Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 18: Brent Smith, David Coverdale, Josh Todd

Monday, March 19th

This episode Mistress Carrie's Side Piece podcast features Brent Smith of Shinedown, talking about their new song, album, tour with Godsmack, and the "good old days" with Mistress Carrie. David Coverdale of Whitesnake called in to talk about their live album, Deep Purple, the 30th anniversary of the self titled album, social media and more. And finally Carrie's interview with Josh Todd from Buckcherry. They talked about touring, writing music, and the time they had in 2005 in Toronto at Live 8. #MC20

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You mean you like them you know really really not our acute cases and out like a bear. This just curious side piece podcast. There's no check on WB AS dot com. Until woman. Welcome to episode eighteen of Mistress Carrie psyches podcast thank you so much for checking out by cast. My name is mr. Carey I am the mid day host and music director of the only station that really rocks WA AF Boston. If you're just finding me on iTunes or Google play are stitcher. You can hear me live every weekday from ten to three on WA out that you can stream past lives. On our website at WA AF dot com where you can download our free app. On just taxed eight PP 1097107. You can download your free app and listen that way. Or anti Smart speakers you can just tell elects or your school home just played WA out. And I'll show up wherever your. Our podcast is so I'm now old enough to vote congratulations eighteen episodes and try getting a little bit of everything. This episode is just chock full rock stars which happens sometimes around. Actually a really awesome episode where it some musicians that I just love. And I a have had the pleasure of knowing over the years that I worship in high school too little of everything. We got Brent Smith from shine down on this episode. We got David Coverdale from white snake on this episode and also Josh Todd from Buckcherry on this episode which is often. So first we are gonna get to Brent Smith. Now when I recorded this interview just a few days ago we had not announced the local tour date. And now it's official WA AF presents God's smack in shine down. That show is that the X energy center on Saturday August 25 eating get all the ticket information at WA AF dot com. But in the interview you'll hear that he did. One a drop the bomb on not when the show was gonna because it hadn't been officially announced yet. But I've known Brad Smith and the guys from shined down for a really really long time. They were just a brand new band out of Jacksonville back in the day. I think I was still on the air night back then. And when they had just gotten started. And I blocked a little bit about this interview and what I said was. What when I saw these guys live and when I heard their record the first time while these guys are really go then I'm Adam knows how these guys are really nice. And then I saw them play acoustic. In my studio. During my show and I was like holy crap these guys are talented. And it's been and what fifteen years or something since then I mean this. The most notable recording which we talk about the podcast is the acoustic version of Leonard's innards classic simple man. And really the first time I ever played at a public for anyone was on my show and. It's still to this day in massive hit for them. And we're abandon Jacksonville Florida where Skinner is from you're really nervous about. Being perceived as as not respect. I pulled to the legends that are Leonard Skinner and since then. You know just so much is. So much has happened with the band and they've just become so huge and it's so awesome to see how successful they've become. And way back in the day Brent Smith promised me that if they ever got nominated for Grammy that you would take me two grammys it hasn't happened yet but I'm holding them to. So here we go this is Brent Smith from shine down. And it's a animated what's gone on anyhow Mario. I'm I'm stuck to talk to you haven't heard a short tournament and I know I haven't talked to infer we've been very busy exercising on is to Graham. I do exercise and I do you have an insecure put those together and it's just the recipe for success. Keep us. It's 100% keep me honest Al Arab backed up over a little bit because that started like look at my personal and Graham. And see what I was posting and I'm like. I think there might be turning into reduced ban. So I I didn't stop I stop posting I was kind of like asked me to go to call it up all but. Well Fred it's a shined down and obviously when you guys around on the road and you do and a ton oppressed we all know what you wrapped him. But social media kind of lets just behind the curtain a little bit when you guys take time off. And you can't just a little bit and just go to relax in between albums and tourists. We were well like slipping to a unique it is that to that particular record at least started recording it last year in January. By. We didn't really take any time off because. We did seven different where we normally we get down auditory cycle on and now when that will take the next year. To make a record but we're so used to kind of like being in a cave the entire I said for that particular album. I think listing of shows. Like wow or make him a record just to get some perspective as an earlier question I early stop. I just you know I've done different things in regard to scheduling but I mean I would Eric. 179 days last year. Tom beat does that mean him produced the record I mean literally he produced the Al many mixed it but I was whipping him. Every step of the way. And then back and Berry came in like in the middle of all the writing process and then we started to do that but yeah I mean last year we. We opened up for Iron Maiden which soared in July budget that's all and mayor record same about. Well you kind of walked into it that's why I asked the question because. You haven't stopped touring not wish I am but they would hear acoustic project so I was gonna read you Intel did take a vacation. Well I mean I just. I think I'm just really excited about what we are doing and organ trade and in the world and I hope rooted received well. Com but you know I don't do good you've only a long time I don't really do you do it sitting spill. And we don't have us do that Tyler friends. 