Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 26: Brent Smith from Shinedown, Sully Erna from Godsmack, and Mike & Ryan from Red Sun Rising

Wednesday, August 29th

On August 25, 2018 the Godsmack, Shinedown, and Red Sun Rising tour rolled into the Xfinity Center. It just so happened to be the 20th anniversary of the release of Godsmack's debut album. Mike Hsu and I were backstage, first with Brent Smith from Shinedown. He walked into the room, soaking wet from a post workout shower, but holding a REALLY nice bottle of tequila for my 20th anniversary on the air at WAAF (April 17, 2018). Then Mike Hsu and I sat down with Sully from Godsmack, and we spent some time walking down memory lane. Somehow maxi pads, and Cindy Crawfords eye cream came up in the conversation. Finally, Mike Hsu disappeared, and Mike & Ryan from Red Sun Rising joined me to spoli a bottle of wine, and take Boston accent lessons. It was an amazing night. 

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And we start to now. What's up on mr. scattered from WA AF here with Mike Hsu and so from god smack her I smoke weed. Now mistress Gary's side piece podcast and then all feel intimidated by strong car. On WB AS dot com. Welcome to episode 26 of mr. scary sight he's podcast I'm Mistress Carrie B music director. And mid day host of WA AF Boston the only station that really rocks. And I have got a great episode where you. She just don't know is gonna end up on the podcast and over the weekends. God smacked and shine down and read sun rising war at the XP center missed work is doing amazing. And so Mike Hsu and I actually. Went backstage. And talk to Brent Smith from shine down talked to Sally -- from god smack. And. Then somewhere along the lions Mike Hsu got lost. I don't exactly know what happened to lump. But later on the night I sat down with Mike and Ryan from red sun rising who actually opened up the show but Mike Hsu sort of be found. Mean luckily we found him later but. You just never know what's happening in Mike Hsu gets lost at a concert. But it was an amazing show so much to talk about. The first. Interviews that we did was with Brent Smith from shining out. Which was earlier in the afternoon and so we got to the show before the gates so band before the parking lot three and open and and the guys shined down actually turned one of semis that calls all their gear into a jam wanted to empty and so they don't work out in their during the day. And so we're just kind of sitting around waiting for Brent. Any use of humid slave but it wasn't a big deal we were actually in a room that was labeled like massage room. Any came and he was soaking wet and we're like OK are you clean wet you dirty wedge linkage is wet it's weird. And he had been working out in the truck and then he was like there was no way I was coming in to do this interview because I was so sweaty and smelled disgusting. And it's. I need to go to dish out. To it was clean wet which was it 'cause with a rock band backstage at a show on tour you just never know. So obviously Mike Hsu and I wanted to talk to about everything its core with god smack at the new album attention attention and we've known them for so long now it seems like yesterday but it's been over sixteen years. So the first interview today. Is Brent Smith from shank out. We should have started this whole thing when you walked in with a bottle of tequila that's how we should start yeah we're situation. Yeah that's a little bit more that's ours. Our. Now we bring it to the kids but how does the wonderful wonderful occasions of the world especially from. In Massachusetts now I was reading this morning in an article about. You know one specific gift for somebody that you know very very well. Is enough. Vijay is sometimes like you'll. It has been a couple of days and quite frankly I missed you announced an exciting to see you we haven't me this might shoot Brent Smith we have. Out of slights I thought. Ballot it's really nice gift in my definitely can absolutely on terrible. Person now well I can't answer that out and it's fun but I know you well you like to view the so I got you. What I believe is good volleys Q you said it was a long yeah that's good he's stereo bit. Did I tortured well awesome I look at let's just sit back like yeah. Well I was a young kid. It was a little you know tell me what you're up this this is. Are you do one man. Well I really don't have any complaints I'll be very very wrong with you. Advanced need. Very solid right now and giving isn't everybody's healthy physically mentally Zulu. And I'm knock on wood. The last time we talked when the album got announcer gives the devil got released when you made the plans for his big score with god smacked right. Do you view called and we were talking about. How excited you were a lot on the road with God's nice guys because you guys been friends for so long it kind of coming up around the same time and both releasing albums of the same time it's so you work. Super just excited about watching this war in getting out on the road and now it's been what I'm that's. Few weeks yeah I think tonight is show I think is the fourteenth show we've got seven more on the first leg and and we do twelve on the second leg. But you know it on the I had been asking around in 2017. About what their schedule is going to be because I've heard through the grapevine that there were brand new record. And so it can't wait until it and we have each other's phone numbers we can talk to each other aloft he called me in December in his life. Hayward is what are your plans for 2019 so we were just kind of going over each other's plans. And really the album cycles pretty much lined up along with a torrent as well also this has been something that means Elliott talked about four. And it started in December of last year and everything that we set out to do with each other has happened thus far there's a lot of planning ahead of time so. This by age. I mean all accounts in my personal opinion between our show and their show it's exactly. What you want Iraq general shows movies taxes a question that's a so blows up the eagle I don't know we're gonna blow that up for do you have to coordinate organ use the lasers and I entered. As the production thing is something you both have to coordinate to lose too much repetition we started talking about it so early. Com a bad one thing we've told each other with this. I'm not gonna censor you. You're not gonna censor me. And going about that was is. I liked the fact that it's like healthy competition because there is not rely on come over here ass. Yeah that I that's okay it's a home show Annan and you guys have been so closely ingrained with Boston in any way for so long yes this is like a second commercial for you really are present. You know I'm and we take that away as as well you know going all the way back to 2003. With the first album. All of Massachusetts. As always really for all intents and purposes it everyone's been so genuine in this part of the country. From you know for the last eighteen years but the dynamics between myself and so it looked. Here's the boom the standing. Huge gob smacked and I have been from day one and this is kind of like one of those things for me where. I get to get up and I admire those guys I love the music I always happens on the fact that we're being able to be on a tour with one there's a lot of respect for each other. The big. Point of interest for everybody was. Give the audience then I don't know life so both. Jams are really really meticulous with the each other about making sure that the wow factor. Is always there dog and you're wrong it's all about the songs the end of the day that fans should always be there on Cairo but we are at this level. Because none of this happened overnight for either man. We take very very seriously this is our way of giving back to the audience we don't wanna walk out there with a life you know if you park hands a little bit of the stage design and case goes to jail money. It just doesn't work like that. This is probably the biggest production for us. That we have ever put together present to an audience it's it's you know it's like being in the third grade forever. But their show is massively visual and it is. This serious song is done awful when that he's rise they're just going over fantastic. You know all the criticism. Rap songs in the first place. But I. You know I give a lot of credit for their new album they they they really kind of they win in different directions bomb silently is not like the other albums it's still got us back. But it's really really well done and now I think because of back camaraderie with each other in that respect that's why he shows. We've been very good attendance records. You know across North America witnessed or an MS is still good but it's all about the audience. Well what we can talk about the got smacked record. But we want to nerd out about you or how long because. It's this concept to record it when Jennifer came out you were hinting about the idea of the concept don't have you wanna give to graduation and what attention attention when it out yet. Now