Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 20: Ian Barrett & Real Rock TV 20 years later

Tuesday, April 10th

In preparation of her 20th anniversary on the air at WAAF on April 17, Mistress Carrie sits down with Ian Barrett, of MediaBoss, who produced hundreds of episodes of WAAF's Real Rock TV. Carrie and Ian spent years on the radio every Friday night, and on TV every Saturday night, interviewing bands, discovering new music, showing the backstage, and behind the scenes makings of the radio station, and documenting every show that came through New England, and some shows from around the country. Included in the interview recapping the last 20 years, Woodstock 99, the Mojave Desert Phone Booth, Live 8 Toronto, Summer Sanitarium, and artists like Kid Rock, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Godsmack, Staind, LInkin Park, Aerosmith, and SO MANY MORE! This Episode, Episode 20, doesn't even scratch the surface of everything that happened. They may have to sit down again, and try to remember more. #MC20

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And Younes by another whole generation portable waste. In the for the couple kicker her. And now. This just curious side he's brought here. First match on WB AES dot com. Until woman. Welcome to episode twenty. Yep 20 a Mistress Carrie site peace podcasts my name is Mistress Carrie the mid day host of music director here at UST should have really rocks WA AF Boston. And if you are just fighting the podcast may be found on iTunes or Google play or stitcher. You go to WA AF dot com to find out everything you need to know about me in the radio stations and follow me on all my social media accounts. And there a reason why episode twenty is such a big deal. Is that I am celebrating my twentieth anniversary on April 17 of this year which is really easy that's twenty years on the air here WA AF. He and so I thought about doing episode twenty the podcast. I wanted to be able to go back. Eons. Look through all of the crazy things that have happened over the last twenty years the good times bad times. Some of the stories that you may not even heard about on the air at what happened behind the scenes. And the only person and that was their hair that was able to document a lot of ad and witness said and hopefully remember some of it. Is Ian Baer who was the producer of real rock TV and now you've got your own company need Abbas yeah. Would you we do everything but to we started out together Kerry came up that I came home came up together now and the fact that it's been. Twenty years since not. Is crazy ends real TV started in 961996. October 19 and Opie & Anthony were hosting at this time. Yeah they really want to do that most beaches yeah. That that they were hosting real Iraq TV. And then recently I was messaging back and forth with OP yeah and he was like I can't believe. That your twentieth anniversary is coming up he said that's the twentieth anniversary the first time I (%expletive) up my career. All right I sat up. Yeah. Yes it had such an opening quote it is so true so true so when Opie & Anthony got fired on WA. For anybody that's listening outside of Boston's. They were on the air it WA doing afternoons before they ever went to New York before they get syndicated on satellite radio all of that. And so when they collapsed. Our night jock at the time Rocco was undoubtedly gonna come up in this conversation this afternoon he became the afternoon house. And because I had applied to be Opie and Anthony's producer. Think of Howard Stern's Robin why wouldn't be Nancy one girl producer is submitted a demo I didn't get the job out of however. They offered me to try a the night to me. And the first night I was on the Eric is they got fired because of April Fool's Day at the first night I was on the air was April 17 1998. And I started that night I had done like half a dozen shows on the weekends leading up to that. But my first night full time on the air was April 17 and because. Obedient that he hosted real wreck TV as well. There wasn't a host for the TV show and so you would come to me it was like what do you. Thank you interested low low ever and I was like. Yeah I haven't really figured out his radio gave why not a TV show and television to it how light it like last week I had a crescent wrench in my back pocket because I was driving semis and how is eroding but why wouldn't I wanna be on television now. And you're awesome and it was we really needed due to be passionate in the Greg in the guys dig a couple of shows. Hoping if they were super into it they were really into doing stuff but when they went away I'm like oh my god we just did thirteen of the most awesome episodes to start the the season's. That last year and then. You're in the fans wanted them and then Alison go on. So much what we do and then you became an and you do your amazing or awesome. So fur fur people that you know are under the age of I don't know say thirty or maybe they're listening from outside of Boston what real rock TV wise. Was basically what the Internet is now basically what YouTube channel is now it what FaceBook alive is now take all of those things. It was all the behind the scenes stuff that happened to the radio station if we had a band coming to the studio. We videotaped for the TV show. If we were her broadcasting live from someplace all the interviews that we did. It was all videotaped for real Iraq TV and that was all kinds of did just the crazy shenanigans the backstage stuff. Live performances of a lot of the bans the in studio acoustic performances. Everything you heard on the radio we took that video. And because we didn't have the Internet the way there we have it now. It was a television show and the only people brave enough to hosted Forester was Univision. Well I mean when it actually a little bit because there's a story about how we got on Univision and that this story is that. Silber who was the president of the EU at the time we had a deal actually to be on a different channel. And he saw the premiere episode and he was extremely upset about it shot and he threw off our contract out and we are suddenly that week of our broadcast recently without station. And out through conversations and it was part of it like. Why not going to Spanish channel. How much could because right and quite frankly the rates were fantastic. So. That but we are the only English speaking show on Univision and we were the only readings they got on the channel the Spanish channel o.'s real rock TV. I a debt of gratitude because we actually gave them ratings. Because and we would get recognized Al places by people that didn't listen to AF because they used to see us on real right DB on Univision and we had a great lead in paternal Tina. Was he so we we had a captive really jacked up audience says at midnight we did the show it was crisis it was I'm. Diet every Saturday night which is a great time if your rock band or whatever people would be party and a what I Auburn watch Iran Iraq TV. And so there are years. Of experiences. That were documented in years of just craziness. And because. We had real wreck TV on every Saturday night every Friday night I was on the air from seven amend aipac and so every Friday night. It was like a drunken free for all in the AF studio this is a free Janet Jackson Super Bowl boob. This is you know obviously pre nine elevenths it was pre a lot of things back in the day where you can get away with a lot of things dream getaway morals codes apparently rightly. We've been so much trouble for the stuff that we'd invite me by Myers I would not be here so so every Friday night from seven to midnight used to compensate on my show. And bands would come. I mean it was it was. Mayhem craziness ZM craziness like Wheeling kegs in the studio too where buses out front porn stars to Barca it. It was through it's. It was absolutely insane so as some preparing for this twentieth anniversary. I sat down with a notebook. And started making lists of I thought OK I'll come up with my top. Like my favorite top twenty memories of the last twenty years or minutes which is which is. Impossible right to limit it to twenty rank and possible and then started thinking about you know all of this add things. That I was on the air for as well and that started getting really long and and when you're looking at a block of time. Think about what's happened in rock and roll from 1998. Until now yeah. The bands that have come and go on the artists that we've lost the bands you didn't know existed fifteen years ago that changed music ten years ago. It seemed like an insurmountable task and I love that quote you know Heidi even now been won by the time I feel like right now I'm in the middle of trying to eat the elephant and so I brought you in here to help me eat the elephant piled on the oval with you. Now. There's too much stuff. It's hard to remember and it's also contacts you know things were really big deal for me and then you know the course of doing other things. And I remember I had added it so you know something could have been a blip for you within I'm in the studio with it for forty hours and so it's right it's burned in their deep regardless of the Jack Daniels. I'm it's in there. There was a lot of there was a a lot of stuff and I tried to think back. And I had to ask you this question. Do you. The first time we met I don't remember because I was on the street team before I was on the air in. And you were around the radio station long before I was on the areas wells it was like. We always kind of you know knew each other and became friends in whatever. But you'll. What's your first memory. Of meat on the air or your first thing that you remember us doing a real run TV I try to figure out and I can't. All that's a good call I remember obvious coursing it station we had lots conversations because as you remember when you. On the they'd offered the gig you were nervous about it hoping that the utilities he should take the gig I was like oh my god this is like every it would died due to staff so I. Really scared because there was no guarantee was gonna war now yeah it was an advisory arm and fired the and then you would wouldn't have you're even be street camera that points right. I knew you were really nervous about it and everybody seemed super confident about it and encourage user we were already really good friends by the time that it happened. And I I go back to AF. On the Andy one. I think like Pacman was wild to still hear that I was there than I was it has turned back there and remember I started out so. And I was doing little. Sales videos and in a montage and stuff back then and then you know later on we got into the show but we I I'd feel like we knew each other. Yeah I needed a time since the since ninety and I was trying to remember like. Okay starting in April of 1998. Like what's the first like big thing. That we did together. And she gum Franklin planner. I don't I don't I mean I feel like I need to go and get like a trapper keeper and be like a lot pocket that I put that memory and because I can't. Remember and I've been digging through all these archives have so here's some of the list that I am OK I read and write. Woodstock 99. Oh my god what an visceral important news event yeah. We want it broke the story of the right C owned and this is important to listeners knew we were making direct TV and TV is there. We go to this gig we took an RV. With a bunch of people from the radio station to go out there and broadcast and film for real Iraq TV. And to do some interviews because a bunch of bands so let's just go over the giants at this in contact with corn. Kid Rock. Limp biscuit. God's arms. It was a seven Rage Against The Machine used machine huge yeah. Yeah I had good. So why was huge and ninety Ford gone so well with Nine Inch Nails agreed it would all the mud and mind you were so happy yeah and then they moved into this giant air base in 99 where there was not a speck of shade it was a thousand degrees there was no rain air base is so big matches and I beat fifty to. On the runway and indeed if that's it was a big it was like yeah it was a it was a declassified. Military airstrip. Like a decommission. Its so not a great place for constant no and and George charging like twelve dollars for bottled water right and they and you had to walk I mean they weren't letting anybody in with anything so people really pissed on and then you put a bunch of bands like rage. And limp biscuit in Corning can write them up on the stage. And she got real facts. Went limp biscuit did break stuff. That is the moment that it that I feel like Woodstock broke open because when they'd win on he jumped on that board that they tell our office. I now is a piece I would hope they do the whole Arab he's gonna house is surrounded by this I would walls. And and he was surfing the crap out. Yeah he jumped on the board and were passing them around I was on the show actually and it that depict kids are going nuts at that point and then the ATM's had no cash them and the vendor had run out of actual just water. And so then the whole. Lord of the flies things started to going to act. It got a little scary for awhile was the and then everybody thought OK you know it's done and TV everybody unplugged abroad ask is it was a Sunday night eight. And everybody was getting ready. To just you know okay the last bands I don't even remember who closed the show. Like your question what it why is. O of Red Hot Chili Peppers oh that's right wait right. Am I wrong or they need for example lightbulbs in 91 I feel like they didn't they canceled did they cancel rated the end. Didn't come I don't remember it was. Google that. Currently I have to Google it in real time. You can edit it and you can edit his. Any Arab like somebody that does this or images shows you how. You know get out my podcast is compared her Metallica was nuts they were so good. Majors isn't doesn't it's does that we'd be page controversy. Violence. Aftermath. An elite out Easter is scarier to me. Insane Clown Posse but cherry the roots lit George Clinton. James Brown G eleven special sauce to merit quiet lives Sheryl Crow DMX the offspring corn bush. Let's see about hard bay and looses surprised it was a surprise guest. For the last shows that you think Bruce hornsby ever clear ice cube Los Lobos. The Chemical Brothers Kid Rock why class Counting Crows Dave Matthews Alanis Morissette limp biscuit Rage Against The Machine Metallica. Fat voice slam mega death god smack