Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Podcast Episode 23: USMC Veterans James and Ben

Tuesday, June 12th

In this episode of Mistress Carrie's Side Piece podcast, 2 local USMC veterans tell their stories, from enlisting after 9/11, to deploying overseas, and then transitioning back to civilian life. This is an open and honest conversation about the veteran experience, that takes a look at the good, the bad, and how we can all get involved to make it better. To get involved with the veterans outreach events that they talked about, click here. Thanks to James and Ben for their honesty, and their willingness to talk about such personal topics. Semper Fi! #Episode23

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Dominant treat each airman a disclaimer from a fears he might use them that. I was like in elects almost in every house Italy's. So Alexa or me pizza and now. Mistress Gary's side piece podcast she's a woman gyroscope change on WB AF dot com. I'm a woman. Welcome episode number 23 of Mistress Carrie psyches podcast I'm Mistress Carrie the music director and midday host the only station really rocks WA AF Boston. If he just discover the podcast on iTunes or Google play horse picture you get more details about podcast and everything about me it WA AF dot com. And you can also find me on social media at Twitter at mr. scary for on FaceBook and Graham pat Mistress Carrie WA AF. So on this episode of the podcast that we try something a little bit different we're always talking about different. Military causey is ands. We've been able to have a few veterans in here including the last episode that we did with major Scott using from the Marine Corps and his book. I'll echo in ramadi. But this time I thought we were turned the tables a little bit. And rather than talk to people that were writing box. Or how old with nonprofits I wanted to talk to a couple local veterans and I happen to be friends of mine so I wanted to invite them and so that we could. Just hear their stories because. It's not just people that are writing books and people you see on TV to have compelling stories they're the people that you passed every day. And they've lived in amazing lives and done incredible things and that's what I love about this podcast. Is that were able to just kind of sit down and have these conversations. So I want a welcome Ben and James to the. Cast you guys in my side pieces. Mean please. I asked. All the sides policy and we want in this I got to the sides right now I don't get too often no more insider you know at a they does come in ten minutes or haven't I noted unlike a lot of people that come in and do like. Press junkets and they're used to doing a lot of interviews and all that stuff. You guys just had a day off today normally come up in your podcasts that this is not a normal thing for you guys to do his commitments. And Michael it's. Dominant treat each airman or dismembered from a fears he might use them that. I was like in elects almost in every house was totally to. So Alexa or me pizza. Seat now you make in everybody's Alexis go off my podcast you can tell Alexa played mr. Kerry's eyed peas podcast she will. And elects a play pre here real woman prone. I don't know bats that's the thing we guys I don't know an element element. So take essar cumin then. I've known you guys awhile actually be honest I don't remember when we actually met the first time in little hazy but I but I've known you as a light on the mountain and I just. So no you as James in banning you'd just know me as Cary eat yup by a we also do a lot of work together when it comes to veterans fund raisers motorcycle runs all of that kind of stuff so we see each other all the time. But. You guys also have really compelling stories about your time in the military. And so I really am starting to think that. This podcast is a great place for a lot of our post 9/11 veterans and all of those people that have spent so much time overseas to just start documenting your stories because you don't have to be. Famous or write a bucket of movie written about you you don't have to be the navy seal the can kill bin Laden data compelling story. And you guys are from here. And so I really just kind of wanted to go back and start from the beginning. Because you both grow up in Massachusetts and you both took very different paths in life and now. We're all here sitting in the same room as friends and the story's pretty incredible. So can we go back says where you guys grew up and what made you guys wanted to go one of the military in the first place. Too so I grew up down South Shore. Like you couldn't tell from Max and what you what that's what a minute. I grew up in Whitman spent moments amendment parents live there live nearby. But. I would memory course after. Nine elevenths so I was a freshman in high school on that. Tuesday morning and known her for you were a freshman in high school freshman and eyes what was it like I was here at the radio station when it happened I was like in school so. I was in health class in some eighty it was momentum hallway and America's under its act and rules which sharpens its launch in the damage and the team. You. Knew it was wall. What is more on this was probably like. Maybe 9:15. Nine's morning. So something we were pivotal. This. The story bodies history teachers don't lose those movies engine you move. On movies at the traits that should. See now that my memory of this kind of thing in school was on the space shuttle explode yeah. Because there was a civilian teacher on a Christa McAuliffe and so I was in Florida we went outside to watch did you really. So that was my memory of watching a huge news thing happen live in a classroom. Mine was the space shuttle what you guys were in high school watching. 9/11 on TV. Well you know I think it was. Everything that happened after that it was so mad about. What had happened you know somebody attacked us that's anonymous schools work and they hit so hard so fast. And unlike Pearl Harbor it was. Mainland continental United States. And the media made it immediate worst pro Hartley had to wait the newspaper and it was a live on TV it was so far away in Hawaii. But that's the last time that we had been attacked like that was that long ago and our grandparents telling us the stories. So frost to watch it happen live totally different it was some open. And you know I remember. Walked around that night. Handsome miniature American flags and at Memorial Day parades and Abbey's. Walked around the couple runs on him flags of people. When I was walking around there were just people driving around. Area and we Greenwood and radiant star spangled banner. In everyone's has had its patriotism pride. You know September 12 than next stage have been through Brockton. Somewhere. In this just lag on every front door. You are too young to remember this like kids that work. Like young that like not even old enough to be in school Sweden it's really hard for people especially in this political climate. To imagine America being that unified in that time but September 12 2001. We live in a very different country. Absolutely and that that sense of pride that was there it. As soon as it happened I knew what was going and Alter I don't know what Branson's Conan I just knew I was born in osu yarn and I couldn't get an early enough. I wanna match that was and one was seventeen with my. Father or mother's permission and a little bit of a struggle to get that out but nonetheless. I went man and Bosnian. Holmgren. I was the seventh Sousa senior vice wine list. Men that following summer went on. Their silent. I originally went to join the army once a doctorate in office the army was closed but the Marines Earl. That's why you picked what branch of the military now I've yet which ransom note I guess the army needs to stay open and now pat summit probably gonna catch and your full now. If seniors. But it is it is crazy because it's popular podcast in the past that. If you do enlist in the military in in other time. There was it was a chants. That you were going to be used in that way that you're gonna go to war but it wasn't certain. If you would listed. From September 12 on there was no doubt that when you when listed on that day. That you were going to war it was just a matter of where and when but everybody knew. They pull people out of retirement. The they pulled doctors out. Our surgeons in Vietnam to treat a lot of different types of and blast injuries that they hadn't been known and ever seen operated on. Decades. And are not immune I don't know a huge games. You know I went to boot camp summer. Of 2005. In that week September 2006 I was owner. Wow now. It. But it pairs our own editor school printers east I dropped my unit I went to California almost immediately for eight weeks for our training for that appointment. Ambac had a couple more ranges at three weeks off and off so that's my. I know you're pre rules do. Astor. Yeah I mean we I would adopt saga he's Boston a group winter playground right next we have put. You know I go to my fair restaurants the promise and that's actually they actually eat the night well the plan. And lifted it much you know. Anyways it was so that was it by my follows a marine. And he and talk much about it and I grabbed on to. And I want them on the puck and lose amnesties and and then I'd delayed entry program I signed up to enter programs sixteen after eleven and then left. And my team birthers and you know him my parents that Omnia. And once or show went over their learned how to play it was me and made bombs and then you can fly that you people of this thing I'm like are you that. I got over their real quickly thirty days later I'm back. Hit by rocket fire. And now. And then I get back into Boston. And Tom though it's on me. At the anatomy at the request of violence and went generals by an island. Or. You know who's who's where people as a reason you know and his staff talked to them as saying you know. Actually this is knows it is 05 ounces of buses have been guys. Actually had guys come back. And today I was you. Talked this morning when Marines are on ought. And you'd back I just came home. If. So yes so let's start to run back so make sure that so when did you graduate from high school when did you go to boot camp owed to it picked my diploma in the office. No. And so and then when did you get deployed. I wanted on who can like hopelessly. And then yearly I missed