it's out yet so can we gin and can mean. Yeah I don't like what went one bans put a cons of films I was asked this a very good check them off your list prelude isn't alive I'll. What if that was on final would that be a double gate full sleeve. Thank you probably know something about race and now now you have to do the rock opera. Yes and then you also have to do the symphonic I'll shine down with a since the New Yorkers are okay Ascap via an essential makes you got to those are all the things and raised. Right except. So you get the concept and Andre. And if I could last a little bit about the concept which is fantastic business. It's it's. It's something that's so pertinent that seems right now. Would people dealing with things in their lives and and depression and in and it's about coming out of that and getting past that and it's. I wanted to know where their albums in your life that like that ones that you listen to that or inspirational. You know you're feeling down you could throw on. And you could feel like OK I feel better but admit this almost. Instantaneously. Even to this day if I'm not in a good mood I'll put on super on them by sound camera back in the game so yeah it was very I mean the interesting thing about. Everything. And I I'm not going to be too long wind quickly as they went up on anywhere. Rewind just a minute with WA. Half and shine downs career for a second. And our relationship with each other acts of Amarillo this record because that first single was all. And at that time. Everybody was talking about how like bowling was an epidemic and we need to bring awareness that it's kind of like at that time it was also. Well. Yeah of course is an epidemic it happens every day's been absent and that's happening since the dawn of man and probably. And that was that the dynamic of that because it was a great bull segment with that song too which was. We're not saying that you're gonna be best friends we're your vote you know I mean it is that song was more about like it's a nice coming in you your personal space. Where the people were talking about you know turn the other cheek here try to get a relationship with and hope the bullies probably the woman to bully the most now. Like if somebody kidnapping your drills and they aren't attacking you physically mentally and psychologically and come back. In mind don't back out around that Sony can. So then when you fast forward. You know it's to where we are now at attention attention. The big thing. And I thought thing was once again it's been happening. Since the dawn of time but it seems like an epidemic absolutely an awesome watching people that never thought I mean you talk about super unknown being that album right and then we lose Chris Cornell where a perfect example. Somebody just. Thought was always going to be there. So let me give you Y. Attention attention. Was born. First and foremost there was an area very specific song that was the sounding board for what the rest of the Al McCain. And it was the song yeah. Because Quetta which is the second single right now that we just released off but attention attention. Normally. I am very quick with leaders usually takes mean. Maybe 24 hours. I can't get in 24 hours out usually move on to another song because I can't wrap it quit then there's something off. When Jeddah was written. Because Eric bass are bass player he produced attention attention engineered Yeltsin makes it has been 179 days room last year in Charleston, South Carolina. And a lot of the writing process was was me and also is act there of course but a lot of time was that just millionaire. And the reality was. I knew what I was gonna write Jana what about when I. Heard the demo when we started putting it together when the piano part had just been brought to me from there. It took me eleven days. To you basically be able to go to the studio. And performances. We have the melodies of the song but I didn't show I had generic the leadership. So finally Eric was like dude. Let's just move on let's go do something else it's been like you do we're going on two weeks let's do something else that's it now I got it. Are you ready today he's like I've been ready. So Russia to the studio. He's like let's go over and I says now is the Mike lives and the what Mike is always laugh. So ago and took me about six hours to get it done. Keep put it together. But he told mean I asked him is that what time you come in tomorrow when you think if we don't use it to their car around 330. The following day about 115 in the afternoon he called me early he said come on I got it. I got to the studio I walked and he was like push baseball and it. It's not come back stop for a moment I looked at a Mexican earmarked on it again song came back. The second time I turned. The chair opposite was behind me. And I said. You know what it's about right. Any city it's about me. And a city Manhattan. And sit Margo do. Absolutely not. What a lot of people don't know about there is that he deals with clinical depression. And he's dealt with a since his early twenties. And when he joined the band which it's it's actually for me because it always is it just feels like he's always been here. We watched him go through. We have for the better part of a decade plus what his ups and downs are and four and a half years ago. He made a decision to take himself off Madison. Because he stated he didn't feel like him anymore and we supported him with so he has these very unique days but it's a daily. Not by. It's his understanding of himself but the reality about get. Warrants. Eric had presented to me because I was so nervous to sing this for him. Because I was afraid. Of hurting my friend's feelings. And I was afraid of crossing a line. And so what Eric did was. Very vocal to everybody in the band he said let's just remove the line. Am from bat that's when all the other songs king and that's when the idea of the album being the story was presented. Because really get up. It's a very necessary song it's a very important song. But attention attention as a whole get this four minutes of the 51 man's story. And inside that though the whole dynamic of the album. Is the fact that. I know for a fact as I see. A lot of times people are afraid to go outside of their comfort zone because they think they're gonna fail. You're gonna need to fail and life if you don't fail. And you cannot push yourself to the next level and the reason I say that it is. I think that a lot of people that deal with depression or anxiety. There embarrassed. And they feel. Ashamed. Because they think that if they talk about it that people are going to judge them. And make fun of them and tell them to just suck it out when that's not. What needs to be said that very first step in all of this with this awareness of what's going on right now is don't be quiet. You can't be quiet it's in view if it's bothering you talked to someone. Because that's the only way to get it out turns into a pressure cooker and going back what I said a moment ago about attention attention as a whole. We don't think that people will be defined by their failures you'll be defined by the fact that you never give up. You may not give it every time. But don't stop being you and don't stop trying because eventually. You're gonna get whatever it is for you you will get there may not be overnight. But you don't get that. Well there's. There's an inspiration and there's a moment that you have a studio. With the two of you right and you listeners on a couple times and he understands that it's about ham brick and then you guys are still in the studio when you work on the song. But then there's a moment you remove that line and now. You're gonna give all of this personal stuff completely open to all of us and he's. Any piece on every night in front of tens of thousands of people anyway it's all dated really yes. He did so it's been kind of a completely positive. Thing. Just getting and like a cathartic thing what's it like oh my god. He's on an agent when you meet on the stage you come offstage how are you guys feeling is all really heavy stop. It. Is I mean look right now see with this set list and what we're doing because the co headline also. 175 minutes gives each spent about twelve songs little boo maybe thirteen and so. Yeah I can't go out and play all attention attention accuses. By the way thank you so much for all the love that you're given us for the last almost two decades. Put Jana is our 26 single as a that's nothing that we take lightly that is. In essence and just point blank reality. The reason span is where we are right now on how we really don't believe in a top. This station and both of you everybody involved and is one of the reasons why we are able to do the show residency. Tempering this to the public of course we're gonna play doubles tonight we're gonna play get up tonight. But you know. It's going to be interesting with the question you rats when there's more of attention attention you know when we you know. When we become more. Just the headliner we've got more than 75 minute yes then we will start to play more we aren't Europe in June we played at times. Because