Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Podcast Episode 24 - Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Wednesday, June 27th

In this episode of Mistress Carrie’s Side Piece, we celebrate Vinnie Paul. The legendary drummer of Pantera, Damage Plan, Rebel Meets Rebel, and Hell Yeah, Vinnie passed away suddenly at his home in Vegas on Friday night. After digging through the MC20 archives, 3 interviews stand out. The first is the Damage Plan studio takeover from January 2004. This is not for the faint of heart. Classic Vinnie, and Dimebag in all their glory.  Second, is just Vinnie from September 2004, during the ALCS, before the Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino. And finally, Vinnie in 2008 talking about the book he dedicated to his brothers legacy. If you are a fan of his playing, his bands, or just heavy music, this episode is for you. Zakk Wylde, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Williams, and Eddie Van Halen are just a few of the names getting dropped in this episode.

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“You’re only as old as you act, you’re only as old as you feel!”- Vinnie Paul


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Core priorities is once scored kitchen to score to Muster to pickles and some onions. And now. This this Gary's side piece podcast she's a woman gyroscope change on WB AS dot com. I'm a woman. Welcome to episode 24. Of mr. scary sight peace podcasts I Mistress Carrie good music directors mid day host. Of the only station that really rocks WA AF Boston. Thank you for checking out the podcasts if he just found this episode you can get all of the details on the podcast seat mr. Kerry side piece podcast online at WA AF dot com. You can also subscribe to iTunes. Google player stitcher if you wanna get all of the episodes and subscribe they usually come out every two weeks on Tuesday. I have been working on some other ideas for this episode of the podcast and then on Friday night. We got an official statement on the pan terra FaceBook page. That said. Vince and Paul habit AK AV pol passed away. Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the vans pan terra and Hayley yeah. No further details are available at this time the Stanley request that you please respect their privacy during this time. So we lost. Another rock god at age 54 he died in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas now as of right now. They have not released definitive cause of death. The autopsy results have not been released and they're saying that there is no definite determination as to whether or not they're gonna officially released them at ball. So he died on Friday night and I had the weekend kind of think about it and a lot of people reaching out via Twitter. He and FaceBook and instead Graham when they were commenting on and the old pictures that I started to share. From. Pan terra days and the damage planned days in the hell yeah add days when Vinny was always around. And people are asking me you know what can you tell us some of your. They pollen dime bag stories because there's got to be a bunch of them. And the Iraq maritime. So when I came in to the studio yesterday I started digging through the archives and having just celebrated my twentieth. Anniversary on the air here WA AF in April I already been digging through the archives looking for our. All kinds of stuff and actually. Some of the interviews it or one of the interviews that I'm gonna play for you on this episode. Some of that audio actually made into the anniversary issue because it's hilarious. So one of the stories I wanted to tell. That is an in these interviews is that all log time ago. Vinnie Paul and I were talking about some and I don't even think it was on the air. And I was make it five on because I'm from Boston and he's from Dallas and he always wore cowboy hat it was really cool it had a black and it had. Red dragons with like yellow and red flames and stuff and I always use you know make jokes about cowboy hat and he basically told me you'll everyone should have a cowboy hat and of course I argue with him. And he persisted was like no everybody chef cowboy cal at school. And I civil that's chipping and you know you need to find me cool because I don't think cowboy hats are cool. And so I thought he would forget about it it was just a stupid conversation with the next time we came to talent. He'd brought me a black cowboy hat that has like orange and like red and yellow flames all around the edging around the base and any give it to me. And it's a litter it's and so in exchange I gave him an AF baseball hat and I actually have a picture Abbas in the AF studio this must have banned. Sometime in 99 or 2000. And so I have a picture of him wearing the AFA's I have I don't have the cowboy hat on. But over the weekend I dug back cowboy hat out is obviously high traffic to warn it. And I took the picture and it tests because that's what makes me think of any pop. Obviously the last fourteen years. We've all seen Vinnie you know live. Publicly with all of the different projects. That he's been a part of you know still visibly grieving the loss of his beloved brother dime bag Darrell. And you know when I think of goofy stories like cowboy hat or. The night that we were all party and after a show in dime bag had black guy. And so we make in front of him about it who grabbed a sharp beanie colored in. Underneath my high so that I had a black item matches. And that was like a big joke he used to write on everybody was sharp as he'd like run by UN stab you in the sharply in by the end of the night and just be covered in the sharply dots because it was just ridiculous. You couldn't not you know be. Have a good time when those guys around to me when I interviewed Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters backstage at Fenway you a few years back Dave Grohl was talking about. How dime bag and Vinny. You know when you were playing a show with them or you want to work with them there were no walls are no doors everybody was invited to the party and Dave Grohl even. Credits dime back for saying you know what that's how I learned about how rock stars are supposed to act. And that's it and I'm more. Everybody was welcomed the party everybody. You know was there to have a good time and they always last year with fewer have a good time. All you need any thing they called me darling and I remember. The local bazooka. We know what I'm gonna tell that story later because I got an interview with Vinny is the week before local bazooka and 2004 so I'll tell that story coming up. But as I was digging through my archives I found all of his great audio. Back in January. 2004. In the wake of the break. Pan terra damage plan had started. And it's. You know they really didn't know what was gonna come. The big. You know they they weren't hand Tara they were struggling. You know or had the immense. Task ahead of them. To try and get out from underneath the shadow of the band as massive and influential as pan terra and they were really excited about damage starting knew that all these. Huge happening with Ellen cellmark there was just so much going on. And video and I'm like nope we're starting new bands and it's going to be called damage plan so in January. Of 2004 January 19 actually. They came up and static on my show that whole week we had done. Micah listening party and they went and done. You know we've yet to win tickets to beauty and whatever and you get to meet the guys and then. They had come up that Saturday night. And co host and Harder Faster with my HU and my shoes got a ton of his own stories about Vinny and diamond. Just how crazy it was being around damages how much on you could have and it was always so light hearted. And then they came up on my show. On that Monday. And damaged plane took over minutia. And I recorded at all. And luckily there recording. Is the original recording and not what actually made it on the air because I had to dump out of them so many times for the language in the current and but they're recording is actually the free dom as we call it audio which means it's not edit and I left it on edited in this podcast that you hear. But they took all we show. It was a whole band and they sent somebody tackle bowel. And they had just been out party in all weekend. And we had launched a mantown calendar is in I had a sexy picture and that parents they were all going through the calendar. So this first. Audio is from that day from. January 19 2004. When damaged plant took over my show and the WA AF studio now I award year old. That it's obviously the language you gotta be careful anytime you're going to be around Indian dime he knew that was gonna happen. But also listening to it. This fourteen years old we lived in it in a different place fourteen years ago. And you know there at some people could get offended by some of the things that we said in some people could be upset and say it's not politically correct. Buy it. The good about those guys. Is that no matter what they were saying and there was never any. Malice meant behind anything he ever said and there was obviously no malice about anything that I said but there was a lot of joking around. So if you're easily offended this might not be the best episode preview but if you're a fan of pan terra. Damage plan hell yeah. Rebel meets rebel I mean anything that Vinnie Paul dime bag Darrell had ever been apart of you're gonna love this episode. And it's not talking about them but talking about the musicians that they love so much. And the music that inspired and and there rock and roll friends and just all of just what it was like to be kind of inside. Their life and I love. Some of there. Sayings and phrases like row and meet. Chilcott ham I mean there's just it's ridiculous but this audio hasn't been heard since it here. In January of 2004 it's just been sitting on a disk in my office on a shelf for fourteen years. And so I'm so happy that now I get to hear it so that is going to be the first part of this podcast but there's actually three Vinnie Paul interviews. That you're gonna hear that. Go through outs a four year span so. This is part one of episode 24 of mr. scary sight peace podcast. And it is damaged plan taking over the WA AF studio in 2004. In Iraq is. On a seven point three WA AF Athens who got the break request every day at 11 o'clock. And I don't know about you but I have seen some amazing things in my life. I am more amazed that damage planned mated to the WA AF studio on time before noon and I am that the patriots won the game yesterday. Yeah we never went to bed this is I. So all I. Welcome back in the days of studios got a nice spent some quality time with Mike human hair on Saturday night I don't blast that she mastered. Look at Steve ain't that. Well we're still working used to play. A little bit. Dylan and some news that I was gonna call you guys could you look at for razors. And I had some in my office. And I felt bad you have it right you know razors and we are to have appreciate you never know if there. You never know what you're mail that we Bob Dylan we need to movie down one so that we can get. We get dye and closer to remind my eyes aren't I she believed that you guys are opt functional before noon we'll. Oh they are but you are on time. Excellent excellent yeah it gives voice and you know it actually we were here early we would pull up. Outside about ten minutes ago. PX you talk about the non subtlety of the damage plan promotional tour bus come on. You can't just roll into town and tour bus it's got to be wrapped with the band slow down and is star is your east and India Meister logo are. Fred alerts riddler well in the world you know morning's you know neighborhoods you're get damaged whether they can whether they noted it's common. So you know who I. All I can do to get out of the rock pile Friday night without being too damaged. Yeah yeah yeah slid Lou well like I did you do you are jobs I couple you. Video no I would I dribbled a little but you know on the beginner very. What I had to get back you know myself. And in here in Massachusetts you wanna get stuck you know driving under the influence and I hear me I am I don't carry planned bus. There would have