Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 12: Boston Fire Fighters Burn Foundation

Tuesday, September 19th

Mistress Carrie sits down with Boston Fire Fighter, Phil Skrabut, the Treasurer of the Boston Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, to talk about the history, and programs funded by the foundation. Then, Fire Fighters Mike Holt, and Shane Radcliff, "Mr. August" and "Mr. September" of the 2018 Boston Fire Fighters Burn Foundation calendar, talk about getting involved with the foundation, working with the kids, and what it's like to go from the military, to the fire department, and then become a calendar pin up model.Log onto www.bostonburn.org for more details on Team Brave and more info on the BFFBF.  Tickets for the calendar launch party on Thursday Sept. 21, can be found here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1507566?utm_medium=bks 

"To ease the suffering and hardships
of burn victims and their families"


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During this thing works. A lot less pressure. If so it is until then just put forty mile yeah there's that. And. This just curious side he's hot here. Snapshot on WB AS dot com. I'm a woman. Welcome episode twelve. Mistress Carrie side piece podcast thank you so much checking up podcasts and if you subscribe thank you so much for subscribing and iTunes on Google play on stitcher. You can check out all the episodes it WA AF dot com or for anybody that found the podcast online that doesn't know about W layout. My name's mr. scary I am in mid day host to music director of Boston's rock station WA out. And if you go to WA AF dot com you can find all of things you need to find out about podcast this episode twelve so there's eleven other episodes of the haven't heard me to check them out. Well on the aired during the day a plane a lot of music and there's a lot of other stuff that I wanna talk about that I just don't have the time to lose so that's at this podcast is great for his I get to sit down with really interesting people. And be able to have long conversations about really cool things funny things important things controversial things. And it's. I get to bring in people that are really like like my gastric now feels great it from the Boston fire department and the Boston firefighters burn foundation. Welcome to my podcast they should be inside peace not to give them. Now you have known each other really long time. And it's. Every year around this time. There's big fund raiser for the Boston firefighters burn foundation and how all of you when I been working together with the burn foundation now it's over ten years now rank. I'd say probably ten or eleven I think we did a bachelor auction fer I want to say eight years. Before we signed an account or in the stuff for the is full force here is a talent. Already the fourth calendar and fourth calendar Ohio. So it along time and I knew you even before right so it's it's you know each other really long time home on fire department. Don't try to challenge ball villas and I knew you before he got the fire department. So probably. It's a fifteen years or so fifteen years ago that that we that we still look fantastic if you do. At that. The bust of firefighters burn foundation we Yousef the bachelor auction which is how I got involved with the burn foundation is if you're gonna auction off shirtless oiled up greased up firefighters doing pushups. And sell them off to a hot chicks should probably have a woman to when he auctioning it to them the first really had a we we didn't have a woman and it was a colossal failure. I think a guy that's a tall order to go into an event filled with. Horny drunk women. And be on the stage of all the dues it was awkward. At the very awkward and when you guys came to me and pitched the idea I was like. You want me go up there and with all of these shirtless firefighters to the bachelor auction used to work was that you get a bunch of them firefighters. And we would get like you've certificates to restaurants and whenever we would auction on dates with the firefighters all the women that would show up which was awesome. But a few years ago you guys wanna to transition that to be able to get more people involved and hopefully raise more money for the burn foundation. And you wanted to do. Firefighter calendar. Yet at the calendar of events. It raises Tripoli amount of money that the auction did. It opens opens it and makes a little bit easier because when not spiked to just using single guys we can use guys that have girlfriends and wives as wanna improve that. It'll option off bachelors and a bachelor auction when they're married with three kids right. But why doesn't wanna brag about our hotter husband is exactly get him in the calendar. So spent a little easier on the fund raiser has been a safer fund raiser to do was fires the it's not as risque as the as the auction was. It ends for the people that by the calendar we get to enjoy it twelve months out of the year on the wall are certainly. So we appreciate the candy filled. It's a win at the bachelor auction started how long before that was the burn foundation how long is that. Sort of foundations cited in 2003. It was two firefighters. Prior or Miami whose name names Sean Hamlin and Steve turley. Steve too early still memorable. Based out of it they basically had the idea of doing more. After a fire we glorify as we come back can you forget about what happened in LA Helio coming don't all the stories. That's your job. Any it would be okay for you guys to just do your job to go to a fire put the fire out rescued people. Go back to the firehouse that's your job right and I are talking about going above and beyond. Right isolated they wanted to that they wanted to help on after the fact in the would see people that oranges. You know through burns smoke inhalation and and stuff like that mean they wanted to get my balls and they started up. I think with the help of mass general hospital and they were friends with guys from FT and lives burn foundation. In the gut. The right direction in. It's now turned into an organizational we have. Or quarter million dollars. Relief the available to use it and world volunteers and do this we don't get paid we do those Mondays off. It's not something that the department gives us time while force shoes you guys just make it work when your Ross the world we do and spent time in. So this project is and in the works for fourteen years. And in those fourteen years it went from. An idea of two guys on the department. To like you said having a quarter of a million dollars at your disposal. When you need it. That's pretty impressive. Yes it's. I think it is I mean it's binding counseling and now the polls and numbers and. Was the bachelor auction the first fund raising idea. The first thing that the burn foundation did to raise money. I'm not sure look as they did. I think it on and upon until 2005. So I don't know if they did their first auction. What I was just coming on at that might have been the second one. But I think they raise money Lincoln all the ways they just a little fund raisers and Bosnia are in there and had guys come in and raffle off little prizes or something and charge. You only go on a cover charge of the door some. No small feat to start a new nonprofit. It's tough it is it's really hard to get traction and there's so many other amazing organizations that are out there. And and just fighting or the limited amount of money Republicans there. Right it's a real money is it's difficult and then when you're talking of all the burn community of people list that a burn survivors. It's a small community. Mean worldwide. There's a lot of them. If you walk around whatever town nearest city you live in. You probably don't see people that are seriously burned on a regular basis. So you don't you don't know what that burn injury entails what these people going through. Terms unlike any other injuries not only practically you know he wants X six weeks. Like people take for granted. Just how old. Far ahead when it comes to fire prevention. Ends the training. Of our firefighters the equipment. How much. Has gone into the fact that if a fire breaks out. You're better off being in America. And being anywhere else in the world on a percent higher codes. You know fire suppression systems all of those pesky rules that people. Have to deal with when they're opening a business or building a house or building an apartment complex all those. Regulations. Are they care. And it all trickles down to what you're talking