Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 13: Ben Patton & Oscar Mike Radio

Wednesday, October 11th

Mistress Carrie interviews Ben Patton, Founder and Executive Director of the Patton Veterans Project, and https://iwastherefilms.org/ about his famous father, and grandfather and their legacy in the U.S. military. They focus on how civilians can help our veterans, and the benefits of using film making to treat the symptoms and long term effects of PTSD. For details on workshops in your area, with the Patton Veterans Project click here. https://iwastherefilms.org/calendar/ This episode also features Travis from Oscar Mike Radio: A Voice For Vets, and his interview of Mistress Carrie for his podcast. https://whoobazoo.com/oscarmike/ Travis, a Marine vet, reached out to Mistress Carrie for this interview following the "backlash" from the now "famous" Elizabeth Warren picture. 

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And then that'll oh how are you know this is degrade the inimitable. Mr. Baird. She or are those of the words you my news you can use them steal your age. Mistress Kerry's side piece podcast. Snapshot on WB AS dot com. I'm a woman. Welcome to my idea podcast welcome and thank you prefer being willing to be inside peace. It's a pleasure to be here and I cannot tell you how much I hear about you better and I know the media. Quickly from the Boston area that just don't wanna go do it I was thinking. Well of facing eating nice it's a lie and act. That's doctor assured her that leverage effect. Well I what is she issued everybody. The reason for this podcast is just that I'm fortunate enough to meet. Really interesting and amazing people and I wanted to have an outlet to be able to really kind of sit down and talked to on. And it's for people that don't you are your name is Ben Patton. And the last name kind of gives a lot of wet so before we get into what you were doing. It would be ridiculous if I didn't acknowledge the family lineage. When it comes to military service of our country it's it's quite a lineage that your family house. Well I mean certainly that's one that I know I've spent a lot of my life trying to live up to. But I realized over time that there are a lot of ways to serve and I think that's for Lebanese are talking about today but yet but. I some of the history you know and I mean may not my my grandfather obviously was general from world war two and also the moral one as well and his birthdays actually veterans day so he's always excited when I worked celebrating veterans denture leverages in the skies. But to my data also passed away about fourteen years ago. Was the major general and serve three tours to Vietnam and Korea and are highly decorated navy now famous but wonderful old journal wonderful that. Your family lineage goes back even even further when it comes to service. And I've hurl a lot of studies have been done. When it comes to. First responders. Police fire military service to trying to identify whether that's in nature or nurture it you room gee wouldn't it. You mean whether the desire to serve in uniform are and and through the country in that way is. The bread and you lump. Yeah. They've done some research on the difference between say a type a personality individual and there's some series there is some theories about. Like a tight TE personality which is someone that would be more likely. To take on that kind of job lights dialed. You know what whatever you would call it an I was just kind of curious because the lineage of your family isn't just a generation or two it back along with ease. Yeah one and it sort of a complete that. Actually my mother's family was. Well no longer relying going back from her brother. Who the West Point graduate back to they the cost of 1812. Earliest ancestors that. Something like 67 generations and and so my mom and definitely the product of a longer lines in terms of the type of people that serve in the military outplay you want to be perfectly honest. While there are certainly doesn't them you know some similarities to my father and grandfather very much the same kind of war they were lead from the front. Very very strong personalities in the and I think one of the things about them at least. That in addition to the clear this soldier and just being well schooled and scholars and history and tactics is that. You know they they really lead from the front and they and they knew that he's their personality. Effectively you know it is sort of be in the right place the right time sort of sent a battle something like caught. And they knew sort of how to use that they're forceful. Big personalities to move the ball forward at the critical point and I think that's one of the things has been passed down and and it's one of the reasons I'm here today I am trying to move the ball forward on the critical point and in my it's offensive to to help veterans maybe hopefully that got passed down. Well you wanna IA both have that similarity in that we come from a long line of people that have served their country. And you and I both have kind of gone the avenue of the media in one form or another. Yet we both found a way to give back end to serve those who've served. Based on the industries we've chosen. Yeah I would history and this summer senator if you had that experience but I think. I've four I have for a siblings older and 22 men and two boys and your growth in the Stanley along with me. And and then in some ways you know. What I found that I had to go away from the legacy a little bit to come back to that on my own terms and I almost eliminated seventeen. Had planned on that my whole childhood and I just have a different. Feeling when I got right to the point of making decisions that went a different direction but now. You know maybe another 1015 years later circle back in the world media and then found my way into working with veterans and if kind of service oriented organization that created and and I think you have to sometimes go away. To find your own ground and then come back to it on your terms in the and and maybe that same experience. Well I wasn't medically eligible to serve so wasn't really a choice. That I had to mate. But once I got into. Communications and radio. I think pre 9/11 N it was a little easy to kind of enjoy the spoils of all the fun that an industry like radio can provide. And then obviously. Everyone has there. 9/11 story an experience that live right through with that was old enough to remember it where you work. Not what you're doing how you're affected by it ends. I'm not where you in new York at the time I know that's what you are. Now the I wasn't here since the mid town in my office didn't face. Doubt at that point but I very quickly became pinned into what was going on and and everybody in your city locked on that day so and so I did that I did lose the very have very close friend from high school whose father. Where it was working one of the companies in the towers and and nine losses like that day did not make it out and for that that was about it. No word began to hit home a little bit you know review. Retouched. Alive it's just about everybody in some ways but yeah it was it was quite something and interestingly the work I'm doing now we've. We've worked with some. Some 9/11. First responders actually that they can work less and our program. Well that day for me really galvanized. How much need pulling my own weight. And support of the people there and everybody knew we were going to war after 9/11 we we weren't sure exactly where how or whatever but we knew the world had changed. And it galvanized my resolve to do my part to pull my weight to carry my water. And so a lot of veterans work that I do IC is my responsibility as a grateful citizen. You really do what I can I didn't choose to go in the military but but you know I was working in I was working in film. There were at the time of 9/11 and and you know an idea. Actually actually be honest no I wasn't in dominantly a little bit discussions took continue to carry it where I am now you got me a lot of sort. And you weren't bused in this morning in. Now your back giving your innocent you're in Boston this morning I your balcony your schedule is crazy that I'd appreciate taken the time it's. Two you know sit down and talk to me today. Yet but you'll thank you but actually I was working in media at the time in public television 9/11 and and that it didn't really affect me but but what happened a few years later I was in there working with kids and teenage cage film camp that I put together. And in the Boston area and in Colorado. And the and the wars rip their hide around that time and I started to realize that. The process that a lot of the kids are going through and in the movies this summer camp. Was involved identity you know a lot of lot of adolescents are kind of going through all for the change of weather no less an offer to changes physically and emotionally. And and intellectually and and a lot of them work. Expert hammering out issues around identity you know point making zombie films you know and others making escapist films and and dream sequences and sort of imagine what they might go up to be here what they're giving away from the and that's really when it occurred to me. To begin thinking about applying this dome. This film making media Amer I guess you because digital video to the two to the veteran community and seemed to help them with there issues around identity as well. You and I both grew out. For the most part in a time of of peace if you're a child of say that you know seventies and eighties anywhere in that. Areas that the conflicts that we dealt with and what we were exposed to. Were on a much smaller scale but on something like 9/11 more recently here in Boston with the marathon bombing. It's obvious that an events like that is. I shared trauma. And that something like PT EST isn't exclusive. To just the military that that it it's something that a child can experience it's something that a witness to a crime or a victim of a crime can experience. So the work pictured doing with the veterans. While it's starting there really could apply to the experience of anyone that's suffering from any kind of posttraumatic stress. Well I absolutely agree with you and and and you know I have much smarter people around me that can they came they can turn of outline all the reasons why that's so. But I mean certainly I mean I can't directly relate to what it's like to be. You know and Fallujah during a fire fighter something or are losing a friend in combat but. But it is certain level and traumatic experience the feel the same they may be different and actually what happened and some of them may not even be. Things like that Las Vegas shooting or the marathon bombing they can be something like you know like tragic. Loss of a friend or a or a parent or marriage. And the end so a bit but what I found those that that when you're working in this medium of of film and video that that there's you can express things. In a way such that the veterans in there are you know you get what country he can help a better express something using medium that I understand. The emotional power of and in on that level we have some sort of we have some level of community and look at again the trauma and the consequence of trauma can field it can feel much the same and I think that. One of the powers of this medium is used to convey emotion. Is really interesting that in the time of service or your grandfather and your father. The notion of a treatment for posttraumatic stress when it it it didn't even have that name back than. How do you think your grandfather or your father would. React or respond to review this kind of out of the box thinking when it comes to the treatment of our warriors. Look in