Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 8: Corey Taylor & Dave Grohl

Tuesday, July 11th

After meeting in 1999, Mistress Carrie and Corey Taylor have remained friends throughout their careers in music. Recently, Carrie and Corey talked about skydiving, motorcycles, making a reality tv show together, G'n'R, Dave Grohl, Foot licking, Ozzfest, writing a book, starting a political party with common sense, The Rock, Baby Metal, Diving too fast, touring with Korn, Stone Sour's new album 'Hydrograd', Song #3, Slipknot, Nickelback, Heading to Broadway, and so much more. This interview is NSFW however, but it's worth getting fired over. Also, because they referenced Dave Grohl, and talked about the interview that Carrie did with the Foo Fighters in 2015 at Fenway Park, that interview replay is also in this episode of Side PIece. Enjoy! 

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Oh where are our government so that he. And now. Mistress Gary's side piece podcast she's a woman gyroscope check on WPF. Dark. Until woman. Welcome to episode number eight mr. scary sight he's pod cast my name's Mistress Carrie thank you so much your check you know like this episode is. Awesome you're gonna love it. If he just found me because of the podcast thanks for checking it out. You can always find me from ten to three. Every week day on Boston's rock station WA out and you can listen anywhere he can stream the radio station live online at WA AF dot com. You can download our free app. I'm just text the word app EP peed in 97107. And you can download our free app and listen anywhere. You can even tell your Smart speaker like tell Alexa clay W way out and then you can listen anywhere on your Smart speakers too which is very cool. Thanks to everybody that subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and stitcher and Google play don't forget to comment. Be nice please if he can't. This week are some great interviews. Had a chance to speak to. What are my oldest friends in music. Corey Taylor from stone sour and slip knot is just so much to talk to him about between the new album from stone sour hide your grad. And his new book coming out next in line and that were with quarry and and basically just his day to day life is hilarious in in of itself but also a really candid interview. I'm talking about a lot of serious stuff as well his upbringing his childhood. He's he's on politics and actually the skydiving story that he tells is crazy as well. And then later on in the episode we're gonna replay. The interview that I did with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters backstage at Fenway Park a couple of years ago. Because we reference that interview on reference Dave Grohl multiple times in the interview with Corey Taylor so. I wanted to give you the context of what we're talking about itself. There's Corey Taylor and then Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters a couple of huge. Massive rock stars. Guys that are just busy all the time with multiple. Projects and actually Dave Grohl had some pretty amazing. Compliments for Corey Taylor in his interview with that we're gonna replay later. So here you got episode eight mistress carries site peace podcast with Corey Taylor. Caught our AE. Appeared my darling or I mean it's you know. I mean to do. Erica we got a lot to ketchup we get what we got to do this and Edwards catch yeah. Yeah by the way welcome to be in my latest sad piece on the podcast. I know what to do it went to the podcast thing. It out if you love. It happened a few months ago I was like you know like I love playing in music I love everything I do on the air but. When I get to talk to people I wanna be able to have like that are real conversation about stuff. Yeah and not have to go look I got to play commercials are holed out I got to play a song will be back but yeah. Exactly right so why aren't that anybody needed one you and I its way. Now can write about it. You know I think about the other day I was looking at civil pictures. Okay we know each other almost twenty years now. In decorating it's. In seeing are sort of what you are one of my. Closest oldest friend in the industry. And the fact that we estate not only in touch professionally but like like. Like closely like it's it's insane Bryant. We're supposed to be richer by now what happened. What the book is rooted what are you a cart created a norm votes to setting a look at washing machine. I up up up up up up. My normal your normal that people couldn't handle our normal FaceBook and tried to screw it. I eighty I've been reading a lot because you've been making the news a lot lately. Yeah I've been yeah I have been reading a lot of articles not only is there's a tout a ton of stuff to talk about between the new record the bloke. The tour with Warren. You know the war of words. Or not. Right it yet so I read an article talking about it's. How you're hurt China should be held the ends you know get all of the negativity out of your Ly a you know just trying to really focus on creativity. And all of this kind of stuff and music you know my. Really wanted to throw him out of an airplane because I. Feel like if if you went skydiving with me. You'll probably love it as much as ideal. I've I've been Qaeda and you'll have that one yeah I did I did. And you come to wait until. No. Because I had like this the worst landing. Well obviously. The first you know first were you die second you'd back down and live double track of it in words. Really she hit like on strapped to a six foot man feel like it's my son and a baby Bjorn anyway. We jump out of this tiny little Cessna. We near the jump was grade my years can popped like crazy. I didn't enjoy it but it was fine we get about. Hundred feet off the ground in the crosswind calmness and smallness sideways and then slammed into the ground. I sprained my com. Ruptured my your room. Added China is not on the top of my head and it slammed it down so hard that it twisted mean impossibly. Into his chest like my head was on his ship I would there's no way that this vote be the right this is physically impossible and yet. My head was who's (%expletive) chest it was. In Spain I was like Pierre we're done I don't think government pushed this book and the dragon anymore. Did I I enjoyed it for what it was until it try to bite me but I don't pickle on that dog ever. I all right well back to the drug lord I don't try to find another idea of Gloria. But you know what though