Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 10: Ask Me Anything

Friday, August 11th

I'm not sure why I agreed to do this, but I did! You submitted your questions on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and I answered them. So for a change, YOU interviewed ME! You asked questions about my childhood, how I got into radio, my pugs, skydiving, crazy backstage stories, and a LOT of questions about my grooming habits and my hair. Seriously, you guys are weird... I tried to answer them the best that I could! So check out Episode 10 of my Side Piece! 


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This just curious side piece pod here. First match on WB AF dot com. I'm a woman. Well. Episode ten there's just carries psyche podcasts. I'm mr. Gary thank you so much to check in a pod cast he just found a podcast on iTunes store. We'll play your stitcher. On the mid day host here at Boston's right station WA out. You can now go to WA AF dot com find out everything you need to know him also on face. At Mistress Carrie WA out you can find me on Twitter at Mistress Carrie. In mr. Graham at Mistress Carrie WA Alfonse snapped chats and pretty much everywhere we are all over the place. I got a I got a great compliment. From Doyle Hersh burger. On my FaceBook pages is Kerry additionally no island. The way he makes things up on each podcast makes it awesome and very interesting to listen to keep up the great work kiwi to hear what's next. From a huge fan in Indiana which is gossip so thank you so much Doyle for checking out podcast. In Indiana and by the way if you're Melissa every day you don't just have to wait for the podcasts that get posted. You can download the free AF out. Just text the word app ATP to 97107. And you can listen on you or mobile phone. You can also stream the station live at WA AF dot com. And you can also go to your Google home or your Amazon echo and say. Alexa. Play WAA. And a and that dirty little oral doing so you can listen to it was a much different ways I you don't have to be in Boston renewing went to check out WA AF were taken over. Well like herpes once you get us he really can get rid of us. On this episode the podcast is ten. We can count on two hands now we're gonna have to take our shoes off for the next episode. We've been talked about it alive and kind of hinting about it on social media. I know a lot of other people do this on Raddatz. And they basically do the AMA's ask me anything and I've been on the air here WA for a little over nineteen years. I mean even though we have this great technology. We you can text Ender in the shallow and get me out all the social media pages and all that stuff and call me on the request line. I'm still it's not as much give and take and it's there's chance I know more about using you know about me so we thought would be greats. If you submitted a budget questions and that was this episode the podcast is kind of just me answering your questions and sharing stories and you know he may have just discovered WA AF last year. And like attentive and you're a long time so. So that you web guy is have been scouring the interwebs and came up with a whole. List of questions. I just get this one. Out of the way now 'cause it showed up a bunch. Like Cree is. Not cash and then. Jerry day all messaging on the WA AF FaceBook page wanting to know. The car bits matched the drapes. Do you have hardwood floors are purple area around I've had purple hair. Literally since my eighteenth birthday. Growing up I always wanted to purple hair. I said the story before in the air by. When Cinderella is nights song's album came out they took all the press pictures under this really cool purple light. And so it made Tom Keefe for the lead singer Cinderella hair look like it had purple highlights and it. So even the high school when I had the big giant equipment Bon Jovi here I wanna purple hair. And my mom's bag you're not gonna have purple hair until you move out of my house so when I moved out of the house eighteen went college. I dyed my hair purple on my eighteenth birthday which means my mother cry out of however now. She would recognize you without it and now all of a sudden it's cool to have per player in prevails as per player by. That's why and how my hair became purple. I have been asked in so many years of having purple hair. The carpet matches the drapes. Question it's just ridiculous really. Really if you listen my show you know anything about me cinnamon to spend that much time at my feet in the air dyeing my hair purple. Really it over. Time. Let's see this that was interesting from Eric Melvin. If you had killed one to save to relate to die in saved none what would you do you know. I don't really torture talking about. But I probably couldn't sit around and watched. People animals whatever die without trying to do some and so I could be persuaded to Q1 to save to depend you know we're talking about. If we're talking about Nazis. By. Restarting about puck puppies. May be I don't know I need some context here because some questions an Emmy answer him. On my podcast again reveal more specific. Lee wanted to know how often you come out to the north quad an area two jumped on now for anybody. That seen my photo galleries whenever advocates got a lot of time. I started jumping the year that. I started on the air here WA AF I mean my first tandem jump in 1998. Loved it so much made in other tandem jump in the spring of 1990. Really loved it and decided to get my skydiving license so I went through what they call the AF that program in the accelerated freefall program. Not 88 after a after half which has screwed me up ever since I got my skydiving license. And I've had my license invent a member of the US PA the United States players associations since 1999. And if you have not skydive you