or a foreign pushing a broom. Weave around. For train in and then we went. Mark to move. Mark marks or willful. You know month to. And you were there for a month and then that's when you get injured rule over the February February. That if there's Artie yeah that is true yeah I've problems. Really feel that you probe. So that's that's when. Yeah the first time we took action in the inning and in the incoming fire zones everybody's. Been stupid. You were there for thirty days and it would CD. Rockets yeah actually we were pulling security and so the guys that are Rios at the difference there. So it is a different times of the term if from war in heavily. Bombs in the news is freeware it was a first closed on back to war zone takeover from army occupied. And groceries at what they told. So I always I always try to be. The years. This civilian people there to listen to podcast. Because you guys always. Speaking your acronyms and in your military shorthand. I'm used to it a little bit so I can catch every other word but for somebody that doesn't know a lot about the military. I always try to slow you down. And dumbed down the civilian for us still that we understand what you're talking about so when you got hit with rockets and you were injured. They'd where did you go and get treatment and what was the extent of your injuries. I just to give you an idea for reference for what we got him with his there was 3120. Known Munich teacher rockets which in essence are like in Charlotte fire and rockets from our cold brews reviews which they don't like to shoot because it moves the bird to. So it's like in Charlotte dig big asked to repeat that tanks playground this kind. And it's so what we can. He Rihanna humvee at the time seven and half an off costs. Rock. And did it have armor orcas I know that a lot of the stuff going on there was no armor on the vehicle. So war the extent of your injuries and an how many people were with few. We all want to browse Philly and in the face and die by. You know the other ones is just who are you revered stand in just one of those things it's kind of our road. And when I went in my mind you know so how many people got injured a four foot nine. You know like six didn't knock just the smallest thing but that's like. Pretty much like the main thing I hear from all my guises. They were in the right place the rights on the right people's here. What human wanna gag order. Yeah and the browns for the Broncos is it's gone you know we launch into browse through corporate and browns who have. This is it is Green Zone Green Zone and young from the PX the blues. Musician. Yeah so when they talk about the front lines. It. It there's no such thing that you could beyond basic to be at the PX you can be asleep in your Barrick she could be wherever it it doesn't matter because. It's just not safe anywhere. Muskogee is we had a wide to watch my friends who like. Liberated by far and like cities like remind you watch ice is taken back overall on the news. I got to see the base I was you know be taken. You know these are all like actual places where we fought to take ground. And we don't get to see this keep it weird. It's. There's so many questions going on in my head but I wanted to slow down and just go back so. One of the things it always comes up and podcasts. Is the amazing. Steps forward that they've made when it comes to medical treatment. Of our troops overseas. The technology. The access to fast. Medical care with the quality of the doctors that are over there. And it's the fact that you look at something like Vietnam and then you look at something like post 9/11 veterans so many. Vietnam guys died because they didn't have things like quick clot things you know like. You know the ability to just get taken to the hospital faster than the quality of the surgeons just technology is moving so far ahead. So when you're injured. Where did they take you they took me to a dirt and. In the little Noah. And I I was awake you know. And is just that their tent you know and sneak in here are making decisions they heard. And I think he's going to be able to make a distaste who medical facility in belied which was like on Xbox acceptance of honest boxes though it is. And not today but that's all laws. And I asked the technique Korman chick who's gonna make him he's off now take off my dogs are women wearing it and swallow up. Honestly it's still there has its though this is like what might might pick who's known and look at them like I heard I'm automate the stage to allow. And that's it. But that's the beginning of a weird weird story of five pass all that. It really doesn't matter because you couldn't translate everything that we've done here for everybody that's never really in the just one of those things he would. Live past due incorporating like move on. And I dislike. It I like that I've gotten deceive my generation. And my old. Four years eight years twelve years fourteen and a half years of watching veterans here in the military. In our back. And now we're getting involved. We're gonna make changes. We're gonna do the right thing in Indian community in everybody's him. I'm gonna isolate yourself and children's. You know. I worked for the state for a little while at work you know first his pops. At the local level opened that. Politics is one thing governments and other who were just general term motorcycles in turn keep. For as long as we can. Well that's that's one of the goals I have with this podcast as I wanna be able to share your stories. Because. We always say it comes up almost every episode bridging that civilian military veteran GAAP. Because there are so few people that go into this all volunteer. Service that we have now that are affected. By eight. That the larger populist isn't involved. Because they're not in the military they don't have a veteran or someone in the military and their family. And we need to bridge that gap because in World War II oh. Or even Vietnam with a draft. It was so much more widespread there were so many more families affected. And what we've done with an all volunteer military is we've asked you guys that voluntarily go and sign a piece of paper to do that job for us. Well when you come back with what you're talking about about keeping veterans alive and moving this a forward. It requires everyone's effort collectively to make these things happen. And if you don't have a veteran in your family to hear the stories of your service and what you've done. It's important for people to hear your story which is why you guys are here today. Because we're moving this stuff or were trying to galvanize a collective effort to get people to understand that when it comes to. Veteran suicides. Are substance abuse way or there's. You know with. Faults in medical care system in the VA all of these things. It's not impossible to salt. But what is impossible. To do is to solve them without everyone. Knowing about it and everyone getting involved and demanding better. Our politicians. And releasing the funds to do the research and all these things. And rather than just talk about nameless faceless people on the news and statistics you guys are here you're from here he grew up here. This is what makes a personal and the fact that I know you guys and that we're friends so. I'm so grateful that you guys are willing to talk about your stories and talk about your experiences. Because. For someone that doesn't have I mean I'm I'm lucky in that I'm surrounded by veterans constantly. End. Having been overseas in the small capacity that I have and I understand a little bit. But for you guys to be so open and talking about it where as you talked about your grandfather. Where you talk about a dad that just never told you his stories. We should have already learned by all his mistakes and other wars we should learn after World War II we shall learn after Korea we shall learn after Vietnam. And unfortunately where Reese all the. These problems. You know you're just being here opened up the ball. Inside yeah I mean. Area clear parent and you turn keep that little kids for the longest time they fought really hard to create that type of community. But you know somewhat irritable. And then you know it makes no heat that he. Now. You can talk about how much water regulate government health care and now many benefits that we should have in the span. You'll like it. Wonder what people are coming back on things and not make it through but at the fight artist of their life reading of disability. You know you mean piece that I can Wear my chest that says I'm broke in and ordered for you hope. That's wrong veterans to help veterans and any but he just wants to help other people should be business to business relationship. We should be using what we know and learning. It brings new people come back. It them in the industry. Have a tie on to from the wars. But like backing. You could set up like an Amazon warehouse. Full effort and the talent and people you'd get. It. I. Indices convenient stop looking. Our problem problem giving it access it to really do business ventures. Putting the work and money maker sells. Well let's talk about when you've got injured. And you know they taking to stage two which he said was alive when did you come back seat to the states and where did you go for treatment did you did you go to Bethesda. Onstage to medical facility bloody silly ups so we don't leak out on new way to Germany to Germany and they send I'm a marine with out. Obvious head injury at the time it is Walt three was tasked to TV guys and amputees and anything else. This going to with those of a dozen Marines and one of those in the hospital. Long story short two weeks there my family everybody's like well you're gonna go back to do decisions in unity you know things don't bust that up going home going back home. And Winthrop Boston went home. Or government would now. That's kind of home. So what what you're what's the extent of your injuries just so that people listening now because you're you're sitting here in a wheelchair but the people listened podcast don't know that so can you just. Tell me what your injury is. A bunch of shrapnel blew up pieces in my spine in my intestines and things just work differently now and you can do right well I mean yeah yeah it's weird announced it is awkward you know and I moment it's. And and and I'm and I want you to know that I'm grateful you're talking about it. Com. On the do everything