about which is when you're talking about illness and injury. There you know cancers. In and different injuries like that breaking lambs. Burn victims there just aren't that many and a lot of the reason why is because of all of these safety precautions that have all been put in place. A lot of them can be traced back to Boston because of the coconut grow. Right a lot of love building fire codes change known nationwide because five. Yeah exits opening out instead of in what materials are allowed to be hung up on the walls of the collapsing revolving doors you know. There's a regular door next door revolving door to where BC woman all that's because the coconut grove. Which all came out of Boston and Boston has a long and very distinguished history with its fire department as well which is testament to all you guys. Because you were handed that and it continued to carried off. So in 2003. They start the boss of firefighters burn foundation. They start slowly raising money. What is the intent of the foundation. Once you raise that money what what kind of programs what are you guys doing with the money. Went away a lot now amendment that general intent to have to break it down basic is. To ease the suffering and hardships of burn survivors and their families which is pretty broad. When someone doesn't burn injury may going to be in a burn unit for an extended period of time there's a lot that goes along with that the news obviously there's the financial aspect. It is that is if it's the main person holes of that is the main earner in that now lot of war can end up bringing in money. Bills on being paid mortgages utilities groceries. And then if that's also going to be there and hospital with them. This kid that's beat taking care of solely and figure out child care. And then back and forth to school. Some of these people don't live in and around Boston soul. They could be 345 miles away. You don't have and have their loved one here in Boston and then commute back and forth the securities and all accounts stuff. So we've done everything from. Will pay for that'll tell rooms will give them. Money for gas going back and forth. Utilities pay mortgages. You do a lot of outings with the kids to write because part of the difficulty of recovering from a burn. Isn't just the physical injury itself but it's your susceptibility. To infection. Infection in it and has a huge mental mental side of it. In an infection is is the you know the infection will kill you before the burn was you know a lot of times because you. You lose them if you've lost the lodge portion of your skin just not to protect you from from infection. So your injury isolate you even more than it. With any other injury rate is similar to how a cancer patient has to be isolated once they go through chemo because they're immune system has been so suppressed. So I'm not only are you out of your daily routine. Away from your family getting treatment. But you also have to be isolated for fear of infection as well. And so you guys taking he'd take the kids now right you guys do all different outings and take them places. You know we have it in and possibly of charters burn center for children. And we have a program we call we named it team brave. And what we do with that is we. Take the kids on every other Thursday it's every two weeks we take tomorrow. And we pair of a mobile firefighters. So we. In full firefighters and a handful occasions and we take them all to a public place. And usually physical activity win. They have to actually do some soul they get their of their physical therapy as well. But they're also getting used to be you know in public and having people look at them. They wanted disabilities didn't and in and out of places in my beast is. Like. There's no steps to get up in and I'll. To re social as a re integrate them back into the real world and that's gonna have to adjust to these new. Challenges with their injuries right and that's what it is it's a reintegration program and we just called his team braves are given a funding for the kids and we have a slowed in. Two on power and power and encourage. Basically give them back. What they lost coming up aren't afraid to go outside their effort to be looked at. Also we take them all of a fireman standing next aluminum. We do any for rock climbing to bowl rings are rolling. Agilent dot Toulouse. We you'll go I mean all those kinds of activities and is always a firefighter area. It helps them to wait and to tell making handle it and to make him feel like they're their regular caddie and they just go all mail fund. Obvious what the benefit would be for the kits clay. And tell me what it's like to be one of the firefighters with those kids tell me what that experience is like Rio it's humbling. I mean you see these kids like you think you have problems need things like it's you know you get issues to deal with. You see these kids do when something that if you would've put yourself in the shoes. You might look at that and say I don't know all I can do that. And you see this 8910 year old kid doing it with a smile on his face. In also leave you it really humbled you when you sailing who might complaint. Mean you really do get a lot back from them. I mean and it's really find. The courage and a pilots who have. You know to go on and into smiling and to just. Get through you know. Because the Abbas of firefighters burn foundation is all volunteer like you said that it's not something that happens while you're on duty. It's always difficult everybody's busy people are married they have kids they've got how close they they've got things keeping them busy. So to volunteer time above and beyond is always something that I'm assuming that when you bring in some new guys. And they find the time to go on that first trip with the kids. That you really never have to ask them to do it again because they're so. Eager to go back. Don't wanna go back in and that we actually get the complaints on the on the reverse side look comes say you have a nasty in awhile. We have 15100 firefighters and 33 files we're trying to get everybody to see the program. So will bring a handful orgasm don't want files we might not get back around them. For a year or a year and a house to get. Get their files again shall we have means that much that they wanna do it more I wanted to putting they get so much out of it themselves as they get to go home until fields held a wife and kids what they did Nellie you know it's. Know what it was slime and we do whatever will go all four lines have some ideas or Cologne and I have never be as we hang out together but when you're doing so might dislike conceive children at the end of the day. And with the things that firefighters see and I don't think people focus enough on. You know it everybody's very quick to say a you know posttraumatic stress when it comes to the military. But I don't think enough people. Pay attention to the fact that this thing is our first responders are asked to do under the umbrella of it's their job. It would be impossible for anyone to do those jobs and not have a follow you home. Not habit of back to you at the end of the day if you're accountant you're stressed out about may get a deadline of may be sure your math is right. But you're not taking home the same kinds of work experiences that you guys. Are required to just based on the nature of your job. Dealing with the things you've seen I think a lot more people paid attention to that after the marathon bombing because there's so many. Regular every day's civilians on top of all of the first responders that were down there. There Willie yeah you go through a traumatic experience like that it stays with you for amber. So this is also got to be an opportunity for you guys to be able to. Take some thing as dramatic as a five year. And then to be able to go and sit down with some of the victims of the fire and to be able to help them move forward that's also. Got to help you guys move forward to writing. Yeah communities but it definitely does it. Wallace aren't you don't know Leo come it will go we shall to somebody's house on the worst day it it's it's their worst daily life. And nearly ambulance comes and takes new hospital we very are really find know what happens after that. Wanted to car accident a medical emergency or fire. You know we we don't really to deal comes solar involved with this we get to see people after receipt. See how they have of recovered in move Donald and. Long life when you go to one of these events and you hear the stories and you hear how passionately you guys talk