show. Now lead answer your question how ought to do I get out to John China skydiving as often as possible. I've gone skydiving in Illinois have gone skydiving down and the key is I've jumped in Newport all around Rhode Island have jumped up in Maine. There are a bunch a places. That I still would love to jump actually. Sean and message and said what do tops for your bucket list of places that you would like to go skydiving how far. I'm gonna have to say Hawaii. Just because I wanna go there it's a bucket list thing for me go to all fifty states. I counted it up. You know 68 months ago something like that and I've been to 37. Alaska and Hawaii. Are two of the toughest to get and I don't have either of those but I would love to go to Hawaii to check that off my bucket list of just going there. But I have some friends have gone skydiving. In Hawaii and it's beautiful. I would love to go skydiving in South Africa have banned the South Africa which was amazing but I did not go there you go skydiving and I wish that I brought my rig. A big jump paying move. And zephyr hills in Florida I've been a lot of great places by. You can't really go anywhere in the world without being a few hours away from some kind of a skydiving drop zones so yeah there are definitely top places that I would like ago. It's it's. I'm just don't run through this list and it's going to be completely out of order and random by. This is the list that they gave resell. What's the best and worst thing about following Hillman minus a small hands and I. So if you've been listening to me on WA out. I started on the air 98 I was on at night from seven a midnight. Then I went to mid days from ten to three B writer around funds. And end of 2000 beginning in 2001. And then I got promoted to afternoon on Scott moved to afternoons and then this winter I went back to mid days. And so the best and worst things. Well the worst is probably sitting in more traffic. Getting up earlier sitting in more traffic that stocks some studio smells although Danielle helps a lot with that. To thank you do any else for smiling so delicious all the time. No man's hands are smallest people think this is Greg Hill our morning show host a few. Have only found WA AF because of my podcasts. He's on the air from. 6 attend every morning here and has been confirmed a gazillion years. The best is just. I know getting seal those guys every morning sometimes they have really cool people come and hang out with a in the morning so. It's nice to be able to bump into some of the cool celebrities and whenever that they have in. But just being able to you know bump and LB in my issue and whatever in the halls. I love everybody that's on the air here at that we ramps and the more time I get to spend them about it. If viewed Joseph wants to know if you could real live one day from your life. What would it be. Yeah. I think up until a year and a half ago I probably would have said my wedding day diet. At. Engage him and listening I edible artists. So definitely not my wedding today that would I wish you get a Mulligan for and you would do over but. 21 day of my life over again. That's a pretty awesome days going to be honest. That's a hard question. Because it's like a family day I mean I would love to have another day. My grandfather. Who was in the navy he was a radio operator war two and Korea. And he passed away from alzheimer's about 36 hours after I got back from Iraq in 2006. He was awesome I would love to have another day with him. And the grandfather on the other side of the family. Was a baker and I grew up running rounds. I'm in the backroom that bakery and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night smelling the bread so I wouldn't mind having another day in my family's bakeries on that brand by. I don't know if there's one day. And just in my whole life. I don't know like I said it would have been my wedding day but not anymore I mean if I could go back into it over again and not get married like back to the few. Your kind of saying. Take get in the Delorean one point when he when jiggle Watsco back stop myself from getting married but then I don't know where I would be right now. I'm kind of at this we are pleased with the divorce of accepting it in dealing with it and not having regrets actually got a lot of messages on FaceBook. And on Easter Graham and Twitter just asking me about that like Fred wanted to know that I get to keep the place that I lived in when I got divorced. Because I heard Jews say something about storing your motorcycle in the basement or something. Yeah I kept the house. And I don't wanna hear from guys about good chick. Moon moon. I've bought it I paid for I get to keep okay. Yeah I have sliding glass doors and I have not brought my motorcycle into the house. And garage so the motorcycle stays in the garage. The airy is asking what went wrong in a marriage that this is a long answer. It's an answer that I haven't really gotten into on the air. Kind of hard to do that be like hey how are please job mine. I was planning on addressing it in an upcoming episode of the podcast because of the gas that I'm trying to get on to talk about it. Short answer it's it's hard to give the short answer honest by basically. I married someone and that a new from high school. Which by the way somebody asks where monetize well it's one mr. high. When I go blue doubles. And it's. Now I thought everything was great. Like everybody does and I get married. In ands. However many years later. I basically found out that my whole marriage was a lie. And. In. I don't make any even talk about this. I had a feeling something was going on so it it'll snooping not as much as Danielle would've done but I did some snooping. And I basically found out that my acts had a whole other life I didn't know about. And so after