authority like. And RD exhausted every other systems state local and well that's why when you're talking about the disability part of it it's because you speak from. Absolute. Years of experience in the opportunity. I'll open up the biggest marijuana cultivation facility here in New England like at the backing are all veterans and they know not commit suicide. Not not don't like that. At a blustery. I mean you can't take that that that feeling someone's. Pain living in an effort torture daylight is going to be there until. You know there anymore but we understand. That we're here for the long haul us don't listen here live hardly fastened at that now. Step aside let us do that. Let's do this and on our own way. Now one of the 65 retire an intern. In Elmira. On a bunch of rocks in the end punch approximately. Drama all along the way to swung again I think with this guy attacking each other alive. That's the name of the game. What you has lived a lie or. You know you both Landry court seventeen years old post nine. I mean you write a piggy you guys were head on into one open. So. You were in Iraq in 2004. At each. Work. So when and where did you and Albert. I'd deployed in 2 thousandths. Am. It was a money. In. Which if people listening in recent podcast from mine comes up. So major it was on last week. 24. Came to Vermont one moment there in my time was reference number. So one of things he mentioned was bush. So when bush that was the exert that these are we punch that we need and so they announced surge when we were there and they announced surge. Resent our. So we came down. If post and watch. As huge. Not a at Cheshire cat evil or in. What order be your wander a 180 days. Wallace in bad guys and the walls and counters at. This is warmer property area home. After election away in town. Deals. So who are you aware when you're over the first two cents in and but it's. James who were you when you're just accused there's Marines listen Whitman who was whip it was. Is against the wrong in an airplane with ordinance as opposed. All that's going on now yeah I. Am. Yeah I was goes worry. Now we've and it. Was on the ground we transition. Unit. Jewelry that was over under per. Audience in artist by. The 800 Americans are tuchman cancer and her mom. What money was it's about forty miles west of everybody remembers imports of woes. In all wars happen. Well. So are holed. Art. It's curtains up when older money. Started out there. Real. It's pretty. Now when I when I was in Iraq in our September of 2006 but because I was embedded with the army. I was either in the Baghdad area and I went up through blood you know which was a lot more. In 2006 that was when you went through there to get medical treatment in 2004 when I was there they called it more to redevelop. And it was. A pretty established base there was a lot of stuff there at that point and I ended up in the south like mentally ill and do you when he and stuff but I was hearing stories from the army. About what the Marines were doing an Al Anbar Province and everybody was talking about it. And we didn't as far as I knew at the time didn't have. Massachusetts based units there and I knew you're going to be active duty guys from mass there. A lot of easily from Boston outs and out coax and you can spot him because his nickname is probably Boston whatever his name as. Boston band Boston my body's machines usually ask. Easily everybody kinda hates him appellate and he's wearing a Red Sox yup and about sums it up yes ma'am that's about it. So. So you got there in September of 06. And then when was that date of the push wind they reset your clock to go back to zero. Reason. December remaining. The December January remember that when and as marine deployment usually underneath it's yet he's about 67 months. And we were coming in and and we are in the lockers until. You know there really are in there and makes reds and director of emergency. It's your wrist realize science you know we have referred month lately its nearest jail like insurance provided by the government. Service. Your country and we will be awarded 400000 dollars if you are. That's yet to predict an image but yeah. So we're like when you know it just trying to scare us. Until we got there and and three days and was moderated. By vehicle born right. And apple post destroyed three days appointment. It almost looked around. All right this is legit and then. What do they call it when they said that there was a certain amount of days at the beginning of the a deployment that we're the most dangerous. Rip. Rip and now units replacement in progress. Or. So it's like the transition time when either yeah both units there usually is an advance party too early to. No whale hands when you get you your guys that's been on. Yeah that's what I was in his return to visited the base from army backed them in. And at the moment. So. I was with. Brigade climate team seven's so tactically. It was a marine unit and we were underneath the army brigades. So. If you look to list a to point units in all it says in these cities that's the army army was run on. Or world witnessed it in command of ours is a marine unit which would regiment on. His part of the game. It's weird stuff we have some kind of shared party. With the army unit. At that time everything was so crazy everything has been used so fast and it is. It was loose it was real fast in the watch area we had. Weapons of the army oral. Report on its just catch it. Every and anybody that's ever been around the military usually branches of the military are very territory. Usually is this is we need this is my staff this is my mission this is what I do but at that tying him. Things are just so blurry and crazy. That it was just like if you got to fly an American flag on your arm where put your war aptly so I mean where I was I was right on round Michigan which is the main east. The west running street. Highway in Ira you type in his arm as everybody knows. That's one of the things that the Americans do when they win when you get a divvying up we talked about on the last I just giving up. What your mission is and whatever is that. They renamed all of us like they like rubbish if it wasn't Michigan before we learn they renamed all the streets. And and you guys had your own maps of things and got your territory whenever but anybody that knows what route Michigan his nose at. You were right in the middle of everything soul like. To explain that weird kind of you know everyone's lead in over into each other and there's no defined lines with the B centenary in. We cannot smoke cigarettes outside because it was such a constant sniper in mortal threat. We could not go outside as we're torn right and long on the one hour patrols were going opposed. So. We do know we're inside the whole time we only patrolman. Or one. Transitional. Rules. And. Can you guys talked to me I just from minute about. The quality. Of the training when you're talking about enemy snipers and stuff you talk to me per second about the quality. Of the training of the enemy. Like you know I think there's a certain perception that it's just a much a guy is. You know living out in the desert somewhere that are just hodgepodge and stuff together with duct tape and can. You know the the thing about the enemy that Dan and insurgents were talking via this isn't. We're not talking about every day Iraqis were talking about the terrorist isn't you know the worst of me cute guys out of story around that word you know. Just regular insurgents as people. In white Americans would do everything in the and interfere with an American operations. And you know one paper in that we have. Ever heard about the tensions. Are rising around. In. That I was in ramadi. And it was at the guy from. The American sniper is that that the the character in the eyes yeah that's I mean it was loosely based on someone like that sold the background info on this. You know we have woes. It was a checks and change it rained. Sniper. That was it is he was really up there for sport that was is that he worked or didn't have an affiliation any Portland so it is Americans. I mean there was it was one day hit. To a mouse hole. So we're talking about the whole it's maybe two inches in diameter liked cocaine so when he walked in by that council on it. How far away a couple hundred yards so the math required. The skill required to fuel up a shot like he was really. Really and bullet that went in right in the you know some of the it's on the equipment that these guys you had your radio rag tag. SPD easier in. Track and those were later ages. We it would be oh point seven millimeter. Machine and number two separate idea. On 51. Guy. Much on. The round went through. Ballistic glass in the post went through his first sappy plate install the second. Rihanna if details that extra effort month. Opens the world go real low where water around and you know is really. They can any address the league that's. That's garbage that's weird and that. So I picked callous. That's used to shoot down yet it's a gut it click on you seem mounted on the top of our our armored vehicles. You shoot down you can to Gambill. And that's something we have video room. Oh. So I mean these guys knew what they're doing and we knew we do about it. Com can speak to my battalion in the way that we try and you went to war. That way anything better than that happens in the wind so you have to go get them months that and you just turn off. You'd have to turn off concern is you're in jail here's a great driving force but. When you have to fight you have to fight. So it in the way that some his training and explain to me is that you're the training is batter. When you never successfully complete the mission in training you know so that you constantly always say always strive to Cuba right. So what we did it till now so. Uses a munition rounds over in California we had a troll one day so my platoon of thirty guys. And they killed. Everyone in my putts and such but guys are trying to insinuate that only odd guys while still fighting at the end of the strain and it's. And you know we finished. And after after report on those. This is where you guys had been head and just always. Appreciated that things can keep getting worse so. You don't freeze. When it. You fight through and you keep. Can you. And you you're gonna know the story that I'm talking about. The story that's come up a lot in the last couple weeks and can