Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Podcast Episode 25: Comedian Paul Mecurio

Monday, August 13th

On this episode of Mistress Carrie's Side Piece, Comedian Paul Mecurio returns to talk about his off Broadway show "Permission to Speak with Paul Mecurio". He talks about the FIRE that delayed the opening, and some of the crazy stories that come out of the stars of the show... the audience members themselves. Click here to get tickets!

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Welcome to episode 25 of mr. scary sight peace pod cast my name his Mistress Carrie in the mid day host and music director for WA AF Boston. The only station that really rocks I apologize that the gap between exits one at exit 24 and 25. Where's my head. I apologize. For the gap between episode 24 and 25 Intel and along damper on the microphone. I know it's been awhile since it put a new episode of the podcast app for that I apologize but I am working on. Bunch of great on episodes coming up sell. Don't give up on me yet idiotic subscribe to the podcast if you just finding this episode let's say. You can go to iTunes Google placed pitcher and you could subscribe to mr. Carey's eyed peas podcast. You can also go to WA AF dot com and all the episodes are up there you can technology as well. So butare subscribes I appreciated don't forget arm to comment on the podcast is well. Try to be nice to began and how sometimes it's difficult. Trust me I know. So for episode 25 good friend of the show somebody that I've known for a few years now he calls in every once in awhile you know crazy things he's doing. Comedian Paul material called up. To tell me about his Broadway Show. And you know I've made Broadway jokes before with people like Dave Grohl because he's halfway to being an. It's not very often that I say I know guys on Broadway. And in this instance palm interior was actually doing that. And so we called up to talk about his show which is called permission to speak with commentary now. And I just it was such an interesting. Idea first show. It's a really interesting sociological experiment. I thought in this day and age in this political climate. That they show was just a breath of fresh air. And I couldn't wait form can't talk to me about it. And that of course you know you're gonna have a bad luck with some isn't always the way like with a vacation something always has to go around. And then once the one thing on your vacation goes around and you go okay now we got that out of the way the rest of the vacations going to be cool. Well Paul had something pretty significant go wrong with the show towards the beginning of it. So basically the rest of the run of the show is going to be incident free because of how it started so. I'm gonna let him tell you all about it but this is episode 25. Of Mistress Carrie site peace podcasts and my side piece this episode is comedian Paul material. On Ol my he died. That's what everybody that's what everybody in the audience this. And now mistress Kerry's side piece podcast men often intimidated by a strong. On WB AS dot com. Well. Hello I'm this year though it. How are you know. Get out. The middle of crazy time but a big crazy times my hey before we get started to graduation spent forty years that they think. Think GO yeah I was the big gut and you see twenty recall that my big twentieth anniversary on the air here WA AF tap in April 17 of this year which is. Justin saying. Now while I think two weeks after Frankfurt there would account nothing if you like it's a little happy birthday dance to my prediction he's. Yeah yeah. God I wish that would have happened I'm so sorry you missed it so I mean I'd. It's setting up a volley you know a good night's yeah. I'd like you're just an icon up there and do you know brought up in Rhode Island and sort of apostle you'd be on in late that's like the first time yeah yeah yeah I think this is so cool to be on the summit and listening to it. As I've ever night for sure yet give about two weeks to via the air. Me is that it out. Now I'm like a Barnicle you gotta scrape my ass off the ship I'm not going anywhere. Dictated sort of like make you go like oh my god twenty years like in your mind like how we're at the time go. No you know what screw with me was going through my archives interviews. And going back and listening. To the people that I've talked to that are gone like all the interviews I've done with like musicians that are that are no longer here. Going back and listening to just how little I actually knew what the hell I was doing back then. You know going back and listening to the to the to the way things were like pre nine elevenths. And how we talked about things in. You know going back I am I listening inner he's down I'm like oh that would get me fired today all that you know appreciated Jackson's boob at the Super Bowl tile light. Yeah you're right it's definitely got more. Like the world is just a different place now oh yeah and so I have this time capsule this archive of stuff. And going back and listen to my voice is dropped like three octaves I sound like it but I don't like Peter Brady like when he pitched and it's a picnic at. Do what's happened to have peace. You're in Q. Well I just go through a back and went through yeah like six. And bridge so it was very cool to. Celebrate this anniversary and like it's a real milestone you know I get a gold watch or anything but I I got a certificate from the mayor it was Mistress Carrie day in the city of Boston I was a law is. You go what tethered down to Chinatown in between those and not cost between about. It is clear that I. I yeah they. Is huge so. I am I heard about apply here. Yeah and I would. Have a one man Broadway Show it's happening and its operations because Paul accurate completely. Improvisation. Over right. Our audience various background work it's not. Standup it's not improbably given his suggestion about obliges me it brings audience there on stage in those stories and it's really bored out of my stand up and term budget instead Adams artists and audiences