we were doing festival but we were also doing grid like seven headlining shows we're on stage for like two hours fifty minutes. And some of these markets you know can. It's a joy for him to heat generated Jordan play all the material. Well. There was such. There was such respect for each other got to understand something now does he play it every night. And it's a record definitely about all of us. But he was. It's his. He gave it life now I mean like the reason why tension tension doesn't sound like everything else. It's because they him. You know because he just he doesn't look at we got a lot of great teachers in the studio but he doesn't locate technical. Dynamic. He doesn't look bad. Like it's not ones and zeros to him he mixes everything or he uses certain effect three does things a certain way because he's listening to this heart. So somebody and I got why would you do this this this and this this doesn't make any sense that's not the way you're supposed to do and he's like I don't care that's the way you're supposed to do it. A monitor it this way because it sounds awesome now and it MS is the way he is now. So before the line was taken away brick. Was the decision to have him produce the alma Horry made relegate because I can't imagine this album's sound in the way it does. Unless he produced it because it's such a personal experience if you brought in somebody else to produce songs that pro league when sound anything like he put it sounds like. He has a really good way of expressing it and and and I'm very. He's he's very much gentlemen. Eric. But he's like. I would rather go crazy. Making it. Rather than watch someone else go crazy trying to make it. And I how is that was just brilliantly put it. Big cases you know he did you know bad at times because he's such a perfectionist and hears things a certain way. But the thing about air here in studio there was not one day. Now one. Where he walked in. With all of us and there. He was never negative. He was never unaware of what was gonna happen. He always had an answer always had a position upon what we're doing that day. Freaking ridiculous that. He never walked in the studio and said. I don't know what you think he knew exactly what he wanted to do everything. Born leader in Austria. So. You know that helped out a lot because. That ride that he had robots. Even more in now working would hold his feet to the fire. To give the public is absolute best as a band as were in the rights record of restricted together we wanted to do. Not only our band mate but our producer. Everything we have two. Very very positive. We have to. Get you on here because there's a whole bunch AF. Listeners that I don't like seventy and suddenly they get to come backstage hang out you guys which is often that they disarming in my town some we. I. I've got a shower and they are doing a tour backstage area and I I came out I cannot because I thought I heard you. And analog but hey girl and as I motion picture. And everybody. As sweaty shirtless guy Watson or room and hands me a bottle at him like that perfect I was clean and I didn't and I can't I can. That's an apparent I was late because I was trying to smell better you smell nice bank you know before you get any thing you were talking about the old days. And I just wondering my Eagles. Yet what are the early days not find out out when the first record first came out and selling it out because of this album purposefully am. My way and you were up in the studio really long time ago yes. You told me that if you ever got nominated for a Grammy we just were talking about is I don't think I got to be your date how to present that's dolls aren't hey that's still Sasser and everything that has been poured into this new album. Just wandering mind you this. That you know what I can not wait to call you go OK. Calm down he did it here. What do you think you know where I'll make sure that match just wanna. Okay because it still got men and it's it's mean you my friend is aren't you. Are we get to Mikey you don't do problems can make or rats playing our address I'm wrong. Did the other I think he's gonna I think you look good in other indicators. If children's are. And guys. Are Wheeling out. And everybody where they're very excited thank you also so much yes thanks for checking out the video is gonna go up and podcasts you and thanks for being. Mike and mr. Kelly. You'll likely weird Oreo cookie. Wal-Mart dot I gotta say finally got to go but I really just wanna I really do just thank you so's time as I think I mean him. Weight gain you know we get apps. And thank you all listeners and everybody involved with the AF. Now onward and upward we promise you we're never gonna phone it and so we have enough and a love and respect for everybody thank you so much for everything done for us. Are you got to cut the tape Celtic shirt back on it. I it's an area is that was Brent Smith from shine down that was before the show if you were at this show. You know that it's the second the last song shine downplayed. Was their version a simple man that it's. They recorded. On and January. 2004. Actually for the first time on the air during my show here W way out and so that song has an incredibly. Strong connection to me a strong connection to WA out and you know to the WA AF audience in general because. We've watched and have been so proud to watch the band that shine down has become. So they play that song. At the X any senator on Saturday night or. Yeah on Saturday night and status. And they had put a small stage up in the middle of the crap out. And I was watching their show from the side of the stage and their security guys said hey you know here's sat list. On this song before simple man go up through the crowd and goes stand by that little stage because it's gonna be surprised the audience for the going to be simple lamp there. And I was like OK another be awesome. So. I went out there. They turned the lights down after third. The third to lasts on and they went running up through the crowd. And they had an acoustic guitar waiting for Zack and human Brent come up through the crowd and they get up on the stage they turn the lights back on. And just the two of them were sitting there on his little itty bitty stage and their security guide to come over you know once you get him up on the stage Colbern stand on the stairs because they're gonna get mobbed. And you're gonna wanna see. Knowing that simple man is you know it's our moment you know. So anyway. They start plain simple man and as people we're just going crazy because. Their version is just so fantastic. And they were doing it acoustic. And then before the last person the last chorus every day or stopping the guitar even during the courses of the crowd. 20000 people just. Singing in unison in the voices. We're so powerful it was amazing. And Brent was talking about it's. How. This was the last chance for everybody is saying. And they wanted to everybody that knew the words to sing is glad as they could so that everybody in the world could hear them singing. And any turnaround he put his hand out any pulled me up on that stage. And introduced me to the crowd. And then said that the crowd was gonna sing a song for me and I already started crying. Because the first time they played simple man Boston was in front only ten people on the WA a studio. And watching him in front of 28000 people singing it and having his moment it was the biggest concert I ever seen them play. It was just so powerful to watch them. Fill a room. That much and to be able to just capture. The audience from the front wrote the background. That was already emotional. And when he pulled me up on that stage. And everyone was singing for me I just started bawling. And people got video of it with their camera phones and there's video of it out fine. My FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash Mistress Carrie WA asked and a few tech check on my Twitter feed at mr. scary it is there's links to videos that people put up. It was just such an amazing. Powerful. Unbelievable moment that I will never forget. And I cried in front of 20000 people and make up over my face. I was so shocked at one point my cell phone just fell out of my hand. And a middle of the chorus Brent had delayed then down and pull my cell phone off the stage and sneak it behind his back to give it back to me because I just. Got so overcome with the moment. It was such a powerful moment and a moment that I will just. Never ever forget it was just amazing. So after that interview with Brent and before I cried in front of 28000 people. We got a chance Mike Hsu and I to sit down win at Seles got smacked know what you need to know is that. The shine down interview with brand and the gods like interview with Sally we actually videotaped. These interviews. And we're gonna put up video segments at WA AF dot com as well by. If you're listening to the audio and we're mentioning something about making a gesture or whatever you might not be in on the joke because this is just the audio from the video interviews. Anyway so this is a solid from got smacked it just so happened that the day of