you tell that story are you allowed to talk about a story okay because this story. And it and it comes up to what happened last week which I want you to talk about as well but can you go back and talk about. What happened in Iraq that led to where you were last week. So. On that it was about. Be in November 2000. Knows I opposed the government's. Hand. Walk round. It's. The people. Government people military. Will be able. Some guys with uniforms and designations. And ours. Stripes could aggregate could be contractors. Had foreign military led government contractors. Government agencies we. Know it. Because we had I mean it's bought on that drag. People comment along the rough stuff groundless whatever supplies orbiter were at war which is more often do. It's on American flag on its. A well. Once one war. So there's just a lot of map. Soul on the rooftop. That's firefight in Tokyo and I was used to be by myself and right outside my door there guys taken any. Normal. It's and let's look in his rifle never seen. This rifle. And is called seat QB. And it's an answer to him four and sixteen. That is about when he it has. On polls now. Pakistan must be important you know. Amorim what's going on like. Well sir you're known and to go verbatim here some hassle over there is Poppins as immense amount Arctic and as I said that another person fired him. Soul re engage enemy at that point coordinate fire and all the polls at re you don't normally tunnel it was okay Kissinger and it matter to me mr. some guys in you've had not. Just cool gun and you were just notices do my name is needs in mind. I. It. So grab a needless while leaders with name and what's going on and as munitions. And not economic just. So after this post calmed down after six hours law. And pulled him first sergeant. You know that is. When you walk. You know that's general Mattis. The commander. Of expeditionary forces might. OK and you know Egypt he talked to people that way in person if you wanted to talk to people that don't bring him to my post that's. And the iconic. Room. At the time he was still in the Marie he was the commander army and a marine expeditionary. Forces do so the second marine. As this thing and he's now secretary of the death kind of a thing the press nicknamed him mad dog madness. That's only known by its. So. Come some years later James and I rides others. American capitals are more as well. We have a lot of events throughout the country. A couple of years ago tools or management Marine Corps was morals of the guys on the roof at that time. We reaching ninety goes you know marine myself in the general would tell that story all the time and we laugh. You know you're just going off the chain of saying whatever you wanted and you couldn't care about anything else and just yet mountains that well that's O works. Is it would take Jamie's on and egos you know if you're coming down a Virginian and it's on you Jimmy at all. Elementary coming down and write a couple weeks ago in a coma days are major. Damage in the next week. He goes a tail we call over Nazi generals. Like that mr. secretary. Happy to it at Stanford. Is Dolan gas so I'd. Start it all back and race. Use it and these weird some green to phone numbers starting. Something works. Lewis target and weird it's appropriate to phone calls them. Was breached by the users front office. Secretary wants me. That's right. It's. Email. Now. And day. As you were down in DC because it was it was memorial you know it's Memorial Day. I. It was a great trip but just. Before an early. Ozone. As it was known. And tool and escorted. I'm part where generals. Dignitaries all these people part. Shall but below. And the and weasel like help you and again appointments that their defense DO shipment targets camera. Right. In my view do yeah it's good to wave me through burritos. Molesting of these world. Wide or they'll. The cops. What do you. This is entered a note. Well. It. And he's he's as we know we've all. It's. Ever walk. And and Bert. General Mattis is Amos. For Haiti. Party acts yes dis I think to the point where he's on his way in DC annual meeting and he gets stuck in traffic. He has been photographed getting out of his vehicle with his staff and walking to the meetings so as not to be laid himself. So your sweat right now because you're looking at to watch going and. Well now. So they all over the radio you more like there execute on the this. Isn't by. Okay field aren't real men and notes on the bike room. And it is via their point to a Parkinson on record here this war military to eat. There. And so it was right before memorial lot of stuff. Part there children on the security than. In your ass or personally off. On. Him and members instantly. Odyssey marine does look well. Of all the stuff when it's in there in. Two years after. Talking about the giant beards you thought moment appeared in ago lap that's yes that's weighted. In opposite moments. Majors. The two and for those. Watching. A different plane and. Yeah it's weird. It just they just call this guy perceived to be off mystery. If they want to amend a one of the most secure buildings. And one of the most high profile people active in our government right now yeah it's and you rode your Harley there. Now I approach at a price. My weight down nets yeah I really class that the monitor on for about its slope. I talk to the secretary and you know survives in the wrong. Mood and its abilities in regards although it I don't know Mario's the other put them on heroes today. You know secretary has hurt its schedule. Well all right so. And let me just gonna squeeze you end up in a manner no ship the nets appointment he hands amendment nine point five in the appointment of refinement with the prime minister Bosnian believe. Kristi did here I am right beam me and the media slow. Lot of small world stuff. Now. It's but that's a story that. If you can have the picture to back it up. Blake you wouldn't believe it but you weren't a firefighter is a Lance corporal and Iraq in 2006 in general Mattis was beat UN. You know and that happened in. And he said rumors on egos and I remember throw the enemy units and over you when you were brought in it you were to blurt out there. Leo certainly to be honest I really didn't even. You filled analog gaps because it was so long ago when so many things here in the heated moments ago it's not accuracy and Britain and then I'll walk in now with him. And there's some. Admiral. Three star admiral. NATO whatever it is this is the Marino was talking about firefight that story and told him. So he's been telling this story for years. Without meeting with me and I have asked army pants you're. That I your general knows is right. Yet you are Greek or folklore. And goes I'm confident at. An equally bad happened. But today you know that's anybody that knows dude it's not surprising you're that guy and that's the weirdest thing is it was such a strange life that something like this. Most of the damage cents it is now. So I mean you know with all Latin. So let's talk about. You know it's it's not all jokes in meetings general Mattis. You know part of the reason that we're in the fight there weary and you know combating suicide and substance abuse and traumatic brain injury in posttraumatic stress and all the other issues. That are plaguing our veteran community right now is that. You know we're asking you guys to do a job. That well eighty signed up to do and but be like a firefighter or police officer anybody that does that kind of work. It's impossible to come out of it unscathed. Because we're asking you do something that's so extraordinary. Outside of the bounds of normal corporate nine to five suburban life sitting in traffic with a dog and two kids in a picket fence. That you know they they describe posttraumatic stress as. Normal reaction to an abnormal situation. So. Can we have a conversation. About. What it's band like trying to come back home. And not be on a rooftop in ramadi in a firefight every day and what that's lake in that transition getting back here because I feel like we can't. Fix it. If we don't talk about. Yeah I mean I'd. I don't jams that me up on this were there for three of us in this room are no strangers to tragedy and I have known. What if you guys who have taken their own lives because they haven't. If I went away and don't understand where they're supposed to be and don't see an option. So. James and I we ride together. How long it lasts but we also were out with. All laws we drove up the child poignant. Where. And one in Diego and mores and Austin's in four hours before you went out on motorcycles. Pull out six motorcycles and point five for trio. Reports was put. In. San Diego. That the 54 hours. I've driven cross country with Mike Hsu in yen from real Iraq TV back in the day. Uganda that wide part of Texas at like 3 AM. You get that white line fever because you've just been opt for wait too long dry if if if no it didn't listen this is never about our road trip an experience that kind of thing that we're talking about you gotta do certain. But saying good. With a degree of it at Atlanta dream relative had been by and plug them as well. Time we brought eras and read time and hated each other like pretty good amount. That's on that. The oval that's part of the inaugural ball disgusting. We fight over the windshield wipers. And now. We need these and we hit this torrential downpour in light. And an option of it's all would you read this which these things out. Q your drop in the rest of the way and then with her district with alcohol. Well it's like it anyway drive. It worked well enough that. It down from them all of them. The life is yet. These outlets this is open that we. We use and the only guys. Use optional. Here's what you said while ago guys walked in themselves away. It was a whole hold serve prolonged. You know your VFW American legions. Old crotchety that's. 9 AM comes around it Libya posed only dues. And I'm muscles. Let's be clear about the veteran experience in America warts do they got welcomed home to a Macy's day ticker tape parade is. World heroes. Ends. Korea. Was kind of this forgotten. War. We go into Vietnam which was politically. Contested in and split the country in 20 man and we had guys going over there. That. Did you sign up they didn't volunteers ages their number dappled. And they went and ended up the plays that they never envisioned now and then there were other people that