driven me home in jail and about our eyes flash through your blow over you know rap duo could put junior rumba he's. Never absolutely he's getting. You know who had the magic dust we yet the damage after I expect that. Not to be confused with a sure the it out I would go home see him as we tumor it should damage votes. Damage does. I. I I am really I am amazed that that New England is still standing you guys have been in town for four days. You've got often now you guys did head bangers ball Friday night is okay. Are before you came of the rock pile Alton investment so how is that. Awesome did you do any of the song yeah yeah I didn't want to play it. Very early in life delicious iniki it was an army from what we understand. Then all they did plant last night you know Jamie. James might breed. Jose Angel thing yeah and I was up for that job you know we're blue eyed parents and school I remember I was up for that job they called me asked me if I would apply for the game again. If it was just going to be that girl what's her name Julia from fuse that I would like puncher in the tango man but I wouldn't Jeff command exactly you know because she's way shorter than me but I mean you know he's the perfect guy for the game to poke through the mails I. It but I did say too much and that when somebody else got the gig yes in the anthrax as a career in the studio announced like. You know for that job I gave but whatever they were all in this thing together Manso and promote the music is a little. So I don't. The album because I heard you guys play a lot of it on Saturday night with my choose who we definitely place more tracks off the CD we got a chance to carry it in its entirety. On on Friday night at the rock pile that there were a lot of people that weren't able to get in because the place was sold out to the gills. And personally give guys credit could you all stayed and signed every autograph every picture for everybody took ours always do it thinks and I had to call back the club afterwards it was almost four complete bottles a crown more loyal what consumed by your clan are you glad you at a club all. That's that it. You that for three hours. And that's before we go to purely and three relatives are right well they yell. So make sure that work what planes some of the newer stuff but. I heard you talking to Mike Hsu on Saturday night about some of the different cameo appearances that are on the CD and you were talking a little bit about like Zach it did you know that he got voted like the most influential guitar player of the year for most valuable player without a well he's he's love flavored. You know do you ever like wanna do the celebrity death match between the two lead to see who could out ready to other he tried to do that who's got faster fingers. Martin's accident faster figures in mime BO that's just easy man he is off the hook he's my favorite guitar player. So. We don't gotta go there but. We we definitely got a jam the government will want to put something together somewhere in the future where oh we used. You talk about doing a tour of just heavy metal guitar players kind of like the G three. And when when I asked him who we won on the bill he said dime bag Darryl first bowl you know he came in the studio and was hanging out around. Or death police who strapped in ready which. Pull Edward out of retirement right now he's a good thing about it if they did. The game plan for this good I would love me you kind of went exactly as you guys are very intimidating people. And if you're just like show up on Eddie van talents from lawn. Is that did Zach pulled made immediate the bell in in there it goes on what's going on fuse. Its stock more all our our motto better million dollar more jam what you are culminate right now brawl. And it's it now my kid do right now but he's commonality we do you. A sheriff I don't know if you can't get it get my hopes up died a little argument if if it don't come. We can still do some heavy you know always going to be involved but. You know woods who bring Kerry king and the pitcher was bring George lynch. You know I mean. That is a big dude now. I know he is huge. So serious serious weight. Yeah get a lot of spirit these diseases and I think he hurt you know some light on gotten doesn't look that way he used a lot but George lynch. Is it to you that after that it won't let it well Mattel. Now all your driver. The brown plan variables clone and clown. Yeah I saw your name is to win and I couldn't pick a semi and yet mailed that like yours like and it made me go get a girl they. We had to honor. It is yes it Waldman what's going on in yet again a whole new slacks in the movement Brian Clough storm of development and she barred him you know if. It good it's not like an earlier driver but you can win from the use yeah yeah. The guys Kelly Osbourne is really pissed and you know that's it's bird aren't. Yeah similarity Quinn is the guitar play your dirty guy and I. Actually you know they're not heed your driver. And thirties us. Was the video came close at Greta where I. Drivers are gonna do the structural another. Oh very I get good story about these guys could you be driving damaged plant for a month already do we need got a gimme gimme the dart has the drive and that is bill Daley it's a good story. Tell it like getting down zone joy Zogby. The moment there's got to be gone that they were never in a million years want to admit on the radio especially not to a girl. No room last night it was Goodwin columnist it. We blew it out where it was titles and a Jim Nance says I Carnahan and enter the international area there with a hand here you had a leg in the eerie thing in influences so the bar basically just took over the stage and played everything down I think via via. I was blessed do you director Josh is some sick. Talisman. Followed carefully this thing today is it and do the needed care it was amazing man and we got a better. It you know they they come on the good man thanks a lot yeah. Appreciate shall come and go down here and drinks are on the house by and wants Joba get them damn. There were like all right cool we know million maybe not because then it's that's not always starts off you know now we're not gonna get him in jail in the mail us. Already here and you cannot jail our oil Lotto Lotto but that's how it starts off like I say had been restorative and dribbles down thousands of them. You can't big use. What to announce your column the other night the Megan Higgins Megan's. But he gesture of lull in Mosul big ones hit Megan's. I don't try to get the verbiage doubtful that it was I don't wanna see John McKay chief. Who hated him and we bloop double doubles and Jamie in Mexico I look a go go rigs manually go play the kidney goes numb enough tonight. Next thing you know. He's up there with a snake skin boots bloom a kid is going with a all the way in pads up there. Zoo as a parent and I'm like god I got a hero a man and I'm like OK what do over the plate has always accused of goods are. Syndrome. And I was like all right I introduce me Ted Nugent you know yeah that's a broke up stranglehold. And seven minutes in how many seconds thirteen that. I've picked talented. You know we got a terribly thrilled that we both. Pat. Is that there was witnesses Vista have you ever witnessed a they cover bands to your own music Beaulieu a have you ever seen like a good one somebody said while that guy who can run for my money. That is this one and Cleveland coach I was from Holland they were. Excellent we last saw several thousands. Of it and if you close your eyes you'd think the answer is that the plan is well except that. We're you know it isn't as you open your eyes are not as handsome as you don't we don't take anything away from him. Their rise a lifelong dream girls play old mother the but. We were talking about earlier today we were talking about bands that changed a lead singers. And still have amazing success and it doesn't happen often you can you know like an audio slave or vision inhaling in north. Blacks advance toward a CDC it doesn't happen often. Are you guys feeling any kind of that pressure we feel like you have to surpassed the marriage saying nothing was first and foremost is not the same Benson for no I I know and that was how I was gonna get back to you guys is do you guys feel pressure coming in. 22 guys that are very well established already and you guys are coming into this new project. Do you feel bad when everybody's talking of these guys and kind of nodding penitent and now now. No way and they deserve everything now. They yet how did you meet them now bodily bass player how did you meet these guys originally kind of wanna go through the history the band because. Laurel only a couple of magazine articles that have really been able to get you guys. To sit downs so far is the projects don't know. It's really a blurred. If that's an awesome ride now are honestly I think for some of that. Time was. I heard he was hurting was in the house. And you just what happened tonight. You know one on notice that it actually turn around a vote. Oops I total turnaround they haven't really shot. And that's how it started. That's when it now did you tell me your tattoo artist first or that you're bass player first I a base there on if we could use much. Where I'll tell you from my perspective. Me invader we're just give him back you're like what's the Bayern and you know we did that we really. We're focused on his bass player making these up they're choking it ban them like you'd have been sick and that's a hell of a bass player right there and you you know who the chance came were opportunity knocked in. We're in the situation that we are in we've moved on and you know like me we're gonna call Bob zillow QB Tony and New Zealand too many nicknamed him that. They came first rehearsal on this. The low end is so heavy and solid and we get them and I looked government's violent but if indeed the monster minutes Bob zillow on the basis there's a better. Nickname and the brown climbed ahead I don't know how he's not. And can happen against the nickname but it it will be a little unlike him and being no I don't see it go I wanna and yeah. Against the Oakland. Yeah I thought. Guess your morals even spread out I had not gonna wanna take away from the clown at this point but how did you. Come to it to be that the final piece in the salt ponds of well me and Vinny and I'm sort of as a drinking buddies. Well. Max read our I don't. It's hard to believe that it. The we. We just a few back here and there and the opportunity came up to be musical together so there was Arlen gimme gimme gimme the five minute rundown on what you were doing before this and I knew that you were playing guitar for on health for India the middle got himself. Judas Priest named. I was appointed to our rob. Donna was big fan. Believe. Into the whole thing. And most of being one time. Whose. Each bullet out want to OK it's what you don't check. Check the issues that too well at first are you wearing slippers like old man won't lie low and everything kimono and loves. I don't want him Tomlinson beyond our house she's a city. It's huge concern I have. Additionally I can't see Atlanta to show the helmets to resurrect like. Actually left the if that's true why young men always hesitate to answer right now are decently moves. Paulo but in happen and that's our ability a couple of bucks that if you feel like jumping up on account or give me a lap in to let me know Osce total blind I wanna act huh. That's the blessed how arrived from Black Label Society recording here in the dance studio Zack well of course a good Freddy dies. Great version that's on who is so Paulson. Somebody just went and rod and they staff of the mantown calendars for damage play into my. Unbelievable. Feel like. This. The men. It's that's planned Jared I know. Or Iraq we hot chicks appear that that's where it's no suits most of it and my. Don't say that you won Amy because if she'd either you haven't I given of her ministers here I mean it and she's okay I guess that's. I drank like a member damaged planned before I did that photo if you beautiful. I what he's hearing. I had a pint glass and everybody thought it was like a Guinness or something but it was just rate