Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 14: Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman

Tuesday, October 24th

Side Piece Podcast Episode 14: Mistress Carrie interviews Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman http://www.theoryofadeadman.com/ about their new album Wake Up Call (released Oct. 27), finding new inspiration, his passion and obsession with golf, warming up watermellons, his Mom's dating advice, Tricky T, California, London, Boston, and so much more. 


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Welcome to episode fourteen. Of the mr. Kerry's side piece podcast on mr. Carey music director in mid day host. The only station there really rocks WA AF in Boston. If you're just discovering the podcast on iTunes or Google play or stitcher. Check WA AF dot com there's a ton of stuff that you can get they get details are free app you can listen. Live on the stream off the web site you can tell your Smart speakers to play WA out you can listen to a live anywhere you are. Although podcaster hosted appears well and there's just a ton of other stuff you can check out. You can also go to my FaceBook page. At mr. scary WA half on Twitter at at mr. scary and there's photo galleries you check me out an end to ram at mr. Carey WA out. I basically try to take over the planet. And started us from theory of the dead on this episode of the podcast. Tyler Connelly from theory to dead man lead singer. Called us their new album wake up call is coming out this Friday actually but when the interview was recorded last week. You'll hear in the interview that is an outcome and I a couple of weeks it's because I talked to a week ago. But the new album from theory of a dead man wake up call comes out on Friday the 27. And a you can pre ordering now. But I've known Tyler really really on time we actually talk about it in the interview with the first time that theory of a dead man guys played Boston. And we get into his golf addiction and and it's defacing and filing watermelons. He and set his mom and what it's like to date after a divorce me we get into a lot of stuff. So thanks so much for checking out episode fourteen. Mr. scary sight peace podcasts it's Tyler Connelly from theory of the dead. Grammy on IP are you urban partners the war well now you have bad and so congratulations you're an highly esteemed company. Orkut site peacetime you. First match on WB AF dot com. I'm a woman. I would act. What that would have let's go to Ryan. I think the last summit you would. Yet the house of blues yeah. Very because of a little busy since then. If that we've been not been we've been. Like. In the a bunch of waiting and then a budget balanced but that doesn't work. Well I look at the time line. When you guys release albums and you've got yourself on this three years cycle. Where it's like your released an outlook while you work on the album and you release it and detour for awhile and you little you take a little time off and then you're right back at it again. Yeah I don't know. While I don't know why we you're I don't know it's good or about your complete tour. Quite a lot and then. We have been writing and all of them it's been the year. Writing recording kind of a back out but yeah I mean a lot of there kind of duty two year turn around not backers saying like. So Morris nine Lee records and more and songs and all the bullets. Write music when you're on the road now you know why I find that I did. No creativity that find that. You playing the same song every night I think that. All I can think about it those songs so it would into reading there's eighty. Charming listen and ideas. And I go home it's kind of all gone. And I. I can. Decompress what some call and then all of our mr. Kennedy's new ideas that are. Burger on a more from the last supper we would do well. Speaking of golf by I talked to Alice Cooper who. Is a side piece so I got to thank you for being willing to be aside piece on my new podcast. And I am trapped under I asked Alice Cooper to explain. The concept of golf. For rock bands and and and rock guys. And I think it falls a lot into play where if you're new single is that he said golf simulates. I drug addiction in so many ways. Any really believes that golf not only has helped him. State clean for so long. But he really believes that it could be used as a treatment to kind of get people off of whatever it is that there addicted to. Especially people in this industry where it's so easy to fall into those. Unhealthy patterns. Does golf do that for you even though I don't think you really ever had a problem with anything by. Do you find that that it kind of ground ZU. Yeah I mean. You know Lotta Lotta hours some auto ban. From. Anxiety and depression. Some are lucky enough to stay away from. Well you know. Drugs but yeah golf is is is it is like a drug crazy what'll happen yeah that's the that. When I started out from terrible out of