collective soul seven dust rusted root Our Lady Peace. Red Hot Chili Peppers yeah creed featuring Robby Krieger jewel Elvis Costello ever last the Bryan sets orchestra Willie Nelson. Local guys revel we were on that inevitably new year Chris was on its. I mean whoa John Entwistle. I believe it was the chili peppers or onstage at the end yeah well a riot broke out it was insane. And they started to paring down the delay towers which are like the towers in the middle of the crowd with extra speakers and people way in the back in here. And then they started burning all the trash and pulling the plywood wall apart and burning everything people were dancing in drum circles are on the fires. Yeah and it started to get scary and and because they tried to control the crowd there was 300000. People there. There was only one way in and out of all those barking dogs nowhere yeah the middle of nowhere and know all the camera crews were gone. And so we. Started videotaping all the stuff and this is free social media there was no Twitter nobody had a camera phone. You know it's hard for people to think back at a time when all of those things didn't exist. The Internet was in its very released EG is in our end so. We weren't like trying to document all of this of whatever and then we relate we have to get back to Boston and right. To be able to tell this story. You call Connolly on your cellphone yeah you had like you were at giant Qualcomm. Cell phones that wave like a out of our right. And you we are you were calling her and you're. Propane tanks blowing up the in the background behind it's like we were in a way it was really crazy. And an odd oh please drive the rock ice he's the one that drove the RV Inca and he drove the wrong way on a road for like fifteen miles decided to get a shot of the traffic jam. And we were in the studio in west Borough. On that Monday morning streak the only. On the scene accounts of what had happened with the only images and the only pictures. And all that and I remember all the news agencies Congo and we need these pictures you gotta tells happ and it was hugely store. That MTV booked they shut down the cameras they ran away didn't do anything seemed like try to do you think you're MTV news rate they would say something nobody ever be shut down do you rent securities across. It was it was man it was crazy so that was a day when you say that was huge yeah 99 that was a big deal that was that was a big story. Then there was the Mojave Desert phone Booth panel mighty god they mean a movie. About you in a us. I don't think it ever accreditation tablet you know why we need to. A double episode of Iraqi via an hour to really amazing episodes I really that's got to be one of my favorite moments it's it's one of those. To me I look back at it now and say that was early viral. Like that was a viral thing before viral was viral we were YouTube before YouTube was YouTube yeah I mean we're talking years before YouTube existed if we have had a huge huge and we would be like the big huge oh my god. Why didn't we invent these to be and we've really screwed out this to the future. I sought his phone number it was a phone Booth without the middle of the Mojave Desert pick up put out there in my forties or fifties for the miners for the miners that were out there. And not. Underage kids like people digging an actual chemical that I'm borax mine right to be specific right borax mine in the middle of the Mojave Desert yeah. And in it like out the middle of nowhere so pac bell ran phone lines like thirty miles into the middle of the desert just to put a phone without there's so that these guys. Would have to go very far to be able to call Holmgren. And this phone Booth became a victim of time. And after awhile all. You know the mine's all closed down but this phone Booth was still there is an little concrete pad in the perfect it was a real with children like you know I Superman changing and the phone Booth it was a phobos. Glass walls all of that stuff. And then and then number on a cell phone Booth was on the final grade. And so like slowly hikers and people that would just be on the desert where restarted get in a number that people sort of slowly calling it. And it would ring and ring and ring in knowing what answering it and in every once in a while some that lived out there there's there's a weird ass people the Libyan Desert which picket. And then. Some news station I I saw a story like 3 o'clock in the morning on some weird ass news station and now that would that be funny bit on the air every night I just called his own but would it. To just see if somebody would ever pick up like I was like that kind of funny you know that you imagine if somebody picked it up. So like this is. Half of 1999. Right. And then shortly before the millennial and let them the millennium when everybody was. And that goes. To 2000 and thought computers are gonna shut down like. It was crazy. The doomsday bug yeah somebody picked the phone. And it was his dining desert Chad who would like is hippy dude camping out in the middle of the Mojave. It is VW bug. And he just picked up the phone. And I was like oh my god like someone finally answered all right hitting on the same hot chick for like six my right finally I'd like yeah you're all gonna. Michael I'd like somebody actually answer the phone. So it comes to find out he had gone. Out there to camp out over the new year. As he was like why would not want to be in the Mojave when it becomes the year 2000 and all these other weirdo people from around the country to have the same idea right. And so he kept a journal of all of the people that he talked to all the phone call city had been taking. Because at this point I have been given out this number on the air for like five months it calling it every night so people are flooding. This all with call's from Boston is also the beginning a little bit of the Internet start to catch on so people from Japan. Belgium Germany. France were all calling this number because in you know that is just happened to be something people online we're talking about right and trying to just be connected with something. So then this documentary film crew. When her about the phone Booth and they are gonna shoot like a five minute little mini documentary and so they went out to the phone Booth and found all these weird it was camping out there. All over new years. They talked to Chad and saw the diary he kept will acquire all these people calling from Boston and he was like focuses DJ called and told everybody to call. And so then they got the idea that they were gonna make a full length documentary. And they were gonna follow for people from around the world. And document their pilgrimage to the phone Booth to meet chat because it was for people that it's spoken chatter over the new year while. Ends. I was the first person they pecked. They call the radio station and their like listen we wanna come out to Boston when interview everybody the radio station and then we won a document you going to the phone book right. And so we're like. How would pull that off. It was pretty crazy yeah we got an SUV. Yeah so somebody gave us a Ford Expedition and so we called at the Mojave Desert phone without extradition because he got to get client mention right there. And we like how we're gonna pull this off. So we got a bunch of sponsors it donated a bunch of stupid on CB radio right we had a very early stage GP yes that you had to put discs in and when you last serves only my energy PS and I deep as CDs that are. You know yes. And we call the Britney Spears the dirty little more efficient jet setting has to run a and then we're like and we're gonna broadcast along the way to get a cell phone and and we're gonna do you know this thing he's got. Episodes and FedEx them back. So they could that content can go on there so we actually we were shooting we were sending stuff back to the radio station crew on our trip that that was pretty amazing to. And Mike shoe was on the air doing what he's doing now on the morning show. And so we relate what do you got to come with us so he did you the news with Hillman every morning so the further west we got earlier that poor bastard had to get out of bed right. And the three of us were crammed in this expedition with camping here. Recording gear camera equipment and just all the stuff and then a documentary film crew followed behind us in their own suvs right. And we drove cross country like a bunch of worries. X that is. It will it's insane if you it's it's a moment to can never be duplicated now does the phone Booth was taken out. Shortly after we went because of him the notoriety around our our visit. Two there of the pac bell came in at night ripped the phone with yet nobody knows what happened at the Booth they just pulled it out now. And so you're the last Europe essentially one of the last people they even visit the boot. Yeah and it and then because of that the movie never got finished up so there was just all this footage or our trend of and then so along the way we saw a light. You know and I Flacco last year there was no idea where. I remember that weird ass. Think that was up on the hill Roanoke and every time someone died in a car accident that red lit it up renting it was a is across yeah sooner or somebody dies in the future and a red via. Remember distinctly Mike she was the best near raider for that oh my god it's so funny. And I remember one of the one heat sponsors was like smoke shop which you know weed legal now it was a back and and so like they gave us all of this weeds stop. And they gave us an old VHS like case but that didn't have a tape inside where the tape you pulled VHS to depart with a tape would go visit a place to store wheat. Really yeah I. Spotted ET. And a drinker you know the gas so that this is concerned so we were trying to figure out what the code would be for the read. And so we're like we need to come up with a movie to label the VHS tape so it looks legit so for some reason Mike Hsu and I thought steel magnolia and. Which is set. You would like to be adjusted because we haven't we have achieved in the right which stated we are back Emmitt at a beach irony right in the game it's abundant porno movies right so we are so it was like. Like Campbell. What critics. Are. So yeah steel magnolias that was all we need we're watching porn document you guys behind whomever they like hold of my notice and be counted the the village driving writer Barbara so they can watch the porn throw it back whenever they want to hear the audio that you see any. Truckers around this would be like what how is going to argue the other hearing the. Audio line for whatever I wore weren't watching good that was a that's an FCC we broke there there is a. We believe we broke. We documented the whole thing the whole thing and then my shoes so we we can't don't really three days. And then we went to Vegas and partied like crazy Vegas like date and then shoot at a high all of the hard. Can affect yeah right. That was amazing going from the desert there's no feelings sound experience like laying. Down in the in the desert and looking up at this guy always so dark out there are so quiet and sent out and get my younger thinking about how obscene it was awesome so quiet it was a spiritual thing being out there it was really while and then being thrust into Vegas. It's hard rock at it in a matter of hours there's leg is like when you go and hot tub and in jumped into the palace now that the opposite way yeah I don't look at. So so then. You know here we are covered in dirt for three days then we show up in Vegas tomorrow party like crazy and then. Mike Hsu had to fly home right half the documentary crew took one of the cars to LA right and we ended up with one of the documentary guys and the three of us drove back across the country by ourselves. In scene that's actually even credit we drove from Atlanta. Back to Boston in a straight shot yeah. We remember we went today at the Grand Canyon and it was snowing in snowed. And we were in a Ford Expedition wonder why no one else was driving on the roads are like what's going it was like February that was after our visit to the world's largest truck stop it we went there jury member of Roswell and aliens or easy that's what. We tell us that old guys down like we dug dude yeah that that was the apprentice of the undertaker that the government called for the. For the cost fans and his children with Harris on the basis yeah and saying yeah crazy that was nuts and we went to the Utley went and we knew we went right by. Area 51 we didn't actually and that we yeah they would say it proud you are actually arms just carry these Olympian. Urged them this Google stuff here. I look back at that trip and I'm just like people still ask me about it. They're like I still remember that stupid phone Booth and I'm like I know yet how ridiculous is it that we turns. Like first of all we got an attorney and give us like 3500 bucks to pay for expensive. And we were counting Nichols you're like at it differently. We don't have money to get on which is part of the reason we had a straight shot from Atlanta back as did no money you have no we have nothing and this is like a long before there was an ATM on every corner right. You know cash that we had nothing we barely made it home but we always had money for beer remarkably right. So there was bats. Then I I talked to Josh Todd from Buckcherry I'll come and we were tied yellow lighting on Toronto which was. Insane. I need to say one thing about enter a personal one of the coolest backstage as I have ever witnessed with some of the biggest rock stars I have ever seen. Neil Young Neil Young Motley crew did an act Roy was there anybody was there everybody was there. But most importantly they had eight. Two Q machine. That you could just go up in just a you don't play just like I did you aren't pat Gillick a water you know like you have a Butler water bubble or is it to keep the public yeah and it is welcome there. In just pour yourself as much to Q that's allowed in Canada. And his and it had sushi so I had tequila and sushi the whole time yeah. It was awesome and remember. So so it was Darryl mcdaniels from run DMC yes was asked to come and perform. And he needed debate that's. So weak he started asking friends needs of the people in the band were Joey Kramer Tom Hamilton from harassment rape. Stevie I mean none. Stephen Tyler was supposed to be the singer but then he got sick the last minutes they asked