Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 17: Zakk Wylde (2018), Stormy Daniels (2007), Chris Cornell(in studio 2007)

Wednesday, February 14th

In this episode, Mistress Carrie goes backstage to sit down with Zakk Wylde. It's been 20 years since the start of Black Label Society, and 30 years since he started playing guitar for Ozzy. They talked about sports, coffee, guitars, touring, Ozzy retiring, and a lot more. Also in this episode, from the MC vault, a 2007 interview with a woman making the news lately Stormy Daniels, and audio from the day Chris Cornell joined Mistress Carrie in the WAAF studio, to play acoustic and have a conversation about music, touring, life, and so much more. This was recorded April 18, 2007. 

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Okay. This just curious side he's tied again. First match on WB AF duck. Lot of woman. Welcome to episode seventeen. Mr. Kerry's side peace I cast my name is Mistress Carrie. Thank you so much for checking out the podcast. If you knew if he just found me on Google play are stitch sure iTunes. Or if you just want done WA AF dot com I'm Mistress Carrie I have been on the air here at WA out for twenty years. I'm the music director and the mid day host you can hear me every weekday from ten to three East Coast time so if you're listening on New York. Smart speakers. You Google home you were Amazon at go maybe you downloaded the free WA AF app. By texting app ATP in 97107. Or maybe just stream us online at WA AF dot com. You can listen. I know what's going on in Boston. I know what's going on in my brain. Warning. I don't know if you want that are not. But if you do well there is where I'm going to be on this episode of the podcast a little new and a little old. But it's all people that have been making the news lately. I've got a new interview wind. Zach wild from Black Label Society who was also celebrating the twentieth anniversary this year my twentieth anniversary on the air here at WA app is coming up in April. Black Label Society has been together for twenty years. And this year would mark thirty years since he started playing guitar with Ozzie who he has reunited with in his own out on the road. So we got that. I went digging through the archives because. Of my anniversary is coming up stormy Daniels. Obviously has been making the news lately I knew I had an interview with her I knew I talked to her at one point or another. I found the interview it dates back to. January of 2007. So I thought you know what why wasn't that this is freed Donald Trump stormy Daniels. And then with the upcoming release of the new Johnny Cash album. Which is a lot of previously unseen poetry and song lyrics that Johnny Cash had written. John Carter cash had selected a bunch of artists. Two. Record those songs and turn those poems into music and one of the artist is Chris Cornell. And so I went back to my archives and I found the day April 18. 2007. When Chris Cornell actually came into the WA AF studio hung out with me for the afternoon and also played some tunes which was so cool. So I dug that interview by the archives is also it's a little bit of everything on this episode of the podcast. Up first. One of the areas man in rock and roll he was in town recently with the Black Label Society so I got a chance to catch up with them backstage. His backstage area looks a lot different than I did a few years back. Back in the days act wilder is a crazy party animal and now his dressing room is filled with fresh vegetables and fruit. Because he and his crew like to use a lot. And I'm fairly certain he hasn't shaved and just as long of a period of time so here's my interview backstage at the palladium in twister was at wild. Let's do it. Oh. A. Guy. Getting ready for my anal bleaching appointment achievement legs and then getting ready for the big black label. Lobbies session twenty years this year for likely to one a year. For black label. Birthday Kate says happy birthday black levels. Thirty more years ago detestable stones. Get to work you low keys and they just Graham and there are still. Be it maybe forty producer black label started the year started the year that's why it's banned. It's crazy you know and this year is thirty years since she started playing with Ozzie right yes there is thirty years of the boards. Twenty years were partly able. And the Yankees still have 27 titles and we go. Okay just listen it's February in Austin right now we're just gonna talk about your words. Captain America yes robbery Captain America and obviously report form again you're on or below the giants would be the only team that's. That beat them in the super ball you know technology which we used. Revenue debate about the graders scored about Micah would be two months. And then you obviously follow the branch of the viewpoint guys concerned at that table right that evil so would be Captain America you know would be. Follow the brats who was first and Joseph Montana and Captain America there's always worried that there's only read it answered without any rights right that's that's the but we're talking about the four. The reason mark up. The race is because either Terry Moore all the GO hatched. Free agency. So basically cap and America's view with a college football team you know want to Sandia in the courts to. New players come players every day is gradually so they're gone and two kids come and new coaches too he's got a code looks once concert which is awesome news is coach Belichick wears. Brought us all about Landry and and graduate to coal and you know the walls with Montana understand that's that's you need. Constant you know premiums and when you look at the winning combinations it's always great head coach record. Together for a an extended period of time you mean an ownership that we'll see you we can enter change pieces but I understand. But that's the constant. But but the open is. But he did he never had did you realize that there is. That Wes Welker. Randy Moss the first now that's. What about ten plays and he was gone you know and Randy was at the end of his career you know it is Randy Moss to Minnesota viking community goes involved in its atom as omens. But I mean now. As seen Johnny Damon was in New York yank out please don't even. I go inactive list when I saw him on how to write her off and where those pinstripes a little when it went well anyway I know I don't college no one understands this. Well on sanctions. And sort of the broad they won this Yankee game. Act really hard in Florida hi know humble and then release but. He's not all that and then not only that what he has that the other pompous of the quarterback position Montana and brats. They never tasted defeat and came back yeah and and Captain America. Twice know what I'm Hussein is you know you could do you have any loss at UW lost and came back so when I'm just it was like that that's afforded to. As of just a tool for two records and if you lose aside we'll we'll see what he's made of yeah. And then he came back and then lost again and then came back again so we're educating report that you eat the other guys never happen so you can't say. If that loss and have won again so you are saying yeah so you can be an interesting game this weekend cruiser and rules Beatrice and there's any any kid that comes after Captain America. Even if you went five and ago. Yeah but he's never lost. That will be attest to say he's not as good idea is