the remarked once that figure out. It was all about it it's it's a mental game because you're not on a cane industry you vs U. When you can get over that all of a sudden here it is like that and was. It never am is this. Australia so people don't play golf the it's but it's just how the kid growing up call to and it's such an old man but I always knew rampart a golf club but what are today. The mothers are planned public that the the most amazing thing ever along with it so good. I've always been one of those people that didn't understand the allure of ands. As a skydiver I was just looked at golf courses being a really safe place to land if I could make it back to the airport by it. Everybody that I know that golf's no matter. What they do for a living in their day job no matter how they grew up once they get into it. It's like that runners timely it's miserable for awhile and then what you get to that point. They literally become obsessed with it and their like I'll never given up I'd rather golf than do any thing. Yeah I in the span that. I go well I guess you'd call trips now our penalties. For people of the you know wanted to all the plays so. Are determined that. It's so much fun and so Greg yeah our apartment he'll play golf but it's odd that it's such an unlocked and do it. Are you mean out Cooper's. You scratch and it would be he is really good yeah other people are picking up by a dozen similar what is. I think he belongs soon. Of course Barbara out. Malaria from a lot more. Positions stated goal. Movie played with musically that you were shocked was as good as they more or who sucks the worst but either way. We're stuck the words I don't know affected our play with a bigger problem avenge their internment balls break. As he was on my team actually won you won. One on the cop. 44. Round tournament arching ones those injured but I think he's pretty good again I. You guys must does not blend at a golf course in Palm Springs. Oh this singer from theory have a dead man in the singer from a band seven fold. Yeah our way out Detroit news app. And and you have entered at all you know. Yeah you know in the club were rude. But he did it Tuesday but. I don't know man there's some attractive to a becoming more alcoholic hello. And because you're always touring and you guys are in Philly tonight right. Yeah so you you must have your clubs and everything stashed on the bus just ready to go at a moment's notice. We do I don't have now would mean now. Because the weather's changing. But I do army have my old golf attire in case one. Awesome but we'll go our pump. I've cut my my shorts and measured my globe. If Connell Lambert yeah I'm always I'm always available but by all that power and oil oh yeah we you have. We do have to worry that there on the truck. I ask all these questions to the next time I wanna get you guys to do something now I know what your Achilles heel so I'm just gonna involve golf and it somehow. Here are all done under. And you're also I know pitcher from Canada here you know it's hockey season now. Yes it has started review way. We view football all our people about every week there's a panel of about the goal or going in the open but the possible. I'm not gonna suck every week but. I mean yeah bop bop then you know they they defeated Erica and I. And the cup so that's always going to be a scar. From any more throughput and ox but now I live of the the knowledge about it though. It. And how crazy is it that now you can go to Vegas. And see hockey. The commander I don't know why didn't think it would seem merit years ago look like. It about America's. I think of it's so hot there were two what was the ball loose and then go into at night are you swearing in watched it trunk watch. Hockey gamble. It's amazing eye camera to go watch what's in there. I heard the arena is really nice I know for a long time they are worried about putting any professional sports scene they're just because they didn't want to gambling. To influence the outcome of any of the games in any way. But I had some friends that went outside the Bruins game in Vegas and they said it's so crazy. To walk down the strip in Vegas goes to the Bruins. And then stagger back out on the strip in Vegas again. To go to a hockey game and teacher. They just said it's crazy it's awesome. Yet it took thought planning and Arab the raiders are coming there next year yeah out of Appleton. And hockey to him placed the B eight I guess so well for our miles. They got adjustment. From Canada to LA. I mean if you're gonna move to the states LA is. Jumping headfirst into the pool. Yeah at odd because. Like I have in Euro affiliation with that kind of life. Like the last place shall seeing news. These he would typical LA and nice life for that. But. Issues such a beautiful where's the California bill the unbelievable as someone place ago. But it'd belong to a because of the weather is fantastic. But there are remnants of