What's gonna be won the halibut afternoon. Party. The Hill Man Morning Show crashes into Matty indexing so as Matty and held next gen Dan hill man then Matty. I have no idea what's gonna go on. It's going to be going to be fun now going to be awesome I love when. Parties get almost so I enjoy like they're gonna call you know what actually. I hope they do caller comes on us. That's and I thought I don't want us our. In our efforts. To bring you nothing. But facts. Straight facts. Back solely. Just the facts ma'am. It's a fact. Nothing breaks some day. Like at pizza party. Matt. Welcome ladies and gentlemen friends and dogs in the shares pats now Sox heads. And all kinds of knuckle heads nit wits and whatever else the world over the Cincinnati big radio program to about Bruins rode by in the middle of my intro. What the actual. What is the last time not that you ever were watched an episode. Did Johnny Carson like that I thank Ed McMahon in the middle of his introduction somebody dislikes stepped up like they had. John is doing his monologue those. Here will be does that add something yes there. Honest to god you know you remind me that it would be a great idea that's stock trades. We need to bring back that he'd seen the guillotine ended. That's torture. No it's not what it's sweet relief well. Think he had seen. It's tour now right now I think now working with you. Where is that if you've got to be kidding me a stretch you're right yes why did you come to mind. Stretch you parlor after the show and I'll show you how my guillotine works. Mike Hsu did you believe I have to do do this do you live at the prep this nonsense everyday. Yes but because I know stitches I know inside out your put on those aren't a yes the guillotine is torture if there's one split second until your head comes off your body always that it was a blade. To invention. Analysts you know actually I was thinking of unnecessary segue to this afternoon on I was thinking of opening a place called medieval pizza and the slice about you to. On SARS virus negating the right there at the table you know I don't know the insurance on that someone's gonna lose and that's. You know there was finger tablets and finger in my tie literally oh boy oh what the pizza easy. Are you threw me off I had the whole introduction and I'll show you an idea all right all right how to try to play we do we do play. A band here or at least we used to and probably should more frequently just you know I am HO. Iron Maiden iron made another classic torture medieval torture device the number of pizza off our backs are great area. Run to the pepperoni 666 price of a small. Yeah. I know Mike Hsu had Iron Maiden pizza jokes all I am blocked a lot of it and I love and three nights right and right. So all right let me just at the table for everyone here I would the entire place. Is beautiful we have. Gorgeous classic iconic. Italian. Wicker candelabra you know like the little clear bottle like the rusty by us with the it's gonna go like lady in the train it is I can't wait to meet you in the middle Ollie out of those lines during achieves yeah absolutely I'll meet you halfway down a pepper on any a we've got those beautiful red and white checkered tablecloths. Are out. Everyone is dressed up in the nice classic pressed white sheriff Elian with the blacks relax. The white napkin draped over Tom by this point I thought his would have put on Ambien Italian music set the scene now. Hi going to be playing the accordion man the University of Phoenix radio producing glass does not get any love on the show kicked out of university and make you the on and on it was announced on line atonement a log off. Can I feel all the money. It's our enemy. Selling day. You know just kind of chaos we've introduced today show with. That's what you're gonna get today him in the 4 o'clock -- case you're unfamiliar with what's gonna happen today are just joining us this is nick Matty is not with us right now he'll join us later in the show. Mike Hsu a familiar voice previously the mid days now of course of the Hill Man Morning Show I will be in here. Running the show would stay is grimy as of course. The hell man himself Greg Hill along with Danielle. Lyndon byers who I can confirm is in the house that's surprising I know now he's here in Ireland and he's hydrated yeah he is pleased drinking he'll. That's the pros and goes that's right Hydro. He's he's finished it up after the morning to all now not only move on from the hall Italian restaurant OT you commit with a mean a lot. He. It is nice you appreciate Iraq yet now I like it there on a boat. Next one of those 010 gondola gondola yeah and I wish I went out and Alicia had a giant. You thought that was that it Gordon gee I know you always going to open a close eye on the ball and edit GO I had. This is amazing gonorrhea easy to understand why I all I've all my gray hairs that are grown a year and a half Alia. We now understand everyone's here for the 4 o'clock. Great north and pizza challenge where today the Hill Man Morning Show along with the matinee program we will decide. From a field of nine delicious competitors. With some special guest