to say yeah or had to come back. Like last year. I mean we don't mean I all holes coming from the pound it would have now but I mean I'm just saying to have lost and then. The saddle up and come back and what began as opposed to just. Fading into obscurity and you know at some boxes whose name the dog finished yeah they never come back and and so you know on. That's. New Year's huge of your character means to be able to store with loss and what's is regroup minimal karma can do them and so. Also said that you can do to ones tours so. We don't look at that group. Good that's good to hear we'll speak coming back reform last year I. Right you did you did. Your back with Ozzie. Which was a huge announcement yes I am back with is yes you know cost is doing far away and an Augusta group bottom line unknown. He's just a monster on fertile and off. Customers Rome. Names aren't exactly cost is going to be too far one thing he's it was a sold things. Are you available for dishes and laundry and making my hand sandwich is going light on the moss that suggests. You can. No aussies say in this is his big farewell final. Victory lap with all of his solo stuff can you really imagine a day that Ozzie actually retires. Or remember back in. 91 Dornan a more towards yeah I know I still have a shirt so this is the extended a bit more towards the world at the door of the award to restore. Torso garlic yes. Firm will end once you survive and be 120 the nor more doors to war. That story again toward that would tore right because we roared toward tour there are you going final and answered and a two point one hit. It well we you. Had plenty things to keep yourself occupied during your Ozzie hiatus. Your coffee videos are holier yes. And your guitars are awesome where you find all this time to forget my breast reduction. Well I wasn't the same thing they hit the scars well in two more parts. Production. Source. Here is an issue and what's been your crap now. While it's 33. But we're celebrating our 25 wedding numbers. Them. So on TEU should give marriage advice and what what marriage license in any agency or have a designated. Actress I don't know. She's still married you have to now. Just continues to make horrendous decisions and that's. Tough out I want William adorable all you. Tell you about the other the other ventures like like why did you wanna get involved with death question why did you wanna start making your own good talkers. In the army for me just a natural progression. Aside. I'll comb through this point with the the Red Sox then he coaches the Red Sox. And he's general manager. And head of Iran VP of operations there isn't the only next step program is to deal. And and now. Any. As the New York Yankees and beat the Red Sox all the time for calling us. We think about that I think that sucks ass that's that's that's a love story. But. Anyway I show up for me it was just a natural progression the economy and so. You know it's like you know would be what tips in our news. I couldn't ask for anymore to breed is amazing in and right for him to sodas and more shall there I'd put you know the Buick. You know conference that got reasonably friendly with the rights arcs and then. Is it couldn't pass to be treated any better than it you know that it's just like now it's time for me I want you Timo. Here's what he's involved in army and so you know and parking. Now to the restaurants. You really involved he Amazon and in that much minutia with the business on December and they've called on first and buying the Red Sox. You know it was like man was even when I was playing members and always want to put sheets of the green monster name like that was called aside. Here's a back and 75. Foot seas it was thought to myself that would be so cool is you is pretty that's what's awesome but I'm just saying like it's if you was thinking about that back so far. No big red machine. Dislike. Oh it's like to do not because he's the only yeah you know and then and then Michael said he wants. Over complete. Holes re an estimate of shopping and just giant hall. In December. He's involved with everything on the area just a site please you know now through. The way the grass is so and so just because you loved ones. I mean it's on its upper arms anchors. Some reference or cycles that. Means so. But I mean I loved one of the most notable was Arnold the merchant is now more in common ball ovals. That we looked at all. Zeppelin covers over so it covers were you know to me you know. Having read two pages out even said it's the whole thing that's just as the Emmy goes that was just as important with. Yours just as important the music like Gerald post got its name just like. Largest won't be in all of as far as the doors that just a couple signature ours this great just complete line tours you name. So calm. Yeah it's just a matter branch around abilities. It's not for everybody not everybody wants to do. You know I mean. Revealing about him that day of acute and paper route them around more loans in that particular walls. And troops on people's walls to work toward mrs. You know. I would love to Oregon workers you know I'm human but to perform with a you know whether it's Obama. Went over temperature it was a year but I mean I love. Onstage tonight. Gym work worm and look forward to him he's not war. You know I mean I arguments and tumors. You know. We're doing gates knows. And involve things like him recently. Last August and be disclosed it was a passion points from two to. News it's the Foreman is not only purchases. Before. The announcement. Feel. I still hopeful that with the fiscal problems. You look like you're having a blast with earlier social media stuff and I look back okayed this year it's your thirtieth anniversary I was on our dual guard a memorable socialism but do you hate it or do you love it now while I'm that's the only communities we don't become miserable on an aside I got to hang around these clowns act. But can you imagine thirty years ago when you started with Ozzie all the craziness in the late eighties if I phones and social media and then around. Now we've sort of been doing this then Ozzie would have been knocked me out all the time last thing you knock me out what Sabatini. Little seven pages like mommy played out again I was you know Glaus you're not that I'm. If this was going around the way for strong announcement in 88. We were have been doing the same ridiculous corny grapple don't now what happened but there was a lot more. Video evidence of some of the craziness the shenanigans back in the day. Yeah they're just would have been justice and Weezer there's now. The army just goes down to account or mean replaced him with glue and paint chips. Like I said the the results a resoundingly in the same. I mean it's less floor but I mean I still went oh my pants around my ankles and I have no recollection of what happened last night if I was a shortly. Dude it was sent. The price hike okay. And you know and it's great feeling of less like at a grocery list of apologies I have to get there do about it you know but I mean it was not that it's okay. Every time you come to town always askew because. I think you would love it have you gotten to the point we let me take you skydiving yeah. I don't know maybe earlier you opera's got. Said Tuesday on the ground I ask every time you're here I try to get ago I think your beard and free fall would be hilarious you said you loved it. The