in more morally it's like. If I'm sure you know this to you in 2000 people. Everybody has the story everybody and it's just giving him not to tell it so. It's been really great and it's confirmed everything it knew it could be as. Like for example one before I chose to go. Had dislike seven year old couple I'm going to the only year. Their music. Actually one of those banks dot com. And yet exactly everybody's dead ignorance is not serious. Everybody's got. Think Java on the fluently forward and and mango monster bashing either it's great we have an open marriage and I go oh you like we people's Q&A. It is very open sexually. And I always I mean as well and she goes well I was afraid and he was at the first. And we got together through itself stayed in wanting to or not it. And we did some role playing you know reseller. And we got married last year and Saatchi. Seventy and they look like your next door neighbor they look like your grandmother and grandfather I swear to get the guys that late. LL bean khaki shorts on in flip flop play. I think we're talking about I can't. Answer our questions is instant. Questions and lots more doors political. Channels news or rent whatever it. And don't mean. And we knew it was important to pay attention but we are looking at just the pay attention to let it was similar magazine. Can. Just. Three candidates actually has sexes like really good we'll have to do with just an emotional spiritual country. It's not you know. Or she's. And he's good John McCain and Chris. Has gone in order to increase from. And we've been together for three years and we looked eclipse and. Yeah. And so you're dominant nearest you still like to do that thing and. What if you try to you would do is also the power exchange server you can imagine that. She. Would be different or she I music of all what we're gonna you actually as you follows. Oh those instructions. And so what is she relinquishes. Her control. And in that action news comes free there's freedom on hitters out giving up and. You oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah arrangement that. It means an important job. And right and so it's nice to give that over to him in the easy. Really. And if he says this I mean you're not late wanna do it can you say no of course the running and. I. The word we're taking a picture together. But so they can you teach my wife some of us that I didn't think she can be a blessing controller whatever Nigeria come over here rated kid and and that's. Only god this is probably you know on some S and M website. All right thank you got to read it it's. Meanwhile you would appreciate this in Iraq general person OK here's this one next night. Guy goes. All had to gut at that appears in the agreement that you see who you Rhode here's something eroding as I was at rodeos are ready for the Ramones I must have equal pay do we do now. He goes on a librarian every stride slap right he was not serious business like twilight very cute yes. When he goes you know how I got in the library school in I needed a reference had one of the Ramones right near reference for libraries. It's. I'm telling you it's on. Believable this story I guess it is a woman I sit your name which finished those media table radio with an analyst is known immediately that engine is clearly annoyed that are being in the ankle. YE recalled in this capacity usually that's when my father named me after a blogger idol you were born out of wedlock no big deal let that happen. Should. She goes my father. Was married to my mother got her pregnant with me at the same time is having an affair with this woman in name only after the woman he was having an affair where it. Ol'. Mom IE. God. That's what everybody that's it everybody in the audience did and so on are and I'll I'll do is being sort of like a facilitator I'm just like let people tell these stories. And it's it's just been incredible and so. So you know we we've been up and running and and we did some previews which is certain that we were the case show in. Yes so explained how that works because we don't have. The Broadway experience like you obviously have a New York so. It's it's kind of like like what they would call a soft opening right you do shows before you really put the big promotional machine behind it. Like rehearsals fur rock band before you go on the around. Yeah yeah it's definitely opens its getting to. You get audiences that you kind of working out the kinks you know and I mean like I had not on the show before in this is Sydney that the leadership it is and as an opening monologue quote we have this sentence that was designed by the set designer. We design separately showed cynical there and daily show local airports are really cool set its digital mapping on the several things cool videos on it so you know the lack kinks to work out and it's part of that they also depressed about it you know to. They'll watch the show and a write reviews which you know publish on opening night. So we had three or four of those shows you it went really well especially for previous a lot of massive change is its opening night. Monday night couple money to go on for quite yet. Asking them in rehearsal. My dear we've been together of Obama should call at a conference call Michael what my guy and he goes. Smoke in my. You know like one of those things that we can of pop and that he comes back like three minutes later he goes it's so funny dispute. There's a lot of smoke and get the hell out of here just books for the authorities tried to run it and that might. Yeah I hate. Still on the phone like and don't. A lot of followed my marketing people in my publicists did this show and I'm like. And I literally had to say hey guys you know the show we're talking about right now is thought by your. Oh my god. You guys keep talking and I get a run out of the dear I have to speculate that there so now there's smoke everywhere. I can get my people. We all get I thought like a computer caught fire. It turns out there's a whole this guy is between Reid. In debate in the but it's a big building and