reading kinda came to light. I was basically told that. He married me and wanted to meet to have a baby with him because he thought they would fix or cure him. I can tell you that there's a lot of stuff going on the news. Lately. Ands. This could be a whole podcasts onto itself which is why have been trying to book aghast that I can just focus on the one topic. But we could basically say that I have great empathy for Chris Jenner. And that it's. I don't have a lot of empathy for engine. So you can do the math. And figure out. And what the hell was going on well basically I was the last until now. Not found out everything was a lie. And it hasn't exactly been and the easiest year and a half. Thank you guys by the way for always be an area called me and tell me Dick jokes and stuff because a lot of people that listen to my show didn't even know that it was going on can I just don't wanna talk about it. It's not exactly the easiest thing to find out that a ten year relationship was built on an absolute lie and total (%expletive) I would just basically what I want it's. And it's in the news a lot and people are talking about it's union rights and and people coming out and living their true self and all of those things. Until I can get this guest in and really kind of sit down and dive into this whole subject I can just tell you that. You know there is there there is a silent party in all of this and it's the spouse that knew nothing about it. Who had their whole life shattered. Not that they were with someone that was being completely and totally honest with them and then when you find out that that's not the case. It pretty much sucks. And nobody gets married think in that they're gonna get divorced. But you definitely don't think that your gonna find out that the person you married. Was living a double life and that your entire relationship what is a lie. I know kind of beating around the bush a little bit like I said. This wasn't the episode there really wanted to dive into all of this stuff and I'm hoping that in an upcoming episode with this gas and trying to get. Will really be able to have an in depth conversation about it. Which would be great. Allan was the one by the way that asked question about two ways to live in my mr. he's from Fitch burtless has shown time Al. Grew up in my mr. my whole family's there has been way too much time there if you're from Pittsburgh we can be totally cool except on Thanksgiving because it's. Well there's a football game to be play eight. Let's see how this is a long list he totally got me sidetracked with the whole marriage divorce question is now pissed off. Sam wanted to know when I've find out that I had a twin I don't have a twin. I don't even know what the question means. I've been told. That I have. A couple double gang errors like there was Katy Perry video worship really dark hair she was under purple lights approaching at purple hair and she's got big movements otherwise election looks like you. If you go and watch a stone. The Stone Temple Pilots video force our girl Sarah Michelle Geller is like Al got out of that video on their people that told me. That she looks like near that I look like her. I don't have a twin I have a sister she's younger but we don't really look anything alike. So if you'd know that I have a twin. Please let me know as I would like to meet him in the world should be scared there's more than one enemy. Anders said if you could have one famous person to sleep with who would it be okay. Now this is a whole discussion. I had this discussion because of the whole hall pass saying you know those celebrities you get to sleep west. And you spouses and it's saying about it. I've heard I want some people shall pass let's which is kind of hilarious. I rule long time ago that I would indie musicians. Just because. In hostels issue really. But if you're asking about a celebrity. I have 3485. Don't have to put him in order Keanu Reeves. Love field seriously. I love Alexander scars guard. Who was not only in one of my favorite miniseries of all time generation kill but he was also on true blood love him. The rock. I seriously it should almost need a restraining order. Because. I love him to death ends he's come to Boston multiple times and I have tried to get him to my my show. I beg to mine in eastern ram. I just don't smells like I know sounds so weird I was smell things and I just fill the rocket to guide it would smell good. It's a thing Joseph mangan LO. He was on true blood as well I love him kind of a fan of Vin Diesel to. So those are like my top five celebrity crushes I guess. If you're talk about musicians which like I said I made a rule that I wouldn't date a musician long time ago. But if I had to at gunpoint. I said this to Trenton resident. Called Libya. I think he's fantastic I'd love Nine Inch Nails for ever never never. And so I guess he would be my musician crash or on my hall pass list. But that hasn't happened. You wanna listen musicians have never met which is a question of somebody else asked. Who haven't I met that I want to meet. Trent president. I wanna meet beatle. Ringo Paul McCartney either 1 but I am a diehard Beatles band they are my favorite band on tackling a lot questions with this answer. Grew up loving The Beatles they are my favorite band I've not yet met a Beatles so I would love to me to be. One Amaechi a prisoner. I've not met Robert plants. But number one on my list just because I literally could. Have had a dangerous stocking problem with him when I was teenager Jon Bon Jovi. I grew up in anybody that knows he's seen pictures my big giant on Jolie purple hair like I moved to. John Nigel. Energy Sambora equally. And out of all the bands I've ever interviewed. And everybody have ever met. You would think that would be the obvious warrant because now I have the