scary yeah them many times the cents collect all the time license IU every time yeah I like Obama's. So you need to know all I know I haven't for years no license. One. That's pretty cool so if you ever wanted to know. And I going to be back they haven't officially announced the icy day. And you'll be back. Problem. We're going to maybe. Have. Just thinking it's a cultural moment feel like more. And that's our and that's share and for anybody that doesn't. Right lovingly refer to a minimum so walk us. Mrs. O went up to you know you know I mean. You know promise to shares via. Via Horry or your hands and I'm really worried about that disclosed anal bleaching I mean a scratch and it's something like him on. If I hit the ground and hit my tour she too hard or something that you know I didn't it was a place was that did bleaching and I'm glad. That there it's. It's awesome let me know if they're good it looks amazing if there's a group rate has helped bring in a whole bunch of billable Blatche out. Well I appreciate you hanging out with me it's so nice to see you again for its in you're sick room for debate Claudia session yeah. Sarah Sarah I've lumbered up I'm ready to go good with students. Just sort clear I would believe Zach wild would get his anus bleached long before he would shave his legs just to get that out there. So that's that while that was just recorded last week it seems crazy by its. Eleven years ago actually this week. I recorded this interview was stormy Daniels she called into the show I don't know what she was caught promote. I can't remember it didn't really matter are I was like you won puts stormy Daniels on the phone with me absolutely. I believe she was. Getting ready to the Avian awards which is right around this time a year re air not that I know. Know that all these years later she would be. Written about in the Wall Street Journal in the New York Times and all over every news station every one knows who stormy Daniels is. Back then she was kind of hours. So here's my interview it's a two part interview. With stormy Daniels from January of 2007. Well I didn't think I was gonna get the phone call I was a little nervous I heard cell reception on the sat wasn't very good but stormy Daniels finally Conan. Why. I Andre howry oh. Could be back. Out yeah right now I knew that you're gonna call today you were talking about you the other day pitcher on the cover of penthouse and you got this new Courteney Cox Joseph dirt that's on. Yeah and they said OK she's gonna call you from the cents. Yeah and I said. Well all right you know because I know you're busy got to squeeze me in and then they said they haven't done. Some phone problems so I appreciate you stopping whatever it is that you were doing to call me. Yet I don't. Think I'm sure you now. Can you tell you what you're doing without getting me fired. I am. I don't think he's very they company. And I have her beautiful contact girls here and standpoint eat a lot of them. It's like yeah it's like a buffet. It created an edit a lot. So now explain to me because I know that there's contract girls with certain. Certain companies. So you are you'll contract girl for Jenna or is this a coming together of two different companies pun intended. There a way that I am actually and the contact with Beckett take and yeah what you do best as a company and an event. That my let's say is. Operated by cuts. And we actually doing and you bet she is all the photos and videos that we're dealing Ollie you'd billable time I met. That's good about that poor contact that you. She like they should stars the stars are all aligned to make the specific magic happen I got you. Edit your magic. So you have a lot of stuff going on I know that your working today and then you're off to Vegas because beyond I love it when they called the Consumer Electronics Show. If guys ride back home right exactly so you're headed to what is probably the best week to be in Vegas. All year. I appropriately. It. The eight you know let there be a doubt and a few bad that the auditors it's Hewitt. And and your nominated several times this year congratulations. Thank you very much as a figure to me at got that and I thought it appeared at an act. And I'm excited that I write direct and simple flat. And I managed to add that they not meet each other it categories are so what do you nominee war. About it about actor best screenplay. Back to back there. A format in the air and it cost that it the air. Now it it doesn't happen often that. People in adult entertainment are able to cross over into mainstream stuff it does happen more often than it used to because I think the stigma is is being taken away a little bit do you agree that. No absolutely you know I don't think the biggest. Contributing factor excuse. That area would be great if I what I call active dental. One you know leg and he did not want that attacked by the other apple and thought adult dvd back again. So I think. Yeah it. In the same thing with Pam and Tommy don't they have the cannot adult dvd ever. Yet the immediate. There's people I think area John customers and the store on there and that then. If you got tired at the extent that pick up like that set it definitely becoming more acceptable and marquee team. Now you say accidental adults argue have inside information at those things are actually done on purpose or Regis spec. I don't know how to. Yeah I'd I'd I'd speculating bad. Fredricka I am always right out. Every man is stormy Daniels ever wanted to. Now do you do professional adults stars get aggravated by the success of these accidental adult stars. I know agony we can't hide and I see it yes you do. We make of that spot it and acre and at the end and you know promote the may take care of the rock and outside outlets. But then I don't double play that opened the dealers and expands and ten big like that I guess that bad at double as the. Sports are gonna stormy Daniels who's an adult star you're now a penthouse pet here on the cover this month's episode I mean issue don't. And then you were on the premiere episode in our I guess a recurring character on the new Courteney Cox show dirt that's getting amazing reviews. Yeah I didn't really called static at the apple equipment and it is bond hug it out you know it does my neck and yes but who might go let's come back here. I am I'm done exact letter scapegoat considering that it you know on regular pilot that. But I was down on the Oregon and you know not many good to despair at bat they gave it their Xbox if you thought it. Now I watched the first episode and I was shocked and it. It's on FX and if you watched you know nip tuck a rescue near any of the other shows and have backs. You expect it to be raunchy and you almost look at the TV everywhere it's on a I can't believe they just said that. But when I saw you with Rick Fox bent over you know hot tub I was like because I can't believe that I'm watching it's on television. You. And I it. You know when I met this guy doesn't like weight limit the big key in the red fox and CE OK. How about. And I like that you're gonna happen on it Pete didn't the bottom. And I that he agreed to. So explain to you what kind of a conversation you have because I know that on a porn set you guys are all used to this kind of thing and it's very matter of fact. But a guy like Rick Fox cannot be used to something like this what what do you talk about. I mean I put it the director and the crew like