Josh Todd from Buckcherry standing yep. Elliot Easton from the cars up. My god who else was there at angry. Oh yeah the guys angry Al right. I mean the list was crazy and just this ban right and so they're like listen. We're gonna get a private jet. We'll take off my hands come. And we're gonna fly to Tehran nobody they'll hold. The first without the backing band write US and alternate at UIQ we Kramer. Who incidentally they're really good friend of mine now it's hilarious that the them. Whenever that horse and on this thing and Michael Barr might have been videotaped this entire event yeah signaling pictures it was insane nobody cared to release. Oh cool so cool and and so word like you and Ireland are not warm prior Kerry and now all these guys like it was crazy today. And then we get up there and they had you know they had concert dollar on the world also lighting also free beer on prejudice in August yet. And the stewardess was pretty hot wire members so then we get there and they rented us like this. Glass bus remember the yeah buzz is all the last rate and the bench is went down on the side it wasn't like a school bus. And Herat. Yeah and so they took his into the Toronto and I had rehearsals in a police escort. In saint first of all they lettuce into Canada through customs because we gave ads shirts. Smuggled an hour and bricks of cocaine don't even remember giving my passport. Is and we'll. Not fat you're due to Harry Smith on the plane and that Darryl. They've looked at the air Christmas Wagoner IQ does a good welcome to Canada you look at data after I know it now. We're like just how that it was true only true so then after her. Tells me you Josh Todd. And some other people wanted to go out in eats on a yes drummer well exhibit eggs AB yeah. So we went into downtown to run down and the city hot political everywhere. Everybody had these badges on how it was a big convention or something we configure it was going on course like it was happening that weekend. And every bar we went by it was empty all the bartender for standing up front every restaurant bar every it was empty yeah and we only when I was coming home and so finally we're just like screw were still on religious when and we sat down the bark is every. There was not a person besides the staff in there with us apart you will do what is up using its international AA convention. This same week as light eight in Toronto and no one was in any of the bars in Toronto which is an unbelievable party city. Isn't getting the bar and we also back for this guy there we just sat there in eight. I think Josh was still stately Josh got. So your time on his recently so were and just he was really into it yeah released apple let. But we just sat there are not exist you know not me yeah. And we just it's Alec 300 bucks because we felt so bad form because these guys are making no yeah it was bad weekend. And then we went to lie they the next day and the performances were just. Crazy. It was amazing and then we got on a private jet and flew home and we relied. Don't don't forget that we got to be backstage. Win at they had there were her rehearsing for the finale. So every person that was going to be onstage for a finale met in the dressing room. And they were talking about what's on it and you and so they wanted to do rocking in the free world by Neil with Neil Young you know. So here's the lineup just singers or you have the image of the backstage Dan acrid. Tom Cochran Bryan Adams simple plan. Deep Purple. Celine Dion. Gordon Lightfoot Our Lady Peace jet. Motley Crue the Tragically Hip DNC the Barenaked Ladies and Neil Young closed. Yes it was a city. It was huge it was and it was a big big big gig and it was for it was some. That the rehearsal thing was a set all those people you just talked to about where in GM him one dressing room and they were learning rock ministry were. And they all rehearsed at the same time and Neil Young just sitting there Mick. Mars there too yeah yeah all tomorrow it would invade your home for gothic is making new young we're like best friends Adibi we know that there are that so Josh was saying when when I sat down the last month. That when they were doing it on stage in front of the crowd that no one would go a lot you know how musicians got a share a microphone nobody would go up and share Neil young's microphone like. Everybody just stood by Neil Young going where onstage in the early on right now and Josh is like I don't I expect the wisest thing with Melia and that was really cool that was a really great day and I remember being on the. Bus. In Toronto in traffic. And Josh just like I want you to listen to this this is our new song it's not gonna come out for a couple months and I want you to check it out wanna know you think it was crazy bitch. It is I remember that clean remember this because that was the the previous single was some. Was it well there are coming off a successively yeah yeah so. How do you follow up a song right now I got your game nice try mr. you can do it the American and the crazy bitumen which is. Easily and it just took him to the next while Aaliyah was really huge massive massive and then. We hop in that the glass flying bomb. Fish tank job of rolling officials telling pitching aquarium. Escorted by cops to the private jet and back home and in it was like why did that even happen like what would you do if they give you a U can't them. And Clinton a private jet is in it take you there is piggyback it. And in all the pictures I am a brace on my hands because the week before our Bronson Arroyo after they have with the Red Sox have won the World Series the first one. I come up to the studio eight to play acoustic. And they gave me a pitching lesson in the loading dock downstairs yes and I borrowed professional catcher's gear cadets hot last you all I'm remembered as I told Bronson wrote it all I wanted to catch a real Major League fastball and I cut a half a dozen fastballs from brought to re you broke my approaches them and so I had to raise. And everybody kept asking me like they like what happened your hand I was like. Bronson Arroyo broke my hand and like people thought I was lying but it was actually what really happened. Cool just to remember that Andrea was there is Keith Downey from real is also now yeah I've read which is really cool 'cause in real is actually. But again big local band of direction and real racked TV yeah and so it was it was really huge massive man that was a good time that was agreed that was and you get a broken thumb I got a broken them and then Iowa is. I mean and we were on it when you look at the anniversary dvd was onstage there Tom Green stole my camera Tom green was there right estimate that take people yeah that was insane man this is and how I would Drew Barrymore and that was when Tom green was George biggest comedians on the planet at that time we came up in just took my camera. And just. Walked around that a Mike. McGinley yeah I am I gonna get that back you didn't know that our company's stock in everybody's faces and stuff like I'm trying to be respectful knocked it in the way it was time grille and so what I have so he walked pretty he's Canadian they're all Canadians and he was just in every spaces with that he got because. We higher that has a camera. He said he's not doing enough. Do you remember when Tommy Lee came up to the studio my god. And we relay what we do that would be really funny. How about if we get a bunch of strippers to come up here and get on all fours and he can do a drum solo on access. He tools into their house is heated he actually position the strippers based on the tone of their blacked. And then he did like and Neil pert drum solo and we were all in mock is your pick. Craftsmanship. The art history to commitment every. Yeah this study was like I need to Scrooge over a little bit this way beset there's you lowered the stool a little bit like he may these girls into a drug use it. And I don't read like that was when and what what methods of mayhem first came out that first solo record came out right. So the cool thing is it at that I had been on tour with Tommy in and methods of mayhem on Ozzfest when he grows up there were cuts to. And we we did the wrap party at his house. So I can tell you that I got to I got to. When Tommy his rock in the his old joint was in Malibu was yeah he had a Starbucks installed and how is her right yeah I got to rise elevator to cedar upstairs did you get shots like the ones I guide to go to Iraq. Captain took it. How fair it was his IE the stories come out of his place on the march talk about a lot of this thing happened in that place I do remember very distinctly that being in Tommy Lee's house on and just looking at art. Word that was interpretation of art. Everywhere and usually complete it's at another world but remember the kitchen in my office kitchen you really get to know somebody from the kitchen remember on the refrigerator this will sticky notes. And there was one sticking out that said Pam and the and the sticking out its its sheriff. Both the poll numbers. I don't know maybe. Not the. I've never I was like while I can take your picture this right now and it's it now. This is the moment for just met its beacon of ours that it was an idiot he may need Starbucks did what he had a league. License Starbucks installed at his house Austin. Remember her so when the radio station was a dress there one thing but I'm yes on the immigrant when we are on Ozzfest I watched him. Have relations with a young lady in a rain storm a thunderstorm on top of the tour bus in the parking lot and one of the but. And there's a bunch of people staying around home you know you know Eric red cups and what was with a remote that lives on its timing. Remember kid rock the first gig he played for us mama kin GAAP yep and he was dating a porn star majority and doing. And we were all in the hallway watching him these survey isn't. Yeah. I'm maturing at ju member so. Majorities Jodi block lease sisters shot you didn't know that. That's what makes it's so crazy so we talked to the guy that was run security yap at mama kin which was which is now the house of blues and back then Aerosmith had their club team and they had the little room and then they had what was Avalon and am in exchange names thousand time. But he played a show for us there. And and Kid Rock this was before he played local bazooka this is before devil without a cause seeking huge break and they oratory and an RV right. And so Kim rockets off. And then Stephanie the drummer gets off. Who's African American with bleach blonde hair she's a twisted brown trucker yeah. That's the name and then Krause gets off yep who had bright orange hunter orange hair. And then with acute rocks brother let one lag yeah he got off the bus. And then Josie got off the bus and the security guards as a citizen knows what the (%expletive) is going I'll. What's going time. And we and that was it as a very special episode are over Iraq to be because Josie was not in liquidity for when he first came out here so our relationship with Kid Rock. Bobby yellows all the way back all your way back to your organs for. Double without a cause was even released via we went to go assume that work toward. Yeah is right in the first interview with an am in the RV at the working hours at a North Hampton right at the airport right any of the dreadlocks at that time it grows on us right after deadlocked corner to corner is Josie wasn't with them. And I remember it but right. Label asked as they sit you guys have got to go. Put him on TV you've got to go meet this guy because. He's gonna be out he's going to be huge. And AF is gonna be. The kind of station. That's gonna break a guy like Kid Rock that is would be willing to take a chance because that was not an obvious. And I'm gonna take it one step or further you talk about our career more we've done together and once again we are just kids trying to figure it out back and cellmark and overstated but. On this many years later in the people that we work with the record company are now. The heavy hitters out via in the radio and he's played all right in managing and they and that he'll loom not in the business of the people that we work with now. I've worked with that and they got a call from Atlantic. Act one of my anniversaries the twentieth anniversary racked TV. It was one person from Atlantic said. You can carry DirecTV and mr. scary have everything to do with kid rock's career exploding. Specifically was us telling him that cowboy. On the ball the block area had to be the single because I tried to release cowboy first inmate is or what what I think sell them we said. That's the crap out right and he was teacher bobbled the body and we were asking him what the hell does that mean I Kid Rock remember that interview and I was like I'm making cash money ball at the box. And really what the hell is going on right now. They and they said Morgan dropped cowboy and they said in the and you and I both said on what we disarming in in north yet what that volatile busts on that don't say it satcher single and their like you're on your mind and then would that blew up it was crazy look Chris Kidd rock and that has a 100% to do was. Many came back it was with Josie and they played in my McCain and and that was when he was with the dory yeah up and they came back a few months later. It was one of the headliners of local bazooka right and that's what they were all of the members there on the lawn chairs backstage at local bazooka which was lake. Our local version of like an Ozzfest festival kind of show you all of lawn chairs they were tripping on Tyson should really what the hell's going on was nineteen my name. A local 99. Can't even remember but I will tell you that when I do remember rather episode is that Josie Kmart. In neat. Grabbed the microphone from you you would you or your event that I drink a day in our direction sitting U reclining in the chair of the Bobby it and so joke comes up and grabs the microphone and he says I'm Josie and I'm five and you can kiss my ass if any. You can. Dropped the Mike pulls his pants on bends over and shows is asked to the camera. Mom did say oh my god we just that's a midget ass or something I don't have done it. So I got censored for that they've missed real rock TV they are delicate I thought it was a late night with a five year old kid I don't know. Tennis and because I've played Cal Thomas bit on that guitar lead to serious. It's expected it was like recipes