opportunity to meet on. I kind of actually have access to his childhood crush. And I never had. John if you're listening moved in carried WA AF dot com. And be up on Twitter at mr. Kerry looked atop. NBC Joseph wants to know winter we don't have a drink Joseph I'm around all the time. They always got to throw around somewhere. Come on out having a good example. We have Barry was the one earlier what was wrong with marriage yet thanks a lot Mary. Just dear railing all the fun. Richard wants to narrowed when am I gonna have dinner with you I don't know you're. Suppose I would have to know you first of violence have dinner with you by our here's a deadline Allah wants to know. When did your desire to work in radio began. All right Allan so growing up stocking Jon Bon Jovi. I was that eighties metal head loved it lived it couldn't get enough music in my life. Back then the recording studio was like a big party and you know whatever songs I wanna work in a recording studio. At the time they didn't really have places Rican go to learn how to be a sound engineer. So how well I went to school for communications. I would at least learn how to edit audio and that kind of stuff and maybe I can get a job and recording studio. So I went to school for radio. And after my freshman year of college. I didn't internship at a recording studio and get Ali act here we go it's going to be awesome. And it was unlike anything that I thought it was going to be I thought it was going to be just rock stars and hardy is an awesome nest. And it was like a 27 piece mariachi bands now do not get me wrong. Mary etching music is cool. But when you're expecting to be in the middle of like is cool rock and roll creative experience. And your moving a microphone to get a better sound out of Morocco. China at the same thing. So when I finish that internship that summer. The recording studio I had a friend that was in turning with WA app. And so I went to go have lunch with her one day and the production director whose name is Mitch tied. He still working in the business as one of the best voices. For radio I'd ever heard. He was like what are you doing hair and what do you do when I told him has gone to school for radio talk about the recording studio he's according unity for the rest of the summer. And I said I don't know when he's a lab intern for me. So I went from. Working in the production studio and like cleaning their heads on the tape decks on that tip. Running tapes to clients making commercials everyone's wiley he needed a girl's voice and we would ask media voice commercial or something. It's my voice on the radio. And then I just started in turning day after minister working with the DJ is. A number of or graduated from college I got hired on the street team and started driving the man. On hitting a bumper stickers that shows and all that and then I had pale my student loans back so that's and I started row being. And it's building stages in light gray eggs in PA systems for concerts and then I started driving the trucks. That haul all that heavy stuff. And I still was saying it WA asked and then. I apply to be Opie and Anthony's producer way back in the day. It and I didn't get the job because I didn't have enough producing experience. But it's the program director back and heard my damn I had to use my own voice. I would be opening at these producer and he was like heavier by about being DJ. And I said no. And then OP yelled at me and told me to go back down and say yes and some of the best career advice I forgot I did what LP said and I said yeah OK yeah I'd get a shot at like two months later one of the people that worked on the weekends Scott fired. And it's I sort of working on the weekends this was in. Alex February of 1998. And then April Fool's Day everybody housing capital being Anthony and I got tired in the and they moved everybody around in the nights slot was open. And so they just threw this purple haired girl on the radio this road he. Crazy chick. And that was like as a nineteen years ago so I just fell into it but what started it was a lot of the music. I just have always loved music I think musicians are incredibly creative. I'm really envious of their talent. I have none I was in a marching band in junior high school. Play the clarinet. Lead bass clarinet played bass drum tried to learn how to play the xylophone tried to learn how to play the drums. I just do not have that part of my brain it's him it's a mathematical part of the brain and it's the language part of the brain. It'll kind of does the same thing and I've tried to learn a foreign language suck at it I suck at math and I cannot playing instruments of that part of my brain. An absolute abysmal failure. But I love being around musicians and I love music I'm one of those people that. In date. Parts of my life where I wise what I was listening to I'll I know what you're that was because such and such an album came out that year. And I got that from my mom because I grew up listening to The Beatles with her which is why there are still my favorite patient. David wants to know how many visitors have you had a under the console on the air. You mean doing dirty things in the WA AF studio while I was working. David do you really think I would do something like. It's. Dan wants to know do you like younger guys now that I'm single I will kind of single that's another question are you single. Kind of but no if your definition of single is are you married or not and yes I'm single. If your definition of single meaning are you in a relationship. So yes some single meaning not married no I'm not single meaning that there's a very. Lucky guy who happens to be younger than me dam so obviously I guess I do like younger guys check. Nicholas wants to know when you're truck drivers so this goes back to the rodeo days