it did to me I've crossed the QB once a bungee jump that's skydive. I'd I'd give it like I don't know what but I think a reply a motorcycle I yeah I at all. Yeah. Is that I mean I don't want to look at Dietrich should be it did I just wanna cruise. You know hour there's an. I mean I crashed a year and a half ago and had to have half my face reconstructed but it's fun. You know settlement. To me area like this isn't a feel like you're telling me not to act. Now you know you know what the did the biggest thing is and I've been on a crusade about it ever since I'm not gonna be that former smoker that runs around written cigarettes out of people's hands. But yeah I I will say I was told that all the safety gear that I had on when I crashed saved my life. So on a big proponent of helmets. And safety year round that Wear the leather jacket Wear the gloves where the good boots all that stuff. Oh yeah absolutely yeah. The idea I'd that I I would absolutely do you know fact that you're just never know. I here's what we're gonna deal. You're gonna get it by eight. We're gonna get cameras. And you know when guys are gonna go on a cross country motorcycle trip together. And I'm Baylor had like her reality television show. Or start will start in Boston yes. Well we'll cut up will grab the Lincoln highway if it's still there were cut down into Chicago. And then from Chicago will take that we'll take 66 bill. Yes. Wolf you know all fur like a reality show. Yeah absolutely it would do we'll do that will cost Ford slashed across America yes it is common that it from an angle in only. Are you don't love. Is that I am about 7000. Things he taught you about because you're the busiest guy in rock and roll and you and I just are now brainstorming. Another project began. Yeah we're we're pitching this year which has the greater. Well like you need to be on a motorcycle or skydiving when you've got a tour and record and bulk and all this other stuff. Doubt British you don't need to be laid up in traction right now. The big find me they find a way to what didn't work you know absolutely they'll you can borrow Dave girls throw. Well I mean my world would enact it. Joseph the funny thing the funny thing is that we we helped. Axel get that throne we put him in touch with. Gave people. And and were we were able to make arrangements. To get that throne took as we tis means steps work the second. Vegas show. That that doesn't rose plated two mobile last year. Where do we are trying to we are we Neil cease and the arrival of that that thrown and so I was kind of cool. Now you what I back on the Chinese democracy to our went to go see Guns 'N Roses together at the Boston Garden. And it was that story all by a brother but I know I've seen the YouTube videos on your spoken word to Larry I love the about it and tell this story. And we are both so aggravated that you know the shows started to half hours later at all this stuff if you have to Google quarries spoken word tour. And see and tell this story because it's shall areas and I'm the person he was at the show ahead. Just to be clear up. But it. I went south Guns 'N Roses last summer on this tour is well and and it went on time. And I want out of there so aggravated that it was so good because the last time I had seen him I was would you vote. And whereabouts. Oh Mac. Yeah but it always was. Well I yeah absolutely the so it was nice day. From what it was like we had our member. A bit to a foot like I walked out of there with a CK white sure. Not even within and without but not an alcoholic and that they're giving it to see it live report that he. We waited and waited out what it's about. It was amazing seats are sitting like center stage. Trial on the floor garden oh it was great I think is gonna be hostile Rand. And built in case though in case there was what asthma was looked for a. But we're all that together and we had such high hopes and then our dreams we lashed. No we ended up going to what Dick's last resort which was worse actually do you. On your head that I didn't do or die yet yeah yeah not there yet we they were meant to show it. I remember it was a that the we've got to mania anyway. Separate jets in a lot circular and guess pre dinner. They had like clocking in the rapid. I was clock games that are an aquarium and a live lobsters and he put the money to take declined to call and it began a live lobster odd to cook it for. Yeah exactly like a market all that loses in a minute denied in the U underdogs in that machine and still went hungry. I made it he was still warm place to look like it. But seriously. If you look back all of the dumb things we've done together over the years. True it's pretty damn hole Larry yes. We'd that's a good stories. At wolf of course double I mean look at the first and we really hung out like remember that that that we terrific club. Amen was poignant very do we want to talk about what I was. What I did. You and your mouth. I did it after we drank like a bottling Yeager Meister together just the two of us. Aria and weird and outdoor festival. All day. And I was wearing combat boots all day. And we literally I told you that made two different sized seats you needed proof that I took my boots off and he took my little bullet and put it. In your mouths. That was the day we Matt and we've been friends generous and to that was almost one year we at all. That word I tell its story all the time by the way of people like you series literally. No. Grammy easy not to brag to my foot. On that that are. Gotta brag about such. Well adequate human but my mouth because of them so conflict with my own. An American cheese is correct and that the artist lutes. Earlier and this. All right let me get through it let me get through these points because I got serious questions. Look at Europe Ozzie is hit you up on social media teasing Ozzfest meets not fast is this thing like for real what's not. It could happen again absolutely really. All right guys like a legit Ozzfest warlike good old days. Known and and are just. One up you know are you gonna do in the United States somewhere we can go home or. Yeah I mean we did the last Simon have been in San Bernardino. And being that change. Are really so it has to be as you are away from Boston is humanly possible. Or do you sort don't talk communion in the bucket future you know at least it felt that not that (%expletive) and and crisis was so far content on the system sort of bought the let it. In Mansfield are in Foxborough