in. It was 96 degrees and ideas that. Operate it. Yeah I woke up this morning it was 37 degrees on my way into work and I was like fool. You know kind of missive that warm weather a little bit. There yak hair may allow allow all. Eric yeah. Are you there hello all can ear. Our interior. Rita cut opera I'm I don't I hear you hold time maybe it's the CIA maybe they don't want us to talk there would be. No I was just there and it was cold here. This morning and so I can kind of sympathize because we're starting to act. Dip down towards the freezing mark in Boston and am I missing those 80 degree I am sorry I heard there was like three behind now. Yeah how we we a couple of really rough winters the last few years we. Crap kicked out of us a few times that we know you guys really want to play Boston when you're willing to take your tour buses 33 feet of snow to get to the house of blues. Yeah laureate would just put up a snowplow on the front what is so you. Mine's forty and it's like oh wait I'll hold my luster for a second what did you say about the snowplow. And in and out you there. On my receptions as good yeah I'm gonna land lines so yeah it's from what. I'm good I can hear you and you keep cutting out a little bit. On the act was a secret. Chart on your back out. While that's only know that you're serious about playing in Boston when you Wear that when your willing to truck through the snow we get here. By a mortar batteries Stewart Burton and analyst mark forty. You know when against so called when you're breathing under your nose and like the nostrils stick together that only people from the north understand that. That feeling additional coal. The frozen burgers in your new NATO your nose hairs are like needles. Devin knows there's Brees as just like burning burning behind. Doug just make LA sound really good even for me and I don't like spending a lot of time there. But merit being mis applied LA vida or bracelet or Memorial Day you get so drunken and throw up and then you go to you know the smog. I. I did weird at the oceans on the wrong coast. You know that it it's it's on the wrong society in. Everybody's so she and nobody knows how to drive I mean you're feeling right now house or you're in the northeast like there's a certain grain. And when you get out to the West Coast they don't understand. Office. Maybe you're just too. Angry all the time. I have to agree how I will say that you know there's a lot of attractive. Women in LA but none of them are really debatable but I feel that like what the women all here. There they as he the most well grounded anymore elect career driven collector to the bucket there. Not gonna who that I collect useful album you know on spam like it. Crap out over here so that before yeah yeah just a crap eased those girls don't put up with any crap. Yeah about her like a problem over here I've I don't know apartment year old girl but Wednesday if they want nothing to do agreement amateurs and Christian. I don't know what they're machines. What do you know I. You know we we come out the whole romance thing when you start looking for somebody you know differently because once she get divorced like your way more jaded about everything then you would be the first time around. So you're deaf are not put our when our crap. Our guys are broad is totally right you're you're donated. For the record movement that the war. So the uncle mother howl. At. It was it was pretty rude and very angry record. So. Once you get past cabinet if found once you get good with yourself. And you can Ireland the people in so but yeah a couple of people what they divorced but I never get. It's kind of like the motto if at is. Is that what I have to do to to not be pissed off about it anymore as I have to write songs about it because I don't have a musical bone in my body. Not pick up all. Out and I don't drag me into your. Weird cults. Here my drive ever now it is back up by like opt in or maybe there's my mom actually uses. On. Our shoes she didn't release of the emissions like why is their singles night at the Burke restore. I think Sunday as a single night like what are you talk. Should we Yankee all the singles go to horse respond. Need people like what are you look through there. They're grow treat things he would they got it they're like oh ago lot of the oval that you should have until movement. Probably I'll pass. And is now. Date a girl and all alluding almond grower or. What. Kind of sounds like a great tell because if what's there grocery cart freaks you out you're definitely. Not gonna wanna get inside your brain. Yeah Matt actually ma'am I'm mama on that it could be actually like a tender. Things would accumulate. But the rush return. All we all I don't watermelon it's loved. That's right your mind you're you know watermelon and heated up in the Michael. Rose. Really tell me more about that Tyler would you. Elaborate on that microwave water all. You know I'm