number grappled and found a way to get out of it. And then there's other people that volunteered trying to go and ended up in Texas simply reason or ended up in Europe some place and never went. So we're dealing with. Of better we're we're dealing with a generation used to be community problem. Right now that are built exactly and we. So there's there's people with survivor's guilt that that are of the Vietnam generation that did Inco. Then there's people that did go to Vietnam that did anyone to be there my uncle Friday who I've talked about on the podcast before war. Got drafted and came home after. Being shot in the neck with a purple heart. And had changes uniformity airport thrown in the garbage because just wearing. Brought on. All of this negative attention from his own community trying to come home in just. Those guys that told us they told me you know now's your timer it's like you know the newest thing knows that. Don't be surprised and forget you know it's been said meaningful. By Vietnam guys you're talking about absolutely so the Vietnam guys couldn't. Reach out like it's like award to guys came home and it was like well that's what we did and now I'm gonna go back to my life and a lot of our grandparents and. Really aren't the only dummy in his a lot of rate being on the back in our you know help. Need a Mac but it's that's Al this Dreiling is out. Yeah not not bad Nottingham I say we've made mistakes as civilians and this happened before I was born. But but the American popular and political ideology affected the use the that I I kind of thing well it fit to print them. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the political decisions. Never ever ever ever ever showed our troops. Pay the price. For those decisions that were made on cap but apps will have ever and that's perhaps that. And so those guys I'm talking Vietnam era. Vick couldn't be out in the community amongst them like like rallying up support the public because the public authority turn their back yeah. So they did find solace behind those walls because they had to stick together because they didn't have anybody else. And the purpose of conversations like this. Is. To take those balls back down again because no veteran. Should have to rely on. Our veterans. Group behind a wall man. That. We we we may mistakes we should be repeating. And those Vietnam guys. I believe now there's a massive concerted effort I feel like. And a lot of it's being spearheaded by guys like you with a post 9/11 generation that's on hold on a second. These guys to. Ups and without those guys where we are now with no pattern appreciation. Everybody with the service. This one of this without those guys pushing built on the back right of those guys who got Ron Paul and had a buried their pride because of them. Ball sense. And say that investors as the shared feeling they had reasons why. We are getting better treatment and he Rivera off they would in. These doors are opening in we're getting more people wasn't the most important. Not out loud where again. And it's a fight every day and it's like any panels that's how hungry are you. Internet. And James and I and I think we're a 100 most and our fight is too. Make sure that. Everyone's taken care of nobody has to. Suffer. Under some. Also idea that they did in two and they should've done more because that's that's that's not the issue. It's and this is a this is a multi headed serpent we're trying to slay here not because we've got things like. Brain injuries and posttraumatic stress then we've got things like. An old VOA issue. Because you're trying to deal with physical wounds and then you get addicted to the medication to treat the physical wounds and now you've got an addiction wound on top of that. Just so these things that says one of Arnold that's me that's just one more head on Sanderson underlies it anti size and anti psychotic since these medications in triples. And it's insane. In another thing of it is is like the evolution of patriotism that you deal with and as you learn as you get older and you take in each experienced. Stars as a flag waving it and you work your way up. There's a certain belief system that we believed in at 171617. Years old that we says we're gonna go and work. As we came home we adjusted. The way we continues EU mission. Was still move forward that's the only way. We will. We stuff. And this is we do it we're gonna see here and Ohio ways we do it it is dances to. You guys do you know you know I autism rates he'll often write something that was before and then lose tonight it grows along the way. It really puts everything in perspective. Makes. It's easy pick up your bootstraps lingo. It's not about. As individuals it's about taking care rose instances in the sand. And everybody if it's left behind. Nobody comes home only com home broken and we realize where the biggest problem that it. Army's handling or non stop the pain. He's a solution based minded individuals. Eliminating threats threatening and you know TO in it. Looked at from a different angle so its. And that's hard earlier gonna like me to think about that you could think that you were a burden on your spam because I. I I don't know your family but I can't imagine them saying. That they agreed with GO. Let's just take a look at simply as you can after how many straight days of no sleep. Does them human body create you know it the Psycho you've become psychotic you develop psychotic tendencies you sort hallucinate the real thing. Insomnia is huge amongst Americans again. You know your your deal of brain injuries that are changing the chemicals in your brain make you do things that you he would do. Itself many Keating to feel normal. Or self awareness training glee and Medicaid. And disarm mormons and resonance that. This Italy says it's a multi facet of thing and they're talking about. This is an onion that's never ending but we all just gotta push forward. And social music great tool. You know being able to get out here and really talk with people face to face and a place like this and this way cooler. But I'm just on a few of the moment in my right Lamar was going to be able to do Romanian. And. And it's it's one of those things too when it's this is you know part of it's hard to talk about. But when your in these battles you know they hate you you get home you've got an injury. Medication and there's self Medicaid being now you start getting into run ins with the law. We're having these issues also in the military zoo now you start talking about less than honorable discharges. Dishonorable discharges. So now those people that were having issues that are service related. Now are being cut off from there. Treatment options because they don't have the right discharge status to be able to get VA benefits or they have a criminal record now and so. It would be easy to just say Ali Al that that deserves to be in jail because of whatever like I've gone and spoken at the humvee program up until America. And it's a special. Part of the jail. That's just for veterans. That treats specific veteran issues. To try and combat recidivism rate receipt of it is in rate. Inside the prison because of the issues that are specific to veterans trying to keep them out of jail. But that if you've all of the bread crumbs back it's all back related to service. And these are balls that are getting dropped just because either people don't know bottom people don't want to talk about it or sometimes it's just not pretty to talk about. But it's all part of the process. It is and I think that's one of the hardest things for guises. You know not only. Asking for help but knowing who announced in where maps and home based program as one of those one of those programs that is to a phenomenal work veterans. And it's regardless it just discharge status right which a lot of organizations. Want your discharge discharge status to be positive. And so if you have less than honorable or dishonorable. They won't treat you and they and the home based program does an rich Cooley they went in as a mission statement of post 9/11 veterans. They've done such amazing work they've opened it up to all generations of veterans now in in a decade that's pretty amazing. And I mean I know a lot of guys Lucas and have a problem with asking for an open as I talk to Gaza I served well and to the stale or. It some you know struggling sometimes. Like. They sang together went forward and you know this he'd sworn in her home runs always let's. Something that guys get I have seen a Lawton. Try to help people get out of one I see it is surprised some of sell short. Again this is that is going to and now let's not. Without getting specific and personal. What are some of the things that you've seen your friends or people you know people you served west. What are you CNET help. Yes you guys are getting together. But what kind of programs. What kind of resource is have you seen that have made positive differences in people that you now. Yeah I connect him to something bigger than themselves. Out that float around like about colossal and if the plan right direction build communities if something is always something wrong. This can Brandt shields and you know when you're preserving everybody knows Bryant is the most. We'll be talking about Brian I think we come back from the cape. And we're talking about Brian Mike Allen these guys don't know Holden signs suggest the on the bridge holy crap its third truth Brian and adapt to it. General and Ghana Bryant. I passed in the tougher. Not into if you don't know Brian Brian you know he had tough Clinton throwing up whatever he's got his own issues but he's the most in you know in everything I think in in the east survives. Base he told doc told the post like this and you guys you meet on. Hey we keep Moscow. You know you get out there you become part of something that you believe in. And in doing the right thing grows and you tracked the right people the only thing that we were tough is the American way you know how we got to have Reece beach and how how this country was found who's really historical town here. Yes you were taught the right way to do so you do it you don't forget about the evil. You can do only so much from nine to and some walls somewhere. It is a life you know I can we have on the island on him he had to walk with somebody who's talking now when nobody else's listen. Just listen in. You counted so much fun and there was as a one