then other you'll Mansfield yes exactly and so are. Figured out. And help find a way aura will ride the motorcycles from Boston. To Ozzfest. They're hole right to that interest you following me now. AMR I am glad that you work record underwear or the fact that. I you've got is this book. May come down on our support for our quote the board here. This becoming a man like to have more books albums. Well that that would be an awesome wouldn't it I don't know murder let me get away were. Really. I opted yeah I mean it was pretty pissed off. This one just missed out. Dude here's that you might editor it was like she's just crisis where they agree they hit the. It usually got to love it when you're angered that she's at the forms ordered brutal public well. Wolfe's book you know couple of. I think I got to hit you up for some book rating contacts 'cause I I'm Phillip has stopped but rely on myself. You know and I will be always be their records that just got books or my yeah but. It's here this year. That's what that what I understand. This and I'm free I'm single again Cory. And roll look out. Can be crazy I got a so tell me about tell me about the buckets coming out August why you so pissed off Corey talked to Lambeau Alex. Lamb like how to tell you about a month as Sigmund Freud would say. What it called America 51. You can try to guess what the overall theme is. It basically about the the social political risk. There are going on in America right now which are very very. That there are many there are deep they're brutal. Stand. Yeah it's getting to the point where. You can't change your do anything but there's there's a bitter people on the far right and people on the far left and honestly. Everyone in between is kind of stuff. Like being made to feel like they need to decide or stay silent this book. His knees standing in the middle going (%expletive) all the everyone needs to come to the middle and talk not stand on the soccer ball on the outside and scream. Yes there issues going on yet. Had issues with buck and pretty much everyone in government right now but that's not how you make change by screaming at each other growing threat or violence. You changed. By getting together. Talking. Finding what the compromise with the centers and then voting likewise and it starts on every level so it means basically trying to get people talking. And and not talk and scream at each other. There's a lot of anger in it. There's obviously a lot of anger about. Current president. The current issues they're going on because this president bomb. But it did it has nothing to do with being Republican. For the Democrat does it mean I've always been. Fiscally conservative but liberally. And but you know socially liberal. So right so I know that more people are in the middle. Then then on the other side or the other. So this is me trying to get people to kind of shut up and let them instead of just scoring. You know what I find hilarious and totally ironic. That. You are being a voice of reason right now. And that politics is so screwed up that. It's making a guy. That's Warner rubber mask and scream obscenities at the wrongs of people for the last almost two decades as the calm voice of reason. That's Iraq yeah. Corey Taylor from slip knot has become the com negotiator of reason. Yeah it certainly didn't what can you don't want an. Act. Just run for office. Or no I don't. Day. No problem. In man now just campaign no posters a dull now. Hope we don't a little. Acted that earning duplicate mark it on the congress or the mother (%expletive) like it would be Bibby brutal. The rock is is rumored to be run in twenty Tony I'm just gone on record right now that I wanna be an intern at the white house on its. But subdued. And that you do redistribute. Health and demand it. I'd be writing on his back. And. I'd be line of what despite that you know outlook and so did move our fans I. All these plug in on its first second just sticks to man guy that column scientists extended period but okay. There yet to global. At a. Well you just said your album come out. I gratis finally released to the masses. Congratulations. You've given birth to another baby. Thank you and our and it's some number three which we've been playing a lot of appeared WA have. I love the description that I read was it in Rolling Stone about. That type of love song it is. Yeah it it. Do you wanna describe that for me use. Well you know it's. It's that it's that real. That real load saw you know be it like. It's nobody does it it feels like people write about real low they write about. The sucked at wrong call (%expletive) you know it's either. You know all that popular hardest slaughtering for you or are you all breaking or whatever or you wanna look at the back Obama. You know legged that is there's no in between. So this is debt that middle ground that passionate on this one you you find that right person but brings that passion out of view. It's a romantic passion it's a physical pastor but the same time it's like real what keeps you realize that. You know there's no happy ending it's just a continuation. Continuous. Spending your days it also means it's more about the reality. As. That's what did you know that we sought soap opera shares you know. It's finding your true love in gazing in their eyes and then (%expletive) them in the back of Obama's. Absolute. Jet and hit it about a book world. Even do a lot press to be doing a lot of interviews. Ears supporting the album out on tour with corn which when you talk about. Friends you've had for a long time. Those guys have got to be and that list. Absolutely. There's some of my oldest. Brandon in the businessman. Now the cool thing was let you know we. They were looking around. Forbid to wit to have a right the data we've kind of put out they would prefer to work. And it was like. Honestly it was like everything aligned everything was just perfect. We both jumped at the chance to be able to go out. And to each other business. This is on the perfect matches you know also we really really looked down and and not only dispute them by being with you know the first place. Had Davey medal which was really cool to watch. Yellow war was on that since he is just spoke to sick you know. And then you know a a younger bank of Ireland was really cute and and then the second leg is and has skillet. And to being called dead. So it's it's really one of these kind of like constantly changing to worst they're trying to hit on all these