100 then let's talk about this record that you're talking about it's called attention attention and it comes out on May fourth and we got the first taste. The news sun devil that we've been playing and is this the tie the record tell me about this album. So little are one thing that's different about this album is that we dealt produced that we've been very lucky over the years to work a lot of great. Engineers male and team now. And an outstanding producers so we've all ecstatic that our eyes and ears open. In our career when it comes the studio. Time and what have you. But it was time for Eric to to take control of it. I'll let one of the new things about the record it's different than all the other ones we've done and we felt produced it and there actually a bit. It isn't a concept record in the traditional sense of content record what you think like the wall backing or your operation mind crime actually directory Khatami. About a group but it is an album that we have kind of a the way we look at it is it's a story album and dabble is the first single is the beginning of this story. Com and it does play through. I and it does tell a story from one song to the next there's the beginning of the middle and there's a finale there's really an ending to the record because we're not really good with Dubai has. But this is definitely a psychological and emotional journey hole record takes place side of a room. And we want to listener to do. Put themselves. In this chair and and that is through men and looked at themselves. Not only. From a personal standpoint and how they can navigate the world there but. It's really a record about not being afraid to fail because it's gonna happen and I mean that's that's part of being alive you know you're gonna split. Sometimes but you can't just be paralyzed into the corner of your own minding your own self doubt. Not attempting to go after certain things that you wanna do like the did you think you not be good you may be ready you're going to bail. I don't think could people be defined by their failure I think will be just fine but the fact they did you. While most successful people will say that they grew the most after a failure yeah. Our present you know if you hit it didn't make it's not interesting to win all the time. You know you've got to have something to strive for. Tell me about it on the patriots fan. I narrow. But but but. Can I tell you how much I love the fact that when you're talking about great concept albums that you put operation mind crime in your list. It. One of one of the most advanced. Like from a story plaque like a stool from the story platform. That record it and just you know it took it. Yeah I mean I I I cannot. There's so many cool things about that record I can get flustered when I talk about it I don't like apple and ramble on about it it's so well that record. It's one of my favorite albums like one of those albums that you have on the deserted island that's on my list yet but at rapid paperwork. I'm going down memory lane with that with a lot of my friends in music recently because next month and is my twentieth anniversary on the air WA out. Congratulations. Are all look down at you we EUR one of those people that I wanted to talk about. Because when I think back of the last forty years. I have so many. Fond memories and a lot of mom have you guys. It's all. PO market in forty years now it doesn't is back bill like that every year. Through a lot of pick. Hers and a lot of memories and a lot of old you know interviews and whatever and you know. In some ways it feels like it went by in a blanket and other ways I'm like oh my god I can't believe I said something so stupid or I wore that what was I thinking. Well but you've always been really really comfortable in your own skin. And in the moment I met you you've just always had just an amazing energy and it is they're really really rat human being all the where Tom oaks. You know those are all growing. Experiences and that process or anything but I mean I think back. Yeah like we first met each other I mean one of the most substantial thing than our bands history happened right there you know which you. And that building. You know when you know the whole story of why there's this simple man tribute song Vermont it was all really. Born because of the fact that we did it right there at every area so there's a lot of you know batter and of itself is a big deal. I believe that was fourteen years ago. Yeah it's been a minute now we you know what I think we both look better and we did fourteen years ago I agree. Yeah you regretted I got. I gotta I don't know what happened yet it and I'm not gonna try not on the bears. The cop. But I had to. Oh like a picture. Pop up the other day and like my photo albums like I have a thing like pop up umpire follow that you should endure the picture you like based but what I think you did. You did some kind of a calendar one year. It was but there was blood. Are you and you were totally like working girl like I mean you're you were all these different kind of outfitted and it was very I mean it was. It was it was it was a wow what it that way my year that picture you came up. And you're literally wearing a fireman out they would tendered and everything I can not wearing a shirt. Anders over here at our black 10 where to come brown but you looked good girl. The firefighter whose gear I borrowed said when I returned it'd smell better than it ever had. I've I've bed be one lucky man I'll stay up much. I mantown calendar photo shoot. Once or twice in my time. Well I thought it was very very tasteful but. You I don't I got that the other day not opt out there at Al elect I'm gonna be talking dirt like these days pop up on my own. But you know you look fantastic and you know you know fourteen years and you know hopefully you know fourteen more. Well I hope so may have taken pictures like that is that. Some day when you're that crazy old woman you can look back to me like look great my boobs look back that. It. What you you know but to reduce such a class act all the way around I'd totally understand what you are about. Yeah I mean you go you know I don't think it lightly how far we go back and I think we got a lot more to do together. In the future and and you've always been there you know you're one of the biggest order and not just from you know that the political side of Spain in regards it. You know the record company in how we do you know it is called the music business buries its always been unbelievably genuine. And you know I know that you work in radio and we know each other for a long time but at the end they were current Ers and I absolutely Adori. Well I was thinking about you the other day because I was down in Florida. And I was in Fort Lauderdale on vacation and am on the beach and has car drives by convertible top down as you guys do in Florida. And they were blaring your version of simple man. And why was later the wow and that really started to get me thinking about all the things we've done together all the crazy stories and you know I I just love you guys in and we've been great friends over the years in. You know I just I just look back so finally all of things we've already done together and I really am looking forward to all the cool stuff that's in our future because. I know what you're going out on the road so I know we're gonna be here and that means we get ahead yeah. Absolutely I wanna try to actually get a day off in Boston the collapse. A couple of ordering cycle of the last like three years we never ever did I'd pay off inbox and we went eight Austin we don't aggregate day at all. Embossed and somehow the work that out. I just to judge Todd from Buckcherry about this very thing the other day because everything story is so exciting and you know all of this sight