yeah. Yeah obviously. Angel and he credited you as I Catholic and I've I don't think I am I don't think I am ready yet. Yeah we are as far as the by Jaeger navy pilot and eulogies you know that's his cousin is the right now the had a dvd sold out or do another run in which he actually did. A dvd shoot as well really I'll ask you showed him around enough for us to look and supposedly her eyes and his designee of the gods bags and video ray yeah. Rally their paths these gets warmer brings a living together right your World Cup there doesn't drop this thing. Yeah of the debt Rosie. Neighborhood but one brains out leftists screaming in agony. It's it's torture hoosiers no doubt the bad news you know like. Well. Does the business going at home when your when you're not fan says well. Fantastic finest an adult entertainment in Basra is an clubhouse in Dallas Texas come around Andalusia now how. Is is Dallas from Houston. Dousing he's not a ton animals in her car by two and two and I asked if Texas is gigantic state it is that once it's a fourteen hours exhibit exits. Eighteen hours from corner to corner from the passes it takes a can with a AT and so. It's 200 so. If you know went down to the super. Ball he could take an afternoon and go it did however forever it forty that in. How do you handle. I don't understand how you guys could be at all involved with owning an establishment like that and be able to leave the house. So emitted a policy and dances that we organize people and we're gonna fire people got a great GM and we hired him and he rooms please does agree. Your own table there. Is going everywhere loan ceiling fan big screen TV. That's on this. While no matter who Q I I want I've heard stories everybody else to do it. It down but I am. Are all the women say Baird and there it's totally new aid it's. Bring your own policy and it is wasted as you want that to pay 815 Nancy do you shattered beard. Is slower so you bring your own booze. All our place on our place in do the laws that texas' if you have a toll news establishment yet to bring your own news. So how terrible that there since more alarming and let me say is she basically but see at the door you very twenty dollar bottle and that's all the money you get as being. And nationalist and Lehman's it theory there should buy it in twenty dollars a lot adorning your pain a 59 attempted the shot or drink. For every one and in the girls are in Lincoln sedan and can you give me a drink in the casting more money in your pocket and then the next thing you know would you like it dances you know they see NF. Yes now I the only one chance at my place lace dress. You know sixty bucks or forty bucks to you for joining you know advances and want the and we have ten dollar day it's we do that Atlantis now on Sunday and Wednesday night ten dollar cover to an ordinance so you can't beat that. Not to mention ladies are fabulous. We know he has spent a lot of time on the road promoting this album you got your own busing you don't have any instruments with you just out. Where the hottest girls besides Texas take Texas side of the equation you as a from. Generally the south looming period it is a matter George. Nobody's there and you know the bully and Upton. Wisconsin. And Michigan thing it's really hot here. Really surprising really it's really had six of them. I wouldn't that we've never been to Alaska to the net much except. And we played there several times. The people there early to going to it and. It's a thousand to one guy to girl ratio at some did you get hooked up with chicks like you were up. Yeah yeah. Yeah. You and at a tree view to the degree of difficulty is raised that's all I'm saying is that when you go up there it's hard to get a girl out there right. I Afghanistan a place called the great Alaskan bush company in there's funny girls and in the great Alaskan last bush campaign right exactly sister Barbara that it was called although they warn bush cheated so this is an industry. Britney Spears Christine Aguilera do personally for an old really. You're watching unsettling is that his and funny guys like when you're on the bus now. You know which would you like I mean you know women's dignity and Levine want to I would stick it. Advertise that. Yeah towns and Jenna that would be fun and bigger as you know. About a dog say about you and James and rename it back. Yeah original moon. Magazines I'm sure it and I know would it mean. I. Think I got it. And so I don't think again young utterance of Mitterrand era. Some neat yeah that's discern you had to me runoff in bill but that's a heavy at. I got this job that I. Tell us give me better than it is 88 teenagers instead wrote it Hamm broke off the debt. You just couldn't admit you admit that many that money at my god are right you ordered to access. Which we gotta talk about quick before we got to take a break you you wanna Taco Bell for breakfast cereal and always in Texas are two losses. We saw the commercial and decided that's what we're in for brick. Now Alaska you had pizza for dinner this. Used to bring in you stop to like McDonald's when you got off for the airport have you guys eat the green vegetable and say a decade. Yes squatter she's trying. To. This is not all agree that slid open and if so is president of the green vegetable area and that is Obama Burress. But I can't imagine how it isn't the appeal might. Whoo yeah you don't you have a little I know I did learn from the masters and I do thank you occasionally. Need. A little great appeal like to get past whatever. I was doing the night before I didn't need any on Saturday morning by. Meaningless yeah you I know me can I maybe you guys are here but do take a bite tiny just healthy seriously. Like I'm not even joking around because there are a lot of people to go for one vendor on the weekend. Who got to the problem right there yet has yet to stay in the swing of things in the group and Hedo week ago. We go one way of looking at things in in his yard goes is the damaged boy and theory. Roll would that or do you roll over. In meg just go would prefer. Admiral there mine and throw all over the place and could kill people and cars and that's the. Do not figure and those were blow it out every night just like dad. Every. The original so what's what's on the menu from Taco Bell just I'm curious as you clearly isn't easy but the illegal and ordered the menu actually in a 105 dollars from the talk Cuba yes. Just can't. The back of you know must have an expensive taco bill here its Boston everything that's us like 49 cents at -- back in Texas in the trillion dollar and a half at least if you listen to Jenny has been the man. Do you carry a calculator and your back pocket I don't nobody will salute the in prosecuting human our seats had a hard time keeping an atmosphere. What are your either you're the one that's in charge and that's the. Julia wrote to me. That's a man he's my brother and let him well. It's the way mayor and I I'm doing the other in the states you know blow things of these thing Gharib is you know and he's blown out when he's doled out. I'm going down until the I don't know is not always Vinny about Astor or he's toward town he's a bartender he's everything you won't be. Malta you know that absolutely smoke does this man who's so any media dinner and take care of their innocence recruit what is there stated month. Is she she's a professional dancer elected. Professional issues but has not yeah its telling how do you turn into a porn star and you get. Six love and read your paper in your like famous and your profession you gonna. Vary greatly sideways. Town hall you're you're you're on it was but that is over the in the picture. Yeah December aiming their and a home limits there against an amendment. That's missed December's but are one more thing before we take a break I heard a saying last night. On television and I wanted to I wanted to put it out to go as a way to tell me the first thing that comes to mind right. Asked thirsty. So allegation. That's thirstein. I saw the TV has been asked their state have you ever heard that before. Nam man Amadeus there's the army does but it's fair play. My Massachusetts you guys to get married it's legal world with that he hit. If you guys what does that let's not message stop the equipment you know we had and I never ever been able to figure that would would make you man on second of the means did this thing figured that out. I I never figured out that somebody please don't wanna miss that. They'll think things usually you. Every bit a sane you know it's the only reason let me get out. Now. With what bisexuality. Forget that either either you know. You are Eli could kindly continue to play out of school it's as though it does but it's all right. Guy the only winner in an inner sexually d.s beautiful you know period. Exactly yeah yeah I actually I don't know. Now it's one air act. That's why they created a hand to hand the Internet here. I have never went away. Hitting mantown back man light in this. It. The man take that out or damage bland I'm I'm officially in love with the Tiffany did you two in his army to miss August I don't mind you know she's got into. A easily blog. Makers. Or. And so that he and is a great counter and they sold 151000 today again see if this lose another. Hookers like I was his carrier in the it's something you definitely paying an opinion they've got that high bathrooms that quote wipe it out quietly. Your club you have to think that's what I'm shocked. Here's your house. Scene of months ago when encounters of the this is really the sit there like it. We come at a taught you about hockey and football doesn't and New England Patriots Kamal give it up on top and. I wanna books I'd open up the phone lines and a lot of people are gonna past the obvious answer going. The way and we have some instruments million realism Taco Bell and that's the way. There is an ounce of his audio sleeve poster hanging in the back room in it's. Huge amount every now on the bugs is great it's so we did it live last night. That's yeah you did you get them saying that sort is an easy Ludacris corn. Would they use human eye can be done candy. It's all about what you guys are listening to its. Noon things I was oh around. Follow me it is Sloan. Or next June. Yeah and if it will take care of and a plan karaoke in the day of studios now stopped nonstop on dime bags base. Damaged plant is in the WAS studio. Celebrating the release of their new CD newfound power in stores on February 10 can't wait can't wait can't lead got mad Darrell in the bathroom he's in the battle away form. Yeah yeah I sold down bag Cameron corner here. And it. It's got. It. Straight copy. I did not go well yeah. Since I did go well as any ever ordered that much Taco Bell ever. Flag don't you. Love the fact that you get to host the rock pile on and on Mondays it's back to the grind I mean I have to be in the bids the FBC Taco Bell set to play at all on how to minded. Gathered the guy was like that Jesus Christ and who you have a you know like there's some analysts expect enjoy the Taco Bell Toyota's us through tons. I all right C does not IR US sports fans is Weller is Vinny the only sports. Rico in the band's a life what would they say are participating watching the daily news though fanatic who authorities are always an advantage to root ball. I can't and it's football's the dumbest thing ever in my Ron Bob's arm manually manipulate and day's political elite we'll tell you. It's may ten believe where you get to pick all your favorite player put a lot of teams really get pouring the and you get to say that you. Bride to see when you play fantasy football league and its twelve people and it and it's a thousand dollars a person doing right and you went to blow granite the end of the day. That's fantasy football that's worth buoyancy so you get wrapped up and get into the blast man we can't do is beg your. Tony and he's a big fantasy football now fancy hockey salukis is too long a season that's fantasy troubles here. Do you do you enjoy the baseball at all. You know baseball's what what's in Pedro it's important I think. I can do you know if the Texas Rangers and they suck every year and that's his net in the excited about it's always about the Boston Red Sox