think about it Arab market and I think now for a between Reid was homeless guy stealing greeting cards from Twain read. What's to read I don't know what that is specific yes I'll kind. It is yet to competitors seem yet to play wall you know Walgreens to throw things you know it's pharmacy. Market all point. And basically was feeling green carpet and we get delivery he still has agreed to cut I don't know I guess you Israeli crisis Fred Leighton made the issue here at the great I don't know. Oh man. Did. And so he was bashing him in this like stairwell they told me get out of the steroid came back he got mad any little fires like little room. Andy in with a deer caught fire and all the smoke came in in the sprinklers went off and so. Now I'm on a conference call on the sidewalk. In four fire engines pull up. In any setup where these ties with lake water. You know but apparently it is like 9/11 how bad it could think I'm freaking out. And I go back in an hour later in his late hit three inch puddle of water in the lobby of my dynamic look at it going. This is like everything and work towards the last like six months in what is how does this happen. And so what scenery is it. It's called Jerry or about theatre it's it here's century here in the or a jury or Barak was the dad on dirty dancing. Is that they're dancing and he was also at the he developed the why he's law and order guy is he's you have been very connect and. So for those roles but obviously. We then the Broadway theater community. He was incredibly successful they wouldn't named theater after. Oh yeah he would have really really established Broadway actors in it musicals to sing yet another like the real deal here and it's named after people here and and you know you know I was trying to get the tying daily here but that wasn't available you know non case. Ed. And so basically. We had to shut the production now from what we can cancel shows and now we're back up around and in. You're seeing it becomes even show we get everybody flame retardant suits the fire extinguishers they're going to be fine. Well you did get asbestos because the president thinks is best is is okay to start importing into the US again. That's practical that it's. I'm Rick is that this speech for every. Yeah and we're getting. Russian yeah I don't worry about the mesothelioma. Word that. We get where it you know what failure insurance to cover it won't make the seep out of dispenses with trump on the inside beautiful tremendous it's the best suits ever. Believable. Shows up and running. Other than this crazy fired thing lake. It's just been right at this site guys. Daggers that. And that in these people like you know like they look like the average person and so that the historians everybody shows everybody has the story. And it just to people a chance to tell it you know and I mean if we talk we can act more people are making connections in the shows and talking actors and going. All right the same thing irreparable right there it's really. Coming together it's great it's funny but it's also got a little bit of point of view. This one guy was just like like a CEO and well dressed guy and that's basically America get it like there is magnetic church. He's sacrament church for both look church church mega hit because yeah I hit it there you'll get the garage windows. That work today as well since because. I was seventeen it was a church at this early got her pregnant nine months later I met my wife I was still seventeen better pregnant in 9030 of hope kids. Oh my god. Yet it's just his surge sounds like a blast. Yeah really did you know that you would be great arming I mean I couldn't bring you up because I know you but like I've what you like. Tremendous yeah. Cuba where this where this came from because we're on my side of the business. You know what I'm always talking to people that are. Either already fame is or that are in bands are they're gonna be same answer like people like you that work in the entertainment business and so where you get the idea just completely. Flip everything go I make this show. The exact opposite it. And make celebrity. Out of the audience. And make the show not about me but a well then it's it's a really cool I. Yeah you know I'd like to say is part of this in a room and think about it happened organically it started when I was in an open Mike nights as a means you start out. People don't really work will dive bars for five minutes of stage time. And they'll be soliciting new usually strong or other topics that intentions so I would talk to the audience members to get into listen to me in and I would do that joke. And I realize as I talk to them. I was pretty good at it has started it was more reform act to the point where. I was bringing people onstage in a comedy club to just talked is that at some point but talk to somebody right now front of people in the back could see our response that would still popular people see. And then people started on the story. And it just was part of my act I've been doing it all over the country as part of his stand up act like it's is that whatever mood I'm in. And I might go up to do for five minutes and we do for two minutes every two for twenty minutes. Before I start to get in the my material so which just came out of that and somebody saw me. At the late show and saw me do it a couple of other places instead of treason you know the others if we do it's like in its they're probably not plan. It's not stand. In in asking those people appliance some like now I feel like you have cynical because the story so he's work I go I think they work out because everybody has the story did you speak to tell. You know I mean. And so. It just happened organically which I think is the best ways that comes about you know any new original plan it. But I at least that was I guess somewhat Smart enough to recognize our there's something going on here and I should try to make more out of it which is what decisions right like so. So you know whether it's the video of bitterness and battered you know. These stories come out and in