to ship it a little kids assailant I don't like. That's Josie you know like GAAP net texting me and I saw a picture of Josie it's a little kid and I was like why don't you grew. Ruled Jozy bright is he was like two when he far right at the time yeah he was deathly over to one for shark and you walk around and he was cropped high on most girls yeah and he was like. Now how you doing. And you feel that he gets pays out of my crops use its. It's my station in life is what what does that year of local bazooka for the trip and on Tyson here which they had to explain to us about drinking bottles of robe it's a sound like well okay 'cause that was it was that the slip knot ear yes yes. Wind when need promoter told slip knot not to swear on stage. Because of because the video guy told him to. That was Uga and I are not yeah yeah that's already a guy I know. I doesn't armed that's not what's so I got thrown under the bus and then I had to go backstage they were so mad at me yeah and they went backstage with you to go have conversation is indeed. You swear all you want and they'll do it with an eight and because they were told not to swear it was. I didn't know what was the song you recorded and it was literally like. Every it is believed it would put it. Is just the heaviest armor. It was like it didn't it didn't. Clear at all saw it called greens don't match up. Yeah. Literally just be it was if you could not it was audible but it was also. No I did it because that's that was cool thing DirecTV relate group Leno lobby sick couldn't broadcasting afterward but you know wheat wheat. Latest on the way they were performed and. And that was when we interviewed all nine members of what not the same time right. And it was like you were smelly old and those smelly old masks. And they kept sticking their fingers into my ears. Nostrils like fish hooking me I don't I don't far there's some might but. Am trying to and then see it was yelling through the gas mask and none of us could understand what the hell he was saying. And then we ended up at a bar in downtown twister later on Friday night Greg commercial street cafe right. Drinking bottles of Jaeger yup and that was the night that Corey Taylor found that I achievements I speak easy is a foot fetish yeah. And insisted even though I have been running around local bazooka and doc Martins has sixteen hours away insisted on putting my little foot in his mouth. And we laugh about that to this day. I think it was nineteen modes though. It's and he the other thing about it was. The the big deal was that the band hit only released to dvd they had never been on television up at that point so that was that DirecTV app. You didn't have any idea what slip knot. The they were judging you based on the the album in the music alone right they were missing out on the visual spectacle. That was a slip knot reform rights. Right and that didn't said he had never been seen so they allowed slip not allowed Iraq to be to videotape them. When they hadn't been on television and had just released eight gold selling dvds it was like I mean she's been VHS at the time. Yeah whenever those tapes went around like the way the original Metallica Dallas went around and just one around in the metal circles and got traded around and sold and people like. Who are these guys because they're such a ground swell right was only a twenty minute little known little short film. So that was the first time that anybody had seen them on television. And and ground is so I could slip knot you were like I don't know what I'm watching but I need to see more of it. I had a senator called me up asked me for that tape. A senator senator said he and Clinton who won the tape first kid that got you know quite. I don't know we joke I don't believe that I think is has to do with censorship there's something about F bombs and FCC and I'm not and so now. Yeah that was. That was crazy. You know and get a wire that's just one of the things we did we how we've got four right now. We Don for retarded before things is that is that four I mean I don't know I'm just saying we how we can get you twenty. So what eight. You know what how I remember the first time that we interviewed Lincoln Park oh my god it was acting the way it was called the Roxy it's now court called Royale now. And they came into town right after hybrid theory came out huge pay their family and not won yet they they had sold a million and a half records I think. And they had the hottest song on the radio and everybody was you know trying to figure out what these. With these guys war and they were all these rumors going around that they were like this band that put together by the label monkeys yeah I like monkeys of rap rock and this was in. Early 2001 right. And they gasses come down an interview them. And I believe they won't even 21 yet you and the interview. It was neat and Chester and Mike Chenault and a right and it was videotaping and they and they were. There were kids yeah. Not that we were much older at the time but lake. When it is going back and and and looking at back. They have no idea what they were gonna become right nobody gave them the respect thinking that they were going to be com. The juggernaut. That Lincoln Park my name right. And that and then and then. You know that did musical. The berries they would break because it was it was. Or you're wrap up our bread right but they'd stayed to a lot of cool cool stuff for minor became and other creepy and I'm out of that relationship but. Eight but they crossed over and and they had ballads that were multi format and they they were just his bands that that everybody underestimated. And nobody had any idea. What they were going to be. Some of the record reps from that gig personally flew guy and from LA to watch the show you how the second thing was that I was asked at the show. To please FedEx a copy of that performance to Los Angeles to the had to label armed. For them deceit and I did that and our became very good friends Italy after that he does. That they were like they were shocked they had no idea so if you're the bureau at the label had noted they were sending people that discover with a B and wasn't there. They worry selling records but nobody gave them the credit of actually being a legitimate. Powerhouse of a lie I've been yet. Everybody knew that they had these songs adorable rumors in the early days of Lincoln Park where people like they're just this band that up put together for the radio and bottle and not re. So that so this so this in your view that you create the huge he would in this videotape their performed became date the thing they gave to every record company guy. To wall dog ran out graphs and to all the radio stations say they are real band yeah. They were a a really I mean anybody has ever seen Lincoln Park knows they were old real way out obviously in Chester was an unbelievable frontman and it was just so much going on but like to look back. That's one of the things that as having going through qualities archives is to look back at lake. The interviews that we done in the people that we talked to the memories we made yet and that list and how long it is the people they're gone yeah it's it will you just mentioned to me Josie and receipt you know yeah you know so it's like Josie. Chester. Chris Cornell. Dime bag. Backstage at odds passes. Like in a closet because it was the only place and he died like six weeks later on the Ozzfest tour are now on the bus yeah. It's art and he was one of those guy days. That was just. The most genuine weekend sweetest guy in the world so happy. We like that guy that you would that woke up. Living. The dream of being a rock star he lake. She was Stalin. He it's all we ever wanted to do. And then he came out of Texas cities like money Ozzfest and I'm with a bunch of my best friends. And people love our music on the radio here interviewing me right now I'm living my dream right. And he just couldn't have been a nicer guy just a nicer. You know sweeter. And mean. He was just so genuine and purer. And just one of those guys that you just wanted to do nice things for yet as he was just so sweet and just that we get. Because of our relationship with these guys we get to see the people they were offstage that's one of those really she's just normal dude you just so we just a great guy. I think if I'm mistaken I believe seven us brought discovered in Poland did you really. Seven passes broken a lot of hands a lot advance that if you open for seven to ask you get payments. That's how was backed yeah yeah when a Purcell and as you've got famous in the list of people that did and and drown in pool was well. Speaking of seven baskets there's two stories one new record amount. Back exactly that back in the day. When we were in west Borough and the bands that would be down at what was great woods which is now the XP center at they would get a on the buses and drive like twenty minutes north and come to the radio station was perfect so remember it was debts from coal chamber all analyst Jonathan seven all all my super. Let the agony and I think Tor does it radio station. And everybody was already drunk and they are like. We're just taking over the radio station as count on the air hot mikes and I was so. Nye. You can you give you this is like a normal day for you you realize like you like all these rock stars Justin rolled writing year ago it just what was how Y yeah. There was no worries because again there was no social media back then. There was no well I'm just not gonna ask permission for anything we're just gonna go in take over the radio station and that is back in the day when when new songs would come out. There would be a race to get it on the air right. And it would be who was gonna get it first guy and the record company guys used to goal in the middle of the night and they would hide CDs in the bushes outside the raiders Asia. And then I would call you be like. It's the second bush over from the last. Because they had to get a all the radio stations at the same time Iraq would get pissed DOS called embargo and we edit it and Tuesday with a drop generally speaking yeah new musical come out on Tuesdays. And and like. But the fans would show up. And really the governors are a little gets. His his written in sharply like it's like you get the CD that they'd be burned in our studio just got a copy of Aetna UPS three day while running as fast. And were gonna let you play it live on the air and then the labels a column like it. Redneck hobby I. I can't tell you can't play gotta get like it I just go and. Well you know it a minute I mean in a repeat briefly because I have something for you and have a really open this up right now on the air or on the on the Mike. It's wrapped in green paper in green. When those tape that's why did you I want to read an Afghan. And wanted to candidates important beautiful thing. Between an advertisement it's a gift for him. Speaking of west Borough. You know what that is. Moon. Piece this mean this is the sign shoot from the studio floor clean my room all we try it studio that merit pay a living hell out of that place. River early I I don't know. So back when I started on the air and before so western my internship at a after they were still in the cocaine realty building which has had a real family last month it was OJ and so they nailed the voters cocaine into building a and that's where when hazard into earnings for them but then when I started on the air we were in west program we're in the notice like corporate business park right. And we were only one suite in the business parks that we shared. The bath. Firms were common in that kitchen was common with like. Computer companies whenever we were like the bastard children off to the side of the looks that we began with our porn stars stripper all want ours. Walking into the office before it was insane it was insane and when they moved a app from west Borough to downtown Boston we moved to Huntington now originally. And it's a fancy and they wanted to move over the week right so there there were any kind of you know engineering issues or whatever and we were also at the same time making the transition from playing CD is right to having a digital system run the studios to be automated tackle. So the last show at this of that's studio in west Borough was my show on Friday night from seven a midnight we view right and we're like. What's gonna happen the studio after we're done and they were like we're gonna rip it apart and so you and I would like can we help with the. Well yeah. So we've got a bunch of friends. And we got drum Yelp and weeks. Barack ash that's duty to go carts remember that cart the cart things they weighed so much we threw those. Unbelievable just destroyed the studio. Like we tried and the thing is is that a studio is sound proof yet so the wall a line with foam what this is going to have live on the air. I don't like literally trying to break in the studio live on the radio whipping CDs against the wall and this is the sign. That's from that night from different that night that's from now. So I can't it is the most appropriate thing it's. I I love it yes nice thank you so much that is so cool. Trashing that studio that night and then go into the new studios and having everything be like computerized and there was like. Wrote this is an upgrade to a real trouble for what we did yeah so. Agree with that is us. What early 2000. We moved to Huntington map yeah. Waiting for the building that we're in now to be built. And that happens and we moved in now at the end of 2000 early 2001 because by the time 9/11 happened we are here yeah. Kristi at least two years show in the regarded Dick's last resort intent that oh my god that yeah and it back then it was on record streak right across street on Huntington an exit as part of the true announcer Nathaniel hall and it's totally corporate donors to the back in the day it was a dirty place we had a good time at Catholic and they always list that. And we need to bring all the bids and mennonite Corey Taylor would ask you was eating like hundred dollar bills in the machine to try and it was like I kept these markers you're gonna cook because I wanna eat it. Any literally. Never Connell lobs and I don't an owner bucks in the option machine in their racquet to see you know and unfortunately now so there's Natalee that the lobsters are Smart enough to know 1 o'clock I was coming to run across the others on the tank and course in. He was so old that he's a Smart. So