talking about it. Do I why you make an assumption that it will people and let people Google I won at Waterville. Your mom is wise beyond her years. I got to ask you about the new album obviously because it's coming out a couple weeks called wake up call. Yes and you guys decided on this three year cycle that you seem to be on. Two move the recording process and work with a different producer you recorded this thing in London right. You have often. But Greta you know we. A lot of union food. Every they have that the leader was cynical but they wrote legal and it actually our lot we. It's rocket Sunday dinner but it during the day you know the first Sunday we screwed up what had dinner and I are out of the award and look at. What is that they're typical like. Roast beef with the good greatly in Yorkshire putting. It. Do you roast potatoes that the most amazing thing you're out of every week we go. To different pop. And every each banner depicting different. You know you compare all out flat it's better. But who bet so whether it is. We had a great time we had first here's skeptical though we really were where an interest in setting. Almost two month one. On the Cairo and the company's York. What we are so glad when it was but the bird experience. What could turn. Six Julia. We're happy we did that. How is moving the recording location especially to a foreign country aura you know a city like London. How does it change the sound of the band and the record. The song and were all written before I went there about the harm done. So boy what they got out there and we are completely open to trying new things them producers chain. A lot of are likely. We're in London but the weather with a lot of English people it was mostly Swedish and and a Norwegian guy or. Dane. And so lottery influences a lot of their ideas. We are a role. Got it totally. It was the opposite we we probably would have done. In the state. Obama owns all the instruments for life if they would allow us changing strings and guitars and base. A lot of change this snared snared her head everything had to stay old. Amitabh epic of is in the north and doing over there. And when you guys will confer producer to work with the guy that you picked has a pretty extensive resume by the artist that he's worked with is. Incredibly. Wide and varied lot pop stuff in the act. Our guy. Put it up you work together with him before. On. Hazel sister. The band called the San Francisco. But Barbara that you produced. That train record. What that he's talking about train trying yankees are in our guys in our the train record is all the so back actors that were too early volatile big so. We have conversation as we just. What was to have like a record react you have a lot of war kind of acoustic. Among a lot of bands or artists sport whose six thought James Morrison James wants. There's whereas. He's Lucia on manned. It took abilities a guy can light as. My back in the book gap so I think you really excited well to do. I'm in different rock band. I think it was smoked those kind of do some different it just worked out for certain. And you were allowed on a piano is that new for you to did you just learn how to play the piano or did you grow up plan. Now I I never really got into the camera that laid. But I guess that I didn't think it was that cool reform at a place by. So. I probably got down my house on the planet and realized it was such a great. Place to lose right song can be creative about felt there was. Way more you can do with a piano could it hard pick itself may be. I done everything I could have done applause every rip written. And as kind of get. Fail so I sort of moved to channel all the new stuff came out of me you know these new. New hooks and yeah they're just pelicans in review and it into a period. And you can hear that avenue work the long on the very question. We talked about every wrist been written when you sit down with a guitar you just kind of start tinkering around what guitar player do you bumped into accidentally. When you serve following an idea or whatever you they'll all that sounds like selling cell is there a guitar player that haunts you. Probably the only two would probably be. The two big important we're probably Jimmy Page. Or Joseph Thatcher addict. Could happen Siskel boy. Very blues based so I was kind of a planeload blues so. Project directly or ripped from now. At this ball and pushed the lead at fortunately. I'm Rick not Jimmy Page again damn it's. They'll realize how. Do you care. Does he go all repaired I'll thanks so safe area now they call it isn't doing it how cool. That's true when you never know. And find out in purple moments Ingraham who have mr. That's a thing and it's definitely changed since the start of theory of a dead man is. Social media and the typical. Relationship between a rock band and aliens and it's the same thing without a radio DJ and the listening audience as well as at there