judges. Who often make the best allies. In the north and please don't be biased and do come hungry. Have an open mouth open ears and an open mind and will be on FaceBook lines for the whole on the entire time. Check in the IG of course you can follow along where at Matty nick WA AF at great hill 107. Yeah I think so I've Mike what is yours is yours and be USA. Mine is and C has and people don't let them dirty a dirty uncle might. That's it is yeah I think what does my revenue you smell like this dot com and that's so funny mine is TK four to one up merchandise that's right mine's mine's red five Star Wars nerds Star Wars is better. Might she weigh up a threat to the ground follow along. It's gonna be a great time we're so psyched to have ER nom de. We got a little news that nonsense before we get the pizza party gone so. Press their buttons is enough get to it. The proceedings the madness the mayhem. Quick story actually before I even say were brought him a town fair tire when I did so were brought to you this afternoon and every day by town fair tire name brands a discount prices. Town fair tire the first audio cassette I ever bought myself mystery guest. On microphone number two was. Close a great guests even though you are my Caribbean queen in for a long time we've been share in the same dream and we're happy at the facts they'll wanna do to get as much power and I got your dreams yes I know you winced as though your heart still being on the once or would you do me a favor stay no more love on the run okay. I I literally juggling act Kelly that's Fahrenheit and off I analyst yeah right the lot at the money he's drinking a sedative. How do you people drive in at this time like for those viewing your car right now and Astaro. He doing. I can't Daniels hear about it flag I know that's why take away I couldn't do I can't do this I couldn't do it mid afternoon I can't do it. And end of shift in the evening lord knows I couldn't do it. In the morning and the rest of the clock goblins and no chance I I know I'm not I'm not saying this to make related as anything that ever happened I honestly don't go home or people look at child on the road. It with the way people drive to cut each other on and flippant and you know I'd joke about the driving suck all the time mother of pot. And it's raining out a lot placed. Its. Turn your head lights. Look up from your phone three and breathe in tune into the pizza party about what the answer was the first cassette coming out of the quiet riots on it was mental health reeling audit act. Bonus points if you can in the department store Woolworth's close outdoors Bradley's. And hang him in what is now the derby street shops in 1982 my aunt meg. Ten bucks that should go wasted on the first cassette about metal helplessness to songs through. Another possible option would have been disease because it's true we and is in Braintree you know members Ayers there to the aria DAY Harry it was it was there that like basic bell lawyers hit the department instances like that you know the country in Africa. He's not good but now neck earlier he taught you happy in with a torture device that stretches you out although the real thing you have flip Ottawa. There and I also log on to little entities. And people wonder why this didn't bark. What are you talking about yeah. Why did and went right Danielle grain lie just yet and start all mental and salad with a bundle it jeeves. A. Here's Mattie had big gun WA AF. And we're proud of it. Art so pizza parties coming up we're gonna have a hot flash. Get a little taste to the news in just moments. If you guys would like to participate in the show put on your participants and gives a shout in the framing import studio line 6179311. AF or. If you get radio show I. Or just don't have the time to engage and interact with the mayhem in the madness here by all means just leave a message later on the show on the GRV. The generic radio voicemails their field at 617779. Bruschi tried to our. Stood before her divorce factors explain that one more time. Don't even bother showing up for us here tomorrow. Well the morning show doesn't help shyness showing up to. I'm guarding him. At some good road music for all the road rage you probably have right now appear on 93. Which by the way a little traffic advisory in the 3 o'clock hour yet the pike is jammed up for an five's doing its thing. And Daniels said the local roads are rage inducing terrific. But what happened on 93 and 93 southbound lowered to act. Tractor trailer crash involving multiple vehicles nonlife threatening injuries reported according to Nancy police expect heavy delays happy. When Jack knife not just my at least there Robert to your movie. Lloyd Nigeria at all costs I know. Coming at you fast and furious today like my name's Paul Walker who looked at pocono crashed out and speaking of deuces and let's bring in medical care. Day. Marty. Stand. This ground control to local. Maybe found something that night and every. Things alive from. It's like you guys that they are you guys already fear big pizza. I don't follow then you know. Rigmarole of getting things organize our show and acumen you're in