seeing in all just a few would you appear on vacation. When you according bay and you're so busy all the time that you never really get a chance to just go out have any fun in town. So I don't your top of your priorities when you come Metallica's we need and now go do something fun. Absolutely it today on every level I mean the thing about that to his. You know what I know what I signed up for and you know sometimes I'm a lot better at it now that night I used to beat Google got on they opt. For me. Because of my voice and what have you got while you are chosen week. Com you know I can't talk all the time. So a lot of times my days off are like in the hotel the pearl lob which always in the you're in the hotel and they're not paying him and what have you so I I'd make it I'm. I eight. I really try to think of this city in these countries that were and more than I used to back in the day it's good result. We're talk about your voice in. Obviously trying to take care of it with the touring cycle the way that you guys do it Roger adultery was just lecturing a bunch of fans at a concert the other day. Yelling at people who Wear earplugs because of how Daffy is now. Have you taken a lot of steps to take Sherri your hearing and your voice. Because of people like Brian Johnson from AC DC you're Roger adultery being so vocal about the struggles that they have later in their career. Well I mean I don't know much about Iraqi adultery and them the issue that. Is. You know beat the years. Stemmed from not music but it was actually the all of the race cars over the years that he. Race in the motors could never wore earplugs during that time. Tom funny odd not funny but yeah. Astoria at all recently about him is that they had finally candidate bella and in air for him that that he actually there were the doctor bock. That added that he was working wit that was putting together a different in their system for him but for me personally. Yeah there are things that I do. I I mandatory. Every. Very much. No matter where I am. Logos CE NT and I won't have my a I'll have local courts look at this see where you know where there at. You years ago I had a little bit scared and I had at the nodule on Bartlett Opel court. I'm I was able to heal it naturally. But and oh wait you really feel it naturally is to not use it so I had to be quiet for about two weeks. Yeah forget. He's and they were my hearing it. I always try to make sure that I you know at least every six months I'll I'll go to and cardiologist in DC where everything that so far knock on wood. Everything is is helping yen is good ago but it. If you tick over like a long period as a target visible you know you don't wanna go years without getting a physical. So Tom it's just you just gotta make time to check those things my voice in my body is you know my answer so. You've got to be aware of it at all. Well that's what I need to spend more time Boston because it bright and Johnson's ear doctor and a Dell and Steven Tyler's vocal cord darker both in Boston. Can aussies tremor doctor Eric. I think maybe you should just moved here that's just my theory. Can change how we view for a little while until I find a place if I'm gonna like to have a little bit kernel mayors and then match. And hang our view he likened to five under. Are you are you asked to move in Britain I mean I just as the league yet they do it like it embodies aipac today. We got to go browse around the house is that the reality show waiting to happen. I man it. Did you love you know you're more than welcome you don't even have to I would take router situation. You need to worry about it on the door. On the tour bus pulls open cul-de-sac. Totally it'll pull up and gravel layer of the meet you like that you know really really not our Q okay now I got there. But then it. But before you go to you how many touring news did continued drop any. Any any info on us about what's when you're going to be and how. I don't have made it specific overview on an like Boston proper. I think anybody that kind of think it'll look and media right now note that in July we're gonna go on tour what are really good friends. Got smacked that we've not been on forward since 2006. On the order to tour ban that com we actually it Louis right now getting ready for pre production beginning at all org cycle. That start on the nineteenth of this month but I don't have any news yet about Boston proper but I I can't believe that it's gonna take too much longer. Burress to get them first predicted date in the. Area yeah I work very hard crawling and will be. I find it very hard to believe that you guys to be touring with god smack in Boston would be on the top of the list for the tour. You know line. I mean we just want to make sure that we we serve everybody that we and that is a day audiences but awesome mate given a platform so lax. Yet volley drop in December last year. We were talking about just I think me and him both and add them. Unique experiences over the year work with the band and you know we gotta love and respect Armon you know. We we can really go out you know anybody but me and him just not talked about. Buick Open release schedule with each other in Macon something really unique for the fans and really focusing on the show. Together and not he's such a gentleman on like so many levels and real real pro style aren't a lot from the guy. Back in the day truce so the fact that we get to to a toured together were really jazzed about. There are doing there are twentieth anniversary tour to we came up the same year so it's. It's kind of cool to have these anniversaries happening at the same time. Yeah oddly enough. Director of the sound of madness in June of this year will be it'll cost free easy drag it back quick but the. Well I know I got a lot of stuff to do so I will let you go I appreciate you Colin honey and miss you and I can't wait you guys to get to town. Absolutely we miss you too my dear and as always thank you so much for all the love and be in their day one we it's not so our senate and never go unappreciated we Adori here and not reported seeing you in a card. I can't wait to check out new album now that you're telling me kind of the story in the theme behind them so hosts like to hear the whole thing. Other people. Really gonna do you know they wanted to heavier record in apple we'd done. And they wanted some then you know we've really really listen to the audience may have. Specific things for this record I think that we accomplish that. And I think it's the best work that we down in an over a decade and we're very very proud and honored. Two lobbyists but to bring it to everybody and we didn't look forward didn't have bought some see as we Canon dropped. You know brought down what everybody. All right honey we miss you will tact is still one. I've tried there have a grip that day out he's been. Seriously I wanna make our reality show happen. And yes there's aghast from a house brand just to acacia listen to this yes he can come and stay at the house anytime you want. And yes some putting hidden cameras in the house as I really do think that