the context of their generation they were out of the box thinkers you know I mean my grandfather who you know helped develop that the modern battle tank. And in more wind usually the first people the American army that can even drive a tank. And so this is that the whole entirely new idea imagine imagine having to take school out in front of the infantry you know and all that kind of stuff. My dad you know came of age at the end of the or two and then and then and then had hit the height of his career in in the emergence of the guerrilla warfare error in Vietnam. And so they had to think out of the box as well and so they were innovative thinkers. And I and I also think they cared a great deal about their soldiers mean my grandfather's unit so it has the best equipment in the you know Richard at drive stocks and plenty of hot food. And good uniformed my doubt at the same way. I just think that that that idea of care has not evolved to that to this well and I think that's so what do I think they would think of what I'm dealing. I would hope that there will be very supportive of him and how often feel like I have. At least one general on when children when general on the other shoulder because. Because really were helping vets and and and one thing when we grew up. We were forced and to read a lot of history because my father always said that you know if you if you the only way you're gonna. You can your you can if you if you don't learn your history you're destined to repeat it so we really were. We spent a lot of time on battlefield Gettysburg in mathematics and and other places and in Europe and that we really had to through lower our history and understand that the that we can move forward and I think that. One of the things that that I did learn you know that idea that in times of peace you know prepare for war the fund who said the the other part of that is in times of war prepare for peace and I think that. What's happening. Now that really. My father's generation and my graph pollution racial weren't really prepared for. It back my grandfather didn't really have to come home. After war two he needed immediate he unfortunately wouldn't tragic accident for you came home to retire but some but I just think it's a new way of looking at. And care and serving soldiers so I hope they'd be proud and and hit another interest in fact they are both filmmakers like the we have dozens of hours of at home movies that my dad shot weird kids in my grandfather shout his kids are kids and so. So they're no. And no stranger to the median. When you start the veteran's project. I started in 2012. Strike you know has worked for several years working with kids in the summer and and then had a very interesting conversation I was thinking about. Trying to bland what I love to do which is work in their own music has to pick something that I grew up with which was the military and veterans. And I had a conversation with the ABC journals and Bob Woodruff who had. Merely been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq I think it was the beginning of 2006. Accusing anchor ABC news. At that point and and he told me that we need had a severe brain injury and a lot of posttraumatic stress facility wouldn't that and I asked about the city that you know when I'm. When I had Miami my own injuries that I I there was a need for media take a lot of that colliding vision and memories and and anxiety and all banged around my head and sort of take them out and unpack them. And re pack I mean apparently not on the table metaphorically. And some don't on the back wrote I'm on the front of electoral you know and and then reorganize and try to get through the day and that's really when it occurred to me. That that's essentially the notion of editing at the heart of filmmaking is taking a lot of different kinds of things still. Sound effects music spoken word. And video and putting them all together there timeline and literally manipulating the time space continuum into that narrative. That makes sense to the person is creating it. Once you get. Passionate behind an idea like yours it's kinda hard to stop. It is it is and I mean other that are greater minds than mine and people that hopefully you know and can help me move this thing along and otherwise but I really. When you when you're there and you're working with these veterans that come into all were on and they don't want to be there initially I think analyst talked to anybody even has veteran. And over the course of the few days they realized wow there's a way I can. You know I can sort of on raw. All my story inter unpack it if you will. In May be. Pull bits and pieces of me into a narrative that doesn't have to reveal exactly who I am exactly what happened to be here anymore about me and I want to hear that I'm comfortable revealing. But it gets them in the habit of engaging about some of these subjects on their terms you know it's not like emergent circulate virtual reality here. Or these various prolonged exposure therapy if they get to choose how they engaged with their own history. And that and worked out now with a couple of other veterans and come up with something that is representative of the aspects of their experience but not necessarily. Yeah not actually pulling them back into the trauma which can be very. In a disquieting in activating. What you're talking about is the I was their film workshops which. You have all over the country you have a couple of them coming up in Massachusetts in the coming weeks so. I I want anybody that's listening that is a veteran it's in Massachusetts. On to know that there's some workshops coming locally but anybody that's listening around the country. That they can go to your website I was their films dot org and check out where you're gonna be doing workshops around the country. And it's. How they can get involved. And how this could help them so break this down from the beginning. Your pairing veterans. Up with experienced. Filmmakers. To make short films that represent their service experiences. To help them process. Their post traumatic stress. Still nice that I rightly. It's very very is excellent and and began to beat two very different from sitting in front of the camera and just unloading your story panel like spilling her guts as the world. This is about you this about the veterans having agency hating and being empowered to to articulate and expressed. Their ideas and their stories are what matters to them on their terms that nobody telling them how to think what to think what to say what to show. They get together with a couple of other veterans through through that are self selecting the groups around topics that matter to them. Supported by professional whose job isn't to say what to do but it simply dig guide them and how to do it and here's. Like our professional filmmakers many of whom some of our veterans. Can sort of help. The observers the creative banks of the river if you will just to sort of you know be there to be a sounding board for the rule OK we can't have a giant explosion brought to block the weekend. Zoom in on a match and other sound effects and still have the same you know the same impact emotionally and that kind of thing and sort of help them. Understand the elements of the story you know the beginning the middle and and that's the you know the the what to call they'd be inciting incident you know in the crisis in the resolution and but he your film for the your idea makes sense to have broad audience won't such as you whatever you wanna communicate and so. In this particular case we've done forty or fifty these workshops and we. And we've really right at the moment we're focusing on these two workshops that are happening in the last two weekends in October. Because for the first time to be you know that about word among many that turned but the VA. It is paying attention because they're realizing that a lot of these this thing treatment are simply not being. Utilized and so they have to find ways to engage veterans. In a more innovative fashion our law you know I guess I would like semi forebears and there are areas in terms of mean in their combat strategies and tactics but. So the ideas that sound we we're a whole host these workshops for the last two weekends in October it's part of a clinical study to see how effective this is. As engaging veterans that are just not responding to do the traditional forms of you know classic therapies that are available out there and and so we're hoping to as many people find their for the possible and and I think you've already mentioned a web site that people can. Getting out of me simply by going to I was there films dot org and clicking on the yellow. We have been at the bottom of the page and you know sending me their email and phone number and some of my office most likely mean you'll call them. Tell us about this and and then have been sign up for the that there post 9/11 batters. Then we'd love to have them appliance and hey let's be honest making movies it's fine just like just like Macon music. I've tried music I'm not a musician is not my Forte so I guess I was able to find my outlet talking about other people's music. When you talk about the veterans you're talking about a group of people. That have been trained to beat top. That have been trained to be able to handle any thing and so they would. Obviously be the last ones that would be willing to ask for help to be willing to let other people know that they're having a hard time. And it's been my experience working with a bunch of different veterans organizations. That. They think their. The only ones that's having a hard time right and they don't understand that so many of their bread Iran are also having a hard time. But they all isolate themselves thinking that they're the exception and not the rule so I love. And I understand me nobody's been afterward I've been through which is true and one cent. But if you broaden that out and you have three people working together and they decided they wanna focus on the issue like transition or law. Well what happens in the end groups setting and keep in mind. That film making it highly collaborative it's very difficult to make a movie by yourself I mean look at the end credits of any film because of the feared that he takes fifteen minutes ago why. But but that that the fact that there are a lot of people involvement very clobbered that also an opportunity to find out where you fit in the creative. Team in the creative process and it also allows you a certain distance. Between you and your direct experience so again it's sort of split the difference between total avoidance. And total Immersion I get to the side. What my role as you know filmmaker gets the look at that sixteen by nine frame to decide. If they want to and if they have the time and money to do it in that what goes into that plane what I want other key policy and and it's it's a powerful medium and there we basically gave them the tools. Pitt to save those expressed that things to show those expressed that experience has. In video and and you know most of our films that are made an iron in about five minutes at the most powerful under two and three minutes. They most of don't even have words spoken advocate. You know exposition is not the strength of our video but but conveying emotion. In that in a graphic. You know visual way is. It's one of its most in one of its greatest strength so it's it's a powerful thing and it's also every time they not only the profit powerful but the resulting product. Is validating and it's also educational for those who get a chance to fear and then have a way to begin to understand a little bit better what they are better perhaps. Has been going through and so it's exciting because he's CV. Better command of that coming out