kind of diet they're like okay we needed. I take my clothes off there like. He Ellie that he's. Not quite critical of often viewed out you know play. You know iPod apple audible box or something made the cover up there the beltway area and he's like you gotta be naked I don't like to go out and he didn't patent it making the complaint about light socket and I think yeah and appropriate but this continent. The fact I thought that. You know and he definitely and why that you know it I thought I would be right there. Me. I don't don't don't you think about what a bloodbath of indignant ought to have that I'd be more than happy to count on time these. Hot hot hot. Now I like 66 right so is it just safe to say that he's a proportional guy. You'd think you know they got that out of all the guys back. Try to opportunities. For me to be viewed clip he's the only one that I don't actually did that and it. And crap crap crap now what side are they zoos just so that we can have an idea of how big Rick Fox's hands are. I would say like double would be it he labeled a regular them. All like yeah I. Yes I didn't read I have yet I exactly the size of basketball is basically it exactly that I got an eye. So how many episodes of the show are you going to be on and win is it on so people can check it out it's aren't bad you know night. I'm a fax at 10 o'clock. How quiet I'd step. I have got detect you're good yeah I'm pretty straight 10 o'clock on the East Coast still I don't think they did and what they air before 10 o'clock death. Eric bag as a man and the Pentagon add marriage episodes that are not sure how they act. I hated that at best and I episode they're showing our leak rock. And I am but definitely at next week of the city and I curious thing happened I kept their I can that I like stipulate that. Well I appreciate Yukon Jack and I appreciate you stopping what you were doing to call lines because I was pitcher you're gonna make it or not so. Thank you for the extra effort and we do you favor we call me from the awards ceremony. And let me know once stuff. It absolutely awesome I thank you so much stormy. At work. You get serious business to take care of it. I totally forgot about that Courteney Cox shows the dirt until I went back and listened to that interview. And I know the interview was only one segment long but it was actually two and I squished together. So there's she was three Donald Trump read presidential stormy Daniels. That western January of 2007. And I've been going through a lot of archives. I know I retired about my anniversary a lot of my twenty years. On the air full time here at WA out is coming up on April 17. And so I've been going through a lot of the olds interviews that I've done and a lot of times you really heard once in kind of back in the days of I don't even know half the time they would even end up on the web site and so a lot of the stuff was hurt once put away never to be seen again. And it just have a day. After my anniversary in 2007 Chris Cornell came up to the studio he came with his lovely wife Vicki who has been doing. Just an unimaginable. Job and an amazing job of not only. Representing Chris after his dad ends. Not really being their hold the family together but also. Being steadfast in keeping his legacy alive. And she came up to the studio that day with him as well and she was so sweet and so nice. And it's shot. When you are the spouse of this larger than life rock star because every one is just spawning all over. You're not abandon and you know people just kind of would walk right past you and she. Was just so nice and so sweet and seeing them together and how in love they were in just. The little glances back and forth in the sweet things he would say to her when we went into commercials and you just really could tell how happy they worked together and it just makes what happened. With Chris Cornell. More and more tragic but I really wanted to go back and play this interview because he came in the studio and hung out for a really long time. And brought a guitar with and he played a bunch of acoustic songs. Now I will warn you that I had to add at the songs out because of licensing reasons I can't put them up as a podcast. Because they'll be able to be downloaded and then Donald you know get dragged off to prison by. Internet music licensing people. On but we do have him in the studios so if you wanna ever request him someday they're amazing he didn't acoustic version of call me dog and little bit of everything he played some of his solo stuff some sound garden stuff some audio slaves stuff and some template a dot staff which was just. As a as a fan the way that I am it was just so awesome. But having him there in the studio it's really hard to get rock stars to come up to the studio and hang out for the amount of time that he did. They're just always so busy they're always juggling 101000 things and for somebody like Chris Cornell. He's always got to worry about taking care of his voice to go and so he really made an exception and and really made a special day. We had listeners that won their way into the air studios they can come and meet him and check it out. And it was really funny because he came to the studio it wasn't until after the interview was done and we were taken a couple of pictures. That he and I realized we were dressed identical we had like. Army green pants on and like a black could it's what do we look we're wearing some kind of uniform together was very very strange in the pictures hilarious. And when you see a picture of unite together we also realize how tall he has I'm five seven's I'm not short these tests oh tall. But it really was an amazing day and I wanted to go back and share with you sell. This is all of the interview audio of Chris Cornell in the WA a studio with me on April 18 2007. So. She now that the in studio audience has arrived we have to welcome Chris Cornell that WA AF studio yeah. Chris would you like to luck introduce your partner in crime over them this is my body peak form what Pete. And everything's great and it's your beer. Singing and playing guitar with Chris Cornell it's got to be pretty good gig resolutely. So I get a Chris I gonna think. You first of all for holding up your end of the bargain because when I talk to you during the snowstorm a few weeks ago you promised you would come up and play. And I busted out the tape as evidence in case you're gonna back down on the budget didn't so thank you very much or whatever it takes some of their have to hear my voice recorder. The play like an answering machine. It did do you have a problem listening to yourself on tape I mean you that's you spent or women. I'm saying that the voice that talking parts just assumes no one else on strange. So being a DJ if this will you know music thing doesn't work out for you is not going to be an option trail I don't think so. Yeah I don't know what how come I was talking to them and you were having a weather crisis which was how long ago was we put ago. Yeah I was a few it was right before Saint Patrick's Day because tickets for the Avalon show went on sale on Saint Patrick's Day morning. And as a testament to your popularity to the sold out like 5 minutes now the morning of Saint Patrick's Day when everyone was hung over so that's pretty god. That's awesome but you bring this weather witty with your hands and I come here and there isn't a weather crisis yeah Craig is thanks a lot. So everybody