M&N Hour 1 - Comedian Alonzo Bodden 6-15-18

Friday, June 15th

Today the guys started things off with some dirty talking golfers, and then the very funny Alonzo Bodden dropped by to talk about his shows at Laugh Boston this weekend! 

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. On nick I have finally. Figured out a way it. So help me god save the keyword. And then they'll like this. Hi everybody magnet. Welcome to show. First of port get into the shocking sound that we have from today's. US open something caught on. Camera by accident no motive. Week that's another do a few words as evidence do it quality shocking sound. I just list a couple of golfers that Matt parziale rock. Did his finest. Rock and firefighting hero finished better than yesterday at the US free and open. Go ahead and finished better than Tiger Woods. Unbelievable finish better than Rory McIlroy stop that finished better than Jordan speak. Jordan why it is better of him Phil Mickelson nickel doodles so indeed rocked in the city of champions but nick. So fox sports okay this was captured on camera today. This is dead spin just posted this. The US open broadcast golf same day as the Al World Cup export today. Fox has this thing. Where they're like listen we're gonna give you sights and sounds you'd never guess from the other traditionally CBS in the boring stations or let's remember that fox fur. To introduced the glowing popping into hockey in the late nineties which was a disaster yeah fox has given us the dancing yet football robot yet fox gives us the glowing gas electronic WebMD body see you can see where people get hurt. Fox gave us. He said piano music that's out to an ACL injury for commercial. Lot of brought a lot of and of course the based microphone so in like the all star in the World Series. When a player that they talk the base and decided to idiot like cops. Real sounds. Right so they. That was our whole take listen we're put microphones everywhere and put them in the cop so when you hear ball in the copy. You know and the caddies have money. Well. Patrick greed is hitting a shot. American golfer that decreed in America. Pettigrew weight is not the does that the fat so that won the masters yes it is and that. Captain America article that his performance isn't in the Ryder Cup he is he's junkie you know he's like. The these increased microphones. Captured two bros. Talking about one of the bros ex girlfriend's. Any proceeds to graphically describe this is on fox sports just now. This is most caption I hope we've beaten out properly it. And we'll do any good pool. It's. Gonna and there. And that's. That's what you. Years. Yeah possessing what moderate position well that's. Rockies what you hear is he's a Dallas brought he style properties. After I don't know any style I have two kids home and Ayman Al drive he said that's my XE Ashley that XX wing yeah. That's actually what he would. Ron what is brought he's now. I don't know he's making you know now imagine. Yeah okay death. That's my X yeah she's hot that's when I was her. So hard I. Ed Buckner in their head and I smack. So this is broadcast on to decrease your Father's Day weekend. Golf event. And testing now back to my problem then probably the end of the microphones under the bases in the counties if you're that girl. I know what if you're that borrow that's embarrassed I'm wondering if it's too when patty you ever decide to switch over that sounded thing I can you imagine if that was like. Your wife warmly cute girl it sounds like caddie talked to. But I whatever to caddies they they because you don't see the EC pet treats caddies but I know the players in their note to talk about the galleries the golfers don't can sort that much together even when they're walking caddies do sure I start a lot of smack right. It allows it comes out that. He's Erica. So yeah I think the microphone days at least. Back those powerful and evil when you're watching it neck like. You'll see you'll hear it cuts out constantly because like Tiger Woods yet had you know he's he's costs are jumping up bombs so you're hearing them. You know kind of tone of the turn right and it's cut up for a second cuts out again disease happened upon. Yet he can't he can't like these that it. Just in general yeah I don't wanna have people that feel like they're comfortable in their element like I mean they don't like us up at work. I thought rice we have a delay about me but now we have that life doesn't come with a delay button otherwise right I mean you or. All ward brought to any time somebody knows they're speaking into a microphone. Like Robert De Niro thank god the Tonys at a 32 dump could delay last Sunday night by. You have you have these than these guys need to know like. Waivers are going to be signed you have to watch the way that you behave the entire