of box you know and you're right they are totally out isolated itself isolated in many ways they don't think anybody can understand it. That their experience but when they go to the profit picture technical and that and maybe there are ways conveying what I'm doing to others. And understand. Others' experiences as well. Print this was in his pod cast their drives bang there on the treadmill. Can you talk to me you've said you've done so many of these workshops. Is there's film in particular that really struck you can you describe. The creative process with these veterans and Tenet talked about what the film was able to tackle in its content if we couldn't watch it. Directly give you a couple of examples on I'll give you a couple of examples one wonder universal one. Which is called reconnect and should take a film about dying in sort of a curve a crawl space in trying to plug in an extension cords and the ball. He's struggling and you see that he's got to catch a bracelet you know he lost their a fellow that turned pro and an incomplete Bethel recognize that. And he's got Kentucky's done garment. And he turned sort of going into the possibly veteran and he's trying struggling to plug this like Leicester court on the wall and gets about six inches of rain can't do it. In typical wind suddenly another veteran walked up to tap on the shoulder and point out that there are several knots in the court and he and does not. And and help the better put the court in middle and on the screen goes white and it's called re connecting to shift about how and all of that can relate to this. You relate to this that and on that that that you know sometimes the answers right in front of us. And you just need to help seeing it. And that's a lot of I think what the veterans feel like I've got this other language and speaking but that's what I'm using the long were. Heard that these other people beat some of the language the other many metaphors you can use that. But that's that's a very powerful one. Another film that that comes to mind as one it's called broken and we often showed that the that workshops and even sure that's what these two. Soldiers. Both I think staff sergeant. That's certainly the first surgeon came to our workshop before Campbell they're both. Decorated and combat that from being pushed out of the military. Term for posttraumatic stress and they were wrong to overcome the workshop by their commanding officer. And sat in the back and they were upset. Didn't wanna talk to anybody. And and then they started to realize that should just stick around for the first session and that's the first session if you wanna leave. If we ago and the effect around and four days later they've created a film. Which. Until would only character were GI Joseph action figures today found a way to convey some very very difficult history. Through action figure they were just filled GI Joe's but the judges sitting in front of I want you to sign their Uncle Sam. Then hanging on literally hanging on the hospital fine in the final shot link is in the garbage cans surrounded by tall bottles and and beer bottle and I think the final shot at somebody coming up and video from the woman coming up picking the ball out of the garbage and wiping up the dirt and taking it home you know and it's also to a Metallica appearance Friday. Super powerful but that was an example of how they could still protect themselves from their privacy but convey something to themselves. And their loved ones that hey things are not OK here and you understand what's going on now I feel. I think it's really important to highlight that these workshops are not just for people that. May have gone communications school or have. Experience in video or film or you pair them up with someone that's an expert in that field so you are opening this up. To any veteran. That is just open to the idea that this could be a great creative outlet for them. Wait and and not only that they don't need to come with any accuracy but let's face it hated the YouTube generation and YouTube generation of warriors as well. So amazingly companies that come in and they've already there already very familiar with. In Q Graham and FaceBook and some of them now had added on their phony and so. So the bit for them to get into a creative process surround this medium happened in the you know very very quickly and and once they realized that that the power they have. To express and some of the tools to do that. He's the sky's the limit you know the only really limited by time and resources to that point but yes it's. If it does not require any any prior skilled and and it's exciting way to not only. Learned this this way of communicating in and expressing oneself but also to help other veterans who we are at that. Tip of the spear here like the military offices. And trying out something that has never be known that are studied before and there are a lot of things that work they're very effective. To help better and that no one's ever done studying public service dogs is another example but. No it never taken the time to study it and now the VA is that look we're running out of ideas and we need to. To engage these that can. Because they're better off when there and some kind of community environment or or groups setting the war over that type of thing. Then they are when they're not and we know that from from about younger stride into the one of the greatest reason for. These soldiers struggling and not just their combat experience but it's about the loss of community and so for a weekend we give them. You know cause offense that never renewed sense the black community taste of that. Tool and working for common goal of creating a film in just a wonderful opportunities I really hope that. Every person listening the things they may qualify. Served the post nine elevenths little wolf go to Ra I was their films dot org and click on the apply for the workshop. And I'll contact them and tell about it. Get them signed up. And I short on time I just have a couple more questions for you one of where can people go to watch these films are they. Are they available anywhere. Well what's interesting is when we first started as he had the answers yet when we first started this program and I'm still coming out of this phase where I where. We need I was very protective of the veterans and I still am but we never asked for their permission this year. This film than anyone until the end of the workshop and when he gets into the workshop which they look if you think this is the Bible experience you think this. Would be useful for other people feel at love your permission. And even and and every one of them over. The doubt that we worked with has given permission to show their film. Now IE if so on how might it still didn't share very many of them that are just nervous that somebody five in the bottom line is there. And they regret it later in the match but every single battered. And US betterment worked with has signed a release. And so we took a limited number of them and are slowly easing him out. To have people see them and there's maybe a dozen or so on the I was there film dot org site on the feature films page. And we've we've started. Small YouTube channel which you can find by doing search and I was their Feldman YouTube. And we're still looking for a way to kind of broaden that. Distributions and haven't seen by more people but but our first audiences that Saturn and there are immediate audience their Stanley. Where their friends their battle buddies the people they wanted to the films and over time will work on our secondary objective which is to educate others. About what these veterans are are are are coping with them and then the third thing I want to go back to what you said before. And at this absolutely can apply to folks that are not in the military although we primarily worked with the military. There's no doubt that this. This is about as you said early on shared experiences trauma in many cases so that could be you know there rig survivors refugees. First responders. You know people coming out of prison or you know war what have you you know I mean there are a lot of people would have. Shared experiences that they can relate to through this medium and then over time I would like to. To really. Explore those areas and see how effective this could be in the different context but I really think that it can be. Effective at helping. You know helping reduce symptoms helping open people up to these other you know two to community and different kinds of communication. And really improve their relationships and I mean no just say that. It's a veteran can come home from from theater and be more comfortable. Overtime with what they often called there you know warm. And just be comfortable with their story who they are they just want to split itself apart and so many so many different. You know compartmentalized. Pieces and they can just be themselves and I think that's what really going for them and not write while local people. Will you know. What this podcast and sign up to be a part of this really unprecedented. Step. Before I let you go it's been my experience that it's. Most if not all Americans are incredibly grateful for the service of our veterans and active duty military. But there are so many. That are completely on the fact that we've been at war since nine elevenths they don't have veterans or active members of their family in the military now. And yet they still wanna get involved and show support. So how could I civilians. With no military or veteran tie is support. What you're doing with the patent veteran's project in the I was there film workshops. Well what a great question and I have both one answer about what else wanted to say that. There were a different era than we World War II in terms of this country and it's sensibilities. You know and more to evade the soldiers came back and they were all you know greeted with. It for the most part you know they they do Leoville we were that the whole country was involved and supportive of that. Of those efforts in Vietnam it was quite a different experience of soldiers being spat on and and whatnot and then in the nowadays we know this. These wars you're right oh only 1% are surveying and less than 1% and somebody. And civilians don't know about what's going on in Portland however. We do you have. Growing population of these millennial to have a a greater social consciousness and social conscience. And desire to be supportive of things that are not just about making money and I think that's something that we seem more and it's a big big. You know. The group of people here that I think have a new sense of duty and responsibility and so while we haven't got the perfect way for them to engage at every level I certainly would encourage. People literature didn't perhaps organizing community screenings mean the organizing workshops around and you know eventually run on military populations. You know providing support. We we often White House better and come back in Ventura workshops and and one day we do civilian workshops what is going to come mid term but I think. You know people can certainly certainly support our nonprofit that they want. The way to donate but I've I've really been working to develop ideas for a full having these films. Seen by more people and and finding ways to create dialogue as a result of that so I think we can really create wonderful community conversations. And that's a that's something that I have always been looking for for partners and so but I think for her for starters I think civilians like like me like you. Can just have the beginning of the conversation. Piece to thank our veterans for their service and I know that's been sort of you know lampooned as they you know the kind of throw