in the Merrimack Valley area out in lol in Florence and the feeling that's getting flooded out right now. You can send your insurance bills to Chris Cornell doing good actor or actress now or later now later like everybody's and one dollar and with the bills that the we're here in town to play sold out show what Avalon tomorrow night you are how are you doing with the live show with a new band as opposed to. Being with audio slave because they don't assume that after awhile you don't even have to think about. What the guys behind you were doing Sylvia had enough gigs in where it's. Pretty seamless now yeah well I'm working with. Professionals like Peter really good picture at the so actually I'm I was going through. An unusual experience just in rehearsals where they will be working out some some and I had a wishlists like a short list in the along with some long list was like 28 songs long. Just to start out when we go on the road rental fleet becomes like seventy. But you know I was singing songs that I am I with with these guys that I happen. Saying performance. Either in years or sometimes ever live so it was pretty incredible. And and everyone that's in my band or people that kind of get what I do now and get my solo work as well as like that totally understand. Some of the heavier bands that I and then and have the ability to kind of embrace. Fold. You know in the heart not just underneath the finger is understand it you get that feeling across them and motivated so it's been great experience. I went on Chris Cornell dot com and you have some of the set list of some of the songs even playing mean and you've got some really old sound garden stuff on there and if we were looking at the release dates today. That was twenty years ago in the room and you some seriously high notes can you still. Hit those notes now I mean that it's incredible. I I can still pretty much has ever known I ever did I think that lives. Actually probably in the mid ninety's I have a harder time just because I smoked a lot and sometimes I would drink and you know just that that kind of behavior doesn't really know. But and even in the studio I have an easier time now minded ones on there just in my hands of is it just from not living the rock and roll lifestyle as much as you did healthier happier if so. Makes a difference. I always like you when you see when you see bands up on stage in. You see the guys scored in like the throat stuff and then they're joking at bat with a mall Barone of the year and you wonder why don't sound so good you know. Now we. Yeah doesn't help. Definitely you know would be preaching about it because when smoked. For years but this certainly isn't now. Mean with all the parting is Steffi did in your earlier years a lot of people say cigarettes are stolen cars to indicate is that true. I think it away yet because it's. It's around every corner of those in need somebody smoking you're gonna want to clone them. You know if you from a crack here is in this or any and we want to root cause of cracks. It's. I I think it is this is there a success of roads that every gas station memory every grocery store. But nowadays you feel more like an idiot when you are smoking because it's over it's become illegal everywhere. That is in Boston so they do gig tomorrow night Avalon will be. Completely smoke free but I know a lot of venues are like that's still he can still smoke and almost did that bother you when you're when you're trying to play. I haven't had a prominent one on the lately I really haven't haven't had a problem to do it it did even when I smoke Thomasville it would be playing small clubs and Germany were virtually every you know when your four years old you start smoking. And and it was so happy that that not only was it difficult to breathe my eyes would just be tuning Netflix thing and that's like it gets right past the number it is not even here it's mellowing now and in terms of how much people smoke. Mountain and doesn't the so that the with the laws as much as it has to do people is kind of figuring you know it's not good for you that that's harmless things where there's no real debate. Nobody has shown up at that known and no wait a minute that smoking is clearly helpful that they that that. Not since Ronald Reagan that the sense where he says it was good for you and gives you can figure. Yeah like this and these day they they have doctors on their don't know the mantle of really good for you it literally said the gives you energy. Well you you spend a lot of time in France in you kind of hot back and forth between you know when you're working in and when you're off and you know that's got to be the most unhealthy lifestyle. With a all the creams in the deserts and all the drinking in the cigarettes and everything in yet. You know you've been able to maintain the health care. Well I don't know I'm actually can eat very healthy there if you walk around Paris you don't ceiling echo a lot of unhealthy region's ruling. But the and they do smoke and it. And public but it isn't something that it's actually announces it that's city. Can embrace populist so dislike and whirls. And the other thing too is like too much healthy is is the most annoying thing over he's playing on time and Los Angeles or just on the West Coast period everybody's health freaky out there again and I mean in Seattle ever mom runs around with clip boards and heart monitors and they go jogging outside and weather like this and and he does a lot of it be food places and he believed things it looked like it should be for cattle and. And who he really don't that mean well they're jacked up on like quadruple espresso is because Seattle is like the coffee capital of the planet but that you see that's good for your. Is that are you coffee guy like puffy like very strong and my insulting you with my Dunkin' Donuts giant tub of coffee over here scary the dog yeah. This is Dunkin' Donuts land. Rain here. Yeah I don't know from. I if I were speaking on the ratings and having to talk. Oh I was have a bigger. Dunkin' Donuts cup and that's pretty big it is a giant with a call this on the big one I would have like 64 answer. An hour and out exact so we so you're like the diet you're glad that there is like a Starbucks or whatever on every corner in Seattle because it's. And getting that way here are now and it's kind of we hear. It's that way ever so weigh in in London where it was I was centers like we did. You if you look at front towards the right you'll find one to a couple of two on one except you go into a Starbucks in London and everyone from a view. We'll say TP. T please we wanted to and they actually drink Starbucks T. And no one there to Starbucks says T they do in London I had no idea you know. Now do you serve coffee I know you have a place in in Paris it's like a rock club is at a restaurant its of its bowl for the rock club. On the lower floor restroom perform the answer company. For French coffee's great but that's what makes it better than American coffee just it's stronger it's a really really relaxed. The equipment. So are you hands on with Beckett you're so busy doing. All of these other projects that we talked about when you called in a few weeks ago you've got your. Budding modeling career you've got all the soundtrack songs you've got the new band to tour the new album coming out. Are you still checking on the menu with the restaurant in France strain Herman and I cook