and make funny comment if it's okay with everyone I just need to say that I'm super turned on by the fact Daniel just use one of my favorite words rigmarole about the emergency three Matty. Three late dad words Ari vintage mom or dad words people out here anymore option on the shenanigans shenanigans stepped. Tom full reason. And room. You little son of a bitch a total clean your room what's it just my house that's just your house you know I get a settlement may be high above what not rate -- and bull feathers also I'm a hog wash yeah Ottawa I watched which you know I love the at a Knology of any sort and any great iconic phrase or. Even single word hogwash is literally just as it sounds. People used to just wash their hogs because on an Hogg was. A sign of affluence in this country there yes that's it why and the water they throughout was garbage it was not watch their when their. No yes Matty we had one of the greatest is his reasons earlier. I said that I would love to runs it is for blowing my intro. Through a guillotine and he's like oh man you mean when you use or you'd stretching me out. No no no no no no no that's not. He's so I'm of them all systems are complete can only imagine we are team minus about twenty some odd minutes away. From the great north NP to challenge with the Hillman and many in makeshift cumin and LB is here she was a year Daniel looks like a million bucks thanks she's thrown he right out of the bullpen we're missing it now. I can't believe I'm missing this all jays. But guess what while you're joining us via patch. You can also watch the fun by going to FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. When I mean the address is you can make fun of me for being a promotional or after I give the URL you dim with talent even Ruth. You know that the rhetorical question them. Really electrical I don't know. You it's where you stretch people out of Iraq ha you mean and I think that's the guillotine all right. How cute he knows that the thirteen year old rap from Paris. Or radio full of the police station that really rocks WA EA EAM 17 point three. On your radio for downtown Boston and the South Shore WDF is now also won 104 point one HD to do. On another WA AF. There's. Listen we've seen. Three headline yeah. The riding season is in full swing come ride with the Harley guys during trade in time and children's Harley-Davidson looking to right are we have betrayed by my car okay for a TV habits got to have been traded him because our guys we'll give you 110%. W Kelley blue. Liberal values towards any new Harley-Davidson and OK so it's. 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Who's running for congress in the in the third district on the show today and so it was clear I am not running for come. And there it is local congress mongers please I'll relate he's got to sites that on the back to real really. Yes yes because. When you do something like that when you get out of your regular everyday life. And commit yourself to move to running the country for four years. The people are so gracious thing that is so they had this country is so great. That's in lakes on the I would really like we were just talking about how the tax line can give us the in terms of old words of the horns while going the watch for in the poppycock I guess again yes if you think the tax line can bust our jobs at 9717. I don't want it to an end to the Tony for seven cable news cycle disqualified. From higher office because. I don't have his grief I think that's required in most area was talking about. I failed I failed senior anatomy and physiology I fail to see has no I did not get myself load a degree but has. Let's be honest you do get a ged and now KG getting out of China and yeah time. That is. Are you working your bio ad that's somebody believe I heard you getting blown out east of here now OK and you still there they'll their babies off again -- you who's your odds on favorite needs allies are you picking Regina is OG Ali average he said yesterday this whole thing is Richey hospital I feel like they're the ones coming in at eighteen and Al but. Meaner and more that prisoners since rooms yes I am here and some good thanks yeah and even got things it was street not promote the listen we're about I mean ten minutes away fifteen minutes away from getting our next line food faced this challenge anyway. Thank you for letting us come in and invade your show please hands. We kind of the bad very best of the north and and by the time we're done. We will know where the very best slices in the north and in the city of Boston Greg we are the people that are happy to have your invading armies come in an occupies share with us the well the benevolence how many about it. I think Greg was quoting a little and lots there has been there have been rumors and whispers were not sure yet these are not just Fleetwood Mac album titles. We may be getting a visit later on from Johnnie saint crossed. Oh really well I hope he comes by I know he's currently between radio gates but will if he's available that would be great is that his show like that galvanized for different counties except I guess it is always