about. The program the foundation and the things that it funds it really does. Underlying. How important. Everyone is in the fabric of society and I think. You know we just went through the anniversary of 9/11 and I think a lot of people were talking about it. How everybody came together you know you look at what's going on with the hurricanes and how the these these stories of the normal average Americans. Going above and beyond for their neighbor and it's one of those programs with the burn foundation that gives you that same kind of experience Rico. Okay yeah the everybody's kind of coming together and if you don't understand what happens with. Burn injuries the recovery is so long that. The health care providers wanna get involved to the nurses the people that take care of these people they wanna help to be there to see them. Re integrate back into society as healthy people two they've got a lot invested in them as well. Whale hunt and a lot of these burn injuries weren't so serious part it's a lifelong injury. We've talked about a child and they're always grown in Grafton grafted skin doesn't grow the same wages. As your regular skin does. So you burn when you're five or six years old again surgeries for the rest he'll life. And and even adults on a burned as adults for a significant burns. They're Carson again surgeries they they may remember a 1520 years ago and still go and you know to get things again Ian Scott tissue taken care of law. You know it it was a problem with a graft the most cuts issue like contingent on attendant something and it's. It is only differently is to Indian judge does just the physical side of it nevermind the mental part of somebody's. You know most disfigured oh lord lost a limb something like. The two of depression and stuff like that is it is deep rooted in in the burn survivor community. And then they caretaker community. I've been fortunate enough to come to some of the events that burn foundation. Has hosted and getting to meet. The surgeons there researchers. Vick caretakers. This community of people. So. Galvanized on a common goal of preventing the burns in the first place supporting the burn victims but then also trying to move the technology. Paul Holtz are the scientists that you introduce me to that it was a navy seal I had him on the podcast he was on episode two. Did graft. Technology and research he's doing with the pig skin. It's fascinating and you guys are helping to support their research to go. Yes we we do we gave 25000 dollars so towards that was that study. I don't think he was looking for a handful of donors at that level. It it's pretty impressive what what he's been able to do with with Mass. General so to create that. And if you wanted to get into it. In layman's terms basically. If you have a Elijah area burned on your body. They do today is his business in bank made about cadaver skin. And they used that skin to come Leah. The cuddle with a baron is but it's a temporary B and he keeps his due to temperature and keeps you fluid to keep Japan will look inside you for being susceptible to these massive. Areas of infection. By the cadaver skin has to be replaced periodically. Because it's it's not alive. So what Paul also was able to do was. Genetically engineer a pig. In the took note and forgive me if I missed that someplace. And listen he says specifics of his research an episode two of the pod count as ABC took L dot. The part of the DNA that's in pigs that would make the human body reject the skin. Socially engineered these leagues and they grow on these these 20300 pound page with this skin Nancy will be taken off of them. And put on burn patient as a living organ in that. Will adhere to them it's not permanent. But does lasts longer is well longer so that element is less dressing changes last year's affection. That's something that hospitals can and speeds Saddam trial and heat in case of so it's not something that there in search of once they have a burn victim. It's something they can keep on site so when they do get a burn victim it's readily available. Right if they have the pigs and from that that are somewhat local and they. MI PO allow Justin to use in other parts of the world when they don't apps in banks right which goes back to how fortunate we are clear to beat. Not only in the United States that you keep bringing up Mass. General shrine honors. I I think anyone. Would lose it argument if they tried to say that Boston doesn't have. The best health care providers. In the country and arguably the world's. Right and Brigham and Women's Hospital as a burn center as well we'll win one of the few cities that as. Three beta two to three Burress senators and a mind who most cities have just wanted to even have one. Which is why people come from all over the world to see each medical treatment in Boston they do and we are fortunate enough that it's right down the street it was seeing all the time. So when what I talked to Paul he couldn't stop singing the praises. Of the burn foundation because. The burn foundation wanted to get involved with the research so not earlier you guys involved with. The victims that are there the burn victims now but you're also making leaps and bounds when it comes to. The future treatment of people that haven't even. Ben in a fire yet and this is the kind of research. And those steps forward that 101520. Years from now I mean the these are huge. Massive scientific steps. And it all goes back. To this burn foundation that started with a couple of guys wanting to give back more in 2003. Right yeah I mean so to be of all re sort of what we've been approached for a few other resource projects but a lot of them in the in the early early stages. In my time it takes to get something from. You know from an idea from a from a doctor surgeon hello all over it might be to get it to be you be used on humans are and human trial phase. It could be it's five years or more. So Paul Kennedy came to us at the right time when he was about to move into the human trial face. So we're able to put a good chunk of money into something that was gonna be. You know helping people pretty immediately. Will before we haven't been able to really. We hadn't had them the means all the funds. To get involved some that early on because they're really didn't fit with was well I'll model. Well there's also a huge pressure. And you see it anytime there's disaster on a massive scale like a hurricane. Where everyone wants to help. They wanna donate money. They they want to. Help their fellow man but then there's always the scrutiny about what happens to the money. The organization how it's run how much money is actually going to help the people in need and how much money's going to pay for. I expand seasonal those kinds of things so when you talk about. The burn foundation. You talk about how it's all run by volunteers. And everybody that works with Debra you're of the treasures still correctly treasury episode this all being done in your spare time it's not like you're an employee of the burn foundation so there's pressure once you raise all this money. About how we are spending. And you have to be careful about how you're spending it because people have entrusted you with that money to do the right. And you should also be commended. For the fact that you know would be your expenses are very low for the burn foundation so when people make donations. When they support these events that. They know that. The money is all going where you say it's Kyle. That is there is no salaries to pay for little office space is a painful personal cellphone bills to pay for the use our own phones. They like Terna betterment in my house into an office. My wife was generous enough to let me do that if you dining hall. So I mean it's Dolly with pain would not paying. Rants on office space of one not paying for he was my only personal compute alike it's. You'll and is very very low if you look at a percentage of money we take in and what we've failed to Mosul ahead. When somethings you just have to pay for. Italy are counted and stuff like desperate wanna pay your expenses it's a couple grand a year to. Ichiro filings are corrected but it by you have to do you know if you can't afford to make any mistakes all it's worth money there was sort of 5501 C three charity so it's a tax exempt charity so we just. Commissioner and things everything's in them. In order. Well so I get involved with you guys and we and we take the bachelor auction and we're getting ready to take it to the next stat. One of the people that was really pushing. For the calendar