so. And in an ad in doing his confirm everything I'm saying in the opening monologue dementia which is everybody has the story. If people a chance to tell it in people relate intact and it has been happening every show in. Is amazing. That we've been you've connected to the entire planet's most part with the Internet for a decade now. Any yet. We're still so disconnected. As as human beings. And this show always dig out. In my opening monologue let's say you know what the closing monologue as you know in the outside world where we're not connected Whitney was six basis to each. But when you walk by somebody actually leave here you'll realize that. Everybody has the story. And that's story is in black and white it's in the gray areas rightly you know we have like a perfect situation we're in a bit more this civil less of that. But it's story. And I stay in through this show without being too quick but I don't want me to appreciate just say you know you can maybe help propelling these stories with each other. That maybe were more connected everything and that's that's a big part of theme of the show. And any other thing about the show it it'll never happen again like it'll only be issue one time so anybody that's coming dementia and I for example. That show never happened before or never happen again because back collection of people never ever ever ever be together again that way. Are you document your recording no. Yeah recording all. According you know I'm argument that it's a crazy that this story and getting just it's just an overwhelmingly satisfying ago. I was there are certain does but I guess that's they're right on I don't atom myself. Pick in anxious I was born on this topic. Well. I was actually you know as a kid as a result console thrown out well. I just find it made me want formed it would be really the Bionic Woman and relax. And and they went out of my large intestine. Right. But like I I didn't know that that you can do that play. So it's just been and then I get to tell my story too because you know I'm Blake out of my mind didn't get confrontational with people so I talked about that you know. You know I got bad from a market over red onion. It. What are you buying more could be argument that we 45 cents at nineteen or twenty and I'm like she was not a lot of Rick to twenty and I'm like. I and I looked it looked in my refrigerated go to denied ever red onion I go I want and I wanted to get back as wedges have been on TV. And the looking had been balmy 85 more desperate because not much at a critical I wanna talk to the manager. But she says is guy is guy looks like the twenty year old who is out backwards like well good luck is around. And additionally these guys. Yeah energy. And still love it does on site we don't have any change jobs start yelling like I my Italian goes up on the hot or not change when you running at children's lemonade stand like Greg. Hope he goes hey I got back from our paid for I don't know I I think did you not expect from our paper not unimportant right. Oh my god and it. Do you a little yeah. Exactly I that I odd numbered where my list of things to do paper read I can't stop the Dubai didn't. Oh. And this story as I go home. I took the red onion January I was going to pay for it anyway and I and I go to the refrigerator. Like the look for a beer and I look at it pulled out one more bit and I had a red onion. It's. Just. Do we. Is. Like when you stand up obviously it's live in front of a live audience but I traditional stand up comic. They may not have their act memorized verbatim but they they know what they're gonna talk about it where they're going to let. So it's alive but it's rehearsed lie of like you know this is what I have been doing for twenty years like especially when you're out on location with people you just never know what's gonna happen. Which is so has there the time. Where the story are the person has just left you. Speech just in all I think you're just sitting there going I should probably be saying something about I don't know what to say you right now is is at the moment so scary. Yet it is and you know you just have to own on the other you know. There's a couple anyone happened last night actually literally last night. I was starting this guy and he he looked like guys at which is the big early guys like me he would like trees trimmed trees for wood and whatever right and I kind of misjudged that right but you know I kind of just an. In my head which let things cool like that study was like this whatever that in any richer countries like Egypt had just looked him right there outlook whatever. And turned out. The guy runs the entire city of Saint Louis. He like runs he hit 7000 employees have run. Interest rates despite literally looked like he sells like a hot dog that the sausage and peppers outside Bentley right and then again not the wrong with that but like you just didn't look like. Real kind of but who got. And then we talk more more and Joseph who have seen that shot in this and that guy adopted five kids. And I didn't end up exhausting and I don't that the it's like there's an eight pounds so is that I wish I could have a stroke for a couple weeks you know it's funny to say that as my wife just had a stroke can. Is in the audience. It's heat and Egypt and other hoped would like almighty god. It's Macon stroke jokes and his wife just had one you'd do much. I'm not exactly itself. It's so it. And she set did she enjoy tomorrow. Russia had a stroke in amateur. A line. But. Those who did come out. And she was totally cool and I just owned it and said hey this is well liked it you don't know what's gonna happen and you don't know which are gonna say and and you know I what I said Ed edit any egg was all over my face and it was great because it was a real moment we don't have a moment in the show called flip. All right let's somebody interview me. Because we. My director and I feel like you know I gotta put myself out there to you know yeah and it's great some of the questions people ask Larry if any put me on the spot. I can have big