to speak in the west Burrell and going back. To seven yet so after the success of the first seven best record now. They decided to make their sophomore effort which is always you know that the sophomore slump that occurs second record. And they decided to make it a long be farms studios died with Toby right. Who is Mattias genius genius your user producer and it just so happen to be what 25 minutes thirty minutes from a radio station right in between like three strip clubs and so everything I eat up our guys are seven dust would call me at like eight or not bright with a shopping list. And then I would send my intern out to the store before the stores would close and it was like. Double dogs. And pork Ryan's. And disappear. We need a bottle of day as to whatever and we would just send people to the stores and that got here at midnight and there would be a caravan. Out to the recording studio because they like to sleep during the day and record all night. And then we would go out there and stay up all night while they recorded what is now home right which is arguably. I mean it's my favorite seven S record is so much sentimental value attached that record. But if you're gonna go back and look at that at the amount of powerful record it's a really powerful record pencil assume an equal things happen and we are part of virtually the entire recording. I think as Louis we are constantly sleeping on the couch and we got. Notices from the record completely different ability to leave it it's got 800 dollars and then yes go them up. Think you're an ethnic cellular reimbursement for all the data dominance is a yeah we think is Jack again is to thank god I was on here at night back then get I get up like 6 in the morning on my couch and drive home right go to bed. Take a shower get up go to the raiders usually for the afternoon. Beyond here until midnight and go back out to the recording audio again and that's when I had my portion to you remember that oh yeah I remember the still like what they mean sixteen K I was Jake Ryan that's you have to peak yet or are close to hearing our cars apportionment 44 us. And and I at that you don't forget we got to see chino. Com and Malia right so that's another and more and skin from skunk and hand right through right yeah. This diss those are really important things have put the dvd retrospect if you don't have it you can get it on Amazon is a documentary a document. A documentary of seven dust up to that point and it ends with them home record and we'd go through on. What does then went home Americas in its that you can see a lot of really cool stuff in that dvd is. Chino singing. What was called hard bread at the time but it became Bender and we wish I it's still to this day love that song is an amazing amazing site and we. In the beginning of that video that I shot for DirecTV and and became part of that retrospect dvd he rides up on a white. When he. And that's why his next record was call my party that's yeah it was really nuts and that licking cream song which increased skin from skunk and Nancy. Is still one of my favorites and it was never technically release Nazis but that's also in that in that took documentary. And she if you don't who she Eugene as Google America. Because she has got height CM four days she's powerful powerful but those were some good times with those guys so we had a lot of fun city to see it all happened to watch every the recording happen how they layer how they worked together. You know it just and then this is the insanity it's not like get anymore John Connolly from seven dust knows exactly if he's listening to this is now Washington he's. If he is John. You'll notice he's very he's not good you know how to turn the radio off right you know how this story. That is in my head right now. And that's all I'm gonna say John I'm not gonna die I'm just gonna say you know what I'm talking about. God there for that now there are those aren't they got back coach who's now I know I woods is I was just electric and a beard on and this is yeah. There is there's a reason why recording studio that leather furniture or not clocks. There's a reason for that and it's probably because John Connolly comes at a senate. Is where it goes. Are good times it were both on the go under its credit for the CD. Are are powerful. We can't talk about. My twentieth anniversary without acknowledging the twentieth anniversary got sacked because it's all mine it's something that happened at the same time right. And it's it it's something that when you go back and look at it. You know got smacked getting ready go on his big toward celebrate their twentieth anniversary. And when I got on the air. Rocco had been on here at night. And he had been doing that all requests right thing and he was the one that was putting got smacked his unsigned local bands like on he should go right. And I remember when I started on the air and Rocco went afternoons I took over the night show and took over that all request our right. And he gave me the CD right and if you didn't if you listen AF act that. Rocco was just as big. I would this Ralph Boyce who would you say he has one of the deepest voices that you ever been on the race and he's out with us anymore so you know these and these stories all come model law yet Yunel pour one out for him but he was but he was this big guy with his big deep voice he actually started getting into radios because he was a strip club teacher and he had that strip club DJ voice that's trickled presidency and activity about it on. And I remember him like the first week I was on the air at night and he gave me the CD music agreement call for this. You gotta play it. It's going to be huge. And he had just dug it out of a band of local bands that sent music in the radio station because of the crazy artwork that was on the demo right. And they became this massive. Local bank initial 25000 CD 30030. Of all wound up. Which was there privately funded I think there recorded for three grant you 600 dollar. When he 600 and racial thirty like between Newbury comics and selling it at their games at all that stuff and that's why it and all the sudden all of the record companies were like. They're selling all these they're outselling a lot of big band. They were a number that this is one of the reasons that Newbury comics does not give numbers to the national. Accounting anymore. Because people start they sold this record and they said no I got back suck outs on the talc guts Max outs on all these other bands. And people like we just got back and that's what happened and all the other retailers community has an exclusive and morbid. My trees stopped doing as a result. Yeah so people like it got smacked. I didn't get to go there's a couple things that still chafe my ass that I missed out on the rise of God's Mac because I was on here at night I could go right. I didn't get to go to the record label showcase its CB GB is everybody went down on a bus I didn't get to go because I was on the air and it would give me the night off. There was an apps that are Octavia you had to watch just like all the I had don't watch it on television and they can't say I was there we're look at for a venue where this local band could go down and showcase for all the labels and they were like we don't know if anybody's gonna show up at New York's they brought all their friends with them on a bus. Included Rocco he went down there right. And then the band got signs her republic universal. And so to show appreciation to everyone at a gaffe they took the whole staff out of his big fancy dinner in the north India to give everybody these acts to commemorate god smacked like getting signed and they would not let me have the night off to golf now so they brought me take. Out front doors then in the studio and brought me my plaque in the studio Westbrook is they would let me go to the dinner on us as. I don't get to go to the. And it was good read through drank a lot but you know a taster but the plaque. On they had called the radio station designated these whispers all that was my first gold record than ever got was that plaque right. On and it's at the cassette with the FCD in it's as your name on it so they called it at that stage in the AF who think Katie makes DirecTV. And that could the receptionist at the time and because Rocco made up his name from he called me and array arm you know so. She said is names and beret. And the conflicts on the of my plaque that says I and break ya ya keep you. Thanks Rocco you prick. So I still have that as one of my prized possessions at Selena and many obviously platinum records from got smacked since then but that was really cool that only a small group of people got on yeah you meet you know yet. It was it was I'll just to thank you yeah you know which was and then and then that October. It was my birthday. Ends. All of a sudden I got a call in the studio and and the way you got in back then was you called the phone had yet not everybody of cellphones back as 1998 yeah. And and it was selling he's like me yell let me end. And next thing you know all guys and god smacked all of their friends a bunch of strippers drag Johnny from pistachio all the guys god were right. I was doing well right and they brought you this crazy stuff and I just remember them making me do shots and stick in Maxi pads all this idea. I totally remember it is a yeah guys that straight there was Kolzig had that was what does that when the craziest air checks and bar. I don't even know if I have itself I must but I don't I don't think you do yeah I but it was that was my birthday it was armor I think government tell you that your check. It was on those really be long cassettes. And again all jacked up because of that cap that take up and I think that that just. Public from past yes it's probably better at that alphabet there's no recording of that although I've been listening to sell my old recordings and it's like doom room mound right in the right yeah. That tip wasn't exactly the best way to archive now you know irreplaceable audio that's why we moved to many this is. So I I don't have to tell you this Rocco historic as it's just too funny and like I said it all comes out a lot of cash. So god smacked like. They were the biggest club band around yeah they sold out every club they went to an it was at all apart they were bigger than mugs yeah it was huge. And so. We just used to that we did every week which is what got some action was because. All of us were just out party and it was just thought we were down to go anywhere at any time yet at a moment's notice we had a close in the car we would we would we rocked hard religion and we we had a good time back in the day. And I remember we were up in Ames better known not aims very nervous Salisbury B yeah. We went to a God's Mac show and it's. I was still trying to like figure everything out this was. Very early on I'd only been on the air for a few months or whatever time I don't even know of dots jackets on their label deal when you're not. What were all of its Salisbury. Rockwell lived in west. And we're all hanging out whatever Rocco was like party at my harassment. Rights everybody's gone back to Rocco was house and use the buddy your quotes right right. So anybody you know got smacked their from the Ming you belies our guys are from the UN behavioral battle area Lawrence. No way they were driving whisked her to go to rock goes paid their in this whole Buena the beach right. So unlike a packet out however. Was how is you know. So we'll while we all bunny your quotes for care of banning in all of our cars backed Iraq was house to go to the party right. But along the way people which is peeling off the highway going home. So by the time I tried I was I was I was like sports people left Iraq goes house. And so the idea that I'm just like hi how are I would ever got one around his apartment. It was need. Rocco won his interns Giuseppe yup yup and I don't remember I think it may have been you and then you'll laugh a and that you that you left me enough. Time and you need. Source air and it's 3:34. O'clock in the morning you know we nights right where afternoons and it didn't matter yeah. And then all of a sudden and why. To zap he's getting ready to leave and it's just me and Rocco and Rocco. To this day it's one of the funniest Bakken things anyone has ever said to me Rocco stands up what does it. You know his he just made that noise and get up out of a chair. And he goes to go to bed. You comment. And arrows like. More movies and I'm integration is ludicrous and I was like oh no I'm sorry like leg I gonna get Holman whatever and I just remember driving home and I was like a light. Lesson yes. I was like Kerry W Alaska you don't be Alaska department. You got the Galley before the last guy and that quote from Morocco lived here for years. That's who go to bed come and it. Quite possibly one of the craziest pick up lines like it is isn't it really now my eye line is just two weeks are we clear that I've got to like our I went home. I did not go to bat with a rock I just I make sure that that's out there well for so he would like to please it was like a little bit like on Melrose Place is like when applicable laden in the Condo that it was a lot like yeah it was a place the other thing I want to say is so if you listened to you Kerry when you first started your voice is about eighteen octaves higher disease and you have a really high. I had high voice in that I was like he. Yeah yeah I carry. Like I was myself now and I'm like what I'm on me and compete. Do what I arguing it I lead keep sexy voice now when you first are you elect arch. I. If all of the early recordings of me on the Arab descent you know so at first I I didn't believe it's just the consent to wait to set ages if you are rare but then you had all the TV episodes that on. Digital. And that's a visit and mountains he can't and it's really hot like one voice gets so we went through puberty backed up and went through it again like this you must. Why voice so deep. Now. I don't know through. I'm there with that wasn't gonna be the first time that you were accused of a hanging out with somebody was beat when we got member and we have a car accident and much trashed my BMW. No you don't remember oh my god. Okay. You're with me in the car we are coming back from clutch. Doing clutched in the deep sea fishing I was just rotates and we had a particular person on the ball with us who was not our favorite person. Who I don't even remember