of those things I ever did was start writing and start writing. Wood Brothers and Bryant's. Does that when therapy it's just like please god yes it's. Clear your head right because when I go back. Atom. Producers from the front and knead in there and in doing some really stupid they tried it. And a lot of most things. To get that adrenaline rush or not know and a lot of people ask because they think I'm crazy that I go skydive written and I try to explain to them. That it forces you to quiet all the voices. Focus on one thing. But skydiving. Is a lot safer than people think it is it's highly regulated. It's it's extremely safe if you just run the numbers. But it gives you that adrenaline rush of doing something dangerous or whatever but in as safe as environment as it can be canceled. Oh wait I used to try to match which are those on the order unknowns and and cement been well in the wrong highways from headlights metal night. And try it that governor Mike talks. Eternal headlights off so went to college offs but nonetheless. It is was doing anything to try and it wrapped up in the middle on that Johnston. You know learned that yet drones awesome and it's about right now. But you have to do some weapons and in some. Well the down shifting from a firefight in ramadi on a rooftop. And to being home in North Carolina are in Winthrop or wherever and abrupt it's a very abrupt change and I think it's something that. We still haven't quite figured it out I I've talked to some more to vets and they said you know it it took us months to get home because we were ownership. Common home from the South Pacific or we were coming home from Europe is so we were all. Squished together on a boat. All having had a similar experience. Is so we all decompress together. But when you guys come home. You're there one day. I mean I experienced that myself that you know I took off like a bull. In eighteen hours later. I'm in terminally alone in weather iced coffee in my hands. And that down shift. It'll get yeah well. I mean I was only gone for three weeks and it took me awhile to kind of down shift in decompress. A year two years however many deployments you have. Going back through the process of an injury and being in a hospital and then being at home and just trying to go back to life as quote unquote normal. And even touch the life part of this conversation. You know we have been talking about girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands wives all that honors in the mothers and all that stuff. That at this stuff that's a challenge. To everybody. That hasn't. Been blown up or ban on a rooftop in ramadi. I knew what it what's the divorce rate now amongst military and veterans it's 90% now. Person was management is so first warriors duplicate meters in the first four years the divorce rate is nine beepers. Good now they are giving can be. That's her that's it there and wait and out of the merits. It's regulated I listen more for anybody that doesn't know what that is PH is why it. Tax free money that's 120%. Times his salary is any degree in Marine Corps basic allowance for house. So if you are not gonna live in the Barrick state you get. Money to be able to find a place to correct this morning's topic. Which is how to give it a local example. Okay sure you wanna have Coast Guard you wanna have navy in Charleston. No heat three in the navy can afford to live. Anywhere near Charles now say you would get PH to be able to live and function and do your job right all her tan housing. And as. Your Boston its law more than it is and it's little yeah you're legally 875. Dollars at a mansion double wide. John when he moved from here moved in the moment you've known as I've known. About month. Well let's let's talk about the personal relationship part because this is apart that I can relate to because I ban. On the other side. Has you know the partner. Of the better. That's that's in the bed and get woken up by the nightmares that you know is there in the middle of the night because of the insomnia that. You know tries to be as supportive as I can be without having any idea what the hell I'm talking about. And only you guys. Crew hanging. Skiing I. Each time. Man. And those songs out there yeah. Yeah and it end and Chester Bennington wasn't a veteran and somehow he was able to kind of capture that experience in music anyway it's a human experience right. This team being so so let's talk about. You know that that experience from your perspective. And my perspective because they're it's completely. Opposite sides of the core I. You know it's that that as a partner I wanna be there to help you and support you. And I wanna be their illicit. But also have to admit that I cannot relate to what it is that of setting you know and hide a week. Is there's a lot of military spouses I've seen Alou. Albeit being overseas myself. I've been contacted by a lot of military spouses asking me for help it in perspective. Asking me for help and understanding because they feel helpless man. How do they help what can they do. I mean I've been personally. It. It has to come. Naturally it in your parents need to come naturally to him before. It's one of the worst things that anyone can do it anyone is. You have somebody that's having some issues as try to pry out what problems. And I'm gonna relationships and I'm sure those girls can speak to it that someday is on Tuesday anger and you know I'm just Andrea we'll talk about it don't want anyone. Talk to me or try to make it matter to us. Chronicle my own way and I can only imagine how hard it is to be on the other end. And. Especially at the veterans. Unmanned. And then spouse is a woman because they're female. Nature. Is to nurture. You and it's a situation that they can't nurture them at all. The governor in the most and you really want them nurturing you guarding and to them and time that. It's past the conference on new month here. You know he's going to be there. And he has no basis acute. Each its partner and it's. And distrust him so that's not to trust as I think any veteran guys have had a relationship where his. Girl you know in new that the Gerlach that there was no trust and the relationship he can't lock your cellphone. We don't know attachment and it's not an. And and we get dirty she gets through reason human. And some of our dirty secrets are forever but he he's gonna trust in the person anyway mr. incentives. A veteran human. Human. Point of its rank and as a center it's so difficult for partners. Archer yeah. There's. We've made a lot of ground and covered a lot of ground to get to this point weren't. June 4 2008 in. We talking about the podcaster all the process will be able. I'm. Angry I'm I'm you know admitted. Does the whole both adaptability embassies have been going in and understanding nurses. Walked away. You'd think all the training that you guys. Do you think that something light is is their training possible. Do you think if there were program. Further there's significant other's girlfriends and wives. Is there a way. Is he Haram. There is that it that it Q in my opinion to cookie cutter people with real problems are gonna take advantage of them. They're there they do work for people who work for the people who have real problems. And people like my friends love a overcome them. He can't bring these are some things that aegis. He tampering to certain people because it's not everybody's problem. Are they coping skills that they can teach them that's a lot of practice on that's open means. There again and make sure that a family which is huge and they should get more family members to talk to other family members. Yeah that's what I meaning like can you get the spouses together. The way that they you know there are support groups for say. You know addicts are there. More troops. I think when we get together we have a barbecues or whatever we do I see happening naturally ranked you know. Grown girl we just mainly to family I mean we we were down DC. Moreover most crazy incidents. And somebody thought. It was safe enough to bring their ball year old son. You know to experience Washington DC Ronald all of these or fighters not seen a whole lot. Especially when we get a message back from the dad wasn't there you're sending your son you know. Hang around with you know what Heatley don't know. Another veteran. If you get that respect back from them and who knows that he he felt good day his son was in good hands and that's creating their community. And it can't and early think that that's what Americans thrive on news and its human thing. And we just need to stop dissecting it so much to start talking huge helping each other people here left right. You know. It heat it sat there on the and every second attack and was non non animal. People that things that is scary to be getting close. But it immunity on communities. Now. I think this is one of those. One of the things that's that's a difficult with the female veteran. Population because at first they warn you Israel veterans and they were so few of them the building that community. And then you've got their spouses therein an extremely unique situation can you imagine the role being reversed and you being the spouse. And your girlfriend being about Aaron and what that experience would be like. And so it's a completely different set of circumstances. And again. Something that just has to be talked about. There's got to be the book circle of a bunch of high ranking officers wives husbands whatever. That sit around and talk about these books and talk about the problems on some type of scale. We're not all on the food you know sergeant and below pretty much or whatever you know. Better decision here in barbecuing increased over time there's some people our friends that are still on that are getting things done you know. In the military now. They have to think things on different level you know there there are organizing a community and everywhere they go so I think that it's out there. But I think. Stuff like this and bring awareness to Newton and just letting people know it. Arctic ammonia comfort zone when you're on the right people I think he can only help. How do you do it right. I mean into the amount. And number. Way. I build my own handling my. My family histories once Airways. Well introduce scare from toys every day of violence and keep him very. There is a difference I believe between a relative benefit. I think a relative of somebody that