M&N Hour 1 - Bathroom Texting 9-13-18

Thursday, September 13th

Before the start of the show today, Matty caught Josh Dolan texting while he was at the urinal in the bathroom. Josh and Nick didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal, what do you think?

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only. Line and I knew schedule and WA AF. Good afternoon everybody. Brands. I'm on both the presenting your friends burden. Drove out about it on the when there's music in the bar that you love it just makes it that much more enjoyable have come. Stations pay Matty. It's kind of play one of my favorite games called connect to the music it is. Why is the name Franz Ferdinand relevant. To twentieth century world history. You know Estes now Franz Ferdinand. Was a dictator in South America was overthrown by the people. And that song celebrates. Freedom. A way of life that we won't bow down to the man and I ironically. Ferdinand. Is the Spanish. Mail. Equivalency of Florence. Thereby relating to the hurricane. But you know none of that is true none of that while friends prince Ferdinand is the man who developed the omens. You got a renewed arms the arch duke that was assassinated there but this is getting World War I to catch. Arch duke Franz Ferdinand. There you go so next time I have that many can be like. You know I don't know what it does not not. Does this pertain to twentieth century are were up big time you know dying and I. Hoping as he can't remember base some I just making an up all I and then you'll have some he was the arts. Ferdinand who was overthrown and world war I have to invented golf and hurricane bright oh you mean that that animated movie about the bull. Hi I've kids hello nick Stephens. Analyst is Grammy daddy hello Josh Dolan. Just don't get any ever second analyst government bad foot but I got a call him out on something as we get underway here a lot to get to on the program of course that. We'll talk about the hurricane. We have an actual correspondent nick we have a correspondent in the Carolinas is gonna check in real quick and who talked while the sound on the news everything 55 when he your generic creative voice fell to six when he gets those and now 617779. 5454. Good friend up but not true Hampshire Portsmouth area 603. Family just arrived forced evacuation. That they cells on an airplane flying up to New Hampshire for a couple days. Out of dodge. They live not too far from where Florence is already. Let them out these are friends of yours yes and there they are. My hats firm North Carolina now live from relive it exactly living in like the perfect sort of like. I wish I could do six months and give guidance excellence in Florida but that's a pain any has gone to and from North Carolina is the perfect. Different splitter. True hamster baby. True Hampshire get out get out and get life camera. Owes you one of those new roads out the storm. I would did you see the guy who said he would leave Gaza has done this sort of put his dog. Off please there's nor put his dog it's called the backseat dummy only god. Please put that automatically need to leave town buddies and he's got no car no word ago and that the shelters won't take animals. I think that's when you leave a big bag of dog food water. No all you can't do that what you're you're human life you got a fairly got to get out of dodge as a yeah and how does god when you why pat. Borrow somebody's lawnmower he ever did move the straight story right out of town ready to visit your brother and a mark that's right. I'm nowhere to put the dog call old black. Josh stolen yes. I saw you just now before the show you don't notice. But I went into the mentioned to wash my hand 'cause my coffee let's if I want I'll I mean let me do my daily diario Paula. Any mean any any important. Thank you dunks. Any size hot copy your ice cup April 1 dollar. At top. Operative that COLT broke well and I always get the iced teas I never get copying you get Ice-T no I don't get the ball when I. Peel those things like crazy mother who trespass against I'll have the ice Franz Ferdinand please. So. I see it go to Starbucks and asked for a tall by Sprint's Burton and I'm happy that probably gets on and I haven't that have used in the sub like Hitler glory removed boom it's probably one of those annoying rain a lot days yes. So just don't just stolen I was in the about the watch as I got some of those don't condone its copy in my fingers. And he figures he's standing of these. As the worst in Bonn has devoted their worst villain. Icu. He has no Serna no I had no idea I'm very curious. You. Josh Dolan wants part time associate producer of the Matty and nick show. Bruins fanatic group are Bruins inside forever linked did have to be read before you tell them why they're near sometimes you can have some. Process. You. Use are. You friends Ferdinand looking malcontent. You're at the Euro. Doing number one. Use our our toilet text. Thank you but you know like you're. Unless it is I've. Carol back. Are we literally the only one he's second to everyone's life written you why it. Happened he pushed down. Obama. Would stand. Until it's weird that I was texting at the journal. I'm sorry about that lifts the guy who won. To live the rest of his life. You know under a cloud of pure Al. In this sort of weird hey launch our he thinks it's weird you've heard before you can't pee in the ocean. I'm now. Wants to burn his pants after he takes a deuce because they may have touched the Florida about hurting anyone that. I hear from me it's dishonest about that he freaks that appear in the shower the phone's not in the year and now I've. He's the idea that your hole in the phone with the right hand a good. I mean in my case still reviewing the. I say I need both I was like I'm don't I'm now isn't prize you can drill manager us. That your good two feet away and he thinks that somehow back splash is going to be involved and then it's this disgusting. Have my phone is. Closer rate now that it's in my pocket it's further away first of all first of all when I'm Jeremy. First of all you're taking care of business that is. Something that needs care and attention your spy. Bring your own refuse your spring your own