different kind of you know it is that you're totally different cylinders. At the same time it is solid. All the summer to you know and the crowds have been great the show's been great watching everybody play getting to play it's just been talking fast. Can you explain something to make as I've talked about it on the parent people who give me a lot of crap about it. Can you explain baby metal to me in a way that my brain can handle it. You know what you're saying I care. But my seeing it myself and K. It's grab it's what do grip since it's one of Griffin's Hebert Spain. I mean like for real she's she's the one that turned me onto lake will flock has this. And then watching him. Give into it and enjoy it and listening to him explain it you dislike are okay lake it's just what can. This is really cool you know but now I'll watch them dislike our. This is on the cool you know. I don't think it's mostly anything other than you know the they're not trying to change the world and trying to save the fish. It is often don't report that the (%expletive) the baby milk Buxton. When I sought the first time. It made me wanna hit people. I was like I don't like but I want to be violent I was like I don't get this I feel like it's an insult my intelligence and I are really mad about it. Now on the air and talked about it and some people called up and they were like I'm totally with you and other people called and were. Like mad at me because they love to debate so much and I was like I just nice to you know respect didn't. Artists and musicians. I would put you in that category that have said no no it's cool I like it and I'm just. I'm having a hard time. Figuring it out it's like when somebody told me no Carrey really Brussels sprouts are really good owls like no (%expletive) you they're disgusting well yeah and then I guess maybe you just seem cooked dried and then you're like wow well where is as bad my whole life I I guess righty I just to have an open my brain up to the Brussels sprouts may. Here's here's the thing though I think I think we have trained ourselves. We've (%expletive) and ourselves in this thinking that all of our music has to have like all this meaning all this talk and Mike. Like contents like all that it got to represented summit got a strong guy that is now as Blake you know but now they've done it. Our mate didn't when it first came out it was just talk and off the music. Jews priest didn't it was just off the music but it wasn't until we start like that ninety's when everything had to have a bucket meaning. That would start applying meaning to (%expletive) in music you like it just it means so much you know it it doesn't have to. Yet you what I came up in the eighties when music was. I mean. You know there's a lot of hitters Ray Allen on her. (%expletive) right had to be what you just said which it decided. You know and I think it's that different here in an element of bringing back to my now harder. It's the difference between. The house of gold zones problems and hard worker. How the global Dellums. There's story there the content there's art there's layers to it make you spend time looked into it peeling apart and really digesting it. That's one of the reasons why harder grad is the way. That it is is like it was so exhausting trying to put that (%expletive) together. For the house or bones out zone which you know what we're gonna make sure now. We're to make it's going to be just as serious justice and hard hitting it's gonna be just crazy but it's gonna be on its connects Yule. Good it and that's what that's what Carter dances at CB you'll good problem it's not trying to Upton. No right climate change issue it's not trying to Arkin. You know abolish the the penny from the American currency situation. It's just bought and there are. To listen to and enjoy your port on your card on your friends on the yen parameters and now it's just a Uga atlas. And that kind of would it be any middle loses in a way it's a rollback. To where you just put in music on an enjoyed it. You know whether it's good or not is irrelevant it's it's it's not whether or non. You see you choose you don't have to white but once you get past trying to but configured now. Then you you can kind of make up your mind whether or not it's it's cooter. LoJack deter disfigured now. That they'd be forgotten just it was worse you know. All right I'll I'll give Griffin's favorite bands another chance. As long as you tell me that he is still a loyal Red Sox fan. That group yeah. Of course are that he's still got he's still got that guy calm at Fenway when we went there. On the the may have to work you and here's some crazy. It fifteen this year it's. So are you heard me. He's going to be fifteen in September actually I think he might actually be with me. In Boston we get there for the tour as he's terminal mutually among. The almost two hiding. And like it what he is striving right now I'm going to go about it. Which I mean that doesn't mean a lot but they're. Oh didn't you feel that we know how to control caller. But the. Yeah have a year. If memory serves the best person to be teaching anyone how to drive you still got that led right. Okay I've never had an accident I have many speeding ticket. But I've never. I've never had an accident today so yes I drive past. But I drive really did that to sing out avenues. It. So it looked like when you guys were working on this album that you haven't fun because I follow you on all of the social media is an only a little in mr. Graham videos and stuff. It looked like you guys had a really good time making this record on. India and we are blasts that it was. Like that should be most enjoyable. Pocket and experience I've had and he'll ever play it was. We got there early we left way we were there whether we get worker we thought it laughed. Every Ehrlich almost every second of that whole bucket time there like it was so. Righteous and awesome and it was exactly what we wanted to do. It's Erlich making the album be it'd just. We just to reason load each other's company. You know like we just we load cracking each other we each other talk inch. You know it would is also. You know and that really. Really cured kind of you know changed over. Two with the performances. Belichick can hear it and you perform in the performance can feel it. On the now like that just how much we suck and enjoyed everything. I know the diehard slip knot fans when stone sour firsts. You know came out and you had such success