you're genetically tied to but not necessarily family. And there's people that are in your family that you're not genetically tied to an anyway she performed. All the war far as my food. And that's when the connections well. Not so that's like good at that things are slowly but it. I don't know. I don't know I think we get more veterans involved in the it more family members involved stop looking at it from like that your chair tee tied. It is definitely news part cherries there spearheading some of those programs have. Give opportunities the opportunities. That some of the most. No military stick mines and one wars in progress on. But those people in some of these big positions. That we can have a ways to take care. Well there's a skill set there's eight is a certain type of person that's gonna sign that piece of paper to go into the military. There's skill sets that are learn along the way in your military experience and you don't lose those skills when you come home. The drive the work ethic there's stick to it now has the problem solving. You're you take those skills back out of the military again and could put them in two. Work in the civilian sector. And their universal skills that can be translated into any. And you know leadership opportunities and you know that when we're talking about the multi headed serpent. Unemployment. And you know opportunity if you spend ten years in the military. You're ten years behind ain't. The latter. In corporate America compared to the people you grew up with in your neighborhood because they spent the last ten years in the entry level positions. You're in the military so you're not less qualified you're differently qualified. But it's trying to find the translation between what you've done a military why how that equates. In the severely or. Good he went ten years ago as at least they have w.s and real war. In Crimea Ike into chemistry line drive that's that's what I got hired as Theo violence or will drop straight lines you know and I can't tell me most in meetings and back back back back. Telling me you know arms Ronald Mitchell loses the wrong on this is that we do things on the heels on. I laughed at them instantly gets things in new guys in the world. He's got to play the game with them by. We have to fight and that's in nature is the fight we have to give back on I think that we can do it I think that. In new York and thus. We have enough veterans that are wrong he's successful. And involved in our own care is involved here. There's record numbers and run for office right now in in local state and federal elections. Yeah. Well flu airmen who really came from Korea you know that's that's the biggest part of it you know he's gonna have all this big money in old all the money and old people don't get out of the way. I mean you know trying to do things. Well it goes back to that military civilian gap we're talking about the got a bunch of people. That aren't associated with the military anyway shape reform that are comfortable on the lifestyle that they. Got for themselves but they're making decisions. For guys like you guys that have had a completely different life story. This doesn't that we can just throw money I think a lot of people think wolf we just raise money by just donate some money. We can fix the problem but what we've been talking about here is. You don't build community was money. We NASA for any money right you know opportunities opportunities. There is a class and Tony page. And UMass Boston on the guy here we go again I'm an alarm about Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King the same old stuff that comes. Well now I watch videos Vietnam veterans African Americans returning home. Organizing looking for jobs. Just to get well fish of them are. Asking for equal pay me over. It's no different. The system that we have to support us and our time of need the welfare of its. Way anybody's. Because as soon as any veteran takes it you know I assume that car going to really regulate blown off you know. You kind of want somehow you know whatever you don't know what's going on you try to get some help and as soon as you try to step out of the hole. They take the benefits. And now so they don't. They don't step it back slowly it's an all or nothing thing. You're on section A news or organ. Negative I'm gay carefree kid. Knows it's a sense of working these I mean. It's the same thing not exactly the same or insane news. It's not designed. To give us. The next vote come back in transition. Properly is in need for a yes I think needs to be looked down from a different angle. I think he needs to be looked at as more transitional period and nobly lived on for the like some people 20 absolutely. We spent two years post discharge concentrating on the strength and qualities and how to find cute he is bugler building bridges. It somewhere. Start them up with romper build bird building company gave them all the government contracts that they wanted to. And then promoted them in the Murrow awards that induces used you know. Authorized business you know Thursday a little business program which is degree program but you know fight to get the designation though. Very fun that. Is given nominees dominant theme let's go to work. Most most take part in my building are our future. Do you guys think that you're going to be the last. Boots on ground generation. With the way that technology and everything has moved forward with. The military communities. Is this the last wave of this number of veterans that we're going to be talking about now. Don't think. No because it's always. So the missile it gets the job done it's the frame on that border. So you need guys to be on the ground say this is what's going on this has worked in. As as greatest technology is and how much it's helped him remove the water right from the battlefield. Battlefield to still. It's a romance if you well it's you'd feel the polls and this hands off approach as a war it's. You look at what happened role. And you know on the last administration only to lose him murdered missiles on every once the world over and over and over and we saw Iraq. That we had a pretty good roll. It taken over. By some storm zone and with the happens annually from the time behind that went in from line and now we're finally. Set them up a lot of them were for awhile and that's thanks. To our leadership. Mean especially with our current secretary of violence harassment of those. And you hear your best friend you mean he. When I diary I got the picture to prove it someone I admire green. Noble knows. It was that thing opening. Sounds. As it collier Dahlia. That you've seen marine. I. Quote. The most steamer in thirty years in the that's a mask called you and your meetings and use that do that but at the your new nickname amnesty. The obscene marine dim the rom. But I ask these questions because we're talking about. I massive generation of veterans. And this isn't the first time. Every generation has their generation of veterans and to look back now you know I talked a lot of smack it to my parents. And the Vietnam generation about how much they screwed the pooch when Nate DO you know when those guys all came home. You would think that by now we would have gotten this right. There we would've figured it out. That there wouldn't still be struggles that there are still wouldn't be. Flights you know James you were talking about it's always a fight it's always a fight you would think by now we would've figured out. It's our role is right yeah. That every just things that we keep Hammond know I don't know but you guys coming home. Tell you what we've done in this part this part of the mechanism and you guys coming home and gone back into your lives again. And being part of this community again that you would think that bind now we would have figured out how to do rights. Has it portion of the population don't even know anything and now we do have down there. We're at a point in time where things are real honest to make a movie about them. You get a picture from EU. So it's a real crazy time. But that he is all the different tools yeah for an. Is whether you're trying to work in a broken system you believe in taking care people usenet system. Or trying you know changes legislatively Larry it changes I just trying to keep the person. Who lives. It is something is or somebody that you wanna give credit to that held too along the way. That made a difference in a positive way a policy. A program. A person that was there whether it be somebody that was in the military with you war. A doctor in the hospital or. That's him my father who's. My biggest. Band and but it does support a good man you know is my warrant for a Boston. And though without him they are aware ordinance. And. And you don't you put through a lot. Appearing and fall upon my mother threw a lot of fathers through a lot in the room. They've always done and they I'm blessed to have a very good for him. A lot of people experience. And what you're talking about you run the risk of pushing people way. You know that you can have a great family but you know. Many don't know what to do and things that happens Arum. And empower how many times but how many times and they to sit there and I don't want to do it it's scary things sometimes people. I'm glad that when I got back at tapped on the shoulder by Tom Killian that have violence and he asked if I want to help. You know returning service people here now you know new veterans come back to Massachusetts absolutely. And I had an opportunity. Man someone pushing giving opportunities to me to do. He's an amazing guy who wasn't for that it was of I can't tell you if I be here. I was an amazing experience and it was a chance for me to keep going with the mission as a marine in nineteen boom. I'm still loan amounts of marine I just got to do to permission. You know back home knows the biggest that was the biggest. Influence a moment in my life. For anybody that doesn't know the time Kelly uses a medal of honor recipient. And if you go back in an earlier episode in my pod cast he and his wife sat down to talk about the book that they wrote together. And talk about his experience overseas and receiving the medal of honor and he's just a really interesting guy and what comes out of hand. Is his passion and drive. To wanna be there for veterans like you. Very Smart man. Isn't waits and worries in new ball and things don't matter. Oh in relief. Ability to surround themselves in the people thrive. And that's pretty awesome experience. And know on port. In order. I. One in. Every. And an. Noise may strive. To batteries. And he has more. If nobody wants to grow moss you know once people stop. Stop trying to do anything you on the limits. We'll talk about some of the stuff is has the whole point behind. You know all the stuff that you guys who it's not just get out and motorcycles and go for a ride the wind in your hair you guys a lot of charity work you do a lot of outreach work and you know I I see pictures of you guys building handicap ramps on the front of a house of somebody that you don't even know because you heard that they needed a ramp. You know so some talk of well what it's like to today. Do that work for fellow veterans that she'd just don't even know. Me and so. Were registered. 