ought to was do your your your your eye out. Not to put your that you really need at least bring it into a room into a metal blocks of some time and you're gonna take the time to have. Bolt hands busy while you're doing it not to mention the victims imagine rob what have nine elevenths the victims. Who. Are receiving those tax not knowing that they're receiving it was him giving up a shower of his. Innards yes it's a weird oh no no seriously this is the day. I'm gonna chalk it up to hash tag mag pie affect I'm amassed personnel honestly Matty gogel literally you have let this is the craziest thing. Somebody is using their right hand and as a Dexter. And you can get in touch to this nineties have won a seven says. I approve of someone texting with their Brock in their hand it's disgusting and it's disgusting is that people do it well I don't long time Matt I'm not and I taxed yet you you rested against the kind of rested and that love like. Another democratic managers are never touching your against Israel anyway that's the danger zone but if I have in my right hand I do little speak to Dexter I'm just used in the thumb. And then I got. Luckily you know long Johnny down they are doing is who is why with the gorgeous you get one and why you need what's the big deal you need both hands to safely. Just aren't what you hope you're popular easy you know you're not. You're not spit it out still learning he'd stick and it ends and he's done themselves some visiting time bomb to Tommy gonna drop in and Victoria. Which is a hole on the other side if it and I'll put Atlanta on the meant. It probably survive I've insurance on. Does in no one. You have seen in now is get a new and you're almost did you know that scene in Schindler's List slit as soon lose less. There are mass and I'll take my house in relation to that list okay who finally texting that you're gonna be good it is lazy dominant now Matty played a somehow ties Schindler's List to being an texting. See they see the Jewish guys like. And I that's I let a lot about try to stop as a blunt. A judge there not there. Outing in the front everybody now what about text him earlier on the porcelain making it will deposit the porcelain things cannot even talk about that Dylan talk about that not even a newspaper produce our Riley. That's disgust that's doubly disgusting there are no bull snakes on my pro football at least urine is sterile when you're talking about the two did it is just that is. Dangerous because that can cause sickness and bacteria and disgusting. Things. Yoko asked me to move to literally to not stand hostile mag I think is over cheated I'm a mass. Maybe you should not be in the studio monitor just what you know at one Richard I'm gonna go I am just. I'm gonna go attacks in the bathroom. That is why would you text the Breslin no Mattie managed to turn time it's okay. After this song is Guns 'N Roses. Pigeon you know. I'm going to. Midterm and give you a little ear and gold shall. Become one. My favorite people. In the world was rocked it out together. Do it now. I. And you. So what appeared is that. That is sly Stallone neck. Working out to Guns 'N Roses we just are different song though welcome the jungle obviously because he said well yeah. But here's what he wrote in his in Seagram. Getting ready for ram well. Totally immersed in at 100%. Welcome to the jungle hash tag or Rambo has tag Mexico. Hash tag heart. So it's on new Rambo common and he is he looks Jack and pumped and the HGH his wallet. And it's. Right he's working out there's another Rambo yeah. You're kidding no dude he's 71. Rib boats. This guy they'd take over that they're seeing no. But there's one patient. They weren't expecting it. The group you group who have to work Yzerman could move you. You gotta be kidding me. Wheelchair. Co Q you. Yes Sylvester Stallone is doing another installment Rambo. Then. This is in production. The last time he starred as 2008 may and I looked ridiculous that I loved that movie like music. We've got we're we're going to change things bring weapons. Course now we're missionaries and we changed enough. He's coming back in this new Rambo right now they're saying that it is appears to be set in Mexico or at least they're shooting in Mexico we don't know many more details now but it is on. I have the perfect if okay if this is the way it's going and here's the best way to analysts. They need if he's going to Mexico. There to sort of made that movie is called Super Mario and safari and David Salgado the second one was even bloodier and crazier great so what you do is for scenario three. They meet up with a Rambo he called sikar Rambo. And then it's all of them just taken on all the cartels ABS to blow up the ball. All I know is this as long as after they're done with Rambo that's the end of the character. I don't wanna see anyone else planned Rambo I agree. A Rambo is not somebody I want to see someone else. Filling the shoes that is Stallone it is iconic on left on however the government have a daughter of the girl and their maybe uninteresting knew someone playing an iconic role that I wanted to say about dissect it. Coming out nick I can't wait any longer. Well it's in the business that cholera. Copied it made sense in the hearing things like this week. Equality in the West Bank those were the days but now we have medi neck non WA AF. Logic common the program. Tom stories to get to nickel tea what movie he was talking about a new star playing an old star. Quite controversial perhaps also will taiba seventies icon this back it is. Throwback Thursday. 