was Mike Kennedy who was involved with the burn foundation and a pretty big way as well. Fans. You know one of my funniest memories of of him which if you're not sure if you're outside Abbas and listen to podcast. Mikey Kennedy. Was one of the firefighters that was killed in the line of duty at the back bay fire a few years ago. And the night before that fire there was actually a burn foundation. Event. And it wasn't just a Boston firefighters burn foundation you guys hosts national conventions. And that's what was in town that. Right it was a every third year's convention in Boston called the American burn association. And it's busy gathering overall. Our senators and burn and five Henneberg foundations around North America votes you're saying Canada. Your doctors. Surgeons PT is old tees are traditionalists. The big convention. I guess that every third year it's here in Boston. And firefighters have gotten involved in that because there. And his without but the foundations are working hand in hand with the with the Bernsen this. So when that happens every every year that conference happens but on the Tuesday night of that conference we host the hospitality body. And all the burn foundation like us. Washington DC New York City. Sacramental. Edmonton Canada elegant it's we all pull one together and we hosting basically a big thank you party to the so the caretakers. People take care of the burn survivors we take them all. You know and in just have a nice big time for the. We'll be that nigh eight. I was eating this amazing pretzel. Painful in and I was trying to get Mikey eat some the pretzel can I couldn't stop talking about how delicious it ones. And he kept saying no Carrey can't I'm not eating cards. Because I gotta get ripped because I'm gonna I wanna be in the calendar. And I wanted to be in really good shape because he. Really wanted to make this calendar happen and and after Mikey was killed in the fire. You guys were all so. Passionate about this is the year will make an account or happen this year we're doing Ed. You know Mike you really wanted to do way he worked at the burn foundation and so that was the first count I can't believe that this is the fourth now. Readers who started the process oath of pool account at a gala. Just before that five. The solidity was a one and actually go on us. Our event coordinator Christa right. He's very good friends with her boyfriend was also bought 255. So he may once again keeping all the family brawl in tears and so it totally and also let me here on making connections and he had a connection that. You know. Thankfully someone that knew how to run some like this because we had no clue. On was. Abolish a stunning your role in and then the beacon street fire happened and obviously. Stopped everything and but it it it turned into something where everybody is like you know I know we were gonna do this anyway yeah a lot of the guys that did that very first Kia. Kennedy was already run and around recruit guys. I'm so most of them stated because they told him he would do. And now they just couldn't say no pain now when I was asking I think a lot of knows that he could happen. Well I think I think Mikey would be very proud of of just how successfully calendars become. Because it's not just. Talent that are. So what's happening on the 21 to yeah big kick off party breaks the big release it's the first time everybody gets. To see the calendar in its entirety and to get to meet. Dead at the dice a mr. January through mr. December the world live. And only glory and it's turned into a fantastic. Kick off event and it's that Royale it. You can buy tickets you can go in and get VIP tickets and there's always. You know cocktails in past toward herbs and there's dancing there's music and it's an unbelievable way to kind of get everybody together. Answer really are not have a good time which obviously it is but also to really learn about the burn foundation and learn about where the money goes. And it's a great way to kick off the holiday season and then. And kind of get people in the mindset of OK we're we're getting ready to get into the holiday shopping season what do you buy for the person that has everything. Allow me to suggest that the Boston firefighters burn foundation calendar has trust me I've given them as gives many times and I'll get an email like July. They'll be like still greatest Christmas present ever it's just it's it's July 1 just flip the page. QMR July than to make great stocking stuff was it's got to be some bragging rights at all so. And a little bit of a ball busting kind of thing for the guys that volunteer to be in the calendar today. Oh yeah they know they gonna get ripped a putt that I am doing this late date they do to counter its. It did they had done I mean it's hangs up and the fire out all your along I don't think you know walking in the files we'll get ripped on the jokes and in all the jokes are commonly they signed up for a. In all the but they know it's for a good cop is likely and also they're starting to really take it seriously. These guys are working out hard core and really taking these photo shoots series in league at three to go on special diets and Connell the cubs made the hydrant themselves before the full it'll only get them. I mean this stuff but he definitely. I just gotta laugh but I mean elite. You know they they come I'll and they they take it serious and they did. Account looks great for you know we wouldn't be able to welcome obviously in. And so what you're able to do is you're able to bring in sponsors to help underwrite the cost of the talent there. So that you have to use less and less foundation money to get the project. Off the ground. You get great photographer that makes the pictures look awesome. I would seem that now all. That it's been out for a few years it's B. Less difficult to get guys that wanna do it now than before right. It's it's a system are killed every year and it's. There's a certain type again it's gonna do it like you. Yeah. Everybody has got it work regardless of what you do for a living there would be willing to do this committee saying. And then there's. Doesn't like hell now I mean there aren't many guys that are in you know calendar shapes that are just adamant notable not dornin they would never do it. But then you have the guys that'll get a name you know some of whom you know who ripped on and they've been joking is they only joined the fight a common just to be in a calendar. Inhofe. You know when they own it you know but it's. It's for a good cause or is a lot of money in the world full well Opel the 30000 dollars with which account not last year. This year we should be more sponsorships are up and a lot of the costs were covered before we even went to print. We've always joked in years past with the bachelor auction and then the calendar. I think. I've always known as because I'm a girl but I surprise is guy is. How crazy. Women can be. In a large group I'm the reason why we sought to win the auction. To me. There's. That was in a little out of control. It's hard to contain it and pretty good containing the women. But sometimes. In and you know we always joke about how are you guys are crazy guys IR. Girls have always known that if you get us out and I grew. And put this in a place where we can let her hair down. It's it's happening. It's on like Donkey Kong component to it in the news decry we get a Royale it's that it would you say it's going to be 80% of women are Garza. I just tell guys all the time like even if you're not in the calendar come how if you're firefighter or listening to this from anywhere around New England. And you wanna come out. A supported amazing caucus. Be have a great night out and see the inner room of eighty plus percent women. And women who loved firefighters several literacy firefighters come to this event if it were just talking about trying to get women to come to this event. Women com. But I have always laughed at guy is better on the job somewhere and I tried to get to come out like out now that's the growth like no you don't understand. There are a room full of women. That want to come out to this thing that want to meet firefighters are. There. Writers and it. Ethier singled out the causal none of the union assailant. That good in any bar or club. Anyway anyway it doesn't matter where you don't then it's a blast because there's always live music there's always a DJ so once all of the calendar festivities. Are over it turns no big club for the rest of the night. End of that proposal but it 8 at 10 o'clock we duly onstage