would bother Aaron. You know a Jim was in the bay and then and then Jim's not stone sour anymore aren't. So you've always kind of had to you know ride this razor edge between keep in the slip knot fans happy keep in the stone sour fans happy. But yeah listening to the way that you talked about both projects and how you. Go from one project to the next are you the point now. Where one can't exist without the other that you need to stone sour breaks so that when you do get to the point where stone sour. And hide your grad in the two war and all that is done and it's time to go back and focus on slip knot that. You can mentally. Go to the slip not placed as you can't live in the slip knot plays all the time anymore. Yet he had that's a damn good way to put it armed. It's it's anyplace to visit. You know now it has been especially from mean you know I'd end. I I'm light years away from what you should be. You know so having to go back there it gets harder and harder well it gets further and further away. From wine you know. Further to where I have to go to tap into that should. You know there's some day it make it point wars wanna make the journey at all with with an arm. Belied. Yeah I mean. It's it's almost like you have to use you split the corn and you let it ride and then when time comes slipped again to the other side you know. And then you kind of go it yeah you let all that repressed should doubt that that that irritated angry (%expletive) out. I've always been tapped into it but. I don't know I don't know I'd maybe someday. August. I won't need any more. I'll always love it but it Arnold Paul wolf I'll need it anymore you know like. It's. It definitely opened them certain things about the older now. Well when the when you and I first met those first couple slip knot records. You know there they're obviously. You'll do with anger and I remember the stories of you know you talking about the writing and recording of that first record. You know with the grows carpet from president of Bette plays or something and it smelled. Now that you've been so vocal and so open and so honest about. Your upbringing. The trauma from your childhood. If you go back which I've done and listen to those early slip knot records now. It puts so much more in perspective. As a music CNN. We know all of that stuff was what was in the music back that we don't like kind of Reid is sure what it's only better the last. Few years that you've band is so open and honest about a lot of the things that happened. When you were younger. And so here. To it I would assume to go on stage in and perform that music and go back that your that your real living all of that stuff. Which yeah on one hand helps you cope but on the other hands. I would think is incredibly difficult and emotional for. It is you know what it is. And it is the one thing that helps mean. Deal with all of that as the fact that it helps other people. You know it's been can it's been incredibly qatari further people to listen to that and now but they're not alone. And their campaigns can range they're not alone when it comes to dealing with this kind of trauma. And they're not alone in wanting. Say something and let it out and deal with you know a lot of people would rather just repress that (%expletive) that's just not. Kids. You know. So for me. Being his vocal as I am being as open as I am. Not only allows mainland now but it encourages people out as well go as well end. And really stopped. Living survivors. And just start. Living a life here you know. There's almost it's almost like a PT at the that you deal would it where you really care quick can't relate to anything because. What you've been talking what you've been exposed to do. It. They create. Any an isolation. But the the more you can kind of you find people to relate to you can talk about it that demanded out you can slowly but surely. You know start to forgive. It's. That good. Have you gotten to that place or are you in the forgiveness place now. I'm trying to. You know. I saw Avalon should the clings to me whether I like and non you know I'd I have I have let go a lot of it. Overall. But there are things in my behavior. That are let me know and I've still got a ways to go I don't know all I ever get it. You know being devoted to it here's this you know part of this part of it you know. Part of the therapy. It's one of the reasons and also were one of the reasons work I have you know tried to be. As. Healthy as possible because I want to be able to. Communicate this pain. And and create through this pain as long as possible. You know as long as my physical league is wanted to physically. And you know but guide you to Sorkin knows who beat. We talk about. You know is it being. PT as. That you had to find your tried. And I do a lot of work with veterans. And I work where 22 killed organization that bridges. Military and veteran in civilian GAAP and is is focusing on veteran empowerment. And bats there. Mission one tribe one fight. And and the concept of finding your tried surrounding yourself with this community. Is not just a military cons sat it's not just a veteran con sat and you know the way that you were just describing it. What you are dealing with is posttraumatic stress it it has nothing to a lot of people associated just with military service by. It is. Something. That that happens to a person regardless of of how it took place I mean there's so many people and Boston since the marathon bombing. There are dealing with the posttraumatic. Stressed. Issue because they were down at the line that day or. So that is what it is an and I loved how you described. Needing to surround yourself and find your tried. And create that supports system for yourself. It takes time to you know I'm and it's it's one of those things that in until you're ready. To open and and do that you never well you know. But luckily. The right people bring that the right people can access it whether whether you even realize not. Now it's almost like it almost like a shared energy. When you feel that you feel that connection. Almost immediately and you have to really pay attention to it that's when you start. Can really put things into perspective. You know I call it you know let go of the bricks. You know like you know one by one you can start down. Com. And until your arms are empty you know. And that's when you can really are focused on you know why you were carrying this part first what were you going to build you can build a wall