away line. But that but when people look at it is it is the only thing you do it's one thing but for me and I know for you it's the beginning because really. This is our job it's my job. Kids fit as it should be for all Americans to take care of our veterans and the sport them when they come home. And help them reintegrate and and into their communities and can be functioning productive loving caring members of the community and I think that's. I feed out of my job and if he does he see that as part of your job and if we can sort of killed that idea. Among our communities. And we won't have. This kind of you know this kind of fun split if you will you know that it is that that happened. Between these different meat production and civilians and and so forth I think there's a lot we can do bring communities together and I think this generation. Increasingly paying attention to those kind of that kind of challenges. We now have an ally in Boston so if you would ever like to have a veterans film festival you just give nearing an I'll help you put it together is I think you're. So yeah I mean. I mean I've been thinking about it quite a while I would love nothing more than defeats. You know I was their film theft or something here. Where where veterans you know over voting on this film than we're working with different communities and as you know and I mean I know we've. Gotta finish up but you know we one thing I want to mention is we've been over to Israel couple kinds of work for the Israeli veterans. And I did a workshop in New York City with a wonderful film I am happy to to link appears site called Indian Ocean. Where where veterans were of both countries who working together and they didn't speak the same language. And and they made some very powerful film about community and it's just amazing that the how the median can transcend language. And bring different cultures together into into a kind of a community of understanding. And so hey let's keep talking Kerry is that this has been a blast and I and I think you're. A wonderful. Public servant and American patriot. And act kick ass radio. Talked about how and and you like Tom Petty which is he wishes he asks good hints. It doesn't. So I'm hoping you know that can be the beginning of our conversation and in the meantime let's get them better and kind of the these workshops and participating in this study we give our VA secretary Kemp and really think about. I was their films dot org you can sign up you can watch some of the films. If you just on how supported you can donate you can get more details on the program he can check out where else in the country can get involved it's very very cool. Totally out of the box thinking. But I really do use seat. The value when the creative process and I really sees this as a really positive outlet. For our veterans to kind of tell their stories and their stories that the rest of us need to to see any year to. Thank you so much much I really appreciate your time Ben hopefully sooner than later we'll get some velvet ropes and a camel cart and we'll have a film festival. While I'm maybe you might hear that. You hyperbole let me know. That's my favorite color my my sister in the Benedict in the north of the purple the color of royalties suffering so I don't know what that means exactly but. But when a crisis colors. Let's let's get when you mix red light blue together so there you got that. Eight. More everything. More. Over the last couple weeks it's been kind of interesting when it. The fallout from a picture that he took with. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren who came into the WA AF studio. To say hello because she was in the building. Meeting with some veterans. And answering their questions about some veterans legislation and they brighter in the studio and introduced me to her and I matter for about thirty seconds to a quick picture at center for answering their questions. And basically just said you know do what every you can to support our troops and veterans that was it. The picture up on social media. Thing and it was kind of hilarious we couldn't look more like polar opposite to we tried. And I got a backlash for. People were pit stop that I would even say hello to her or take a picture with her. And it's the way to look at it we've got two senators from Massachusetts she's one of them she's also. On the armed services committees when it comes to decisions that affect the military. And our veterans she's an. Pretty significant position of power to affect those things of course and I take the opportunity talked to magic picture with. And with a lot of flak I took a lot of people came. To. My defenses well a lot of veterans a lot of my buddies that I met overseas. And one of those people is actually something I never met before Travis from Oscar might radio podcasts. It was a marine. He reached out to me and was like I can't believe what I'm reading online I mean it went from people just being mad. To the point where I was being threatened to it death and rape and bodily harm. And people saying that they wanted to let. Petition together to get me fired from my job because I took a picture with senator amused crazy. Search Travis asked me if I would be guest on his podcast the Oscar might podcast now which is a military and veterans podcast that he was said absolutely. And after the interview was over its hey would you let me put your inner view and your podcast up on my podcast and he said shore. So here is this episode 62. Of the Oscar might podcast that Iowa is aghast very weird. Being interviewed as opposed to being the interview where so here's Travis and the Oscar might. I know what you are thinking. Is this good news drafting this creates a three way he tournament that Kevin Jackson Chenault. Well just telling the truth you know this excitement I kinda lost track myself fear finding this in dot com. So. Do you feel lucky. Are my real commitment to my radio. Well warned that optimize. Our head you mean recovery over. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And I want to throw away because I've waited years to say it is okay. What is your bidding mine missed. You don't ask an open ended question like that with man. I had this I had to say is collected or greater Reese says you know it was the same thing so I. World a huge. Role of good so our folks this is trials of Oscar my radio. Different commercial tonight. I'm enjoying if you were in the Boston area she needs no introduction earning his mistress here for those of you who were worldwide. This one has been in the radio business for. Half my life at least and his still rock and it will show mr. securing. Extra happening quite an introduction. And I want to sell away because I've waited years to say it is okay. What is your bidding much missed. EL as an open question like that was just today marks a little bit. I am coming on the record right. And I'd argue more cycles and social or turn on the radio. Anders is this female voice and she's going up against. That the time are members of peace Ian opium in the in the news that area you go with racist children. I kept. Clue in on this this woman's voice talking about rock and roll and being cool and ruby and I started just real into what yours thing. And all the time leader you guys are still here. But the one thing on those people radio it is they really love and I just wanna know what you've got what you're in radio and you'll about it. Well I originally. Had no intention of getting into radio and I I loved music and so I wanted to. The involved in the music as I was high school it was height and the eighties hair metal. Rocket Laurel and Hardy and it was fine. And in so originally wanted to work in the music business. And just. I eight had this dream about how glamorous and fun it would be to work recording studio it's anybody that works. Audio at all snow is cameras and I'm not two words that describe her fashion. At all. But that's right pot. So I started looking into you. Schools could go to learn audio editing and I kind of stuck there really weren't a lot of options to. Learn how to become an audio and she hair and my family is likely either going to college or a workable time at our Italian bakery in house like our I'll go to college. So I started looking into communications programs radio programs. And I figured if I could get into those programs at least learned remedial. Audio editing. Those deals with that helped me move forward to a dream lies. Which was to work recording studio. So. I started go to school for radio communications Africa of fresh air ship recording. And I spent an entire summer recording a 27 pieces merry Apogee. Michael really want Iraq and that I am at all. My preconceived notions about how glamorous and fun it would be working recording studio came crashing out. And the. So who reared people who do that. It's a different kind of cap to do. Back board digital editing and on its wording this is also being done on tape. So. I just ain't so and so when he put that it was over I was you know what at least I know this isn't what I wanna do anymore. And I had a branch that was working around the corner from the recording studio it WA yeah her I used to beat out. For lunch because we're both doing internships at the same time. And so I went to meter at WA AF offices tickle your Frontline and the production. It happened while our hosts and I his name was that hot still works serious accident kept his big bombastic. Booming voice. And he was like for you what do you do adherents on your having my friend we're going up luncheon. You know we go to college together at the you know that already work and I told the that it recordings in Europe a quarter. Yes now I liked it I told him that I didn't he asked me what I was doing the rest of the summer is happening. Is it'll interns for me and I said OK so I started in turning. July 1 1991. Was my first days here WA. So it end. In 26 something years I went from being in Tarrant. To working part time. On promotions team. While I was still in college I was trying to ban him or stickers concerts that kind of thing and then you mentioned earlier Opie & Anthony. They weren't near a after the time. I was on the promotion team. And they got fired in April 98 per play in a practical joke on April fool's day of my era Boston at the time. And right before they did I applied to be their producer right now how to start as a female producer Anthony could have a female user. And I why. Get the job ironically an opposite production experience. By. The program director at the time asked to fight any interests actually on air strike a ball. I always thought I was gonna be the person behind the scenes. And it's you know he told me I was idiot for saying it was interesting and few weeks later. What are the part time people on the weekends got fired so I started working part time on the weekends. Knowing that a couple months LB Anthony got up. And I ended up on the air full time at night February app switched back in 1998 was. Stich. I mean we can get away with any thing it was re easy. Looks. Now a number I'm like. If you're gullible and movement boss Michael and people like pure and there you'd expert reviews and ask Susan thanks. And we work. You know you've mentioned to BBC and who was this big establish rocks at him boxed and an AA was always like to scrappy younger Brothers. And so we would try to. And and it was always like you know it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for provision that was much so Wii which is. Duels crazies and and then try and apologized for later went and that's kind of they were like. You know let's throw this girl on the air at the time. I had graduated college I started working like a rock Prodi's I was trying to trucks and building light rig