you talking about. It was a representative. One of them all OK okay yeah and so this particular person once and a friend of ours and was quite mean to us. On because we're kids we're starting on that was a while healthy lack of respect for us. And we went out deep sea fishing in this particular person. Very very sick on the deep sea fishing with clutch episode and then we. After it's over we came back to throughput in terms. Yet as we used to when whenever we were gonna get access to abandon would always say we want them to the TV show where the band like to do we don't care where is we'll just grab the camera and golf right annual apple clutch likes to fish and let's get it deep. Shouldn't the only thing and there was 33 feet chop. And we went out into the Atlantic Ocean it was well creepy to chop yeah it was a bad day it was raining it was overcast it was cold. One of the guys caught a fish yeah and they. Back. This and through good bad and as it was trying to swim away seagulls are like a elegant but can't plucked out of the water we're like the badges have been. I believe that's an emphasis happily that's abs I got the barrels a while perhaps not today. If you wanna kill she'd want you didn't just caught it and that he was gonna throw a bat and on the bird game and eat it sent to release our rights that we leave to. He really amazingly lead these series in the it was we're up in the North Shore we'll come back down. Down through I want CO MP video whatever. In were on the highway two lanes this guy wipes out the premise and then he's facing us and he throttles this car smashes right into the BMW totals. Totals my amazing 325. I'd I MW do not remember this. Smashed and then all right so we have to get a car and then you go on the air and Rocco is on the air and you're supposed to be relieving Rocco. And so Rocco is like when you do with Ian and Mike whatever right so yeah at this and then we went on the air I I don't remember that accident that was his way. I think I know I talked I don't know what I knew that when you when I sat down there was going to be stuff that I didn't remember when things happened and it's not the way he has I Witten did a radio show you now know we were wasted we were waste nosy accident guide guy completely honest I don't have I remember the fishing trip yeah. I do not remember the accident you know we will do. And then we went on the air and and we were and rock with some Mac is an hour late. He got into an accident right and any kept telling people. Like making up stories yeah there we were off having sex is America ready wanted to work it was like intelligent and why we crashed car yeah where we're on the highway smashed Somalia except I remember little bits and I don't remember the actual accident. That's per which is really we are pretty players yeah I remember at all hours. While airbag go off but it it means a lot I love that car at Lubbock. Like they'll we know at Politico the Karzai at the Porsche that. Atletico. We we obviously can't talk about any thing. Without talking about 9/11 just on the homes everything because. You know it. It it totally up until 9/11 happens. UN IA. We're just honest we we we're just enjoying the rock normal experience and the bands were it was all party you know up until 9/11 Hambrecht and and everyone has their 9/11 story. But that they changed radio as a whole. It changed. Our generation. As a whole it changed absolutely everything and I'm not even trying to be dramatic it changed everything and for people. That were may be kids when 9/11 happened and now have just grown up. You know obviously we have an award for sixteen years in 9/11 is something that they read about the way that we grew up and reading about the Kennedy assassination right Pearl Harbor or. You know with the way that we experienced. Like that shuttle disaster right. They don't really remember or weren't old enough to really see the world changed spread in an instant. And the music business and radio changed after that and it it definitely changed how I handled things as I starting getting way more involved. With military stuff. And and all of that by. 9/11 happened on a Tuesday. And local bazooka was supposed to happen that we yet. Which was our big. You know it it was our big annual outdoor or a half of all huge and it was like 35000. People at an airport and it was all these crazy bands multiple stages whatever. The banks were close. All the airports were close. And it's. Everybody was trying to figure out what the hell to do I mean I mean everybody. In the world was like what the hell just happened right. And a firefighters all of the images that you've seen of them digging in the high ill in. And all of the you know that the planes being stranded in strange airports in just. All of that and in the middle everybody's trying to figure out do we cancel local bazooka or not yeah. And so the decision was made not to cancel it right because people needed a place to go to kind of be together and started to just but some of the bands could make it to complain. Disturbed couldn't make it via an it was a big deal and that but I do remember that so distinctly because first of all when it happened I was in. Portland which got smacked conspirator and it was an inlet to the tour with cuts Mac. And it woke up. Turn on the TV and watched boom right there and I hate. I thought it was streaming couldn't leave that actually happens I call started on people. We are on our way to Augusta Maine to do or show you on and FBI called you know like two hours later that show was shut down everything completely changed. It was the wind jarred by the your life changing in a moment and everything and completely different it's like if you elect was in full color. In and suddenly it was great like that date yeah morning is what change. There's no way to overstate the impact that that event hat on and on obviously America yeah but but our. I mean there were songs. Yeah that nobody wanted played on the radio to get a drowning pool right nobody wanted bodies played on the radio and that's not even what the song was about rights. It just it changed can't get you that if I'm not mistaken you got a list. Of songs that was recommended that one of the big radio and yeah it wasn't our company know when the big run a company circulated a list of songs they wanted off of all of our stations yeah. And with us at AA after it was OK let's just sit down yeah and figure out. Song by song what's appropriate what's appropriate because nothing like does that ever happen and it was about censorship it was just. Everyone was a positive raw and sensitive and especially here in Boston because two planes came from here yet so many of the victims were from here. It was just like okay we have to be really care and we didn't play music for days now because it was just all about it you know women's yeah we're just talking about it opening up the phone lines to it. So by the time that Saturday came around. You know it was a Saturday Sunday. I think that is what I Saturday Abkhazia and focus yeah we as a Saturday yet Edward PPP unit Gator and we just like but it was something that everybody was like oh. K we just need a place to go the guys from bio hazard were New York yep. And they were like we are not doing anything we heard you guys need and they drove up right there were like can we borrow some instruments and some people will come up to relax came up Katrina yeah out she came from New York. That audio that I have. Of of her calling meek has she could see the shrieks writer there watch from her apartment. And she called me on September 12. And she was the first person that we had spoken to. That was in New York actually sought happened friend she was on the air like a half hour and none of us that word you know she just clocked. And that is one of the most. Raw. An emotional. Things that I've ever been a part of on the air because she really explained it. In a way that made us feel which she was feeling having been there yeah. And so. She felt likes did the band needed to come up and perform. And so it went from. These big giant headliners and all of these bands that was supposed to fly end. To being all the bands that we could find ticket that it would just yet this year to save it yeah. And it was one of those moments where you were in a place. And everyone was feeling the same emotion at the same time right when everyone was morning no one knew what to do. But you felt. Hope rank and and you felt this camaraderie. And you felt. Ly a Q. You were in a group of family but you were in a group of 35000 people yeah it's it's really really powerful show it was is powerful. My other memories from it are started tide of obviously very closely seven that's because I had gone shortly after that. To Gainesville to go shoot animosity to life for MTV two. Now with the band and it was is and we're talking like we're waiting to see planes are connected up in the air and remember being stranded than planes to. Two to fly back from from doing the show. And ended up in New York editing that show and I can remember what it's like to be down town in Manhattan. In the it was very like I can describe you was very musty and it was Eckstein. In the air the entire time and the smell of just on it was like basement musty smell via and it was just. I remember reading that minimizing that's like ovals souls are in that in it just has never left my and then angel's son became this really. Big song after that and remember that that's one of one of the things at September 11 it was. Giving to Osama a new life. Well that was you know angel's son was about Lynn strait yep from snot. Who was on one of those Oscar shows and I believe that night that seven dust and she always see him and dead as. That was the night that Lynn strait won out on stage yup with a limp biscuit you know and was. And taking care of yet on the stage and they were gonna we're Reston you know. And he'd literally had to sneak away from the state troopers that we're trying to arrest and when he died you know. That was one of those musicians that it. That diet and everybody went. Whoa whoa this doesn't happen well wait a minute and so angel's son came out of all of that and then 9/11 brought that song back back again. And when you go back and look at you go okay. Dime back right moment guys my guy like dime bag at local bazooka that's my favorite moments is that after pan terra broke up. And they formed damage plan and damage plan played local bazooka. And everybody was so excited that diamond Vinnie you have this new band. And Mike Hsu and I were over there and we are watching from the side of the stage and Diane asked us to come out. And Mike Hsu and I were singing walk with dime bag Darryl on stage and I was like. This is one of the craziest things and you probably ever gonna do my life cost and those pictures yeah I mean the world yeah. You know at any time. I talk about going back to the archives anytime I talk about. You know talking about old stories people always email and generally you need to tell more stories about. Back down he sees he was one of the sweetest I mean think about paint area in Iraq re easy being and you watched letting go and the VHS back in the day. And you like his parents say yeah and you need time bag innings like the sweetest guy Aaron the first time I met I'm back on tour. He'd welcome me in his we'd done on the on southern kind killed two where he was a real art TV they were Ira Barack TV we have great. What did you that from pop pitch for a but the hell yeah I remember that showed our quality civic center wall civic center Pittsburgh that was at the the seminal seminal performance firm prevent terror memory every man about it but down right Paxson cells scattershot let's keep millions. Which is how dime bag wise and and people like Dave Grohl will say yeah. I am the way that I am as a person because of because of the way dime bag Darrel showed me. How to be with everyone writes he treated everybody like that yeah am I wanna feel like it was special for me but he was he was. One of the sweethearts in the business yeah yeah in and out local bazooka I think it was that same year. You know dime back at a mile. And and it he he was sent back you know I'm here and my mom. You had asked. Out. If she remarked if she could go to local music I'm sure wanted to bring some or her friends via so my mom was like I wanna come to local bazooka and I'm gonna need six backstage passes and I'm like Christian do mom welcomes American do. So my mom comes and I'm like this has to happen like what happens in across the street James ray lets you haven't and I introduce my mom's dime bag Darren. So I told die brand like listen when my mom gets here I really want meter right we got to watch your mouth. Because there's some words and whatever she'll find a bar ivory soap and cram them right in your mouth if you say those words from my mom's going to be nice apartment it. Mr. gore some being past party. So iPhone which come out of this. So then I bring dime bag over. And it's it's a sentence that I said out loud. That I never a million years ever thought that I would Guinness and I'd like mom this is dime bag Darrell dime bag Daryl this has. My mom. And she does so you're a what's hole you. Mr. ban. Nearly all and is I miss it yeah. Yeah. And it goes. Mr. cares Obama you. Call me whatever you like my name's Darrell and I am pleased to meet chip up up up and I was just like oh my god badges while like that just happened right there yeah. It was a may keep couldn't have been sweeter. Now switches. Aha I love that guy does every every day anniversary is always tough for me that that year I mean I just you know I can't. When is anniversary comes up Mike I think about like American C makers face again yeah inside. And influence so many people not just by the music because pan terra for a lot of people with a little heavy firfer some rock fans Italy's just to have a whatever but. Though the personality the persona. And the way that he wise. He influenced a generation. Of musicians and hugged it out look at Dave Altman did the first person to say. Dime bag Darrel showed me the way right he showed me how how to include every wine he showed me. Not to be a big pompous castle rock star and to just be that guy that would walk around a make friends with everybody and. He enjoyed being just like you talked about Dave. Dime bag enjoyed being a rock star he took the job seriously but not too seriously and was so grateful for for the