the show August 25. With the twentieth anniversary of the release of their debut album. Which. Just blows my mind to this day for anybody that was listening to god smack as a local unsigned bands. Has the original version of their demo all wound up. Which turned into their debut album which then went on to sell I don't know 68 million copies something like that. To celebrate that twentieth anniversary on that day when they wrap their hometown show all. Was pretty gosh I'm so we got to us down and so is dressing room and catch up with him. And when the radio beacon video. You Barrett about. This is no. Longer be in a rage. And we start to it is now. What's up on mr. scattered from WA AF here with Mike Hsu and so they have from god smack yeah her I smoke we've. Dropped hasn't the other night watching fireworks want. Do we keep that in the video for the. You sent me I used to. Anything similar to a guy and how would just like all of a sudden therapy couch and. Tell me about a product tell me everything. Well I just listen I am honored to meet Salvatore Pasquale yeah. Well there's like entice the same and that. Kind of shook his hands you know fantastic video he's he's doing great. Little fatter now that is well. Consistently. Tell me where he got those yellow pants because if it takes a strong man to Wear. Listen I like that. You can you know you can't you never go wrong. Address. Cook. And dance moves and passing. Romancing. It is. Like yours us. You should tell them that we thought that video is very funny even though I don't think he was trying to be funny but he cannot fun. Yeah he is you know he's just silly little too wired on espresso and by. He makes a good video and again this is important and he knows he has only connections who knows the country world. Moreover it and those guys so called Sebastian Bach yeah I know Sebastien and I think. It's mother's cousin knew Billy raise this from back and. Excellent the director's cut highly recommend via you haven't seen the bullet proof video he. Yellow pants Italian you never thought they would be hot but some kind of car to treat. You can spend a lot of time over there in Sicily with your cousin but also like we are at least from my wife on the gore. I have yeah well you know it and all joking aside I actually was I had the opportunity to restore serenity. The Hollis my dad was born and grew up and and you know it's it's a long story but in a nutshell that was basically an earthquake way back in the day he moved out somewhere in the early 1950s and they were going to knock down all these places but in 2008. The government pass a law stating anything that was considered historical they would. They would out fix the walls structurally in the roof and Libya to the owners serenity and beauty in my great uncle was the streams composer in this little town back in the late eighteen hundreds and he created a music album went over the door. Stone and because of that music emblem they deem the basic story. So. I stepped in all these years later well my dad really Nolan and kind of gotten all put back into the Finley name and then renovated it and just. This this past year brought him there and for the first time he's like let's go bought my house because he you know he walks around a little town you religious child so he didn't know that you had done it did that and then we blocked by the door and it was new and he's looking into the back household McKee. And palm. It was pretty cool pretty touching you know he walked him. And I'm I had to place all furnished everything all the photos of the Stanley when he was a little kid there and sister and his parents. My great uncle who was this famous composer so I put my great uncle and his band my dad and his band and me in mind and it showed all the generations music on the piano one. It was really cool moment to be able to give him you know. We've been reminiscing a lot just hanging around at the show talking about. The last twenty years. And end the relationship between the band in the radio station and our relationship because it was my anniversary too in. Mike this is your nineteenth here right now and so it's like we all have this giant time and our lives that was kind of old spent. Doing whatever the. 'cause of the magic meet all I. Always elk in the you know let stacked plug. Them meatballs and a radio is meant to grant you you know. Yeah I was gonna brings them out like Alan issues. Berry this to have trucks. It was so hot with a crowds and iPod you negligent or. I. Probably the jitterbug. And she doesn't obviously mean. A do you remember. The first year I was on the bears are you guys signed your contract in what may have 98. Jeanne and then that October. I was on the air and it was my birthday. And you guys all showed up but the old AF studio like thirtieth view I have poll right it pull its and you showed up with a K okay. And all the crap that you brought into the studio and Ed GI he would pack of Maxi pads immediately and use them up. All over the studio. And I was finally there and homeless and you guys just. Kick the door and then you just come running. And you brought both lose. And. Yeah I have polaroids of it that's amazing and I don't remember and here's how I. I'm you can stand them pretty crazy that now you guys are on this big when legends arise twentieth anniversary tour. Yeah and you go back and look at everything that's happened in the last twenty years how. Radios changed the music industry how your own BN destroying the radio survives right yeah but like but it's just completely different world. And it was twenty years ago. I know I know I mean I I honestly we just reliving some of the memories while ago and I was thinking when we. Started at the end. I'm CDs were just starting. Kids every all the ends up until that point we all product demos on cassette it was at like 9190. Killing 1990s. Like we formed in 95. 96 we started and some demos. And then by eight late 97 we recorded the first record but we recorded it. As a CD because we just like these these things called cedar shopping him around in the nation this year. And there are photo long box is there and that's how it started in so we've we've we've we just kind of recorded you know 1011 songs. In in this basement studio in Boston right behind friendly called new line studios which is no longer there it's right next to collect store and not only sort easily underneath the story next to McDonnell's. On boils. Tea so behind their right. On and in below those condos now they are the idols baseball. Yeah. Right behind it so that's where new alliance wasn't recorded you know for a 2600 bucks over the weekend. And and put on a CD shopping around and that's how we started to get some phone calls from the as a Rocco and oh yeah day. And that's what the whole thing started so. We were joking with with Roddy earlier because you got sent those demos every parent. And and it's almost yet to make a few changes but it's almost the exact same recordings that became the debut album of God's. It is the exact same recording we never re recorded it we just remixed it and put him back on the shelves six weeks after we signed a deal and you had to take like some stuff out of moon baby did you realize that like sample there's no doubt that all right yeah we had a re mix that's what we did so because there was some on samples that I taken from a movie. And and now we could get permission from Gary Oldman as it was. It's blocking samples and Ireland or. And subtle yet keep the lights on and somehow ago but down but I'll if you get a copy of the first demo CD. On its exact same CD we just change the artwork and put it back out but it did in the first one did have whatever line. Right whenever hadn't been written yet we have the CBO selling it. And then we can with the solace on and Rocco actually heard he's like that's a single and so we recorded it on to a singles. And then we laughed and added to use their CD that was silent because Alexia and and that's kind of how old. That's personal. But we were joking about how many people you mailed it to. That denied you that turned you down you know and then the same album gets released and sold like five million copies coming cop yeah that's out something that. When you when they were when they were like shoot it down. What more is there any point where you guys relate I don't know if this is gonna work it was Ernie like doubt about the future of the bands. No no I don't think so because we we were too busy just working in trying to flyer. The clubs on lands on street in we knew there was other bands play like White Zombie would come through lever and we just feel okay rock shows flyer. Until gig doing things like that. And so we just got really immerse them in and when the blinders on. You know we weren't thinking of getting rejected we we just time has passed where. It's so it never really get a sense of doubt but. I've do you remember that showed that changed our whole train of thought which was claw and playing. Apple on. And next door was access gap right. Which is not possible now it doesn't know what that was so possibly as was the line and next door