dinners for everybody do you re. Now if I'm in I'm gullible I believed levees and Cannell. And no I'm not randomness. Well I am I I know it you guys brought your guitars and stuff so I wanted to ask you. Which songs or are you like when you're working on your sat Le estan. Being you're trying to figure out which old sound garden which temple and I mean there's so many. Projects to pick from was it hard for you to pick which songs we're gonna make the set list now. It's like killing babies it you love the mall but yet they all can't come on the trip. It is especially now running the Seles like at first. Just picking a list of songs for us all to kind of learn and play. That there's some pretty obvious ones. You know starting to songs that have been played on the radio a lot of people. And then going off that list in the longer list. Songs that I really like I've been able to perform long time war room for example some garden didn't do because we kept putting records with sixteen songs wouldn't have been times in the show places and things. Or certain songs has just didn't seem to work well alive but with this then work rate so. I I started doing that after we get the basics down and now. Just it's just kind of wish list period and you can think of what things people say that his. As they walk by. We did a live performance that much music you can't remember a lot of fun contest winners there and I was walking around maneuver show me songs they wanted us to play the next night. And like most of them weren't songs we know we. And you bands like great yeah we did all work real are all Assange told is doing now these guys are requesting songs we don't even know yet. We learn a mountain road in hotel let's give thanks a lot depend on. And so we're and writing the Seles now is becoming harder and harder because we play we're playing some pretty small places have curfews whom we can only play for sole. You know so the last souls. Over two hours. Now what about the eighth or what about the accused the acoustic stuff do you do you prefer to take. Some of the songs plugged in instrument down acoustic are you doing any this kind of stuff out on tomorrow night. We have been known people I've been coming on back and forth on some songs where we do it's a full random elements that do it along or. Half formed in the crimson and we transition other songs with common thing goes. Well I wanna give you guys a chance to play because. I heard you guys just sound checking and it sounds so great so what are you guys gonna play first. I'm gonna do doesn't remind the right it is Chris Cornell in the WA AF studio. Wasn't going green and now 97 point seven WA Eric. Chris Brown covering some it's it's weird but you technically covering yourself it's your own project by you not an audio slave anymore so. He you're kind of covering yourself. I have to ask because I heard a rumor that your brother is now in a band is this. It is Izzy Izzy asking for help now how does that work when you Chris cardinals brother. He's been the a musician for years and years and years Susan he's had several fans has his band now was called black market radio. Which is pretty aggressive rock band but he's stone music like this a lot he's done. Everything kind of in between he is he's an accomplished physicians. So is Gaskin favors from the brother really go on tour and stuff. I know that it's like around Christmas table until I got Chris can you take me on the road. Now he's my brother is a self starter more than me and he's been he's gone now on the road by himself is driving around the country and one shows in clubs and he's. He's my elder brother really so he'd come takes care of me sometimes. Do you think it's easier is a band to start out now with things like calm like MySpace and YouTube or do you think it was easier back when sound garden started. Some and actually had it. Pretty easy and we we did one thing that was hard to as we we got. Into the in the recordings and one it was pretty exclusive but not everybody had a lot of money to do that. And we did really well that's an Indy. And not that many did that well I think in terms of sales so it it's modest by major label standards but it was it was pretty great for an indie. And then we signed with the major label we were sort of at the end of the golden age. Three strikes in Europe where your first record in major did not have to be huge success they did what cold like artist development which means. They're gonna slowly but surely introduce you. Two friends to people to radio stations. To journalists and it's gonna take couple records and then. But their record appearance on records them. You're probably gonna get a fourth. But now you have to be an instant success the first week you're single comes out at now you can you know he you can get a record deal anything you can actually make a record if they like your songs and you might goma accurate curtain. Who have come around or you know you use and you write songs or you've got songs and someone changed their mind one person gets fired or. Their budget just doesn't come through a lot of things can happen but you definitely don't have more than one chance to well. On some level not do really well. Well I know that you guys wanted to play a bunch of songs so I won new let you guys play and other only gonna play now. I'm gonna do calmly though of these terrible dog workers. While. Is this something made that you're playing live is Weller is this just an acoustic version that you're gonna do here. I do occasionally. Not we have a million songs do I do because my wife likes it. And she's here right now. You gonna keeper happy yet because she's a marker she'll she'll leave your Ascot she thought she could replace yeah it probably reminds you. Well it's Chris Cornell acoustic and 17 point three and 97 point seven WA AF. When a seven point three and now 97 point seven W a gap Chris Cornell. Are you are you hoping that someday people stop asking you of Temple of the Dog or sound garden will ever get back together you are you ever gonna come out from underneath that umbrella non any intention of. Trying to reform those fans but I love being passed. All the time because I'm I'm never sure vice aspect and I don't want to get upset but. It it does kind of show how much people love the projects the you've been involved. It's also normal. You know. There are only so many questions to ask when someone's been like for reasons. Well you know in the room room and one of them is going to be in. One of those things can do something and then to show us you and it's a never you know what was then. First this and who and in that kind of thing although you know beliefs Ian you and that the a trend like damage control now so if it goes up in a lower the expectations now if it ever does happen I don't have to listen to tapes of myself saying that. Never happen ever again nowhere. Chris can you hang out for if you can we take a break we'll be back with more Chris Cornell on WA Chris Cornell here in the WA a studio at stake a couple of minutes giving a chance to tune your guitars and south. I have to ask you some questions about some people leave collaborated with Chris because you have a long list of collaborations with some amazing musicians like Alice Cooper are. What do what do you what do you think when somebody asked about Alice Cooper V golf with a guy I mean. Now we've but he wrote it it's definitely takes oath seriously. We