big way. So. Yet it's just been there's been. There's another person that comes onstage and I was like I just it's straight up are you by you nandrolone. These days take note those boat and I had sixty transition right yet legally changed as Mason. I though you expect the incident biggest thing yet which you back here in Bosnia to transition from being awarded to a man and you know. This was like a five minute conversations sixteen I think that pretty edgy about like. Transition in everything out in late. You know how to channel shock treatment and you know I can I get oral you know I think some people think I need electric shock treatment every last lap of late. We try to find a little bit of the humor in their economic front the person. And it's it was incredible story to it it you know twenty years old bipolar trying to figure reading now. And and Blake and you know me being an idiot. Inward stroke it was strokes is what I don't know you know Larry like I did the right. I just kind of wing it you know which is fine which is what I like and now I like about the show it's sort of imperfect and that way you know. Well talk about. The climate that we live in right now because I I've heard others stand up comics talk about. You know that everything is. Everything is a debate right now politically aware more separated as a society that we've never banned. And the Arab battle people. You know that of simplicity it's the standup comics job. To step over the line it's the standup comics job Jake to keep. Those in power in check it's the stand up comics job you know I imagine how brilliant George Carlin would be in this time you know I mean. So when you need do a show like that we are bringing together. Don't cross section of society into this theater now granted they bought tickets so they're willing participate and they want to be therefore it. What does it worry you does it crush your mind are you at all of raid. I'm saying something insulting that could come back. And bite you in the asked after the fact taken out of context. Because that's what happens now in days. Yet now that's a really great question happens all the time and I think is this and that you have to push back at that and so one of the things they read the court shows corporations being. Two reasons one literally people have permission talk but also. Your permission to say what every one. I like. I believe that there is political correctness I don't think he just can say any horrible racist thing but I do think is that really that think hope what I call contrived political correctness. Where people. Wanna try to create. Situations in acute issue not being politically correct when that didn't happen and I think that's because they wanna put the role of states that there late. And so I just go the other way I you know if I'll talk about race so we'll talk about anything on the stereo types like. Is that I have black guy the other day he had kaine set to show I think what happens. You know I got bad knees and hips from my sports ago which splits football is a big guy you guys swimmers the swimmer if you don't you're black. Like people can't swim. And everybody that. I go look you'll see a lot of black lifeguards America that you're right I think the only black lifeguard in my entire speech. And the guy just confirmed my stereotype right. And I am Italian people make. You know jokes about being in the model you know what battalions during the mop and that's who they cast people like me in movies. Think Hollywood about the Monica get mad at that all day but that's the reality so. But the show is about it but let's just accept the reality for what is not pretend like everything is so perfect in black and played in. There's no gray area and whatever. Did lights. We need it you need to be able to sit talk honestly about that I had you know. I had a woman I was talking to a couple. And this is actually a comic book but it applies. And the couple were married and they go. And the guy was answered all the questions for some reason is you know we which you grow up behind you need and that's on American woman alerts out. The waitress was at 25 years in the way she said it was like money. And I lap and everybody laughed and then another woman like me I'm only thirty which when he delivers what do warming can't speak in public that would certainly. Well why why did you blast which is seeking heat and Jolene and it is certainly what. As a UK and so I go I it was so crazy is not connected to what actually happened I thought she was joking. And she goes on behind the ankle you're all right so icy witnesses and serial killer is gonna happen is that. It bought an apartment be up here for another fifteen minutes he's seen me through the window here. When I'm done you can come back onstage otherwise you can see here shut the F up because you're not gonna do it. Everybody started deploy and you're taking a moment that didn't happen to try to create some non politically correct situation that I did out of context. In that doesn't work in mind shows. And said you know you need. He need to go to the you need to go to the mayor's office. See you all get permit. You to march need to have marching right station is that we cannot complete BS might show. In a web site did that. She's empowered to keep doing so that's how I respond to it but it's probably people really want to. CPU. Like they want everybody been seen in the LA and not make any distinction in all of this nonsense and that's not the way like that. It's funny because when I was getting ready to celebrate my anniversary. I went back through you know all those archives. All the recordings of you know my shows in my interviews and everything over the last twenty years. And it was really interesting. Not only go back and listen to you know that the interesting people that I've talked to. There were on their way in their career on their way back down. But it was really interesting to listen to myself. And one of the things that I definitely realized over the last twenty years that I've become a lot more confident. And