stages that I was still working at the radio station so. They were like there's this crazy. How out lost in the jet with bright purple hair. Just grow our parents what happens this. And it works. So I'd several and I went for market I hate to work during the day. And then. I became the music director there. Maybe thirteen. Years ago fourteen years ago something like that. And spent I was on the afternoon now back on different days so it's like I'm a Barnicle shipped discrete. Still really in the heavy metal rock and roll there is are you really love it or such us genome so that you put up along the way. Yeah I was always it's that's what I wanna get into radio first. I just always want to rock is mom and dad she huge music and I grew up. In a house always had music. And so I just always. Looked at eagle rock concerts. You know hang out my friends and waiting now. I ain't too high at new album that day went on sale waiting out and I all night to my concert tickets like that was. Moved. And I still a lot of it now. Nobody heard yet at or you know going through it fine. Track record nobody pays attention to you like I still love. All acts but I think my spectrum of music La has gotten a little wider. You know that the thing that a lot more open minded and I was I was younger as far as. The different styles of music I and let you know hard rock it's mr. So. Three events I'm really in too well for a while right now all the king's X. Yeah I love when her son even though he's a complete nut job he's he puts on good music category. And like some time been called XDO those are my re. That you'll you'll hear mentions her right now what's would you like with slick really put you up in the morning it reduces thing. Okay sex before Cosby. It's like I was in Iraq is now it's like not a Smart it differently in the morning to even on. I like everybody else's now sitting back waiting for the call that were new tool record there one remind her man. So. I don't know if I went where we're proud that I hope we do. I know as far as really really new stuff goes I am lucky few fighters. So happy so much as two years. I just think Dave Grohl is really wants people to pay attention hard rock again and then. And you know he's just taking no prisoners with it so I I love that record. There's a lot of great stuff out there bands like and Greta thoughtfully have you heard these I hear you here. Yeah they sound like Janis Joplin Led Zeppelin had eighty and there at their twenties from Michigan and these guys can't frown. But I love royal blood is another band of ups asked where's there's so much noise coming to reduce. Exhaust. But there's a lot of great music out there you know I just fine. You funded. People tell me the rock and roll emails that I'm like now you just go around the world look it's it's still their rooms in their. It's not forget it's just a lot of crap I think everybody thought with the Internet really took over the music business. For that it was just going to be is. Deluge of me easy music and all it really did was highlight of pact that not everybody can be The Beatles. And so now. You've got us the truth is. Always on the Internet. And one diamond in the rough because. It basement. And all of a sudden Havel or music up your act. And they think they're great. There. And and it spaced out like everybody else they're doing that a hundred times before and a theater that really kind of muddy the waters have made it a little bit harder to fine eased its people also. You know their attention span so short now that it's a ban does it. Huge mass appeal popularity. For single first record. They don't get a chance to if you go and look at all the anti lock it took this at our house. Witten put it really hit their stride. Bands don't get that opportunity war because. He'll labels don't want to. To get to their third. And a little bit do you which are a lot of these labels now. The one that will stick with an artist really just get in the studio with writers and encourage him to just. Keep writing it right into the right songs come out those labels are the ones that are churning out these pants. That are becoming really popular because they're actually creating something great. This could music out there I think. No I agree you love it issues fine and fears yours almost too much it's almost you like you both say there's too much to choose from. I think we suffer from now. You know I thought listen W area a store knows you start really training to using your hormone in here. To talk about military and veterans issues and there's a 9/11 that happened that really peoples for nosing but over time. People for it away from them that you always kept true though salaam. I'm curious as some your family or personal life that you want to talk about the really care Q. On track for African production because we're caring where which is kind of what we're talking and you seem we'll think about. Like grew up in a military can't. My great grandfather served in the army or one. My grandfathers. Served in the navy war two Korea. My dad's best friend was that. Paratrooper. In. And it's has a purple heart because he was shot in the knack. And see. Growing you know we didn't know what PT EST one. I growing up as a kid. You know I call them uncle brought me in though he's not really alcohol but that's what we call them. And it's I remember being a young kid probably for my ears all. And it was the fourth of July and I remembers something lighting off firecrackers or something. And a local of rocky dole under the table. And I remember thinking that was whole areas. I had no ID yeah that it wasn't funny well. My dad. Is strapped. Hole for the ground but because his younger brother was. Still my parent my dad was running the family bakery in the business at times he was providing the tire him. They would take. My dad lived with the regret. Serving even though his number. Were trying to find a week I don't have the his cover was ready to go there wouldn't take him and that is best friend goes get shot and doesn't act the same. So my dad and Ian paramedic and a buyer. Writer and it's. Another one of my uncles was caught so I just grew up with this. Inherent respect and admiration for anyone that puts the uniform on in service to their community and country opposite errors. I was tired I. Writer there's so much for you to my family. I'm not medically eligible to sir. So it was always. Impressed upon me. That you have to dues. That you have to do their their house to be something in your lie to you. It is. You know what I got into radio. You know the first year I was on the air eight year house. Eight tiny giant. Or eight years rock music I mean that's what Clark at an escape or on our allies on MTV it was a huge Red Sox have rock music back. It was at eight party. A apple is to rally the party and and so I really had a chance to. It was a girl at my mid twenties. You don't believe that why it. But it's not. Eons. I remember it like I've done some things with different branches of the military but when I don't let it. We. Pulled all the music all the commercials and everything on the air it just seems that second building got hit. And then the first tower came down we knew what was going die an and a rock station had to completely changed years. And become a news station at an outlet for our audience and us it was very clear to me that the guys listening to my show we're going to be the ones fighting whoever did. And when all of there's no war effort to really kicked and all the branches were recruited we were running commercials for all the bridges the military trying to get people to list. And then after. The big occasion we started hearing acts year. You know how awful it troops work is you know looking back at history like not everybody was happy with it and not everybody was happy with her Afghanistan. There are a lot of protests. Eons. I started asking questions the military seem to hear you need help recruit sunny skies over the car. Now hearing they don't have here they need data to the training they need. They're doing really bad over there. Halliburton is getting rich don't like what is going all. And so that really galvanize. IE resolved. To you picture that. The guys and girls I just say guys collect our troops. I hit me. We're getting what they need to do the job. And that is. We were hearing the truth because I remember. Because of my uncle Friday I remember growing up had a lot of attitude about. My parents' generation that late sixties Vietnam carried generation. And how they treated people. Samples brought it home she was one of those guys that landing uniform at Logan and it puts civilian clothes on the bathroom and throw his uniform away because it was getting. Probably the league did all. Right. Country. Or our. Troops. And I remember saying my parents acted and my generation. Your generation socked it to you due to a right. My generation would we ever went to war. My generation we treat our troops batter and growing opposition to this that easily through the eighties. All the military conflicts we had were were small I didn't grow up at a time of war like everybody in my generation debt. So happy I do. Where go to war. All that smack talked about the Vietnam era and how they treated their veterans I had a back. And so light I took it is our responsibility also is my way to contribute and get back. In the way that I could. Owings. When things that struck me is you know I don't know the record and go back him more authentic human interest was. We've seen pictures of guys WA AF stickers overseas in Afghanistan Iraq. And then you know we tune just period you know thumbs up. I'm like wow this this place really does. Walk the walk in there I understand you went over and gotten better directly on the first wanted to double was well liked. Yes. All the guys started sending at least. So ice eat out of this hole. You know little bottles of hot sauce and get it looks yeah. Those so guys would act goes to withstand and sent him back to this stand brown you know Baghdad is this an illusion is to stand for her body wherever. And then I started sending them back we actually care package dry the very beginning of the warmer and listeners donated. All this stopped and we spent about 2000 care packages overseas and everyone of those care packages was bumper stickers that picture of me. Autograph make this service all the stock. And so that's getting. Coveted male that it was still now what it is today. It hasn't won in 2003. So yesterday getting envelopes back with real pictures. I'll like these guys at my bumper stickers everywhere Aaron and it's shirts. You know just all of the stops. Which. So I really sort of asking questions about what's going on over there. You know the guys let's say lol you know if there's people we are USO tour is like Huckabee can't Kabul here I don't know what to try. So originally it was a tight pants airforce base that or smuggle me. They were gonna be like a C 130. And just drop of just act act the hang outs and guys while they refueled in flight hall it was going to be this. I mean this show as far. Seriously tried to. Dot not asked for permission and just drop me. Crazy that is all crazy this curtains are. So every US. In the USO. You know they don't want to single anybody out so they wanna teach. Just as open somewhat from the air force Alaska's they are the Marines in Florida. And I am immediately recognizable that nationally. As I really didn't meet their US cell criteria. And so I you know now I got a bunch of guys that are overseas. I was friends with lieutenant colonel that was sent com and he and I would mail a package or admin. I was like how can get over the US so take me can't smuggle me anymore like. How can I get over the hearts and it was his idea to have me play. It was