501 C ninety and so we are war veterans organizations and as a nation that's something like an American legion and VFW GA via. In what we do it is very 100%. Non profit organs nobody draws a salary. What ever money that we need for operating costs raise our own in which our own personal donations. And for example. Well two motors that run Europe. You know a guy who. May have. On injured and just neither couple bought stealth and outgrown Housley for example. Yes thank you god Jessica Fletcher in to Austrians were both snipers and it's down six points and it'll warm up in all of whom are doubling entities. In 2000 wall which sniper party it's in Whitman. And while. The anger and it six years ago and you know this is mrs. Whitman on town of 151000 people it's always seven square miles and we we can open and the whole point in doing now was. They had their BA support and everything but. If you will give you money fears adaptive housing and that would give your medication immune. They want to you the right type of salt in what in the right pads to settle down because you have no mosque minarets. In some ways it borders. Well I think I think a lot of civilians that don't know anybody that's injured then they assumed. They paid their taxes. We've got something like that VA in place and that if somebody. Gets blown up and loses both her legs that they're not going to mean anything because what they need is gonna be supplied to them. And that can be any further from the and I think that shocking for a lot of people to hear because they see the in my taxes that it taken out of their paycheck and I go. How can these guy his. Not be getting. The chair they need the adaptive housing may need the access you know that. Transformative. Transportation. You know things they need like. It's a shock I think to people that don't know. That. You have to fight for those things like what you were saying it seems like I think people assume. That an organization like yours doesn't have to fund raise for that stuff because it should have already been supplied. The other opinions. That were able about the minimums. So we do. Fundraisers and we raise money for personal and the money goes right to. It spam is. Handle all the costs nature that nothing is going to be. Taken now and we operate. In in the house trying generate as well as we can and we do everything and there. That it's a zero dollar. It. Laws when you go. And kind of ways you can look at it and no. Sir and friends are listening to it doing well. And you. And when you know working for the system with. They through it is the nothing is perfect it can always be made better and will make you better make him make him better by big town hall meetings in the populist what's wrong. And then you know congratulating each and every one you know they true. War. Either real hands on outside. Phone more and 06. And just let us go to who remembered doctor we won't leave it. Let whatever we want me on the get too many readers even got in Libya problem. You know well in its disappointment intensive case management but they'll tell you have the case. And I'll tell you that they programs. This. It's great and some of those things agree. It's to be in somebody looking. Outside opinions is trying to buy the company. Take you over in improving. Wrong wrong appointment and it worked for report. So. Guy you'd take it anymore. Do it. Oh. Rio Rio is getting better easier and better. But it's not there and how can use except nothing more except for mission success. And that's it and then you become a factor in anything outside emissions successes except. That. That's that's. Huge. In that in mind that's my personal. What your training is if you don't do your job people die people Orton corporate America that organ mall. Nobody dies they don't do their job right. That's part of the transition you're talking about is that you look at mission you know you look at. At riding your work at all those things for you hasn't just been trained to work in just completely different environment altogether where. You know failure is unacceptable. Because failure means death. Most of America doesn't work under that kind of mentality. They should the exact in the latter is gonna explode and erratic cap that is you know before memorial do whatever it is making it you know. They checked himself in to better themselves you know. Veterans day weekend detox and it themselves off for the drugs he gave him you know it's seen by a doctor until after the holiday week in on Monday. And everybody did he he done that weekend in Vegas route it and they decide. There is a system that's broken off fixes but nobody wants to pick up the phone call. My hopes meal listening now. Well it's utterly the top people is everybody else works. And but they work for us is that people and you know credit. They need to be reminded of that is that it's. Not like soap box trees you know hop a year. Your your bill yeah salary out or that new idea of the onion and cited it in orbit them. We're not a bottom line. We went and we're doing everything we can't win for the fonts. When never going to be in order and how much money it. In order. For it and we are going. By and wait. Whatever however one right on it you are. Often ridiculous. We're in the best country in the world. Averages of. When you guys look back everything all the struggles. Everything you see that horrible memories the injuries all of it. Would you do it differently. If you could go back to that seventeen year old kid that's and a piece of paper would you do again the same way yes. I've met in dozens of anything since that game that it's too. But he. Defined as Meehan. I have an interest in a way that your there's some days. Like criminal bodies today that's like that is it. Hurts so. No mention Japan. I appreciate guys come in and programs. Usually when we're sitting around. Shoot the (%expletive) we're. Cool movies and talking about dumb stuff we don't sit around and have serious conversations. And definitely not recorded. That everybody that knows that this is. Doing when until bonds has done. A but I think I think you know to leave people in this episode of the podcast with something is that. There's a role in it for everybody. And that you don't need to be related to a veteran you don't need to serve yourself. You just need to use your own voice and demands. Nothing but mission's success. To do whatever is so if your in a position higher at company. That you are hiring veterans. That you are. Going in hiring veteran owned companies to work on your house and contractors. And you know going to places that say we take pride in hiring and you know. Have veterans working with us and it's not charity it's just. Opportunity. Yeah it's like big for your service. Are you into Catholics. So if people can do that and just and and and just be as supportive as they can be. That that's that's irresponsibility that's all if that's their role and that's the role. You. Knowing. There's enough that I'm not annulment noted. By. They're patriotic. It's O line it educating people. There reason and an angry yields support Mo you know. Howard Dornan. Oh. That's for. Is that a lot of people like to preserve. Is home. And they wanted to give. Make that please the children. Scenes like that. Is the best it's as simple as just ask can I do now. An a on you know any you know it doesn't come across the room just you know and in the away. 275. Inch weeks later and returns a smash my hand this giant hand there. He'd do big hands actually I have you know. When you know you know. I forget. Well I appreciate you guys come in and I think I need to start having more conversations like this you know your experiences. This part of history what you guys did. The things you've done are things that generations. After us are gonna learn about in the books. And it's you guys are local guys that are still here in the community in talking about the struggles and and trying to some of the veteran experience here and I think these are all important things people need to hear. A genius and those black things over Verizon's voice scramblers and it's a related story. I I wanted to change the pitch your voice again. In Italy they do in the movies and you don't hide your identity a little bit more and I didn't snapped open. How did just got a dog face and you'll be able to is there any other stories new room relies done. I appreciated so much if people wanna know how to can help out. How they can work with your organization and how they can get involved with your events and all that you wanna tell people where they can find you. Which we reached via FaceBook. American. Indians. And we'll go. There and he. Well that's it that's episode 23. Minutes and 23 cents but episode 23 of Mistress Carrie psyches podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Global playing and stitcher and you can review it try to be nice I know it's tough but review podcast and trying to nights about it. Even go to WA AF dot com you can listen to station lion. I'll mail and eat your kid and download radio dot com happened you can listen anywhere. And then you can. Also. Shelley you're Smart speakers to tell elects or Google home to play WA AF. And you can listen I shall live every weekday from ten to three Boston time. And you can find me a social media on Twitter at mr. scary and on FaceBook and in eastern him mr. scary. WA. I always say take a big bite out of a big piece I don't think anybody could argue that the guys that are sitting here. With me have done that already so thank you so much an episode 24 is in the works.