it's really funny that. I was making that kind of observation about myself. In the middle of this whole kind of need to movement because for the last forty years. I've been. Hosting my own show. In a male dominated industry at a male dominated format in rap music. And there really aren't that many of us is really interesting to kind of be critical of myself. And I could heater myself. Because the point that you're talking about. Well I finally felt and it took awhile. To be like shut up bitch this is my show talking to a guy. And did like you're not gonna tell me what I can I can't say on my own show. You're not gonna call and like this is my show it's my microphone. If you wanna have an opinion or whatever go under drone forget microphones. But my like isn't for you that and I have the power to tell you don't (%expletive) yourself. Why are you growing to that realization. Yet but it takes confidence and just doing and I I would've been it would do that are just starting out at say that that woman I would have been like on site level glad I mean anybody it. And he realized slate. Now I'm this is my show and this is my heart and that's what I do and this is what you do is it as a radio host broadcaster like. You know like you know you go listen to somebody else you know I mean but I am I gonna start trying to count out every person. That has an opinion about what I think it was like a one cannot spending might just straight out of spending. You know I mean but that's what I'm mentally wise it is political correctness and I do think exist. But it's gone way over the line richest people. You know you gotta tip toe around every issue intently just be honest about and and got hit some discipline and unit a point it's something he's you know mediation GAAP you know what the guys Asian. The guys Asian I can't. Devising different than mine evasion sorry what am I supposed to say now. Like like. So they just here I think the debate here buzz words right and aid in the words that triggered this idea that something inappropriate was said. So it's anything racial things sexual. And real person there really has the right. To have their reaction is of the Asian guy I was like. Yeah there's nothing else about me it's noticeable besides the fact that a major then. But if you can't act instead that to you know that's the power the show well. Yes exactly and so in my showing this people can literally say whatever they want and you know. And as some people haven't nobody's offended but it's just. The point is that they need to be a place for people can just let their aired out there on the Internet you can only got twenty you really can't because. If you say something that's perceived inappropriate regular basis by a bunch of PC people PC police so. It's like say whatever you want I'll leave it beaded decision maker I think it's inappropriate. To shut down by. Pretty much say what you want because I want to create an environment to be just because they are because people. Are allowed to be who they are. You're uniqueness comes out and that's which you can see in the show that you realize like all of these average looking people. Have this incredible story. And gay guy he gave got investment banking angles and I was innocent thing you know that's a real macho it is up to date as you better believe it. Every day have to come out. They go Yuri are now. I have to come out of my clients that we immediate what I have to have a actually ship my clients likewise have to believe they can trust me. So I know when I walked in the room that the line is we're going to be wondering if they're trying to figure out. So what I do is I act like a little extra DA. So that it confirms to them that I am today without us having this conversation. And then we just move on network gets. I thought it was the most fascinating thing I've heard tank to this guy doesn't everybody's business meeting. An actual whatever he does to come off as more gate and is. And then a guy picks up but that does its head in any that I can the other guy's face like his seat on the person's basically. Yet it was gay is it OK good like whereas if it's hanging out there. It creates a different dynamic between humans quiet. Unbelievable. You know. And so it's a really cool mix to show. You know just real humans supper really just funny ridiculous stuff to and it's really just crazy audience. It's it's really been really really fun to do you know. Wolf it's really interesting because you're talking about the Internet. You know on the Internet people say stuff. That they would never in a million years of the balls to see your face like I took a picture is still a group of veterans from different Aris Viet the first gulf war and then post 9/11 veterans. We're doing an interview with Elizabeth Warren down the hall. And as we're walking by the studio as they do every time they were coming to record they would swing by my studio and say hi and introduced media whoever their gast was that we. So they brighter and now she is back to my senator. She's also on the armed services committee so she is one of the people that's actually in control. All boating. On things that I have to do with the military and you know veterans and all that kind of stuff which is. What I'm not on the radio or even when I am on the radio is my biggest. You know. Pet project like that is what I spend all of my time doing is advocating for veterans advocating for treatment of our military. So they're like do you wanna meter and I was like yeah sure so I would really elegant when he second interaction with mice there. I assure you and I said thank you so much for coming in and talk and these guys another reason she had command to be interviewed by them is that she was spearheading some. Veterans' legislation so the fact that she's a politician. I was coming in to recorded interview with veterans to take your questions about her legislation and I was like that's what just studio. So I said don't thank you for coming in. And sitting down with these guys please do everything you can't to support our troops are