55 when he your G army's sixth when he now we go to framing imports studio line. This is my achy. Mikey wants to tell us a story quickly nick about this whole toilet texting gate and something that happened to him I want to hear a stormy guy that Mikey. The about whether or would you like. Next year. And remote. Outpost and it certainly didn't do business. Calculations it right. After my vote in the oil now. I would go away you. What are your district. Took a while ago so much to people on top rated. Right on the wallet. So be sure all the way. So it was Kristi Lee preserved. In a clean state although all GM we're somewhat. There. Grows at I don't know I don't know if I can ever use that against him are so. We're route literally or. Yourself would occur with a bottle fight you. We account or your net for a whole issue that she gave her net I sort of sort. And all the at least. Inaudible. Shrek. That well and Google are expected to hit very critical to what my. And grab big what what about he still uses it to Tuesday. Foley god make you that is seek cautionary tale nick not only did it cause. Trouble his phone up for a little girl lost her butterfly net. Tragedy I think that you toilet techsters. Shops dole. Shame. Shame. And one of those guys have done. I'd assume it's been happening in the world why you've been busy work in a way it's Matty make a bossy Ulysses they're really rocks. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy I could feel it out of my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears your. On WA AF. Looking for the best deal on tires there's only one place to go to compare to hire the best prices and great free services and nobody beats down they're tired no body nick. Well follow up on your movie story from earlier your keys. So we were talking Rambo we played the audio of Stallone all 71 and HGH addled. Pumping iron in the gym getting ready for Rambo eleven. That's right it's brought to you by ensure Rambo sent from as the caller Andrew Rambo centrum silver. And I tease a little movie news saying that well Rambo that care to needs to when it's done that is Stallone no one else can play. But a lot of people play different superheroes of course and be back character fueled the Batman. Is in flux right now due to Ben Affleck health woes are bad I have is not necessarily a place that we're gonna there's no bat cave in rehab. Who are they thinking about having be Batman no sure nobody has any idea next I'll I'll go I would love to actually legitimately sort of play the let's recast Samir superheroes I got it up Batman that it Emo Phillips. Into the shadows now you know it should be users will mean. Our. What did you say from well why not just the rock out to make the rock. That meant starting at the body biggest star in the world and I probably will not. I'd be curious to see who people would want to see play. The Batman next in which direction they'll take the franchise tough to top the Christopher Nolan movies. The two that Affleck have been and hasn't exactly lived up to that while two and a quarter because he makes that little cameo in. Suicide squad hash tag the only movie that title whose title told me what to do after the movie okay penguins penguins need to look at and he put the now you put no rubber down now at the umbrella down payment they'll tell that gonna go to the Ozarks. You can play like a carrot he could play I go look corporate villain yeah court and not part of every Sunday at exactly a surprise like the same Aaron Eckhart -- dark night ended up he did okay well. They're been some stories swirling that Henrik Pavel maybe out as the Superman. What you don't like them that movie news. Not his fault the scripts are terrible this is Justice League but but just like he could have been greatest terrible man of steel had all the promise in the world and they have laser fights encrypt on would take advantage of that it was a thirty minute battle between him Emmons god that was just stupid and it was done on a green screen it was boring and Superman doesn't kill. It might not have been John Valentine's fault or whoever the coach but he just got ago he's the face of the franchise during a time they struggle we need new blood. Well who there is. It was a story circulating on your internet's just a little while ago. Kinda get Warner Bros. is considering. There's even a time just alone there's even a tied to Stallone here all pluses and Chris Pratt. Chris press Superman. Minnesota star Laurinaitis is the air yeah he needs to be just a little scarred he's. His personality fits that character perfectly Marky Mark to show. You have to go body fort. Outlets generally played Superman would get the middle of get in the way of his 330 Turkey burgers and prayer though the most EAM it would we get out schedule later this ship Jules. Hi Gary finesse that give it to. According to. To. Deadline. The word has been out Warner Bros. has been mulling a completely different direction with a Superman cannon for some time even considering casting Louie CK. Creeds and Michael B Jordan in the role. No. No when I'm just processing and beat. Hell let's just ever held out so kill him from black panther which you still haven't seen elements. I haven't no interest I've known to select him. In less than zero guys what is it with guys who chase scene in South Korea. What white panther a yeah I think it's. I have very little in the chase scene in South Korea alone is worth the price of admission it's incredible and superhero movies and you know that it's not a racial thing I just used dynamite and especially when I know nothing about that and miles gave Austria. You know by the way you know the history of snack cakes is called Anthony's knowledge and I love my sentiments that it so yeah Michael B Jordan I knew I could see that he's jacked. This that's why they why hesitating well isn't the planet from super cold. Hewitt I would have lightly quite slick back Blair a lot of what he's talking got to reinvent the whole world. Two army it was like the most carry no go ahead most ever again lady had forget what's his name the god father. As the father of literally jet white hair it's a re imagining of the franchise that's all you need to I'm down by Maria. We got now I'm just curious just what he what is it about her done. Very icy. Oh really. Funky good time. I'll make her dogs that's all I hear what you saying. I'm picking up what you lay and I'm not gonna we're like you know this thing about this demand lay him down smack of the act of honey you are embraced it we have to put her baby and a pundits as if the kind of Superman fights to defeat these feelings. He opens people like this plan all blown up to robotic. I love I'm all for it. Oh yeah. Here's something that many people they thought is waiting under the right now Superman debt issues joke I have five finger death punch. Cheeks as.