would be hilarious. Again if you wanna go on CW AAF present Scott's Mac and shined down. On I know we said in the interviews that we you know when the show's going to be but it hadn't been announced who recorded the interview the show Saturday August 25. Tickets go on sale. This coming Friday. Which would be. March 23 there is a priest L on Thursday march 22. It's but you get all the details on the show on the concert page WA AF dot com. Are right now we got an interviewee David Coverdale from whites Nate who. You know growing up I was just such a massive. White snake fan always love down. And not just with white snake but I love the Coverdale page. Project in the day I recorded this interview with David Coverdale it was actually the 25 anniversary to the day. Of Coverdale page coming out which was very cool. You'll hear the interview and I said on the air a bunch of times. Everything for British accent Harold it's a Boston thing I don't know what it is but they always sound polite. Even when they're telling you (%expletive) yourself somehow it just sounds nicer. When a British person says it with their accent I even have a GPS sat with a British accent because I just think it sounds nicer when they're telling you where to dial. But David Coverdale I've talked to him a couple of times. He's incredibly charming. He's seriously could you know from the pennies often non. Just a super sweet guy. Really charismatic. You can tell that he just absolutely loves what he does he is so happy in his place in his life with his family and his band and his music. And he just exudes happiness which are especially in this day and age because so many people are just so damn miserable all the time. But I was really happy that he was gonna call. And we talked about a lot of stuff we talked about the old days we talked about the real issues. One of the guys in his bands is actually from Massachusetts actually either went to high school is so we talk about that a little bit. Talked about social media. Really just a little bit of everything by its if you've never been awaits make man I think this is gonna make you a fan and if you are a fan of David Coverdale lights make this interview I think is just gonna make you love him even more. So here is David Coverdale from Y. I love you Monday. How idealistic children and you and I was expecting much at all dominatrix Maurice. It's the our ticket and I would not Connie yeah I'm. Christ snag is that better. Oh god I be sure. I didn't know what it will page that we ought. Oh. You a couple years ago I'd go. About looking permit easy all the time about my wife now. And after you and I talked I got a bunch of calls from listeners. And they'll like use of the little Lester and he was trying to John Safia what do you mean why. What do they know could go. Embedded is doing its web overdoing it I think so yes yet though I know say goodbye well I want to say happy anniversary because today. You've been putting up a bunch of stuff on Twitter. Is it really 25 anniversary for her real needs. Yeah out of Africa it. And it also. You can work out the map. Bought fifteen. 1876. That figure was a lot a lot show would be purple. At Liverpool and England every guy that economic grocery. It happens when when you're fortunate to still be in the music industry annual dosage. Up up up you your first gig ever ever act that was it was and have capped out my mother actually. Apollo and it was. Appalled. At the goal to bring them in my got run. And I think I was I don't know twelve lol well what thirteen. And I did some Bob Dylan songs Donovan saw. I couldn't. I always mine produced up Bolden chaps some singing it you'll go to our industry trend should go yeah. Sure to let them thousand. God I didn't get killed news well maybe it could be your business. I if you want to know plays and heard somebody covering your music yeah. A lot of well a lot of the top they'll look at you try to deliberately put the year ago again is is love you know about sneak out. Did they then jump on the look of whatever car you are right didn't start when I didn't grinding around. Yeah. Well who knows I hadn't. If. Yeah act that I've got a lot ebitda are not there that night and just amazing. You know well Paula Abdul down. To help you know Tony was some move. She suddenly just sort of home of the law it wasn't really cloud thing. That he. All the I was just looking at Tony was a amazing in. You know the way she would on music. Campbell not. And it is you know Portland province albeit that was before. Korea solo creation is still I think Victoria Regina Jackson and those guys of course she said David our culture already she's got it covered the bag and they'd be they'd direct the black Jack and I caused the white drag. She's she's you know did go to made entry and you know. I doubt about it all up and I used car guy. I'm Alexis. I've got a big hundred of the mountains are apt to have big at QB I've got that tradition by sentencing. Customize them straight cap and. You don't need to just have an SUV if you live in the mountains I mean where are here and Boston digging out from a free can blizzard after we got another 16 days both. Hey. Cheat. What I'm down. In the short Sierra Nevada foothills about half an hour. Well might Lake Tahoe home a meg getting hammered up top we got like spring day via. Amazing. But you guys here UP EU beat other what it should be years ago stretched every time I've we have I think it's and the U. I'll wind so it tacos like six months. I had 3040 foot drips in my god who made it. I can tell you from experience that if you wanna guarantee you never lose electricity ever again. Spend a ton of money and get a generator are wired up to the house. Sort of 5000 dollar later guests and I have walked never. Learned the power goes off. Well that it this year it's only had to come on like a couple of times. But yet it was. Very sound investments. Yeah it could generate. Record dot. You know I have a boss Tony and in my back and got Michael Devin. Well he's not just about Estonian. Michael and I went to high school together. You are sure I'm not shedding. CA blob. One of the most beautiful souls thought he has gotten that. We haven't had any issues yet I'm really blessed with a musicians I apps. Michael is just the total doll we just shot a new video called shut up and kissed me. And dressed. All of us were just nonstop laughter it was super to reconnect with everyone. But at the outset duo are sending out well out exit last Barbara got. Oh absolutely we we knew each other in high school and and you know our haircuts were little embarrassing back and. I have opt in the Ryder under disciple now. I all the people in concert to come back and be side by duo of Michael. Just like a cult leader now yeah. Okay outspent in that. Actually they need to write much better looking than that help got up. You know what's funny is that his mom. Volunteers. At the polling place where I'd vote and so I saw her I know. Are off abducted I've got to tell you an embarrassing story this huge. God replied that amazing gay guy just outside of Boston all. Is it