and yankees at Solarz suits and did you watch any of the series on their and I am. There's pretty exciting. But you know the big choking. He'll be too many I'm sorry and then. The Yankees had they always manage to get the money think they lost their whole team this year than they'll want to play for the Astros are so. That. A lot of and I did that. Now everybody's saying that Roger Clemens is a turncoat to the Yankees because he went back to playing against Texas testimony and get back to his heart was. So again and as far as damage plants concerned it's all hockey and football did you know real men sports where they can beat each other up and gamble Motorola graph to sort of that way it makes it. The Lou what our interest in what's the most money you ever lost a one game once it. He lands you in the Super Bowl will head the Oakland Raiders and cream for about three years and there and it just didn't listen to me. Missouri it that's has won its program of you know before you receive a 103 dollars and fifty cents for talk about what you mean Rocco will be reais fourteen. Tina. You know it used to work at McDonald's. US. Energy you know that the. Anyway yeah I've found so that I get the start. You McDonald's Bennett art John McDonnell and I worked its photo man an alert due bloke who do you still many of the pictures you stole that would make it from format don't deny that. You did it Nash had some really get after birth through visit Tennessee you know one time. All. That this kid did this get this kid in the took the pictures of the kids coming out and everything and in all these after birth loses if not it's going to be like Latham. I don't know Mexican government. But border does with the open though and needed him to get her number. And you know the best thing about that a man so. Let's cut now the best thing ever checking. Is that I know what it is I can't remember the new guys are vigilant and I'm I. I had an it's my favorite new so when you work at McDonald's you're a manager. Yeah I get to managers he let me let me start that was my first job in high school I worked there for exactly a year. We're now with the latter rounds started the bottom of the barrel man I had it. Wash dishes take the trash you know flipping burgers ten to one's for one's. Do it dollar remember that. And it you know McDonald's they have a specific way of doing things they want this court does catch it first then the mustard in two pickles and Andy lets thousands or onions. How does that actual quarter pounder go to court and you gotta throw the meat on the drilled in you put this series. They get to go in Oakland. And it's about two minutes and once that slipped two minutes and you know in the meantime get the bonds of and it's those are gone those pop that. Quarter panel cheeses once scored kids have to score to Muster to pickles and some onions. And Canada he's got a crowd sees every member Alice doesn't receive honest that's the I made it all the way to shift manager so that was you know as new and and then you know it's true in this one girl in the cooler the whole time I was working their -- fired for that. It's yet there are always wondered why to me salon you're in and out of the pillars of minutes couldn as targets the. I'll let you know what's going on that but I go to you Jim Gordon Brown are so they've been on the ham got Lou. The hands that we colleges westside hills and the six inside. You know you look at your Internet ready metal thing on your own strip. Club what do you that would what was your first job my first job via I think it was a pizza wars. That that's pretty sixty senators did you ever do the extra and tilt deliberated you know they double cougar is is LB calls and a hot single export hero. Built. The what does that stand for do. Like two groups. Always wanted to put that Maine and always had these Green Zone and suddenly what is up with this he likes this. It's gym today. In Afghanistan it and I mean the term we can all relate to me know about you bill who what was your first job. Spurs job I was a lot guarded wrecked public whom you just at the mouth to mouth right. About that portal I used to work yeah man that shoot a lower hoops. I grab but yeah I tired and I did that and there's one. Chick working there who purposely man I. Yes you know had a what piece on and died and I could see the bush every day. It was so hard work. And Cameron Long and well ever inevitably should heed that. John bush to access what I had done. Man you know the one and only do you guys ever had was captain b.'s. It's like lawn dogs killers like loans go silver's man you know. To see you please Mandy knew back in the days a week was Jews so we'll still be couldn't Wear the thing. He wouldn't single minded you can get the lies are sort of flattened out a little bit Mallory junior would couldn't get the thing only and in the the bid they were like pissed about it man in the daylight didn't like three days ago and fired me. Got fired leaving never vessel for his and this is a band meg meg here Mickey knows that these these. Credit. It deadly one month calling her into you know book and I do resilient. Oh. I don't think they named me that will be incursion in Yemen women in Canada and in the fired. Well there's one question that everybody is gonna have some new let this guy just ask the question again knowing I had I. I know he got I want they were prepared here at big lots. Obviously it's my foundation it's what I live awful all you guys without only question just a simple yes or no do you honestly honestly deep down inside you. See you guys. Ever come on back around the way one lap by truck the got a. Easy answers no you know I mean down put everything into what we do we put everything in the pants there. And once it turn into its iron into were far focuses on damage Klan man and as for heart set and that's what we're doing. Good manhole where Iran will compile wolf what you guys and yeah hopefully this will blow up forty. Thanks in with billion of that do you think did you get zealot just tattooed that on your forehead so nobody asked the question anymore yet you don't answer an error isn't. The cancer fans deserve an answer and never gonna answer from Finland Simonyi never even gave us an answer some weariness and coolest guys at two point. BO and there was a huge part of our lives there and when we go everyone tarnish anything that. Was part of that man and you know we just that's that's his world started there in no mood. Well let's talk about does the new project newfound powers the album that you get it on February 10 in stores. It's a damaged planned weekend and why you guys are each down on your Taco Bell. You're signing pictures because all weekend long we gave away autographed pictures would win them forty combined copies the seating awesome so that's what I gotta get you guys decide that stack of pictures for as much. Is there song on the album he does think people would enjoy it right now I think. And we're not you not plan tracts five and it's well all I cannot I. I can tell is right and I think in any anything from drag one attract fourteen. It could hit that everything that they've won his prominence and has started you know night's Atlanta that it. I Borough area we're gonna give these guys a chance to what we don't even think. Injury to a man Antonio and that's my do you try to reminds me a lone star state and I thought you guys don't you lunch. Or must. I. I heard that you guys jumped up on stage as they were told us a story earlier in and played with everybody and I was kind of open that you guys would come in studio and jam what you're not towards you don't have instruments with new. And you're not have you ever done anything acoustic before as a baby. Let us. Once I'm New Year's Eve last year we have pretty thank and retains a friend of now wait wait wait to busing was it was a scene just nobody saw Erica. Ella demands you can leave no witnesses to a bad pass jam and we listen priest someday you know to acoustic he's doing his balls off. He starts on Tuesday in where rocket in that to secure his. Crack and garlic to a it. And you can see. That it starts ago. Dana Dickey sought to and did it was just after that you were made him hold his guitar and she becomes apologies. And showed knuckles off mentally how are you might have gone pretty yeah I mean basically I shredded and human rhythm and I just got a little too into Britain and the thing gave out army unit cracked that is looking him and he looked at me as well remove a real worry anyway so let's just take its primary battle the way and that's where it got exploded god be diluted. Is that this thing and basically. Turn into diphtheria arguing that everybody enough. I'm Dana pieces are you are you mad that jackass kind of stole your thunder a little bit because I've seen cinema at the drowning us. See you need it and an awful of your footage. Of what you do at your house with the fireworks and. Yeah what is going law would that. I am not burn your down. Well go back to a jackass thing you know I'd love to have. Insurance policy that was backed by MTV in some big people that could. Actually you know let me just cut loose all the way the job in the world that Diaz got beat in the world Hedo but. Your record doesn't have a insurance plus the. And I nobody I know. And the disease menu below and let me clear this up real quick I'm guarantee those guys. That did the movie Dicky has since started that program got their whole concepts and ideas. From mr. dime bags creations and he put on the cancer home videos I guarantee that. But hey you know on the other side of the Vince man he's right. Book. Over the bodily harm that didn't cats you'll through my and I got to give them to a man you know they they actually get up there in Sears please stay. They're all back to their interests it's gone yeah I would. That's why it's called jacket success got the job at the next level. But do you know we used we stable other people's walls of. Well that's right it is that he's not gonna feel the pain behind them are very little guy in over a portrait on my back. You're well I felt for two of the vote for the report adds. And then came here and they got the tattoo and Henry Rollins was drive in the home or whatever and I. Fills the you know I got a few protesters you gotta do you Greta you know I mean the jets go out there all the way you know so. I you know everything comes from somewhere in what government you know my whole life is one episode objectors he's never stops a year ago. That's his real world Jack this this is an army knew we use doing for the cameraman is is is like. Crap that you never see that we only know him as a result of most of the doesn't get captured low noise. When you're traveling with with the video. On this whole promotional tour you guys are doing because you're already thinking about the damage plan home video. That's right it's already in the works absolutely. Anything interesting on there from your trip appear that you definitely know it's gonna make it. Thomas. Go back and that it takes probably a little episode last. Fulfillment yeah play it and if this. I'm not speaking of giants like got to ask you guys did you guys really tight today if that's night and Friday the record company is supposed to be bringing us. Knew drowning pool with their singer then we'll have to be too late start is it good and decent done gone is the bomb. The guys who did it and send it. How how is it then since everything I have I mean I don't want to bring you down I'll bond you out but it's obvious if you see dvd. That you guys really tied obviously you know albeit from Texas you guys kind of hung around together in whatever how. How have you been able to kind of get over that kind of move on because I haven't seen since it happened. The way I did it is. On Dave's birthday you know without regard Dave states tattooed on my leg. And says Dave stage and then on the bottom as is always with me you know Dave had so much to offer and I think he's got courage. And bill only way I see fit my mind is that I take you with me he's on my legs so everything I do like what we're doing right now. Dave's Whitman's Biggs would lose. Mobile do you feel it is ill need Leo was here last week and they have