we. We get built shelter like. There's all these things that these steps in these things that go in the process. And eventually neither. Should you win. Or. Or support you you know you can use that you can use those bricks for foundation or use of law church or its. But. You know more people I think rather have that foundation so it's just all bow trying to. You know. Reach. Through. The bumps are decades. That the vibration. You know that that normally adrenaline by operation that comes from just being an estate of constant. Panic. It and just go like really on the wire you know it's hard it takes time but. You know once once you can put that muscle let go and relax. And maybe someone can can get through. You talk about how hard it is to revisit. And I you know that the the early slip knot music and that experience but. At the same time. Those albums. Had dual band cathartic at the time and also home. The Maggie community. Yeah became your true high. Yeah so would you have ever made it through those early years and made it through everything you did if you hadn't found. I tried in the lands. I too damn good question. Com. His daily through it we feel yeah you know they do. And I don't think they realize that expensive like how locked up I was be honest I mean they certainly have an idea that I got negated by. I mean. Once once the change really came wrong. I think even they were like holy (%expletive) this is. This is the Israel you know. I don't know I don't think it would have to be honest and I think maybe it would've got Utley. If I had met with made it a little. Little further but maybe now. We knew where pass that. Just give it would've had the same outlet to be able. The process all of us and China put everything. In its place to be able to it you know to deal with a little better. So I mean I mean always be grateful. It is painted to look for for helping me. You know helping balance you know which would have thought it would take a damn well not to balance my stock. And I know probably you know you look back you're like oh Jesus Christ and aren't sure. I now I now all these years later here in stone sour. And in earlier becoming nickel back late. Well yeah I mean according to certain people. I won't you know I'm market is there a lot about. So. It's so what can ridiculous you know like it. Just you know. Appreciate the beauty. From a perspective of someone like me. Who comes in the studio every day trying to find there's stuff to talk about for the guided bang and nail holes. And and then very few guys not are just a lot of great friends for people like me to be like us I know don't talk about today. No idea that it didn't. Triggered payers of the oil or like you know. What am I did it. I tried Kerry I tried so hard to be bigger too I really I would play a knock and ship it. I'm not often I'm not gonna do it. Not gonna look at look at this photograph oh hold my beer in his pocket and apple I know what we're gonna do it and then. It just couldn't so then just the you don't like blame I blame but in mixed feeling from the key PD she's the 1 that morning and one owned media so bad. And then I just I was like cubicle or. What their. And I do this I unleashed and I just couldn't. Stop that thought I'd like god damn it well what are going all the way but all the. All away. And you know I love the only other rock star that has ever touched my foot was him. We are creating he rubbed my feet eight. Laid back and he didn't put in his mouth though you definitely to battle over over the over the limit like. Well I would you do net the ball. Figured out I don't know I have pictures of him massaging my feet he did not put in his mouth but he did touch and was hand foot contact. Polls. Haven't yet note dated that's a fact. That addicts. That's you're the only one you want a list of one. So now a world so now the records out. You're coming to town with corn. The bill is out next month. Are you who you gonna trying cure cancer in your off time because. Seriously. Like UN Dave Grohl the biggest tours in rock and roll it said the same to Bolivia were purgatory I mean. I mean it's ridiculous on the soccer or retailer news that's ridiculous. But I don't know I. But. I'd look. Just stay employed and grow corn like everyone else. Even even people in the morning don't grow corn anymore and the too busy growing insurance company. Ridiculous. But actually they're growing in the netbook in places tripled in size. And like since since the first foot putt well it is in saintly. It's pretty crazy. But. I don't know me and Stockton. I don't know again what other Normandy next play. I keep them that I wanted but and rightly. Right of movie in and the theater to have its fruition you know like script. Being filmed in. And whenever I just talk and times Florida. All the talk to the alternatives that don't do that store I'm. It will last time at the Foo Fighters are in town. I I talked to Dave Grohl because he is head of EU in the so you know why in the he got race you know what each guy is right oh yeah yeah yeah. So is that. You are I don't think he I don't think I'm ever gonna catch him mom and it's spreading credit doesn't know and he got is it's it's someone that has relieved Emmy and Grammy and Oscar Tony yeah. So he's got grammys. He's got an Emmy I believe for sonic highways. There. So he's ahead of you. Yet you yet it I don't know how he's gonna get at Tony but he did joke about like the Nirvana musical so of course. So maybe. You could do like the slip on musical. Or I can do Ivan Carter about as state plays her gestational about who bounced real me. Yeah the action that could that's how it started wanted to do I wanted to. The war article but the wall with them where the movie tells the story. And I can see it I know exactly don't overdo it. Seven at a time you know like you brought both problems in one. And make it really really suck in cool you know. I don't know I don't know if I'll get to do it. I would like to see if you did. Any of the very it will work acted acted totally pulled out an American idiot. You know and put up and that it is just really dark and and. Kind of morose like 201 man show on Broadway I see you do the spoken word tour and you could pull that off no problem. I yeah I don't know that the way it works. And I mean and I think I think expert should be nominated that script. And I am way better off script and I am but if the work that we've. There now. Believe me people like me here just hoping you