veterans. And then one veteran says you can't take a picture and I was like sure so I take a picture now you know me. Bright purple hair like whatever sitting next to Elizabeth Warren. Look more like school alarmed looking if she tried. And I think the picture is like the greatest. Odd couple moment on the planet. So I brought up on FaceBook and stuff because it's hilarious that her and I would be in the same room. And I got threats of rape. Boycott and murder. For take it sure is. With this liberal senator for Massachusetts. Because all of these Elisa mice don't know how. Supportive I am of you know veterans in the military all that. And where's so politically dead but I did just taking a photographed with this woman in there is Warren did. Threats of you know boycott rate friend and partner. Yeah now you both know that that person would never threaten to kill me in my fates. So now all you taken that bull. That hole car oh where eighty. Because you are asking those questions to the person's beast and give them. The ability to read to our you're giving him the right to defend themselves to make fun of you for being so stupid that you had asked a question and for confirming the stereotype for making a joke like yeah whatever your response would be. Your giving a map platform. Which is huge. Race. And it doesn't do that in the same way. Yet because. Because it's it's it's sort of one sided people consider it just. You know they've basically kind of hide in shadows and they don't have to be confronted by their own ridiculous comments in here it's like. You know it's just an open place we know he's gonna judge you election just a realtor can mean spirited but nobody really is I think. People just and so that's what this that's what might show. I don't know it just turns that is just because it just is not turned into it is from creation insists despite. This is place where where people. Can really be who they are not feel like they have to sort of say it. And inoculate they're gonna be a cost it. Threatened it's in it is an issue sure we hear it's not like we're getting up the talking about politics is just people being themselves I don't want to people that think like where we're talking about trial fitness and that whatever it is not that shallow. But no politics is personal so if if you have a 22 year old transgender person that's now on your stage. That is topical that is what's in the news. But it generally real tangible way because that person's right there in front of the. Right and seated thing mortgage sitting with this show is talking about. Substance of light lake effect guy and I mentioned this guy who's got five adopted kids cycle what I realize because. Well what PG changes that could change anything electric this is before I knew his wife had a stroke is about to get your stress doesn't just have always stress. And then he started talking about why he stressed out and I could look I was watching people core Mac it's getting everybody was like reading and because everybody in that room stressed that lets them. And so now we're totally real substance. Inside daytime talk show BS where people go for it. Or just get along who by holding hands it will be a better place passes in this business really work that way. But what does work as people get beat who they are. We see ourselves. Like someone came up and I think that I saw myself at like four different people. And that's the best thing anybody saved me because they're making a connection with them on a real level. And they're deciding what that connection is I'm not making that decision for that person with that connection straight so late. What do you relate to that guy because you're 22 year old girls just out of college you're around distressing is at 55 year old guy. Who run seeing Lewiston is like got five kids. They still have something in common which is life is really stressful for them for different reasons right so late. These connections are being made I think it's that they think it's a good show it's it's helped the show for people that way like there. It getting to be themselves and being themselves other people are seeing themselves in those people you know. How all the reviews that housed the press ban on it. It's been great I. That can sustain its unique they haven't seen any potential like it which is the biggest compliment I can get. That did that that this story they're all saying it sink into the stories that they can't believe people have these stories and that's it's telling. And I think they just get very well there I think they. So I try to see them like survivor that you know say please hangouts they say. And so every single thing where I could do I think he told me to write the review I would have written tweeters say it like. To saint all the things that it's human as such it's funny it's real it's. It's time to little heart felt without these two inch small C its reach in just. Just incident and all of and then the the fact that none of its plan. You know it was that means that plan you'll look at the people at a time before you go these parties certainly the audience that apparently is what have. So you knew about it was thought. Because but I have ultimate confidence in that each one of those people has something interesting to say. They have in nineteen year old kiddies Russian. It'll be used when it is adopted by this guy ago how is to be adopted as an angle it. You always just feel like a party like it's you know hurt because something didn't want you. In this you know because but I also know that there are people that want and so. All right so the last successful. I don't you want to see it Britain has now I I did like one point they I don't want that you get seat and he's still like. I don't want to he's active he's still mad that we responded. But I just letting go there and let people then interpret that any anyone interpreted. But I I wanted to sort of I have a curiosity so I could find one I pretty majestic questions for me. And so whatever I ask ask for me and I just seen that people in the audience kind of