his Mike's. That was given to them by the drying pool crew. When they or I'll look at that. I really like them always with the possibility due to attempt to. Eating eating do that with a. It's if it's right on the front of your shin. Because I want everybody to see because it's you know legacy and always with me. Poland and every Danes do. As mobile. You heard that before that they. Really goods Bigelow did you believe it could happen at. As somebody comes in and just says I want Vinnie Paul arrived at Maryland all our. I don't know just anybody I don't know it's a friend are right. Wasn't weirdest thing you tattooed on some money ever. We. Woman laid via. The freeway when you did not. Did you really. Huge pools and do an interview. Lazy when she made on all will know yeah. I JT yeah can you tell by the sound of his voice around like you're on now so happy about it or in Peru do any of maybe it's the. Lepers. And I don't. Big Montana RT I. Bring it would have sued the. And I was so you guys like I was telling you earlier I was hoping you guys are gonna bring instruments what you didn't. So we we brought some instruments that that not aren't so yeah I sent out for some hope Amy got and in Louisiana it it would keep them. Yes you can keep them if you want him so I I wanted to spur of. Do you got a drum set and ha ha ha I. And I got it times you Hotmail. Today you get your very own wiggles microphone nobody got them from Brohm a dime for Chris and the. Yeah. Her overcome his. Marais. This. This thing's lit and it man. I had 200 and. Community today to loosen. It's crazy it's. This in my view of waking up in the morning. Go practice ready. So did you got a couple of minutes to work that's not right. OK let's split in the studio working under I don't know what he got. What me. Hit it would. You gonna have to work on your part but got little kids instruments these guys. You can actually pull off a sound or not he's got some I can't. And I am a split in the studio than instant video performance coming out next. It. Hello Louis I had. Feel like that oh yeah so it gives you both how why did you tour with rob held for his guitar player pat and a plan. I was I was the first one to join up to him back in my late 99 and we did three records we went around the world couple times and it was a great experience are you trying to play guitar wiring damage plan on stage or just gonna leave at all the done what's the point of I don't just get I have the baddest. Guitar player bass player and armor on the planet on need to do is grab a microphone in Viet mid day. Is always in the it is so do sooners. Moon and DD ten do you laugh at him trying to play guitar. Not a well man that's awesome guitar Larry you know the mass riots on. And keep Rio much of those bills and other things that really shows through the medium and is you know known pat is. A bat as a toddler mentally he's he's a great songwriter too you know if you go to school playing guitar or musicianship before grab my sort of to a bill though. You know you can actually know what their fields or on musically he brings a lot to the table on the music soared to. So how what is there writing process for you guys start does start with third the rift does it start with you know what he's. Or anyone has it they can start anywhere sometimes you know built over the Gruber now come to them but with a river. You know can do matter lyrics written that we have just went sitting in a drawer he just brought them of these guys it was all brand. News everything from the race operations there was nothing nothing light like leftovers of any time. You know when this whole thing came to and we figured out what we've got to do you know with a proposal put it together. You know when it blew up we knew what sales going on in which it okay this is our new. Ricci and the real story of portable for an issue it was all me and I'd say that not enough sort of it was off emotion than just the way we felt that the time and rubble wood down in the studio store crying and and Donald sort of blown up the room I knew was on and then I got ahold of it and boom for those needed a Donald's woman nicknamed. Why Atlantic kind I have no earthly idea Don and Donald re eggs you know me real like forty different names and. Do you spite at all ever. Maybe they might. Like me onto wood Brothers people ask uses stuff all the time many you know it's really a black guy over there a couple of the other big big he's got the best and support us the truth. Damning basically we grew up with a love for music one played music together. A lot of kids grew up mom and dad elect how can you can't be let Susie she gets street AZ your brother does Soviet liking it G. And their competition of the each other and we never had a competition is always a drive to play music and he's like my best friend you know running really think about the fact he's my brother insists that he's a for an. They got over when you bottom house and stuff I'm sure Iran. Parents. The parents. And who. I don't know but I don't on this necklace in the external inside who don't. What does that you are talking about why aren't you like you know why he gets straight days or what or whatever because they had two kids that we're both in the music for a hunter is very easy for them to get over the probably at what have you is going to be a doctor when you rattle out you are dead as a musician salute their cannot. That's a serious I'm gonna keep led them very committed to their cannon the and is that that's true we were headed in. When you guys got a song done in your in the studio all holed up together with a bunch of booze in your instrument that is gonna hang out. Who do you trust as far as an outside opinion when you bring it to win its. Done Fabio just ran sterling Winfield is he's been around him and furlong time. You don't look to my brother for drugs to electable Brothers you know has zillow I say god man does that give the job done in. And they're like Yemen Libya and do little this may be do little that. But between between all of us we've just got to look to each other for trusting we do we just do what we wanna do you. And some another comes out pretty going to fit into elaborate on that ethnic you know bouncing off people with the educated opinion. We we never sought out anyone to come and play on this record they came since it isn't pretty impressive list disease nobody is somebody exact wild says. Broader go up reply elements that are marked that's I mean that's a lot of but I did is that wild impressions because Zach does impressions of everyone else. Right for us it was just this constant vicious cycle and brash he's an impression of himself well yeah but anyway. A court a court like not Taylor is out aren't slip knot Stoltz bad amber after that there. He heard the thing it's that many got a Libby saying on this. Jerry Cantrell you know how scary do and by the way thanks Gerri great excellent. The best we've seen Neiman probably ten years really is being done and just all full stint in rehab he's my manager clean as a whistle news than he would you injuring him winning and take a sip skinny thing he looks. There's that big. Things back together amazing still always check to tell you what he's two I'm gonna let him make that announcement when he does that it's it's pretty big. Yeah he's a give us a handgun and unit the I got about a bigger hand yeah I'm gonna let him make debt and Assam but I think it's going to be something in a lot of people who really really happy about. You're your thought about working on somebody else's music and like a reducing 'cause I know you do a lot of that for your own bans yourself but have you ever thought about may be working with a newer bands. We we have in some aspects food is so busy that we really haven't had time to. You know focus in on that we've been so focused on this would mean down producer Banco pump Jack he's a pro the greatest man has never been signed. You know the kennel at its southern fried Molly hatchet heavy metal man he's. And the tour some never yeah yeah yeah you know. I did the web site Monday that count and it's on the project rocks dot com Monday Iraq's account. Really cool man produce advanced from Montreal Canada onetime co. He has he has shown me grasp the concept of Vinnie Paul going Montreal just for the month yeah. I was there for three days and produce and who's really really great record the only problem was it was is that. There was only once on meaningless dollar us from France a French so it went over real get in much jolly. Didn't go over to get anywhere else. Have an interview with some French journalist yeah here Saturday and those permanently moved to France. The only week they flew here from France Italy or friend who does so in an edit those old who's. I. Blows after we'd been up here my issue we already hammered we have that the hotel their. Trying to be else serious as Europeans generally aren't we it is Kitna had a good time of the month. You know address that in its its recent now but I think it's gonna be pretty it and you specially if the pictured down on the cover with the big rubber blows that he bona the last and that's our humor doesn't translate well. A man you know everybody's to go bang series in this world man you know and I've just got to go blow and especially near. You know it famous say is it is not possible but how is it how do you make such a heavy music because it is not possible. He had is this the record jackass in. And I suppose but it's not possible everything's negative. They think it's all formulated like we sit around for like hours and just really really drilled on. You know okay would store here and we're gonna go into the is that we're gonna do that in a slightly. Man in this whole thing would just go off the emotion and feel we you know and they just let let the moment happy you know. But I'm getting big deal deity it is not place enough. So. Just from the sense that I'm getting. As far as Europe goes you guys obviously spent time on tour that he went into hiding European experience and it's. In on the fans are great to plea to you why they're on tour with you laughing on the lobs at. They know they don't think there's an amazing really how tortured it's basically torture it's to see if you have any kind of driving wheel to survive that you've been there for awhile mean the foods it's the accommodations. It's you know any thing. Everybody smoked cigarettes a salary is something that happens once a month I mean beat. People come on by union think he just walked by and a rotting corpse and grandma are. I mean answered the realms decked out in a three piece and didn't get the Puerto Rican charities for the Cologne on over it in over and over it and after about a month the five decided to show. And it's nasty man is were on and on rabbit out they have the note the fans are fantastic the shows are great the they throat and just as hard as we do here in the states. And then they love music is like anywhere else. The bottom line is that there's a reason we live in the United States of America that's. Oh. That's what we're gonna lob ball salads and orbiters Goldman and that's I can't help us out. They may hate you merely an imminent they can't give vary you Panetta called on police oh it is cold. Yes 72 degrees they've come on don't get your albeit hot we have no I ask you customize one achieved if you keep eyes in. Hard to anybody their gym bags Royale. That's what it's meant to our bread and elect mayonnaise and different stress that as the I went out it anywhere outside of the United States that you absolutely love Austria. Real New Zealand in Austria if I had to lose another country I would lose in Austria. I DO MA because they take care everything. You've skated bag and cleaning though there have been let us right yeah see it differently. Now I'm talking so in the UN's bill. Skin damage. I take Corey Stewart but the pain for some live when they that they told everybody look can't get in the swimming pool with penalties. If you do it's can it it's considered their union people would Tatis of their generally associated with the mafia and gains and stuff like that so. They signal debt is in the swimming pool and of course there has done an excellent down the hallway. Hop