really. Legendary show. A ballroom. Is on the on the coast. Other hand luggage casino Bob rabbit. That. Totally love it the audiences like no barrier we just have a blast. And I've led to Michael God's existence coded W right you know ballistic. I was whining about it would you mind and and he pointed up to the balcony where this woman with enrollment as not very. I I'm just bottle out a lot about projects. Yet out sluggish though and outlaws and did not. Up up. I bet I've met a leg out and that job and thank god gave me. Give me. But. It had the great problems. Oh I don't we could have surrendered a lead nation beat him. Rep tag game. You're never around people would never go hungry is that one gigs he recorded this live album. All god the other one that out now was Birmingham in the UK. Two years to go out actually supposed to mix it and released at a Christmas lockyer the people. But we just finished 22 years to earn world tour. I was lied about all buyers. Grandkids and everybody coming from Europe so I and others put it in the back and a that it is fresh. I did come here all about happier doing terrifically well. I would back and the 87. Thirtieth anniversary or not you're in the last you match it up. Two top fives. Albums all over the world about this country via. Would have to do something about that. I think great record it's a tribute to lie how I got into the music business close. Unbelievably blessed. And honored. To join deep in 1973. And and Matt. Yet it's they started me on a journey that continues today. It's so incredibly grateful. And it has that story. I don't know where do you go carry but it via. 2012. John Ward got in touch me he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer particularly aggressive. These that day that you know what I can this. What you do something with be coupled with Chris John was I want my mental heroes. Just an amazing Matt renovating musician on a two were acquitted indeed grow old and a join me in light grew so. You know these are just adored him and I would do it do anything for him but as you know he hostile way. Started to work and tinker around with ideas come temper like in albums over forty years old you know. And outlook on the way to get nostalgic guy but I also be due to a productive he'll mind I eat out what they want God's sake of the game too much when he but I update. That's a hello again I got a Kate's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I yeah I thought. 846 yet urea. So well. But yet it was amazing and and a bag. I lost in this small window. Sadness. My wife lost a beloved brother Samuel. I lost my I counties Sylvia who professed love to let me like Little Richard and chuck Barry when I was saddened you know amazing. Every conversation broad tricky involve music. And it was a tragic loss for me. And I'm thinking wow how much those two lunchroom. All of this loss it was like a few little Coleman by you know. Of the epiphany that I Willis. Just to make amends to people before I passed away before I passed away you know our guards natural not necessary. Musicians or whatever the treatment in my private life. You know. And it was an amazing time could lead to reconnect and walk of those people was Richard black bowl. I'm rich united. Is that terrible. A necessary if you. You know on competition. Energy which like snake and rainbow. You know for many residential liked meg so bowl record stunned. They collected disciples you know. But I wanted to speak with him continued com with a lot of members of purple. And they were like my professors at the university your music. You know I still use realize a lot of this stuff. I'd love from those guys solar year ago. And thankfully Richie and I. Has been married up in the most positive way. And and how we should memories are set and the what I did to me was you know I united motor really do anything. Deep Purple. Related because I love my players all of my bad eyesight my baby. The during the tribute album that would totally down with it you know record company was down with it and it was a great pleasure from the YouTube to do that. That is the curse of having a long and healthy life is. Having to deal with the inevitable loss of you love. Greece's it's just such an independent emotion or sword rob it's. And then you know to lose we treat people who. In this in a real short statement. By content so you know loved me and treasure spewed out. Treasured me I did. She would let an issue with an English the coals. Limited everybody counted shoes. About Derrick answered it for content so the work. Show that was yeah. Yeah taking protection of me through to the end degree. It was caught breaking God's sake of my life on Serbia and I would speak ever. And I for an hour and she hole we all have spoken about music carried. Yet. Just amazing and so the law is devastating to me. Understand people who grow up. Without that passion for music you obviously habit I obviously habit I don't understand people that don't have. Well I've initially you know I would my whole ambition but I was very young. What I was seven years old I've heard it was a school you could go to some time out to drool so that was my high passion. Poll all of my form that you you know. Younger and prodigy. I started to be and our future and a graphic is. So I would there's always necessary to be able to express ourselves before I'm allowed to play an instrument would write poetry. I keep away from threatened to go to. What about my act here. And lack of the symbols like gold bull and you know it's got that I've dated. Yeah I'd say it's animate the suns and you got a hot chick doing back flips and Betty jaguar. Guy it and about liked better. I don't pay black hole you are out yeah exactly. Exactly well. It's one of those things where you know you you can take that greed and you can take all of those emotions in you can let it. Swallow you up or he didn't abuse yeah you can put it into music and turn into something positive. Via. You know it's that. Wired really music. It just came to me what I was much younger that music was and in more need to expressions so. And to share what you'll feel. Where is whomever and audio and soul friends. Whereas with a changing. We could spend three months audit that after I explained our outward try to Saturday. Let on the docket they'll be let out of the blue yeah I tell people like Robin a celebratory mood. You know an old between about below you know over on the site went down. I've never ever regretted my decision not retire ought content Sinatra. Just being sued Jews back into the golf shot. All of us so all loans become. The soundtrack to people's memories like I can tell you're talking about. The white snake album celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. Yup that was the soundtrack of my high school years. You got and and. You didn't know unit you cherry decided it out. Hack. I eyes you'll run but are you going gaga slighted in Saudi yeah. A residence that's I never lost everything David did. I'm so sorry. Yeah. That are already not. Exactly on a well I pretty nostalgic lately too because my twentieth