did you ever pick up a hitchhiker hole. Apps really not the guy is that I worked with 'cause I was the only girl that worked for the staging company that I drove trucks for. You have eat my pacify picked up a hit tighter no way. Driving down like Arkansas and stuff now I stopped it was. Waffle House and that was about it by the way there hash browns are fantastic. But no I never picked up a hitchhiker and my CB name was Barney has I was purple lacked the danys award baby. Hitchhiker that's crazy. Didn't want to know how much would would would checked out of wood chuck could chuck what. You'd think I was gonna get through that did you David. Regina high schoolers said that elements or would you think. What do you think about before you jump out of a plane John Curtis wants to now. The first time I jumped out of a plane I was like oh hole we should get them jumping out of planes. And as soon as I got not a I was like oh how we act is on an adrenalin junkie and I am crazy. So I live by the adage that if I can die doing and I wanna try it once. And sells items like yeah I want in on that. Now. I'm jumping with friends I've had my license a long time. That moment when your in the plane and then here in the door and then you're out of the door like that three to four seconds. That's. The feeling that chase and I haven't found drug that touches it that's the feeling of being lie of and when you're in the door at what I love so much about skydiving is that you can't think about anything house camping about paying your mortgage can't think about. Your ass hole ex husband you can't think about anything you're just in the door. Ready to make a job and you just focusing on what you're supposed to do and that John because it's all you can think about and so in that instance. It's very relaxed. Even though your going over a hundred miles an hour in the door. Of an aircraft nearby to jump out. I love it it's just my thing. Scott Sullivan said have you ever seen might shoot they kid and how long did it take freestyle laughed at first of all Scott no I've never seen my each unique. We drove cross country together and we went to the Mojave Desert phone booths and 2000. Whenever sun naked and even I did I would not have laughed at my issue because I'm. And Jessica wants to know how did you get your job like kind of Marty answer your question Jessica about how I got the job but my best memory at WA. Anderson and months. Mean they're all the years crazy Oz fest stories. Being on Maryland man sensed were by us. On getting drunk with dime bag Darryl which was a question. Arch Mallon said can you tell us about dime bag. I'm mag Darrell. Was hilarious. He was a total party guy a. He. Loved everybody. He was just he just wanted to have a good time he he was a kind of rock star that it's. You would think you would like to be if you're a rock star that you largest. Fine and then mean yap can't terrace a confederate flag on some others and you know what ever by. Dime bag literally loved everybody I mean he was friends with Chad Krueger from nickel back and Corey Taylor that should tell you something. If you've heard interviews I've done with Dave Grohl heat talks about. Trying to emulate dime bag Darrell in the way that he handles you know being on tour with other bands and interacting with the fans because diner that was just so awesome. Couple dime bags stories. I brought my mom backstage to a local bazooka one year when damaged and was playing and I introduced him. To my mom and my mom's said. Do I call you. Dying. Where do I call you mr. bash at the end he said daddy call made Daryl mister Kerry's mom. And that was pretty awesome out later on that night he brought me and my she leapt to sing walk on stage which. I have pictures of which is one of my favorite memories here at WA I I bar. In on stage introducing Metallica Gillette Stadium that just happened this year. Yeah that was got some. Cool Halloween parties as you know much I love Halloween. There are a lot of really bad days too. It's really weird it's like so many amazing things have happened. During my life here at WAF I've met. Amazing friends being in the studio and when shine down did simple man acoustic on my show which we played thousands of times on the air that was just an electric. Moments. It's just amazing but then there'd been some really shady days that I have been on the radio to. I was on the air on I'll have. I was on the hair when the story broke abouts. The Boston Marathon bombing and I had just come back from being at the finish line a boil some street and had gotten back to the radio station. Ten minutes before the bombs went off. My gallbladder almost exploded. While I was on me there. I got brought to the emergency room in the ambulance bay in the WA AF fans so that's kind of hilarious. I don't mind. When analysts. I found out that loved ones died while I was on the air I had some pretty significant personal traumas. While I've been on the air and I found had a boyfriend cheated. On new laws on there. If you could see and that's the walls are padded his throw stuff sometimes. There's other events some amazing moments go to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville Florida and be in there to watch the patriots beat the Eagles. I still don't know who those 2 AM fans where they were sitting with me up in the 300 section. But they protected me from a bunch of terrible Eagles fans and in exchange. I bought them crown and cokes on my to stay warm it was really cold that night so whoever you guys are still got love for you but that was awesome to go to the Super Bowl. Paul McCartney. Was the halftime performer that here's got to watch a beetle which was awesome. That's a highlight pressure but their time there are just spend some amazing people that have come with the doors year doing. Well I