in his limits fullness at their ticket it in there. Guys suit pale white skinny like voice and text is then and in Japan in the next thing you know as soon as they hop that. Here they come from little by little Japanese guys in they drained the swimming pool and they drained all admissible. And in a caller to her manager to the front they're like real you out to and we elect now pleases solidly as we can stay some who wanted to stay there but they drain the pool so that's that's the story. Senior they thought it was too dirty when you after you swim. Tattoos are good. Can you go to my house and during my pulled through the zone and I don't have problem. You move. The crown hopeful now one of the most famous things that you ever said on the air that got the most reaction from everybody was that you had the gall the audacity to dent the Stanley Cup. Just swimming pool Crown Royal I didn't do it. 41 lives on in infamy. And you sit how many strippers were sitting on forest went in and listen and tell you why Hank Stanley Cup. Yeah they get on a naked and we drink the pro at two cases of crown out of Denton it got table dances everybody at ten finances. Whole team that Malone is great. I don't care if they're married had a good time you know in the house. Man everybody thinks that covers like you it is sacred in his own right but you know. If anybody only knew what really goes though that resilient is because when a lot in the globe we were down the Big Apple. Is joint back at that house in a locked in. And they'll stay there are only just everybody just dumping beer and shots everything in the Tuesday and he's lived that it bloated. In his view that things take some punishment and just think of the years and years onto. And I think I'd say that's the only couple you have the party for the Bruins now on the Dallas Stars fan now will be OK okay. Just aren't as Mike. Okay. Ripped off homer anyway what really happened man as it got all these dances and everything drink yet that the sun was coming up is about 5:30 in the morning. World and in the pool in the hot tub and he carbonneau comes out on the balcony news. It's it's me. And he threw it in pointless pullen and into the water and in me Darian Hatcher loads up in sync it to the bottom the cathedral to pull it is there. And in the in NATO try to cover the whole thing it's. There you go for broke through a through their planes in the break and Soledad and they didn't want everybody to know look really went on to try to covered up your. You just got. Jack are engineered just handed you weigh they a burn copies of these act wild unplugged I he had heard that before. And he got blew me away when inflated former earlier I was like the. The next the next you guys come up could you said the damage plan was gonna come around like march or April you guys can't announce all of the all the tour stuff but the next time he does come up in the studio. When you have until listeners are with you but you bring an acoustic weapons you know I I didn't know everywhere he's cut it just totally casual things when we brought a couple of eggs blue. And social and that no it was a bit of important Connor radio stations in this deal in this is by far the school's one yet isn't really an area. Yeah. Gary. You just happy as we gave you soft core porn and little instruments movement that did you figure that you think that we. You elaborate a little kids like Playskool battery operated instrument. And. Don't you some. You can smuggle them to. He really didn't. The moment. Ask us. You and. This thinks sorry yeah. And we need. Patty I you have a windmill and I don't have kids any of you guys have kids. You know about it and yeah. Because the wiggles like gas for anybody that's apparent are pretty I guess they're a big deal. They're these laurels there for Australian guys that Wear color coordinated shirts and singing stupid songs. And that's that's where the wiggles Qatar in the wiggles microphones these sounds so. That they might have been fortunate to build answers I had no idea. We know going and that put the question. Yeah. This village is one of the words on why Donaldson. I. At that at that now. The nice guys have a choice you can either take the toys with deal. Or I would love it if you would autograph them so that we could give them away as analysts think you're paying a live samba somebody is beautiful album I. Don't let them blow up. I suing get it gusted to autograph and will definitely give those away in the next couple days before you guys go actually because. AF is always trying to break new bands of is there any new bands that you guys have come across and touring you've been able to go and check out that you that you think are right these guys you know the next generation. Not what collectively we are big obviously. And I know it's not really new news that it is news and it's cool. If this record in. General thank you to our minds those of what we're doing right now you know dispute skewed along with gitmo on. But you know are always gonna blow the black label Kazaa I don't think that they got the full pull yeah. A lot of people need to dig into the records it was woods' next to a man he he's one of the greatest. If the greatest guitar player in my book fair and just amazing songwriter and singer. Blows me away have you. Set down and thought about the number of guitar players that you've influenced. Because I can't. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a show. With numerous bands. Seven does to god smack I mean it does all of these newer bands and in the medalist some big jam on stage they've bused into the riff from walk they must. I mean it well. Managed just one of them deals were you know we just do what we do. We do make friends with everybody that we would cross paths within. Amanda I'll non that rivers sat down and we wanna be would it be accomplished you know I mean. How gay is so that January. Of 2004. When damage plan took over the WA AF studio. With those guys. If you do learn a lot about Vinnie and dime and the guys in damage plan from that interview I don't know because it's. They're just so many things so later on that year. Damaged plane was gonna headline the Harder Faster stage at local bazooka. Which was a baby local outdoor music festival that we used to have every year in September. He and it's. So Vinnie Paul called me the week before a local bazooka just to say hi and kind of talk about the show and you know help sell tickets and all of that kind of stuff. But what's funny is that this was September of 2004. Now if you're listening outside of Boston or outside Massachusetts you're like why does that have any significance. But if. Your firm Boston in September of 2000 and war. What is the greatest come back. In sports history when the Red Sox were down three nothing against the Yankees in the ALCS. Came back to win four straight games and then win four more games against Saint Louis and break the curse of the band. It scary. So it's funny and this interview that you're about to hear which was from September. 2004 September 24 2004 to be exact. We reference did that yeah he's in town. And so it's just so funny especially with the Epoch as we always talked about sports disease such big sports guy especially. Hockey and football that you can hear throughout these are used just what was happening in sports. And no okay what timeframe that happened again. Still around local bazooka obviously we're all excited to have damage plan there and a couple of funny things happen and first ball. The guys are backstage and I was liken him around loses story that I was teasing earlier saner way I'll just hold onto it. So I decided to. Introduce my mom to. Dime bag Darrell backstage at local duke because my mom everyone's while she loves music and every once in awhile she you know calls it the I'm your mom card. And so my mom asked if I could get her bunch tickets. With corresponding backstage pass is of course as she Google bazooka and that year it was at a Pittsburgh. Municipal airport. So one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life was introducing my mom to dime bag dare. And I was like OK this is a sentence I never thought I would ever have to say mom this is time bagged Darrell dime bag this is mime. And of course he was sweet as pie to her and my mom asked what do I call you. Dare role or mr. back. Any basically said that you can call it whatever you want mr. Carey's mom mock or something like that just completely sweet charm. Later on that day. Damage plan was playing on stage Mike Hsu and I were over there watching the set. And they always played lock I mean how could you not play if you you're guitar player you wrote that wrist how could you not play that song every dad basically. And Mike Hsu and I actually got invited Al by the damaged plane dies to sing backup role models and to sing walk. Into dime bags microphone and and the pictures that I have Mike Hsu and I. Join the way. I'm learning. Wayne and Garth thing up on the stage and singing and that microphone with a smile on dime bag sees it it's one of my favorite memories of my entire. Odd time on the radio here at WAF I just it was just such an amazing amazing experience. So the week of local bazooka the week that the Red Sox were playing the Yankees in the ALCS. Vinnie Paul called then and this is that inner. It was evident as loses any ball. Pol from damaged plant let's go. Magistrate Trevor actually validating virulently am in the. You are actually party I don't I'm sure. And that's something I've been very up a bit less grows special occasions now I heard. And Helen let people be doing it in its. Hey pretty much history tread line and you know it's some stories from. Just agreed to campaign and I'm never meant to be forces. The first summer everything you know we have black of course we are at this level club out here in Dallas Texas and the thing that's. So anybody can down insulated need to make it to the club of course. Cooler so. It you know it's the greatest thing ever when your musician because even when you get home you own your own between gentlemen's club. So that you when you're not on tour all the other bands that are on tour and stuff why. That's threat ever Erica. You get more trouble when you're on the road when your your own club. They had a terrible throw a man you travel in Europe pure play national for a us right. Where's that you conduct a top global bazooka. Man we're really excited to be applauded. In illegal on around 3 o'clock in afternoon and noticeable things start and early so everybody you make it out there. And at Boston never read this supports so it's great we look forward from the way he has used. The Harder Faster stage which of course Harder Faster is ours are metal show that my issue most every night. They got there on stage this year there's a lot of great bands that that are on shadows fall and kitty candy urea clutch you guys. It's a pretty awesome stage. It's going to be great and you know we've just got to get these one option that would do for the next couple weeks in in the in October 24 or two or start. With still like headlining the shadows fall in the audit will be back to Boston at the end of November. Well. So get to see a couple times before Christmas. Couple cows or curses and in the meantime we've actually been in the studio right side. So get the big headstart on the damaged well and record everything that was sport fortunate. Well it's cool so will it does been good since you're here for the indoor beach party and then you guys can disappeared. Where he bent. We didn't disappear we get a lot of currently finish that the United States who were. We headed over Europe and did ask about it and about festivals over there and we did complete Canadian to a slayer. Which is extremely cool and then you know we've been back a little bit at times since then that would insanely busy. A lot of the bans and they come through town are always raving about the European festival tours. About those shows and just tell amazing they are who you guys play with a over the. Oh lead at Darlington we did it in the ballot in layered it was a phenomenally actually get to play the main stage is when their name because players are tree gets stuck in Amsterdam. And I hope