with access to playing axis but we you know corn was in the place packed. So we did. As we told. People Avalon did anyone who wants come out corn is done with tickets that gets it for. And so you know ten minutes before we go on condolences at weekends like thirteen people like wow so it's. When backups is stretched so they came downstairs and it was. It was probably 400 people every one dumped on Avalon and got drinks and whatever and watched us and no one laughs. And I just remember thinking why no one knows a music no one knows who we are but we did lose one single person has some light you know we might have some especially. A bit of pivotal point for us. And you've been through I mean when you look back at twenty years you look at successes failures. You know you guys took a break for awhile and started you were working on your solo stuff and all that. The band comes back you released this album you get all geared up your big twentieth anniversary and just walk around this two war. It seems like everybody is just. In this place of holy (%expletive) it's been twenty years how awesome is this you guys all just seemed. Like you getting along better than you ever did you're happier than you ever wore the band sounds better and is playing better than they ever did. Weird is all of this come full circle. Lake. It spends so much stuff and then to end up right back where I mean and bigger venues. Well. I think you're talking about a little while ago you know. Experience. Comes from wisdom comes from experience comes from living it comes from you know just kind of trudging away through life and for us you know we we went through I think every obstacle it every day and has gone through. Maybe some of them not quite as excessive with you know that drugs in the open on that stuff. But we certainly had our pockets of like really bad you know drinking problems and some. Drugs off whatever but egos in the fighting and all the stuff that usually breaks up a band. But you know somewhere along the line we just. Figured out that. It's better to go and get some help and work on these things and long story short we've. I think we've gotten overall a lot of those mountains that tip of an upside down and they break up over because no one wants like you know. Given ended egos get away in the pride. What was so far past that now and it really did come full circle where we we just. We're back so like enjoying the music and enjoying the moment like we did back in the day we jam in the garage what you girlfriends criminal or an injury in the air and you just. Need immediate and inspect them. And it was and is that now like we get up and we really have a good time this no we don't really care about the tricks of the show know that so much. You know we do some cool stuff and choreograph some things paralyzed when everybody. It's really just about getting out there and playing and having fun and enjoying the moment because we know. You know now some time has gone by and we don't we don't know how long this will last and it's really important we stay in the moment. When that new young next and comes along that takes place. Kicked our ass to Canada. There's that that again going back to when you as a first starting out. Did you have that we're live eat you didn't have them living in the moment thing did you have Miller like that of this is happening right now for me after that first album took always. Loss and what the next up was you know so when we wore off we could just get good deal and there right and you get a record deal and you realize at the bottom of the ladder the big time. Now and the like always gets what busted then at least we can travel and conference or possibly go. OK if we can just outselling clubs around the country now them there. And and that happens and you opal hit theaters that production will be so much better and what it's Arenas keeps going and partners Epson and a manager and those guys. You're gonna miss awful moment because you're always whining complaining about the next happen. Try and like you're missing it this is the time you're gonna miss the most playing in these clubs playing in these theaters you know. In any case right like you know time goes by very quickly and in the reflect on now like it's really. Fun times playing the rat axis and deals bars penalties like places that. You know there was a point when we became the buzz of Boston and we didn't know you know we was so embarrassed to just trying to. Should we re not sure it's getting more assurance or whatever. Com. You guys played CB GB CGI and when you go back and look at iconic venues in pivotal shows. Sick to be able to say like yeah we took busloads of our immediate friends from New England downplayed CB GB yeah. Like so there are so grateful to you because now that's there that's it like now parent kids wearing T shirts with the CB GB logo. That will never be able to even know they'll just think it's John Barbados store and they will never know. And you can actually say no we see if that way about the rats when I drive by now like that restaurant when his ass like a hotel. They had a rat suite now let's just go to relay. Yes it was a sweet couple rooms for together and have pictures of bands from back in the day. So it's kind of a tribute at the same time it's like you know whether it was an Eagles team you rotten stinking place but there was just something about that. Please that. It was the most underground cool Boston bar no one of them to shore and I miss those places channel all of us. Did you use the bathroom at CB GB's that's that you test band right there and should Bettany Chile right. Revenues yet you money yeah I say sit on the toilet seat. I did this in those games. Yeah counted on it yeah. I'll tell you get a hover bits and has a lot on the you gotta get the good squad. But going back and looking over looking over everything now and all of the show is it that you know you guys have played that AM it's been a part of is there obviously you don't remember the Maxi pad incident on my birth yes I remember I. I remember sticking. The message may. Thanks Ellie just like Maxine pat and I think the noise of you ripping it back off on the British here. Traumatize and believe it was like yeah yeah yeah. That noise that we have the keys and I have a but when you go back and look at the early days like what is your best WA after god smack memory. Was it hearing your song on the radio the first time. And that's the first one can mine because I remember going into our. Baby girls room in Finland. And in Alice to turn on the lights and the radio color aren't always on. And most of the guys come and and a couple which remember hearing people. Again whatever was written. And just real. News again as Rocco Leo and this new band and these guys. And they keep. Yeah. Does that still happen. Forty years later when he hears those on the radio. It's not a little spark thanks a lot for saying Allison Anna. Well I don't I don't I didn't say this as well let's get this Ellison area some films like analyze passionate. No honestly. It's. So. Old confidence. In me you're asking me these questions that might be different so the only guys. I'm so it law involved in all the production in everything else that goes around and I really don't have a whole lot. To sit around and be playing radios that's part of this thing for me. Is that I'm just. The most coal. Production so it isn't. And so on and being a dad to a teenager to death two teenagers it's actually coming. Do you guys need therapy for being dads of teenagers yes. Fourteen. This is fourteen. The boys started coming picture is Scott is coming to the tip of winding down. Oh yeah I think the next couple years it's. Really. Yeah that's the beginning. Cannot annoying thing nominated. And I hate you and then when she's like twining and she needs some bills paid you they're your genius of. I I you know our band world layered so Tony. The list kids and that she was below him in and I was bullish in and Robin's enemies that we built and along the agent and it's cardinals. I don't know if he's got a hundred Tony's does it it's advantage is not much else. And you expect little boy and sixth in the I remember the first time. When it hit me was I was at my house and you know she's there that we are. It's just moved in like it was just relentless and like what your problems. You need to take BC BS right now on idol wanna. In. Really you'll bring active pets I might. That's come. At you that's a God's. Why is doing all of this this you don't come here that we I don't know ha. And I'm not going and we were sitting down and Brent from shine down a little while ago and he. Was going on and on about. You know talking with you about putting this tour together and you know your albums coming out around the same time so I wanted to ask you about that. Because he couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic tour this is and how great you guys are to tour with them what awesome friend Joseph he just. I don't know if you've paid and he was really nice about everything. So what's you worst side of what's your perspective of being in on the road