and throws and after that the clubs open until one it's a private event tool so it's just it's just our crowd. It's not yet you typical club night crowd is no dress code does know. No rules to the club outside of obviously. Behaving itself. If it does. Sometimes her husband we manages solidly go one on Friday night you have to get dressed up for the filler for the club scene. You know right it's it's it's a charity event royal doesn't unbelievable job for us they paid donate the clubs Dulles which has an. On which is really hard Zune especially on Thursday night that he Austin that would be a huge costly what do we wouldn't be able to do it there if we had to pay for it there's no way. You know and and there again when you talk about singing the praises of people who are stepping up. Just the fact that the club is like yep we believe in the cause enough we love what the burn foundation is doing. The college kids are all back it's not like they could have an event in that club and pack the place on Thursday night a bottle and easier and they believe so much in the burn foundation they're like no we're gonna give the club for free we want to have your event here. They should be praised for that it's pretty awesome. Who we've built a pretty good reputation since since a stylus thing in 2003 I mean we've gotten. Heatley tallied his big businesses like like Cory Elliott the Boston Bruins they actually sponsor a team great program was which tries. You know they pay if they find that through us now against we've gotten some pretty big partnerships. No to a foundation cautious self WA AF analysts. We get some big partners that we. Well because you're doing the work you're doing it right here and meaningful work and you guys are doing it right. Also you are and it's and it's one of those things where. You see. Work being done. And then there's all the work behind the scenes that you don't see being done. And you guys are the guys that are in the trenches doing the work when no one's looking when no one's watching all the logistics work all of the landing. The days you know you are getting followed around by camera crews when you're taking these kids out for team brave these just things that you guys are doing because. That's the work he wanted to. Ends. Everybody associated with with these programs in with these events. Should be applauded for getting involved was something that really is making a difference in people's lives it's an amazing event if you haven't and you leave there at the end of the night and you had a blast. You know we did something good you had fun with your friends and I guarantee you if you attend burn foundation function and you'll be back next year because they grow every year is everybody that goes wants to come back. You know in a great thing about this year is the likeness of a foot to sponsorships that we've gotten has already come in all the expenses that we've. So now for the first year of a all the ticket money that's being sold. On a percent going towards. Gonna go to the charity is gonna get funneled into a family or Bernsen. Because you're gonna have to pay for their printing of the flyers and the tick like all the other stuff did that those expenses. You're just gonna have expense it's yeah you can get people like Ariel to donate the club all you want but there's always going to be expenses associated with putting an event on his spend money to make money is a 100% you have to. And so it's it to be able to I mean. Is this event isn't even until Thursday. And you're already. Making profit for the foundation and it hasn't even happened yet or haven't sold one calendar yet but I'm kind of see it have you seen the pictures. It's it's all that's at the front and now we should have impact from the printer. Hopefully by Monday at the very latest I think that the first year we did that we actually got the calendar news delivered to royal Obama Powell. You know it's the ink was still and all eyes but yet this year we'll read will the last couple years we've had them at least a week early. So we get them at a time we get all the guys to sign a ton of copies for a sponsors and it in the. Earlier if you wanna come to the event it's Roy out it's on Thursday the 21 doors open at 8 o'clock but there is a VIP reception he can get the VIP tickets TO. Where's the best place to send people for all of the information and to get tickets 'cause we definitely want pack this place and and get everybody to mount. I'd go to our website at Boston burned on old. You want to run on the website on the main page you'll see either under the events page -- scrolling like flash them on the main page and pop up that yeah. You click on that mobius a section of buy tickets. Are 75 adults who have VIP which is well worth it you get a calendar whistle for twenty dollars. In any into while those of sponsored by. It's an open bar anymore so yeah he's a sponsored car that but I Belvedere Vodka terrify a whiskey and I believe but late. This year. Hopefully I'm correct on that. And then there's just two items past orders and that's for two oh for 75 dollars you get all day in sway bag with. It's like women's creams and gym membership discounts and. All different stuff from from people that are sponsoring different months of the calendar. To get all kinds of cool goodies you get cap on very get. You know it's eaten drink and it's pretty awesome you know that just your ticket to Guillen. Is. Go into the foundation. There are all the money goes to foundation you get too well as a free food and India and in the boots yeah and at the general admission tickets forty dollars. When I just can't handle right. Which is good to lose is going to be alive band that we would DJ to follow the live event. It's a fun party. Yeah it's a blast in and like you said this is the fourth year and it only gets bigger and better every year. You guys are motivated goal focused guy is so if the foundation started in 2003. Those two guys could never imagine where the foundation would be in 2017. What you're on the board. What goals he's setting for your selves 510 years from now what what things are you guys hoping to have to work towards. Not even sure really. If but he I don't know we really don't forecast alt F file but we have I mean we've. We've gotten involved in projects that have taken by the as the pale we gave Mass. General 150000. Dollars when they. They rebuilt their burn center we funded the bills for the AP TOT room. So we basically gave them 30000 dollars a year for five years. And while we're doing that we're able to also sponsor the parents of viva. Convention that happens every year has called the world burn congress that's what you get about a thousand burn survivors. They come in from all over the world and they have a weeklong convention. Of therapy sessions. Prosthetics. To make up stuff. And we we've been given them 50000 dollars a year for the past two years now we've we're on the fundraising goal of where we're giving. Given it'll probably. Closer to wanna grand a year and still keep that money. Salt in the bank. I mean it's so mean hopefully. We can do big things and one of the biggest things we've had unity was like Gary Sinise foundation contacted us. Obviously actually played lieutenant Dan. Yeah he's got the lieutenant Dan and he does amazing dark with that are unbelievable he'd he'd database send us an email available to you room and Allen. I guess looking for a fight a prominent related charity in the Boston area and they they came upon us and they basically Kohl called a split an email. I'm asking what they could do first responders. And they and out of given us 388000. Dollars. Around. New you washer and dryer is for the flow entire Boston fire department every time we fight hosting the city is gonna have a machine to wash a bunker gear and dry it. When things burn it it's not just paper it's not just what you're talking about plastics chemicals. The fumes the particles that are involved in those fires that you guys are subjected to every day. His cause that cancer rates in firefighters to be astronomically higher than the average. Through the roof where liquid at 7% more likely get canceled in the general public. And one of the things they attributed to is is this so. Is all it which is the same thing that all of the 9/11 responders are dealing with sixteen years after 9/11 is what they were breathing in on the high. And so your gear you leave a fire yeah you can washing your cotton uniform. But there's really a limited ways to wash the big heavy bunker gear that is your safety equipment