between two gigs I can't. Way all right stay tuned. Neck and neck. The early on we are all rock in and day that's still last time I checked free world. It's a freeware out where you can check your weather when it's sponsored Steve and I did there great segment next had to keep the show movements is 3 o'clock what would you know what tough guy I think I don't care yelled don't don't. And I. Is your middle name rail deed rail all yeah oh yeah you -- how fast -- is doing and he understands certain understand where are getting so why we get our big line and it's a grand again deceased is Tuesday Greg I have never understood and sympathize with you more really yeah yeah it's difficult it's not as anybody's if not everybody thinks like Greg the magnet out Greg's got its who you know what now that's a hard it's not easy it's difficult our primary broken a slut and only been here ten minutes. And yet even taking differs by it yet my god I can't wait to hear how terribly all the sleep tomorrow. We're gonna have maps so I'm I have so many pizza sweats and cannot wait until I get my pre diabetic come on tonight. Our 3 o'clock checked the weather brought to by our good friends at the Massachusetts executive office of public safety and security. Hey motorcycles are everywhere just drive even quick distractions can end in tragedy look for bikes look for life. 79 the fair commonwealth it's cloudy possible showers in the area tonight. 72 with a heavy rain on the overnight tomorrow rain and thunderstorms. With a humid high of 83 and now a quick slice the news. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my palms. Betty and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF. This hour the hot flashes brought to you by our good friends at Mercedes-Benz. Get a great offer on a sweet ride of your own. The Mercedes-Benz summer event. Good NB usaid dot com slash summer event to learn more or visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for a test drive today. Daniel would you just prince plan that from their mother the sure thing being thank you so much love. Yes. The sweet sounds to the opening. In arguably. Not just the funniest but the most iconic comedy in Hollywood. Which turns a robust. Fit. Young. Boy the pond. 38 today that's right caddie shack is 38 years old today Matty. 38 years young the greatest comedy and of course obviously your favorite because it involves the big G. You have there we did a deep dive on this and are movie podcasts I mean. It's that go right everybody. No one else is on the Mike there'll go after a visit FaceBook live in their program. Yes men needed. I told everybody it's like having your favorite caddie shack corporation have rooms like I'm totally easy to. I try to create space has its own people like I'm now and it's hard to keep track of but we are talking operate goes to Zain Greg Matty about how. When it comes to the idea of picking. Your favorite quote from caddie shack which is probably the most quotable comedy. It's kind of difficult not just because there's so many. But everyone has their favored. Because they'll get qualified in terms of the context of the scene were saying you know like Greg was saying your favored the thing that makes you laugh the most. Well I mean I. I like. And Karl is at his place and who he's talking about having furniture I believe on lay away which which I'm but. So also some of the Rodney Dangerfield stuff is I mean is timeless like when you know when he says what's the maybe must've looked great before electricity or whatever. I don't know in the white tigers and the U. I mean there's there's a million records it is. And and as we came to find out both through the documentary. About caddie shack and National Lampoon of the recently released book. That 90% of it was improvised there was a script that they're not Mario Brothers wrote because they worked his. You know they worked his caddie is that golf courses in the greater Chicago suburbs right near where John users from that put together golf script they bring in all these Coke heads and comedians. And they just basically throw it out she millions of feet of footage that they can't use and then somehow put together this 95 minute hodgepodge. Of improvised. Genius. I don't think it's a great movie LB really I don't I. God it's not run the greatest notes notes if you say slot I don't have time for slots ever sketch and a and he's not talking about how much they look at rejected greatest line M carry shaft yup is is when the the food Czech girl. And then the caddie what that that kid's name new Noonan Noonan. Noonan Newman got a pregnant and he said. Will get married and she said. Today's really bad so I need I. Thought I needed. Thanks for are not dead Langer and displaces restricted so don't don't you're Jewish okay fine. I may have to be like lots of course we're gonna nervous you know Williams you also PS follows an analyst noted Google yes I am just we can do that all day. But instead of doing like most college kids do to sit around and likes donors talk caddie shack all day. We'll just sit around and eat pizza for the next hour hi hey they're only going to get under way here what.