course which would suck because that's gonna affect their performance. Now it's gonna control the histrionics of somebody who's gonna like. Drop that bomb near gallery stands where a baseball game are may have kids great. But otherwise like you're kind of just encroaching on their fun or their way that they go about their business I totally agree that we need the insider now. I don't need that much now I don't need cup talk in based talking gold Tompkins says although. What happened earlier this week. Member although the umpire rpm umpire audio accidentally leaked out right so every now and again. How much do we love watching these NFL films might to up when they Micah Belichick and I got adamant he get that great. And that's where they agree to get that awesome stuff. Because. You know if you don't Mike up these guys every now that Mike de verses the accident on its economic front is very different correct Isabel might forget that awkward stuff from golfer earlier today ran properly might doubt eager gold like this are. There a lot now. I mean that's now that like add to the American lexicon I am completely against microphone and people in buses. I. Add bots and the only safe they're really Iraq that is next. Meeting Alonzo Bodden. Father's Day love. Or use fifteen knicks tribute to his dad all that and more Friday. Tex sign a cabbie Father's Day guys seven anyone happy Father's Day to you 978 happy Father's Day Tim I Matty and nick my two favorite people to listen to for some sick. Twisted reason LO well bartender Chris happy Father's Day Q bowed tendon Chris and we welcome into the studio and nick. A wonderful comedian who we thought was coming yesterday. And now that we we we messed up the scheduling. He's here now that's all that matters Alonso welcome to the ship. Thank you again I find it. You know it's funny I saw that on Twitter and I was like my supposed to be so well. About aware aware of image and you know I texted my publicist the McKay in my spoke of we were doing some TV thing rideau like PBS says that. Muscles we didn't she was like yes they screwed up don't worry about that yet they drank and these things happen. She now she does as well now actually the funny thing is. We had two people named Alonso vote no on the show this week what is a comedian the other courses a city engineer OK that America. Me and him double books so often. That is utterly ridiculous you know and and here's the thing I can't designed streets but I do it anyway. Why not what we explain traffic committees and here are comedy much like the civil engineer one you build bridges. All look at. Now it's actually dad Jeff gradient so if your credit. Many people may recognize Alonso as voice right from the get go. As one of the regular panelists on. The popular podcast NPR's wait wait don't tell me you also sound like every other golden tones. Smooth SOB. Yet and yet can't get work in other hose that pos I mean I get things occasion but here's the thing I I have a voice for radio. As radio becomes the dying medium regularly I'm like yeah man. If you around in 74 you'd have been rich I would. At this table and a guy who's sort of look at like guys finally if I was born fifty years ago lot of posted ten game shows by now. Yes and and and the other thing is James Earl Jones like won't die like James Earl Jones and who could be a good start ever could on that you know not no disrespect to him I mean he's but you know what I mean like. Guys like him and go like they don't retire urgency dusted my. It's like at his age whatever he's got millions of dollars but he still like. Yelled go in the studio to go to the million while let me while I lost the big Guinness Beer. Voice over campaign. To Donald Glover. And I'm like that then you've got lethal weapon money come on. I need told Danny Glover Danny Glover I was jealous yeah those kill jobs and Danny Glover dad a lot of debating and it was like. You that you still spend in lethal weapon money from the eighty's my help brother I beat his give his money car. To move in this case I real pickle than let's just get you on the road to voice over gold ready to go right after me this is CNN. This the C event. Knows that this time. The honey. The great Alonso bode as in studio he will be left Boston. 