mean these are probably right at the top of the list is going to Iraq and Afghanistan. Being embedded in and being the only non news journalist to get embedded with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan war. Life changing life affirming. Experiences for me. If you haven't seen the pictures you I have galleries have them up on my FaceBook page. I made lifelong friends. They really motivated me to get more involved where. Veterans outreach and veterans' causes a lot of different charity organizations I work or whether it be. Home based program. Mass fallen heroes. Homes for arch group's. Project new hope twenty to kill. The patriot guard but he's readers. There are just so many amazing people. That are working in service of our veterans. And going overseas and having a chance to really kind of see life from their perspective even if it was just a glimpse. Really motivated me to be a champion for them when they got home and I I told the guys that I met overseas that you have my back here. I'll have your back when you get home and and I try to live that every day. And how is eleven years ago that I went to a racquet I would like to think that held up my end of the bargain. Stacy or stay show wants to know who's been my favorite interviews since I started WA AF. I think I kind of touched on and a little bit I mean there have been some good ones. Oh I got sidetracked and saris are gonna go back to talking about that I Garrett so then it was the night that dime bag dare all. He had a black guy. And I still don't know why he had a black guy now was from fighting I think he got hit with like. Guitar something on stage it was just something crazy. And I was interviewing him and he didn't like the fact that I didn't have a black islet he had so I'm Darryl was famous for taken sharp piece. Take an cap off and like you walked by and he would just like jab you in the arms you'd have a sharp B dot on your arm. And as you got more and more drug would dime bag you would all of a sudden just recovered with a sharp dot and so during this interview which I'm gonna have to go back back then we used to record our inner music on sets and stuff. But he took sharply and drew a black guy on my trickiest. So that. I had a black guy in Ian black guy during the interview I have a picture of us it looked like on. It looked like the black stuff Tom Brady puts under his eye during a football game that's what dime bag Darryl gave me as my black I may do with sharply. And it took like two days to finally come mom. So. That was another great dime bag Darrell story. He was just totally Ares I remember one night and rule. A bunch of us around two ranking and whoever said that they were gonna pick a bar tab offers the record company. And I remember the bar tab was 3000 dollars analysts and we turned around and we early where that guy go to his credit card and they took off and didn't pay the bill. And dime bag Darrell paid the bill that night and we like normal Japan music note I got it and he paid the bill which. Was kind of amazing. And then finding out there was another moment that socked I found out in the middle of the night that he had been killed and had to go on the air the next day. And you know chests. BN on the air when you lose somebody like that the same thing recently. With Chris Cornell. Where Chester Bennington were Elaine stay Lee or Kurt Cobain. You know any of these guys Scott Long Island like we Ronnie Aaron you find out that somebody. That is just such a killer of rock and roll in the format of the radio station you love it it's six. And it's bad day that I was on the air after we found out about dime bag Darren was a really hard day. Jessica Lynn wants an though are you or were you ever silver chair and I remember UB one the only ones to play them back in the day okay airfield now. Jessica Lange yeah I highlights silver chair in political crap back in the day because they sounded like Nirvana. I nerve not inspired a whole generation I mean even Shawn Morgan procedural tell you that he was directly inspired. By Nirvana as well. Thomas said here's one is the answer to this question no. I don't you know that means it's. Like I said there are my brain doesn't work. Derek wants now is a good line what got you into prepping and gun training. So I will tell you that I grew up. In a family with a firefighter that came from and and a navy families of the were a lot of guns around and I grew up with eight year of guns aided. Did anyone in the room even if they were on a uniform police officer they scared the (%expletive) out of me that went to Iraq. We're guys where rifles in the chow hall. And it freaked me out and then you kind of have to get used to it when I got home from Iraq the guys interact by the way thought it was hilarious that I never fired guns they kept. Make me hold them and taking pictures if you look at my photo album from Iraq. I'm holding all these guns saws and learn how to load of fifty cal analyst but I never fired a gun and what I got home from Iraq. I went shooting a few time. It's and I learned how they work I was around people that knew what they were doing. And I fell in love with the skill of shooting. That you know how social it is to go to war range with a bunch of friends and try out different guns that I learned that it's not. The gun. To be afraid that it's the person. In control of the gun that you should be afraid. Eight and it's so after I got home for. After I got home from Afghanistan. I got invited to go and actually get my license. Which was. Awesome and it's taking the safety course and you know just really kind of shooting a bunch of different stuff on a range testing my skills. I just kind of fell in love with it so. I went to the classic down range firearms training. And my license and loved it's I don't think Matt he