I wrote a couple of songs. He he problems problems. And so we are sort of adapting the lyrics will be it to him. And he would show up only after an 18 holes in the morning. Any in which are all in all around eleven so he'd already had eighteen holes on earth before man and he was very seriously and. It's a non medal sport at least your motorcycle ride carriers no matter but all this kind of you have added something about like when you talk about golf with him in the it's it's really intense and most of hooligans faces like he makes it kind of mental. Effect. Now he's ridiculously. Demonic glee into it it's we've now another non metal. This thing would be winemaking I know you've collaborated with Maynard James Keenan before. I have an I'm and he makes one. And you know I know that he collects. Millions of his card he's really got it makes wine in Arizona and learning how he does it. And either we actually invented his own great really yeah that's non metal. Now horticulture is not metal at all now. Now I've heard is that it's been absurd amounts of money on bottles won an occasion. Which that can be medal because it let people actually do that to make money if you know you're doing to make money buying and selling alcohol. Now is that is that was that a collaboration that somebody had to ask you do or you guys like secretly friends in my. He was friends I think with the obviously guys and then he was. He and I've been fans of each other he called me years ago when companies haven't voice problems. Com and he you know what's called against the people thought maybe I would know and no but I. He knows but it it was nice talking to in will go through that sometimes so. I met him and talked to a couple times I was very brilliant. Singer songwriter proving god really who he invented his own great. Yeah I mean honey compete with that seriously you know he can try that now I can't I'm and invent my own human being. You have your dad you did venture owner human beings that's another conventional you know not. I want that the different kind of human being superhuman. No a lot of people think that because the whole grunge era kind of stemmed out of Seattle that. You know there's like a lodge with you guys all of matching says is like you and Eddie veteran Jerry Cantrell oral kind of hanging out with secret handshakes and stuff but do you still keep in touch with some of those guys I've. I've seen carry a lot of you know them I'd I don't live in Seattle anymore so if you know that if it's people that still of their I usually don't see them. In less than see them on the road or something when their tour you know that is if if they combed through where I am Paris or Los Angeles then I see them. And everybody's still friends then everybody's focus in on her skull. Like a year and a half ago from mark arm from around him about coming into our guest appearance. Show he was doing. And that that camaraderie it will always be there and everyone there are all adults now people have kids and and people in other than who we're all different people. But we all still remember that and that sort of kind of hard wiring time in a person's life when. You know it's it is it's a big part of how we became we are as people forget about what music came on in the or. If people had bands that did well or became an internationally famous thing it's like it's it's part of what made us who we are people kind of what we're doing now. Is it weird for you to look back and realize that your first album came out twenty years ago. If we were talking about it Mike Hsu and I were talking about earlier technically you're eligible for the rock and roll hall Chaman tide here. Yeah pretty quick yeah it's very weird. And you know it it's made me think about that very first sub pop record a lot and what I was thinking back then I remembered the anxiety just being surrounding. I hope that this happened so we sound and can actually release some music because we've been together for three years already had tons of music. And the sub sub pop record the first who was an EPA had like five songs on in the room you we just written like the week before. So we have like a whole album than ended up being. Ultimate okay already written and kind of ready to go. And I it was just a focus on you know. Can we please be part of this do you us this cool US indie rock scene where our favorite bands are. And tour and we got to do that now is kind of the dream come true part and then from from there it just kind of Middle Eastern to go into different areas. You know we would never talked about whom you become and we just wanted to started and where. We made our own music and it was music that we like to hear. Well I wanna give your chance to placing voice on sorting and play next phone. We're we're gonna play no such thing which is the first some room next record carry on which comes in June 5 nice plug in merits Chris. When Allen WA AF. Done a seven point three and now 97 point seven WK app. That's new single from the upcoming release from Chris Cornell called no such thing is that why you wrote that song because I right now and confused whether I like the acoustic version better than the studio version. It translates really well. Yeah do the reverse for a road performances like acoustic guitar and it is that on the record rulers to acoustics and drones going on there's no base. But that that was the verse and then. It is true riff part. Acoustic and quickly moved to Italy to tone someone's song CEOs and elected. I I am a few more questions for you won every band that I've ever met that's toward with Guns 'N Roses has a weird axle story and I saw you. Opened up for Guns 'N Roses at the Worcester centrum background is in college and it just seemed like. This this. Big huge like eighties metal band and then it was like the new school. Version of music that was coming to like killing it seemed very weird that that you guys are playing with Guns 'N Roses because grunge was basically taking over everything well. I actually believe. It groans if you wanna refer to it as a genre like that woo hoo I think Guns 'N Roses when defensively pave the way. I think that they were. Sort of the new school at that there time like suddenly these guys come out there weren't dirty jeans and in Jack Daniels T shirts. And their songs and past year. The singer's crazies. Kind of scary looking recently authority. You know it's sharply can never see is guys. That they were. They were one in the bans the kind of broke open a little bit where radio stations and magazines. And TVs. Took a chance and so we're gonna play in this instance like now or use to you and that was a steppingstone to. Other brands to brands like for no more than two peppers and sound garden. You know Pearl Jam in the upon. I'm with I feel like they were kind of along the way the thing was that that timing. Did take them from. OK we're just kind of a filthy rock band in the Hollywood now we're successful it took them to. Stadium's giant inflatable things. Two keyboard players in background Syrian and big. It dates they sort of slipped into what the old school thing was alive and but still I mean they were they were. Definitely you and they didn't go away and and I think they themselves sort of created a situation where they went away because in records you know. That they didn't lose if that's this year. And and they treated us really great the thing that was. Interesting for me was just