in your protection. Between you and the fight here you guys just take that off hang it up on the wall it is time to go back into a fire again you put it back all high. And most of would spray it off a scrub with a brush or something went outside and you can't throw that in a regular washing machine. And it's just filled with toxins that it Angelos all the carcinogens and that's their tribute and it's the dirty give basically two of cancer rates. It was the last call foundation who Stoudemire might Kennedy's mom. Who started. Started the fund raising for those machines. And then there's an East Hampton was his foundation and funded the remainder of and it freed her up to to take money in and question. Most of the she's been. It's amazing that just. Some people wanting to do some good. Can take something like 70%. Cancer rate and find. Okay will this is what we think is causing yet. We're gonna funneled money to that. And it's done so you guys are gonna get these industrial washing machines and all your fire houses to be able to wash your year. At the washing machines already installed in at the dry isn't the next phase is is by in the dry isn't criminals canceled. It's amazing and to take anatomy that's a huge burden off of I'm Kathy makes mom huge burden off our rate often heard raised all that money. She took it on not knowing what the old machines cost. Perry 9000 dollars apiece the install of the mission of the washing machines of the same you can train now water into regular drink. And have a separate drainage system Lincoln's the F filter ran and dispose of it properly 124000 calls per files who have both machines bought and installed. And how many fire houses either 33 yeah so no I mean you do some quick math and that's. Pretty high hill to climb hefty bill via a I mean you talk about Mikey. You and I both knew Mikey you work rhythm obviously he was that fellow firefighter. It's amazing how one person and could inspire so much good. I think you would be really proud not only of the work that you know the burn foundation is doing but obviously his mom and his memory it's it's pretty special. Gloria and and that does a lot going on that that's stemmed from him in O'Neal's like that before it was a fireman you know he was party -- of in the Big Brother program. You know I mean he wasn't heating get involved in charitable stuff as every can fight for you know he lose. The set type of person. What's the same thing with Ed Walsh with Tenet loss that also died in the same fire with Mikey because his family has also started a foundation in his name and has done a lot of amazing were carrying on. The Philanthropic and volunteer work that he did while he was alive as well. Right and then lost foundation suits what what it is personality was in the stuff that was important to him and his family was more the community stuff and you know they give with the Franciscan hospital for children. To use sports and around Boston. So mean all the stuff that they do for its. Basically who Eddie was. You know knows what it's an unbelievable job with them they're pretty impressive legacy effort to really special guys Hoya but those guys legit I mean they weren't. It when people sing praises those of my Kennedy and at lawfully. You know it's not it's not just because they're not here anymore is still there are great guys and they really work. Mean that the family and friends they had around them and in the in the things that are stemmed from them. They suited to to keep the you know I guess against him memory of the legacy alive. Nominated just embodies Cooley where. Well there weren't just selfless on the job they were selfless off the job as well. Which is what all of you guys are doing with the burn foundation yourself included because you'd be the last one to call attention to the work that you're doing. When you're not. At the firehouse. But like you said before the burn foundation functions. With a volunteer staffed with their own resources. On their own time it's the same thing. Right and we all sold to take and stuff furlough if we have a high five club as a as a team that we used to raise money. That's mainly blossom firefighters anybody you can sign up to our website at as a civilian to do an on line. I'm to be on our boy you have to be upon a high five club. So five dollars a week tickets to doctors right from our paychecks angles into the burn foundation account so we actually have to pay to be on the board. And you can even get all the details of Boston burned dot org right by seeing go there for the high five club you can go there to get details on the calendar. You can go or just deet tails and all that different funds that you guys are working on all the different programs. See where the money's going all the information on the burn foundation is at Boston earned dot org correct. And were hoping that everybody comes out hangs out with us on the 21 Korea because it is a blast also. It is in the blasts that look full at a time o'clock when I can have a drink it's who can if let's take a year to play in Syria is Thursday night's over Friday morning you guys are gonna wake elements are planning next year rate it pretty much starts right away early January we have the side and ask him again salutes. You know there's there's no better time than right after all the holidays. To go after his start asking people hate. Do you want to exercise a whole bunch and take photos shortlist. But they do they do and we love the guys who were. We feel that treasure from the Boston firefighters burn foundation and we've been talking a lot. About to calendars without being good idea brings an account guys and talk to them. It's a tough job but somebody's gonna mr. August and mr. September Mike and Shane welcome to podcast thanks for being in my site he is happy to be here then you know that. Let me know where you guys work what fire houses you work dad and how long you've been on the job. So we actually gone on together. Went to the academy together and so it's been about three low with three years. Coming up with the area teen and I work. On Cambridge street downtown. And accurate fashion. We were pretty much that's. Did you serve in the military before on the department we both India I was an on going core. Better. And yeah L it's a neighboring happy as I knew how to collaborate or you're. When you guys get on economic department. How soon after you know the department you learn about. The burned foundational work that they do it's it's almost immediately. And you academies someone come. To the academy from the foundation I mean I think that's when we first heard about it and what it is. Actually. In the academy it's a media. And it's something that from what Phil was saying. The people that. They get involved with that you immediately start donating what is it five bucks a paycheck I your paycheck just to be involved with the foundation at all. Yet our five Gaza paycheck. Which starts. In the academy. And most of the department of the TO two days ago and the department is and I involved and and then you do get a nice little bottle opener here tonight that not true to get a little. Explain to me. What it's like to be in the firehouse. When those calendars come out because. I'm sure that there is a little ball busting going on. Behind closed doors in my wrong no I mean it's not. I wouldn't refer to it is a little. It's like the firehouse I work in definitely has. History but the counter probably I'd say more. More guys from my parents have been an accountant and I don't. That dude has more do more push ups well you work. You know I don't really know. Where little busy going on here I would but I would say I would say three to four guys a year. From my era I well yeah. So that's the neighborhood of Boston you wanna live in case your house catches on fire kinetic calendar Geisel show up with a fighter Cambridge street the you know Phil said it as soon as the calendar launch party. Happens literally the next day they start having conversations about next year's count there. And it's becoming more and more successful every year so at what point were you guys approached about getting into the calendar. I guess last year I was approached last year. Me and cheesy and even a year before that and I just finally worked up the I. Finally. Worked up the balls to do with the yeah yeah. He's he must be extra hands have their approach that I was sending audition pictures for three years straight I can turn down that I allegedly needs. Apparently the commission doesn't appreciate the pictures and mailbox. Not fun out