anniversary on the air a app is next month. Well congratulation and it's crazy to think that I've been behind this microphone for twenty years. And to be at the same station. And Sissy all of the bands come and go all the music and all the shows come and go. It it really is quite a ride. That that testaments. Two you'll obviously. Because you know your discarded rather quickly and easily dispensed where it. Give a lot of you know pop it which. I've been very fortunate to have successful sale and hit single or whatever and it was never ever my intention. You know so that's like a bonus for May. Buyer. I've never consciously written a song to be a single you know I just liked song you know. A right I'm not some some piano on my what songs on guitar. I must be doing something right below almost five decades DP you know. I'm still I'm I'm Barack in my agent to get me well I'm gonna give up out it's so cool. You know where the bailout mixing. A new studio album called flesh and blood. I was supposed to coincide with a Florida to later this year. But I ended up getting mad at age three crew members did via broad. You know I don't whether it's like was when you get older but it took out like five weeks. To possible. Yeah so you know the album is supposed to be out that age you you know I'll be lucky reduce September. But the ties in with a tour I'm trying to get Warner's Y no we you know I don't know what you're so we've put out a big. Special edition of the 87 album. Last year was huge success yeah. It's not us that we're doing. Deputy got the super deluxe with all the bells and whistles I don't think I got out. Usually get on toward that that that's the real treat outlawed. That we got slighted and I I'm gonna try to see at Warner got Malcolm I'm going to be like with the studio album. And he walked out and get this special edition of slighted it out that to a Christmas we have white mega music. Which will be a big package you acoustic adventure through the is next you 2019 is that an anniversary of so over the top and so we work at all this year output in. A big you've got to see what I'm talking about would be out of box set the 87 record. It's. You know acted to the Max we. Although we say bells and whistles. Leno cracked me up as a listening to Todd is how politically correct everything is now. And every single thing you're talking about is just riddled with innuendo. And is so I'm not politically correct anymore. Well I'm I'm afraid are on the iPad to celebrate. Language. Old Anglo Saxon. And besides who has. Exactly it's not it's not supposed to be exactly correct I don't think I don't they had these city it will did you I'd regret politically correct. Comet's orbit Leo don't Brody yeah. Is it it's time we live an as yet. It's a very interesting time my wife and son. Having a blast on camera safari. In Africa as we speak. I did that it's amazing my wife elephant walking about the hotel room. We know it's amazing just amazing. After I did that I came back home with totally different mentality about. Zoos and I was like you know what people see these animals they can get a cajun leave the animals doing what they dad who's. And it's Newton's that there are a lot of trouble without a bearish huge animal lover. Yes yeah I had a feeling by what's gonna bring Tom Petty do for God's sake. That they and that's really. Basing. My Saab. Is how well rounded people how connected to the they ought to nature. Holiday co habit weird. Everything that's going on around. You know their eight goats and they'll drink blood and welcome whatever their villages that they're going to. And CEO we're just so distracted by. Nobody prices and he had an actor and it's we've got maintain the balance of awarded it to be human being I'm not you know. Not just laid to the Internet is an extraordinary fraught job ecosystem we're investigating. There's been true recently. Yeah exactly you know how we do need to get access through. Banks and through insurance companies and two elections it's. It's it's a fascinating time would we agreed to be conscious that. I'm not sure that is the way to go I don't call politicians the very happy with a tattered 600 channels on GB could world distracted. You know go figure. Well yeah especially when I college social media and we aired the most anti social we've never bad. Oh my god you know people's. My son when he was younger pretty it is closest friends he'd never met them. You know the all gamers and stop you know he's suddenly mode he's and a drama student out of college in Santa Reese. Amazingly gifted actor. That it's it's it's fascinating to me it. People should meet mole and and haptic CDs out of Barroso met compensation. Opera Holland compensation c'mon I. How Alley as opposed to meet chicks. Are you kidding I know our lives that that wouldn't admit the other night it would. Oh about saying boo or somebody very close and he was slightly lost annually to meet somebody mad. Up it will blow I might get eight EOI. Pretending to be Desiree. I up up. At least in the eighties the clothes were also a tight you knew matured yet. Well that apt to being hit the intrepid. That it every day I get grounded and stuff. But amusing. Or you can see. Social media I mean it's fascinating me. After years of being intensely private ownership might secrets and songs and lyrics. But but it stopped you know there are debating questions. A much more interesting a lot of job at subway route over the decades. And I'm much better as a cheer now. Very curious about certain things than I did its interest and I obviously I get to pick and choose what I IE you know address. But it is fascinating thing what made to give people information. To entertain them you know not a big deal from what I do. When you see a white snake show it it tonight touted to poppy it's you know I'm not. It is confer a first funny person to follow on Twitter your Twitter feed is very entertaining you didn't get John and I thank you very much. Until somebody close to the knuckle I understand. Who what you get. Well I really appreciate you Colin and I have. I appreciate the time and I'm glad your all and bad. I carried. And congratulations. On your twentieth anniversary of bays and edited. That accurately that orbit testament what you see how. Quickly stopped at that and that's why I have never. Entertained. Fashion and music I think other then the MTV. Yeah as an outward. We're real suffered from mousse abuse. You know. But I'm so glad I stuck to my musical got the posters. Being fashionable to Treo or your you know. Not that huge when he got in the side job well done Betty thank you very much I really appreciate it up to Michael debt and hopefully we'll reelected this year. Yeah I DeVon only say I don't love and then next time you guys there in town I can't wait to meet you. You've got to bury thank you so very much your dot. Have a great day I'd YouTube barely cover. See what I mean by charming. Seriously. I haven't met him yet he's on my list of people that I've had the the honor of talking to a few times over the phone. But the next time they come to town I definitely want