10988. PM tomorrow to show is eight and 1015. Go to laugh boston.com. Get your tickets now they're going fast but we have your chance to win tickets to go see him. A little bit and playable game Alonso knows very very well. And he knows how to play very well be on the other side of the game until role reversal you yes it is and an amount of home so I can't cheat. That's right good we'll talk yeah that's exactly we always wonder about that so you know World War II we toll audience what we're talking about there yeah yeah episodes it's blow off the listener from wait wait don't tell me and if you medalist into the show. We read three news stories and whoever's listening has to tell us which one is real or always like if you're sitting at home you could just Google. And see which one is real quick but we all you win is a voice on an answering machines auto noted it's really worth. A big scandal led coup he says he snuck in I don't know. There's another child's van Doren cheating all the games it then national scandal change in the rules there's a way people think. And I've kind of caught lies to the difference between. Really trying to sell something up it's on the tip your brain and Google delay thinking route you're right it's like when someone really know subliminally there and pain that it. It and when people are trying to delay they'd elect. My whole. And when you zoom is whose sudden you can almost hear the type. But it but it's a blast it's a blast to do I I love bill wait wait and I'm always. Surprised at the listeners like that in other words how broad the audiences I mean people. Who hit me up for example. You know I was just in Israel about three weeks ago when a tour. Every night people came like Dallas and he'll wait wait. Because apartheid Israel not only in Israel also when I was in Pakistan. Because my agent will send me anywhere by the way now that we're negotiating North Korea my agent working on back you I don't yeah I knew they might have aids and yes but. Yet people listen all around the world and and it's also. You know sometimes people don't expect Dave Chappelle big fan of wait wait what's the first time he said that to me I mean it makes sense but you'd think you'd like. You take time out your date for this and and he does he loves his show and and I bumped into you know producers and at what many had. Karl Kassel who was the voice over weight where he is one of the great voice or Heredia and are yet. When he when he retired Andy did the wait wait thing it was like oh yeah Tom Hanks was there President Obama called in it was like while. So you got a thing going on here. Yeah you do you gotta you gotta real you do you do have yet so it's gone there it's Columbia part of did I read a tweet from you the other day that said you got invited up on stage to sort of jam at the end all hell yeah. Thanks to ship now. Yeah it was a blast so Chappelle Jon Stewart were in town doing shows so I know Dave Bush. I don't. I never ask him for favorite you know enemy also when you text like any big celeb when you text or call them they're gonna get back to you when they can't so I wanted to go to show I'd buy tickets right so. Then I found out my body will still works great comic out of New York. Was opening so I texted Willis that hey I got tickets he's had yet come on down we'll bring you backstage. So I'm hanging out on the side of the stage and at the end but it showed they do like a bull session just talk him into its of that. And Dave was like hey. And you guys listening NPR like talking to an audience of a bunch of computers might boil loves those here and call. And I got the clown around on stage with them Michael Che was in town don't. And it was just one of those great moments as a comic bit. That one output right up there with midnight on May Rickles. You know I didn't show it Rickles was hosting and Rickles roasted meat backstage no greater and yet yet to get roasted by Don Rickles reduced candidate cry and laugh fitted he's just firing away. But that it was a blast to be on stage with those guys and they were hilarious and and walking out. When I saw like each one of them had an escalade. To take them four blocks of hotel. And I was waiting for my poor. And I am like oh okay so what played in different leagues right now but but no phenomenal admitted they're very cool comics late. All of that drop away when you're on states year old just comics who appeared good comic. Miller to be you know it's not like have you done movies or TV shows are you doing club like none of that matters now it's when you get to respect the comics let me call you like him and you're good enough. You know it it's just fun it's just fun you guys know about it. I see that all the time Annika that's when I'm driven mostly guys like people like my partner nick here or a comedian Jimmy Dunn or Lenny Clarke say. Yeah nice funny yeah I get that that is honestly more important than money and anything else given that Bobo is still people money would be nice. And that's a little about there if you got maybe extra. If you'd like tickets. And not have to pay any money to go see Alonzo. Call right now the framing it on the house's okay call right now the framing imports studio line framing him Ford metro west commercial truck headquarters. 6179311. AA apple play our version of the game Alonso knows very very well we'll see if he can win for you.