that's not in Amsterdam. As evidence that place else you'd like get stuff. Have a when he had sixty this agreement financially and it's not very pianist room. They called and said hey it you know you get bigger slot on the main stage musical we had years on the other states who get sleepy. Sixty something thousand plus people that data is to gracious. So what's go on with with the new record now you guys are already playing what are you gonna take time off from the holidays and recorded that'll be out like first time next year maybe. I think in the end. You know early early winners in the winner in the march April lays something like that. You know we would've been in recording and you know we have our own studio so we kind of orchid room. Leisure and I would get like five songs written in the truth come on great. We got stuck about hockey his entire big hockey fan recent bout this whole lockout thing. Clearly bond it's terrible sourcing it to happen. In it's sport that's kind of you know Claude did sustain it was NASCAR then you know. Texas old poker supports. This is really going to be devastating if it you know lasts longer than. Even the start of the season can be really disappointed. Now who is right in this whole side because I really don't know all that much about it but I know that the salary cap is like a huge issue with the negotiations. Well I think the bottom line is people being greedy is is really limited global and both sides are a bit definitely you know me. I don't believe that the owners are liason you know 280 million dollars a year whatever they claim and loses then you know you're a player in here I Calvert evil locale or are you making. You know so much more money than. Average person that they're so it's ridiculous so you know there's got to be happy medium there in and I think agreed factors really would rather novel. We gonna talk football to present day big sports guy. But I have big wicket with the cavaliers and the pats are up this week. Yeah our education we got the Yankees in town for the Red Sox for three games. I really huge baseball Amber's looking like the Rangers might actually make it in this year. You know we want nothing more but from Boston to beat the Yankees in Italy is we we can't beat and so hopefully as. You lower on that we're working on it. Still diehard cowboys fan now. Big Monday night game cavaliers again there's not a bigger in the NFL. It ought to be fun you know the bill that we have seen. Going in the right direction you know a lot of people like to rag on any of these forty vote. You know waste delegates is and he's looking really yeah I mean it's operated after this seniors. If you really laying blame on average ambient or you know. You guys have a damaged plant fantasy football team as we have won the office that they drag me into this year and I feel like such a geek when I'm like. Check it out football stats online trying to pick my team. I have got up and people both say no part of it and I think scope which that was of those who. And you know I have the same problem I have the last three years room I don't get any decent starting running backs. All my guess always give her credit that she answered and and I'll get leftist scraps and as we get the most points aren't that X. Smith broke his lag first game of the season I'm screwed. Hey here it's true it's throughout and it only as reference see more and more people keep on. You guys got waves on your friends of the Bali I mean we we have to pay like. A dollar for a trade or you know something stupid and you can basically violent case of beer. But you must be in the league with a bunch of other musicians and stuff right as an advance. Actually it's lawyers and people like that is what it is it's 500 dollars a person is fourteen people and it and it's ten dollars of Arctic departure date and you know it's pretty healthy stated in the that the if you want of one. Things did you do the draft to like all together with a bunch of beard did you get the club. No it into the close was called the Big Apple FA. And it's a really hopeless building had that in issues and you know we have the draft board everything everything from CBS sportsline and skills from Drexel Lester or hours and you know it's preceded by the injuries. Are scratching through whatever is left you know. Well I got to ask you because you're from Texas about the presidential election too because it just. The story just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger what's your take on the sole thing it was your governor. You know what are you have exposed to George W. Bush wait longer than anybody else think this Vietnam stuff and. Well obviously it's a Vietnam bit. I try not to get involved in the politics and and that this you know I'm I'm a lot of percent for the United States that are delivers the best forward and others leave it at this. That's a fact well son is gonna be awesome that local bazooka there's a bunch of other great bands play and we got. You know everybody from saliva tests blood. Damage plan to add you know shine down and and everything in between in the weather. I know that it's been a little bit crazy and certain parts of the country lately but it looks like mother nature is gonna give us a really nice day on on Sunday. But before too going to be they get looked forward to. Well I would just be careful it is an airport so you know security FAA don't we bring any kind of weird stuff on your tour bus to local bazooka Vinny. The gatlin won't be doing any victory. I are you going to be in town. I was in you know albeit Saturday. Globally. They can be trouble. Mobile diet aren't let's give it to own. It's awesome every with every bit with patty guys still haven disease and you got. I think he's pretty much so they say that security zone is within. You know really commit sorrows with a second record. Liquid. They've bought from damage plan tech much check them out on Sunday for local bazooka lucky thirteen years fried from damaged planet are rocks plus seven point three WA. OK so we know what happened after that interview. Local bazooka was amazing the Red Sox won the World Series. And then that December dime bag was gone. And it was a shock to the entire. Music world entertainment world for that kind of violence. For dime bag and so many others who have been killed and injured. In the Allen rose. Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio attests. I don't think a lot of people ever got over people exact wilds. Just devastated the loss of his best friend obviously goes without saying Vinny and his entire family. But it also changed the music industry fans got a lot more selective about. Who had access to use stages of backstage areas. They tightened up a lot of things like eight contest winners sitting on the side of the stage and meet and greets they hired more security. Required. Metal detectors. It just changed a lot. Ends we did. Fund raiser we sold dime bag Darrell tribute T shirts here at WA. The hands. You would you tribute on the air and it just. I still have the newspaper clippings. App from after the shooting hanging in my office. I know I had spoken to Vinny after that. But the next interview that I was able to find was actually from. November 3 of 2008. When Vinny was getting ready to release the book about dime bags life. And he called out to talk about it so here's. The. An aide Harriet I'm Harriet island. Yeah a little bit of a rough weekend would you cowboys this weekend's. You have to erupt we can't really practice week in big time now big time it was a sad weekend for both of us. I really the patriot could pull it out what's in the game but there's definitely some bonehead at Politico that. The cavaliers are pretty much had done that Tony Romo and the whole scene sucking and I've yet knit together so you know my given up on me at that they get along they along with the elements if they we had a five week if it's cancer can we get it together you know. There's nothing worse than being on the losing end of a Vinatieri field goal. Yeah especially what used to be your guy. But I don't think it hey you know I mean I think the pictures here we are Kapalua literally get Foreman BI is looking pretty years you know this there was some. Strange things to have that the into the game last night it and you know does happen sometime. At least you know that your quarterback is probably gonna make it back. Before the end of the season. Let this is true but you know I really honestly. Capsule looks like he's you know about them all the Tom Brady and you know give him another 56 games he might be able to get. He's a closer Bob Barr comedian nobody gets that prompted the demand that I mean at least it's not Brad Johnson back pitcher to throw. And yeah. Yeah I so the theory and and you're an expert so I wanna bounce it off via. It is my opinion. I call it the hot ass theory that all of these single athletes should only date ugly girls during the season. Because. Tony Romo all. Hot as girlfriend injured Tom Brady hot as girlfriend injured Reggie Bush pot as girlfriend injure I'm just saying it. You can't pick your theory totally correct and there's a difference between. Ugly girl in his they should debate up close and regular C. They're hypocrites. It. Yeah I was everywhere you weren't you look at it Gisele and Jessica Simpson and and came card dashing and it's like whether these guys can realize they can't have it all they can't have a successful season. And be tapping some of the hottest Aston Hollywood. It cannot take away from their focus and you know some aren't they always seem to come up on the injury but he's yeah I totally agree with the on the. Let's all lacking because there is a big fight till I mean you must've been hiding your mind. Sees it out starter correct this year hockey he he it's. It's not looking to get force think Marty yet. Some kind of late exhibit more effort so if he's not in the pocket and it is. We're losing I belong to fix the war on pretty regularly at that would one poor game though you're so when I looked into you'd read. I'm surprised with with the amount of sports they you're able to get to keep tabs on your at any time at all to work on this book. Well you know I abstained extremely busy since you know the tragedies happen and it's that very four years ago it. Just you know sports is part of it but music in the heat farm alive and the book with something that. Was started by my dad he felt like it would be his late two help Linda is tested legacy at. We got into what he started doing it really became just. Very special. Very captivating and despondency over it. The stuff that we did back in the day and then the collection of pictures that we were we get together in this thing and turned out really really nice to make of that November 18 to cope I beg Barrow he came to Iraq. I had done I had the same hair in the eighties by the way. You know it's a funny story so people that both he had this straight it's fair or not the main and it's Aaliyah one poor and has perm immediately. Turned its pared to just completely. Curly curly curly curly like his super Africa early and then as it got longer and longer violate you know took on the look that he eventually add that. That was actually what happened to us there want our and it did it to. Much money I would pay for a picture of your brother. With burglars in his hair while getting a perm. Yeah. Pretty sure they weren't many that is looking around that it. There really is some great stuff including the pictures you guys his kids wearing bolo ties and stop I mean. You know I'll start somewhere and you know nobody knew what we were gonna turn into invective and these are some really cool pictures that my bed dug up that gee that never even seen houses slippery you know what you madam. That you know it goes all the way back severe very beginning and Olivier in the you know it really covers everything. You know everybody knew about on the guitar player that this really let them know more about. Down the person and who wasn't what it was all about it and you know Hamachi that's the only people. I believe it's been four years I mean you said that an and I had to stop and think for a minute why has it been that long are ready. Just. Actually you know become a