go off script are you kidding. Right now do you like the president just. Powell. She. Alone the way up there in the boarding and look at underwear and see yeah. Those. Are so well a people think it. And now it by it's truly worried by the yeah it before it issues it. Really happy and it's like you know we believe in that world it really happened like sometimes you wake up and unlike. But he's really the president. Just like I don't Ronald Reagan was an actor and he got elected president so it wasn't like it was impossible. It is saying what. Reagan. Reagan it pocket twenty years experience in government. As a governor and log full RE yeah. So it's you know it's. Yeah it's (%expletive) like that that is just made me go off on saying you're kidding really. That's what I think it needs to be common sense political party like I I think all right absolutely I think a third party. Is so needed right now because like you were talking about earlier there are so many feet people that fit into that middle. Like I wanna be fiscally conservative but you know I'm sorry I'm just not gonna hate Bee Gees like. Yeah like Beck I'm just not I'm not doing that. I. Like it's okay that I wanna cracked down on government spending. Am allow people to marry who they love like like I can exist in the same human vessel and have that idea in my head. Yeah exactly we need to start this party. We need to come up with a mascot Zogby donkey it's on any elephants. Made a unicorn maybe. It's the unicorn party like the people you don't think exist like the common sense party. Yeah exactly and we need to slow again and and that's we're gonna do we're gonna go on a cross country motorcycle trip. And then we're gonna start a political party. Are just a couple of things digital. Our. On our trip we're gonna pitched the party people. Yes so like it becomes like a straight line of common sense going street Utica yes straight to disrupt and nick said the country yes. From the northeast to the southwest. I'm into it yes the common sense party on motorcycles. But but but but but and people are about Norton that's what we're from an angle like Spock all your mother. Is sick of credit. C and it becomes a TV show. Then you can get your head he did it becomes the UV. You could picture star and Dave Grohl UB and he got yeah. Our our. They then. Came full circle Corey this is (%expletive) brilliant. Immigrant we can make a tap that it I can't believe we have about it I don't know I don't know how he did it. It it now I just need to figure out what form I have to fill out here WA AF to get the time. Is it good and once you're you're that. You know. And it vacation then or is this a bad at all. Is it just an extended ill miss should I develop a cough now I just don't tell. The I. Mean. Who would be we hang when you're here promised we're gonna hang like get some and we are seeing now. Our way worm there are. Taking up on that because I'm mr. faceless or. I miss your face I'm so glad that you columns. I don't do well we talked. I will use and it'll finish things are being in my side piece. Oh. Our government so sure I'd seen it. I love Leo thank you for Colin hello did you darn I will talk you out beat them seriously if you don't think that I am gonna. Push this whole cross country motorcycle trip road trip to Oz fest on the West Coast political party. Make him run for office saying you are always tap. And I'm also definitely hitting him up for the name of his book editor because I need to write me about. So very is out Corey Taylor don't forget stone sour is gonna be with corn. At the X sanity senator on July 20. We talked a lot of ballots Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and in 2015. They played Fenway Park. And those two shows were fantastic they sold out about four seconds and I had a chance to sit down backstage with the Foo Fighters. Who by the way we're in the Red Sox locker room which is. Hallowed ground. And the holy land or a diehard Red Sox fan like myself so I wanted to do a little bit of ivory Clyde. Go back into the archives. Because of course the Foo Fighters have their new album. Concrete goal coming out in September and so I thought we'd. Collect the one point 11 jiggle lots and go back a couple of years to 2015. Backstage at Fenway Park with the Foo Fighters. Hi everybody this is Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and you're listening to the one the only. Mr. scary and W tea. Brian have you. That's sides though they're getting. Tell anybody in them lady ruin my reputation. And a it's mr. carry it backstage at Fenway Park which I never thought I would be able to say because girl kind of well growing up here I never thought it was gonna be possible that they would have concerts here this is still kind of a new thing. And I'm here with patent do you from the Foo Fighters this is very cool we can pat. I think is very called which he wanted to share a microphone with me I feel like I'm being very rude hold on it can I usual legs scooter yankees executed it's a little harder it navigate. We hotly lakeside saddling it anymore. So I only a few minutes with you and there's only thinks talk about first of all Emmy nomination for sonic highways huge congratulations. To you. Did you think at ever in time that not only would you get an Emmy nod for that but montage of tech got nominated for an Emmy as well so. I guess actually. It's to be confident about it so I highways and as the main thing that's. My only one I mean like it's getting. Putts getting nominated for an enemy to me it's kind of like. It's like trump actually becoming the president there aiming at that there's no way could ever and it's no. It'll ever and then when we found that. Site. He beach is going to be content as well as an element if if you you write it Grammy. And in the if you get an Emmy then you are two steps to a neat guy I'm going so that it's only been asking you now. I back and. I Lebanon theatre re the crippled musical acts we thought about doing. I noticed like your enemies like I'm renting is like in his underwear right now I'm sorry for invading your space we've got to sound city musicals at. I mean come and sounds any news. You know. Like you can take all the hits from I'd. Just promise me that if you do that that you put Corey Taylor and some going to be did bell bottoms if you do that please we were talking about this earlier. I'll tell you who's the best singer I've ever worked with them on hard. Court yeah he's amazing the best