with those guys. I know they great man you know we we've been friends for a while I think Bakken O six wanna say is that they they can help us and that's for us got to know each other and we've been really alum proud of them and watching their evolution in them coming into headlining status themselves and Latin I think it's really great. And I'm really glad because I think. We need more bands like that continue to wave the rock and roll flack because there's millions want answered all the way youths and we have we don't have rush anymore I would not long. House that's gonna do this or Metallica has done it here about some things because James isn't one. Jim it's my it's much warring four plus we're losing singers like Chris Cornell and Chester batting ahead and and so there's all that going on right and so. You know I think it's important that. That. That's our style band stick together and continue to support each other because we're on the same team now. The better they do the better we do that it we do the better they do it's all relevant. You know back in the day people didn't really understand the meaning of you know they think pop music Justin beaver and Donna or whatever it is the pop is just. Means popular music and so back in the eighties and his Motley Crue or Def Leppard and and that's what was dominating freeways so that's what pop music was and so. I just think that it's great I love scene candles on growing and you know all the lesbians and I've admired and I really thought had something special about them you know and as you know Brent is probably one of the greatest singers and it's unbelievable. So. You know it's it's been really good you know it's definitely it was a lot of work and a lot of you know lie effort to put this together. But again you know he's right on the money we we spent some time. Talking about this and like what you gonna do so we know so we can contrast it would make sure that both sides of the audience gets full. Headlines show it. Completely different. Vatican yet live on the same stage and I think we did a really good job. Accomplishing that Giambi was also saying that you know you keep watches you guys and it's kind of like a healthy competition gone. You know as Ernie is Ernie well. Listen. And come on. I have. A zoo is there any obviously there is some ball busting on the brokerage. And somehow they always do Wheeling it embarrasses. Me as well. And then the man who do you mean spiteful in Mexico and. New Mexico. That is some good for the most part am. It's been good we've got to you know great run so far you know we're just really excited because these shows selling great I mean it's just attendance is really. Really strong in and that's all we care about you know we won it just make sure that where feelings because. It is a great show and it's I think it's best rock packages it's eighteen I mean. The fans love the idea of us partnering together or is it. And I am. It seems like. Us you know I mean I'd. I don't see any problems and I hope it continues because it's it's it is a good package I think both hands in the music compliment really well and it's completely differently it's. That's more Digital's. It. More along the beating Colin. Oh. It's not. All of it. Odyssey to ask for great. Recruiting in this or ask for Kareem out bio free. Yeah out ace bandage is at the literally smells like the New England Patriots. Before we Owens' age. Do when you know it's been twenty years. But it can't be lost on any of us that we're sitting backstage greatly you know and your planes. The staging great Greg this is what used to be called back in the day when I don't think they still -- agree with it. But now instead of being in the person that bought the ticket that steam that stood in line to buy the ticket. Now you're the person on the stage you talk about coming full circle twenty years later. I've I mean I see a lot of my child advance here whom I see a lot of great concerts there and it's a great venue I still love this place you know. And it's very surreal sometimes to come along you know sometimes you get so caught up and it's pouring in so caught up in what you do every day with the war thing it. It's nice. Tap the Swanson a lot especially in your hometown or close to it. That's just always a little bit more of a special feeling when call for me now. We played on some amazing crowds and that's definitely some debt jams out there for sure and in the world. But does just that one extra little thing that happens when your home you know you feel that your home and is just a sense of real. Just feeling really proud when you walk onto the stage and you look around and you go on like we built this thing. From scratch and it. The way we've read about rock bands doing it and it's you know it's pretty problem more pressure planet home maybe that's it. Little more pressure it used to be that but again we've gotten over a lot of that stuff. And we have. Thankfully we have a great crew in place that helps us a lot of the guest list and and I was in the friends in the cousins and because they're all he and they all watch a lot of time they forget you have applicants so I becomes exhausting. But no it's it's great you know we have no complaints at all. And you know when you go on stage tonight you bring up patriots. You're not gonna (%expletive) off a bunch of people and end up in some viral video idle and it ripped the day in New York. Let their route to New York upstate New York. This fool am in Ely. I had to give them one little moment don't like are less than you did take a way are undefeated season which we really. He managed he's just gently. As I have and with Tom Brady's stuff and they won the crap out of us which makes me feel amazing. The only time about lobbying on stage in boot I just absorbing on view of. To let the hate slowly drew yeah so good we'll know you have asked for cream to apply. You got fanned legacy and stuff to do and so which are probably down. But I. But I am noticing. Snicker behind you notice that. Very cool heritage I now file one of the older original ones and case law back in Seoul could peel off the stick anymore. A it was like the old original gods Max Owens with Debbie. It goes like one of the first things that we ever got done by you guys in the band is just an. It's very cool and well thanks for letting us invade your space. And thanks for Cinemax Chad Myers head. Mike's doing the right. Along and she. Should at least. So. It's it's it's any cross ice cream. That Mel mention does that work the doctors and souring on the ship. You know fifty years old. And asked for cream. Let's not look at no wrinkles. I don't know what she's on our phase spot in mind Cindy Crawford I create the night ice cream. So. They held now you know what kind of I creamed Sally from god smacked uses to keep his fifty year old Sicilian asked from get wrinkles. You never know what you are going to hear. On the mr. scary sight peace podcast which is why you need to subscribe to the podcast. Google placed pitcher iTunes or whatever it is you gotta subscribed as economist. Right so that was on solid from god smack. Then they had to. Oh here ready to play ends. Because its own talent show for got smacked they had hundreds of friends and family and they had everybody had these special passes that got him into a special bar in the back. Where their friends and family can go in drink in whatever and congregate. So that they just weren't all drunk runaround backstage Owen and saying yeah. So later on in the night. Whaley Iraq. I was back there having some wine after my emotional crying fast on stay. To shine down. And the guys from red sun rising more hanging out. And I felt terrible because I did have a chance to sit down with them earlier so Mike and Ryan actually came back there and they were like you're just hanging out they had like. You know their Christmas lights hang out in this bar area of forgot smacks family and I was having a glass of wine and they say hey you know do you wanna sit down and record the episode your podcast now how's it you know let yes. I got a buzz saw and sit down let's dig out the microphones and it's due to acts. It was the first time that actually gotten a chance to meet those guys and actually sit down and spend time with them and for opening up the show. In Massachusetts. I hometown show for god smacked and shine down may as well be a hometown show. For them because they've just been a Boston band as far as we're all concerned for so long now. That does red sun rising had a pretty high Bart just open up that show and they were fantastic. So if you missed the show where if you get a chance and they come back if they're doing like a headlining tour their own or whatever you got to go out chicken out. Really super cool guys they were fantastic alive and we just had a great time but it was very and or mall and we're just kind of sit around shoot the (%expletive) Boston balls drinking wine and the back patio at the X community centers so. You heard it says Mike and Ryan from red sunrise. All right you can have them I'm. Yes the answer is Ottawa for a bottle of wine and. Yeah media