opera taking up three or 81 weighs every day to have that be his life and heat. If if there was anybody that squeezed every ounce of life out of the short life he had it was dive back now. He just loved that life he was on tour with his brother all the time he was creating music I mean you look at dial exact wild right. Who you know hugest. She just like those guys it was just mind blowing right. And then we had that show with the songs Serena rates and the damage playing guys showed up and we have those memorial T shirts. And it was shortly after dime diet and it was a lake. We're gonna paid tribute to die there's only a few months later. Yeah. I mean you just go back like I said like now we're we say good bye to a lot of people is actually when I think about it now twenty years as a lot of people there not here anymore. And and and for a variety of ways I mean just more most recently obviously you look at you know Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and you just go we. And going back to roll these archives that have been going through. And and I mean Chris Cornell to me. You know let's just get past the fact that he was strikingly handsome look and act in good look at right now unbelievable rock and roll voice that. One of the best smoothest yeah purest voice and in that. Ara in that genre right he was just that guide in the Temple of the Dog stuff. Between his own solo stuff between the sound garden staff between the audio sleeve stuff I mean think about it. Sound garden how big sound art massive. They break up how big is Rage Against The Machine right and then. They decide. Originally they're gonna call it like the project Yakima and that was all these rumors that an audio slaves came out and it was this is massive and do this right exactly and it was amazing. And then he was doing all the solar supple whatever but he would she was so gracious. And soulful and soulful and just sweet and so open and and you know she came up to the studio play acoustic and he did like solo thing they did an audio slaves on that he did he did call me a dog whose stick which still is one of my favorite. In studio performances. And I asked him towards the end of the Arab view you know you seem really happy you seem like you're in a really great place and he was so candid. Abouts. His struggles right now hard he had bought. And his wife Vicki was in the studio right and we were joking about how he better not (%expletive) up because she could replace them right because she was such a catch them. You know right and just talking about what being a dad meant to hand man. I remember that interview because I can see his eyes as years saying this stuff right now it is I can see it like you can actually see is eyes he was justice. He was just so raw and open enough element yeah. You know and so now that Vicky is carrying on his legacy in questioning. What kind of an influence some of the medications prescription medications she was on had an impact on it and I can listen to that view. It's really hard for me to wrap my brain around someone like that warning to commit suicide because. He really genuinely. Would say that he was in the best place of his life yeah. It sucked yeah it's just and then to lose Chester this I mean. That one too. And how those guys they're so close they're completely connected. It it there's I I don't doubt that there absolutely connected in that there's no way he was gonna go I mean just it just sent one dominos set off the other one and it's just. I mean my heart breaks for Chester educated were just talking about yeah kid. And it's not supposed to happen like that. They toured together on one of the project revolution tours and I was broadcasting live from backstage at what is now the X community center. And house was do interviews at them in person backstage there was so much traffic and getting their buses. Into the show. That they both calls. To be on my show lie if knowing everybody in the parking lot and whenever was was listening to the radio. So as I was digging through all of these. Air checks we column Richard you know the recordings of every show you do. I find this CD and all it says on it is project revolution Chester Bennington Chris Cornell. While and I found that desk like a week ago Obama and I was all right and kills all my trials. And they weren't together doing the interview but they were on the same show it. And I mean it just goes to show how big Lincoln Park got married put together the project revolution to that was bear Ozzfest they write their version of that war family values and yeah exactly and it's. And it was just one of those moments we just. Like you feel colossal over there and and the impact that it's had on music cents. He had the US got in rentable pilots and think about that went to that was he came in to do it to we put him on her TV. He was right out of rehab ran out of rehab and you know he was he'd. I think about that you have convincing Atlantic in the studio acoustic yeah that was on Huntington NAFTA was solid ozone Graham yes it was on but I'm just it's just another example of you know something you think it's gonna go forever and you think oh my god disguised in a perfect place he's it's gonna go on forever and now to know it doesn't you know as he. People have asked me you know who who would be the biggest hassles. And that's always a question who's the nicest man who was biggest councils of the rock stars you government and the list a short yeah apple. That I've had negative. Any kind of negative contact where there's only two that I can ever named Lionel Richie was it to tackle what really it's announced. What are in line the only two I didn't I didn't phone interview with Scott wiling and when he was involve a revolver yet. And he was not so we're anymore counts of events and heat and and and he was such a jerk to socks and that was really. Really hard because I look I was such a huge stones right carries I am arrogant jerk on high because he that we ask yeah it's crazy and the other was Dave Navarro. Yeah want to act total Dick to me warrant he was it was and it was images addiction and it wasn't with the Red Hot Chili Peppers he was in this other bands yam and they came in to town it was like a Friday house when he was doing this stuff with Carmen public with the death do us part prone to you know I don't remember. But he. Mom. He. He came into town on the Friday of a holiday weekend there was a split paradise race and it the show wasn't sold out. And so they were like our analyst David Barroso will let him come up and play Crist in the studio. And on most Friday's before holiday weekend like. You know we used it. Used to be able to win a backstage party and like AF which a lot broadcast from your backyard so like the engineers I mean first of all the Friday afternoon a holiday weekend box Clinton and engineers hate you for that they engineers hate you for that so we have one of those going on. And then they showed up like our happily. And it's. My show is almost over. And it's the show was that night at the paradise right and so they came and ends. It was too late for them to play acoustic because the people that like our guys have laughed because they're like (%expletive) these has already we can only get the hell out of here. And so they just decided to come and hang out in the first thing Dave Navarro did when he came in the studios go lay cigarette moment. And all studios have like chemical like smoke detectors and now you could die if they suppress the pizza hey line so yeah I basically sucked all the air out of the room yeah yet to suppress the fire because of all the equipment all that stuff. Ends so does did you cancel it to your dog what rules. Like no legit like like you on the other side of the room I'm next to the door I'll make it out you guys are probably gonna suffocated. And not smoke a cigarette and here. And then he knew he was like well let's give away some tickets. You know when I was like OK well you know like the first ten people that maori now you can get tickets he goes to it's 630 Friday night a holiday weekend. And the show was like two hours around the corner he was like that's why you're gonna do is just make people. Like call and when the 2 am at what you mommy duties like well I have. You know an Internet show or something in LA and like we would make people come to the studio and earn the to and I'm like do art I'd hear like five minutes yeah and he he just was such a condescending prick to me now and I was like I can't one mishap. I was such a huge and right. You only 20 that's in our into when he hears those are the only two kind of. Negative. Interactions I ever had with with rock stars amber on. But the bands that were problems for me with a band that had just. Gotten some radio play with are single and they were just supporting other bigger bands and they were those guys were. All we they had it figured it out there aren't always the decks Metallica amazing like I'll couldn't be more gracious monsters or it was it was I shall we dated July summer cemetery Emerson oh my god Kid Rock Metallica Kid Rock. It's a power man 5000 and Metallica needed they had just put together a new their new lighting for the show. Person that's when you doesn't 2000 right that was when Gillette like -- to Danica built right in and remembered you did that interview where it would Bobby sitting on them and which is Jesus lap and all local cracker and ours came along came all right yeah and it was an art rock was where pastures there at third leg action remember that wrestlers yeah so large apartment so anyway. Relief fund great backstage stuff. And the the tacos like oh we have a new light show and they saw the camera and it's that I need you to go the front of us in it it's a tough. You don't light surely play a cute and chip got the though. I'm like cool so they gave me this huge battered economy Cameron and nick is as saying camera that they had I'd change it to pal and witches of different system. And I got to go to from a house in the tower. And they'd put together garbage bag full of Beers from the boss what do you like drag a guy like everything so they just immunity tiger respectful Beers. Too many like a fifty mile an hour Chris scooter ride out to via print house and I shot Metallica. Didn't it. Sucks. That I have footage now I lagged well that was agreed show. Back in the day it like it was one tape now I was like hold on let me make a copy of their memory stick yeah I get it dealing is doesn't work out and yeah. Layers there were some great shows tale yeah those summer sanitary and shadows were just awesome and it was it was so can we know on these people for years now at that point yeah. We do does it mean to see Kid Rock on the warped tour in North Hampton. And then to see him on stage in Metallica released him and on it and it's a flatbed truck in that even like a stage was not flat bed truck that they just put the drum kit on. And he was on the back flat that the men like the drummer was almost falling off the back of the truck you don't have a backdrop it was just like she's and we just need them to be high character in the hands of the people in the crowd. It's. Funny it's so good down on its a real torture and then you memories some before arrived today in Pittsburgh before. On he told you what he was gonna Wear. At Woodstock. The data that we did in nine yen to blow up he said I'm gonna Wear my white fur coats and go on on stage you knew exactly Kid Rock was gonna do before anybody. It just goes to show like you planning does outfits like. Like he would I mean now he just walking onstage repair genes and wife beater a bag and that was my thoughts internal white a white fur coat and come with a big inflatable biology and beam she has it was not a hundred degrees on air floors and basically what. Our votes but he told you that yeah. So you do that. Colors what's on the. On this lists I mean. Rip rip when Osama. Well I'm trying to figure like some of this one more songs some of the stuff and what. Like a real or TV stuff like we just talked about some sanitary and that was on marriage and yet my trips overseas yeah. What I but it wasn't something that I you know it was some that would. Put on TV and it was like Alexandra to get a better with the troops overseas is gone or hasn't. Vehicle for you jobs and I'm really proud that we we talked about Bronson Arroyo we talked about. Tommy Lee it just as Tommy Lee asked drum solo. Harrison I remember do you remember our. We we were like real friends with like what let's talk a limp biscuit reload my god like so right so counterfeit. We're only station in the country deployments can. In which was the single before faith and faith is what made limp biscuit and we should we drop counterfeit. And which is a great and so on win limp biscuit first played were playing at the palladium. This is before you Fred was even more and acts use direct TV we realities. In the interview. Sparks a he dug a Mulligan are you know guys are to where they tell you stuff to the you know until their families just this (%expletive) Mellon. The good news. Doug about like having alternative interviews so we you know we don't ask somebody songs are like what's going on. He decides I don't MTV's gonna ask you but the music we want to know about all the other stuff we when it like that's would learn about the bond sock with Morgan from Sam does and and then did Fred goes into excruciating detail about what makes slowed to a camel Jack and that he had this to hit like. Yeah I did keep his his callousness so rough. They had to like get the cantaloupe skin way away from the hole because they like it would take you on that never showed they played at that is it your eyes and it. Believes it's it was killer I believe he's that it was killer it was killer it was killer remember remember that you showed needs that you just wrote when you know feeling guilt. I. Yeah. Show for us at the Bayside expo oh my god which. Still conventions and before the new one in south the big show and it's. They played faith. And invited every girl in the crowd up on the stage it was not and I remember because it was a staged from the staging company that I used to work for and they were shooting their pants because. Where there were hundreds of girls jumping in unison and tip to limp biscuit faced on stage and like discuss the stage is gonna collapse yet. Like we're worried that the stage is gonna collapse and the radio stations don't that would that would be bad