was always kind of a separation and there was always. This interpersonal relationship that had limitations. And now home. You can share. Your bowel movements and what you had for lunch with everyone that's a fan of your band pretty much instant obviously. Yeah. It has it gotten crazy wipe that thing it and we we so we've become. He answered tired of all the right word but. Almost bored as part of that word like because when life of people came out of more bag. For ban is in a Graham hatch whatever Twitter. Is like. It's seen to what we do on a daily basis analysis on an up a photo is not about that you could you can all of Europe vote though you can. Get out but can change make it looks Kenyans but now it saw him to be alive. Now what is program lives is the water now you have just all day here on film. You just. I don't know traffic calming your air it can get sick I don't know at what you do win that. That's the Norwalk like that's what it was doing good but I think well. Doing that so I don't. Export or they'll do it but that's just what the no more so it's kind of permeated by law got a calendar. And now manner if the lives so if there's one. Do. Compared. You could FaceBook live grocery shopping on singles night that I would watch. But I do like it they acquire. Heating up a watermelon. That I'm watching Busch car. I am so I'm Matt. That he sang it like I wonder. Who's gonna be the first celebrity. To start doing. That this sect's spoke lust are doing you know who can't take it expelled from the start actually being able to be so robberies. Sure our stuff that it's gonna happen app that I look at that was told that now. Despite being able to see. Kim Kardashian underwear look at last. What next we're gonna go. Seeing you what I grew up watching stuff like the real world which if you go back and look at the real world it's way ahead of its time that kind of boy terrorism yeah. Repertoire right. Yeah like the first season it was so cutting edging crazy what a unbelievable concept and now you can pretty much cyber stock ever. Yeah. They I mean that's we're done an interview actually announced it. I. If that it would like what Jim Carey movie. The Ed show or whatever and so true Michelle yeah. Yes I was just like. We watched a movie like that crazy night that would happen if it's going to happen it's happening around this now we live in the future right now. They're brokers who. Who thought we're gonna go about their kids and myself while ago. Oh to circle back to the album day you know it's it's no wonder that everybody is on medication. Yeah it's no wonder that everyone is taking drugs right now with with the kind of access and pressure to be. All things to all people all the time. Well I think it there I mean this sort me and held it inducing now rhetorical about it is war war. Raster overwhelmed or anxious. Fortunes probably direct correlation with the Internet. Can activity you know. All these things but. You can't stop the so moved is that one that it. If anything it that it that had a conversation with. About to about. But back then you know part of the people you trust who is Japan when the land and your doctor's offices respect is that the sole. You taste it will now like using common media now aren't you you're. It DA is coming forward about how congress is like pushing it spanning honors in mind dollars pushing. This stuff you you know we're responsible companies on doctors to question people not the. And now near transplanted. Canadian into LA. You get to look back at Canada almost like an American and here in America everything's crazy in Canada. Just wanna bang a prime minister can they think he's hot. No doubt about that reminds we always joke who grow up news like news speed bumps bottom of the shopping malls and and abdicated you know. I think wrong my mom on Thursday. Go lay down or taken taken at burner out some hot he is something unions. I don't know what it is about the culture but the yeah it's just I think it's how you grow up there who. But fortunately though at a models and challenger. Well congratulations to Canada for having the sexiest. Leader. He would act if you department but is Cheri I think you know. Unfortunately you don't have a lot of competition. Burn half of drew who is the runner up. Racetrack it opened that restaurant has I don't know why is hot about. It's weird you out. Hate speech weird I was told I had to ask you that your nickname somebody done due out. Oh okay so how can I ask you tell me just say what's tricky team what's the story behind that. The PGA. Now the DJ. Yeah rap group. You know you were knots. I was before I was in Iraq and he's. You know a scratch records do. That ballot my moniker tricky BM Al like thirteen fourteen years old news. Can you can you read. A group of bowed out. Gold medal. I mean you kind of have a a certain cadence and some your songs that's a little bit reminiscent of rat by. Can you can you wrap