to meet him in person because. He's just such a genuine guy I ingests. And knowledge or some about a blush and a little bit. All right so so far I mean it's great podcast episode episode eighteen got Brad Smith from shined down David Coverdale from white snake. And we have a lot of crazy weather in Boston over the last few weeks and some unbelievable. Blizzards and so much snow and wind and flooding in. It's been crazy. And smack dab in the middle of that the guys from black cherry came to Kingston on masks at canyons and even though we are getting a nor'easter. I went down of the show to go and hang out with down and got a chance to sit backstage with Josh Todd in catch up with him. And once again I've known Josh a really long time and and we talked about. You know coming up together we talked about some fun times we had in Tehran now at live aid. Talked about the ban talked about what he does during his time off for lack thereof. I mean I think there's a theme with three guys on this podcast that none of them know how to relax. Brent Smith from shine down's always busy David Coverdale is always busy and Josh Todd from Buckcherry is always busy these guys are workaholics by. They love what they do and you can tell just by how they talk about it so to finish up this episode of the podcast this is Josh Todd from Buckcherry. It's. What's how hot you know along I now really great to see you it's nice to see to the great actually yeah you look Hannity you have very. Had time in a moment. Have a lot of reflection and united them a lot of inner work him in good. California lifestyle like going back in on plugging in to speed channel. Well a lot of us here in and I don't understand that I don't really chill I mean I'm I'm true workaholic but I've I've had to. Really put some balance back in my life because it was so lopsided you know it's really affecting. Everything lives. But now effectively creative Japan's it's been long. Hours have fun. I love talking to two guys in bands about their kids. Because there's so many people that think you guys are these rock gods and you go home and your kids are like you know that's my dad like he's not cool and they don't sit did you have time to just do dad stuff my kids and you know like hearing me you vocal skills right. You go outside like it. Yeah like I do. Sun flag football right now he's he's nine games. Are you gonna turn until like snoop. And like be the coach and staff Rahm funding the team is at that time I would really like it is going to be fun Tom. Yeah the time but I'm always still coming here to work. He's done really good and in Miami my other daughter she's she got the lead youngest coach to lead in this way Peter Pan or schools so. That's been really great you know and Conan and tape in Europe from her song gonna watch that and follow and it's like a really big production. That's cool little had to go drama archives because next month is my twentieth anniversary on the area. Wow is that crazy not so I started going back through all my archives pictures in. You know old tapes and recordings and stuff and I started finding all of these pictures of things that. You and I have done together he had an all of the time that we've known each other over the years. And one of the things that I literally was going through today was the pictures from lighting up in Toronto ways back in the day crazy. And I look at those pictures now and unlike. Okay. It's run DMC and Aerosmith and Buckcherry and cars via. Put they put a band together yeah private jet and took over Canada. It was crazy because. Actually Steven Tyler is supposed to do my job and he had gotten sick and they called me like last minute I'm like yeah and got around on a little private jet with those guys balloon that was like incredible weave through from college it's Ron Allen. And any you know the coolest part about. Trip was. Com. We did we get errors show where we did walk this way and now. You know with with. Run DMC and we did and then we're backstage in the promoters like. And do you guys messing with Leo Leo wants him to come onstage. Yes and it and so. I went up there and everybody was stand behind Neil young and I'm like is anybody gonna get on my website is locked up and starts with them and I'm like looking he's got like DC through blue eyes and I'm. And Mike singing and his tie as it whereas they have and like dynamic is amazing. And then now we got the picture of us in and poster and of the son Thomas on the next it was awesome. There were two things about that trip that stood out for me big time wine. Was that you hadn't released crazy bitch yet it was still it demo and yes laid it for me when we were in traffic on the bus. Aren't present you've got to hear this song this is going to be or news on that went in which you think. Now and I was like god this is going to be my teams on for the rest of my life. And then the other thing here and play after the rehearsals the night before the shallow. We went out for dinner do you remember that so we're in downtown Toronto and we were looking for ways to go eat. And it was me and you and a couple other people Ian was there and we go out and none of the restaurants and bars had anybody in. And it was like a ghost town like a zombie movie Ryan and they were all these people wandering around on badges on that nobody was going in any of the restaurants and generally how whistles and Alec please is Google is please empty. So finally were so hungry said screw we're just gonna go when we bellied up to the bar. In this totally empty place I really do why is every. Bar in Toronto empty right now like lighting it's happening tomorrow and he goes has its. International AA convention this week. And we really oh I should have known if it weren't the only people there is so we just went in there and ate dinner we gave the bartender this ridiculous step. As we felt so bad that nobody was in there eating and drinking that night. Yeah and that is thirteen years ago. I know so many shows like when I think about like. This shows and the travel and like the sentences of Bullard you know I would I mean I just literally would be on auto pilot. During that time where. It was it was tough fight thought about it too much I would get really convinced that you know just because. I'd I'd. There was no life going on you know like write all my friends kind of just fell by the wayside just became my band in my crew. And my family you know known as you know that keep on. Our side are always like can't wait for the band come back to town acutely the band come back to town. And everybody thinks the touring side of his so glamorous and it's it's fun and it's you're dreaming you love it yes. There is there is some really great part yes what you are away from home 23456. Months at a time yes and your life at home I would think that the only other people that would really kind of understand what that's like is. Is someone in the military. That goes away for long periods of time and then pastor re acclimate and adjust. Is it going back and down shifting back into your regular life when you get hall. I really