chances of us give us an. And then did throw the microphone and it was 5000 on my car owners I think they'd get you bring that people like running around trying to figure who's gonna pay for it. Suite that remember only got the hidden show you get on the roof for the gore right I. I was just yet imagine that they. Were beaned and I think they still are banned from playing in Boston city proper. As a result of that show talk about another thing that was viral before viral was viral and that footage and TV ask me for that footage. And that that footage from Iraq TV actually ended up on MTV they told everybody in Boston and that they were gonna play a surprise show on the rooftop of the building. And then slowly gave out clues on the radio right. Eight and it's. They played if you go to Fenway across from yawkey way almost there was like this garage that had like this parking lot and they like fixed cars in the back. It's somehow they got permission to set up on that roof. And with anything I get any permission. From the bill holiday dead yet they got permission to I don't think they hold him what they were actually doing what they have permission to beat their I think that they told the building owner that like we're gonna unity British take pictures your video or something. And then. We didn't five minutes. Because Limp Bizkit fans were driving around Boston caravans. Are waiting to find out where the hell the band was going to be right and then. Like 5000 people to show up right and they played all the cops showed up they were gonna arrest the ban and TV was there and we went there we're up other rooftop right. MTV's interviewing me am I what are you did was my fault they shall have the zinni out and people. Running. To avoid being arrested. Oh they want to arrest everybody wanted to get everybody in it because you get a camera or you know microphone. Noise complaints in the concerts at Fenway now yeah now imagine the middle of like a Saturday afternoon and limp biscuit in full volume is blaring throughout Fenway area that people were. It says very her hips but it was so cool and with the best thing Cameron got so famous for it and but to this data can't play in Boston yes. Mir meaning to me Mina and now Jerry let go from thirty seconds to Mars is driving across the United States getting ready to release their new album America on Friday yeah and he's just tweeting Larry's popping up and like thousands of people are showing up Micah. And limp biscuit didn't have twit now they don't have a way to do it so they had to give clues out on the air without. We've pestered so let me we've seen so much that that change what else is really cool story that was nuts I mean I'm just look at backers for instance lake. It's. So obviously we you know career wise we've there's so many people we've watched. Before their first record all the way through you know selling 1020. Million records that's pretty amazing deceive the people stayed in the business a lot of people. I have coming gone in it so. When I mean which your reflection about twenty years being on the radio I mean what's it take to make it carry records. Except I. I don't know how accurate that. I don't know I mean I remember running downstairs dig into the bushes to find a new tool song you know. I remember going down to Copley to like a fancy hotel room to interview the guys Rage Against The Machine yeah like beat the air in the late ninety's and early 2000 you know those bumper stickers and magnets that are like I may be old ice all the cool bands yeah. I used to think that those words. Funny now they're really fun and eyes told because I know I saw those bands I saw Pearl Jam in their hair saw Alice in Chains all those while we lose a dates back in the day eight. I directed Alice in Chains for show I did no one ever got deceit which sucks I'll take another story real quick what one might have been corn how we now are corn. So blind right we were the only station at the time in the country plan that song anomaly of only station in the country and people like what are you doing plains corn. So good right in fact a sports team to this day. Doesn't use the beginning of corn blinds right to take the field or take the court or take place iconic. That. To get an NN. CNN NN and that for Jonathan Davis illegal. Are now. The fact sports team does not use that is read it's the perfect. Sports and Teresa speaking applied and that opening the show when they did dirt show at Pittsburgh you have to blow up a lot of dolls. They harm the blowup dolls. From the ceiling and they just some of the more harm by the ankles supplement product by next on the wrong body are. And they meet we went backstage. And like they were like you guys give his hand we rented blow hot blow blow up dull dolls lead and had like a pump four there were no hope you do have to be able to blow dorsett the election really gonna come out on those unborn Orlando blowing them never John David came out there that's sparkly purple do you see who has. Headrest drop the song ideas on MTV and I think he was wearing in the video of the idea is to just hit. They were the biggest band in the country for hard rock at the time how are you telling her about an AF show via and I got to shoot that and so entered a blind. And then they drop the screen and the screen. And they were just projecting with the the blow up dolls it was like on op. It looked like they were like bodies hanging from. And they were all dressed up like it some of them had sharply kiss make up drop autumn like these blow up dolls is an at the end of the night it was so sad to watch the road is different. Lap dog that you don't have a broad based equitable way. That's true and then so let it used to be a great venue was like Manson played there in his heyday and like like there are some really good shows that the Pittsburgh cynics. Where their way and then let's go forward with corn to family values and oh my god was to centrum. The craziest. Backstage party in the history. Of backstage parties and this has been told that the stuff we did. Backstage at that show is legendary nationwide way it was today. Was dime that we're those guys on that tornado anyways you whiz it was some. It was. Wait a while it was it was Rob Zombie. Alia right in the end it is a remember it was Johnny and passed in rigs were there and it was a corn and when biscuit I think when and I remember the show I after state after the after party. We went to the cafe with the Iraqis dead tour is that what was I think sound I would Rob Zombie and how it was yeah it was Rob Zombie yet that's why today and that we had the the we still hate it added. And he loved that yeah. That's right so that's what it was. And that's why a case of that's for the show. And we have got a lot of people we say we IE eight and by the way halfway yeah bomb we have a party we said oh the guys like Watson oh it's scary and you know Ian in the air actually handle it everywhere. Let's go let's them with Stewart you know what's happening after the show we can show Rhode Island the next day. And was a global political party for you. Civic progress a street we tell the barn like can we want to back room he pulls although shells and having out of the back room. Bomb the guys come through the garage go directly in the backroom and proceed to have the craziest backstage party in the history apart these parties I believe that. Something in the area like ten miles a year Meister on the right side. On back there we drank all the Gator mice anytime that we need. Had a show anywhere within ten mile radius of our general location all the all the here was going to abuse deterrent and the other thing that happened was that like while there's no girls here and it said well let me make a phone call that's still strip club three miles away guess what that's exactly what we did yeah and then the girls elect we're not making money over here so the whole. All the girls left. All left the club and came to go hang out with us and I are trucking industry Paris says are the best look at us like who. (%expletive) are you got us. It's early. The girls run and and then all the second clothes are flying everywhere and the dollar bills are flying everywhere. I didn't. Didn't one while I know who I know who asked you for the dollar bills was but you have to give some two dollar bills. On and then put him in the cap after the show. And then. And then my record rep. Relationship was they couldn't find two of the members of the bands and once again when him and up on the farm somewhere. Fishing. And in other ones I gotta wanna do you show on Rhode Island in his like you've got to do this. Rhode Island and I didn't go off if I'm pitching. Mean his numbers look okay I don't want to hang out one day when you make. So we almost we rolls responsible for then canceling the show and expect. Graduation Kerry's sorry to products are meant to apologize your mother must Oprah. Mr. bag until I completed dare all. I mean seriously. When you go back and and look through them all its lights. We could sit here for five morality I mean we should do this again let go through a local law and with corn but there's so many. Yeah twenty years is Bankrate like the when I think back of my. My god it at one it feels like yesterday yeah and to try to just happened to it feels like a thousand years ago right specially when I see. You know. Like old videos and old episodes of real rock TV an old pictures and I'm like I look for right. How did I even get into the bars I was old enough but I look at the Betty. We didn't pay for drinks. No no one ever card and a note can we just thank everybody and as people get let us cut the lines back in the day there were like oh you and we had a good time you're downtown Leo you can parked car in front marker inside a what was your tab 150 bucks a tattoo the earth Torre 2000 when tattoos were illegal in Massachusetts. At 7000 slip not only has been there like you guys can get architect user must sound like Darrell behind sunny Serra that yeah. Some blue laws or work. I'd place at all. That week we haven't even scratched the surface kids now there's a U we got to do this again and we'll do because there's there's too many so here's your armor assignment. We ended here okay. You have to now think. Think of this stuff we didn't talk about and make a list all right and then we do this again will have a list of new stuff that we haven't talked about Iowa. I would because between now and the actual anniversary on the seventeenth I know I'm going to be digging in Warren more archives and walk out your story sock puppet. I think is to have a shirt yeah I did I do. Not that I wanna Wear it don't but my god no there wasn't a strip club in. 250 miles where we didn't know everybody. Like all the girls well how accurate. Yeah because we weren't always we. We you're always with the band is recording for real Iraq TV in the bands and always say where can we go to C girls and have a good time right. So we made friends and although and girl and all the clubs during the like listen. Who do we call at a moment's notice to be able to bring thirty people here are hot. Because it's gonna happen and then like two weeks later we would call that number. Ringo where on our way to your club with corn or limp biscuit Scott's jacket maybe like you guys talk and serious right even believe this is normally does and I don't have. I'll get selling yeah a good guys the we did. Yeah there's a little. As a little happy anniversary thing and you know Roddy you I mean think about it too many years only Brody. Now and twenty years later the two have never really had a producer never had a replica. Full time Erik Cole woes at. It was just Europe it will crack the lighting to resume what can happen and what we can make out of his god damn mess on the day to day basis it's it's my whole career is based on make DirecTV and in analog and a lot of really really cool things it toward a mean you know like it was amazing yeah private jets now. But it states a look back like we could never burner. Get away with now. What we gotta we respect the conference table in the old office in west Borough. I hope they burn that the kids the bleach bleach just went to the hole. Our life is wholly different when you are underneath. Degrees so yeah there's so much we can't talk about Irsay area out of respect because now people we know are like moms and dads trio. Mean yeah like me you apple people yeah yeah so huge some of those stories driving down the yeah for the future generation know that of Iran is out now. And to some of it is the only yeah and thank god they were no camera phones back and we are so lucky. We would be can you imagine if there was Twitter back and can you match like I I think Bakken now and I'm like oh my god and. You policy people like a camera at one megapixel camera constantly doing next. It looked like hall and like doing it sounds good now Giles takes pictures on their phones. All right well you know thank you for coming man ever think I appreciate there's no way that I could move. Celebrated this milestone anniversary. Without. Bringing you win here to talk about some of the stuff is there was just so much I win. I think about how lucky we were really really fortunate via apple and there is a little bit talent and their but to save the one thing for both devices it's just a lot of work we never gave up we didn't quit yeah and he got it and we are if it gets really really hard sometimes really do have to take the punch. And we were in the right place. The right time you know which says everything lined up right the way the music was at the time. You know that the wave to people were craving all of that extra program. I wanna see what happens on the song is over I wanna see what happens at the radio station went and a when you know you guys going to commercials like they wanted to seal all of that stuff. And so real rock TV gave them the opportunity to to do that in me huge fans N and it. And it helped me so much because I was this untrained. You know fish out of water one day I was driving semis in the next day I'm trying to. Fill a void that was created by Opie & Anthony getting tired right. And real rock TV gave people a chance to be like oh okay that's. That girl you know and Younes by another whole generation toy boys to. In the for the couple kicker her. My god how can resume. OK this is happy anniversary everybody a I'm offended anybody. Yeah we're sorry if we offended everybody not everybody enjoy the veal.