pop filed before on the it has blazes that. You know it's clear that the thing that's helped me get through sustained busy you know to stay focused on stuff and and it's just like this year of one of the fast this year elected remembered and does everything down viable only if there's there's so much happen in the you know since everything that happened you that it was either Australia a record and you know the whole two or year and have to write that Nelson and you know I mean this it's amazing how much. I've been able to leave and act as quick as the promised on by this flies. So what are you working on musically right now because I know that you know the hell yet guys or do in the mud vain thing right now so so what are you working on. Well actually I just saw ten Greg the other night it was nice seeing them in my basic and had some. Actually. Hopefully they'll be done scoring the middle of summer next year will be to get back together did you the next area record which were all really excited about. But it means. I've been focused on do in the book we get this completed output in the area. Tejada strip bar in Las Vegas to compliment the long we have here doubts along with a well about. And also that more people a third of the seven board yet which is located Downey from top and they that would Victor records together we're gonna go to Ramallah at least you're so it's been busy. Are you up or down and Vegas does it seems like every time I talked humorous CO. It's because you're on your way to Vegas on UA home to Vegas or literally at Vegas playing cards. But you know are out of the American love gone back and forth between there and and ballots. You know sometimes I'd get Lisa there's some badly but right now I'm definitely on the other side were the sports book is since it's been generally get on betting. And you know this but what regulate. You know the patriots left army plus six men at you got another there was going to be a close game. The pats certainly can accept that just NFL does seem like it's pretty good bet on a few states it is too we that we. Look at the FL right now where you can for the suitable 'cause a lot of people thought that the cowboys are going there and now. People answer sure. Not nobody for sure I'd say it honestly if I have to say today you can Libyans suitable they're like it or not. Definitely that you've got to be back in the NFC. I hate to say that in that eight of the cabin looked good and be undefeated Tennessee Titans in the AFC do you believe this is they're year. They got some special going on down their nationals so that's my. Prediction at this point I'm I could change you know mark tonight and one other quarterback to so that you get hurt summary as of right now. Both teaching users looking pretty on B two. Now you're baton man if somebody had told you in January that you could lay a bet down that. Metallica. AC DC and Guns 'N Roses could about come out with an album and all three of them were good. In year 2000 NA would you put money down on that. I give all the rumors that it floated around for awhile probably would have that yeah you know me. It's it's kind of a good thing about it is that I think you just think about this I mean. Between the lap time Guns 'N Roses put out a record in the last time. You have Metallica. And it won't get over he DCI AC/DC between the that. Those bands but. A record has there been any other bands come along to step into the rock arena besides leap in part that. I mean they've been around you know and so it is being collected galactic talent or something and then these bands that are around people's sort of brazen. If they count you know they're they're the bands that are bringing a platinum record back to the plate which nobody can you anymore. So I arena's which nobody could do anymore it's making a metal and our rocks aren't yet so hopefully there will be some under advanced along its intention that the senate that you planes it. And keep this thing Earl. Any does is got to be given your hope is what 61 and he's still kicking ass and you don't play good years left India. Alia and that no fear their united. You only ability fill your only those you acting on I'm always been a big seventeen year old kid. Hey down and he hit you know I live from music and rock and roll and all the things that are on in the will. In I'm not worried about media. During an incident quote unquote rock you know grip body counts and. You're a Harry seventeen year old Vinny I gotta tell you that got a lot of pat pat pat. Well this but dime bag barely came to Iraq is is so awesome just to see all of us. Old family photos in knowing that you when dad. You know put it together to really pay tribute to your brother I just think it's great and it's in stores November 18 as you sent me a copy so I had a chance to really go through it before we talked and it's just awesome so it was great to see and I love all the old pictures and stuff and all the old stories it's very very cool. Growl at its for the fan you know we we. Feel like it's very very honest and it's a 100%. You know authentic it's for real and you know what if that even anybody that didn't down want to be a great opportunity for them to catch. It's just really agreed you know it's it's a very positive Xperia. Inspiring in that speech is something that any fan any guitar player there's it would simply appreciate. Big thank you so much for con and it's always great to talk to you I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well and they got so much cool stuff going on them. It'd be honest a little nervous you living in Vegas but you know that the I think you'll be all right if you gotta pay baby sitter the fact that. Did back and forth it's sort between Vegas and house. And hopefully. You know you pad below that he'd kick in and get in the playoffs DiMarco the pick it up and that was always my dream so to revoke the cowboys and patriots. Well you know what if we can get our guys to stop bang in hot rod during the season we might be or make it happen Vinny. Now you know they've got to bring it up achieving my my club you know he's taken out of the club level absolute. Bella or could there anymore so I don't know where to pick them up that. I. Like modeling shoots for light bulb an Esquire I think it's ridiculous what's happened to our quarterbacks. I'm Tony you needed. Check it changes never goes back to the rose guess like the. Not to let it take you so much for Colin accurate accurate they can. He crammed a lot of life in the 54 years so that's all of the interview that I've been able. Fines I've been digging through the archives I think there's some stuff on cassette some plays that I'm just gonna have to work harder on restoring him. There might be some other mini disc and dad interviews I'm gonna keep looking through all of this stuff as I find more trial obviously posted. So before I am this episode of the podcasts I just wanted to read some of the tributes that have banned. Posted up on line about Vinnie. On his girlfriend Chelsea saying I wanna thank each and every one of you guys were sending your loved. Please please give me an all of our family and friends time I can't begin to describe. The pain in my heart from this nightmare I have absolutely no other words. Zach Wilde said god bless Vinny Paul. 1964 to 2018. Father Vinny your compassion for others in your love for seeing everyone around you happy I will never forget. Your heart of gold me. The world a better place go be with your beloved brother I love you. The Foo Fighters said Vinnie to the man with the sickest cakes and the best I've always. You inspired us all not only with your music but with your love and hospitality. You were one in a million and you will be messed Corey Taylor said vents. Love you man RIP and he put up an mr. Graham picture. Dave must Danes said I just woke up in Belgium to the news that my friend Vinnie Paul has passed away. And other matters metal hero taken too soon say hello to Darryl form me rest in peace my dear friends. Slash from Guns 'N Roses said tragic news about Vinnie Paul today he was one of the warmest people I knew. I truly good and fun friends we're going to miss you more than you could possibly have known are right Peabody. Geezer Butler said shocked and saddened to hear of any Paul's passing a true original. Has some good last week toward with pan terra gone too soon Alice Cooper said terribly saddened. By the news of any Paul's passing Vinny was a beloved fixture in Iraq in metal communities and we will miss seeing him out on the round. His impact on heavy music is immeasurable. Recipes many condolences to your family friends and pants. Sebastien box at rock in peace at any policy say hi to brother dime from all of us we love you. We wish she were still here gone too soon man thanks for the music and more importantly thirty years of nonstop friendship. How rare is that in this business I'm really intimacy. Gene Simmons said rest in peace Vinnie our prayers and good wishes go to your family friends and fans Paul Stanley said. So sad to hear about the death of any Paul loved when pan Terry did shows with us in the later years Vinnie was always front and center are at all of the Tisch shows our IP condolences to his fans. Scotty and said dammit I love you brother RIP Vinnie Paul. Definite Kagan said all right he Vinnie Paul friend humorist bad ass drummer all around good man condolences to the family you will be messed brown. Travis barker it's weeded rest in peace Vinnie Paul heaven has dime bag and Vinny now. Mike Portnoy said (%expletive) just waking up here and Belgium to the news of any pol I'm in total shock. Having just got a little crazier with the avid Brothers back together again are right he brown. Five finger death punch tweeted out the world has lost another legend he was an inspiration and a good friend we will miss you Vinnie Paul. Lizzy hale put up on in mr. Graham my heart is broken Vinnie you were one of the first rock stars I ever met. You saying it's not you. You saying it's not unit Meehan taxes before it was even a thank you gave me the first recover experience and made sure of one of the girls danced I get off. Not only were you an influence in a supporter of my band when you were such a good friend always there with a smile and a black two grand. You'll always found your way into our. Life over the years and we'd always pick up right where we left off. You were greatly loved and will always be part of a hailstorm families say hello to your brother for us and teach them angels to (%expletive) in Iraq till next time my brother. Bret Michaels said Vinny was a great friend my heart is aching. My prayers and condolences go out to his family band and crew godspeed my friends. There's not much else you can say I mean you can hear it every post and there's hundreds and hundreds of them. Everybody talks about his big personality. And his even bigger heart eons. Just what a loving amazing guy he was and that he was just always happy and making sure that you were having a good time cell. What more can I say. If you go to my blog at WA AF dot com which I will link. In the description this podcast. I'll put up a bunch of pictures that I have including pictures of the little kid instruments that were in the damage land studio takeover that we talked about. And the picture of the cowboy hat obviously and then some of the pictures that I found of meet together with. All of different bands he was part then. The picture of Tammany AAF happening gave him an exchange cowboy hat itself. Thank you so much for checking out episode 24 of mr. scary side piece the Vinnie Paul episode. Episode 25 is in the works. I always tell you at the end of every episode to take a big bite out of a big piece and I don't think that that phrase to describe anyone better than any pop he took the biggest bite. Out of the biggest piece and lived more in his 54 years and the rest of us can hope to live in five lifetimes. Will misty and. It's just scary celebrating twirled. As you've got down back from damaged planet if your rocket your rock you would Mistress Carrie because I know you with the Black Label Society. Call 107 point three beat you out. You know you're not in that band right dime bag I don't know Melissa those WA asked.