like below your. And mind. First eight what he does is perfect any scary Smart which is a little disarming and go to salad he is as such that I fear it might be around in his world that is partly it's intense inside. Goalies brain is a little Mac I don't mean yeah. And I. It's visiting his cool night but. Well I have long called you the biggest or in rock and roll things mama. As a compliment because it seems like you're one of these guys that can transcend genre that is friends with everyone that pops up in the strangest places. Like Denis Leary shell which the first episode. Sex and drugs and rock was on the other night and it was a few. I was really good at what he's amazing they did like five minutes on broadcast TV about what to call his daughter's. And it was like this is on television it was a may look at it when I was and no we're not live and other Iran if so fine when I was. High school I was friends with the sooners odds and ends osmond's that talks. I was friends with some checks and so I just kind of knew everybody. And I think I have always been acted. Wasn't really maybe any of those things or maybe all of those things. So I kind of it was a means a Renaissance man that's what they call people don't lecture me I'm not there. To combat Darrell and I were actually pretty good friend I'm sorry yeah hooted dime bag along with everybody everybody everybody what did he do he brightly but you image do. You glad you're absolutely right so. After iPhone now I'm just realized I. I it's possible and walk around every dressing room with a bottle whiskey. And so I just kind of confirms that. He showed up to get him Boston with a black guy. And he was famous to the ever steady with a sharp is to use of the shot besides our time. If so we sat down or doing an interview he took out a sharply and drew a black eye on my face with sharply. Because he felt weird being the only one that had won and I walked around the rest of the night with dime bags black guy on my face as the man you just don't ask questions about that view is the guy speaking of injuries we have to talk about. We have to talk about the leg you found a way to take the most Spinal Tap moment of your career and turning into a collectible T shirt and a slogan for the two war. Milk and that. Had come on I mouse the Vietnam we say you've got to. It's cool. Video viewing your like I think I just broke my leg we know let your perspective was. The bay is behind you we give us election we just keep playing every week I just feel like Ben on the deck of the Titanic when I. I perspective of the typical plywood lying on my bachelor. And I just saw one when I just other faces come and look down the states it was like Christopher's whom. And they. Alec. And hit an all looking down at me. Like I am in my and relievers. Is like one and I. But I didn't view the so. And then and now you've got this reputation as being like the Iron Man of rock and then. And I am so not look you. You look like a pussy if they have a sort of throw the sniffles it would alienate pro broke his leg and it bit hurt I've. It's man like. Bitch you whitbeck contemplate ply mean honestly. I do feel obligated to to do as much as I can. Entertain all the people conventionally it's been harder and money. Go along way to come see you show like they changed plans and fly the CD's to see this play. The last thing I want do is play a song in half and I'm sorry. Came over I'd rather like get in there and can do it or not do it at all and we have started like Houston home. Or that's a difference do you similarly Justin Bieber who gets seen in his vagina and cancels shells. I just every night. Could that really happened just fit as I have it's in my vagina it's terrible it really does I know it's not cool. Before you go 'cause when we talked before the tour or justice toward announced. And this is three leg break and we were talking about Boston and Fenway Park and you said you would never banned here. Please tell me somebody to join a golf cart to Q around the park today do you have a plan to do and we got stuck. It'll traffic well here kind of known for them to our asset and now I'm in cities a little older wasn't planned unlike New York okay now so. We haven't had a chance to. Due march is that. Changing table rhetoric diapers for BP's well a koala bear cares saying yeah. Heidi I even need the diapers later you may wanna snack items for the bus about this says recent deals year. And you know I would Wear that as a badge of honour if like you have so much low end in the PA that I actually soiled myself to trust the oil I I would I would. That's something to Brad about absolutely. Osce that I can do I would appreciate that I'd also I want to say that the beer bong but it's not is it about their sperm out there what is that I don't know. We can make a Bierbauer at bat two seconds. Anyway. That's in the room in the dugout by the way. Dressing room isn't in the Red Sox under the visitors dugout Red Sox guys and told go check it out it was on its radical. This is this is like history here you can yes it's one of the only original park that's left so. Everybody. Who we've talked to. Is more psyched about this place and maybe where we've ever abate guest list is ridiculously long tonight. It's always ridiculously very that you know when we come to party baby. Yeah aiming to come income well welcome to Boston things. And that is it rat. Episode eight of mr. Carey psyches podcaster replay of the Foo Fighters backstage at Fenway Park in 2015. And of course my recent interview with Corey Taylor from stone sour and slip knot. They you so much checking out the episode. Subscribe on iTunes will play stitcher. Comment on the podcast tell your friends about it shared around on social media. Definitely trying to get the word out about the podcast I'm really happy with the way that it's banned just totally different types of gas she just never know which are gonna get but really really interesting people that are at the top of their game. Whatever their game maybe. So once again mr. Kerry to check me out from ten to three every week down Boston's rock station WA app you can listen live at WA AF dot com and if you text app eight PP in 97107 you can download our free mobile app. And you can listen anywhere and you can tell that dirty sexy Manx elect. To play WA AF and you can listen WA AF when you're Smart speakers as well as always just wanna remind you take a big bite out of a big piece of this thing called life.