seen. You know where a rock and that point could go. And seeing Sam gardens sort of on its way up and then going on tour realizing this is this is one of the possible. It's an hour yours scenarios of where we can go on and will come to them. And this is us. And so in that way too. They wanna have big inflatable things that a sound garden shelf now probably not. And I didn't really just the distance that the band and in the rear axle stories that it almost has more to do with the people that. Or like his handlers or his management people surround him that would kind of try to. You know keep him from knowing about things and you know we worry about how he would respond to stuff in the way and it sort of ridiculous kind of rock world away and things that we all make fun. To this day. That that was the weirder part was the way people treat him or in the things they wouldn't do or wouldn't say and the word we use for. It's like a living Spinal Tap the movie is still. Yet apropos to this many years later gap and the first day that that there were long sort of cat walks on stage. And it was an enormous aluminum stage in their three of these long walks went out and the audience and they told me you know there. Teleprompters at the end of the tournament where lyrics are scroll. And also you're not allowed to go on them that. I can't touch the prompt as he can watch on the catwalk. And I've will relieve if if we don't we Google these weren't every means he is a person in the audience because it was like. Forty feet away. And I thought it was so it's of the very first song of the very first show we open went down on each one side. Couldn't really even hear what was going on behind me in war in stood on the prompter and then went back home to the middle one went out there. And just kind of mark my territory like I guess who's gonna go out and do this much want that and a they found that there that ambulance and if these are like weird rules of management came up with and had nothing to do with anyone else and that happens when a bank it's really big you have to be careful. What's happening around because people make decisions for your present you. Present you to other people in the way that your now. Well it's it's really cool you know to go back to your show tomorrow night because you're playing such an intimate venue at Avalon tomorrow night. Where there isn't a bad place to see the show in and it it's like you're you know as a fanned. You're right there and for you it's got to be great because that crowd interaction is so immediate there right in front of. Yeah so we like those shows in fact the young. The Guns 'N Roses tour we would do little club shows in between the enormous dates you know we were playing Joe Robbie Stadium and no we go to like a thousand Sieckmann and it was. I love that. I love going between the two exits really crazy but these these shows he's into it shows. Our he can we compare them to anything else as like having your friends. Around for jam kind of you know come over and visit. Well I wanna give your chance to play one more song before I let you guys go because I know we have a pretty busy schedule so. What's so what's the last song doesn't play for us. Analysis. On what days. It's Chris Cornell live in the WA AF studio. When a seven point three and now 97 point 70 email I asked. Chris Wright a thank you so much Chris Cornell in the WA's studio I couldn't I can't thank you enough for being his gracious as you abandon command and spent so much time when us and tomorrow night the sold out show Avalon and then of course the album carry on comes out in June. Every time we've had a chance to talk radio and especially now paying getting a chance to sit down with you. You seem like you're in the best place to you've ever been in your life is that a fair assessment that now is like the happy is time for you. If there's no comparison really mean I've been very fortunate fortunate life but also were chaotic life and gone through some pretty dark periods. Some of it kind of self imposed some of known to us and losing close friends and and people. Manson and it is now is it is something and I never really been news. This was. Away that life can be life in com. Being happily married having a family be part of mind. Career where it's not a juggling act torch is this is what we all kind of do together and actually makes it work better. Writing songs for my record was unlike any experience and ever had rather than going to a studio and you come and dark. Room which is what I was used to things kind of running on him I just moves in the spare bedroom home and non. With my kids outside you know I can hear them running around in my own. Focus on what I was doing him in the and that my family there and never had that that sort of isolating feeling that I used to get. And that you know that part of that is what from a depression from sometimes in the US is not a component of my life anymore which is fantastic. Well a big round of applause from the studio audience here at governor lamp Chris Cornell tomorrow night at Avalon and carry on stories in June thank you so much for coming in thank you. I gotta be honest listening back to that interview now is especially that last answer the last question is chests. Wrenching to hear him talk about that and that was eleven years ago. So that interview. Was when Chris Cornell was here in the WA AF studio I apologize for having to headed out the acoustic performances which were fantastic some sound garden really interesting perspective. You know this was before the sound garden reunion before the new music that got recorded. On his is really interesting to hear and kind of navigate back. Also really interesting to hear him talk about Guns 'N Roses who have known that they would have gotten back together since then as well. After he died we found out that. There was hope of another audio slave album that would have been amazed saying in. You know hearing the way he was talking about his wife as well I was talking about before or just they were so sweet together and just hearing his voice and and just hearing how honest and open and happy he was and you know to be in the place where rat now where you know we we lost him and has even been a year yet since she's been gone and then to lose Chester Bennington and it chests. Just a lot. Well that's it that's episode seventeen of mr. scary sight peace podcast. I think Zach wild obviously. And you know hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to stormy Daniels again that was pretty interesting to go back and listen in that interview and get. How the world has changed our and the rest of us since then. And then obviously it did back through the archives and listened to that Chris Cornell appearance here in WA AF studio found April 18 2007. Definitely subscribe to the pod cast a veto minds and leaving some comments be nice if you don't mind. I you can check it out online at WA AF dot com on iTunes. On Google play on state chair. Download the free AF apps you can listen to me live. Every week day from ten to three. Monday through Friday and then you can also just online WA AF dot com analyst Jimmy lives there as well. I always like to remind you both orally ego don't forget take a big bite out of a big piece you know what it means by now and what's gonna be on the next episode I don't know yet but I'm definitely dig through the archives and he'll be something interesting.