ownership. Now I know normally I don't but I'm going to tonight. It is. I don't concede. Nice to see it yes it's great we're after that the show is done and were hanging out now is who we set the mood a little bit explain the CC I now. So you guys opened up the show tonight with shine down and got smacked which got smacks from here shine down. Might as well be from here because we kind of adopted them. And so. The guys from god smack because as a hometown showed they. They took over this backstage pavilion area so they could corral their giant families and and their friends. And now we've taken this area over and where rating. The bar. I love that yeah we're seeing here are nice bottle line yet don't know wrote a rope lit bungalow with a bottle line. It's like candle lit like this is nineties this is nice submissive way nicer than again no offense to go into the studio. Right it's kind of romantic yet intimate thoughts aren't. I don't wish that I can do something like this yet because we were just talking about a second ago. I used to sitting in a padded room. Talking to myself for five hours a day the only reason they don't call me crazy is because the microphone is on. If the microphone for. I would be a crazy person that we need to be medicated an institution. Her eyes as the only distinction goes drug therapy and enough. Talk yourself you know get everything out and no it can give you feedback you just cannot hear talk you know I was doing that today in the shower and somebody was in there that in known I was talking to myself us kind of embarrassed. It is a little I married an and that's what I do for five hours today I just sit in that room by myself. And just hope to god the microphones working because it's not. I'm just a crazy person just a crazy there's. If it's a fine line there that's nice I like that so we were just talking because the guys from shined down embarrassed the hell out of me and pulled me up on stage to play simple man. And that was the like I'm not a musician and I I played clarinet in the high school band that is about as much as I got. So I have to look at the people in the high. That I'm talking to every day because I'm in that padded room just talking to myself. Being that stage and having all those eyes looking back at you that's not a perspective that I'm used to and you guys do that all the time. Yeah and like I was telling yet I I sing in front of you know I've sang in front of thousands of people before about just talk in front of people I can't do that I hate talking between songs. But I get single day. But talking. That that's a little too much for me. I get more nervous performing on radio shows than I do from a crowd this does that. Creepy DJs to Sydney or loses desire to like yeah frugally I Ian ray just drooling in a drunken a look at all the shows a real early like oh right like 9 AM. Yeah it is calm down. Clinton and so I wanted to sit down so so this podcast. Is an opportunity for me to sit down and actually have. Conversations. Because when bans come up to the studio whatever it's it's always Haley to play song we got stuck to do. But this way I can actually sit down. And talk Qiyue without wondering about what time is did do I need to play a commercial like it doesn't matter. I can swing air rain it's very liberating it's it's very nice now we do have to put in a word from some of our sponsors though it's just part of our deal. So I am white chocolate Eminem's here to get him a shout out before we continue to and layer cake. Cavern and yet this why it is really good it has a screw topped only if Leo its actually really good. You know I've learned a lot a few screw top warrants and in you know what sometimes one and a boxes that you wanted to box is getting better. Yeah all the time there's a court shortage so we need to open our minds to the possibilities. Evolving the box wine market. So you are from Ohio so is this whole. Mass whole experience is a little new school Masso like that you have you learned a little bit about the Boston. Attitude. From touring with the god smacked guys have you tried to million access and sort. Well that we got smacked actually took us out a few years ago on her first album cycle. And how they were one of the first bands like big bands take us out now was our first real tour. And we did the whole West Coast with thumb and we did we are by the end of we're all speaking what an accent drop in the ours off the end of our words. But I'm. But yeah I think the Boston area is is got that tougher. You know northern edge to it and you know it's it's it's. It's kind of an incubator for rock bands and I think that's why a lot of rock fans do well up here and you know the people of you know. The north really appreciated and I and you were just glad that they're accepting us now and we're certainly grow here. There's a lot of people around the country that think that. You know Bostonians are jerks that's our caller cells mass holes because like. They think we're rude I think where brash they think where in your head case and we are all of those things but we're also extremely loyal. And if zoo love us and you like to hear it like I said before we shined down this is their second home like we've adopted them. We'll take you wind and kind of where we're look at what's really will just we'll just take you against your will claiming US Tyrone and never let you go whole couple. Creepy well. I like that because it Devlin is like a northern. Attitude yes and until we started touring a lot we realized that were anywhere from south the Cleveland it's not as north as you guys but it's still got that northern. You know hard edge like the Cleveland people are the same way. And you know pat our drummers from upstate new York and Dave's from Erie PA and by buffalo so. We can all grew up that way like always driven each other Boston balls. That's our band as other people think that's rooted we are and we realize that until we went south right in there like. This dude really it did so then now man if I make him funny you an arm and a bustier hearing ends at the end and I like Q. And that's how this campus as a this crew is on the guys making is is is is a northern thing. The breaking your balls are doing a good job that they're not talking year probably nine you know. So this is how I teach everybody that's not from here about the accent because everybody says all puck to come have a yeah like that's right now here's what you need to take it as all the code words in it. Harriett the makes up the (%expletive) am wicked stab and let's have grind it as if you can master that center and you will tie downs like your hot you're from here. Hurry up and accepting of (%expletive) them wickets Stabenow let's have grind it's very intimate sake of Buckingham Harriet both the left I'm wickets battling it out I can't grind this. Greg it's like it's it's like a sub sandwich like I hope he we call it a crying you know but I only had to be Bunning is if you had a show where you reviewed stuff in your wrist you rating system. Was based on cues and there was violence but Yost. But we'll fought for you is out and actually do that now because if I were on the Aronson Harriet and makes happy if I can we get stabbed and let's have grind it I would be fired. Yeah 12034. Accuse. Vacuums in so mastered that she's patting me then. Yes that girls just want to choose as penny is this person I have no idea heroes first. No but she was pitting the if it's super fans I mean I guess is mr. Carrey's mr. carries you so. Do enemies as. First it's. I should have a whispering. What you somebody bump into you that you went to school with like ten minutes to get out pretty bizarre. It was not a sponsors are pretty good. So. So where we're at the show. You guys are back on the road with god smack. The crowd is ridiculous. And you guys go out there and you're looking out all of these people and they're reacting back to you and you're not anywhere near homes. So you know now that you've been adopted here what is that feel like. I mean. Like I said before I think it's one of those towns that they can make you or break you like this town to be you down and to be accepted by. The other Bostonians. Is. You know I might cry about it again linearity cry I want so I have a tissue although it might be my burgers so I apologize voters this is not what we're penetrating its toughest fan exterior here. Yeah and we know that any any in telling you you know it's even when you come right out it's not instant reaction. And you venue you. Word out of work or rioters a lot of crossed arms for the first two songs and he surrogates and head bobs as like all right these guys are okay yeah. I've not packets that is I thought it right we are accused and I don't know and I. Like I'm a pretty (%expletive) good looking at all four killed off by Akio spots and black youths thank you. So before it was on the air WA AF I used to build stages I was a Brody. And win and win the all star game was in Cleveland in 96. I was out there building stages for faith best. I had the best experience at a strip club ever can't remember the name of the club. But the bar down in the