reckless it's a long shy you know you're not a traditional corporate media but here's the hack it. Don't write mr. Carrey were your real name don't rate anyway ray company that owns you just. It'll be as generic as you can and sent a packet back to me and I'll see what I can oh. So I told everybody. Liked 2005. I told everybody here like a triangle overseas it was like your little kid common human talent you. It builds wings on the bed sheet I'll learn how and why isn't it goes. Really you it'll keep you occupied for a while also. Uneasy if you lie. So here's what I was going to be able to pull up. EL OOK now either submitted a pact. And slowly but surely. I would get a message per cent com as a cool we got we got signed opposite of another signature and other persons I dot. And it was. You mailed to hi over here and that was. You may want to think about it some shots. How this. The lawyers accurate the radio station got unhappy about who's gonna pay to transport our main just. Happy ends. Because I am going over there for the fifth anniversary. And I was in. Baghdad. In September of 2006. Time is went all the reporters were getting celts. That's what they were decapitated people the Internet and really going after that it was so much media there at the time. Okay so that's kind of go over there's quite gotten batted with a lot of troops from Massachusetts which might mission wise to go over there and let them know that people from home we're thinking about. But it was also to be able to come home advocate of the troops behalf. And to be able to tell me your story about what was really going time and have not go through the filter of whatever side of the spectrum of the media was reporting the story. That I just wanted to know the true if troops are doing good things I want to tell a story. Happening I want to tell its story to. And will use the are you either. Well the biggest criticism I had was things like how much they were charging. Due to feed the troops. This time it was 26 dollars per meal per day. Her whole year. Or Marines or airmen and you know what you're number eight outlaws Stuart get a 26 dollar me. And they weren't paying the third country nationals could dollar data work in the channels. So the profit margin on the house was mass. The end of workers. Yeah I was Halliburton NK ER at all these companies and what I really started drilling down on like what things cost. Because people at the time really started to complain about how much this war was cost kept sending more and more people over there. Steps and and what's the exit strategy. And what's going fine and the other thing I learned was. You know I. I was getting tours through like Saddam's palaces in and really kind of learning I went to Camp Cropper which is the president replaced Abu grade. So after all the Abu grave crisis all of those pictures came out they moved the insurgents to do crop car. And the guys that were serving as the guards on the ground were from Massachusetts at the time. And it balascak. And they let me go in there that I need to get near the insurgent prisoners and I got to get in their clothes and not to get to do. The guys that were guarding the insurgency is those guys were working to close at twelve hour shift its. Seven days and weeks they got to go to the USO show that never got a good excuse me and to go to the PX they had everything brought to them because they were always work. So there are like you know what we wanted to use an equal for these guys were innocent Jewish I remember they sit in with coolers. That had stopped it makes it. State to grit. And these guys have been working for months in the heat Iraq they really grab a Barbeque and we just made it. So how is sitting out just listening to there stories. Some guys had no idea why they re. And a lot of civilians at home really didn't know what was behind the war and then other people which shoulder. Well this is where they were killing people in this is where you know how the money was going and I was hearing stories out. You know chemical weapons that we announced over the air Paul was saying it could have collecting. I was embedded with guys that were like oh that's right hearing news. We're learning. About. The different tribal areas of Iraq at Wyatt. To hole his keys to the Middle East concept was so complicated. And the difference between. Sunnis. Kurds and made it to this day I don't understand is that weighed more than I did before. Let's think people don't understand just how different from us if you will or western World Cup for the world list. And it's been worked out for tens of thousands of years and you just marking reverse it with the click of a button she's not gonna happen. You've got people that aura. That. He cut off of port access golf. You've got people in the south with a golf acts as but they don't have exceeding. They need to go through that so you've got all these different battling tribes. That. If they could work together it could happen very symbiotic relationship. Don't hate each other. And the government so there are trying to build up infrastructure. Might insurgency in negotiate through all these different tribal elders in. You know it's just it's such a complicated issue. And I realized. AA. How uninformed I wasn't as an American. Beat. That we were asking our troops to go over there and do jobs. They really like winning over the hearts and minds of the people these villages is not what they learned their training before the deployment. But it was a mission that was being asked of them when they get over there because. If you couldn't win over the hearts and minds it couldn't get people to trust you could get information about where the bad guys where. This gives me even more complicated by the fact all of you it tests that are on the quote unquote frontlines for the Americans adored him. And although that isn't what's that no we can't speak to Eric. You try to get information. It. You're you're being mean I try what is there it's like you're still. That's. Over the air races. And so it was really complicated. And I had a crash course in the war policy and to hold the seat and she's. While doing that I'm I'm learning how to look good now learning how to throw grenades just in case the convoy am in is under attack and applying that impact cock missions where. I saw a guy outside the air base so there are that her cell try to debate east. And the Americans went base to. The hospital to take care for him if we just so Bob Kerrey is that they were. Americans. So that's a political. Yeah you're taking care of the local that or getting her executing that medical care at all I saw all of this with my own not raised you know at what point that that guy so trying to. They may work. Do. A transfer with two Blackhawks were both you know. Rotating on the tarmac and it carried a litter for a one black hawk to the other they carry it over here at the quarters. And I'm right across 130 degree rival. With a bunch of helicopter crew people cheering at terrorists. Who just blows my. Going in just her here teaching Boston. Hell did I end up he. And those experiences. Where I can hole. Those guys that I was better with over there I know without question wouldn't take the bullet and died to protect while I was. You know it's a thing because see a lot of people who use you know one advocate that that's and we know who's for real who's not. It just seemed like over time you know what this moment is for real issues no models last hands are just trying to. You know social media likes you have a real desire to advocate for veterans. And it just really was communicated with are you preaching if you will. Well last couple years so we are now. And emotion and yours for a little bit like him are artsy what you do with the PQ Steve veterans receive YouTube community. You don't want anybody know if they need help or what congress did a ring were balls. Things that you know accused the Marines do in the and I see if McCain in the picture. The infamous picture refutes your to warn. And you know blows up I'm like you would've thought you. You were staying with Hitler. And I just want to talk about that because I'm sitting there looking I'm like. These people don't understand. How this all works she is opportunity pitch with the senator from our state senator who mayor Mick. But when political bomb like. He's an opportunity to secure our listeners about veterans worry ignore what he wants a pair talked about their social importance you interests and it won't control over. Here's here's this here's what happened. So every Tuesday. A group of veterans. Coming in to distribute alcohol. At one of the other radio stations that we own W working out 'cause there's a veteran show on on Saturdays at WRKO. And those guys record actually had time. In their three different generations of veterans I see it every Tuesday. And my studio I can I see these guys it altered events it's. They don't say hi and having that guest is or whatever it was pretty guest at its height of me at the early so sweet as you know carries a great advocate for us she's overseas. Because what I got home from Iraq I could go back overseas to Afghanistan as well so. These are always fantastic. And that's. They had request to have senator Warren command because she is drafting some that are just each. I don't know what the legislation. The rate now I know that that's why they invited her. And I also know that they get this huge window of time with her to be able to dive into every controversial stance on every. Socio political issues that gee how is. They're battery to that radio show you wanted to talk to not want their senators from the state. But you also look up services can us humans she did cry how it comes to things that influenced our military and are better. Yeah. She sits down to her credit or high water to answer direct questions in person from three different veterans. The military into errors service. And so wet that was done they were walking back down the hall my studio door was dealt and they cave and it said. Senator Warren this mr. Kerry did you lay out she's she's just hours. I said it's very nice to each you thank you for taking such these guys coming in to answer their questions please do everything you can't. To support our troops veterans. And that one of the guys from the show the veterans that you take a picture it sure ours I took a picture winner. That was. Literally the extent this. Of my interaction with senator it ends I sure. Kind of lighthearted because there's this incredibly conservative. Looking. It what her girls. Or glasses and her pantsuit. Getting to the purple haired rock DJ after we get is an odd couple I thought the picture was airy is and I. It was like you know we are ready to the halls around here or something like that tax matters help me act on FaceBook. Literally you're not that I jolted the darkest depths of the ocean and I saw a lot courts drag. Water propped. I turned everything. Ours. She's not a huge. Number. Kruger usually don't keep the air she should just at her Europe's greater. Everything you've done with the Terry is is gone now. You turn your back on March through that started in two. You know I. Forget one of them all of their all of that threatening ones I had to report. These but it was like. You know there's a couple bitches that deserved it rates. That it was. You know I. I've ever seen two roads that were more worthy of being. Like. From. This light hearted. You know clash of two opposing worlds kinda picture. H two. Understand. It myself at first I was like why would talk to car. She wasn't. My day. Who's loving arms services committee. With what you're trying to do with when general that as secretary Mattis was going through his. His approval hearings this. Earnings. How would come to