body mine act Cambridge street at the firehouse or chain. Approached me in February. I've been out losing a little bit away and said Kennedy in a challenge to deal with that so it worked out timeline wise. So where in September so you asked in February because. They they want you and obviously you're going to want yourself to get into the bashing peeking get in because these pictures live forever correct. How one go about getting into calendar worthy shape for all people listening that have never bet pinup model before. Knowing scream yeah seriously why did you give up. I'd really just controlled calories throughout the day little extra card you know and stuck with whale of the programs a lot as beer. Which was pretty Bernard. Adults. But other than that it was. Is moving out the answers though too long. No we got a pretty active jobs those trees you move around lower did you get advice from previous guys in previous calendars. Now about diet and we urged let party actually was really kind of a little lie he was making me take progress fiction I'm. I I I didn't know anybody else that had nobody kept bringing me in the back room after his own private. Jack I would say everyone handles it differently. In hand and you know everyone everyone who has a different mindset or body types so everyone has to do their own thing. Do you get your request where you wanna be in the calendar early do you get to pick them. I got to ask for in. I got it I'm a big fan of August I don't know what is your Allan how random bar mr. August 28 T. Korea us and allied. And a lifelong goals that change your you're also gazing upon one of the guys that made the cover he didn't know that until today now no I did not want that it was it was the mullet that I generations mr. August oh thank you that the. I think it's more for the other two guys just kind of Photoshop and with them. In years past is of the photos are happening kind of pride in what ever and as this calendar has progressed. And has the quality of the calendar has moved forward and obviously if it's a Boston firefighters calendar you want to beat. Inbox. So they took you guys out on a beautiful. Sunny day. Short list in your bunker gear around the city of Boston. What's that like. Pretty it's pretty uncomfortable I don't know for me it was front most uncomfortable thing I've ever done in my life but. Yeah I mean I I don't know Mike did his mind was started in front of Bobby Orr statue witches. Right downtown did you when they were disrespecting Bobby or I felt pretty uncomfortable military felt pretty uncomfortable so. For me it was not pretty typical Saturday action if that's a lot of rallies as short list no shirt walking around the commons. I say comments were down patch hill which got the last time there's that mass destruction that's ugly Green Day played there in the core I five. It was it was pretty awesome. Did did crowds gather I'm assuming this kind of spectacle because of all of which worries that are in town in the middle and some like it. We have a lot of questions asked him if we are really firefighters urges random guys weren't firefighter close. And now we actually the three Abbas had respond to an actual emergency on the red and Agile big tree had fallen and it was right into the issue. And these girls can route to a sick you guys really firefighters in meters at the point we don't answer that question a few times. Like we are. Michael is a tree fell on some lady thinks her kids under. Series so we would run it over there the three of us are hopping through branches on the ground the really big tree. And they're couples Ager was around and I guess the way that it originally claimed that you know she confine decayed. You know that was a little questionable over whether she even a moment there's sounds like it was a plot and you really cheesy porno. I mean. He'll take a write that down for later. I mean seriously you're over there and hack at the hatch Alan there's three. Sure at least oiled up firefighters I would have cut the tree down to get you guys to respond to the emergency. That maybe what happened. I. Phil said that that they're aware that there were people link link wanting to teach tell fees that you would they ask for your autograph some new is arsenal. He's now. I was lucky to where I think my pictures were actually taken behind the congress building. Yeah mean and I didn't have too many in Iraq too many interactions face to face of people but I definitely felt the vote. A thousand eyes are not the entire converse building. They carried out okay and is out the window right now though. Mack-Cali actually had he was in his shots and by the photographer. And an elderly Asian woman actually stepped in front of the photographer to kind of squat down and nose landing was that was for you fantasy. And then a quite a few foreign tours male female young old stop and take pictures and it just in the foreground taken pictures and you know we tried to have fun with it. Post in the background form and make sure they got their money's worth and for customers working archenemy chili davis' account it's going to be for sale now trying to actually push the count her out there who have not just a little bit. Well one day here in the military the next day your firefighters in Boston and the day after that you're posing for itself fees with foreign terrorists short list. It's a natural progression of some of course our circle of life. But I really on a serious no one talked to you guys about your experiences with the burn foundation because the work that the foundation is doing. Is really special work eons. You know Phil talked a lot about. That the foundation started because a couple firefighters. They wanted to give back you guys go to the fire you come back from the fire and that's kind of where your job ends. So now that the foundation connects you with the victims of the fires. And becomes. This commitment taught me about that. I'm well so I'm on latter Tony for witches right down the street from trainers hospital and you know big event that essentially. Got me in with the burn foundation and got me going is Christmas in July. Which is. Santa Claus. And a handful of firefighters pay a visit to all the kids ash runners hospital. And essentially it's Christmas from the day. And Santa goes up in the tower latter in they're welcome to the window. And you know you can see all the kids just wave and from whatever it is the sixth floor of the shrine is building trying to hospital so. On being there in taking part that now the past couple years really. Once I got asked to account this year couldn't they know. What is what is the response like from the kids because that mean every kid wants to rob me of fire fighter you know and and these kids are facing. Obstacles that we can't even imagine. And you I show up in your like their heroes. What is the what is that late. I'm its. Mean it's pretty amazing the kids definitely are super excited to see you. If not more than Santa Claus. So it's it's it's very humbling. But at the same time you know a lot of them went through some serious drama so it makes. Whatever trauma they went through as far as being burned or the fire that they were in. Less scary for them to see firefighters again. Not in a fires in actual fire. In writing and think that. That they would. Not be scared of you but their last experience with a firefighter was probably in the most traumatic event that will ever happen in their life. Right and now you show up it's amp. Right so I think it's time. Part probably therapeutic as much as I. Like doing it it's probably. There reputed for them as much as you know it is fun. What people what are the parents say what's the reaction of the staff of the hospital and the parents in the loved ones of these kids what do these CD. I'm just thank you you know their pride just as much just as excited to see the reactions on their kid's face you know I know. It was my daughter I'd non. To take out and vs. I don't think I you know I I don't know if they're really concerned with thanking us at the time. But it's just they're just so happy that their kids I was more or just like what their reaction is like as a parent because I I can't imagine what that experience to be light. To have a child be injured so gravely. And to really be powerless to do anything about it in the and you guys are taken the time to volunteer to show up. It it's it. Mean this is what it's all about how. It yet this is what you're supposed to do mrs. This is what people are supposed to be you like to each other. No it's