flats shooters shooters yeah I had the so I was there with like I don't 35. Dudes that I was working had. And it was raining and we took over the Bart shooters and I'm the only girl and we're all hanging out there. And there was this hot waitress. Named care and in all I remember her name is in 1996. And all of the dude that I worked with hitting honor and trying to get her phone number and all this this is before social media as a fourteen under before all of that. And all guys are hitting honor and she came over to me at the bar and said. How long are you going to be in town and I was carefully to month living in one of those corporate apartments or whatever it. It doesn't get near like a month and she passed her phone number to me is that when these guys I'll leave town gimme a call. Cleveland throw like 45 seconds made me the coolest chick on the planet and I will never read I'll never forget Karen's name because of it. It was a life changing moment for me and it was in Cleveland Cleveland usually doesn't make you the coolest person will let you know Hough earned computers and here she's still there but if she's listening to this right now why don't you made me so cool. It turned lady mahogany inaccurate gallium Hagen and that's your famous strippers around her great she wasn't a stripper. It's just a tender but she was. Hot. And she gave me your phone number I don't know if it was because she just wanna screw with the guys. Where she legitimately want me to call later that did you caller I did not. I'll come on I I know and it's literally you story he had literally one of the biggest thing where and it is all of my wrote years. And I didn't caller and I regret it to this day this many years later well. She's listening not caring guy hi Karen reach out somehow later letter yes I don't know something something I I'm glad they're coming back by the way they were down in bed for awhile. It's pretty nice out I. I always thought it was really interesting coming from Boston has more on the water and and where no inferred. Over indulging in alcohol I was interesting that they purposefully built bars on both sides of a river and encouraged you to get on water rafts and while intoxicated. I totally but that was the part of the the charm of that down there I guess right the danger the fall I think I think blues makes you more going anywhere right he can't drown out here and guess. Pretty sure that violates every love that accent and I'm I'm almost positive. This isn't a science podcast visit you always well then that does not we all have my idea that he nice statement he had a real aggressive Tice and like every you're talking about astrophysics. In fact checked this now trading screw top wine talking about hot Caron at shooters in Cleveland cups out of Platt you know hundreds outline makes you go bald mother science fact really yes purple haired guy does input screw top wine. Yes certainly what what he Sam and I goes everything I say and I goes on the speicher's. Supplies science everything else that's right this is I've always at my show is educational program. And you guys are proving that writes I I appreciate you very much they say you know some people call the Neil deGrasse Tyson of rock and roll. Really yeah can you tell me any of those people that say that. I'm my mom. Op. It's manager or error it will raise and like I got from someone that has raised her hand right after they pay me to I'm just trying to get advocates. Well I appreciate you guys come and hang out with me tonight. We I I appreciate the time I am really sorry that I made you wait all this time there was a lot going on there's like that's okay we have to understand and evaluate progress while ours actually perfect because this and feel like an interview dollars hanging out having wine you know was great about the intro to thank. Was that guy that was before you. What me out introduce duties of the baddest bitch at bats to us and now all I about the intro the ban. And I thought what he was an easy intro guys machinators sign that China and right now what he was about to say it was ladies and gentlemen the baddest bitch in Boston red sun rising. And we're all looking at each other. I didn't see them on stage that it's it's a cop like you said both are when they're busting your balls you know your end yet so when you get a nickname like the baddest bitch in Boston you rarity as a badge of honor right that we don't want to let me. You can't have it it's mine now that like you color and that's deal China like jail name for a guy hit it. If you wanna be the expressed surprise that monitors and by dozens of beat that guy. That banks. Now. Told the next time you guys come to town. Will you come to my padded room and and keep me from talking to myself absolutely at last time. We're we're messing with the liners last time for your station like when the first single came out like trying to do Boston accent for the. For us yes so bring it doesn't know like the liners so so for bands that come to town are at or especially newer bands that. Might not know all the radio stations around the country we dvd sheet that says like WA AF Boston the only station that really rocks. And then it'll say like all the DJ's name so that you guys can record stuff for us. So I can only imagine what it's like to just get it handed these lists and be like. Why do you want me to call her a bitch we weren't we weren't experience and I others like our first single so we thought it was a whack. Are you did you sit so back in the daylight acts act like in a Boston actually. Hairless rats and rising on the last play quite. But it but back in the eighties we had a promotional giraffe and it was called the west giraffe the last actor and a big okay. We don't do it anymore exact cool anymore to have our eyes are not only learn. Because it into Toys 'R' Us and are retired to address out of business you could say they are really like metal or cooled have a giant stuffed giraffe running around is that a. Hey yeah kinda I think so I think that the draft is a very large aggressive animal I think people forget that. Yeah very intimidating its plants and gets mauled by lions. Well you know what if you saw draft in the wild I'd be pretty frightened I went to Africa you have to definitely yeah I went on safari a few years they have to do I would love you it may dream home. And really thinks use shock. I can imagine priority feelings aside and they and they do a lot of. But weighing you'll get in the cage and you go to that. You're like this is the way it should be like we shouldn't put them in case the rams are releasing yet in cages and goes there collusion feel a little frightened by their territory. Because that's been living. I would like there reliance around and somebody leaned over it was like. You smell like begin. And this is educational. Andy kind of is right we're bringing site and we are like we're making a depressed Tyson like proud right now illiterate and just start talking about the space shuttle and US follows its ask watch if you wanna I mean we can pretty much go anywhere not high enough for that yet. All right well we can keep drinking wine maybe next time and accent. Well I appreciate it coming hanging out with me please come up to the studio the next time. So that I'm not talking to myself and that pattern around that they we'd love to educate yourselves on SaaS watch sightings and that's what we'll talk about the next Armenia and Ireland always Larry perverts. I know right now it's of of that I don't know. The truth is out there we are not ABC has watches or just Hillary and that's blazers team picture though made. Many bad photographers at right is a blurry person right. Maybe they maybe they have a force field and we just can't see. Now seen our hidden deep I don't mean open this can of worms right. We're gonna drink more wine thank you to the guys in red sun rising thank you for listened to podcasts and will be back with more. They know app so twenty. Six. Done. Thanks to Brad Smith from shine down thanks to Sally from god smack. Thanks to guys reds on rising it was just an awesome show this past Saturday if you're a listen to this podcast mentor has rolled through town yet. You gotta get tickets ago. Absolutely fantastic show from start to finish. And we had an absolute blast. We lost my issue but we found against it was fine. So that's episode 26 thank you so much for check it out the podcast you can go to WA AF dot com. All the other episodes are out there there's more details about me my show every weekday from ten to three. On WA AF Boston the only station it really rocks you can listen in on one a seven point three. FM in Boston you can download the radio dot com app and you can listen in live anywhere you are. Right on the app you also stream it at WA AF dot com. And of course because it's podcast you can get it on iTunes Google placed pitcher is to make sure you subscribe to the podcast and he can also comment on try to be nice if possible. So thank you so much for listening at the end of every episode I'd tell you to take a big bite out of a big piece and enjoy it an episode 27 is in the works.