all military and parents whether you'll. So. I had 230 seconds forty seconds with this woman probably never be what it. Nice to her are you taking care of these veterans mean eyes that she was willing to sit down and answer their questions. And please do you can't support your parents. Yeah it. The won't vote for comes out it is I I saw all the comments from all. This often I'm curtain you know you you hurt my feelings and then you're you brought something in your earlier comments let's and I tell people all the time. Regardless of your political affiliation if you really don't like that person you don't think after advocating productions effectively. Pope now. Yeah and then you look at the voting numbers in her district court last couple years and you realize most people have voted in the first place. There is not registered. They don't show up the primary is where they don't mode I can't tell you how many times people commented. Your vote doesn't count it's knowledge am like. Really do you really think because truck acted the hole he couldn't win. Because people thought out and boat shocked. When he. He's. How. It is. You go look in the Mir insert a camera won't do this thing and then the other thing I'm like you know respect for the office maybe you don't like. That person. Republican Democrat whatever. At least understand that like you said she is just more analysts who sooners from Massachusetts. Who serves on the arm Nielsen arms committee she's incredibly powerful when it comes to that area of government and we want her on her side. So why wouldn't you at least extortion courtesy and just go over people's heads. People were light you guys doing it for battery and you talked to him like a ball. It's not she was on my show she blocked my studio at the request of greet battery. Is going to be interviewed. And I'm just saying. That interview she did with those guys is gonna completely open our eyes to something you probably now. We don't like she's sat down with three veterans fifteen minutes they were able to speak their geez asked questions about legislation. And then. She locked in a studio. Artist aired girl maybe she was expecting it is today. Please do everything you can't support should it matter and they produce she was how I was expecting out of his girls out but it didn't. You know what should probably not least. I took a little time that I. I had to advocate on behalf of the people it means the most to me and the issues that mean the most to me and nothing comes at these tickets I try. And any ignorance of the people that work you know there are saying it lost. To her it's like you. Should do well. To limit. Those to her and she wants to that. Educating yourself you. I just you don't care how meet all I would just after the face of pushing up the stairs of like really the real. You wouldn't it multiple felonies. Terrorist attack on SCR. Services committee. And the rest. Apparel. Because she wrote I sincerely doubt I guarantee you what does that height or you know. There's not actually get that high to key toward. And acting like I was supposed to be. Disrespectful to this she. You want. That you agree with every single thing that comes out of their mouth and I call you lie because even the most. Strict. Orders. There is stock. I hear is he needs to heat up Twitter let you tell me with certainty that every single day. That politicians dance where you'll agree. The whole. The whole manner or democracy's about compromise. It's about sank. I'm not giving you a 100% of what you want you're not gonna give me odd percent of what I want so let's got to come up with number. As well as we could be. Is 60407030. To fifty anywhere we negotiating. And let me you that that's your job. On that thought you've been. In our world workers world for a long time now what's most most pressing thing you think that we need is veterans in this country. Right now. Come back to you over and over again preface this statement by saying I realize I have a civilian. And never a million years it's my experiences overseas news. A limit damage circuit. Not our secure Dalai Lama civilian a moment can't do anything I'm like no let's just hold via us because our found that women can understand need in the man is a blessing man there's more mail that comes from from veterans. But women I I've worked with them in the understanding how supplies. That need to meet that need so I get what you're saying but I don't think it really matters. Well I just I just want people to think that because I spent two weeks racquet two weeks Afghanistan. I understand everything you went eight you know I I I know a couple smells like I understandable Randall. I don't you guys like I I have. Little bit more of an idea that the average is of no I want to make sure that people understand that I no way shape reform. I attribute my experience to that better or not. That peaks. In my in my experience. The biggest thing that I see in the veteran community. It does the most damage. Is isolation. That especially with the with the guard and the batteries. Because. At least we're active duty. You you go back and your still Nat. World and you come back home seizures steel that is structured. Terry world until you get out of the military people. We're the National Guard you go from serving full time overseas for a year however long your air to coming home. Go back around those guys you go to drill and in the meantime you're expected to go back to your day job go back to your house go back all yours that. Pressure is. Down chipped past. Re easy to think anyone. Can do without having some. Worker where it doesn't work that way and that one thing that I see most of the issues. Especially the guys get when they come home their deployment is they go from the brotherhood those structure. I have got your back you got right back. To be completely isolated from that group. You know you say OK well there's a hundred guys. L serve together and come back twenty of them get out of the military's of those eighty guys he literally go to drill one weekend a month they still connected to each. And Christmas party for the U and it or that. The ball at the end of the year but those guys are now outside of the military's. System they're outside and frankly based she acted. Which was not always available the way that it is house veterans early. In these wars had a harder time staying connected. Except that I do now. But the isolation. That I see with these guys is. They don't wanna be perceived as the only one attended a hard time. So if there have been money. They're having marital problems. There happening. Part time job. A hard time processing your experience there have nightmares. If they have you know each ST symptoms. Maybe they're struggling with injury that. Because they're not in the military anymore they don't have a purple car door or you know there is everywhere that documented overseas gather outside of the spectrum that the day. Where they try and navigate to be a system and now all excited they don't wanna be viewed as the week. From the squad or whatever saying. And they don't want somebody ask how they're doing and because they don't have to answer the question honestly don't lie lie almost out of that guy gets isolated. And that guy is outside. Of that groove losing their try. And now they're outside of the try to. And there are defiantly does understand because they weren't there civilians. Co workers their bosses don't understand them because they're civilians urged sir. And now they're isolated on an island unto themselves. I didn't serve in combat but when I got a Marine Corps I minimum recycle from Arizona here. Experienced such a degree no spam we know brotherhood known nothing it was a very lonely rude awakening to a different world. And I cancer related and does things I would agree with is you get out of that shelter you have a brotherhood. And you truly are alone in a lot of ways even though your round people even though you're you're going to barbecues. They don't understand certain things that. You do. And the people understand the mean they they make fun of that or the stay away from it is some very typical thing a lot of guys don't know how to deal. I can only speak from my limited experience. I I I do a lot of public speaking and I I do a lot of veterans act does he work I talk a lot about what my trips were like. And I can tell you that. When I. Got home. From the pianist. We and it low. 9 o'clock Sunday night right so one minute on an amnesty. Crap scared me and the next thing that Logan with and I can't be right I get rid home. There's a welcome home party waiting for that I had no idea was there I was exhausted. I I felt horrible that I was home guys aren't. And that next morning I had to be back at work I had to come back to the radio station and I remember that next morning. Walking through the halls and and the guy that went with me my producer my eight. I would like zombies right or walking around the halls we had to adjust the time change. Week we couldn't believe that the last two weeks to happen. Somebody blocked was Hossa we didn't know you guys were home. We ended up meeting. Talking about concert I mean on a teacher logos design. And I remember sitting at that meeting looking high and we see you were to reach the local mall set everything because it was like. To block. At least. Nobody this rule. Even has an understanding. Yesterday we were at yes. And today we're in this room and there are all looking at us like why what's the matter what's wrong with you guys. And that. How shipped was difficult for me I was only got two weeks. Shift after being on a year on deployment that could bother. Coming hole. You're coming home to problems. Strained marriage. Kids that are trying to adjust to you be at home as for the last year you're able to be for birthdays Christmas parent teacher conference is. You just realize the girl went on without you being there because your wife bring your husband that your kids had no choice but to go on without you know. And you're trying to find a job. And sad all the pressures that you're able to or because your focus on missions overseas like. How is that mortgage getting paid for or what is the plumber coming to the toilet. All those things come crashing back down yo. And no one else around you understands you you're around your guy it's. To be able to. Talk about those common experiences to be like oh yeah you know what exactly. So was mine or your kids are acting out because they're not used dual solar. Name or. You know yeah my boss does understand why has such a short temper what people don't do what they say they're gonna do war. Nobody around understands. So what other things that I was trying to do way is to put reunion together to get these guys together on the weekends doing stuff Beijing. You know playing cards and you know I think taking guys on ones died I think things to kind of get out of their comfort zone. Obama inexperienced at Bob over again because it's the conversations that happen in the down time. The small pocket that guys have. And that's where those connections get re. And all of a sudden when they're guarding is down a little bit and they start realizing there I island alone but every one of those guys go through this same. Adjustments the same pressures of the civilian world it's aimed survivor's guilt to insert the same. You know the same issues. They all have this same issues. And they just adding him to hock up. In my experience with the guys that I competitor action helps him. It does because when you want to know alone and you have that support system there and so here on Thursday. Fifteen Q3 days. And do you. Think. That never is no. And much harder to realize. I'm human and so. You insane victory at 45 date certain to. They were gonna