definitely. I would say it's probably humbling for both sides and Don it really. Makes you wanna do more for the foundation on. Every year. He said it perfectly one of the big things I noticed it folks that work at trying to isn't the other folks are not burn foundation to that kind of let it go -- we're lucky in the point that when we do see the kids are happy. Between San our take them on events. And the folks at via patch writers and the other guys that work for them all the time they see these kids Haim all. And I. You know it's hard to even sympathize because we only see smiles and excitement and their days where I'm sure these kids are going through absolute Al so just to know that at least. One good day out of the years is now. The Europe have summoned to attach wild. I mean. There's somebody folks involved and throughout the whole spectrum between. The guys organizer from the burn foundation donors isn't doctors and deal with every day and saving lives. Just I mean just to be a small part of that obviously not in Smart enough to be it's not her thing like that it's you know it's really. For lack of a better word Mo cameras terrible that's cool you know it's good. If if mighty. Presence of mind a mask and bring somebody happiness thank that's pretty pretty wild as. And Cynthia coming. And talk to me about your interaction with the with the staff because I I think that. You know when we have a kick off friend of the calendar and you guys are all up on the stage a lot of people there in the crowd are the people actually work in the burn senators the nurses that caregivers. You have seen them at work you've seen the work that they do with the victims of burns and fires especially with the kids. Talk to me about oh about what heroes they are. Well without a doubt on ending hero I mean that we're just around too much mean these people that literally. Art you know break in the Blacksburg. To save lives and I mean you know first responders not time get a little more glory with three counts firing amass. And then it you know you know does not follow up there's no going through the bad days the good days on the time and these guys every day come in all American and do what they do and like I couldn't do it there's no record it onto that scored you know pass those tests that they. Well I'm sure there are. The first one to say well I would never be the one running into the burning buildings and you guys are all playing apart. Yeah I guess. I'd I'm just amazed that they do what they do every single day and are still able to throw a smile on their face and really make every day fun and exciting to the kids there Phil talked about. Taking these kids. And re integrating them and taking them out of the hospitals and getting them involved in regular everyday activities because facing the world. When you've been burns. Is is a difficult thing that you're gonna have to tackle every day for the rest of your life. And he talked about how. Pairing these kids up with firefighters and taking them now around the CD have you guys done Matt. And and weird age where did you go what's that like. Right when I got to academy we took a a group of kids to kings over our oil industry. To Kumble and I'm popcorn sodas and stuff and just to send out for the day. And I wasn't too familiar with the burn foundation. Events at the time. But you know I went in thinking we're gonna you know. Almost condescending in the way that we talk to kids and that was the day actually I got beat pretty bad apple on by one of the kids there and it was. A little embarrassing for my skills but I you know just indicated to ohm at the end he was like Mike. We like you because everybody else is so nice to us but we could tell you were trying really hard and psychologist thanks buddy yeah please let everybody else lets us when but you're really trying to. Like thanks thanks buddy. At the end of the day. They are just kids. And they just like do normal stuff. And go bowling and and you know eat pizza and drink soda and just do this stuff that the rest of us would normally take for granite. And so to support an organization like the Boston firefighters burn foundation. And to make these kinds of things possible. That's a pretty good day a lot of times of you know the way the world is now you don't get enough of those days. And it's not even doing something for yourself but the fact that you took the time to do it for someone else that it really is a better feeling that almost saying. You stand perfectly matches yeah and I don't think I could down stated any better than what you just said oh I don't know if that had a terrible line. You do good. Now Boston burned dot board is the website for the foundation and building links up there where you get calendar. The kick off parties the 21 it's at Royale. It's upon. Given help page WA AF dot com it's app on my FaceBook page. I'm honored once again that you guys have asked me to come and host the event again it's an absolute blast tickets are still available. And it's one of those nights where you're you know out we're going now we're having a good time. But I love the fact that. People know that. Whatever money that they are donating the money for the calendars the money to get into the party. That they know that it's going to such a worthy cause and that the burn foundation is. Doing the work that they say I think in this day and age people always have questions and then make a donation is something as to whether or not. The money's going to where people say it's going and there's no question with the foundation. That the money's going to amazing. Organizations the different burn centers around Boston in the different events that you guys do with the kids. That it that it really is a worthwhile cause for people to get involved west and I appreciate you guys get involved and I appreciate you guys. Doing all those pushups and taking your shirts off to look at in the calendar. Thank you referred. Where you do interior. And a lot of awareness about this Morton. Where tonight though I've only got a pretty Jerry are you doing just as much as us if not more have you guys gone on eating binges since your photo shoots. A constant one for about three and a half months now what did you what did you not be able to hold yourself back from what what was it. Car mr. like it's. Beard now more sympathy for like the girls in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar now and I definitely don't I definitely don't understand how people do for a career NF they need any help taking union hall like at six and seven point 26 or some have. You know I can talk him through that we now that we've gone through the same thing. How do you have a lot more sympathy for people like Tom Brady and Gisele now with the structure that's required to look that good all the time. I mean. Sex symbol. And seems to be pretty easy for Tom ray right did you try avocado ice cream. I'm now I don't know now. No can do it against their hearts there's some standards there's a guy that can only be one graph we don't wanna take that no no no. While Mike and Jane I really appreciate guys come in and other post using I need to refer you this year official titles mr. August and mr. September 2018. Thank you thanks we'll see you are right now will be there and. There is episode twelve Mistress Carrie site peace podcast. I gotta thank Mike and Shane mr. odd as to mr. September 2018. From the Boston firefighters burn foundation. And obviously fill screen there treasurer from the foundation. And everybody that has anything to do with this awesome organization's great event that's coming up on Thursday. Twelve episodes and what's going to be on the next episode we just don't know I don't forget to subscribe to the podcast you can do iTunes Google plays stitcher. You can definitely review the podcast and I would encourage you to do that if you're going to be nice about it use. You can find me every week day from ten to three on Boston's rock station WA app you can tell you Smart speakers. To play WA or you can download our free A after app. Just text the word app ATP to 97 when I was seven and you listen WA AF anywhere you go out. If you go to WA AF our economy get more details on the event get more details on me give more details on the podcast. And feel free check me out on social media FaceBook dot com slash mr. scary WA out. It's the same on ins to Graham and you can find me a Twitter at Mistress Carrie. I liked reminder at the end of every episodes soon take a big bite out of a big piece to enjoy. And get a calendar trust me it's worth it.