was my instructor he was awesome. I got acquainted with him through somebody that I met in Afghanistan. But the track. The prepping thing really start once I had my own house and we started having all these crazy storms. The ice storm that we had what 2007. That really made me go OK I don't have anything in my Condo at the time. Where I could have you know lived for any length of time we have power for five days three inches of race in a couple of hours and that really just got me thinking about what if we lose power for an extended period of time mr. reading up on it. And human beings it doesn't take long without electricity for them. To stop becoming its or stop being humane and becoming. Animals. Just think about it without electricity. We have nothing and we are so dependent on electricity. We even have water. Bosh it's an hour how post better electric dependent because you wave your hand under around and the water turns on. So okay yes I think you can live without power for couple day shore 567 days now all the stores are empty. On the gas pumps don't work. You know depending on how widespread the electrical outages. You don't know when you're gonna get electricity back so if you don't have some kind of supplies some kind of skills. You just have to be somewhat prepared and then the marathon bombing I had just been out there. Just made me think like what if something catastrophic happened in Austin. How would get out of city how what I get to my loved ones how would I get to my friends and Stanley and so that's I started carrying about how bad in the car. So it was just a little bit of every. Maybe really wanna get into prepping and. Learning how to shoot guns well. Chat wants all my favorite ice cream and is a like any good new englanders seriously there's. Too many. Now you wanna old school we can go legit cup. Is who didn't grow up spending that the lid of the G cup and a half if you're listening from outside knowing when you mean in order hoods to cap is. There is some things you need to know you need to know what would he cuts you need to know about fluff and you need to drink iced coffee from dunks even in January. It's a Boston thing just deal with it. But there's some greats. And in Jerry's ice cream I love fish food. On there's the one with Kara Mel inside that I ally of I started Iain that Hilo top ice cream which is really good. Campbell's. In Massachusetts all but Kimball special to unity for three days seriously don't eat all day going to Campbell's special it's amazing. Even friendly should go to hot fudge sundae now me I like a half but senator chocolate ice cream. Annaly it would pineapples on it because I really like pineapples I like pineapples on my pizza as well. I don't wanna hear it Hillman pineapple pizzas awesome at least my action was nice. But there's very little ice cream I don't like is it's delicious. Rosen you know we're at now it's okay sure Brett it's our ice cream Ilya. Ashton wants all my pugs names are right now the two pugs that I have that I rescued came with the names they have mug easy. LB. Google him is kind of a legends and an American hero. So those in my pugs names right now. A lot of you commented. On. My colleagues because there's pictures of me up on FaceBook and stuff with me because I got to bring one of my plugs in. I got Rodham. From. A Pug rescue. And it's their call the Pug rescue of new England's. Or prone. They're amazing they do amazing work if you're looking for a hard if you just wanna support a great organization that works with plugs. They don't turn pubs a way even if they're ill they have a fostering program in an adoption process. And they are fantastic so if you wanna get you can go to prone. I Jerry was trying to be a do each bag when he asked this question and maybe not a given the benefit of the doubt. Jared said why do you still work at WA yeah now Jared if you're being to do each bag because you think that myself in just wanna know why I'm still here because sack. We wanted to. But if you're asking legitimately why am I so here's to you I love it. I love Boston. I love the people that I work with I love you guys you keep it interesting. It's awesome. So why how I wanna go anywhere. Just once don't have I ever been intimate with a woman. Well. I may or may not have kissed a porn star that used to be on my show back in the day this is an old school reference but not chicks on my thing. I like rough and tough dude it's. Scenario and the uniforms guys seriously as where have Ramallah time where I'm even when you don't need to Wear them. And then when you think you shouldn't need to where many more aware arms and more and that goes for the firefighters. And the cops. And all you guys. Uniforms are good at. Dan was the one that asked me my favorite band of all time we talked about it's. Beatles. Are not. Dennis wants to know is did you way of turning from rock to taught. It's not court changing things is just I mean think about it. If where's are questioning him. How do you Dennis think about it first of all. The political climate where and we're not a shortage of things to talk about. We're kind of big sports town around here as well and have been more and more over the last decade and a half to there's all that to talk about. Last music plus all of that there's just a lot of stuff to talk about so. Now orders started talk about more stuff I mean I still play more music and all of the rest of the guys buy it. I don't think it's a fact that we're necessarily changing anything as much as we're just trying to give you more of what you want. And you like costs up and talking about sports and politics and music and year and all of that stops so. You know which is trying to give you what you want but that's not to want lettuce now. Cannot tell us now gonna have a job in some capacity it WA AF