meego regret or remorse now that people were going to watch a movie. I'm let's go to the raging go shooting or manner and time now and I'm broke acts all those things come back and verse two older so. Actually you know you're lights lol eat. Saddles. And it just. Becomes less typical. And yours social. Relationships with your family your friends coworkers as civilian world. Become less didn't call to an. Takes a long time of course it does is it a little. Or struck the semi. About your heart you. And and Martins do people in his own way and like one. Which. Are people it's things like that it's lawyer is certainly worth area do you have any events coming up that you want scheerer talked about. Well like I'm on the board had 22 killed Boston on going to kill those. Veterans outreach organizations started out Dallas and it was started by some guys who were Marines originally from. Ask that they opened tried biased and I I'm on the board and do a lot of help with social media there. And that kind of stuff. We're always working on and motorcycle Wright's comments. Were always doing some kind of fund raiser there's a lot of groups have actually bent. Coming to us wanting to do. It kills we're constantly raising. And always trying to look for things to you. A sky. That we hated sports 22 veterans. All different. Areas of conflict. All different branches. Male female battery. Terry and we took the sky. Some of them had jobs or airborne some of them average it's. And it's. It was all paid for the whole day was paid for their videos pictures. Everything was paid more and it was autism. So I can tell people to go to way to kill boxes and age Czech Petr Gramm. DE put on by other organizations that are benefiting are always getting up there it's there's always stuck. Rats coming. Yeah. Obama have all that stuff along the you know blog post for this podcasts so check that out. And make sure you liked him she secured FaceBook page to stay in the know. War on works closes out the solutions that are really good time or ruin enjoyed being talked to you and answer just anything you want what shown before you leave user and you think that we should be looking out for locally. Looking like well. A little while ago before it took that picture came for whatever. You know we were talking about. That my guys and and I said something like I know. You know with wit. Apps will certainly seen that irritable and yeah yeah so. The reason I stayed at I'm not trying to be overly dramatic or whatever but but I say that because. The guys that I was way. Saw me as part of their mission so of course they would take me. Those guys also thought I was the crazy. Because I volunteered to go over there and I was not not. So what you go through. Boot camp and you trained together and you get ready for mission you serve together. You're grieving is you put your life my hands. Lightly but your hands were Brothers I got you back. And what I really trying to impress people is this. There is the Balkans you know you asked me a couple of times why it is so passionate about the work that I do why is that I that I continued his mission. To help veterans can't. Does that troops. What I understand is that there is a responsibility. That I appeal and it's not something that people have put on me I feel it's. That's. What I highlight them there overseas. They could not yours mine too. I became a liability for a target for an unarmed on trains. You know liability. And they took the wrong and made me part of their group and they are still my Brothers to Tuesday. Especially and did you detect where the time women were serving. And there is certain and deal. On I eat that is. I could so easily put might lighten their hands and I could do nothing to reciprocate. For. And so I look at it my vision back here. And advocating for them as the giving back and have bare back overseas for. And so there is it's not something they passed or it's not that there is a certain amount. I need to do everything I can. Because I know more aid pact. For me without question. Its soul it's my job to make sure that when they're home and back on my to her that I have got their back it every. That's where this. Launches this is authentic. Because you can talk these guys and we can still think. We can see your phone in and the one thing that has come across to me. Over the years is that this this this person's not think about this this is not just you know look at me current thing. And so the Roy you know spokesman. Eric my family there my Brothers IE I grew up with a younger sister. And now I got hundreds. Of Brothers and they and they are from me. In the years since we. As much if not more that I have been able to be. In a personal crisis illness it was my guys have interest in that took care of me after a crash course like. As sergeant major achievement to be Italian. Brady Bunch a whole lot as they are because. They're. The exact same. There at their weddings. Funerals to detect and I've been at their kids' birthday party is. It it's it's it's it's an honor to do it again. We won't make it sit there. And I do not take it lightly and I am grateful for every day. Just salute our statement just really really on just sit here just forward. Because. You don't hear that every day. You know Saturday slow. I don't I don't know you at all on the morally you know talking face to face but like I said you know what you do does resonates with us who don't know you. And we just appreciate we do force. My I appreciate you guys you know I have the right to go on here to talk about music motorcycles and other stuff because. You know you guys protect that right. Very well aware that I am fortunate to have been born a woman United States I'd seen how women into other parts of the country. I am very fortunate. I can speak my mind is freely and is openly in two is wider audience is hat and acted column free. Now that didn't come without a price. I definitely paid that price. Difference paid the price for on my behalf of I am incredibly grateful for it. You know I just. I just want people there's a lot of amazing civilians there that are untouched by these wars that don't have anybody that's a veteran and their family. That. You know they don't know what it's like to hit the blues star goals aren't there windows they they just they don't know we have we're fortunate to. Volunteers. In this country that are willing to step up and serve. Ends so the vast majority of the populist is intact. It doesn't mean they're not grateful for and there are a lot of people in the civilian world that wanted to use some. To show their appreciation. And whether that's paying for your costs in the because ECU uniform or they see your veteran. It's a now paper copy to dry through cut I had a busy day or you know they opera her. Is there is business or they just copy thank you for your service. Every I know it's served is is Mary. It very difficult to those two. Girls. And guys are very. Thing accuses top taking. It's not hand down her over with if you was to charity. If I can't post thing it's that you've got to understand there are a lot of the east. Grateful civilians. That want to be involved. And want to show their appreciation because they are very air units back east. So. Yeah. Shell at a motorcycle ride to better. You know a wounded veterans at Howell and volunteer help build a house for a guy that came home. Like short and when he went over there and let them. You know if you discount take on those things. You know because. Really you are appreciated more that you hear on the news you are appreciated more than you realized. And there are a lot of very great. Americans out there. That are are very thankful. To have the light of that they have because you know. The ones that deal wake up every day grateful. If they put their radio on between 103 every afternoon. Do you have a whole here's something that we have a little bit because it's really easy to kind of take these things for granted. Can the three and WA AF every day in eastern standard time you can hear the mistress. Adhere upset roster. We screen at you grew on them. Yeah you can download our free. The word app. Some resentment you'll get back to download or app you can listed anywhere we've listening in Hawaii. Ballistic on military bases. And you can also tell your Smart speakers like your global player. You know tell alike simply did you weigh up you can listen there was any. So no excuse no excuse. To boot the masters re taking over the planet. Lol I will ever it's a blast attitude even if you hate our exports Jeanne. The thing I didn't know anything about Boston didn't really about the Yankees Red Sox thing but I wolf boy I got an education from you in your eyes or learning. And patriots why you guys when Bill Walsh are sold his sold double the reason they keep winning I'll do that right now. And saints fans though it's been really tough. Who really really tough and I Bible. Bar yankees care that and it's okay. Hold. And I don't lose just like. That off. You understand that. A torture in the paint a growing up sports and I Aaron in the area is more my. Because. We lost. It big painful ways girl's body years so many hits it can be obnoxious Boston. Celebrations. Duck boat parades in the championships all that us. We are very well aware of what it's like to lose and lose the biggest stage and lose it the worst way. No we got right gonna celebrate what we will win because we know what's happened every time. Well my. First patriots game that I ever watched the guy gave me tickets to do some work for him. There are grooves to him like this is a pro stadium. So you guys come along way deservedly so. Mark burst into their heads is that. Schools that are there is. More crabs gone okay. Where I've seen. We're gonna change that knowledge out and build a stadium where it changed a logo is pretty new coach and just. Acting cool list. A that. Rats are changing ownership. And a curse of the bambino. And Stanley Cup. I. All morning. Will say again. I come to bust a beat Watson and area on the mostly from the radio cute educated. Give in the know about everything and veteran. All fall to early leads just opt for ear eye opener that you just never know temperature may in maybe that's. Maybe that's the data haven't artists. Now call your body's man reach out all on target. With some stupid excuse to get together. And you think anything works well one thank you for your time come on the podcast you hear this next week Thursday at 8 PM Ulster mark regard com. And mistress I will do your doing time thing. It was an honor I appreciate your podcast with a lot to come back I appreciate it. Great I. Appreciate you much. All right there is episode thirteen Mistress Carrie site peace podcasting I think and patent for coming on the podcast. And also Travis from Oscar might radio four interviewing name putting me on his podcasts are wanted to make sure. That I gave everybody a chance to kind of find out about his podcast as well as always you can check out my podcast. Google plays teacher iTunes of course you can go to WA AF dot com's or for anybody have found my podcast that doesn't know. Anything about me I am the mid day host at music director of Boston's rock station WA out. You can hear me live every weekday from ten to three here in Boston you can listen. On line that WA AF dot com you can tell your Smart speakers to play W way out you can also down water app just text the word out eight PP in 97107. You can listen anyway her subscribe to the podcast you can comment on it please try and be nice to be camera was trying to get the word out about podcast thank you so much for supporting it and for check in and out and I always like to remind you at the end of every episode to take a big bite out of a big piece so. Here we come. Episode fourteen.