genetics explain it's my wife because we've had a lot of struggles. Because of the lifestyle and I try to tell Leo I'm an in two different lives you know and it's it's taken a tone in I'm getting right. You know it's tough. I don't know how to tell you but it's a lot of solitude. You know. And she's accordingly and I go well. You know you have very little time when you're actually right with everybody on stage and that partisan very fulfilling but then it's like. The other you know twenty hours of the day only hours of the day we year in your hotel room. In about us you know. You're you're good you know normally easy man myself and and and listen I don't wanna complain because I have I really enjoy being myself and problem. You know. I've read I'm totally all right you're not complaining it's justice yet again what the what it's like yeah but it's lake after awhile you start on K. I gotta have some kind of Q in connection there and I mean. And it's always. You know here you're going all of these great places but you're always inside concrete buildings it's not like you're out sightseeing on vacation and now. That tempo and living out of a suitcase and you never have your favorite pillow in. The laundry detergents never the same almost had little creature comforts that all of us get so used to. Are something that you and then once you get home it's got to take you weeks to kinda get back into. The routine of just being home. Yet and it's very weird I have like I'm very. I have like obsessive compulsive. Kind of issues you know so like I never. I always leave an open suitcase in my closet like it's always got some clothes ready to go it's always because I am always easing and I'd I'd put it away at this thing that's always tell. We're expecting zombie apocalypse and you just leave it there. It's your bug out smash it and which it says that he's not extend the the Fisher the professions are obviously different you know comparing you to a soldier or something like that but. But I can see how the re integration part of that the down shifting of going from. One side of the spectrum of a life to something completely different yes would be difficult and when you're in a band especially with huge year on the road. With Buckcherry. Your solos conflict and yell like you're you're constantly out doing all of this stuff and you know it seems like you're always here now and so when are you home he muscles move to Boston bash. He'd been home a lot you know like like last year we we did like 2.5 some. Butchers shows. And we did like seven weeks of conflict so now lives asylum for me yeah island them. I've been on the lot and and this year has been this can be pretty light and now we're here now we've we've been writing a lot for the new Buckcherry record and they're excited. And we'll probably not put about cherry record alto. 2019 at the beginning. But we're ramping up her you know you know we've even talked about possibly dropping a single in the summer you know that might be fun but we we don't know. We're we're gonna a lot of things. It's been really cool to kind of go back through and think about all the shadows. And it's you know all the crazy times and looking back through all the pictures. Yes because you know a twenty year block for me it's like can't believe in it when the first buchert not 2002 known 1999. 99 yet so. It's nineteen years for you to know yet. And we were touring right. We're doing a residency and member on the East Coast and nineties so it's you know we do stuff. So it's kind of like we came up to yeah it's very weird pages and now is to be still sitting here all these years later it's goods and yes it's very cool. In this business hasn't US opens this which is which is good right. We got them we got problems aren't. And then you know of course you come back to town and we got a giant nor'easter outside that's always the case where hunkered down here tonight so we could lose power there could be like natural disaster outside Buckcherry always brings it whether it seems like and we always. Perseverance and how amazing shows us well I'm looking forward to it tonight having fun Kia. Well I appreciate you sit down with me and I measure people outside that wanna hang out stuff so mullah yen or do you think Greg Oden army green it's lovely to see his brain disease Ichiro will be will be down. With the news stuff here soon. Very accurate I don't. Well that's that's just Todd from Buckcherry. Got to thank everybody that was on the podcast this week Brent Smith from shined down David Coverdale from white snake Josh Todd from Buckcherry. Thank all of those guys not only for being on episode eighteen mr. Kerry's I peace podcast but also for all the time they've given me over the years. I have been very nostalgic we talked about it with each one of those on interviews just about going through archives and look back at the last twenty years. Even though my eight exact one year anniversary isn't coming up until next month. Just getting a chance to talk to some of these people that I've known for a really long time is just bring an apple lot of memories and just reminding me how fortunate I have. How fortunate I am to just have. Such an amazing career and and to just be able to meet the people that I get to meet and work on the charities in events that I get to work on and I'm just so grateful. And all reason I can do is because you listened so I really appreciate you listen to my show every weekday from ten to three. I really appreciate checking out the web side and subscribing to the pod cast. You can listen to all the episodes online WA AF dot com like I said if you just stumbled on the podcast may be on iTunes or Google player stitcher please subscribe. If you got an extra minute you don't mind put up a review or comment or something. I ask you to be nice please I get a lot of abuse a lot of times on social media. So if you want to make a comment share the podcast with your friends. I would really appreciate it I'm already working on episode nineteen total departure something totally different. A local story with a guy. That just had. I really really. Interesting. And unbelievable childhood and what he's doing now this labor of love that he's working on. I just can't wait for you here. I just think it's going to be awesome and I can't wait to see the work that he is trying to finish up by spring I'll tell you all about it next episode. But thank you so much you can listen every weekday from ten to three. Online it WA AF dot com can download our free app just text the word app AP keyed in 97 was seven. As always. You can also find me all over the place on social media. Mr. Kerry WA AF on FaceBook at mr. scary on Twitter. At Mistress Carrie WA AF on ins to Graham and also mistress dot carry on snapped chat. If you wanna check out pictures and crazy videos and find out where I'm gonna be in what's going on in. Just see some of their ludicrous stories that I'm always talking about on the air. At stake you so much for checking out episode eighteen of Mistress Carrie sag peace and as I always tell you to take a big bite out of a big piece.