up is this skill your Heidi as you get girls at the grocery store if you wrap. I don't I wouldn't be gathered early wrap the much. I did the bee that made to be in the the sampler. Would I. I would coral saw the stop but on that was the the end he. And he would do a lot of rapping but I'm gonna go back into all gangster rap so requires you to your candidates talk about what. Mac and have. A no it. Remixing like and W way up in Canada Daria well that was the that oh my god. While the Al coming out on the 27 of October there's a song on called goats. I'm assuming that you wrote that in. In honor of Tom Brady's greatest quarterback to have ever left right. How how proper it it. I can say yet that's who we're at war. Both enlistment. Because and his Indy the greatest does quite well. Also because there. She got help you sell record work. Sell records in new England and it would keep everyone else in the United States from buying it. If he said yes I wrote that's on about Tom Brady because people hate us so much. Are now what that. So what you do. See you ready your prime minister and we have Tom Brady and his bunt. Very go up there and he's got some weird stuff in his grocery cart has he eats weird food he makes ice cream out avocados it's very bizarre. Now he'd go out I think he's I think you'll and we need to start you are eating out Colorado Eric could. Gotta you gotta buys but did the Tom Brady Matt that are the TB twelve method or whatever it is and live like Tom Brady because obviously it's working for him and I think he almost. So they know. Our area gold sure I'd regarding gold. I think pretty much anybody would I would golf with Tom Brady I don't know about golf with you but I would golf Tom Brady why when you go with me. Any. I. Where I don't can be really on. We're. I'm just tipping at all that's right so the next time you come to Boston. Which way either way because I'm not seen any dates scheduled through the end of the year you know what's going on what that. Now you know why are surprised we're going about them on the on the stool honestly. The so I will be there next here 100%. We definitely are going to go to all the news that we. Did it on this tour but Bob off the warmer favored it would. One in the first place to play we played there with three doors down. A place called Avalon yeah that was kind of the old blues yeah. And I think I wore Red Sox shirt on stage and I think someone gave its OK so it was amendment where. But you know that was one of our first memories and we're back in 2002. Ago. It's a lot of time I made it just to go back and think that I've known you for that long is kind of crazy. It got out. I'm quietly. You know what we still look good to. Where aging well. I'd donate. Stop that. Tell you did that pleases the warm watermelon of all what is it. It warm while Waterman. Oh please name the next leg of your tour tricky tee in the warm water melon. Other. I appreciate you Colin henin and Venus eyed peas out my podcast even though our phones are weird Al Gore factor on. A Grammy on an IP are you have been partners or well now you have bad and so congratulations you're in a highly esteemed company. Well our market. Well alleged or in Philly so don't you have to abide default and by law go get a cheese steak or something. And I can make you do very good retailer get another one. Tyler I appreciate you Colin and when you guys decide when you're coming to Boston let me know can. Of course 100%. Good luck tomorrow and good luck with the album it's called wake up colony comes out on October 27. Enjoy your golfing your cheese steak annual watermelon. Out and we're partnered by adding up speculator. Parker a very is out Connelly from theory of a dead man Hugh. Thank you hampered taken so much time even with a weird itself on to sit down I had to odd to me. Don't forget their new album wake up call comes out this Friday October 27. You can check them out on all of their social media accounts I'll get everything linked up. Are in this episode episode fourteen. Of bill mr. scary side piece podcasting you can find it online and on the social pages. Get details on the Al bomb and like he said after the new year they're definitely gonna become a Boston and of course if we keep listening to WA AF we'll have all the deet tails for that. So once again thank you so much for listening to the podcast. You can subscribe to it. On iTunes Google play stitcher. Put a preview up if you don't mind be super nice about it though please. Thank you. You can check me out at WA AF dot com you can also find me at all my social pages. Mr. scary WA AF on FaceBook and instead ran an administers carry on Twitter. If you wanna farmer snaps. You can also check that out mistress dot Carrey as well sometimes I get drunk and doing things on snap Jack. Thank you so much for chicken outs the podcast and like I always tell you don't forget to take a big bite out of a big piece until next time.