police. Well I told you how it. How I got my job. So I guess if you wanna go to college for broadcasting and get an intern ship and then you know bumper stickers and slowly work your way up over. 26 years. Sure put a I love this question. Has anyone ever grabbed your buy or view grabbed anyone else's but in a meet and greet like Taylor Swift. Yeah. Ands. They're lucky they didn't get punched the clock out so I'm going on the record as supporting Taylor Swift in this whole thing. Will get their ass is grabbed all the time guys think it's cute and harmless or whatever but some should not just go on for a little but pinch. Some injured your goal and all up in a woman's business. We don't want she's. Imagine that's how harmless is abut grab when Richard daughter and some strange dude grab her house or Greta your wife's acts. So have I had listeners grab my house yes and I told them to get their pocket hands off my ass yup. I got my ass grab a lot at my house grab a few times by musicians most the time they're just friends. And it's like a joke I did I ask grabbed one time by musician. That I was not expecting. And the funny part of it is I had a giant iPhone in my bag bought it. And so when he got it may have been a graze you may not have done on purpose. But but he got a good handful of my I phone in my back pocket that was bottle for me to. I have a picture we're posing for a picture Connolly Taylor Swift bank or got to grab Taylor swift's ass. Went for a little bit more than just a little bit of a butt cheeks saying like it's at I don't know bonanno was just. You know what ever they got a hold of my phone which is hilarious because he worked apple let those years that you know the iPod and whatever. But autograph my ass in the picture of me and bottom you can see the look on my face is I'm kind of frozen would this look like. Oh. Yeah. But yeah I have I had people grab my Catholic for some reason. People think they can do. And acting more and more as women stand up and say no you're not allowed to do that there are some guys that are like was a big deal little low whatever. First of all it's my ass I get to decide who grabs it if you don't mind they'll be great banks. And second ball again and think about the what would you like a Madison me grab your mom's ass or your daughters asked are your wife's past all of a sudden it's not that harmless. So I fully support Taylor Swift and keep your hands up it's a must ask you to put it. And then put it there for as long and is harder as soft as I tell you put there in Cairo. That's hit. And I get through them all look at my list. Yeah. Those are all the questions you submitted. So I don't know what else the Italian. Kind of weird. Not having guest on the podcast. But you wanted to know so they go out spotlight is at an upcoming episode. Of mr. scary sight pieced podcast our tackle all of stuff that. I was kind of talking roundabout in earlier I just wanna make sure that it's on the right context. I really wanna sit down and an in depth conversation about it so we're definitely gonna do that. Who's gonna be in the podcast next I don't know. I wanna get everybody on the podcast and it's not just musicians if you listen all of the other the other nine episodes it's a little bit of everything. It's all things I care about so it's military causes its musicians. It's researchers. It's comedians. In just whoever's interesting. Which is why I feel weird being in my own guest on my own podcast because I don't think I'm half as interesting as the people have already had on it. So thank you for submitting your questions are more willing to do this again if there's other stuff that you need to know I guess. Lisa this is episode ten if you haven't subscribed yet you can subscribe. On iTunes. Google play stitcher. Leave a comment nice about it seriously do you really have to not be nice about it. You can also check all the episode to WA AF dot com. And thank you guys for listening that listen from outside of just a regular Boston listening area if you're listening at WA AF dot com. If you're listening to the free WA AF app which you can get by texting the word app EP keyed in 97107. Or if you're talent here. Your Amazon echo your Google home or whatever to play WA app and you're spending here weekdays it may. That is pretty bad ass. They're a lot worse ways to make a living in this world and I can't tell you how much I love coming into the WA AF studio everyday spending my day would you. I love the fact am honored and humbled that you include I mean you dated daylight when you listen at home or in the car or at work. The fact that you guys. You know come up to us when where routes are blood drive is coming up warmer concerts or you seem to get gas gas station and honking don't warn when your sit next to me and traffic while on plot in someone's violent death for not knowing how to forget drive. You guys are the best year old ways there when we're working on charity's staff. I you're always there to make us laugh. You are always there to have an intelligent conversation wit when there's a conversation that needs to be had about some saying. And I just can't imagine my life been any other way so thank you guys so much. Yeah. That's the podcast episode ten it is or rap. Just a reminder. I always tell you to take a big bite out of a big piece actually that is a question somebody asked why I say that. Because if tick bite out of life don't make it a little by eight like maybe only its take one bite so make it a big bite ever gonna take a big bite. Out of something than it should be the biggest piece of whatever that you can get your hands on to the biggest indicate the biggest key to life to take a big bite out of a big piece. That is my life advice for you. Thank you for listening. Episode eleven and coming soon to a radio near you.