want to hear the same question. If they in they and so gently I think that works you know. How or why does the show set to run for right now. It's running through August 22. And we're going to be looking to expand that actually so we're talking about expanding here as we speak but right now to forestry sector. Where people get tickets have their head down in New York in. Elicited mess. Dot com and they go just to permission to speak with palm stereo it's not expensive show it's it's not like a big. Big Broadway you know froze in her Hamilton. It's funny Bob square pants. It's sponge Bob square and although I do Catholics on for Russia. It's and it's an hour and fifteen minute show its start date be up before nine series he played it you know real. Weaver it. And it really cool said and what people become acutely compliance sit on the New York for this doesn't make this party trick or legs you know just come on down it's 34 hour drive he can. Backed the same night or whatever but. Look the support in the seat backs in grade just you know Cassandra in the Boston area it is wonderful to hear about it. Well you don't extended in New York you gotta take this thing on the road. And that's exactly what we're talking about is single plan road easily because she just pop it open theater people come and you know everywhere you go they got some good story. I would love to come down in new York and see it but if if I can't before. You know depending on when you extended to like I really hope that you put on the road as I would love. Course you know how would be in Boston you know. It. Exactly exactly yeah I guess stories stories but it's. Estimated that fact I think that they say they misspoke that I battle that. Now does that mean that's mine that's my stopping them bosses so it's like my second home so I give these yet. I think I noticed the play everywhere because it's been playing in my stand up everywhere so dry gritty kind of a birdie kind of dry run it you know away without even knowing that I was doing. So. So yeah I'm really excited about it was only everyone. Is suspect would that do. Well I know stays in New York for yours say because it's got to be so nice to not have to travel just go to work I don't regular. It really is to have like that and the people on the news very. So that's where all the bears are doing these residency in Vegas. Italian is that travelers. To check out you know look it's not manual laborers but still it's like if it where aside you know. And it went to try to performing wanna be your best you need to have it all together yet so. So I hope everybody can come and see it. And Jeff let me know if you guys extend down America's I wanna come down and check this out in New York. With my Red Sox had on like I had. I have mine on. And we got it back. But I definitely wanna see a bit I think said that the idea of it is fascinating I think it's. It's you know not only. And Shakespeare meant in any kind of sociology. In the human Xperia man but we're human experience but also just. You know really seeing how people really interact with each other in this day and age it I just think it's. Am really cool. Is it you really isn't like tennis so and you. Especially European you've been a people person in the business of talking to people you know I think you really love it and you know that would what is happening is. If people don't. Aren't shy about saying what they want to say and so I'm. You know my feeling is that that's that's something out there has got to decide it's certainly hasn't done before so I don't get that. Side note to hitting that mark so. Yet look incumbency it never and it it wanted to see what it's about seat go to my FaceBook Ager. Twitter in the grants it's all the same it's app on -- with one arm the last thing any CUR I excuse me and they can basically I got clips from it shows up now only one minute clips of different things that he is sensitive and see how. Outrageous people and so it's just go to my. Social media at Palm Beach area. And I am I web site to period that. I appreciate it Collins so much yeah what is days we're gonna sit down and hang out in person. Yeah I know I got to come out there Indians sultan then yes go drink or something. An Italian food yes to have. Any time you know that. Yeah absolutely. So yet Ticketmaster back on its biggest nations these two hours. Thanks I'll. I read saying very talkative. Are right area is standup comic and I gotta say Broadway sensation comic Syria. Awesome friend of the show and what's funny is that we've talked to each other so many times yet we've never actually met. He's one of those people I feel like I've known for real on time but I. And everybody in the same room with them we just talk on the phone a lot. So what is it we are actually gonna be in the same room and shake hands and be able to go into Italian things together. Greg that's the end of episode 25 of mr. Kerry's side piece podcast again I'm sorry that it took so long to get the episode out I enormous slack ass can't help but there's a lot going on. Yup find out more you know in future episodes but we've been very very busy this summer with all of the great shows that have been rounded. It's just I don't know it I had scheduled a few interviews that have gotten canceled and postponed in. Whatever anyway I will get cracking in on episode 26 immediately thank you so much for subscribe to the podcast. If you have an you can get it on I two's Google place stitcher. All the episodes are up at WA AF dot com as well. Once you know I think you so much for listening to my show every week day from ten to three on one a seven point three here in Boston. And you can also tell you're Smart speakers like you tell collects at a played WA app you can download the radio dot com app which is free. And you can listen WA AF anywhere you go in your Smartphones he can do that. And don't forget he still got time this summer. To do those crazy stupid idiotic things that you're enter your regret around the holidays. To take a big bite out of a big piece thank you so much glistening.